Like if this creeps you outπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜Ÿ #😟 #queen #Brianmay #freddiemercury #johndeacon #rogertaylor #theworks
queen - freddiemercury - brianmay - 😟 - rogertaylor - theworks - johndeacon -
fifty.shades.of.taylor - _.blitzkid._ - killerqueengirl - _kenzerz_ -
Does anyone here have QuizUp? i am so addictedπŸ˜«πŸ˜‚ - #RogerTaylor #TaylorTuesday
rogertaylor - taylortuesday -
vv_85 - loverockmusic01 - mili_saids - bffc_bowie_fan -
They look like proud parents😍 πŸ˜‚#rogertaylor #brianmay #maylor #queen
queen - rogertaylor - maylor - brianmay -
_freddiemercurydarling_ : Can we just take a moment to apreciate Bri's shirt?
peacockadot : XDD hip bri @_freddiemercurydarling_
_freddiemercurydarling_ : I can't im laughing so hard omfg @peacockadot
spread_your_wings________ : Yay Angry Birds πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
ornithologistsr2cool - danielapiras098 - spread_your_wings________ - peacockadot -
Ahh Taylor Tuesday again 😏❀️. - #RogerTaylor #TaylorTuesday
rogertaylor - taylortuesday -
tiny_ballerina : Omg wow!
liliam_zoubaref : Wow
fans.queen - b.r.i.a.n.m.a.y - itsclassiccock - adamlambert_happy_glambert -
- I used a story generator to make a maylor fanfic and it did not turn out how I wanted but ill post it anyways. --------------- Two Nice Uncles Kissing to the Beat A Short Story by Mrs. Alison Taylor Roger was thinking about Brian again. Brian was a caring angel with brunette hair and tan eyes. Roger walked over to the window and reflected on his flamboyant surroundings. He had always hated colorful Freddie's house with its brainy, brave bathtub. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel upset. Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the a caring figure of Brian . Roger gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a helpful, loving, vodka drinker with tall hair and blonde eyes. His friends saw him as a deep, dirty devil. Once, he had even made a cup of tea for a wonky John. But not even a helpful person who had once made a cup of tea for a wonky John, was prepared for what Brian had in store today. The sleet rained like loving cats, making Roger hurt. Roger grabbed a fluffy guitar that had been strewn nearby; he massaged it with his fingers. As Roger stepped outside and Brian came closer, he could see the rabblesnatching glint in his eye. Brian gazed with the affection of 3954 funny stale spiders. He said, in hushed tones, "I love you and I want Love." Roger looked back, even more hurt and still fingering the fluffy guitar. "Brian, leave me alone," he replied. They looked at each other with distraught feelings, like two melodic, muddy mice hurting at a very adoring house party, which had rock n' roll music playing in the background and two nice uncles kissing to the beat. Roger studied Brian's brunette hair and tan eyes. Eventually, he took a deep breath. "I'm sorry," began Roger in apologetic tones, "but I don't feel the same way, and I never will. I just don't love you Brian." Brian looked sad, his emotions raw like a sad, selfish shit glass. Roger could actually hear Brian's emotions shatter into 8080 pieces. Then the caring angel hurried away into the distance. Not even a shot of vodka would calm Roger's nerves tonight. THE END
rogertaylor - maylor - brianmay -
may.lor : {#maylor #BrianMay #rogertaylor} ~Alison
paulie_in_the_sky_with_me - - - fredgermeacon -
Just went shopping~didn't get much but it was expensive enough. (I was obsessing over a queen shirt at Hot Topic) #shirt #queen #shopping #perfume #Brianmay #freddiemercury #rogertaylor #johndeacon #funit
queen - shopping - shirt - brianmay - rogertaylor - perfume - freddiemercury - funit - johndeacon -
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I want to get a tattoo of #freddiemercury at my shoulder in this pose πŸ˜†βœ¨ #queen#cool#awesome #band#brianmay#rogertaylor#johndeacon#kawaii #kawaiine #peace #legend#rock#classic#classisrock#mercury#vocal
mercury - peace - classic - awesome - queen - band - legend - cool - kawaii - brianmay - classisrock - rogertaylor - vocal - freddiemercury - rock - kawaiine - johndeacon -
princess.kurayumi - fredgermeacon - famtdirazy - je_te_veux_pres_de_moi -
OH man why look at him Follow @fredgermeacon 'cause she has the best queen related pics. #rogertaylor #queen #queenband #sexyaf #legend #drummer #rockstars
queenband - queen - rockstars - drummer - rogertaylor - sexyaf - legend -
fredgermeacon : oooh thanks so much sweetie! πŸ™ˆπŸ’›
sly_goetia - pretty_tied.up - the_great_freddie_mercury - summervirginia.arnold -
I was told a million times Of all the troubles in my way How I had to keep on trying Little better ev'ry day! Take my Money and keep yourself alive! #queen #freddiemercury #brianmay #rogertaylor #johndeacon
rogertaylor - queen - freddiemercury - johndeacon - brianmay -
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Rogerrr live on stage- 'Hot Space' tour in October 1982, Japan πŸ”₯ #TaylorTuesday #rogertaylor
rogertaylor - taylortuesday -
bleed.the.junkhead - mikezillathrillaa - liliam_zoubaref - freddieforevermore -
#freddiemercury #queen #queenband #Brianmay #johndeacon #rogertaylor #rock
queenband - queen - freddiemercury - brianmay - rock - rogertaylor - johndeacon -
carrottoplive : Great shot!
