Alright so I fail at cosplays secrets but this was my secret cosplay for #sacanime it'll only be up temporarily ;p #nogamenolife #nogamenolifecosplay #ngnl #sora
nogamenolifecosplay - sacanime - ngnl - nogamenolife - sora -
xcutedollycosplayerx - tonjatwisted - vodkamutie - tsundere.princess -
I just got my shiny red metallic leotard in the mail today. Time to start costume making for sacanime! #red #leotard #sacanime #clothes #costume #cosplay #crafts
leotard - sacanime - cosplay - costume - crafts - red - clothes -
b1g13en : You dressing up as mj from his thriller video? Haha
danveee : @b1g13en lol nooo
hero._.of._.time : Trigun
danveee : @hero._.of._.time nope! I had to google that and it would be super cool if I could ever pull that off
hero._.of._.time : Looks. Just like his coat: ) so what's it for 😛
danveee : @hero._.of._.time yea it kinda does! I shall hopefully make this into an inori costume
twelve.twenty : Omg omg what are you making!?
emmajiqrubini - twitchstreaming - neshota - levyhime -
Got my new Kaito wig too~! Haven't been doing many crossplays lately like I used to. Did lots of costesting today! Might wear this to #Sacanime too~ #Cosplay #Crossplay #Kaito #Vocaloid #makeup #bluehair
bluehair - sacanime - kaito - cosplay - vocaloid - crossplay - makeup -
xenzii : @memorieschained nooo you are!! <3 wish i was wearing this at the norcal gathering so i could've got pics with your Len & Rin!!
xenzii : @theresaquach thanks! Ikr? *u* its not an obnoxious blue like the other ones!
memorieschained : Well, we can always do a random vocaloid day! ^^ meet up and take pics!
xenzii : @memorieschained sounds good~
christy352 : YOU LOOK SO COOL
xenzii : @christy352 THANK YOUUUU <3
ryuuncosplay : OMG you're such a cute KAITO-
xenzii : @ryuuncosplay aw thanks!! ;u;
fairie_tails - dork.draws - mik3hh - behindtheuke -
no jojo makeup to go along with this but im actually very satisfied with this!!! all I really need to do is the gloves bc a friend of mine is making my scarf then I'll be all set for #sacanime #jjba #josephjoestar
sacanime - josephjoestar - jjba -
mister.spock - seragakisexual - your_hazel_eyes - ciaobunny -
New Luka wig came in~ its so nice and has soft curls. Thinking of doing Magnet Luka at #sacanime but so sad my Miku cant make it T__T #loner #vocaloid #Luka #lukamegurine #cosplay #magnet
magnet - sacanime - cosplay - vocaloid - lukamegurine - luka - loner -
j_kiritokun : Wow! I love Luka! It looks great! Hope to see/meet you at Sac! 😊
xenzii : @j_kiritokun Thanks! Hope to see you there too! If i run into you we should take selfies! :D
j_kiritokun : Yesss!!! I'll be on the look out for you Ms. Luka! ^__^
cn_emily_ : OMG!That's soooo cute!
