Nothing better for your muscles after a run than a little therapy!! #R8 #rollrecovery #therapy #massage #irun #irun5k #irun10k #irunmiami #irunfamily #irunnation #iruncompany #itsalifestyle ##bestrunningstore #happylegs
irun - itsalifestyle - bestrunningstore - irun5k - irunfamily - r8 - irunmiami - therapy - happylegs - irunnation - irun10k - iruncompany - rollrecovery - massage -
rockjockey : Just sent y'all a message ! @iruncompany
alejandraabdalah : @nelsonabdalahghawi
caroltlobo : @arnaldo_lobo
oleunlimited : So needed today
catswimsbikesruns : Nice!!
iruncompany : @rockjockey haven't received any messages. Here's our email: Thanks
rockjockey : Just sent it-
frankiebrown1 - owenallen11 - aprilnewtonsmethod - julianelortegui -
Friday night consist of stretching and some deep rolling = no fun getting ready for the mornings brick workout #rolling#stretching#recovery#triathleteproblems#fridaynight#rollrecovery#legs#relaxed#roadtoironman2015
triathleteproblems - recovery - relaxed - stretching - fridaynight - roadtoironman2015 - rolling - legs - rollrecovery -
fischertwins : Nice!
rtoocrazy : Weak
dorindarj09 : I wish I had your dedication! Proud of you ')
kaylaluz83 - idtrainz - andsoitburns - fit_paris -
Look what @kbax31 brought in for us to try out. #foamroller #muscle#massage#roller#rollrecovery
foamroller - muscle - rollrecovery - roller - massage -
firstlinetraining : @rollrecovery
brookiedoak : @montanakitt
jordyd82 : 6 am group sure got it's use out of it today
jordyd82 : @aclarky41 @joshderko
davismurray : There so sweet
montanakitt : 😭 @brookiedoak
aclarky41 - rileykieser - megmacmo - klinger19 -
Got this in today for some serious leg therapy. #Rollrecovery #amazing #byebyefoamroller #legionofboom #fitlife #fitfam #fitnation
fitlife - fitnation - amazing - fitfam - legionofboom - byebyefoamroller - rollrecovery -
wickd_flyy23 : Lmfao^
mr_2for15 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @wickd_flyy23 but keep up the good work bro. Hard work pays off @thadcaisse
thadcaisse : Thanks man I appreciate the support!! @mr_2for15
alb40x : I don't get it lmao how does it work
thadcaisse : Haha youtube it! It'll be easier if you see it @alb40x
thadcaisse : @rollrecovery
formefit : I need one of these!
thadcaisse : I love it! @formefit
prison__nick - kimmyf65 - bo3one - momma_caisse -
ROAD TRIP! #ChicagoOrBust @RunRocknRoll #ROLLRecovery @mattathon
chicagoorbust - rollrecovery -
ckglasser : Omg @mattbhensley are yall driving?!
mattbhensley : @ckglasser 16hrs baby!
boulderrunningcocsprings : Trouble right there.
chicksdigrunning - jacob_h_franklin - juanitojcm - khshill -
Top of the morning β˜•οΈ love this thing #morning #recovery #postworkout #rollrecovery #musttry #runnerspace #instarun #running #riseandgrind #lovetorun #digtherun #lovefortheroad @lovefortheroad
riseandgrind - instarun - recovery - musttry - morning - postworkout - running - digtherun - lovefortheroad - runnerspace - lovetorun - rollrecovery -
makniko1538 : Good shot!
the_tracknation - urssperezreb - bridget_carey - the_grateful_runner -
Finally... back on the road! Now it's time to recovery....! @rollrecovery #run #instarun #recovery #rollrecovery #running
rollrecovery - running - instarun - recovery - run -
kearakat - redfiguretraining - siankymphillips - dariod3luca -
Had a blast at the @rollrecovery headquarters this afternoon-- so thankful for Jeremy & @adi_nelson for sharing their insight on running, life, and proper recovery. Can't wait to publish their story on the ROO podcast in the upcoming weeks! πŸƒπŸ’™πŸƒ
thankful - running - run - asicsrunner - roopodcast - rollrecovery -
runningon0m : #thankful #rollrecovery #running #run #roopodcast #asicsrunner
goldieyoga : We have the same roller! It stays out in our living room so we use it more. It's the best.
