Day 36/90 I am trying to change my mind set.  I live in a place where going outside everyday to workout isn't always an option. I can handle the cold but the wind lately has made it pretty bitterly cold. This has become very difficult for me, more so than ever before. I love to be outside, I want to be outside.  Feet on the pavement or tires on the road.  I feel confined inside the gym walls.  I kind of want to crawl up them. This is a mental game and I have to overcome and win it.  I have to know that this is what is best for me and my body today and many more days ahead.  Despite the fact that running the treadmill one of my least favorite things ever lol, it is all about perspective.  I am going to choose to use it to push me.  It won't be everyday and even if it is the treadmill or the trainer I am still getting a workout in.  I am being consistent and training and above all, honoring the commitments and goals that I have set for myself.  #vilife #90daychallenge #Project10 #training #spin #trainer #mindset #challenge #commitments #goals #changeyourview #changeyourworld #pushforward #rollrecovery #R8
90daychallenge - trainer - training - project10 - vilife - pushforward - spin - challenge - r8 - commitments - changeyourview - goals - rollrecovery - changeyourworld - mindset -
lindskaye85 : I wanna use the fitness room at my work after work but by that time I just wanna get the heck out of there. If I did it during the day and got sweaty, would you be offended if you came in and saw me like that? Lol I promise I'll spritz myself
kristinaann4 : @lindskaye85 lol I would not be offended! :) One thing I do if I am working out after work is go and change into my workout clothes. Or when I workout during the day I use baby powder and dry shampoo in my hair. It is an amazing trick so your hair doesn't stink.
kristinaann4 : I change into my workout clothes an hr before my day is done
lindskaye85 : That's a good idea to change before the day is over. I bring everything with me but just don't do anything with it. I'll try them next week! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
kristinaann4 : @lindskaye85 Totally helps me, I am already dressed so if I skip then I know I am just being lame :) it helps a lot! Let me know how it goes for you! :) Keep up the great work lady!
jackelinedylan0205 : Not bad at all. Keep it up.
kristinaann4 : Thanks @jackelinedylan0205
sell_more_challenge_kits : You're awesome!
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No run is complete till I'm rolled out. --- @rollrecovery @pearlizumiofficial --- #running #run #recovery #rollrecovery #r8 #run365 #pearlizumi #believeintherun #teamwickedbonkproof
believeintherun - run - recovery - teamwickedbonkproof - pearlizumi - r8 - running - rollrecovery - run365 -
believeintherun : This is tights
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I've heard about ROLL recovery, but never thought it would hurts so good. #rollrecovery #digdeeper
digdeeper - rollrecovery -
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Waiting for breakfast to be served. #halfmarathon #rollrecovery #afterracerecovery #besthusbandintheworld #lbts
besthusbandintheworld - halfmarathon - rollrecovery - afterracerecovery - lbts -
spa_bar : Visit us at Spa Bar
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My arms are going to appreciate this bad boy! Less foam rolling more roll recovering ๐Ÿ˜„ #rollrecovery #selfmassage #running #athletics #newtoy
selfmassage - running - rollrecovery - athletics - newtoy -
adder18 : @hannatarv22 haha I'm not so sure I like the look of that contraption x
hannatarv22 : @adder18 haha you just have to embrace the pain- it's definitely less of an effort than foam rolling though, it basically does all the work for you ๐Ÿ˜„ x
gemmaleigh.x - rebelgear - laurariches - running_fit_ -
coach_randy_soler #coachrandysoler #coaching #winning#win#1stplace#valdorabikes#ciclopedal#triatlon#ironmantriathlon #TYR #onrunningshoes#rollrecovery#
coachrandysoler - triathloncoach - triathlon - triatlon - win - winning - coaching - onrunningshoes - 1stplace - ciclopedal - ironmantriathlon - valdorabikes - rollrecovery - tyr -
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tajlydon : @rollrecovery
kelzaizai : Good shot!
800xc_winning : It's a wonderful device.
braxtonklavins : Ya, I was thinking of getting one of these but wasn't sure
tajlydon : @800xc_winning that my friend is an understatement!
tajlydon : @braxtonklavins well worth it man!
braxtonklavins : @tajlydon it's like $100 right?
tajlydon : @braxtonklavins yup, only downside!
