My knee is pretty today. #rugby #rugger #rugbylyf #rugbygirl #rugbylife #rugbyinjury #htfu #bruise #nofilter #astroturfsucks #knee #noskirtsforawhile #worthit #battlewound
noskirtsforawhile - rugby - rugbygirl - astroturfsucks - bruise - rugbylyf - worthit - rugbylife - battlewound - htfu - knee - nofilter - rugger - rugbyinjury -
tuesdayswithholly : Hell yes. I'm
tuesdayswithholly : Completely here for this.
rugbygrrl : It's full of fluid too. The temptation to poke at it constantly is enormous.
shark_memes : Omg what is this? 😣 how did you do that?!
rugbygrrl : Rugby. I fell heavily on it.
rugbygrrl : To be fair, heavily is the only way I ever fall!
darcysadler13 - vfitzjr - tuesdayswithholly - kylepdench -
Back on strong pain killers #brokenribs #ffl #needtogetbetter #pissoff #rugbyinjury
ffl - brokenribs - needtogetbetter - pissoff - rugbyinjury -
abbielikesoranges -
My best friends for a to suck. #rugbygirl #rugby #girlsthatplayrugby #prop #crutchs #rugbyinjury #sucks
rugbygirl - rugby - girlsthatplayrugby - rugbyinjury - sucks - prop - crutchs -
robles_214 - imnotfuckinleavin - qsxo_ -
Oops, don't worry, still in hospital but can move all fingers and toes #rugbyinjury #onthemend
rugbyinjury - onthemend -
hayleyc : What the hell have you done?!
hellybellybutt : Rugby tackle gone bad, got a 'stinger' injury, nerve in neck pinched. No rugby ever again and in a neck brace and no work for a few weeks then if it's no better might need an operation 😁
itskatydoo : My poor poor Simmo😒 Let us know your discharge day and we'll ascend upon you Mary Poppins-stylee!! Haven't text cos Lou said it hurts you to text??πŸ˜˜πŸ’πŸ°
ginat86 : Ah poor thing, that's awful! Get well soon xxx
hellybellybutt : Thanks Gina. I'm back home now Katy, bed rest for two weeks, bit of an extreme way to get some time off work!
louise_towers -
Its shirt and tie Tuesday! #shirt #shirtandtietuesday #shirt #tie #suit #blazer #greytie #purplehair #pinkhair #shorthair #rugbyinjury #cut #cheek #piercings #septum #industrial #strechers #tinystretchers #stretchedears #lesbian #girlswithpiercings #girlswholikegirls #girlswhoplayrugby
industrial - strechers - purplehair - stretchedears - piercings - girlswholikegirls - shorthair - rugbyinjury - girlswithpiercings - tinystretchers - cut - blazer - shirt - cheek - greytie - lesbian - pinkhair - girlswhoplayrugby - suit - tie - shirtandtietuesday - septum -
tattersfieldandco : 😎looking good!
danielle.quirke - elenalanua - chloelewsey96 - you_arebeautiful__ -
This is me all over πŸ˜‚ even more so after doing single leg deadlifts at 60kg... A broken leg and rupture acl ain't stopping me πŸ’ͺ #bjj #jiujitsu #brazilianjiujitsu #womensrugby #rubgylife #fitfam #health #fitness #fitnessaddict #fitspo #workout #gym #train #training #health #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #active #strong #motivation #instagood #determination #lifestyle #diet #getfit #excercise
injured - motivation - fitfam - rugbyproblems - gym - getfit - instahealth - bjj - brazilianjiujitsu - jiujitsu - healthychoices - determination - diet - active - womensrugby - strong - fitspo - training - rugbyinjury - lifestyle - rubgylife - excercise - rupturedacl - fitnessaddict - instagood - healthy - train - health - fitness - workout -
atm0112 : #injured #rupturedacl #rugbyproblems #rugbyinjury
laurahunt95 : You go girl
miqueltoms : Take care of that acl or it will take ages to recover like πŸ™ˆ
atm0112 : Felt so good @laurahunt95! Can't stop smiling! @miqueltoms I only used my bad leg for balance no weight at all through it, why I was only lifting 60kg... I really don't want recovery to be longer than its going to be. I wanna play rugby again and soon 😩 check you been all concerned 😜
team_nutrakey : Super!
stronglifther : Love it!
dali1213 : Lovely!
