I don't know what else to bring to SacAnime :O anyone have any suggestions or want to play? #sacanime #cosplay #naruto #persona4 #personaQ #yunarukami #kankuro
persona4 - sacanime - cosplay - personaq - yunarukami - kankuro - naruto -
kittychancatorie - _kali_senpai_ - tiffdawgg - colorfulfireworks -
Selling little Mochi plushes AND scalemates to help pay for Sac Anime, any color and decoration! MOCHIS ~~~~~~ Small: $1 Medium:$2.50 Large: $5 SCALEMATES ~~~~~~~~ Simple two color: $10 Character (eg. Gamzee) $15 #Commissions #cheap #SacAnime #handsewn #cute #Kawaii #Homestuck #Scalemate #bows #CustomMade
kawaii - cute - sacanime - custommade - commissions - handsewn - cheap - bows - scalemate - homestuck -
k.a.w.a.i.i - heydaidaily - jakob_uribe16 - itzyogirl_ellen -
This photo is never not funny. I'll admit that I was freezing my butt off with the air up my skirt ! 😰😰 #sailormoon #princessserenity #serenity #cosplay #sacanime2014 #sacanime #throwback #sailoruranus #harukatennou #usagi
sailoruranus - sacanime - harukatennou - cosplay - sacanime2014 - princessserenity - usagi - sailormoon - throwback - serenity -
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Possible #sacanime winter #cosplay lineup #onepiece #killlakill #fairytale
sacanime - onepiece - cosplay - fairytale - killlakill -
_kali_senpai_ - queenknightly - levyhime - jayfever1989 -
Happy Thanks Giving.....I just want to watch anime but what eves! #anime #orenchinofurojijou #yaoi #yuri #beyondtheboundary #nogamenolife #eremin #spiceandwolf #sacanime #Tokyoghoul #utasan #destinythegame #gamer #thanksgiving #otakutrash #yaoitrash
utasan - yaoitrash - beyondtheboundary - destinythegame - yuri - tokyoghoul - eremin - sacanime - nogamenolife - thanksgiving - anime - otakutrash - orenchinofurojijou - spiceandwolf - yaoi - gamer -
animeio : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
the_king_wzrd : You're so pretty♥.♥
neko_hiyoko : Awww thank you!πŸ™ˆ @the_king_wzrd
the_king_wzrd : No problem ♥
desu.queen - shingeki_no_armin - jeessy_j - just_yaoi_4_u -
Slightly official SacAnime lineup ~ Friday: AM- Armin Arlert for panel; PM- Pajama Armin Saturday: Fem!Dave Strider for Homestuck gathering; Maka Albarn for the rest of the day Sunday: Chihiro Fujisaki all day and also for Danganronpa gathering ~ It's slightly official cause I still need to get most of these 😐 ~ But that's what Christmas is for, am I right? πŸ’ ~ {#anime#cosplay#cosplans#cosplaylineup#snk#homestuck#souleater#danganronpa#sacanime#sacanimewinter#sacanime2015}
danganronpa - sacanime - cosplay - souleater - cosplans - sacanime2015 - snk - cosplaylineup - anime - sacanimewinter - homestuck -
lancecorporalrivaille : yay u are going to SacAnime see u there ~We should take a picture together
nasukaloli : @lancecorporalrivaille totally! Can't wait! :D
lancecorporalrivaille : will u be going to my panel saturday night?
nasukaloli : @lancecorporalrivaille probably yeah! When is it?
lancecorporalrivaille : Saturday night i don't know what time it is yet they have not told me yet
nasukaloli : @lancecorporalrivaille oh ok
camburgerrs : The girl in your profile picture is pretty.
