Almost forgot it's #cyclingcapTuesday! Head over to and snag one of these for just $20!
cyclingcap - capsnothats - swoop - rotheracycling - cyclingcaptuesday -
rotheracycling : #rotheracycling #cyclingcap #capsnothats #swoop
weridebikes : @bennwick
ackauai : Just ordered Le Rouleur
pipizzatruck : @lensee
rotheracycling : @ackauai Awesome! That's one of my favorites
jonnybrat - sergeboudreau - officina_del_miglio - teamneighborlink -
finally arrived. thanks @rotheracycling ! love the silhouette. #rotheracycling #cyclingcap
rotheracycling - cyclingcap -
albertdemontreal : Nice one !
naicho75 - tetsu1004 - chousen_one - henrikoijer -
春来たくさい!Tシャツで行ける! Springtime in Tokyo! #geekhouse #rotheracycling
geekhouse - rotheracycling -
ryoubota : まだ無理。
nb_log : @ryoubota ちょっと寒くなってきた
rotheracycling : Hell yeah! Mind if I share this photo?
nb_log : @rotheracycling yeah! Sure!
jonander_10p - mrchrishartley - nommeke - blkedy -
So here are some of the starter details of the #rideacrossflorida there is a more detailed description on our website,! Join us for this epic ride and also to make others lives better! Our cause is Project Chiapas, a water project in Chiapas, Mexico! Read more on our site or @onthegroundglobal #teamloblolly #bisoncoolers #amavidacoffee #onthegroundglobal #rotheracycling #advercycling #challengetires #folly
rideacrossflorida - teamloblolly - bisoncoolers - onthegroundglobal - challengetires - folly - rotheracycling - advercycling - amavidacoffee -
linuseggert - southernvelo - sardiniasurvival - jellielegged -
So here are some of the starter details of the #rideacrossflorida there is a more detailed description on our website,! Join us for this epic ride and also to make others lives better! Our cause is Project Chiapas, a water project in Chiapas, Mexico! Read more on our site or @onthegroundglobal #teamloblolly #bisoncoolers #amavidacoffee #onthegroundglobal #rotheracycling #advercycling #challengetires #folly
rideacrossflorida - teamloblolly - bisoncoolers - onthegroundglobal - challengetires - folly - rotheracycling - advercycling - amavidacoffee -
oliviaaamc : This is awesome!!
teamloblolly : Thank!! 👍 @oliviaaamc
teamneighborlink : Sweet. Looks like a great ride and cause.
teamloblolly : It should be! I know it's a good trip down but if possible bring a few guys! It will be a great time! @teamneighborlink
createfolly - chevy_c93 - coreyriehle - oliviaaamc -
capsnothats - fleek - rotheracycling - cyclingcap -
starrwalker : Oh. My. GAWD.
a_krygiel : @mandacasey17
yttikuoyssimi : Oooooooh what is this?!?!?!
dizz__k : @mosaiccycles #NAHBS2015
katiegraceface : I want that tho
mandacasey17 : @a_krygiel
mosaiccycles : Ahh snap! Special edition!
fixielinz : Jax Jaguars!! Hell Yeahyaaaa!!!!
saul_gtz - yetidesign - legsmo87 - jonathanllorente1 -
Post race death picture! We had a great time racing and even better time drinking and watching others race! Thanks @themikejohnson91 for coming to support after your 12hrs of Santos! #teamloblolly #critseason #ridexcreate #rotheracycling #amavidacoffee
amavidacoffee - critseason - ridexcreate - rotheracycling - teamloblolly -
ajhakos69 - gnomeblood - deathcabforcruzie - beffyann -
Well we got the times wrong and showed up to register 10 min before our race! Car legs do not make for good race legs! Better luck next time! #teamloblolly #swampclassic #amavidacoffee #rotheracycling #folly #ridexcreate #bisoncoolers #advercycling #challengetires
teamloblolly - bisoncoolers - advercycling - challengetires - folly - ridexcreate - amavidacoffee - rotheracycling - swampclassic -
teamloblolly : Thank you @kaylamace for taking photos!
teamneighborlink : Those kits. The gray works!
yaniel : Were you looking at the wrong flyer?
teamloblolly : Yeah they posted one up about a month ago and then switched and combined classes! I didn't bother to check FB or anything! Won't make that mistake again! @yaniel
yaniel : Yea the wrong one was on the FB til the last minute. I almost missed the start of the road race. Disaster.
teamloblolly : Dang that's crazy! I hope others this season have it all together before the day of! @yaniel
teamloblolly : Thanks @teamneighborlink we like them, could've gone slightly darker! But now we know!
