The most frequent question I get when I train for a marathon: "What do you think of when you run?!" My question to you is: "What do you think of when you run?!" #RunHappy #RunHard #Train #DreamBig #Smile #Fitness #GoRunIt #Asics #rollrecovery #Love2Run #GetStrong #RunLikeAGirl #race #marathon #BostonStrong #we #weruntogether #run #wearerunners #photooftheday #Smile #Fitness #endurance πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ’ͺπŸŒΉπŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ™
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tannerhein : Love it!
adi_nelson : I think of the beauty of running, of those who can't, of everything that's beautiful around, of my breathing, of competition, of my family, of how can I be a better person ...of so many things, but nevertheless or the last "I think and thank God that I can run".
runhappyomar : Adriana what kind of glasses are you sporting nowadays?
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This is gonna come in handy after those long trips to Europe and before competitions! Shout out to @rollrecovery for the #R8 its shooting yo!! #ABF #rollrecovery #compready πŸ‘
rollrecovery - compready - r8 - abf -
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Excited to have Roll Recovery at Stability! #r8 #rollrecovery #runners #stretch #fitness
stretch - rollrecovery - r8 - runners - fitness -
tracylynnwilson -
Dyyyyiiinngggg for one of these!!! 😩😩😩 @rollrecovery #rollrecovery #yesplease #graduationpresent #butreally
graduationpresent - rollrecovery - butreally - yesplease -
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Rolling another spike night with the gang from South Amboy HS at RH-Metuchen tonight!! #rollrecovery #spikenights #newbalance
spikenights - newbalance - rollrecovery -
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Rolling another spike night with the gang from South Amboy HS... #rollrecovery #spikenights #newbalance
spikenights - newbalance - rollrecovery -
heyhyland : Hope you guys rocked it. Tell Mooney I almost didn't want to give him an XL. Thanks guys! @urbansteepler @runnershighnj @rbctrackcoach
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@run.dmg tagged me in a #stopanddropselfie turned #delayedandcalculatedselfie. Finally got my 2014 Cincinnati Flying Pig poster framed and hung. Now I am spending some quality recovery time with my new medieval torture device...I mean #rollrecovery device! #hurtssogood
run - runlikeagirl - runinspiration - runningnurse - flyingpighalfmarathon - flyingpigmarathon - recovery - marathontraining - delayedandcalculatedselfie - hurtssogood - runflorida - stopanddropselfie - cincinnatiflyingpig - runrecovery - fitnessismyparty - rollrecovery -
runmeghanrun88 : #runrecovery #runflorida #runlikeagirl #runningnurse #runinspiration #run #recovery #cincinnatiflyingpig #flyingpigmarathon #flyingpighalfmarathon #marathontraining #fitnessismyparty
peanutruns : ❀️roll recovery!
runmeghanrun88 : @peanutruns it hurts but it sure does work!!!
run.dmg : Looks like some wack contraption that would have been used in a mental hospital circa 1939.
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Well I may hate being inside but at least I was on my bike in my new awesome aero bars. Got my 1.5 hrs in the saddle, post workout shake, and then I rolled that shit out with my #rollrecovery 😊 Roll out #training #cycling #trainer #shaketastic #halfironman #raleigh2015
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How I'm spending my #sundayrunday with my #rollrecovery. It's seriously one of the best things I've bought to supplement my running. #chicksthatrun #recovery #hurtssogood
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atx397 : That looks fun, I want one πŸ™‹! Lol πŸ˜ƒ
crangoose : What is that and where can I get one?
misspatchess : It's called roll recovery and it helps reduce inflammation and stimulates blood circulation to recover faster. I got mine from follow @rollrecovery I HAD to buy it after using it once it's awesome!
misspatchess : @crangoose
longmilerun : I need that! πŸ‘πŸ‘
jpbee79 : @rye719 mao nang roller
rye719 : Ngita ta ana @jpbee79 πŸ‘πŸ‘
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The only things that make me feel better right now. (Not pictured: Meloxicam 15mg). #rollrecovery #caffeine
rollrecovery - caffeine -
roneruns : I should already have one of those. @wendycityvideo
swishfisch : Need!!!!
wendycityvideo : @swishfidch: My friends @adi_nelson and her husband (the inventor) can hook you up!
wendycityvideo : @roneruns: I bought it from the Roll Recovery booth at the LA Marathon expo!
roneruns : I should have picked one up two years ago in Vegas at the RocknRoll @wendycityvideo awesome tool.
