Team roll revovery😏 #rollrecovery #R8 #magic #recovery
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hannah.cramer29 : How much are they
tbas_track : Not sure how much they are in stores but online they were fairly pricey @hannah.cramer29
hannah.cramer29 : I need one😂
haannnaaa_m : OMG
tbas_track : Ikr!! @haannnaaa_m
hannahbanana6609 : BUT THIS IS COOL TOO
mathiaskroening : Noice
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shrinajp : #fresh? I'm confused
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My new toy for recovery after tough sessions🙏 Thanks to @rollrecovery for the opportunity to have a massage 24/7👍 #run #runner #running #triathlet #triathlon #athlete #fast #fit #happy #ironman #marathon #motivation #massage #pace #polar #polarv800 #speed #tempo #training #rollrecovery
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Quads felt kind of sore with back to back sub 8min runs. I was wishing that I had my #foamroller or #thestick with me during this trip but realized that I purchased something cool at the #BostonMarathon #Expo.. #RollRecovery! Hurt so good! Thanks again @jjaynel @rollrecovery for hooking it up!
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crisruns : #NikeRunning #TYR #NewtonRunning #FurtherFasterForever
_jwilkins : That is an INTENSE roller!
crisruns : @_jwilkins it's one of a kind! It effortless does the work for me.
oldguyrunning : That looks like it feels great!!👍
runmikerun : @crisruns That's a great investment! I brought mine in Boston and it helped take care of my quads!
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Solid birthday present! Thanks @suzbax #rollrecovery
rollrecovery -
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Recovery day with #rollrecovery #r8 #hurtssogood
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laurenberichon : Omg that contraption looks wonderful! @perpetuallyprogress
perpetuallyprogress : @laurenberichon it is wonderful! I love it!
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The Co-Founder Adriana Nelson at #ROLLRecovery finished a brave race at #BostonMarathon 3rd USA woman in the field & a lucky #13th overall. "Keep Moving forward...You never know when your day might shine! Congrats All for being so brave out there!‼️" Adi N. #Repost @adi_nelson with @repostapp.
Today I ran until my wheels fell off...I gave it all I had & I am proud to finish the hardest race ever. We always want so much more from ourselves, but today was about courage, fighting and standing up when your body says NO to you.👌🏼Special #ThankYou to all the spectators, volunteers, sponsors, my followers, friends, my @coachkastor, @joshcox , my #teammates @mammothtc , my Husband of course‼️& my family! ❤️ I couldn't have done it without you‼️ God is great and I am so grateful to race @jhboston26 #BostonMarathon. Now, it's a new day and I have a great goal... To #DigDeeper and #BetterMyself in what I love to do. #RunHappy #Believe ❤️🇺🇸🌹🙏🏼💗✌🏼️
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ellamylove : Awesome @adi_nelson !!!!! Congratulations!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
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Alternativ foamroller. 3*3000 meter idag. 3:30 i snitt på alle tre dragene. Gikk tungt. Må skje noe før lørdag. #fullkontroll #sentrumsløpet #gigass #ptborgen #rollrecovery @rollrecovery
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tobbenh : Hvile nå 😄 Lade opp med kun korte økter :) En beinhard 1500-2000 m onsdag og så væskefylling og oppladning ✌️
ptborgen : @tobbenh Kjører hardt ganske så tett på. God erfaring med det 😉
tobbenh : Du bør slå tiden min! 👊👌😎😄
ptborgen : @tobben Var 34 et el annet?
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It's been a tough week. My #SIjoint has really been acting up. I decided I could either hurt with my ass on the couch, or hurt going for a long-ish run tomorrow. At least I'll be outside if I go for a run. Back issues unfortunately are my reality, and I can either be a victim or be a fucking victor. Foam rolling, applying some #kttape to a good Disney movie and looking forward💃💃 #disneyside #rundisney #kttape #scoliosis #rollrecovery
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leahdouglasfit : So nice!
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Time for some deep massage on this calf. #rollrecovery #R8 #itsgonnahurtsogood
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"It works like nothing you'd believe...I love it." #DeanKarnazes A small contribution could make a big impact. We donated three #ROLLRecovery R8s for this wonderful project. @runninglives and http://www.actionforhealthykids.org They want to make a change in our kids' life. Our children are our future! 🙏🏼😃 http://t.co/3YUnNNZYyo ❤️ #inspirational #kids #support
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adi_nelson : I was 17years old when I received an used pair of #Asics running shoes from an elite athlete. I will never forget that this act of generosity as it changed my life for ever. ❤️👏🏼🌹
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This is what my desk looks like at work. Speaking of work, do you have that non running coworker who thinks running is so easy? I've been working on getting faster and today i was told I was slow. (Yes, I know) I can do without those negative comments and for few seconds I thought to myself "wow, I really do suck" and then I realized I'm talking to someone who doesn't understand what runners actually do. It isn't just going outside and running. It's being mentally and physically strong. I may not be a Olympic runner but I run... #rollrecovery #believe #trainingjournal #hansonshalfmarthonmethod #nuun #nuunlove #nuunbassador #runner #irun #igrunner #goaldigger #halfmarathon #healthyandhydrated #InstaRunners #lifetraining #recovery
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misspatchess : @jeffrunner @suedebabe thanks yall. It irritated me for sure lol
cardio_savage : It is irritating. 9 min is fast for any distance. People think its slow bc they think running is easy. They dont know how much work it takes to take seconds off you pace per mile
selfierunner : Ignore them coworkers! So easy to open their mouths!!! They are quick on that... Not so much running 😝
run4joe : Some people need to just stay quiet. That person is one of them. 🙊
romrome : True that, PREACH IT YO!