runningon0m : @goldieyoga so rad, just got mine yesterday and am already obsessed! Sending love to @brogannpgraham & you! β€οΈπŸƒπŸ™
longrunergy - napwarden - meeksmacdonald - alimathers02 -
Best husband ever! Came home to this awesome present!! The R8 Roller feels sooooo good... πŸ‘πŸ˜
runner - awesome - rollrecovery - halfmarathontraining -
speedy_annie : #rollrecovery #awesome #runner #halfmarathontraining
speedy_annie : @rollrecovery
nelson_sandi : That looks amazing
af_mom_x3 : @shelovespeezy this is what you need to get
shippybabes : Where has that been my whole life??? Welp now I want one. Also you look amaaaaazing! So jelly of your awesome super tan super fit legs! #demrunnerlegs πŸ‘
bethany_ellis_3 - happyfitdee - - wittenberg887 -
New toy πŸ‘Œ #rollrecovery #hurtssogood #lovehate #recover #runitfast #instarun #runnerspace #justrun #sweatpink #instahealth #instafit #digtherun #furtherfasterforever @rollrecovery @lovefortheroad
furtherfasterforever - runitfast - instarun - instahealth - hurtssogood - lovehate - justrun - digtherun - runnerspace - recover - rollrecovery - sweatpink - instafit -
inpyn : That's a good one... So "fun" to use :-)
wthwhynot2011 - chelsey_san - k7compton - itsjustyu -
Rolling it out. Barside πŸ‘Š #rollrecovery #run #recovery #hurtssogood #runnerspace #instarun #digtherun
rollrecovery - run - recovery - runnerspace - instarun - hurtssogood - digtherun -
christianclimbs - anka328 - wearetherunners - owen_running_love -
😍😘 best roller by far #musclesintomashpotatoes #thisishowiroll #fruitrollups #notther8ireallywant #rollrecovery #r8
thisishowiroll - notther8ireallywant - fruitrollups - rollrecovery - musclesintomashpotatoes - r8 -
manvan2345 : How does this work?!
memuri : @manvan2345 you stick your leg between the two sides of the wheels
manvan2345 - beratayturkyasar - anitaquach - charchardero -
Hurts so good. #R8 #rollrecovery #training #halfmarathon #6run4 #runner
rollrecovery - training - runner - halfmarathon - r8 - 6run4 -
rhealyn_ - doctordribble - nikpelham - lynddsseeyyy__ -
Finally got my new toy bought the last one at the iron man expo and lets just day it's amazing legs r relaxed and warned up think I just found my new best friend . No more china man ! Whoop whoop talk about deep tissue I advise any athlete to get this best 100 bucks I spent #rollrecovery#legs#feelgood#circulation#triathlete#rolling#inlove#prewarmuo#deeptissue#nomorechinaman#swim#bike#run#relaxingfortacetomorrow#muchneeded#follow
swim - run - triathlete - prewarmuo - nomorechinaman - relaxingfortacetomorrow - rolling - follow - legs - muchneeded - circulation - bike - feelgood - rollrecovery - deeptissue - inlove -
ontrackfitness : Intriguing! Never saw one like this.
chacho801 : I saw it a while back and wasnt to sure but then when I actually used it it has the same pressure as a massage really loosens up and feel the muscle wake up and blood flow .. From bottom of the leg all the way up to the butt it's awesome @ontrackfitness
ontrackfitness : Sounds fantastic. Enjoy!!
sophiajflores : My CF coach has us sit on the floor then roll the end of a barbell from the top of our thigh down and back as slow as about loosening up! You stand up and instantly feel it! Sounds like a good Christmas present to myself!
chacho801 : Yea I can't wait to use it after my race tomorrow but so far it's awesome u can focus on certain muscles instead of the while leg . When I get back u can come by and try it @sophiajflores
rockyflores - andsoitburns - robertsteentri - jvillin -
Good Luck to our track & field superstars for the #USAOutdoors It is so awesome to witness these amazing athletes using the R8! #usatf #ROLLRecovery #HurtsSoGood #StayHealthy #TrainHard #RaceBest
trainhard - stayhealthy - usatf - usaoutdoors - rollrecovery - hurtssogood - racebest -
adi_nelson : You all make us so proud! Good Luck Everyone!! :)
josiahcyclist : @rollrecovery do you have a distributor in Australia?