desu.queen - olivia.glinski - camburgerrs - coszaya -
Tagged by @moepoints for 9 cosplans of 2015. I'm not counting Tsuki & Luka or the cosplays I already have but these are kind of it right now but I do have one more that I will not mention because it has to be PERFECT #cosplans #SACANIME #fanime #cosplansof2015 If I tagged you, it means I'm curious to see your future cosplans~
fanime - sacanime - cosplansof2015 - cosplans -
frailu : I Posted mine a while ago if ya wanna go look :'D
nekomiharu : @frailu oh okayyπŸ’•β˜ΊοΈ
samlualemaga - aicchyo - pursuitofhappygigz - sukoshi.cosplay -
sacanime - attackontitan -
cats.rule.theworld : You look AWESOME *^*
ereminx : oh
ereminx : my
ereminx : god
ereminx : YES *^*
tetdraws : Bootyful
attack.on.weirdness - littleangelpie - abistrangler - philipposole -
So I'm like 90% sure this is my lineup for SacAnime Might not be doing Sock but I'm hoping to-
bighero6 - sacanime - welcometohell - hetalia -
marc0bot : {#sacanime #bighero6 #hetalia #welcometohell}
_sophia_giordano_ : @na.ina lets goooo
miku.leek01 : whooo! high five, person-I'm-now-creeping-out-because-of-your-hetalia-tag! see you there! xD
na.ina : Plzz @_sophia_giordano_
marc0bot : Haha XD @miku.leek01
dorkohontas : If you do Sock I'll be so happy
sukoshi.cosplay - ikiryohchan - megan.zmrzli - zoedressedinblack -
So I got called out by @flysolessf to do a Top 4 Cosplay Challenge. My cosplays aren't very good but I still have fun doing it. 1. Ryu (Street Fighter) 2. Keima Katsuragi (The World God Only Knows) 3. Asbel Lhant ( Tales of Graces ) 4. Yato ( Noragami ) Thanks to @paul2koo for getting me into this awesome culture. (×^_^×) #cosplay #anime #manga #videogames #japan #otaku #weeaboo #neet #nerd #ryu #streetfighter #keima #twgok #asbel #talesofgraces #yato #noragami #sacanime #fanime #aod #ugn #top4cosplaychallenge
keima - aod - ugn - neet - top4cosplaychallenge - weeaboo - asbel - streetfighter - noragami - yato - fanime - japan - nerd - sacanime - cosplay - otaku - videogames - anime - talesofgraces - twgok - ryu - manga -
nixsensor : Wow... That's amazing!
kikoshocutie : SHORYUKEN!!! @kineda check out this pic. Your Street Fighter fans would love it! <3
paul2koo - angeloflhant - thelarathavio - drewskeezy -
This is what I am cosplaying for #sacanime and I want to know where I can get skinny jeans for it and an overesized sweater. Both the same color as the picture for the Cosplay
sacanime -
_ymir_freckles : Aww so cute XD
caliboy_kingin - jadeybows - _nessa567 - vivi_pretty_eyes -
Hey look I found my korra jacket and it still fits! Now I dont wanna take it off. So many good memories from the last time I wore this 😌😌 #memories #sacanime #missingyouall #korracosplay
memories - missingyouall - korracosplay - sacanime -
ohgoshkaitlyn : Gurrrrl you're too cute 😍
__yukii__ : D'aww thanks 😜 @ohgoshkaitlyn
ohgoshkaitlyn : No prob 😊
rapless_mon - wooowmelanie - yaoi_blackbutler_lover - coffeycat_ -
My Sacanime lineup! The second (red shirt) version of Ranma might not be finished in time, so i don't know if ill change into it halfway through, wear it the whole day, or just have the pajama version. #sacanime #lineup #cosplay
sacanime - lineup - cosplay -
noomsters - _kali_senpai_ - 1lucyandjim - ginger_marker -
Before and after cutting my wig✌c: β™‘ #wig #cosplay #sacanime #cosplayer β™‘
wig - sacanime - cosplay - cosplayer -
daniel_cosplays : Wooh looks good! :)
desu.queen : Thanks buddy! c: btw, most likely this weekend we're gonna be on omegle/skype! In cosplay! @daniel_cosplays
daniel_cosplays : @desu.queen oooh yay! I might get on right now xD I'm pretty bored haha
desu.queen : I feel ya, if I didn't have to get up at 4:30 in the morning I would join you! @daniel_cosplays
daniel_cosplays : @desu.queen hopefully I'll meet my deidara the otp hunt is real <3 and dang why so early? :O!
desu.queen : I hope you do! & volunteer work for helping the homeless c: @desu.queen
desu.queen : Wow, tagged myself instead of youπŸ˜₯πŸ”« @daniel_cosplays
daniel_cosplays : @desu.queen xD and wow that is so nice and caring of you :O! Mad respect xD
lady_ravenrose - blessed_beauty44 - diabolux_x - camycout -
So since #sacanime is only like 37 days away I'll post my lineup 🌸 (*´γƒ»ο½–・)🌸 Friday- Mey Rin from Black Butler Saturday- Morning: Elsa (if I get it by then) Evening: Ruby (RWBY) Sunday- Jade Godtier I hope to see you guys there!!
