First run back since Chicago. Love being back on the trails in AZ. @mattllano I'm jealous you train here :) #recovery #digdeeper #RollRecovery #Chicago2014 #postmarathon #runnerslife #runcation #GRCRunning @brooksrunning #ghost7
grcrunning - digdeeper - recovery - postmarathon - runcation - chicago2014 - runnerslife - rollrecovery - ghost7 -
mattllano : @lavarc1 Enjoy every minute of it for me! Now is one of the best times of the year to be there!
lavarc1 : Indeed @mattllano! It was nice to be back in old stomping grounds! Too bad we missed each other. Hope recovery is going well!
mtsosie77 - jazzcat71 - mattllano - lanielz2300 -
A little muscle therapy tonight #R8 #RollRecovery #HurtsSoGood
hurtssogood - rollrecovery - r8 -
ejlovesrain - shaggy_882 - cole0079 - 6sixtydesign -
I bought the roll recovery 2 weeks ago and I'm in love!! Feels so good and really works! Thanks @rollrecovery !
preworkout - run - recovery - runner - hurtssogood - necessarypain - trainhardrecoverhard - marathontraining - happymuscles - strenghtraining - roadtoboston - trainsmart - rollout - marathonrunner - rollrecovery -
superfoodierunner : #runner #run #recovery #rollout #rollrecovery #trainhardrecoverhard #preworkout #happymuscles #necessarypain #hurtssogood #trainsmart #strenghtraining #marathontraining #marathonrunner #roadtoboston #roadtoboston
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No better way to spend Saturday night than with the #Canucks winning in a shootout and #rollrecovery.
rollrecovery - canucks -
smartwatermelon : I should try one of those.
west_coast_runner : @smartwatermelon yes you should!
canucks_17kesler - yeegan95 - smartwatermelon - xc.runner.track -
2 pairs of shoes, 4 days worth of clothes and @rollrecovery I'm off to chicago! I am a very light traveler #Chicago2014 #RollRecovery #digdeeper #marathoner #marathonmajors #runnerslife #noregrets #GRCRunning
grcrunning - digdeeper - noregrets - marathonmajors - marathoner - chicago2014 - runnerslife - rollrecovery -
thornerunsome : Have a good race!
cearllee : you pack light b/c you wear doll sized clothing!
lavarc1 : Lol @cearllee good one :)
lbedonie - n_swinton - ashleycamp - rlleessaa33 -
My first Tri in 1999 #triathlon#oldschool#coachrandysoler#enjoygettingresults#TYR #rollrecovery#ONrunningshoes
coachrandysoler - enjoygettingresults - triathlon - onrunningshoes - oldschool - rollrecovery - tyr -
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Just got this beauty in today! #rollrecovery #nwac #spokane #sasquatchxc #xc #runnerspace #fitness #soremuscles
spokane - nwac - xc - sasquatchxc - fitness - soremuscles - runnerspace - rollrecovery -
andrewcouture - mccallxc - bri_gibson1 - kieranrolfe13 -
Ahhhhhmazing post-run roll. Loving this @rollrecovery! Thanks @ckglasser for letting me use this amazing runner's toy! β­οΈπŸ’― #rollrecovery #recovery #runnerproblems #runlife #runlove #runnerspace #runners #digtherun
runlife - recovery - runlove - runnerproblems - digtherun - runnerspace - rollrecovery - runners -
there_goes_mollyrose : Looks like a torture device! But a hurt good one.
chicksdigrunning : It hurts so good!!! @there_goes_mollyrose
_annahayden_ - andrewcouture - shannlacey - katamburgey -
Last day in #Boulder before I head to #flagstaff tomorrow. Big ups to Matt for the hospitality and @julielee402 for the company #rollrecovery
boulder - flagstaff - rollrecovery -
rioreina : Gotta give props for the #recovery category
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There is always time for recovery. #RollRecovery #CUXC #BigEastXC
cuxc - rollrecovery - bigeastxc -
allyx808 - jcourtboi - earlchristine - gracesheller -
If there's one thing out there that really helps me recover after a hard workout it's @rollrecovery #rollrecovery I love this thing!
