One full egg + one egg white + pre browned ultra lean ground turkey + 1/2 cup chopped spinach = Thursday morning noms πŸ‘ #rvpgetfit #rvanovengetfit #cleaneats
rvpgetfit - rvanovengetfit - cleaneats -
shareedavenport : Yummy!
brownleopard : You eat in car? :)
rachelvanoven : @brownleopard yep!
annacatebell : You are so beautiful. Inside & out it sure seems. Go Rachel!!!
sarahavituaphotography : @rachelvanoven , I follow advocare too! Do you season your turkey meat for this recipe? Looks like mix all together?
proud_irish_mom_wife - stephaniedawnphotography - eileenearnest - kami77 -
One week difference! Down to 168 lbs (for those of you who will ask--I'm 5'11!) ....lowest since starting #advocare and the #24daychallenge (which I'm done now but it was such a great jumping off point!)πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ˜… 18 pounds until my goal weight (I knowwwww it's not about a number on the scale, let me be old fashioned here for a sec!πŸ˜†) starting to really love lifting free weights and finding fun new ways to get cardio in! #weightlossjourney #rvpgetfit #rvanovengetfit #sorryforallthehashtags
rvanovengetfit - advocare - weightlossjourney - rvpgetfit - 24daychallenge - sorryforallthehashtags -
lacton : @amdthomas let me know if you still want more info!
sherrimorgan : You look Ahhhhmazing!!
kirstenpickering : Whooooo hoo! Way to go momma!!
ainsleymariep : @lacton I am interested in hearing more !!!!
ainsleymariep : @lacton my email is Ainsley.pfeiffer@gmail.com all lowercase.
florenciarizzophotography : I went online to check it up but dont get it. It s like a meal plan?
florenciarizzophotography : @lacton i would love to receive info too
pixie.1 : @lacton @rachelvanoven love to get more info on #advocare louisebeale@me.com :)
princessjenashelby - oma2fourbeautifulkiddos - berkimly - renay_chey -
Dear 10th street Starbucks by IU medical campus. I am sincerely sorry for rollin' into your store pouring sweat. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸƒBarista who asked me if I was sneaking a run in before class: I love you. πŸ’Dear iced coffee no milk with one pump of mocha: I love you too😍 (and @klstanton for introducing us) πŸ‘ #rvpgetfit #rvanovengetfit
rvpgetfit - rvanovengetfit -
jameyjeanphotography : Grande iced americano with 2 pumps pumpkin is my version of a skinny pumpkin spice latte :) ps you look fabulous!
kailadh : Iced Americano with white mocha is where its at ;)
jameyjeanphotography : @kailadh that's my go to summer drink :) but since pumpkin spice is seasonal its my current go to.
val_0413 : Totally trying that @jameyjeanphotography!! Thanks for the recipe πŸ‘
lacton : You are looking amazing @rachelvanoven!
lizfreeman06 : You look great!!
adrianavj : I love their skinny drinks!
sherrimorgan : Look at you!!! You look awesome!!!
amaysingcupcakesandsweets - melissalouiseedwards - billieshayestyle - charityplus3 -
One. Thousand. Calories. 😳πŸ’ͺ #beastmode #rvpgetfit #rvanovengetfit
rvpgetfit - beastmode - rvanovengetfit -
npowers23 : How ?
rachelvanoven : @kristenbeaty @lisageorgep @npowers23 --> shoulders/arms/abs then cardio :)
kristenbeaty : Get it!!! πŸ‘
msscott420 : @rachelvanoven Seems like having a buddy helped out with the burn today! Congratulations lady!