xenzii : @cn_emily_ thank you!! But you're always cute <3
magneslav : 👍☺
tcharty - scrambles_ - daijoubu_panda - cn_emily_ -
Hurray for bad photo quality! Anyway there's just little over a week till sacanime! I'm so excited! Can't wait to be Terezi again and wear my Asuna cosplay! #homestuckcosplay #homestuck #terezipyrope #terezipyropecosplay #terezi #terezicosplay #cosplay #pyrope #asunacosplay #asuna #swordartonlinecosplay #swordartonline #wig #flowercrown #sacanime #sacanimesummer2014
terezipyrope - wig - sacanimesummer2014 - asuna - terezipyropecosplay - asunacosplay - terezicosplay - homestuck - sacanime - cosplay - pyrope - swordartonline - swordartonlinecosplay - homestuckcosplay - flowercrown - terezi -
makaylaa_renee17 : This is why you need a galaxy... not an iPhone xD
ravenrose1996 : Nein @makaylaa_renee17
kazvto_kirigaya : SAC IS ALMOST HERE *^*
raven_cosplay - irlryukomatoi - oliv3rhughes - annoyed_angsty_teenager -
Day 20: cosplay s.o.s kit - A nice thing to carry to a con. As well as thread having some hot glue sticks along with glue gun, some super glue and any glue you feel needed. Any other item that can repair your kit that isn't super huge i suggest you take. This round for me this is pretty much all I'll need. #countdown #sacanime #notadayforwords
countdown - sacanime - notadayforwords -
moonlightkamikaze - stoyanovb - shizuma_scarlet - arianna_mae_ -
Okay here's my line up for #sacanime !!! I'm super excited. I'll be arriving between five and six on Friday (HOPEFULLY before five thirty I want to see the panel meeep but idk). Also plans might have fallen through with my Sebastion cosplay, and I'm assuming they can't go. Still need to contact them and figure that out though. (Or they need to contact me HINT HINT @sofimangeek) but yeah. I'll be at the black butler and Homestuck meetups on Saturday, and I'll figure out what panels I'm going to and post that here eventually. If you're going please come find me and say hi! Looking forward to it uwu #cosplaylineup #sacanime2014
sacanime2014 - sacanime - cosplaylineup -
meepstuck : EEE awesome idk if the price has gone up or how much it has :/ but I hope you can go it would be so fun to have you there! @sofimangeek
sofimangeek : Yeah!!! Okay, so looks like you can register @ the door...so I guess I'll do that?
sofimangeek : Wait...it's in SACRAMENTO? How are you getting there after school?
sofimangeek : I'm sorry. Stuff is so confusing when you're traveling...
meepstuck : My moms driving me and we're staying in a hotel over the weekend. We could totally give you a ride I think @sofimangeek and yeah vacation can make you confused it's okay
sofimangeek : Arg...I might have to skip it...it's a lot to deal with. Sorry!!! REALLY wish I could.
meepstuck : @sofimangeek that's okay school will have just started I understand! See you soon though!
sofimangeek : Okay. Sorry again.
sofimangeek - _tealblooded_ - princeofmarshmallows - h.0.m.3.s.t.u.c.k -
Hopefully there's somebody who dresses up as Howl for #Sacanime I would just die. #howlsmovingcastle #howl #studioghibli #howlpendragon #sophie #cosplay
sacanime - studioghibli - cosplay - howlsmovingcastle - sophie - howlpendragon - howl -
anime_your_self : Do you wanna see yourself in anime if yes then check us out!
at_last_atlas - zoro_senpai - cute_cuddly_chimi - lilsalis -
Fixing up my harness for #sacanime #attackontitancosplay #attackontitan #cosplay #tired #blah #eren
blah - sacanime - attackontitancosplay - cosplay - tired - eren - attackontitan -
kawaiicaribou - themendori - bigsistertemari - neshota -
New #moonmoxxi sticker! Find these at #SacAnime and online soon! #takingyoudeep#intospace #madmoxxi #moxxi #borderlands #thepresequel
sacanime - moxxi - thepresequel - borderlands - madmoxxi - takingyoudeep - intospace - moonmoxxi -
ravenrose1996 - cdeadgrlsampson - zombabe_xo - joannathekid -
Shoshos second cosplay for sac anime COSPLAYER:SHOSHO #spiderman #cosplay #kidcosplayer #babyspiderman #marvel #red #blue #sacanime2014 #sacanime #cosplayer