rollrecovery -
natysotom - bu.3ooof - tdschiny - socialmolecules -
Ekkk! So excited to come home to another awesome delivery #rollrecovery another torture devise to hopefully help with these calves! Gonna give it a try before my 10 miler this afternoon :) #trainingrun #Newtonrunner #runnersproblems #sorelegs #rollitout #rollrecoveryr8 #soremuscles
sorelegs - newtonrunner - runnersproblems - rollitout - triggerpoints - myofascial - digdeeper - rollrecoveryr8 - soremuscles - trainingrun - rollrecovery -
ashleypryorruns143 : #digdeeper #myofascial #triggerpoints
rebekahmanella : Great
byjayennis : @ashleypryorruns143 I use the rollers all the time, but I have to get one of those! Looks pain-inducing a good kinda way πŸ˜‰
ashleypryorruns143 : @byjayennis it definitely hurts so good! I was surprised how much of a deeper rub it provides compared to my addaday stick and traditional rollers. Its intense for sure, my muscles love hate it right now πŸ˜‰
byjayennis : @ashleypryorruns143 sounds awesome! My muscles may not thanks you however 😜
nycsweat - abbeyr23 - ijustliketorun - mommyrunschicago -
Trying to take care of myself no matter how short my runs. Every little bit of TLC helps. What's your post run routine? #rollrecovery #compressionsocks
compressionsocks - rollrecovery -
donshazz - thriveonfitness - goodlandmama - manafyd -
Recovery massage. Cat not included. #rollrecovery #catsofinstagram #cat
catsofinstagram - rollrecovery - cat -
adelooi : What happened to u??
mitchtan77 : Nothing lah, just running. :)
xjuncx - furbabysprinkles -
Our new toy arrived today and it's bomb-dot-com πŸ’£ So much easier than the foam roller #rollrecovery #run #runner #hurtsSoGood @neverquitjeff
runner - run - rollrecovery - hurtssogood -
bblack215 : Where can i get it
fit.mama.sonia : @bblack215
bgw2thek - st3phanieramos - idangel - balvarado92 -
@adi_nelson rockin n rolin in Philly #RollRecovery #asics #RnRPhilly
digdeeper - runnerslife - rollrecovery - rnrphilly - asics -
adi_nelson : Thank you! Awesome picture!
kyleohbrien : I used the roll recovery after my LR this morning. Felt so good...
lavarc1 : @kyleohbrien it is the best thing ever! I'm in love with mine :) thanks to @adi_nelson and Jeremy for such an awesome product! #digdeeper #RollRecovery #runnerslife
tomruns_262 - sarahhbrenner - azimmer168 - petronelllla -
Bedan Karoki of Kenya wins 2014 @RunRocknRoll Philly Half Marathon #RnRPhilly Now the best remedy for him to recover faster after a blazing fast time of 59min22s is the ROLL Recovery R8. We love seeing amazing athletes using the R8 right after a hard race. #DigDeeper #RecoverFaster #rollrecovery #halfmarathon
halfmarathon - digdeeper - rollrecovery - recoverfaster - rnrphilly -
bonnett34 : Any word? @rollrecovery
alkemyphoto : Any way you'd be able to send me one to sample and give a review on? Been very interested in trying the R8
shortroundandfast - tomruns_262 - cthompsonrun - petronelllla -
today calls for some quality time with my favorite new toy @rollrecovery - AND - a question to pose for my @altrarunning loving friends: I'm interested in the roomy toe box, but (because i apparently attract injury like a magnet) am terrified of the zero-dropness of them. suggestions?
couldberunning : @runlikeacavegirl ahh! i'm guessing i will need to get some whenever i actually have any money to spend freely again!