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Only a few days left before my race to help stomp out diabetes! Nice easy run followed by some stretching and #rollrecovery Time is running out to donate!
runhappy - werunbigd - help - running - diabetes - runnersofinstagram - instarun - donate - rollrecovery - instafit - stepoutdiabetes2014 -
phonydanza : #diabetes #stepoutdiabetes2014 #help #donate #runnersofinstagram #running #runhappy #werunbigd #instafit #instarun
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I broke down and bought one of these bad boys today. #itsgonnahurt #rollrecovery #justkeeprolling
justkeeprolling - rollrecovery - itsgonnahurt -
jilliangmoore : Is this for it band?
j007evitts : Brett look out!!!
poodlemom : Yes @jilliangmoore and quads/hamstrings ๐Ÿ‘
rositax85 - thetherapeuticteacher - j007evitts - tarahilkewich -
Looks like the forecasters got it right: cold and a healthy dose of headwind, but whatever happens, it'll be a blast! Ready to roll. #nycmarathon #rollrecovery
rollrecovery - nycmarathon -
tfredricks : Go get 'em! Enjoy every moment!
bgalmar : Yeah Danny boy! Have a good run, son.
onlyatomsnyc : Great work! ๎Œฎ ๎Œฏ
pappybarry : Get after it!
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so it's been another huge day of expo, food & shopping ... good thing I bought this torturous contraption at the expo ... more adventures planned tomorrow ... then i may need to calm down & relax ๐Ÿ˜ณ
marathonweek - newyork - tcsnymarathon - forerunner920xt - marathonrunner - garmin - marathon - marathonexpo - fr920xt - ingnycm - garminau - exhausted - instarunners - nyc - rollrecovery - exploringnyc -
runbird72 : #garmin #garminau #FR920XT #forerunner920XT #marathon #marathonexpo #marathonrunner #marathonweek #tcsnymarathon #ingnycm #instarunners #newyork #nyc #exhausted #exploringNYC #rollrecovery
andreamw77 : @adi_nelson @rollrecovery the best thing ever๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ‘Š
runningmuminthetropics : That looks very interesting!
deenicehicks : Omg I just tried that roller at the store yesterday and I HAVE TO BUY IT!!! It's fantabulous!!!!
runbird72 : lol fabulous is not the word I'd use @deenicehicks ๐Ÿ˜ณ
amymelb : Can't wait to see your review. I'm keen to buy one but hubby things it's a gimmick!
trainswimbikeruntrain : ๐Ÿ˜ฑ does look a bit confusing
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#ouch #rollrecovery
rollrecovery - ouch -
dsylikm : I'm using mine right now too lol
nicolatheron : I need this!!! Where'd you get it? @lvrunsnyc
cisforcourtney : i LOVE mine!
lvrunsnyc : @cisforcourtney Self-care or self-torture? What athletes do to themselves!
lvrunsnyc : @nicolatheron You can order online but I found it at the New York Running Company!
nicolatheron : Thanks @lvrunsnyc I'll be in ny this weekend!
rnnr4lfe : You got it. Do you not love it?
bchampagne : This was the best Christmas present I ever got, ha.
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First run back since Chicago. Love being back on the trails in AZ. @mattllano I'm jealous you train here :) #recovery #digdeeper #RollRecovery #Chicago2014 #postmarathon #runnerslife #runcation #GRCRunning @brooksrunning #ghost7
grcrunning - digdeeper - recovery - postmarathon - runcation - chicago2014 - runnerslife - rollrecovery - ghost7 -
mattllano : @lavarc1 Enjoy every minute of it for me! Now is one of the best times of the year to be there!
lavarc1 : Indeed @mattllano! It was nice to be back in old stomping grounds! Too bad we missed each other. Hope recovery is going well!
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A little muscle therapy tonight #R8 #RollRecovery #HurtsSoGood
hurtssogood - rollrecovery - r8 -
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No better way to spend Saturday night than with the #Canucks winning in a shootout and #rollrecovery.
rollrecovery - canucks -
smartwatermelon : I should try one of those.
west_coast_runner : @smartwatermelon yes you should!
canucks_17kesler - reg4nyee - smartwatermelon - hashexcelerate -
2 pairs of shoes, 4 days worth of clothes and @rollrecovery I'm off to chicago! I am a very light traveler #Chicago2014 #RollRecovery #digdeeper #marathoner #marathonmajors #runnerslife #noregrets #GRCRunning
grcrunning - digdeeper - noregrets - marathonmajors - marathoner - chicago2014 - runnerslife - rollrecovery -
thornerunsome : Have a good race!