visitsacramento - abbeystan - _jdodson - coradawn -
Being productive this last sauna session. #seeyouinsquaw #rollrecovery
rollrecovery - seeyouinsquaw -
jchanghokie - chrissayy3vt -
Warming up the muscles before I hit the rode. Pre run routine, some necessary torture thanks to @rollrecovery @adi_nelson, dynamic stretching. And I'm convinced my @oiselle distance shorts make me fly. Perfect running shorts, no bunching and tons of pockets, I think I need every color! πŸ’›
josie_cj : We need this @zelly_jabz
zelly_jabz : Omg I would die @josie_cj that looks like it feels so good, I wish i had one to go through my whole body
lizziliz131262 : @fitasamoose the mother of all rollers @rollrecovery I must try this!!!
fitasamoose : That's so cool!!! @lizziliz131262
justine_rea : @laurenmug16
agui29 : Must get one if these. πŸ‘
danyel_t : @stevie_p23 this is cool!
stevie_p23 : @danyel_t that's what we need
_lil_y - trackandfieldforever - manal_masson - myullen -
Playing with some 5k speed workout before I will officially start the marathon training :) I know my sprinter friends might have a good laugh about my times, but I got down to 31s in my last couple of 200m :p Jer's last 200m 29s! ;) #5k #asics #rollrecovery #time4speed
time4speed - rollrecovery - asics - 5k -
iruncompany : @adi_nelson when will you and Jeremy visit us in Miami?
adi_nelson : @iruncompany would love to! We better make some time!!! Miami sounds so good right now!!
iruncompany : @adi_nelson cool!!! Hope to see y'all soon.
priscillalopz - cpricerun - mariaglickman - breakawaytraining -
If I don't go for training in Kenya, looks like Kenya comes to train with me :) #rollrecovery #asics
rollrecovery - asics -
runcarmyrun : Those abs!
run77andrea : πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘
teostoica99 - esmepantaleon - ssimmiss - markgrech79 -
Rolling out, making sure I'm ready to go for the afternoon workout @rollrecovery #rollrecovery #hurtssogood #runagram #massage
hurtssogood - rollrecovery - runagram - massage -
k_m_van : Love the kicks!
madishin - ccowden73 - selenasanchez3 - mavialacil -
Tough day today, two flats on the back tire. Still finished faster than last year, so I'll take it. Great Father's Day gift to recover R8 @rollrecovery, Emma wanted to help. Blog post coming soon...
boulder - swim - bicycle - triathlete - bici - runner - swimbikerun - fathersday - running - ironmantriathlon - ironman - rudysummer - triathlon - clouds - fit - swimmer - rollrecovery - im703boulder - trispiration - bike - run - fitness - biking - bouldercolorado - swimming -
con_r81 : #rollrecovery #ironman #ironmantriathlon #im703boulder #triathlon #triathlete #trispiration #fathersday #boulder #bouldercolorado #fit #fitness #swimbikerun #swim #swimming #swimmer #run #runner #running #bici #bike #biking #bicycle #clouds
con_r81 : #rudysummer
chacho801 - liverusty - biestmilch7 - siempre_suave -
The R8 Roll Recovery. Yes, you can buy them on!
run - fitfam - runner - r8rollrecovery - r8 - runchat - running - marathon - fitness - rollrecovery - runners -
beakindrunner : #running #runners #run #runchat #fitfam #fitness #marathon #runner #r8 #rollrecovery #r8rollrecovery
lacyhenry : @madphoemom 😍 Doesn't this look niiiiice?
madphoemom : @lacyhenry sooo many good things to buy! But @thesmacks got her request in first. 😊
craigweich - carieissovery - ericaspellman - steffunny83 -
Everything ready for the #oakleymini10k :) Really blessed to be part of this historic road race :) #nyrr #rollrecovery #asics #womenstrong #ucan #brlsports
womenstrong - brlsports - ucan - nyrr - oakleymini10k - rollrecovery - asics -
run77andrea : πŸ™ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š
runningonveggies : Saw you at the 8k screamed your name! Looking strong!!