bg_nelson : Take a look at the drop of your non-running shoes too. You probably spend more time in them than running shoes. Big drop there can hinder transition to zero drop.
apocryphalhegemoney : I made my transition to @altrarunning shoes by going nearly barefoot (veebrams or Sox) on the treadmill to get used to being more on my toes.
heartnsolerunning : Oh I see! Be safe girl πŸ’•πŸ’•
itsjustyu : Oh hi! I went from Mizuno wave rider 16 to wave sayonara to brooks pure connect 2s to @altrarunning One2s. My drop went from 12 - 10 - 4 - 0. I wasn't even planning on switching to zero drop, I bought them to try and my feet are much happier. I also wear low support shoes and am barefoot a lot when not running, so my transition was not a problem. The blisters I've recorded are due to user error bc I clench my toes still bc they aren't used to all the space yet!
runwithjen : I am flip flopping between the olympus and some wave riders with no issues. I won't run big distance in anything but @altrarunning shoes.
veganhikers : I've always had that problem too with needing a wider too box but not a wide width cause my heels are narrow and these are perfect. I always feel like running in slippers ☺️
jeremy1st : I'll chime in - first, love the torture tool. Works great. As for Zero Drop, we created shoes with zero drop and a foot shaped tie box to help individuals reduce injury. We have found many (including myself) to experience a better running form and reduce impact on the body.
cptspeedypants - pacpie - highoctane93 - johnrepairs -
The best feeling ever. #rollrecovery
rollrecovery - backoff -
alevaldes13 : You would. Slut.
michaeldamato : That thing is dope
taylerjohnson4 : You ruin every photo of mine πŸ‘Š #backoff @alevaldes13
taylerjohnson4 : It does wonders @michaeldamato
mattymoi : @taylerjohnson4 those shorts >
t_hearn : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
peteypete66 : Dang way nicer than anything we had at my school. Ours was basically a stick with wheels around it lol
tchizm5 - rreichle789 - bigdawgmarla -
New upcycled shop awning #rollingcowboys #woodawning #upcycle
bike - upcycle - bikeshop - bicycleshop - rollingcowboys - roadie - cycling - woodawning - rollrecovery -
industropop : Looks great Daniel @rollingcowboys
rollingcowboys : #bike #bicycleshop #bikeshop #cycling #roadie
rollingcowboys : #rollrecovery
nilevanille - robbgee_illest - blackswiftbicycles - cameronloco -
Best massager for athletes! Must have! If you are a #runner or #cyclist you will be in heaven! #RollRecovery
runner - cyclist - rollrecovery -
tterrykids : or just a exercise junkie with constant soreness :-)
sidscheck : Right :)
bellwethercyclewear - beeerrunner - mc_c17 - itsjustyu -
Post run roll out #RollRecovery #DigDeeper
digdeeper - rollrecovery -
morbeedo : skinny bitch!
levihallxc : What is that?
chadfreeman07 - irunfitdc - triguybrett - rundezzyrun -
When no one believed how awesome #rollrecovery #R8 is and now everyone is using it. #rtbrelay
r8 - rollrecovery - rtbrelay -
Talking about a fall marathon... I am super excited to announce I will be running Frankfurt Marathon. ☺️ Nothing feels better than having an amazing crew pushing my feet for a faster marathon. Getting out of my comfort zone it feels amazing. Makes me feel stronger, and tougher. Wishing everyone a safe last few weeks of intense training and remember "recovery is as important as training" πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘βœŒοΈπŸ‘ŠThank you everyone for your amazing support! #digdeeper #eatwell #rollrecovery #aquajog #hardworkpaysoff #asics #ucan #brl #bsa #rallysports #elliptigo
digdeeper - hardworkpaysoff - elliptigo - aquajog - asics - brl - eatwell - rollrecovery - bsa - rallysports - ucan -
andreamw77 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ Awesome!