team_nutrakey - theorganicathlete - pelike18 - sfggwrfc -
Am sure my customers will be delighted to have the guy from the Goonies rockin up to see them this week. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #London #Rugby #KXS #TheGoonies #Lookalike #RugbyInjury #ImStillPretty
imstillpretty - kxs - rugby - lookalike - thegoonies - london - rugbyinjury -
dahianamunoz - wmcdaid90 - ryan_aine - benjaminmichael_ -
Bit of a rough rugby match but still an awesome score and a win for our side at the end of the day 75-5 πŸ˜ƒπŸ† #rugbyunion #winners #matchday #rugbyinjury #rugbygirl #girlsfitness #militaryfitness #piercings #purplehair #pinkhair #septum #industrial #stretchedears #tinystretchers #bored
industrial - tinystretchers - girlsfitness - militaryfitness - matchday - purplehair - stretchedears - pinkhair - rugbygirl - winners - piercings - septum - bored - rugbyunion - rugbyinjury -
phipps.ana - under_the_pink - you_arebeautiful__ - georgie_mhw -
When your team mate is led in A&E there is only one thing to do... πŸ™ŠπŸ˜† #selfie #rugbyfam #rugbysundays #westburyRFC #ambulanceride #rugbyinjury #AandE #hospital #ladiesrugby #brace #smiles #team #mate #cheekyselfie
smiles - westburyrfc - ladiesrugby - cheekyselfie - selfie - ambulanceride - rugbyfam - rugbysundays - mate - aande - team - rugbyinjury - brace - hospital -
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Shoulder doesn't look greatπŸ˜” #RugbyInjury
rugbyinjury -
joannascull : 😞😞😞
_isaacxj : What did you do
jack__watts : His handbag was too heavy @_isaacxj
wcraggsy : Now will you gym?
xthatguythere : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @jack__watts ... @nick_thomas_6 the injuries r inevitable!! dont let it put u off tour tho!
woody_stephen9 - rhianneerrr - bedfordbullsrugby - johnomc -
Rugby #rugbyinjury
rugbyinjury -
chancesekayange : What happened?
chancesekayange : @bradenjv14
braden_208 : Come over to our house and I will show you : Dude, how is it?
braden_208 : Gettin' better
ronsardmwembo : Fill better soon bro
braden_208 : Thanks @ronsardmwembo
zz_starr - madysunjean - oliver.munch1 - gracie0903 -
Strongs to my boy Jesse with his recovery. #rugbyinjury #krysligamente #nooitlekernie #pyniserg #sterktemymaat #weetwaardeerjygaan #9months #itstoughoutthere @jesdutoit
krysligamente - 9months - weetwaardeerjygaan - itstoughoutthere - nooitlekernie - rugbyinjury - sterktemymaat - pyniserg -
wkrahenbuhl : @jesdutoit sterkte. πŸ’ͺ Photo credits: @wkrahenbuhl was 'n plesier @bitzi051πŸ‘Š
bitzi051 : Baie dankie aan @wkrahenbuhl vir die puik fotografie.
knee_kol - oscarschuld - kayzberriman - marichelle_chelly -
Well, shit... #dislocatedknee #rugbyinjury #highasakite #ilovegasandair
dislocatedknee - rugbyinjury - ilovegasandair - highasakite -
genietx : Hahahahahahahahahaha @amylgunn
genietx - loriyoung93 - jackddow - rachyb073 -
#boredom #grumpy #dayoff #rugbyinjury #beard #beardporn #insane
beardporn - insane - rugbyinjury - boredom - grumpy - dayoff - beard -
benmdixon87 : Good beard, growing mine back now
trevis14 : @benmdixon87 good man.... Mines taken 6-7 weeks
forwardjoel : This from that graze last night? Thought a plaster would fix it!
forwardjoel - aaliyah4258 - konman107 - katetrevis94 -
Good friends. Haha #RugbyInjury
rugbyinjury -
adamarief89 : get well and retired la kejap rugby tu haha
thirushan93 : @adamarief89 haha yo adam. Rehat berapa bulan je.
adamarief89 : ok la aku ingat retired forever lol
thirushan93 : @adamarief89 takde la. 6 bulan je.