sacanime -
godtiercrotch : shit its 37 days??? ABORT
shsldrama : I KNOW RIGHT @godtiercrotch
cera_loves_u - mido_moh - _kali_senpai_ - ava6910 -
Starting out convention-life slow but one day I really want to be able to go to at least 3 cons a year ☺️ I'm really excited for the next #sacanime this January though!!
sacanime -
godtiercrotch : I am determined to meet you
meepstuck : /youre a nerd/
meepstuck : /im determined to go to those cons with you/
shsldrama : Omg yeah I hope we get to!! @godtiercrotch
lady_ravenrose - fefinnys - alleyart13 - ravensully -
I wish that i could be like the koo kids! Haha its the #sacanimecrew right here. Missing hella people tho @thelarathavio @piikake @rocksoldierx @drewskeezy @breaksofresh @littletokistar @jevontaeberrow @cueen_chewie @hsuleo_vang @mik3hh #sacanime #bboy #bboyin #hiphop #bboy4life #danceislife #otaku
sacanime - bboyin - otaku - hiphop - bboy - danceislife - sacanimecrew - bboy4life -
cueen_chewie : Come through for my birthday!!!
jevontaeberrow : The boys...
breaksofresh : #thefreshestkids
kwamai : Ima repost
kwamai : @vintagebboy
vintagebboy : Thanks for the tag @kwamai
thelostboyjerrid : I wish I could be there instead of being stuck at work
mik3hh : Man. Is everyone up for the next sacanime?
lady_ravenrose - anjoeliano - jaraffe57 - _cjs_ent_ -
OH! I will make a bigger post about this closer to new years but im going to sacanime and my lineup is Friday-Ranma Saturday-Roxy Sunday-Dave (atm at least uwu) #roxylalondecosplay #sacanime
sacanime - roxylalondecosplay -
noomsters - _kali_senpai_ - smellyturkeyman - 1lucyandjim -
Update: I'VE GOT HELLA COSPLANS! And a job! I'm ready for 2015!!! Expect a completed Juuzou at #sacanime winter and some Haikyuu and Free! at #fanime !! And prooobably Karneval and Uta Pri at Summer SacAnime @captain_shortshit ???
imsoready - sacanime - selca - cosplans - fanime - meipai - cosplayer -
captain_shortshit : HELL YEAH.
kisacosplays : @captain_shortshit SUUUWEEETTTTTT :DDDD I'm so ready
tsundere.yandere.baka : Can u DM me a picture if what the app looks like
savvys_way : YOUVE STARTED HAIKYUU!? 😱
kisacosplays : @savvys_way YAS!! BLAME/THANKS @captain_shortshit she forced me to watch it and I really like it nao xD
captain_shortshit : EHEHEHEHHH c:
haikyuutie : Job + money = cosplays
kisacosplays : @haikyuutie YES!
zeveryday - mik3hh - lancecorporalrivaille - wildorchidcosplay -
#nurariyhonNoMago #nurariseofyokai #rikuonura #nurarikuo #kuugayuma #worldtrigger #yumakuuga #dmc #detroitmetalcity #alexanderjiga #ban #bantheimmortal #foxsinofgreed #sinofgreed #nanatsunotaizai #parasyte #shinichiizumi #izumishinichi #cosplans #cosplan #cosplay #cosplaying #cosplayer #aodsf #sacanime #anime #manga #jdrama #horror the cosplays im working on for next year.
kuugayuma - yumakuuga - worldtrigger - nurarikuo - horror - alexanderjiga - jdrama - detroitmetalcity - nurariseofyokai - bantheimmortal - shinichiizumi - cosplayer - sacanime - nurariyhonnomago - dmc - cosplay - cosplans - izumishinichi - cosplaying - foxsinofgreed - cosplan - anime - ban - aodsf - parasyte - nanatsunotaizai - manga - sinofgreed - rikuonura -
fogelman_photography : Amazing photo and amazing gallery! =))
animenotaizai : Cool! ^^
nanatsu7no7taizai - _kali_senpai_ - creamofirish - animenotaizai -
THERE'S A FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDIES GATHERING!! I'll be going to that as marionette xD #sacanime #sacanimewinter #sacanime2015 #sacanimegatherings #fnaf2 #marionette #fnaf #cosplay
sacanime - cosplay - sacanime2015 - sacanimegatherings - marionette - sacanimewinter - fnaf2 - fnaf -
heichousama : STILL NO AOT?
