My parents taught me well. #firsttime #samlormachu #cooking #khmerfood #yummy
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First attempt at cambodian beef sour soup!! @thisninjah @xiongmao_sf #foodporn #samlormachu #instafood #khmerfood #menthatcook #getinmybelly #dumaicook
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christeen_d : Mmm...looks good!
dpq14 : @charisa__ it was good just need to get down the lemongrass paste!!
charisa__ : @dpq14 you know I looked up recipes after I had it at lien's that day and it looks so hard! It's a master chief's recipe lol!
dpq14 : @charisa__ no cuz thats a different soup called somlaw koko! Once you get the "kreoung"
dpq14 : Lemongrass paste down thats the base for majority of cambodian dishes
alice_binz : @dpq14 SALAW?
dpq14 : @auntiewalice if thats the spelling for sour beef tripe soup then yes haha, theres so many ways to spell it had to look it up on a khmer recipe site
alice_binz : @dpq14 no I don't know the spelling it would be weird Cambodian characters but if it's soup its pronounced SA-LAW but my Khmer is hella rusty
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