First run since my surgery last week. Besides my stomach still being a bit sore it felt great. On a side note I injured my knee when I played rugby in college and I wish it wasn't something I still had to be concerned with. Hoping following my training schedule and getting back in shape will help the knee cooperate.
cancerfree - instarun - dumbknee - kneeproblems - marathontraining - gettingold - mysisterbetterbetrainingtoo - clevelandmarathon - running - instarunners - michiganwinters - rugbyinjury - healthy2015 - fit2015 -
katierittenbery : #instarunners #marathontraining #clevelandmarathon #running #instarun #kneeproblems #rugbyinjury #dumbknee #gettingold #cancerfree #healthy2015 #fit2015 #mysisterbetterbetrainingtoo #michiganwinters
mrs_inzirillo : Yay!!!! Glad you're recovering quickly. I just noticed the Cleveland marathon... You in that area? I grew up in NE Ohio.
katierittenbery : @mrs_inzirillo I grew up in Strongsville, my parents still live there. My sister lives in Avon Went to college at BGSU. When I met my husband he was living and working outside Detroit so that is where I am now.
mrs_inzirillo : Oh nice! My cousins lived in Avon Lake. I grew up a little north of Youngstown and went to school at Akron U. My mom still lives up there, so one of these days I want to do a half or full in Akron or Cleveland. The weather in Ohio is certainly more favorable for a full. lol
nateslifeisgood : Do you do yoga?
katierittenbery : @nateslifeisgood I used to do it a lot more.
katierittenbery : @mrs_inzirillo my brother is an Orlando cop, lives in Windermere. He is an Ohio transplant and I know we have lost him to Florida forever ;-) I am jealous of the weather in the winter buy can't imagine running in the summer! Done Cleveland 1/2 a few times, nice course.
mrs_inzirillo : Would you believe my brother lives in Windermere too?!? haha It's about 15 miles from where I live. I've lived in the Orlando area for 18 years, and it is hard to imagine living in those harsh winters up north again. I do miss the autumn and the changing leaves. But in the summers, all you'll find here are 5K's. It's too harsh for anything more.
ednawashington - nateslifeisgood - areeder09 - raphaeloliveira86 -
Hide yo kids hide yo wife and hide yo girlfriend too. #pinkcamo #rugbyinjury
rugbyinjury - pinkcamo -
smellyface09 : #rugbyinjury
clarastu : Keep on keeping on
haleyschafer7 - giimmedaatbecky - maandaapand - katedent13 -
Jeremys knee #rugby #rugbyinjury #gash #exercise #exerciseigoodforyou #injury #sport #sportsinjury
gash - sport - rugby - rugbyinjury - sportsinjury - injury - exerciseigoodforyou - exercise -
mike_nificent_lifts - lily.olive - rugbyhub - josh05h -
#hospital #hospitalselfie #selfie #rugby #rugbyinjury #gash #exercise #exerciseigoodforyou #injury #sport #sportsinjury
gash - injury - rugby - rugbyinjury - selfie - exerciseigoodforyou - hospitalselfie - sportsinjury - sport - hospital - exercise -
rugbyhub - pamelax41 -
Jeremys knee #rugby #rugbyinjury #gash #exercise #exerciseigoodforyou #injury #sport #sportsinjury
gash - sport - rugby - rugbyinjury - sportsinjury - injury - exerciseigoodforyou - exercise -
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First step to recovery. Next step is to get my butt back on the field.
rugbyinjury -
smellyface09 : #rugbyinjury
kt_muell - emfuls - e_santiago13 - katedent13 -
Returning to the pitch from injury and get an elbow to the eye! #rugby #ladiesrugby #blackeye #rugbyinjury #Istillloverugby
blackeye - rugbyinjury - rugby - ladiesrugby - istillloverugby -
ad_daoud : Goth revival? Very Eighties
leech1995 : Nice ##
malej_romanek - andybaloo - leech1995 - ericshuell -
Pre Op selfie #operation #knee #rugbyinjury #upsoearly #wishmeluck
knee - operation - upsoearly - rugbyinjury - wishmeluck -
scottfricker : @scantlenuts good luck pal
ljmw : Sweet dress!