alrenucci : Wow- awesome
nickvanoven : Awesome great job gorgeous
punkfictionv4 : I need friends like that. Sigh
kaagen17 : Mind me asking which watch you have and where you got it? @rachelvanoven
melissalouiseedwards - alysiarichter - mrsduristiu - sjrosse21 -
Everyone keeps asking about my fitness watch! It's a Polar FT40, and I love it. You wear a heart monitor strapped around your upper stomach and it monitors your heart and gives an accurate calorie burn read! Today is day nine of my #advocare #24daychallenge and I'm getting stronger and leaner every day! πŸ’ͺ Time to chug some fiber drink, lots of water, and nom nom some ground turkey and cantaloupe! #rvpgetfit #rvanovengetfit
rvpgetfit - advocare - rvanovengetfit - 24daychallenge -
scrubsandsquats : @impressionsbyamber advocare is more of a jump start to a healthy lifestyle change. I love it!
mandyleonards : @jessicavaughn4 lmao! I do love my polar though haha. @rachelvanoven looking great!
darceemurphy : Way to go Idaho!!
ljlight : Ur getting amazing results! Congrats!
angelkissphotography : @impressionsbyamber most people who do herbalife end up gaining the weight back. My mom and aunt did it for years and everything came back as soon as the products were stopped. The AdvoCare 24 day challenge is a cleanse of toxins and then a fresh start at being healthy @heyitsjennnn the hardest thing is probably trying to change your ways. Your not suppose to have carbs/sugars/caffein and that is hard for some people. I love the products and the challenge! So much so that I became a distributor lol
corinanielsen : Lookin gorgeous lady! And strong πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
m123104 : Nice burn!!!!
rachelvanoven : @mumwards31
mumwards31 - samanthabyers - brandydawson - picsbyliv -
Vegetarian dinner tonight
eatright - nutrition - love - rvpgetfit - potatoes - vegetarian - squash - rvanovengetfit - healthy - veggies - zuchinni -
sarahpritschow : #vegetarian #rvpgetfit #rvanovengetfit #nutrition #healthy #veggies #eatright #squash #zuchinni #potatoes #love
inked_physique - ahopeeternal -
Dear arms: I'm really sorry for what's about to happen to you at #daileymethod #rvpgetfit
rvpgetfit - rvanovengetfit - daileymethod -
ashley_evers : @rachelvanoven - strange question, but how y'all are you?
ashley_evers : Seriously, my autocorrect knows how southern I am. That should say TALL* not y'all. ;)
williamstricia97 : @ashley_evers she's just shy of 6foot!
ashley_evers : That's what I thought. Thanks ;)
abbiestrader : @rachelvanoven what do you do for an arm workout?? Im looking for a kicka** arm workout and havent been able to find one...
rachelvanoven : @abbiestrader Dailey method is an hour of pure arm, butt, abs, thigh torture!!
britzmoments23 : I do forward and backward air bag punches... Minus the punching bag ;)
achieving_healthy : Don't you mean "you're welcome in advance"? That's what you should be saying!
soniabritophotography - rancherswife3 - photographybycathryn - kelliyeater -
169 :-/ last week I only got in one workout and didn't have one hot second to be active in the group or anything...5 shoots in 4 days and a weekend with my little sister didn't leave any time for workouts or meal planning! This week is going to be brutal with three workshop days and flying to Minnesota on Saturday! Will plan better meals and snacks! Goal is to get back down to 167 or 166 by next Monday! #rvpgetfit #rvanovengetfit
rvpgetfit - rvanovengetfit -
rambling_cali : Right pic looks tighter/thinner
kathrynhopephotography : @rachelvanoven we all fall off the wagon and have hard days! Perseverance is key! Go girl! Go!
megs608 : Good job! What's bringing you to Minnesota and where??
blueyes418 : Oh hunny, I worked out 5 days last week and still gained a pound. My issue is beer 🍺. If you can't workout, then eat better and vice versa. You got this!
amelia_hambrook : You can see the change though! You look great.
_brandylynn11 : Your abs still look better in your most recent picture, you have nothing to worry about! @rachelvanoven
betharmsheimer : You wear 169 waaaay better than me! ;) I think you look great!