werbenjagermanjensens : get well soon buddy
julianna_scarlett : Told u to be careful right:.!! Hope u are Okays.. Take care Kay..!! πŸ˜‰
thirushan93 : @werbenjagermanjensens thanks bro :D
thirushan93 : @julianna_scarlett hahaha when I got injured I thought about what you said. Thanks for your concern (:
julianna_scarlett - zhfrsyd - haziq_marican93 - nurineznieka -
My first mistake. Ligament tear. #RugbyInjury
rugbyinjury -
matnodan : Asal cha @thirushan93
thirushan93 : @matnodan injured bro. Haha
matnodan : Ktne injured? Lutut ke @thirushan93
thirushan93 : @matnodan haa kat lutut la.
nurineznieka : Kau ni main semangat sgt la lek dah la. Haha
thirushan93 : @nurineznieka suka hati la wei. Hahaha
haziq_marican93 - ngjulien - nurineznieka - afiqzamani -
Bad day in the office, real bad! Snapped my bicep tendon in league promotion play-off on the 22-2-15 #rugby #injury #rugbyinjury #bicep #tendon #snappedbiceptendon #bicepheadraised #surgery #sligo #sligorfc #ireland #a&e #rugbyplayer #follow #followme #likes #roadtorecovery #arms #instainjury
bicepheadraised - likes - roadtorecovery - bicep - follow - surgery - sligorfc - rugbyplayer - snappedbiceptendon - a - tendon - rugbyinjury - rugby - sligo - instainjury - arms - ireland - injury - followme -
ddpsylocke : Ooh Jesus H Christ OUCH
loftyboi89 : @ddpsylocke haha cheers I think!
owen_manahan - micsgabb - sarahmac_dabab - rubenopp12 -
@_kieran_l_ 's black eye is going a lovely colour!!! #rugbyinjury #rugby
rugbyinjury - rugby -
jennyone35 - annabelr2003 - _kieran_l_ - linaebrooksu08 -
Morphine does wonders. #rugby #injury #rugbyinjury #rugbylife shoulder is wrecked 😫
rugbylife - injury - rugby - rugbyinjury -
lmcgarrett : Why cant the men in my life have non dangerous hobbies? Gonna give me a heart attack one of these days lol
vinss83 - cameronn_turleyy - laurengmb - lmcgarrett -
Spent approximately 5.5 hours at the emergency department today because some guy decided to punch my husband during his rugby game. Fortunately it just required 3 layers of stitches including the muscle, originally they thought it was bad enough that he might have to go under sedation and have the plastic surgeon come in. #emergencyroom #stitches #punchedeye #rugby #rugbyinjury
punchedeye - emergencyroom - rugby - rugbyinjury - stitches -
mrs_peterson07 : Poor guy! That sucks for all of you!
asap_adley - cdub_fit - helms.r - rubenopp12 -
A view form a hospital bed. #rugby #rugbyinjury
rugbyinjury - rugby -
lmcgarrett : Bro why is it im finding out your in hospital on instagram! Are u ok???
lmcgarrett - someonereallyspecial - laurengmb -
Kita panggil balik kenangan yang lama..hehehe #johancup #ranox #ragbimalaysia #rugbyinjury #ragbipadu #ragbi #rugby
ragbi - johancup - rugby - ranox - rugbyinjury - ragbipadu - ragbimalaysia -
kedairugbymalaysia : @ku_acik Design your own kit by Tsunami sportswear! Whatever you colour, logo, sport.. We have the kit for you and your team. Whatsapp/sms 0168317942 for best price @ please visit Thanks
shazjiem - dewa_dharma - kedairugbymalaysia - shadamexico -
First ever bit of bruising around the eye from training - cant class it as a proper black eye tho #rugbyinjury #nosweat #shookitoff
shookitoff - rugbyinjury - nosweat -
laurakatewebb : Your getting good at doing your eyeshadow jax! πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Š ️xx
jaxstar88 : Ha! Thanks @laurakatewebb i dont think purple/yellow is my colour tho x
laurakatewebb : At least you haven't got a plaster cross on your forehead though AY @georgiawhitfield πŸ™ŠπŸ‘πŸ˜˜ x
georgiawhitfield : Haha that plaster cross was the only moment I have been at the height of fashion πŸ™ˆ looks good Jac!! X
laurakatewebb - katiemcviti - jenny_slim_in -
to get me through work after two rugby games This week! 😩 #rugbyinjury #pains #painkillers
rugbyinjury - pains - painkillers -
rossiusmaximus : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #NoPainNoGain @lynseydrewett
lynseydrewett : @rossiusmaximus I feel I need a pca, potentially an epidural by midday! πŸ’‰πŸ’Š
rik8118 - warby14 - meicelina97 - arnoldjdonato -
#rugby #rugbyinjury #givinguponcrutches #mobilityscooter #shoppingtripwithmum #dodgyleg
rugbyinjury - rugby - shoppingtripwithmum - mobilityscooter - givinguponcrutches - dodgyleg -
sophielball1991 - clairewherethere - fearny91 - raespratt -
Poor Toe #rugbyinjury
rugbyinjury -
benprcll : Gross
andrewwilldowell : It's broken @benprcll it's broken
janedowell1 : Oh dear 😞 still going to play Saturday ! X
andrewwilldowell : I'm going to Twickenham this Saturday @janedowell1 to watch England vs Scotland!