cearllee : you pack light b/c you wear doll sized clothing!
lavarc1 : Lol @cearllee good one :)
mtsosie77 - mikewoestehoff - mrdjukic - rundezzyrun -
My first Tri in 1999 #triathlon#oldschool#coachrandysoler#enjoygettingresults#TYR #rollrecovery#ONrunningshoes
coachrandysoler - enjoygettingresults - triathlon - onrunningshoes - oldschool - rollrecovery - tyr -
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Just got this beauty in today! #rollrecovery #nwac #spokane #sasquatchxc #xc #runnerspace #fitness #soremuscles
spokane - nwac - xc - sasquatchxc - fitness - soremuscles - runnerspace - rollrecovery -
kieranrolfe13 - mccallxc - bri_gibson1 - brandonhartill -
Ahhhhhmazing post-run roll. Loving this @rollrecovery! Thanks @ckglasser for letting me use this amazing runner's toy! โญ๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฏ #rollrecovery #recovery #runnerproblems #runlife #runlove #runnerspace #runners #digtherun
runlife - recovery - runlove - runnerproblems - digtherun - runnerspace - rollrecovery - runners -
there_goes_mollyrose : Looks like a torture device! But a hurt good one.
chicksdigrunning : It hurts so good!!! @there_goes_mollyrose
_annahayden_ - andrewcouture - shannlacey - katamburgey -
Last day in #Boulder before I head to #flagstaff tomorrow. Big ups to Matt for the hospitality and @julielee402 for the company #rollrecovery
boulder - flagstaff - rollrecovery -
rioreina : Gotta give props for the #recovery category
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There is always time for recovery. #RollRecovery #CUXC #BigEastXC
cuxc - rollrecovery - bigeastxc -
beebeebrandy : @gorillafit29 brilliant
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If there's one thing out there that really helps me recover after a hard workout it's @rollrecovery #rollrecovery I love this thing!
rollrecovery -
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Ekkk! So excited to come home to another awesome delivery #rollrecovery another torture devise to hopefully help with these calves! Gonna give it a try before my 10 miler this afternoon :) #trainingrun #Newtonrunner #runnersproblems #sorelegs #rollitout #rollrecoveryr8 #soremuscles
sorelegs - newtonrunner - runnersproblems - rollitout - triggerpoints - myofascial - digdeeper - rollrecoveryr8 - soremuscles - trainingrun - rollrecovery -
ashleypryorruns143 : #digdeeper #myofascial #triggerpoints
rebekahmanella : Great
byjayennis : @ashleypryorruns143 I use the rollers all the time, but I have to get one of those! Looks pain-inducing a good kinda way ๐Ÿ˜‰
ashleypryorruns143 : @byjayennis it definitely hurts so good! I was surprised how much of a deeper rub it provides compared to my addaday stick and traditional rollers. Its intense for sure, my muscles love hate it right now ๐Ÿ˜‰
byjayennis : @ashleypryorruns143 sounds awesome! My muscles may not thanks you however ๐Ÿ˜œ
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Trying to take care of myself no matter how short my runs. Every little bit of TLC helps. What's your post run routine? #rollrecovery #compressionsocks
compressionsocks - rollrecovery -
donshazz - thriveonfitness - goodlandmama - manafyd -
Recovery massage. Cat not included. #rollrecovery #catsofinstagram #cat
catsofinstagram - rollrecovery - cat -
adelooi : What happened to u??
mitchtan77 : Nothing lah, just running. :)
xjuncx - furbabysprinkles -
Our new toy arrived today and it's bomb-dot-com ๐Ÿ’ฃ So much easier than the foam roller #rollrecovery #run #runner #hurtsSoGood @neverquitjeff
runner - run - rollrecovery - hurtssogood -
bblack215 : Where can i get it
fit.mama.sonia : @bblack215
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@adi_nelson rockin n rolin in Philly #RollRecovery #asics #RnRPhilly
digdeeper - runnerslife - rollrecovery - rnrphilly - asics -
adi_nelson : Thank you! Awesome picture!
kyleohbrien : I used the roll recovery after my LR this morning. Felt so good...