4sweetpea : What is the weightloss challenge that you are doing? I have 80more pounds to lose and would love to be a part of it. I'm strictly doing low carb though. 9 pounds in 12 days lost but need to keep motivated ❀You look phenomenal Momma!!
didiloadholt - jodiesprague - mrs_gunter06 -
#picstitch after the #filthyfifty #filthy50. Was literally dripping #sweat onto the floor with every #burpee at the end. Wish I would've pushed harder, but I will kill that time next time! #crossfit #wod #polar #underarmour #pink #vibram #crossfitgirls #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #rvanovengetfit #fitmom #fitness #health #functionalfitness #fortdrum #operationbrickhouse
polar - picstitch - operationbrickhouse - filthy50 - rvanovengetfit - filthyfifty - vibram - girlswholift - girlswithmuscle - pink - burpee - crossfit - underarmour - functionalfitness - fitmom - fortdrum - health - sweat - fitness - wod - crossfitgirls -
fitness__addict : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
piinkmombie - cbattreal - ksanthuff - mrs.pearson053114 -
Threeeeeee miles in 36 minutes! #hotsweatymess #rvpgetfit #rvanovengetfit
rvpgetfit - rvanovengetfit - hotsweatymess -
rambling_cali : Holy crap. Rock on
stephanieboutin : Love the water bottle! Lol
holly_winchell : Haha I need that water bottle!!
my2birdies : Love that water bottle! ;)
kelliyeater : Best water bottle EVA!
carleykay1 : Love that bottle!
sparklefit4life : Get it girl!!!! So awesome!!!!
jennlambertphotography : Mmmmmmmm, wodka!
alisonb_photography - rachaelizabethphoto - manthanne - mrsduristiu -
Meh I'm standing so different it's hard to tell the difference! Plan for the week: Monday-cardio (3miles) abs and butt Tuesday- Dailey Method Wednesday-Dailey Method Thursday-Dailey Method Friday-cardio (3.5 miles)
rvpgetfit - rvanovengetfit -
weeziebkeiner : What is daily method?
rambling_cali : Me too @mnguillory
brandywalker5 : Your hair got smaller too? πŸ˜‰
daniesully : Yay!!! Go girl! I'm down *almost* 5 from the first! We are gonna be so hot!!
gypsyfox : Woohoo I found it finally Heather Applegate
laken_m_evans : If you don't mind me asking, what's your daily method?
brianaowen : @laken_m_evans Dailey method is an actual program- mainly studio I believe. They have a website too. :)
laken_m_evans : @brianaowen ohh thank you!!!!
stephaniedawnphotography - carolinemomberg - charityplus3 - acarter9405 -
Down almost three pounds from 170 a week ago! Off to the gym! #rvpgetfit #rvanovengetfit πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ
rvpgetfit - rvanovengetfit -
maytetc : Enhorabuena! Congratulations! πŸ‘
kristaljoym : Nice! How tall are you @rachelvanoven
lindseyscholz : Awesome job! I haven't been tagging bc my profile is private, but I start week 4 of Insanity today!
rachelvanoven : @kristaljoym I'm 5'11 3/4 πŸ˜‰
newbee_photography : Way to go !!
kristaljoym : Thanks 😊 I'm 5'2 1/4 πŸ˜‰ .... Just curious. You're looking good! @rachelvanoven
michelleregner : Wow!! You can see a big difference in your hips!
tallkris : Good job. I'm down 12.5 pounds since last Tuesday!
_bellaly - ladinamaree - acarter9405 - stephaniedawnphotography -
A little Saturday afternoon lifting. #rvanovengetfit
rvanovengetfit - rvpgetfit - jbzgetfit -
jennybarneszink : #rvpgetfit
jennybarneszink : #jbzgetfit
laken_m_evans - jennatimmons - laney_allison - mandy_hoyng -
You know you're doing #work at the #gym when random guys and girls (who are very fit) tell you you're kicking ass and they're impressed. Did some #cardio and #core tonight... #Ran 2 miles in total through 300 meter #sprints and then did some lifting. #boom. #fortdrum #fit #fitmom #rvanovengetfit #operationbrickhouse #fitness #functionalfitness #crossfit #crossfitgirls #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle
core - operationbrickhouse - ran - gym - fitmom - cardio - girlswithmuscle - sprints - rvanovengetfit - crossfit - fit - girlswholift - work - functionalfitness - fortdrum - boom - fitness - crossfitgirls -
cassandra_lynn_smith : You need to teach me your ways when I move back this summer!!