blue - sacanime - cosplay - babyspidey - spidey - superherocosplay - spiderman - spideyfit - spidermanspidermancosplay - spideycosplay - sacanime2014 - kidcosplayer - comiccosplays - babyspiderman - marvelcosplay - cosplayer - red - marvel -
iconiccosplay : #marvelcosplay #spidermanspidermancosplay #comiccosplays #superherocosplay
iconiccosplay : #spidey #spideyfit #babyspidey #spideycosplay
kawaiicaribou - marvelcomicart - castcosplay - marwin_salha -
I'M GOING TO 8th CON NEXT WEEK!! Gonna cospaly Yogi from Karneval and Kida from Durararara!!, and The Lorax :3 #sacanime #anime #animeconvention #conventiona #sacanime2014
sacanime2014 - sacanime - animeconvention - anime - conventiona -
featherwind21 - nalu.tho - humble_beliefs_bios - kawaiithang -
I'M GOING TO 8th CON NEXT WEEK!! Gonna cospaly Yogi and Kida, and The Lorax :3 #sacanime #anime #animeconvention #conventiona #sacanime2014
sacanime2014 - sacanime - animeconvention - anime - conventiona -
humble_beliefs - _anime_diary_ - bitch.queen.annie - humble_beliefs_bios -
Going to SACANIME XD Cosplaying as: hanji & Ymir I want to see Armin ヽ(*≧o≦)ノ♥ Well the voice actor but yeah X3 #attackontitan #aot #snk #ymir #historia #historiareiss #eren #erenyeager #mikasaackerman #armin #arminarlert #reiner #reinerbraun #bertlot #bertolthoover #annie #annieleonhart #connie #sasha #sashablouse #jean #jeankristein #marco #marcobott #titan #sacanime
marco - reinerbraun - ymir - titan - snk - attackontitan - sasha - historiareiss - historia - aot - jeankristein - connie - bertolthoover - annieleonhart - bertlot - sacanime - marcobott - mikasaackerman - reiner - arminarlert - armin - annie - sashablouse - jean - eren - erenyeager -
bitch.queen.annie : HOLY SHAT I AM GOING TO SACANIME
marcobodt_thefreckledjesus - gypsy_nova - ceasarkyojin - pinkplaguerat12 -
I've never done a cosplay award thing before, so I wanted to at least try ;w; Please vote for my Feferi at @besthomestuckcosplayawards ? I'll be posting full body pictures soon, and hopefully with my lovely boyfriend as Eridan :D #homestuck #homestuckcosplay #cosplay #feferi #fefericosplay #feferipeixes #cosplayawards #sacanime #troll
troll - sacanime - fefericosplay - cosplay - cosplayawards - feferi - homestuckcosplay - feferipeixes - homestuck -
vmaboss : Beautiful!
makaylaa_renee17 : Nikki your so gorgeous!!!!
destiny_alexiss - sirhowielyon - xmistyxdawnx - creativlyun -
Bada bing bada boom! Bad picture but I couldn't wait to post them 😍 #boots #sadyna #warriorprincessbelle #belle #cosplay #sacanime #sacanimesummer #gold
sacanime - cosplay - gold - sacanimesummer - belle - sadyna - boots - warriorprincessbelle -
silent_searcher - samanthamjennings - helix98 - chasheku -
Flower crown I made for Asuna looks pretty nice with the wig :3 #asuna #asunacosplay #wig #flowers #flowercrown #flowercrowns #sacanimesummer2014 #sacanime
wig - sacanime - flowercrowns - asuna - flowercrown - asunacosplay - flowers - sacanimesummer2014 -
steven_catt - makaylaa_renee17 - yana.oc - otakuanastasiachan -
Time to get my hands dirty! Spray painting time... #boots #cosplay #wip #sacanime
sacanime - cosplay - boots - wip -
beguruteam_cosplay - silent_searcher - shikabane_hime88 - ilovevanessa_butwhatever -
So...we may be creating #StreetFighter #cosplays of, #Pullum & #Akuma for #SacAnime. Wish us luck! ;) #videogame #gamers #gaming #gamergirl #fightinggame #Anime #manga #otaku #vs #fanconventions @djseanb @sacanimesocialmedia
sacanime - videogame - pullum - gamergirl - pullumpurna - fightinggame - otaku - fanconventions - streetfighter - cosplays - vs - anime - shinakuma - akuma - gaming - manga - gamers -
superlani : #PullumPurna #ShinAkuma
eviilryu : follow for follow?
adventurextwo : U CON DU IT :)
ozoneskitten : Good luck! 😃
dloverboy408 : Always sed ima Mexican ryu
superlani : Lol @dloverboy408
mirandakerrclub : 100$ reward for the 10.000th follower of @modelogram
bartyrubio - esme3 - 4comix - gohan725 -
its jojo brah #jjba
sacanime - jjba -
princegiorno : 👈🌝👈💕💕💕
_vriska : #sacanime
pyllymagneetti - hiro_fairytail - tretrebooski - 2xpistolkind -
Making a quick skirt for my niece to wear to #sacanime. Its her second con ever. She's never been to one this big.