lavarc1 : @kyleohbrien it is the best thing ever! I'm in love with mine :) thanks to @adi_nelson and Jeremy for such an awesome product! #digdeeper #RollRecovery #runnerslife
sarahhbrenner - azimmer168 - 74running - petronelllla -
Bedan Karoki of Kenya wins 2014 @RunRocknRoll Philly Half Marathon #RnRPhilly Now the best remedy for him to recover faster after a blazing fast time of 59min22s is the ROLL Recovery R8. We love seeing amazing athletes using the R8 right after a hard race. #DigDeeper #RecoverFaster #rollrecovery #halfmarathon
halfmarathon - digdeeper - rollrecovery - recoverfaster - rnrphilly -
bonnett34 : Any word? @rollrecovery
alkemyphoto : Any way you'd be able to send me one to sample and give a review on? Been very interested in trying the R8
the_runnin_man - olga_andreeva13 - outrunning_the_sun - bonnett34 -
today calls for some quality time with my favorite new toy @rollrecovery - AND - a question to pose for my @altrarunning loving friends: I'm interested in the roomy toe box, but (because i apparently attract injury like a magnet) am terrified of the zero-dropness of them. suggestions?
couldberunning : @runlikeacavegirl ahh! i'm guessing i will need to get some whenever i actually have any money to spend freely again!
bg_nelson : Take a look at the drop of your non-running shoes too. You probably spend more time in them than running shoes. Big drop there can hinder transition to zero drop.
apocryphalhegemoney : I made my transition to @altrarunning shoes by going nearly barefoot (veebrams or Sox) on the treadmill to get used to being more on my toes.
heartnsolerunning : Oh I see! Be safe girl ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•
itsjustyu : Oh hi! I went from Mizuno wave rider 16 to wave sayonara to brooks pure connect 2s to @altrarunning One2s. My drop went from 12 - 10 - 4 - 0. I wasn't even planning on switching to zero drop, I bought them to try and my feet are much happier. I also wear low support shoes and am barefoot a lot when not running, so my transition was not a problem. The blisters I've recorded are due to user error bc I clench my toes still bc they aren't used to all the space yet!
jentrepid : I am flip flopping between the olympus and some wave riders with no issues. I won't run big distance in anything but @altrarunning shoes.
veganhikers : I've always had that problem too with needing a wider too box but not a wide width cause my heels are narrow and these are perfect. I always feel like running in slippers โ˜บ๏ธ
jeremy1st : I'll chime in - first, love the torture tool. Works great. As for Zero Drop, we created shoes with zero drop and a foot shaped tie box to help individuals reduce injury. We have found many (including myself) to experience a better running form and reduce impact on the body.
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The best feeling ever. #rollrecovery
rollrecovery - backoff -
alevaldes13 : You would. Slut.
michaeldamato : That thing is dope
taylerjohnson4 : You ruin every photo of mine ๐Ÿ‘Š #backoff @alevaldes13
taylerjohnson4 : It does wonders @michaeldamato
mattymoi : @taylerjohnson4 those shorts >
t_hearn : ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
peteypete66 : Dang way nicer than anything we had at my school. Ours was basically a stick with wheels around it lol
jameslink93 - jordanhetzel - tchizm5 - haileighgrow -
New upcycled shop awning #rollingcowboys #woodawning #upcycle
bike - upcycle - bikeshop - bicycleshop - rollingcowboys - roadie - cycling - woodawning - rollrecovery -
industropop : Looks great Daniel @rollingcowboys
rollingcowboys : #bike #bicycleshop #bikeshop #cycling #roadie
rollingcowboys : #rollrecovery
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Best massager for athletes! Must have! If you are a #runner or #cyclist you will be in heaven! #RollRecovery
runner - cyclist - rollrecovery -
tterrykids : or just a exercise junkie with constant soreness :-)
sidscheck : Right :)
gorillafit29 : @beebeebrandy we need this
beebeebrandy : How do you use this!? @gorillafit29
gorillafit29 : @beebeebrandy just roll it on ur leg
sidscheck : @beebeebrandy it is easy to roll and massage your legs, glutes. Check out the product at
bellwethercyclewear - beeerrunner - mc_c17 - itsjustyu -
Post run roll out #RollRecovery #DigDeeper
digdeeper - rollrecovery -
morbeedo : skinny bitch!
levihallxc : What is that?
chadfreeman07 - irunfitdc - triguybrett - rundezzyrun -
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