mrs.pearson053114 - _shwey_ - rwake19 - smileitsmichael -
#breakfast #nomnom #nutriblast #nutrition #fitness #health #kale #spinnach #mango #strawberry #asianpear #chiaseeds #delicious #healthy @straightjuicin
nutrition - kale - asianpear - healthy - nomnom - rvanovengetfit - strawberry - mango - health - chiaseeds - delicious - fitness - spinnach - breakfast - nutriblast -
scrubsandsquats : #rvanovengetfit
audrianak10 : Send some to me!!!
chelsey_nebraski : I just got chia seeds! @bethanypaynephotography
bearded_beast26 : Is that nutri bullet good? @bethanypayne90
scrubsandsquats : @cworkman55 yes! I'm not a fan of stuff on infomercials but love this. Comparable to a vitamix without the price tag
mrs.pearson053114 - carmen_marie5608 - jakubcionis - cassandra_lynn_smith -
Beet red and buckets o' sweat! Creeping back up to 4 miles again! #rvpgetfit #rvanovengetfit
rvpgetfit - rvanovengetfit -
staglam : Get it girl!
jennybarneszink : Do you run a certain amount of time and see how far you get or do you just bump up your mileage a little everyday?
cara_o : That's awesome!! Keep it up!! πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
rachelvanoven : @jennybarnesphotography the first two runs back at it I did as much as I could in 30 minutes...today I did 40...once I get to an hour, ill work on building my speed/distance...I just need to ease my lungs into it!
jennybarneszink : πŸ‘ I'm training for a half and I'm the worlds worst runner... Lol always looking for tips!
weeziebkeiner - lauren3elise - shealyn - dlnysmth -
Four days of mostly clean eating and at least an hour of exercising hard a day and that initial bloat loss has happened! Small changes like this keep me encouraged! I'm down to 168.8 from 170 starting so yay! #rvpgetfit #rvanovengetfit
rvpgetfit - rvanovengetfit -
jennalayneharding : How do I become part of the group rvpgetfit. I wanna post pics too
rachelvanoven : @jennalayneharding just post pictures with the hashtag #rvpgetfit !!
rachelvanoven : @seskew03 upping my veggie/fruit intake, cutting out/back on sugars, low amt whole grains, lean meats, etc
rachelvanoven : And doing cardio (running), yoga/Pilates, and lifting!
suzychapstick1 : You def look thinner! Awesome job!!
holli.brown : Your "before" should be my "after"! ☺
mandyjaeger : I *totally* understand if people are doing this to be healthy. But, I see a lot of "want to LOOK this way again" commments.I am sooooooo annoyed that pretty much EVERY before on #rvpgetfit is the after I am killing myself to get to. It's frickin annoying. #appreciatewhatyouhave
laken_m_evans : I have stretch marks, but I'm 15. Just because I have chubby side muffin tops. UGH. Hate stretch marks.
taraes - katehergott - steph3014 - stephaniedawnphotography -
I ran a little bit farther than yesterday! πŸ‘Š Who else is working out with a partner!? #rvpgetfit #rvanovengetfit
rvpgetfit - rvanovengetfit -
iamdanimari : I wish I had a partner!! My boyfriend is somewhat but we usually can't go together
mariawhyhop : I workout with 12-20 lovely ladies daily πŸ‘Š love my lovely jazzy ladies 😘
picsbypattyb : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘
lesliedupuis : My two month old lays in her bassinet and yells at me while I workout :) don't have anyone else to workout with me but she motivates me just fine :)
cassieperkins5 : Working out with my mama and SIL!
rkaff8799 : My hubby & the #rvpgetfit hash tag!!
kristenbeaty : I started crossfit today. Pray for me lol!
allisonannestudios : @rachelvanoven no partner. Just me myself and I! Training for 10 miler in Philly may 5!!