crispy_doughnut86 - the_great_freddie_mercury - heli.202 - strawburylennonade -
#freddiemercury #queen #queenband #Brianmay #rogertaylor #johndeacon #party
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You take my breath away🎢 Ooh, take it take it all away Ooh, take my breath away Ooh, ooh, ooh, take my breath away Look into my eyes and you'll see I'm the only one You've captured my love Stolen my heart Changed my life Every time you make a move You destroy my mind And the way you touch I lose control and shiver deep inside You take my breath away You can reduce me to tears With a single sigh (Please don't cry anymore) Every breath that you take Any sound that you make Is a whisper in my ear I could give up all my life for just one kiss I would surely die If you dismiss me from your love You take my breath away So please don't go Don't leave me here all by myself I get ever so lonely from time to time I will find you Anywhere you go I'll be right behind you Right until the ends of the earth I'll get no sleep till I find you to tell you That you just Take my breath away I will find you Anywhere you go Right until the end of the earth I'll get no sleep til I find you To tell you when I've found you I love you #Queen #QueenBand #QueenForever #FreddieMercury #BrianMay #RogerTaylor #JohnDeacon #Lyrics #QueenLyrics #YouTakeMyBreathAway #YouTakeMyBreathAwayLyrics
queenlyrics - queenband - queen - lyrics - brianmay - rogertaylor - youtakemybreathaway - freddiemercury - queenforever - youtakemybreathawaylyrics - johndeacon -
_freddie_queen_ : 😍😍😍😍😍
mercurythrill : Ohhhh looooove❀️ Thank you!!!
bens__97 : Love this song ❀ 😊 Thank you
fmercuryforever : ❀😌😍
queen_lyrics : Thank you both, you made me fall in love with this song so bad😍 @bens__97 @mercurythrill
queen_lyrics : I love this song❀️😍 @_freddie_queen_ @fmercuryforever
raffaagb : Adorable Freddie ❀
clxssic.rvck - silvia25dic - spreadingthedisease_ - adamlambert_happy_glambert -
πŸ”Š "It's Tuesday! Taylor Tuesday..." Oh shit, why didn't you tell me this before?! #rogertaylor #taylortuesday
rogertaylor - taylortuesday -
my_freddie_immortal : Roger's infamous patched jeans
mrmakarovman - fans.queen - spread_your_wings________ - innuendorhapsody -
#farrokhbulsara #freddiemercury #brianmay #rogertaylor #johndeacon #queenconcert #queenband #queen #liveaid
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yeyi3110 : β™‘
carrottoplive : That gives me chills❀️️
_freddie_queen_ : He was the best @yeyi3110 @carrottoplive
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#rogertaylor #queen #queenband #freddiemercury #Brianmay #johndeacon
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I mean look!!! Look at Roger's face alone!!! It's so adorable!!! • #spn #supernatural #sherlock #doctorwho #superwholock #supernaturalcrack #lotr #thehobbit #falloutboy #queen #rogertaylor #brianmay #johndeacon #freddiemercury #assbutt #followforfollow
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I'm so bored! And they're so amazing and cute and funny and agh!!! • #spn #supernatural #supernaturalcrack #sherlock #doctorwho #superwholock #lotr #thehobbit #falloutboy #queen #freddiemercury #johndeacon #rogertaylor #brianmay #assbutt #followforfollow
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My MJ calandar won't stay upπŸ˜” You might say it's.... Off the WallπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ Okay, I'll see myself out😁 #rogertaylor #queen
queen - rogertaylor -
rogerinagaga : Good lord
mercurythrill : Who cares when you choose to picture this favorite πŸ”
queenie4951 : @mercurythrill I'm happy to have distracted you from my awful-nessπŸ‘πŸΌ
fans.queen - sylviapelle_schnecke - fakebrianmay - strawburylennonade -
guys, are u drunk??? 🍷🍸🍺 #queen #queenband #johndeacon #freddiemercury #rogertaylor #brianmay
queenband - queen - freddiemercury - brianmay - rogertaylor - johndeacon -
mercurythrill : Stoned alright...