adi_nelson : Ha! @roneruns one Day!! πŸ‘
roneruns : Sooner than later @adi_nelson πŸ˜€πŸ‘Œ
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First week of #IMBoulder training is in the books. #recovery #rollrecovery #gators
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Rolling w my homies #rollrecovery #rollout πŸ€πŸ’ͺ...#willrollforbeer 🍺#trainjanda #shamrockon15
rollout - shamrockon15 - trainjanda - willrollforbeer - rollrecovery -
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Recovery and training continues with the Coyotes! I love my Roll Recovery...I can take it with me and roll out the legs before my run. Loving my new INKnBURN Wildflower capris on this lovely spring day! And I'm excited to start a new journey as a Coyote. I love our post-run breakfast ritual. πŸ˜„πŸ΅β˜• @inknburn #inknburn #@rollrecovery #rollrecovery @momentumjewelry #momentumjewelry #motivatewraps #coyoterunning #orangemud @theorangemud #coffee #groundworkscoffee #marathontraining #marathon #instarun #liveloverun #ilovetorun #runner #run #FilthyFast
coyoterunning - coffee - instarun - momentumjewelry - runner - letsgohoka - motivatewraps - liveloverun - filthyfast - run - inknburn - marathon - marathontraining - groundworkscoffee - hokaoneone - ilovetorun - rollrecovery - orangemud - groundworkcoffee -
tamarathoner : #groundworkcoffee @groundworkcoffee
bedlamfitness : Can't wait until next week!
tamarathoner : @bedlamfitness I was wondering where you were!
inknburn : Looking great!
tamarathoner : #letsgohoka #hokaoneone
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Slow, serious rolling compression in the car. St Patrick's Week + Marathon training = no bueno. So much cramping and dehydration. 😩 6 miles short this week and buckling down on hydration and sleep from meow on. #marathontraining #rollrecovery #runnerproblems #stillplanningonbeerstonight
marathontraining - runnerproblems - rollrecovery - stillplanningonbeerstonight -
lelangemeier : :-(
w44dup - callousedsoles - sarahruns26 -
This hurts so...who am I kidding? This is REALLY going to hurt. Hoping this will loosen up my muscles. 15K on Sunday and I need to be race ready. #nofoamroller #rollrecovery #2015in2015
nofoamroller - rollrecovery - 2015in2015 -
sire.2k - nanhatfield - wguzman85 - usarmyguardsman -
It's here! #rollrecovery #rolling #deepmassage #ouch
rolling - deepmassage - rollrecovery - ouch -
arvinnewby : That shit look like it's going to hurt
the1andonlyo : OMG @arvinnewby it did and it does. Lol
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Newest member of the rehab crew in the McWiles household. #runnershome #rollrecovery #r8
r8 - runnershome - rollrecovery -
reywaas : Noooooo
wilescommazach : Why you no like?
scott4oley : Straight out of Boulder
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These things have saved me from running injuries for a long time. Much better than foam rolling. #tp_therapy #rollrecovery #activeisolatedflexibility #aif
rollrecovery - aif - tp_therapy - activeisolatedflexibility -
latest tool of fantastic torture #rollrecovery courtesy of #lukeslocker #runNroll
lukeslocker - rollrecovery - runnroll -
burnslikethesun : @erock281 definitely recommend it over foam rollers. you need one!
irish7376 : You ok Cous?
burnslikethesun : @irish7376 Yep lol it rolls out the cramps and tightness of your muscles from working out n running. Like a home massage sans stranger
archangel714 : I need one @burnslikethesun swim gave me cramps in both calves πŸ˜‘
irish7376 : Gotcha, Nice! Also indicates I need to work out πŸ˜‚
lukeslocker : The besttttt!!
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By far the best recovery tool I've ever used! (Besides my massage therapist of course.) Yes, it's worth every penny!! Take care of your body! #rollrecovery #hurtssogood
hurtssogood - rollrecovery -
gaza666 : How the hells that work
aharp1981 : Kyle let me try it out at the throwdown comp. I definitely want one.
cfmblue834 : That has pain written all over it.
layla_tate - zcourtier1 - zechelme - jwerba -
My new favorite SMR gadget #rollrecovery. Thanks for the tip @josh_stolz #thrive #mbscthrive #thrivenation #menshealththrive #thriveforward
menshealththrive - thriveforward - rollrecovery - mbscthrive - thrive - thrivenation -
josh_stolz : @bmackthrive get that post. Tib!!
andreathomas3 : Epic shot!
paulcharb - mrsodin13 - samthrive - commitfitnessma -
Day 59 on my #roadtoboston included some very sore quads. That's what you get when you have an awesome downhill finishing kick. I had to bust out a long 12 mile treadmill #run Luckily, Matt had lovingly given me the #rollrecovery for Valentine's Day. Best recovery tool ever. Especially for quads. Good thing because #running with sore quads is no fun.
rollrecovery - running - run - roadtoboston -
mattabrew : The most romantic ❀️ and sexiest gift ever 😍
kingawr - finnrunner - chasays - clkulik -
Recovery continues at work with my Roll Recovery, Rubz ball for my stupid foot, water and my NutriBullet blast! Can't wait to tell my students about the marathon! @rollrecovery #rollrecovery @theorangemud #orangemud #lamarathon #LAM30 #ceLebrAte30 #nutribullet #nutribulletblast @teamnutribullet
nutribullet - celebrate30 - nutribulletblast - lamarathon - lam30 - rollrecovery - orangemud -
cherylcambras : Congrats, Tam! What an amazing accomplishment!!