kristasimonson - nicolepringle3 - cconklin08 - ralondabryant -
Motivated by this mama!! #rvpgetfit #rvanovengetfit @roguelash
rvpgetfit - rvanovengetfit -
caryolwatts : @rachelvanoven if you were at the Hendricks YMCA then we worked out together...but not together...really just at the same place. #yourerunningonmyturf πŸ˜‰
sparklefit4life : So funny rach cause u motivate me:)
rachelvanoven : @rawcrow the Avon YMCA?
rachelvanoven : @roguelash 😘😘
caryolwatts : @rachelvanoven yep yep
indys3 : Look at that hot mama!
carolinemomberg : Thank you for inspiring so many people! I know it's going to hold me to it :) this mama needs to lose 80lbs. :( major sad face! One day at a time...
erin_elward : This week has been so crazy for me I haven't been able to run since Sunday and I kinda miss it Which is huge. I just started couch to 5k 3 weeks ago. I have NEVER been a runner and now I kinda love it!!! I would recommend the program to anyone who is intimidated by running.
dlnysmth - capturedbyalex - kristasimonson - sabrinastueve -
So much more fun with Kate here!!!! #rvpgetfit #rvanovengetfit
rvpgetfit - rvanovengetfit -
i_teach600 : Is someone photo-bombing your shot...(or is that Kate?!)
mamarazza : Work it girl! #whatsbeautiful
sharonneves7 : Grant (3) says great job!
cara_o : Having a buddy always makes the workout better, even if you just look at each other and start laughing every now and then ;)
tamarahart - taraes - cassiedesmond - proud_irish_mom_wife -
Here we go! #rvpgetfit #rvanovengetfit
rvpgetfit - rvanovengetfit -
sarahhill920 : going bowling?
i_have_two_peanuts : I wish I could wear Nikes πŸ˜” my stupid arches won't allow it. πŸ’©
gpresley : Get em girl!!! What workout are you doing?
sharonneves7 : Hahaha sarahhill920! :)
proud_irish_mom_wife - delaineykelliott - cassiedesmond - ladinamaree -
This. Felt. So. Good. #rvpgetfit #rvanovengetfit
rvpgetfit - rvanovengetfit -
nielle8402 : My husband and I are starting to eat healthier and work out next week. Hope we stick to it because we haven't worked out in years! This is inspiring :)
britzmoments23 : How do I subscribe to you fit scroll?
ashtonshaffer06 : Yay!!! Good job!!!
picsbypattyb : πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘
kristasimonson - picsbypattyb - photographybyjanssen - adrianavj -
Back at square one...ugh I hate posting this! But with the kids being sick, me being sick, nick being sick the past two months I gained *nine* pounds! 😫 I was doing so good blah. Anyways, today kicks off operation bikini ready by june! My goal is to lose 20 pounds! Who's with me?? #rvanovengetfit is my personal fitness hashtag but if anyone else wants to do this with me (weekly weigh ins and progression pics!) maybe we could use the hashtag #rvpgetfit?
rvanovengetfit - rvpgetfit -
jessi_crawford : I am glad to see I am not the only one! May I ask how tall you are?? You don't have to answer. I am 5'8" and was 170 lbs in jan. down to 155!!! Then I got lazy and feel terrible! Need to start again!
lidiyaervin : Ever heard of Isagenix? It's an amazing nutritional program for if you're trying to be healthy & lose & keep off extra pounds you don't want! If you're interested, check out http://dylanervin.isagenix.com
keri_jeanne : Im in!! Just started back on this journey myself! Thanks for your courage girl!
nicolemgarcia12 : Im totally in! I'm in my third week of #chaleanextreme from #BeachBody. Loooove it!
emilywheat : I'd feel SO happy if my after picture looked like your before!!
laurakeane : Totally in!!!!!
kelliyeater : 170 looks so much better on you than me! #shortpeopleproblems!
kristinstew : I'm 5'8" and I look terrible at 170. You look amazing.