heyitsnix - gnomeblood - robb_spivey - jkneve -
Head over to the @santacruzbicycles site to check out their rad new Stigmata video starring @stevepeat and Scott Chapin, as well as Scott's @rotheracycling cap! Thanks for the heads up @ascrapes
stigmata - capsnothats - scottchapin - rotheracycling - cyclingcap -
rotheracycling : #rotheracycling #scottchapin #stigmata #cyclingcap #capsnothats
velospence : @riistopher
headsetpress : That looks fun! #hspfeed
tyranis951 : @diazbonitos matching bikes. Bffs 4 Eva
vivelatartecx : #scottchapin
georgmewjensen - vivelatartecx - leoo0oo - meme_marilyn -
Always fun working the local teams! Phenom CC are getting their final stitches.
rothera - capsnothats - rotheracycling - cyclingcap -
rotheracycling : #rotheracycling #rothera #cyclingcap #capsnothats
cbounds : @phenomcycleclub #phenomcc
johnnyintown - joberodgers - jarred200 - davementzer -
Product placement #rotheracycling #capsnothats #joebidons #keystonerouleurs #eddymerckxcycles
keystonerouleurs - joebidons - eddymerckxcycles - rotheracycling - capsnothats -
raceco.org_racethemac_colorado - ebotis8 - keystonerouleurs - 998111 -
From our friends at #rotheracycling
rotheracycling -
jamiejanos : @_cresentfresh
porolopez - connor_neal - shoddycycling - velogirl5 -
New caps day. My mind is still in Austin. Thanks @rotheracycling !!! 🌴🇺🇸🌴🇺🇸 オースティンでのCX Natsでタイミング合わなくて買えなかったキャップが届いた! #capsnothats #teamyachtclub #rotheracycling
teamyachtclub - rotheracycling - capsnothats -
rotheracycling : Thanks for waiting! I know they took a little while to make their way to you. Glad you enjoyed Austin, hope to see you back here some day!
mmaaaaaxx : Need to get my hands on that TYC cap!!
nakaji_kazun : TYCキャップ買えるんだ!いいなー!欲しい!
nutter : 🙌
nb_log : @rotheracycling thanks! I love that! I'll go Austin maybe next winter. I'm looking forward to seeing you! ✌️
nb_log : @nakaji_kazun TYCの奴ら本当にみんないいやつだから買ってしまった。まだ買えると思うよ〜
nb_log : @nutter 👍👍👍
teamyachtclub : That's a good look.
mikan10cy - freddys1977 - atlassodaworks - 51cchan -
#selfiesunday from the race yesterday, mile 51, the smile is a veil for my extreme leg pain #freezeyourfanny #scottbicycles#rotheracycling
selfiesunday - rotheracycling - scottbicycles - freezeyourfanny -
jamvon : Great pic.
cammmmmack : Selfies are so dangerous
nicole_fabulous_tx : 🚴🙌
jdstrey - strictlydeej - janelytch - lauren2327 -
Keepin' it real on the office front @keystonerouleurs @rotheracycling #keystonerouleurs #rotheracycling #molteni
keystonerouleurs - molteni - rotheracycling -
acdbrad : Hey @yippinyahoo is your office in the @mudrunfarm?
chainsaw_don - terohxr7 - keystonerouleurs - acdbrad -
Ride fuel! #rotheracycling what can I say? #breakfasttaco makes me happy
breakfasttaco - rotheracycling -
lucaseli - bikesbikesbaby - tuyet22 - amazingjordan1992 -
Floral is dead. Long live floral! Our classic @teamyachtclub floral caps are available now at Use checkout code "floralisdead" for free shipping in the US!
castelli - tyc - capsnothats - rotheracycling - cyclingcap -
cameronwiley : How many of these will be available? Low on funds but really want one...
rotheracycling : @cameronwiley We'll put one aside for you until you're ready!
cameronwiley : @rotheracycling thanks!
lhetrick423 : @wyattglen
katurdaynight : #videomodel
juldudar : Please like baby with blue rabbit on @evredenka page, help us to win☺️
patbailey : Love you!
oh_young30 : can i buy this blue floral jersey too?
patbailey - hannahjepson - olegkarnilovich - rvu_nz -
It's throwback Thursday! Available now at is our vintage floral cycling cap! We found some of this NOS TYC fabric aged to perfection and figured it was about time to sew them up. Use the checkout code "floralisdead" for free US shipping!
tyc - capsnothats - kitwatch - rotheracycling - cyclingcap -
rowleyrides : Now if only they reissued the kit!