cosplaying_otaku_artist : There's going to be an aot panel at least @maddysenpaii
heichousama : I'm the one hosting an aot panel 😌
cosplaying_otaku_artist : Oh pfft, retard alert that's your panel xD sorry I'm stupid sometimes @maddysenpaii
heichousama : oh it's okay! hehe. I make mistakes like that sometimes too. ♥️
heichousama : please do attend! I have the time and day posted on my account 😌
cosplaying_otaku_artist : Ill see if I can! I have quiet a few gathering and my own panel to goto but I'll see if I can! 🌝 @maddysenpaii
heichousama : okay! thank you so much! ♥️
cosplaying_otaku_artist - blue.hetalian.online - a.random.symmetrical.moose - _ymir_freckles -
Vamped out with#vampfangs in prep for upcoming Sacanime. #Vampire #selfie #Sacanime
vampfangs - sacanime - selfie - vampire -
lady_ravenrose - _kali_senpai_ -
Keep your Shimapan close by or he'll come running for it @bureiba haha this dude Hella funny, glad I got to meet him at Miku Expo, and thanx to @heydevyn for the picture. #itashanorcal #itashagathering #itasha #itashaindonesia #itashasocal #itashaamerica #HatsuneMiku #vocaloid #miku #shimapan #otaku #otakulifestyle #sacanime #anime #animegirl
itasha - sacanime - itashaamerica - vocaloid - animegirl - shimapan - otaku - miku - anime - hatsunemiku - itashagathering - itashaindonesia - itashanorcal - itashasocal - otakulifestyle -
aki._.chan : Please Follow Me and like πŸ™ˆβ€οΈ
superanimestore : Very best!
pauhana0411 : HentaiKamen successor 😏?
bureiba : oh god lol XD
562spartan_ - heydevona - swish_iball - e2works -
Another commission completed. I'm tempted to put this in photoshop and color it. Should I?
sacanime - caricature - art - artist - titan - attackontitan - manga - anime - comiccon - jaguerzon - cartoon -
jaguerzon : If you are looking to caricature yourself or others, message me. My holiday schedule is opening up.
jaguerzon : #attackontitan #caricature #cartoon #art #artist #anime #manga #titan #jaguerzon #sacanime #comiccon
animes420 : Follow for follow
artist_rayferrer - bubblegumfields - sopearbtouch - fede_pasi -
Mangle cosplay WIP. #fnaf #sacanime #fursuit #fursuitwip #fursuithead #wip #mangle #themangle
sacanime - fursuit - fursuithead - themangle - wip - mangle - fnaf - fursuitwip -
lps_candycollie - alicexowo - _attackoncosplay - itsactuallyjoshua -
Friendly reminder that #sacanime 's official #tokyoghoul gathering will be held on the balcony at 6pm on Friday!! I'll be hosting as Urie Kuki! Hope to see you there~ #sacanimewinter2015 #sacwinter #sacanimewinter #tokyoghoulcosplay
sacanimewinter2015 - sacanime - sacanimewinter - sacwinter - tokyoghoul - tokyoghoulcosplay -
shiraurie : @exoki nice! What characters are in your group?
exoki : Were gonna have both black hair and white hair Kaneki, Touka, Ayato, Rize, Jason, and possibly a Shuuzya
shiraurie : @exoki hella B)
exoki : Haha i know xD
shiraurie : @exoki I'll have a full Quinx squad group for the gathering. Have you read Tokyo ghoul:re yet?
exoki : I have not read it yet but i know about it xD
moepoints : I'll see you there~
shiraurie : @moepoints yaaas! Sorry we couldn't meet at norcal!
cosplaying_otaku_artist - _kali_senpai_ - getjynxed - abbie_from_statefarm -
GGO Kirito Cosplaaay 😏
failureatsocialmedia -
cosplayprodigy : OH MY GOODNESS YOU ARE SO ADORABLEE are you going to anime expo??
siennacosplay : @cosplayprodigy I really want too!! But idk if I can 😞😞 I will definitely try to though!!