dani_indiana - valpayne77 - nicolemgarcia12 - queenrachelann -
How to eat better at McNasty's #rvanovengetfit
rvanovengetfit -
desrarameyphotography : I could most certainly go on for days about clean eating. Lol, sorry!! 😜
becky_williamson : I appreciate the info! The only thing near my kids' school is McNasty and sometimes it's just a necessity
mandyjaeger : So...it's a piece of $4.00 chicken??? This confuses me. Lol
rachelvanoven : @mandyjaeger I get extra lettuce and tomatoes plus onions and they don't charge extra πŸ˜€
mandyjaeger : Well that makes better sense then!
chassidygarner : They have a button where it's 1.00 for a piece of grilled chicken
dlgossman : Holy Hannah look at all that sodium!
dlgossman : And I just mean that in a, "why is there so much sodium in a chicken breast?" Type of way. I got the meaning behind the post
lovephotos7 - hughesoflove - dsiskphotos - kstewart09 -
Clean eating at Bob Evans! Egg white farmers omelet with hot sauce, coffee, fruit bowl and whole wheat toast :) all under 400 calories! #rvanovengetfit #motivated
rvanovengetfit - motivated -
slbphotography : I've been clean eating for a few weeks is there any tips you can give me on best things to eat or things to read about it:)
glimmergal : That looks delish!!!
desrarameyphotography : I've been on clean eating for about 4 months! It's not just a diet, I consider it a lifestyle😊 I'm down 55.5 lbs! πŸ‘Œ
mandyjaeger : @rachelvanoven this is a dumb question, but how do tooj know what's clean??? You seem really good at this! I would totally mess it up
rachelvanoven : @mandyjaeger for *me* clean = simple...which means lots of veggies, fruit, simple carbs and seasoned and clean cooked meats (no breading/frying/oil etc) and organic whenever possible. I don't limit fruit intake and I allow myself cheat meals...I try to modify them like frozen yogurt instead of Dairy Queen...
mandyjaeger : Thanks! Sounds like it's the easy we a*supposed* to eat!
mandyjaeger : *ugh...way not easy
rachel_ebel - quickclicks - queenrachelann -
Today started my third week of #daileymethod classes! I am down twelve pounds and feeling so strong! #results #rvanovengetfit
rvanovengetfit - daileymethod - results -
jessicacoxe : You're looking awesome! I should probably exercise...
rachelvanoven : @rawcrow yes :) πŸ’ͺ
rachelvanoven : @kimkelly529 class...and um just stuffing my face with lotsa veggies, fruit, good proteins and cutting out unnecessary carbs like buns and shtuff. Giving myself cheats too ;)
22_nikki : Good job, @rachelvanoven πŸ‘
kimkelly529 : You look awesome! Keep up the good work! We don't have any of the classes in Cleveland but thinking about purchasing the DVDs.
samijo620 : What classes / workout method is this Rachel?
kfiring : Where do I sign up?
life.inspired : This is awesome. Must try. Do you do it often?
ladinamaree - lisanurse2016 - miriamriosphoto - shutterfreak -
Puppy chow wasn't worth it. No time to really work out today but I squeezed in 2 miles and some barre work at the YMCA...down 7 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks!! #fitness #rvanovengetfit
rvanovengetfit - fitness -
mrgnmdn : is that all you do is walk? what is barre?
melissadalcorobbo : Woot! Keep up the great work!
rachelvanoven : @mrgnmdn I run, and do incline intervals...I take Dailey method classes, but today couldn't get there so I did barre (ballet barre) work and some Pilates/yoga on my own!
angelinaaaalopez : Woo 7 lbs! What are you doing just working out and eating right?
rachelvanoven : @mamalinaaaa yep!
risesportswear : good one!
angelinaaaalopez : πŸ‘
lacton : This is awesome. Keep posting these, you're motivating me to get to the gym! This will be the year I don't gain holiday weight!!
thecatsmeow_4 - 22_nikki - kristabrownphotography -
I keep telling people my body just feels "different"...I've been a runner for years now and can drop weight and get cardio, but for the first time ever I can do push-ups and actually have a rounder butt...thank you @klstanton for getting me to go! #beforeafter #daileymethod
rvanovengetfit - beforeafter - daileymethod -
brookebeasleyphoto : @rachelvanoven hotsy totsy!!