shofame : Lol that's like having people that don't workout tell you about how TO workout. Doesn't make any damn sense. Know what else doesn't make sense? You listening to these people lol @misspatchess
imalittletaepot : If that's slow, I'm a walker 😜
zelrun : Приезжайте и к нам побегать! Дистанции -7 и 21 км, м?
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I wasn't in the mood to drive to the gym this morning thanks to some major insomnia last night. Thankfully, I have my own "home gym" and got in a decent workout before heading out the door for work. #noexcuses #getitdone #2015goals #crosstraining #SweatPink #the100dayproject #the100daychallenge #365photos2015 #triggerpoint #rollrecovery
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slowtrigirl : Love roll recovery
rungryrunner : Me too @slowtrigirl
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Who is racing #BostonMarathon ⁉️⁉️⁉️ Are you ready⁉️ Time to #DreamBig and #DigDeeper 💪🏼👍🏼🙏🏼👏🏼 😬😋 If you come at the expo, please make sure to stop by at our #ROLLRecovery booth and get your #ITBand & #Quads ready for the #BostonCourse ❗️❗️❗️ #Repost @adi_nelson ・・・
Some people might go and train on the course...I just dream about it! 😍😂😁🙏🏼👍🏻 @jhboston26 #cartoon #CourseMap #RunHappy #BostonMarathon #SeeYouThere #GoRun #BQ #runner #training #DigDeeer @rollrecovery #original #WeRunTogether
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runningon0m : Can't wait to see you @adi_nelson at the expo!
racewirelive : you're a rock star 🎉🎉🎉
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Probably wondering if I use each piece of equipment and the answer is YES. Our bodies recieve alot of abuse and we need to ensure that we take of it as well. SO incorporating mobility movements is key to recovery. Of course yoga and deep tissue massage should be included as well. What do you use for mobility? #mwod #mobilitywod #mobility #roguefitness #rollrecovery #armaid
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Rolling out the tired limbs #boston2015 #taperweek #rollrecovery #digdeep @RollRecovery #brooksrunning #puregrit3
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And breathe. #rollrecovery #nopainnogain
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rundergirl : So good for recovery!
thewinkle : That looks painful!
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Necessary evils post marathon! Hate the pain of this but does wonders! #rollrecovery #marathon
rollrecovery - marathon -
becbrierley : What IS that?!
runeckers : It's like a foam roller. But is spring loaded for auto tension. It works wonders!
runeckers : @becbrierley
becbrierley : Looks like a beast! Hope it helped.
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Thanks to my buddy Matt Hensley and the people at @rollrecovery for sending me this sweet new roller to try out! This thing feels amazing the morning after a hard race! #rollrecovery #goinghard
goinghard - rollrecovery -
kingtholo - beccapz - jonathanhaberle - jjenna8 -
@hypericeusa @samthrive @roguefitness Trying to cash in on some sunlight. #mobility #recovery #loadedmovement #rollrecovery #vipr
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jendu : Haha love the "location"
abi.gail.c - heatherjuefitness - leeworkshop - kidnbaballer -
Another fine Saturday morning well spent...with these bad boys 😱 my last long run is done! Yay!! I had fun on that one, always some fun with the progression run. 👌 Have an awesome day! #Bostontraining #rollrecovery #hopirnr #runlikeamother
runlikeamother - bostontraining - rollrecovery - hopirnr -
kristin_mcphie : One week!!! Good luck!!
sneez45 : I thought those were donuts. Lol
ms_sekaquaptewa : @kristin_mcphie thank you!! :-)
ms_sekaquaptewa : @sneez45 hahaha I wish they were!