adi_nelson : @run77andrea 😜
foreignykt - endurotwerd - kafurp - leeayala -
Best friends come in all kinds... Run...ROLL...Repeat @r8rollrecovery @triggerpointperformancetherapy #runhard #runsmart #recoverandrepeat #irollout #rollrecovery #triggerpoint
irollout - runhard - recoverandrepeat - triggerpoint - rollrecovery - runsmart -
jax_mariash_koudele : @rollrecovery
giverjh - wrappy_wrappy_happy_happy - lauren03johnson - rubiafruticosa -
Recover is the key to success and injury prevention #RollRecovery #R8
r8 - rollrecovery -
hi_imdifferent : I heard y'all's weight room is everything
dan_tan1 : Yeah basically. Our workouts there are real too @hi_imdifferent
hi_imdifferent : Haha that's wassup
frizzzyt - renascerous - irun2laps - harleek15 -
Are you always grabbing things?
selfcare - rollrecovery - overuseinjury -
reverend_dick : #rollrecovery #overuseinjury #selfcare
reverend_dick : @allhailtheblackmarket
reverend_dick : You could put it in the vice if you have one with the tiny jaws.
wesipe : Can you do that some more......a little faster
adi_nelson - smutpedaler - endlessbikegirl - basiacarroll -
Just hangin out with my @rollrecovery #R8 :) love it more than anything!! Getting some much needed stretching, rolling, and pain relieving out of the way.
motivation - love - unbreakable - athletic - foamroll - digdeeper - spartanup - igmotivation - dedication - spartanrace - bodybuilding - recover - fitfam - fitspo - spartanchick - crossfit - fitchicks - fitelite - athlete - r8 - racer - bodybuilder - passion - igbodybuilding - fitness - rollrecovery - inspiration - spartan - roll -
unbreakable_sp : #digdeeper #unbreakable #spartan #spartanrace #spartanchick #spartanup #fitspo #fitelite #fitfam #fitness #igmotivation #motivation #dedication #inspiration #passion #love #roll #rollrecovery #recover #athletic #athlete #foamroll #racer #crossfit #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #igbodybuilding #fitchicks
bodyxbuilding : πŸ‘
jaredmoo - briancoester - irishsparrow32 - spartan_spencer -
Love the #RollRecovery after a GO workout..even in the #pool! #digdeeper
digdeeper - rollrecovery - pool -
adi_nelson : U got it! Send me your address at πŸ‘βœŒοΈπŸ‘
jasnature - runningwithsd - runningwtg -
Perfect packages to come home to before tomorrow's long run! A restock of @humagel and a @rollrecovery! Thanks to @coreymarie13 for introducing me to this torture recovery device... :) #humagel #rollrecovery #nycm #marathontraining
marathontraining - humagel - rollrecovery - nycm -
stephanieann134 : I just ordered a Roll Recovery as well! Can't wait!
squirrelgirl44 : I LOVE the roll!! Someday I'll get one.
lmische08 : πŸ™Œ having strawberry jelly!
stephrunson - my_peach_life - k_russ23 - kelseyleah_rd -
Still my frienemy. Hurts so good. #rollrecovery #spartanUP
rollrecovery - spartanup -
rollrecovery - fitfactorygear - manafyd - stef617 -
20 minutes of stride drill in Land Park this morning. Good way to turn the wheels early in the season. @kfconley @visitsacramento #teamnb #rollrecovery #landpark
teamnb - landpark - rollrecovery -
vaporparlor : Super!
kfconley - rachel_2534 - tgbtb - kels_kelss -
Cross country athlete Evan won a #RollRecovery at #xcgearup last week. #bunnyears #recovery #athletes #runners #running
running - recovery - athletes - bunnyears - rollrecovery - runners - xcgearup -
ironbeard1 : @adi_nelson
adi_nelson : Super cool!!! Congrats Evan!! βœŒοΈβœŒοΈπŸ’«πŸ’₯
alkemyphoto - kjetilraaen - live_free_run_far - tye_steph93 -
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