thatkupachick : Wow, that's awesome! You look great!!!! Makes me wanna cancel my upcoming baking session tomorrow lol @rachelvanoven
brianaowen : Awesome, thanks!! And you look fabulous, I can't even imagine that big of a change in just 2 weeks!
rambling_cali : I am so sad they dont have them in NJ
ladysasha20 : You looked great before but fantastic now!!!
karareese : Dang, wish they had this in WI!
karareese : (you look amazing)
kelso22340 : @rachelvanoven how often do you go?
sharkysstyle - kaileegester - sabrinastueve - life.inspired -
#daileymethod kicked my butt this morning! #rvanovengetfit
rvanovengetfit - daileymethod -
betharmsheimer : I wish we had one!
betharmsheimer : But I like my classes at in shape :)
slbphotography : Ive heard a little of #dailymethod can you explain it more
sarahfogle : @rachelvanoven I was on tin roof on fb looking up Halloween photos. Have you checked them out yet from Phillip Phillips concert? I see you and your hubby!
sarahfogle : My randomness for the day
rachelvanoven : @sarahfogle awesome!!! Thanks for letting me know!
ladinamaree - ovaunda - paloaltoca -
Done. #rvanovengetfit #beastmode #incline
rvanovengetfit - beastmode - incline -
katnappurr : NICE!!!! :)
cherisheachsecond : Way to go!!!!!
mandyleonards : Nice job lady:)
cherisheachsecond - cassiedesmond - brittanylphotography -
Gorgeous morning! #rvanovengetfit
rvanovengetfit -
darceemurphy : Your shadow is looking skinnier!
alyssabarr - kristasimonson - andiuru - hollyhowe -
Let's do it! #beastmode πŸ’ͺ#rvanovengetfit
rvanovengetfit - beastmode -
tiffanimichelle : πŸ‘Ÿ getting ready to do the same!! DO THE DAMN THING!!
cherisheachsecond - klstanton - queenrachelann - cutedevilgurl -
What backsliding looks like. Bottom right is twelve pounds ago! Meh! And please disregard the red bumps all over me now...thank you beastly chiggers! Just posting for those of you guys who think I'm already skinny! I wouldn't say I'm fat but I'm definitely not in shape! #rvanovengetfit
rvanovengetfit -
katschmitt : I'm in a very similar situation with my daughter and don't want to pass along all of my body issues- way to get em!
jobell : @rachelvanoven Diet and weight training is where it's at! Lifting weights not only tones, but it also burns calories longer than running. Muscle weighs more than fat so you may bot lose as many lbs as you want but your body will be physically stronger, leaner, and more toned. Work out partner is SO important. I can't stress it enough. My husband is totally the work out junkie and having him as a gym partner is critical to my success. He pushes and encourages me and now I can bench and squat 70lbs. Which is a lot for little 5' me! You can totally do this, lady!
rachelbfitography : BTW, have you heard of Turbo Fire? Super fun at-home workout program. Also myfitnesspal.com is great, too, for logging meals/workouts...if your into that kinda stuff! Good luck :)
lizyounce : You are courageous. I admire your vulnerability. Body issues are hard for women no matter what side of the scale you're on.
kristaripke : I feel the same way gained 30 pounds since starting my photography business:( I asked my husband if you can start dieting right around the holidays he just laughed at me! Thinking of trying Seattle Suttons to get me back to eating better I am a slacker when it comes to making food well healthy food!! Thanks for posting this I think you are beautiful but I understand the body image thing you have to be happy with yourself big hugs;)
rambling_cali : Brave brave lady! And beautiful but being happy with yourself is most important!
mandyjaeger : You are brave and beautiful. You just need to be healthy and happy...your kids will follow that lead.
brianaowen : @rachelvanoven you are so courageous and bold. Brava! You can do anything you want to, and you've got your whole Instagram fan base cheering you on! You go, Rachel!
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