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You are making it a little difficult to roll out Shae πŸ˜‰ #doglife #training #R8 #rollrecovery
rollrecovery - training - r8 - doglife -
monicasfoodstagram -
I was honestly dreading today's long run after yesterday's pacer, but with the help of @guenergylabs it was such an amazing run! My legs felt so refreshed thanks to #rollrecovery and it felt like more of a relaxed tempo run than a long run πŸ‘£ So glad tomorrow is a rest day! #HalfMarathonTraining #NeverQuit #NoExcuses #HM2 #RunningOfTheElk #RunningCommunity #FitFam #Fitspo #AsicsGT20003 #InstaRunners #HalHigdon #JustRun #SundayRunday #KCCO
kcco - fitfam - halhigdon - noexcuses - justrun - hm2 - halfmarathontraining - runningcommunity - neverquit - runningoftheelk - instarunners - sundayrunday - asicsgt20003 - rollrecovery - fitspo -
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So I tried this amazing #recovery device at the #LAMarathon #expo called #RollRecovery and I ended up buying one because I felt it worked better than the foam roller or the stick. Thank you, Jeremy Nelson (with me in the pic) for creating such a great product! #LoveIt
lamarathon - rollrecovery - recovery - expo - loveit -
peachiev : Josam has that too! He got it from SFRC and swears by it.
trisha348 : Mike i got one a couple weeks ago and love it. More convenient to have ....I'm a lazy foam roller-now I use it everyday.
runmikerun : @peachiev @trisha348 I'm loving it so far! A great investment!
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Parents hooked me up with #rollrecovery and some electroid massage things. Ready for some #ultrarunning
rollrecovery - ultrarunning -
tracy_ann_koch : You got a @rollrecovery!
ilean0sis - tracy_ann_koch - rebeccapgray - ultra_jd -
I got yer ROLL Recovery right here! Come and get it!! #HurtsSoGood #RollRecovery
rollrecovery - hurtssogood -
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See @neelysgracey's page for a chance to win @therunhome's Believe in Your Run Running Shoe Necklace! Don't forget to wish her good luck in the US 15k Championships at the Gate River Run tomorrow! #goneely #Repost from @neelysgracey with @repostapp --- Only one more sleep til race time! Up next, the #GateRiverRun in Jacksonville, Fl. Reply with your prediction for my place and time and win my autographed bib number, lacelockers, a sample of Osmo, and this gorgeous necklace from @therunhome ! #usa15k #9.3miles #humid #contests #sponsors #garmin620 #oakley #rollrecovery #osmo #Lacelocker @osmonutrition
usa15k - lacelocker - humid - goneely - sponsors - osmo - oakley - gateriverrun - garmin620 - 9 - contests - rollrecovery - repost -
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Only one more sleep til race time! Up next, the #GateRiverRun in Jacksonville, Fl. Reply with your prediction for my place and time and win my autographed bib number, lacelockers, a sample of Osmo, and this gorgeous necklace from @therunhome ! #usa15k #9.3miles #humid #contests #sponsors #garmin620 #oakley #rollrecovery #osmo #Lacelocker @osmonutrition
usa15k - lacelocker - humid - gateriverrun - sponsors - osmo - oakley - garmin620 - 9 - contests - rollrecovery -
ashleyek14 : 48:14
tyler_longenecker : 48:13
hopeeeee11 : 48:48 4th
hriden : I was first to get your place right... Awesome job!
neelysgracey : 50:50 for 3rd! A Facebook guess was the closest. Thanks everyone for the support, it's great to be back racing and competing with the best in the county.
neelysgracey : Country**
_annahayden_ : I was six seconds off omg!!!
runallday84 : πŸ˜„πŸ‘Š
hriden - runfosterrun - meganstefania - jamerelda22 -
It FINALLY came. Tryna get like my boy @torreylowe #itsthattime #fitness #fitfam #certifiedtrainer #recovery #health #idothis #massage #rollrecovery
recovery - certifiedtrainer - health - itsthattime - fitness - rollrecovery - idothis - massage - fitfam -
comfortsoul : Nice pic!
torreylowe : Great investment !
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Just arrived at the #LAMarathon Expo and what's the first thing I saw when I got off the train? #rollrecovery
lamarathon - rollrecovery -
adi_nelson : So awesome @wendycityvideo ❀️❀️❀️
adi_nelson : Thank YOU for sharing!! 😍
wendycityvideo : @adi_nelson, thank YOU and Jeremy for the invention!
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These llamas thought Sara and Elizabeth were pretty fast. #tracknation #tempothursday #nwac #ilovespokane #flotrack #runnerseye #runnerspace #runnershoutouts #rollrecovery #scc #spokane #spokanexc #sasquatchxc #fishlaketrail #arunnerseye ##distancecrew
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