bethanyfp : Good luck!!! X
astriddickinson - arranmahoney - ljmw - archiejf92 -
First time I have seen these little piggies since Tuesday. And it looks better than we all expected #rugbyinjury
rugbyinjury -
ranger1962 : Looking good
reneeshively - melrose00 - ranger1962 - jojokeota -
Just got home from seeing the doctor. Post op day 5. The plastic beak is off and the plastic tubes in my nostrils are out. Nose is pretty swollen but it feels so much better #rhinoplasty #surgery #recovery #postop #selfie #rugby #rugbyinjury #girlswhoplayrugby #breathe
breathe - rugby - recovery - postop - selfie - rhinoplasty - girlswhoplayrugby - surgery - rugbyinjury -
danny_coleman12 : U got snapchat
fattimah : No black eyes! Miracle!!
daniyella : @fattimah I know! That's pretty much what the doc said this morning!
positivephysicaltherapy : Superb!
cohan.marcelle - chunkingone - karmic380 - bubba_png -
Post op day 4. I am about to rip this thing off my nose it's so itchy. Still icing every now and again and still no bruising. Pretty congested today though #rhinoplasty #surgery #girlswhoplayrugby #rugbyinjury #rugby #recovery #postop #itchy
rugby - recovery - postop - rhinoplasty - girlswhoplayrugby - surgery - rugbyinjury - itchy -
upsidebrown : Oh man I have been scrolling past these for days thinking you were just obsessed with your pores. Get well soon!
anja_665 - grenz2015 - emma_tukai_reiwana - psoriasis_inspirations -
Post op day 3. Off the good stuff and onto Panadol (mostly) but a bit congested today. Still no bruising....yet. Follow up appointment on Thursday. Still a bit woozy but ok if I'm not up and around for too long. The heat ain't helping #recovery #surgery #rhinoplasty #day3 #brokennose #girlswhoplayrugby #rugbyinjury
girlswhoplayrugby - brokennose - recovery - surgery - rugbyinjury - rhinoplasty - day3 -
estetikinternational : πŸ‘ @bulentcihantimur
new.nose.plz.doc - lucyntheskyz - maria_birtsos - mrsniko82 -
Broken collar bone? Ruck It #picsoritdidnthappen #ruckover #rugbypicture #rugbynation #rugbyinjury #fuckit
picsoritdidnthappen - fuckit - rugbypicture - rugbynation - rugbyinjury - ruckover -
zarnigga : my little trooper
azlanberesford : Damn crazy ass rugby
bunique : WHATTT😩
tylerschirmer : Put the squad on your back
andi.00 - jennaclift - s__rocco - dezzifaithh -
Loving these photos from 2011! My graduation- Z showed up w a bouquet of red roses🌹What a gentlemen ❀️#mcm #rugbyinjury
mcm - rugbyinjury -
ornellajebrail : So tanned
gilliannantau : Lol that was the first time you did my hair! @ornellajebrail love uu 😘
alexxlenhardt : Your black 😍
cherrenee : You both look like youngings! πŸ‘§πŸ‘¦
ornellajebrail : I remember! 😊
french_fryy91 - alyssamcmillen - kadiesoall - madicushing -
#shiner #oops #blackeye #eyeinjury #nomakeup #rugby #rugbyinjury
nomakeup - eyeinjury - rugby - oops - shiner - blackeye - rugbyinjury -
mariadaly : Oh no! 😳
bobbobgrr - beckyosull96 - armyofyoda - russomayra -
Day 2 so far. Have been icing and today I put some Arnica cream under my eyes. Pain not too bad but I am still on pain killers, fingers crossed for no black eyes, but the surgeon said not to count on it since they had to do so much work in there. Boo! #girlswhoplayrugby #rugbyinjury #brokennose #surgery #recovery #rhinoplasty #day2 #sore #ouch
brokennose - recovery - day2 - rhinoplasty - ouch - sore - girlswhoplayrugby - surgery - rugbyinjury -
evyj89 - elleduck - coachheather312 - my.rhinoplasty -
#blackeye #lastweek #rugbyinjury #bruise #eye
lastweek - rugbyinjury - blackeye - bruise - eye -
_will.r.mullins_ - michaelpaul475 -
dumbocomestomind - rugbyinjury - stickoutear -
jodsimms : I dont know πŸ™ˆ Its because you havent usually got a sticky out ear πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚Hope you're ok x
rossdav9 : Dumbo? Sloth off goonies?πŸ˜‚ yeah im okay @jodsimms
bruford12 : In the mixer all the time see son hahaa
jodsimms : If you cover the side of your normal ear you just dont look like Ross πŸ™ˆ
rossdav9 : Jb starting to feel the affects now bro @bruford12 πŸ˜‚
carudavies : Your such a baby πŸ‘Ά πŸ™Š
__ethan__dav__10__ : When u coming home bro x
bruford12 : You won't learn bro πŸ˜‚
arantin - __ethan__dav__10__ - willholley13 - rhysrob7 -
Recovery day one. Gotta say, not feeling too bad. Besides being a little woozy from the anaesthetic and painkillers I don't feel too bruised or sore (yet) and despite my nose being blocked I can breathe about as well as I could before 😀
rugbyinjury - brokennose - recovery - nosejob - rhinoplasty - ouch - sunday - feelingok - justbreathe - girlswhoplayrugby - surgery - sinus - adelaide -
sweetfitdream : @daniyella im on my 2nd recovery day and now is when im starting to feel bruised 😒
daniyella : @sweetfitdream oh no! I am icing it a lot so hopefully tomorrow is not too bad. Hope you recover quickly xx
sweetfitdream : @daniyella i disnt know you could use ice!!!