janedowell1 : Safer bet me thinks haha πŸ˜† x
benprcll : @andrewwilldowell wimp
janedowell1 - edwardli - paulwolverine - kaviha -
Cardio and abs after two of the most horrendous places to work out this bloody thumb is doing my head in looked like it's cardio and abs for at least two weeks... πŸ’ͺ #cardio #abs #fitness #gymlife #rugbyinjury #addict #bringonsummer
bringonsummer - abs - gymlife - addict - fitness - rugbyinjury - cardio -
joshua_aen : Great Photo
fitbycouple - _matthew_albertson_ - livesore - yourahoebitchh_ -
#rugbyinjury #pain #icepack
icepack - rugbyinjury - pain -
ameliagriso : Wats up xx
laped123 : Dm me
hope_longworth : What happened
laped123 : Twisted it in P.E
_d_a_n_f : Aawwwwwwwwwww poor you
_d_a_n_f : I won 4-1 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
xx_izzy_jake_xx - connor_wright11 - _.mianunnerley._ - s.avvyxx -
Black eye now #blackeye #bruise #rugbyinjury #lovemyrugby
bruise - rugbyinjury - blackeye - lovemyrugby -
ddotdarren : gotta love it pains worth every second
frankstarr1 : Haha too right πŸ˜‚@ddotdarren
ddotdarren : every game I play I get a bleeding nose lool xx
frankstarr1 : I got that in my first match back after being out for 3 months @ddotdarren
ddotdarren : Been in hospital ain't u how u feeling now x
frankstarr1 : Fractured my shin first then 2 weeks after being out of my boot was taken into hospital for 10days lol x
frankstarr1 : @ddotdarren
ddotdarren : oo shit black eye defo better then that be lost with out playing rugby lol
indiconlan - cdinan99 - ddotdarren - _k3lloggs -
Fingers minging #rugbyinjury
rugbyinjury -
dhackett97 : WOUNDED
_alexfearn : #warwounds
tadhg_butler : Forgot you had banter
liam_matthew - amberhockingx - pixiedust_stardust - charlotte_cowgill -
When I broke my leg and ankle whilst playing rugby, it completely broke me down, I had such a hard time coping. Now 6 months on, 2 operations, a metal plate and 4 screws later I'm back working, back in the gym, feeling the best I ever have. Honestly life never felt so good at the minute. Never give up! #tbt #rugby #rugbyinjury #nevergiveup #motivation
nevergiveup - motivation - rugbyinjury - rugby - tbt -
lashleyc21 : Nice pinsπŸ˜‰ @alexjamespotts
alexjamespotts : Knew you was a fan @lashleyc21 πŸ˜‰ x
clairelouise90 : Are you colouring in? X
alexjamespotts : @clairelouise90 hahaha most likely being stuck in hospital for 4 days was boring! :/ x
clairelouise90 : Awww fun times!! X
alexjamespotts : Major fun 😏 @clairelouise90 x
clarkebrod - girwin90 - clairerix - tellusastory90 -
Thought I broke my thumb again yesterday but luckily i just aggravated the old breakage but can't to sport for a few weeks which is gonna kill me 😒 but I just gotta #manup and deal with it haha #rugby #rugbyinjury #hospitalallnight #goodgame #dealwithit
rugbyinjury - rugby - goodgame - manup - hospitalallnight - dealwithit -
sanantoniorugby - ashleighheathman - hilmyhaus - yourahoebitchh_ -
πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‘Š hasn't ruined my good looks though. That will take some doin! #smashedintheface #rugbyinjury #rugby #eyebrow
rugby - rugbyinjury - smashedintheface - eyebrow -
kayteediddle - hugerugby - sanantoniorugby -
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