peacockadot : Maybe a lil bit
pasteczka : Uuuu... it had to be a very good party
mercury_of_my_life_ : I would like to be thereπŸ˜†
fans.queen - the_great_freddie_mercury - meliina.mercouri - spread_your_wings________ -
Queen 30 day challenge // favorite picture of the band?: It has to be this one. Just look at them, so cute and silly! πŸ˜„ {#queen} {#freddiemercury} {#brianmay} {#rogertaylor} {#johndeacon}
rogertaylor - queen - freddiemercury - johndeacon - brianmay -
khakhaleva - hailey____elizabeth - rafaverdolim - je_te_veux_pres_de_moi -
Got a couple more Queen cd's to add to my collection thanks to @jessie_mtphillips thanks babe πŸ’œ #queen #brianmay #rogertaylor #johndeacon #freddiemercury #hotspace #flashgordon 🎸🎀🎹🎢🎼🎡
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🎢...Only came outside to watch the night fall with the rain, I heard you making patterns rhyme, Like some new romantic looking for the tv sound, You'll see I'm right some other time...🎢 Back to 1981 for my record of the day...Planet Earth by Duran Duran #recordoftheday #singleoftheday #12inchsingle #45rpm #nowspinning #nowplaying #igvinyl #instavinyl #musicoftheday #lovemusic #loverecords #lovevinyl #vinyljunkie #planetearth #duranduran #simonlebon #johntaylor #nickrhodes #andytaylor #rogertaylor #1980 #80s
johntaylor - nowspinning - duranduran - vinyljunkie - nickrhodes - 80s - lovevinyl - planetearth - recordoftheday - loverecords - andytaylor - instavinyl - singleoftheday - 12inchsingle - 1980 - nowplaying - 45rpm - rogertaylor - simonlebon - lovemusic - musicoftheday - igvinyl -
perfectosander : Excellent this one is still missing in my collection😬
lu_ca_pa : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
ste_moult : Top tune πŸ‘
minimich71 : I hope you get a copy for your collection! @perfectosander πŸ˜€πŸ‘
minimich71 : Thank you! @lu_ca_pa 😊
minimich71 : Absolutely! @ste_moult πŸŽΆπŸ‘Œ
cluppy1 : Brilliant!!
minimich71 : Thank you! @cluppy1 πŸ˜€
hulahooptrees - de.jan - danielaguirrechagas27 - orax_dumollard -
WE WILL ROCK YOU #farrokhbulsara #freddiemercury #brianmay #rogertaylor #johndeacon #rockstar #wewillrockyou #liveaid #queenconcert #queenband #queen
farrokhbulsara - queenband - liveaid - brianmay - rogertaylor - queenconcert - queen - wewillrockyou - freddiemercury - rockstar - johndeacon -
scuse_me_white_i_kiss_the_sky : We will rock you
aw00000000 : We Will Rock You {2}
carrottoplive : Hell yeah!!!