daniyella : @sweetfitdream I'm not putting it directly on my nose but definitely use an ice pack on the back of your neck and under your eyes. Helps with the bleeding and bruising :)
sweetfitdream : @daniyella thankyou!!! I will do it!!
nascarl03 : @daniyella I'm considering a nose job. How has your recovery been? Do you have any advice?
daniyella : @nascarl03 it's been surprisingly good but I didn't really have a choice anyway, broke my nose a few years ago and i couldn't breathe properly. I saw the surgeon today and he was amazed how well I have recovered so far but I iced it a lot in the first 48 hours. I didn't even get any black eyes so I'm pretty happy with that. It's annoying and uncomfortable being so congested though so prepare yourself!
nascarl03 : Well sounds like your recovery is going well. I'm getting my forehead and eyes fixed too. So I am sure being stuffy won't be to bad.
aimeetanimu - elleduck - toyaaahhh - karmic380 -
Big day at the office.. At least most of my ear is still attached !! #rugby #rugbyinjury #jesuschrist #life #shithappens
jesuschrist - rugbyinjury - rugby - life - shithappens -
lucyswimmingpoole : Omg
jordanolliver : @aarondoignie you alright dude?
jamesh7798 : How the fuck did that happen lol
aarondoignie : Got pulled ha, it's all good though man !!
lukeellis89 - youngbadge - jordanolliver - iestyn_jones24 -
4 years ago today and life still hasn't really changed #timehop #dislocatedshoulder #rugbyinjury #rugby
rugby - timehop - dislocatedshoulder - rugbyinjury -
dreembig : check our page out !
jakecole94 : Jesus 😱😱
rpkavanagh - pukeyallen - foreveryoungies5 - guyyellis -
Tough game 10-10 draw and nice bust lip to go with it #camphill #forzacamps #mighty2s #malb #rugbyinjury #rugbyfight
forzacamps - rugbyfight - mighty2s - rugbyinjury - malb - camphill -
cookiealex09 : Good lad! πŸ‘Œ how'd it happen?
kieranhayes94 : I late tackled the 9 "sorry" and the 8 wasn't too pleased
aaron__white : Stop pouting kimmie K πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™ x
kieranhayes94 : Kardashian ain't got shit on me mate haha
kieranhayes94 : I think I have the tulisa look
nickifreeth - niccilouuise - _tm_x - cookiealex09 -
Starting to bruise! #ouch #rugbyinjury #cripple
rugbyinjury - ouch - cripple -
starybutterfly : I need to stop looking on my phone while eating #vom
fitchyyy : C'mon you love it! Haha
starybutterfly : Yeah it's totally making you more attractive ha! 😜
fitchyyy : I know, all part of the plan ;)
starybutterfly - chiplawton204 - victorias_photo - lewrobel -
Who needs eyeshadow when you've got a black eye? πŸ˜‚
rugbyinjury - womensrugby - ruggerlife - bruise - shiner - rugbyproblems - blackeye -
caitisainmdom : #blackeye #bruise #shiner #ruggerlife #rugbyproblems #rugbyinjury #womensrugby
__louloubelle : 😱
caitisainmdom : It's only minor @__louloubelle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
araff_x : #PrayForKatie πŸ™
caitisainmdom : @araff_x πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
chiara_alavris : Best make-up ever!