ultravelopjs : @the_last_jewnicorn
beers.burgers.bikes : Just got this to match @elishapayne
elishapayne : You've changed @beers.burgers.bikes
shawnhoffarth : Boom, ordered!
beers.burgers.bikes : ordered! @rotheracycling @elishapayne 👍
elishapayne : I don't know you @beers.burgers.bikes
gazpolly : Gear that @ss3005
johnnyintown - bicykyle - tarazavr - patbailey -
CX is always on my mind! Can't wait next season! With @minhbnguyen Thanks for the photo @coreyriehle #crossisallaroundme #teamloblolly #challengetires #rotheracycling #ridexcreate #advercycling
rotheracycling - teamloblolly - advercycling - challengetires - ridexcreate - crossisallaroundme -
minhbnguyen - handupgloves - geeohbee - patricksanders -
Just got this in the other day! Thanks for the shirt swap Gary! @rotheracycling #cxnats #rotheracycling #lightbro
lightbro - rotheracycling - cxnats -
rotheracycling : Love the Loblolly one! Must have been a pain to print with the sleeve hit!
patricksanders - goudreauj - coreyriehle - -
... and one more. Thanks Rothera Cycling for making these cool CX Nationals t-shirts. @rotheracycling #rotheracycling #cxnats #crashnationals #cooltees
cooltees - crashnationals - rotheracycling - cxnats -
tubulartommy - misterha - veloruche - jamisonmeans -
We still have a handful of our Official 2015 CX Nationals cap available at, along with some tshirts!
cxnots - rotheracycling - cyclingcap - cxnats - capsnothats - trebon -
rotheracycling : Photo by @nicholas_cant
wwkmd : 👍
marccoppedge : #tallboy
rotheracycling : @marccoppedge 👏👏👏👏
hotkarate : @joshuarogers
katurdaynight : Damn that's a good looking website
rotheracycling : @katurdaynight 😳
bridgeovertroubledwaters : Great website👍👍
vagabond_cycling - scottyhoffmeyer - kaysodip - keystonerouleurs -
TEAM 'ZA! #teamza #rotheracycling
rotheracycling - teamza -
rotheracycling : Yes! 🍕💨
ima_catlady : @rotheracycling 🍕💨👍
voodoo_on_the_run : I fucking love your account name 😂
somecomicgeek - brizzlejacobs - thatchgasm - yarnageddon -
Glad to be back on the road today! Thanks to @rotheracycling for keeping hydrated on this cold day #supportsmallbusiness #rotheracycling #rotherachico #wiliertriestina @wilierusa #ilovemywilier
supportsmallbusiness - ilovemywilier - wiliertriestina - rotheracycling - rotherachico -
figudam : #topotherA
rotheracycling : Great to meet you! Thanks for picking a few of these up!
pemulwy : #lovemywilier 👍
rotheracycling - connjohnolly - fabbro72 - bikeceara -
After spending 7 days at Zilker park setting up, racing, peddling caps and partying it feels weird to be back to the old routine. For those of you waiting on a cap thanks for your patience, we're sewing as fast as we can!
crossisover - rotheracycling - cxnats - capsnothats - atxkilledcx - eastciders -
rotheracycling : Photo by @nicholas_cant. #rotheracycling #eastciders #cxnats #capsnothats #crossisover #atxkilledcx
shenanigans1313 : No rush on mine but forget to ask for some extra stickers this time around.
rotheracycling : @shenanigans1313 👍 got a whole set with your name on em! Well my names on em but you know what I mean 😜
danwoolf : Can't wait to get mine! 👍
shenanigans1313 : Perfect! Thank you so much Gary.
wwkmd : Dude. I'm in love with my cap. Solid fit and feel. Thanks for making a solid product 👍
rotheracycling : @wwkmd Glad to hear it! Thanks for being a solid friend!
mellie5567 - kongpunk - cub_x - johnnyintown -
Wow. A roller coaster of emotions this week, but in the end the Texas cyclocross community made it happen. A huge thanks to everyone who supported us out there today in person and by grabbing a Nats cap online and a special thank you for all the help to @katurdaynight, @nicholas_cant from @eastciders and the men and women of @teamyachtclub.
eastciders - rotheracycling - cxnats -
robertjamesvester : Great meeting you this weekend! Cheers!
rotheracycling : #rotheracycling #cxnats #eastciders
settinemstraight : I should have grabbed one of these I didn't see them!!!
rotheracycling : @robertjamesvester You too! Safe travels!!
landsoftly : I like cx again!!