frecklefacedrunner - jbmarcal - fitandtuff - breakfastdujour -
Our favorite little gym workout :) #LetsGetFit #RallySport #Asics #rollrecovery
rallysport - rollrecovery - letsgetfit - asics -
elenarusathletx : Adriana, good luck at the mini 10k this weekend! πŸ˜˜πŸ’šβ€οΈ run fast!!! πŸ’ͺπŸƒπŸ’¨
adi_nelson : @elenarusathletx thank you Elena! :)
meganlizotte - lorenann98 - ralcime - breakfastdujour -
Post run recovery: Vi shake mix with peanut butter and chocolate and a roll out (totally singing that song now lol) with my R8 roll recovery. #ViSalus #shakeisfaction #rollrecovery #R8 #stretch
stretch - r8 - shakeisfaction - rollrecovery - visalus -
jdpuz83 - nic314 - b_lopez25 - wdavis551 -
I was asking for a spot and he was just admiring the view :P #rockclimbing #rollrecovery #gardenthegods
gardenthegods - rockclimbing - rollrecovery -
robbiephillips_ - radwolfie - ralcime - cpricerun -
Garden the Gods 10miles this morning! They are ready to go! I will be at the @rollrecovery tent giving the first aid to the sore athletes!! #R8 #rollrecovery #hurtssogood
rollrecovery - r8 - hurtssogood -
m_hatton : @adi_nelson AHHH! I'm racing!
runningrookie - ellamylove - out4run - raybell40 -
Using my #rollrecovery to loosen my shredded quads so I can get back running post-comrades2014. Legs are almost there!
rollrecovery -
choatmomof5 : I read your blog about your race! You are hard core! Amazing effort!!
cindymaggart : πŸ‘awesome!
wendysity1 - nicoleruns6583 - arbyrd5 - mariaglickman -
One positive to going to the foot doctor is using the Roll Recovery in the waiting area. This thing rocks! Might have to add this to my fitness wish list. #runninginjury #rollrecovery #r8 #massageforathletes #selfmassage #acheylegs
massageforathletes - rollrecovery - runninginjury - selfmassage - r8 - acheylegs -
dmkephart : Roller blade anyone?
1funfitmama : Do you have a foam roller? Looks like it might be similar & feels/hurts so good!!
travelinfitness : @1funfitmama yes I do! This is ten times easier to use though definitely still gives you the good hurt :)
cintialistenbee - brasilrunners - dmkephart - allax1122 -
Celebrating National #runningday by not running because it's my rest/recovery day #rollrecovery #runner #reset #legs #muscles #trackandfield
reset - muscles - runner - trackandfield - legs - rollrecovery - runningday -
danisturtz : I need to get that!
rnnr4lfe : @danisturtz I was hesitant for a while because of the price, but it's worth it. So far love it.
danisturtz : @rnnr4lfe good to know! Thank you.
larue_andrew : Please bring this to the meet tomorrow.
rnnr4lfe : Oh @larue_andrew you better believe it will be at the meet tomorrow.
3rdofthree : What the h is that?!?!?!??!
rnnr4lfe : @3rdofthree haha it's a self massage gadget for athletes.
mafatux - teamadrian458 - _mark_davis_ - haley.showalter -
Got to try this @rollrecovery tonight! The husband ordered it when we were out of town for his training, so it was a nice surprise when I came home! It #hurtssogood #recovery #rollrecovery
rollrecovery - hurtssogood - recovery -
juliemcuz -
Rolling in the shade after a hot and fast workout. My wheels are finally moving :D #mini10k NYC next week and I am getting excited :) #asics #rollrecovery #hurtssogood
hurtssogood - mini10k - rollrecovery - asics -
adrianaluz123 - shiwi_tana - leeayala - dressysweats -
Best thing out for recovery! Especially before and after tough races like @spartanrace @rollrecovery great product! #Salute #RollRecovery #BlackEliteFitness #Recovery #Massage
salute - rollrecovery - recovery - massage - blackelitefitness -
youngblackandgifted_31 : Definitely need to invest in one. Starting sprints real soon.
blackelitefitness : It's amazing using it at night got my recovery crazy!
themrslil - davinci_befit - sia_spartan - amato405 -
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