raffaagb : Ohhh my goood Freddie is simply wonderful β€πŸŽΆπŸ’›πŸŽ€πŸ˜
_freddie_queen_ : I never get tired of listening to this concert😍 @scuse_me_white_i_kiss_the_sky @aw00000000 @carrottoplive @raffaagb
raffaagb : Love Live Aid performance πŸŽ€β€πŸ’›
jamilablog - sylviapelle_schnecke - scuse_me_white_i_kiss_the_sky - rbeuk -
Most listened to queen album at the moment lol one year of love is the best! #Queen #akindofmagic #freddiemercury #johndeacon #rogertaylor #brianmay #legends
akindofmagic - rogertaylor - freddiemercury - legends - brianmay - queen - johndeacon -
fredgermeacon : I love "gimme the prize" 😍
fabiana.the.rocker.bunny - hammyfan - the_great_freddie_mercury - absolute_fuck_up -
#johntaylor #rogertaylor #duranduran #cht
cht - duranduran - rogertaylor - johntaylor -
toholdatmoonlight : My faves xoxo
thereseeikum - durancollection - paolalebonsandoval - shaughnyy -
#Repost @sabrinanjtaylor ・・・ 😍❀ #duranduran #simonlebon #johntaylor #nickrhodes #rogertaylor #andytaylor #80 #80smusic #80s #80band
80smusic - johntaylor - duranduran - rogertaylor - andytaylor - nickrhodes - simonlebon - 80s - 80 - 80band - repost -
charlie__wayne - newromanticgirl - adi12347 - _souldeepinme -
I'm about to kill myself it's over 90 degrees and I'm sweating like a cow { #rogertaylor #queen }
queen - rogertaylor -
fredgermeacon - crawlingbacktoalexturner -
Yo guyyys. #queen#freddiemercury#brianmay#johndeacon#rogertaylor
rogertaylor - queen - freddiemercury - johndeacon - brianmay -
streetfighting.wyman - the7thbeatle - freddieforevermore - elanor_rigby -
Once again, @velvetsatan and @metalmunster have gone out of their way to track this amazing box set down for me. Couldn't be happier... #queen #queenband #queenforever #vinyl #vinyligclub #records #freddiemercury #brianmay #rogertaylor #johndeacon
queenband - queen - brianmay - rogertaylor - records - vinyligclub - freddiemercury - vinyl - queenforever - johndeacon -
velvetsatan : Actually it was in the bin at @sigslagoon we got lucky!
haleymb1126 : @velvetsatan But you still found it! You definitely didn't have to do that for me.
velvetsatan : We're just happy to support your addiction!
khakhaleva - richiericciardo86 - ivomourah - rafaverdolim -
Queen 30 day challenge day two // what's your favorite Queen song?: That's really really hard to choose. They're all so great! If I had to choose though, I'd pick "Don't Stop Me Now" I like the song's upbeat rhythm and that anyone who listens to it wants to dance. If I had to pick one without Freddie, it has to be "No One But You (Only The Good Die Young)". I love this song so much. It's so sweet and I love that they admitted its dedicated it those who were lost before them and especially Freddie. It has all these little secret meanings and it's beautiful. {#queen} {#freddiemercury} {#brianmay} {#rogertaylor} {#johndeacon}
rogertaylor - queen - freddiemercury - johndeacon - brianmay -
adam_russell_is_my_name - iacopo_de_bona - fredgermeacon - rafaverdolim -
This is now a classic rock fan account (mainly aerosmith bc i really love their music). Feel free to unfollow if you want to. { #rogertaylor #queen #jimihendrix }
queen - rogertaylor - jimihendrix - : Roger Taylor is so cute OMG
wehavecoke.wehaveweed : Ikr, he was a real eye candy. ❀
aerosmithinanelevator : Omg I love your usernameπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
wehavecoke.wehaveweed : @aerosmithinanelevator I love how you get the reference! Steven Tyler has the greatest one liners ever, he has got to be the Albert Einstein of Rock n Roll.
aerosmithinanelevator : YasssπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
buddy_holly_rp - mariannee.faithfull - spider.and.i - julie0110 -
I'm going slightly mad is the first video of queen I couldn't see full bc I couldn't stand see him like this😭 #imgoingslightlymad #1991 #freddiemercury #queen #rogertaylor #brianmay #johndeacon #loveyouall
1991 - rogertaylor - brianmay - imgoingslightlymad - queen - loveyouall - freddiemercury - johndeacon -
fredgermeacon : same for me... 😭
queenie4951 - meliina.mercouri - bohemian.mercury - the_great_freddie_mercury -
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