wilis : Cool shot and awesome hanging a bit!
rotheracycling : @wilis Thanks! Ditto, always good seein you, stoked on your new shop
cbulloch : Great to meet you today @rotheracycling. Love the new nats cap and the koozie.
jaredcycles - iron.girl.tri - johniebeladoni -
One of the highlights of CX Nationals so far was seeing @velogas and his son Tayton wearing one of our original caps signed by the great @jpows and @timjohnsoncx. So glad you guys made the trip!
cxnats - thefutureofcyclocross - rotheracycling - cyclingcap -
rotheracycling : #rotheracycling #cyclingcap #cxnats #thefutureofcyclocross
velogas : @rotheracycling Love our Rothera!
velogas : @jrcyclist
rotheracycling : @velogas Sorry I got distracted yesterday, drop by again for some TYC swag!
minhbnguyen : Where's your booth at here @rotheracycling
rotheracycling : @minhbnguyen We are on the opposite side of our friends @GrimpeurBros, facing the course. Won't be there until about 12:30 today but will be bright and early tomorrow. Drop by!
velogas : @rotheracycling We should be back in a bit.
herreraimage - tahalelm - carllondon - johnnyintown -
What an amazing first day of CX Nationals! Did my last race of the season and got to see so many friends old and new. Hope to see y'all out there!
gracegram - rothera - rotheracycling - cxnats2014 - cyclingcap - 512vw - cxnationals - capsnothats - cxnats -
rotheracycling : #gracegram #rotheracycling #cxnats2014 #cyclingcap #capsnothats #rothera
forbesthebrit : How late are you going to be at your booth? I need to snag one of those sweet caps
rotheracycling : #cxnationals
rotheracycling : #cxnats
rotheracycling : #512vw
davidbram - reqwip - kaysodip - foundrycycles -
Alright, alright, alright.
512vw - cxnats2014 - rotheracycling -
rotheracycling : #rotheracycling #cxnats2014
julietmikecharlie : Dude, some perfect CX weather movin in at the end of the week!
the_bigbee : I'm coming to find you this weekend for a cap
alexrothe : Let's see the whole booth bro
bridgeovertroubledwaters : Looks good, yeah let's see the whole booth @alexrothe
djohnson415 : @rotheracycling where is y'alls tent?
rotheracycling : @djohnson415 you just found us! Great meeting you guys
rotheracycling : #512vw
danno_jewell - abelburgos07 - lucasbeirne - johniebeladoni -
cxnationals - capsnothats - cxnats2014 - rotheracycling - cyclingcap -
rotheracycling : #capsnothats
shenanigans1313 : I am SO getting one of those caps! 😘🇺🇸
shenanigans1313 : I just looked on your website to order one and I don't see them. Still available?
rotheracycling : @shenanigans1313 They're gonna be on there Friday/Saturday! Ill post and put one aside fornia
rotheracycling : *for ya!
shenanigans1313 : You are the best Gary! Thank you and have a great time at cxnats!
rotheracycling : #cxnationals
isaquekir : @rotheracycling hey Gary, can you make some more caps for us?
hknight950 - yoakim_vda - travisherret -
From Christmas tree to ugly sweater. #Reduce #Recycle #Reuse #uglysweater #lipsweater @rotheracycling #Rothera #Rotheracycling
rothera - reuse - rotheracycling - recycle - reduce - lipsweater - uglysweater -
chantelle.lampert : Dork
danbgfd : Oh boy
cassiopea_vitt - chantelle.lampert - mjdbradbury - claytonstreed -
Couple new bottles to add to the mix. Thanks Gary @rothercycling #rotheracycling #bidonsnotbottles #coolbidons
bidonsnotbottles - coolbidons - rotheracycling -
rotheracycling : Thank you!
rotheracycling - crusty_p_o_v - brettcleaver - joshuarogers -
So awesome to see our Team Za kits in action! Get yours soon, cowabunga!
rothera - asiantomcruise - teamza - rotheracycling -
lj_delahera : @florescarl @avrivas25
jahjahjitsu : Sick
krashoverride26 : Where can the kit be ordered?
rotheracycling : @krashoverride26 available tomorrow after 12 pm central at! Can't wait!
jahjahjitsu : Oh snap, better jump on the computer right when I roll in to work! 8am Hawaii time.
rotheracycling : @jahjahjitsu Don't worry plenty of time! It's an open order so no selling out
jahjahjitsu : Oh word! Sounds good.
rotheracycling : @krashoverride26 Up now!
vagabond_cycling - - robert.litwin - -
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