mons7fvo - __louloubelle - ruth.hill - m_0_h_a_m_a_d -
Just woke up and now my eye is like this... #rugby #rugbyinjury #studs #injury #lucky #bruising #rugbyproblems
studs - injury - rugby - bruising - rugbyproblems - lucky - rugbyinjury -
sanantoniorugby : #RugbyProblems πŸ˜πŸ‘
kelseytaylour - agapajak - caitlinbarley - jordtalbot -
What's better medicine for an injured ankle than watching the Steelers and the Ravens? #Go #Steelers #NFLplayoffs #rugbyinjury #HereWeGo
go - herewego - rugbyinjury - nflplayoffs - steelers -
carino_fitnesscoach : Ice heat repeat bro πŸ‘
ernie_59 : What did you do?
the_sof_ : I sprained it a little
mtmobile : I think watching the bucs made my cold worse...
carino_fitnesscoach - ernie_59 - hannabanana_7 - taysmith894 -
The comparison... #rugby #injury #lucky #blood #rugbyinjury #swollen
injury - rugby - blood - swollen - rugbyinjury - lucky -
aleddave : @sticking_yesterday What? How? πŸ˜•
jordtalbot : Ouch haha @aleddave
aleddave : @jordtalbot I know yeah the bruising has started to come out now haha
ionamarren_ - matthewworrall - emmabemmaxo - drowley96 -
The joys of getting your head stamped on in rugby haha! #rugby #rugbyinjury #lucky #injury #hurt #swelling #blood #face
rugbyinjury - rugby - swelling - lucky - face - hurt - blood - injury -
emmabemmaxo : My poor boyfriend πŸ˜£πŸ‘Ž
williamshuw : @pikeyylaaaa you little joker
pikeyylaaaa : #bantaa;)
kelseytaylour - lucavberkel - drowley96 - matthewworrall -
Senyum..ta perlu kata apa apa...hati banyak gembira naib johan walaupun sekadar kategori bowl.. #ranox #ruggers #ragbimalaysia #rugbyinjury #ragbipadu #ragbi #rugby #uniten10's #masiswa
ragbi - rugby - ruggers - uniten10 - ragbipadu - masiswa - ranox - rugbyinjury - ragbimalaysia -
miss_uyien : Kemah @ku_acik
ku_acik : Kemah ko @uyienociee ??biasa jh..ore kg asal ni..hahah
kedairugbymalaysia : Hi @ku_acik @uyienociee. Design your own kit by Tsunami sportswear! Whatever you colour, logo, sport.. We have the kit for you and your team. Whatsapp/sms 0168317942 for best price @ please visit http://kedairugby.com.my. Thanks
tawaurugbyassociation : #ragbipadu
pakciksengal - jaimuse - ejoe799 - rugbywarfare -
So im now a nurse.. Nurse Puertas πŸš‘πŸ₯πŸ’‰πŸ’Š #poorly #sling #postoperativecare #hopsital #rugbyinjury
postoperativecare - hopsital - rugbyinjury - sling - poorly -
alanakent - bethpuertas -
#rugbyInjury #SevenStitches #ugh #MyPoorSon #rugby #hooker #lastSeason #rbma #highschoolrugby #fyru
mypoorson - rugby - lastseason - fyru - ugh - rbma - hooker - rugbyinjury - sevenstitches - highschoolrugby -
jonkolbe : Oh. Ow!
molmaddocks : @tkadds
benedetta9lli_ - giuliejolie - rugbywarfare - djshiva -
1 week to go!! #10weekstotal #rugbyinjury #rollongametime
rollongametime - rugbyinjury - 10weekstotal -
georginaburchell - benjaminturp -
#AnotheryearAnotherbreak #brokenankle #cast #rugbyinjury #gutted #Christmas
cast - rugbyinjury - gutted - anotheryearanotherbreak - christmas - brokenankle -
quinnrhys22 : Head up mate we just have loads of pub sessions instead..... @trevordavison470
frazerw11 : gutted for you #gurder @trevordavison470 chin up. you will be back before you know it #keepfighting
trevordavison470 : Cheers lads . Nowt on yours @frazerw11 av only got myn on 8 week then rehab. al be going down on Saturday to watch
bail13 : @trevordavison470 nightmare mate. Wishing ya a speedy recovery. I'll be along to watch say so will see you there. Still bar crawling on sat night?! 😝
frazerw11 : stil a set back @trevordavison470. but you will be back. #longlivethegurder. i will be down saturday too. see you there
trevordavison470 : Sweet party on the sideline . And of course al be out won't let a leg spoil me Saturday night
hamesy54 : Soft as shite @trevordavison470
l4ura_x - lewis_graham - quinnrhys22 - andrew95richardson -
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