New lens for my baby #voitlanderbessa #bessa_r #M39 #jupiter8 #50mm #f2 #rangerfinderlove #Russianoptics
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diegoapud : Did it focus fine for you since the begining ? I've heard jup 8s somentimes needs a little adjustments for the bessa ! I havent finished my first roll on it
chris_mils : Still on my first roll I'll upload some to see how it goes... I never heard about this been thinking of getting a jup 12 too
chris_mils : @diegoapud got my rolls back from being dev'd and it was sharp at f2 was shooting on C41 B&W so dunno how it will be with colour
chris_mils : How about yours?
diegoapud : Lol very nice result , i got a great deal and sold the bessa without finishing my first roll and bought a bronica 6x7 , I will buy another one soon (hope so )
diegoapud : I will get it scan it tomorrow and post some , from the negatives looks like nice and sharp !! Post some images !
chris_mils : Can't believe you sold it! I love mine may of broke the crank arm :(
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Maiden voyage into the cosmos tonight. #levenhuk #russianoptics 🔭
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Proud proprietor!
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plasticspoon : @g_m_d_three LOL - you're the only person who caught that bro!
g_m_d_three : Yea I got my priorities. Hehe.
plasticspoon : @g_m_d_three takin' her out for a test drive today - if I can find film in Downtown Brooklyn.
g_m_d_three : Yea ride her hard.
plasticspoon : #otr #ontheroad #travel #roadtrip #roadside #attraction
nomadnest : lol I guess he sells muscles too
plasticspoon : @nomadnest LOL - if it was just a matter of dollars and cents I'd have bought a full set. ;)
frptlady : 😱Whoaaa
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Just in: jupiter 9 for my nex #photografica #oldschool #russianoptics #photography #cameraporn
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