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Time 4 my recovery roll session... I want 2 b able to get a long run tomorrow.. #nikeplus #LAningtrun #runnerscommunity #luv2run #noexcuses
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joelfuentes13 : #rollrecovery
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I love when goodies come in the mail. All three products will play a huge roll for me come #BostonMarathon in 10 days. #newtonrunningelite #TheRoadToBoston #RollRecovery #Trifuel
theroadtoboston - trifuel - rollrecovery - newtonrunningelite - bostonmarathon -
daviddeoliveirasechi : Fernando, what's The name of that endurance powder?
mrcabadass : @daviddeoliveirasechi I'll tell you more about it soon. It's called trifuel.
croixone : Esos sapatos estan chingones. One of my favorite
sergeevrunner - lukeyness240 - lene_0203 - speedrunner_2014 -
That #rollrecovery makes you feel soooo good! Come see me at the OP Convention Center for #kansascityrunningcompany Runners Comvention! Rock The Parkway Half Marathon Saturday! #run #athlete #thunderdome #iamthunderdomefit
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Did somebody say #recovery? #HyperIce #Vyper #R8 #RollRecovery #RogueFitness #Supernova2.0 #goodhurt #suppleleopard
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rileysfit : Welcome back to instagram!
fireline_strong : Hey, Email us at team@firelinestrong.com if you want to be a brand Athlete.
sylvanarose : See you Saturday Coach?
gabe_sanchez_fitness : @rileysfit never left, been out hustling! @sylvanarose yes! Don't be late!
sylvanarose : I was waiting for you to say that !
rileysfit : @gabe_sanchez_fitness I'd expect nothing less!
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I found my latest workout gadget from @rollrecovery 😜😁. It's better than foam rolling. #rollrecovery
rollrecovery -
peaceisofus : Hottie with the body! You look gorgeous! And I need you to use that on my back when I come 😔😣
honeynott : @peaceisofus thanks love and ok insh
rollrecovery : Awesomeness!!! Now it's time to #DigDeeper & #RecoverFaster 👏💪👍😍
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Lake Sonoma prep with some Big mountain! @alaskanbrewing #rollrecovery
rollrecovery -
jpskiier : Dude! That roller!!!
ajschirack : @jpskiier they're pretty nice man! Better look into them!
mikulskithethird : You have a website! Dood.
mattranderson89 : Be careful, Elliott!
ajschirack : @mattranderson89 you better believe it! Elliott nearly died cause he didn't look both ways before crossing the road!
ajschirack : @mikulskithethird ya, been doing my site for awhile now with hopes of getting sponsors soon, thought about hitting you up for some logo design help... Interested?
mikulskithethird : Perhaps. We could talk pricing sometime.
live_free_run_far - jpskiier - driven_daily_fg2 -
World's greatest massage tool or medieval torture device? I guess I'll find out either way. #rollrecovery
rollrecovery -
the_lofty_one -
Spinning around above 11,000ft might have got me a little dizzy, but a good excuse to fall into my hubby's arms 😍 I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed #Easter! #GodBlessYouAll #LoveLife #GoRunIt #ASICS #ROLLRecovery @jjaynel #LIVE #LOVE #LIFE @visitmammoth @mammothtc
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wendycityvideo : Cute! Miss you guys! ❤️
aviles1515 - onea_nicoleta - toniifyoucan - cocohawkins -
Done with the recovery tool...#recovery #LAningtrun #LuvLArunning #noexcuses #nikeplus ran trails with my #Sketchers great run... @#GriffithPark
luvlarunning - recovery - laningtrun - sketchers - noexcuses - nikeplus - rollrecovery - griffithpark -
almaleo_4 : What's that?
joelfuentes13 : U use it to massage ur legs with pressure... Help U recover faster from ur runs.. @almaleo_4
joelfuentes13 : #rollrecovery @almaleo_4
almaleo_4 : Lol ok
thislifethisjourney : great shot!
joelfuentes13 : Thanks...! @thislifethisjourney
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A 3-year old rolling pin leg roll isn't as effective as one from an adult but it IS exponentially cuter #marathontraining #runnerproblems #rollrecovery
marathontraining - rollrecovery - runnerproblems -
bolduc04 - em_beaman - sarahruns26 - lelangemeier -
New torture device. Gave up my clothing budget for this bad boy. #training #triathlon #rollrecovery #r8 #hurtssogood
r8 - training - rollrecovery - triathlon - hurtssogood -
drebauer - speedsherpa - lundberg2punkt0 - seedsydesign -
I got a new toy today! Think of it as intense foam rolling for lazy people coupled with some trigger point therapy and intense massage. Awesomeness in the form of hurt so good torture. #rollrecovery #R8 #fleetfeetnashville #6run5 #rollout
fleetfeetnashville - r8 - 6run5 - rollrecovery - rollout -
reneefeigley : That looks intense!!!! @yourlifewontwait
instasarah : Where did you get that??
yourlifewontwait : It's amazing @reneefeigley!!
richarddion : I want 😳
yourlifewontwait : From Fleet Feet in Nashville, but I'm sure FF Chi is carrying them too. It is awesome @instasarah !!
yourlifewontwait : @richarddion you need. For real. I went back and forth on it for a day and I pulled the trigger and went back. So happy I did!
_rob_747 : Nice! 👌😊👍
jimlichtenstein : It also cuts great French fries!
jayybee28 - hhall5223 - erin_landers - amandybles -
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