sacanime -
ravenrose1996 - sheenacahill -
I probably shouldn't have bought all this from @toyslogic right before #SacAnime but I really can't say no to Persona 4 or SAO #toyslogic #concord #swordartonline #sao #persona4 #asuna #kirito #yui #yu #naoto #anime #swag
sacanime - swag - sao - concord - swordartonline - asuna - toyslogic - naoto - anime - persona4 - kirito - yu - yui -
tatsuyeahhhh - mikapiyu - mozamuzaqir - rinaanita98 -
Tiana is done (cept for the apron) #sacanime #cosplay
sacanime - cosplay -
lunalocked - sugarterror - william.scott - sheenacahill -
Coming your way #sacanime #powerrangers #brandonjaymclaren #redranger
brandonjaymclaren - powerrangers - redranger - sacanime -
theredfallows - http.karate - team_molano19 - notthatisaac -
The other half of my cosplay face #thelegomovie #unikitty #cosplay #sacanime #EverythingIsAwesome
sacanime - everythingisawesome - cosplay - thelegomovie - unikitty -
_danielleasaur - lgnxndr - yuli.nicole - byejudy -
Half or my cosplay head for sac anime #unikitty #TheLegoMovie #sacanime #cosplay
sacanime - unikitty - cosplay - thelegomovie -
_danielleasaur : You're so lucky you're going
little_nao - rheemarie - teamfilthycasual - zero_dragon -
♡just ordered this pretty sailor mars costume so i can wear it for #sacanime♡
sacanime -
aliceaamariee : That's cute as fuck dude!
t1psygypsy : Right??!?!? Buy one and let's form a sailor moon crew for raves ♡ @aliceaamariee
aliceaamariee : IM HELLUH DOWN OMFG YEEESSSS🔥🔥😍😍💕
kazvto_kirigaya : See ya at sac :D
t1psygypsy : see ya then! I'll be the gal hula hooping around haha @kazvto_kirigaya
kazvto_kirigaya : Hahaha that will be easy to spot xD
lunalocked - naruto_niichan - lay_ocean20 - fictorvlores -
Shoutout to @ravenrose1996! This girl is absolutely amazing. She's awesome and gorgeous and her cosplays are so incredible ;A; We do so much fun stuff together! Go follow her!! C: #beautiful #cosplay #homestuck #sao #asuna #pretty #awesome #sacanime
beautiful - sacanime - sao - asuna - awesome - pretty - cosplay - homestuck -
bakubamboo - sirhowielyon - el_cucue - starrynight_rain -
Day 19: List - its good to make a list when packing for any trip you take. It helps you take the things you need and keeps your organized. I normally make a master list and a scrap list. The master list has all the things in taking listed and is categorized by character and extras. The scrap list is just a list i make to remind myself of things as I am packing and writing but haven't gotten to on the master list. You can type it up but I like writing it out by hand. #sacanime #countdown #masterlist #scraplist #list
countdown - sacanime - scraplist - masterlist - list -
ravenrose1996 - ria209 - valdezy_15 - lonely_0916 -
Find me at #sacanime as #chica from #fivenightsatfreddys !
sacanime - chica - fivenightsatfreddys -
ravenrose1996 - jeff_the_killer_pixel_gun_ - yougoohugoo - mathias_ate_you -
Preparing some Spirit of Cute necklaces for my artist alley table at #AnimeCalifornia this weekend (I'll be at table C6). If there are any left over I'll have them at #SacAnime as well :) #cuteparade #creepycute #kawaii
cuteparade - animecalifornia - creepycute - sacanime - kawaii -
ravenrose1996 - spatizado - bloodyxcupcake - idelusive -
Starting to feel proud over this vest. I'm just hoping and praying that my sister gets the time off for #SacAnime because I really, REALLY wanna go.
sacanime -
spider.king - ravenrose1996 - alysha_17 -
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