allen_luong : does this mean you plan on cosplaying even more with different characters? i would reccomend Akame or Kurome
siennacosplay : @allen_luong haha I am!! I'm gonna be Chelsea :D
cosplayprodigy : Awww I'm doing GGO Sinon that's why heheh
cosplayprodigy : I REALLY HOPE TO SEE YOU~
siennacosplay : @cosplayprodigy OMG I WANNA SEE YOUR GGO SINON COSPLAY!!! 😍 You'd make an adorable Sinon πŸ’™πŸ’™
cosplayprodigy : AAWW thank you so much!!!
k.a.w.a.i.i - little.chook - kotomihatsu - _.artisticness._ -
SacAnime is a few weeks away and I have not started on ANYTHING THAT I PLANNED TO COSPLAY. Originally I wanted to debut Kurumi but I still don't have the lace for her dress so she's out.. Zero I'll only drive myself to sweatshop if my friend is gonna go as Lightning like we agreed.. Ririchiyo I just need to make her top and horns and armor, so she has a greater possibility of happening. But if all fails due to whatever problems arise(especially laziness) I'll just closet Ayano and/or fem!Kaneki with a suitcase. Siiiigh I need motivation... #sacanime #sacanimewinter2015 #cosplay #zero #drakengard3 #kurumitokisaki #datealive #ririchiyoshirakiin #inuxbokuss #kagepro #ayanotateyama #tokyoghoul #kanekiken
sacanimewinter2015 - sacanime - drakengard3 - cosplay - kanekiken - ayanotateyama - kurumitokisaki - zero - kagepro - tokyoghoul - inuxbokuss - ririchiyoshirakiin - datealive -
ladymanatees - sky380 - rayleezor - _ymir_freckles -
Flashback to sac because why not #otaku #annieleonhardt #snk #aot #anniecosplay #cosplay #shingekinokyojin #attackontitan #shingekinokyojincosplay #attackontitancosplay #sacanime #sacanimesummer
shingekinokyojincosplay - shingekinokyojin - cosplay - sacanime - annieleonhardt - snk - attackontitan - otaku - sacanimesummer - attackontitancosplay - aot - anniecosplay -
ruberman : (β—•β€Ώβ—•βœΏ)
lady_ravenrose - mia_stein98 - losterable - mishimoshimoo -
So i'm now dedicating my twitter and instagram to my cosplay 'career' this was Sollux from Homestuck at #Sacanime I was in many panels in this and had lots of fun.
sacanime -
shawn_taylor_shimer_ - that_shafer_womyn - kellkellkell_4 - rlfegan -
So I was watching Spirited away with my niece last night. It was her first time watching it and she loved it. She told me that she wants to cosplay as Chihiro for Sacanime and that I should be Rin. I never been so proud... It's going to happen. #cosplay #sacanime #spiritedaway #chihiro #rin
rin - sacanime - spiritedaway - cosplay - chihiro -
mariah.tobi.96 : Omg thats so cute I love it β™‘
_missjennysweet : That would be cccuuuttteee
pikaninja925 : I will follow you guys in my no face cosplay
lunalocked : @pikaninja925 OMG yes!!!
pikaninja925 : If you do that at fanime you'll have two faces following you cause my friend is coming to california so me and her are cosplaying human versions of no face
pikaninja925 : *no faces
lunalocked : @pikaninja925 I think I will do it for Fanime too
pikaninja925 : Yay
desu.queen - theawesomeherocosplays - keri_bear_killjoy - cheloini -
I want to gooooooo #sacanime #anime #cosplay
sacanime - cosplay - anime -
_kali_senpai_ - nicole.smith - kurukame - _ymir_freckles -
πŸŒΉπŸ˜˜πŸ’• Friendly reminder, we are still looking for panelists for our Tokyo Ghoul panel, Coffee Break at Anteiku, for Sacanime Winter 2015! Please dm me here or at haisespanties.tumblr for more info. We have changed the deadline to Sunday, November 30th though I would be more than happy to offer you a longer extension if needed! #Tsukiyama #Shuu #tsukiyamashuu #tokyoghoul #tokyoghoulcosplay #sacanimewinter2015 #sacanime #sacwinter #sacanimewinter #sacanime2015
sacanimewinter2015 - sacanime - tsukiyamashuu - shuu - sacanimewinter - sacwinter - sacanime2015 - tsukiyama - tokyoghoul - tokyoghoulcosplay -
cosplaying_otaku_artist - djtauri - _kali_senpai_ - aluffagus -
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