Moved out of da hood just to feel like I'm still in da hood! Do I live in San Pedro or Compton? Gotta make sure this King don't get beat! #dirtybird #caughtontape #rodneyking
dirtybird - caughtontape - rodneyking -
_sepulvedaaaa - ericfragola -
My fur babies!!! #meowmonday #crazycatlady #sophiarandall #rodneyking #kittylove 🎀😺💕
crazycatlady - sophiarandall - kittylove - rodneyking - meowmonday -
zoeeet : 😻 OMG so cute!!
someo24u : Did you get another kitty Steph?!?
missneis76 : Yes! We got Rodney a few weeks ago to keep Sophia company and they are the best of friends!!! @someo24u you'll have to come meet him! 😻 thanks @zoeeet , were a little obsessed lol
nowaygranny : Do they both have Randall for a middle name? Love it. Cats and more@atstephshouse. Lol
coastiegrl86 - stormymae - bciarloni - tm828 -
Some times you just got to use a billy club to break a hot sauce bottle #slowmo #hot #rodneyking
slowmo - hot - rodneyking -
babytwiddles : Sup buddy
babytwiddles - 0929hollylands - ktleanne_419 - _avanna -
art - dope - nighttimefamilyfun - grandperformance - free - baylife - surburbanlife - newhampshire - rogerguenveursmith - rodneyking - foe - fun - olympiad - gangsta - brownskindontcare - photooftheday -
pelllch : เธอเห็นท้องฟ้านั้นมั้ย ฉันเก็บเอาไว้ให้เธอ...
pelllch : #nighttimefamilyfun #baylife #foe #gangsta #photooftheday #brownskindontcare #surburbanlife #newhampshire #art #rodneyking #dope #free #grandperformance #fun #olympiad #rogerguenveursmith
ioann_nadezhinskii : It's great!
arm_songyos - amenalove - tanawatpee - kp_namnan -
Fun times with this #Olympiad at the performance of #rodneyking at the #grandperformance @grandperf #dope #fun #free #losangeles #cali to #newhampshire #art #love #friends more like #family #rogerguenveursmith
newhampshire - losangeles - art - rodneyking - family - dope - love - free - grandperformance - cali - fun - olympiad - friends - rogerguenveursmith -
baaaaallllbin : That's the dude Mike Epps said had a five-head in All About the Benjamins lol
baaaaallllbin : Said he don't have dreams, he has movies.
svntia : :)
ms_lenoir : Wasn't he in poetic justice?
ms_lenoir - kiyannac - kam_bria - b_burks19 -
Got to see the #rodneyking #performance by #rogerguenveursmith tonight at #grandperformance #grandcentralmarket #goodstuff #soloperformance #art
grandcentralmarket - art - rogerguenveursmith - rodneyking - soloperformance - grandperformance - goodstuff - performance -
beena_g - yoitsko - not_yourmuse - crissymama88 -
Miss Kiera Renee (@saykierarenee) got the chance to talk to Master Thespian, Roger Guenveur Smith, after his one man show on #RodneyKing.
rodneyking -
super_aprily - saykierarenee - missvanessaniki - becca_bangs -
Nothing short of genius #rogerguenveursmith #rodneyking
rogerguenveursmith - rodneyking -
kateri_ml - scott_hall - afrikanbuttafly - cielogarcia28 -
I am here. @rapsessions @the_bam_effect @nashtynash2 if y'all ain't here tonight, I'm judging y'all #rogerguenveursmith #rodneyking
rogerguenveursmith - rodneyking -
rapsessions : @youngwatts listening party tonight @inkverywell he bout to drop a tape
inobenicole - michaelrmoore616 - lifesxpressions - rapsessions -
The "Rodney King" post performance discussion moderated by Kurt Streeter and Elvis Mitchell
grandperformances - rodneyking -
grandperfs : #rodneyking #grandperformances
aprilnessss - ericheights - vanessa_raes - my_keyyy -
You ever get pulled over during a #drift event? Apparently this guy was unaware of what was going on. #DirtyLove #drifttruck #1jz #innocent #rodneyking #pg2k14 #MN #maperformance
maperformance - pg2k14 - rodneyking - mn - drift - drifttruck - 1jz - innocent - dirtylove -
dirtylovewhat : Ahhhhhh so glad someone got a pic of this, guy was so confused when he came up to talk to me
dirtylovedrift : @dirtylovewhat this was the first of like 3 times that weekend where they stopped us for driving to/from night drifting
hedge_3 : What a dumb ass
dirtylove_kluv - travisstrama - itsshagstrom - jordandoyel -
Monday on the next #ZoWhat? Morning Show #PoliceBrutality @mrzowhat @gbfunnystyle @markgoulston discuss the Disrespect and Serving of the Police in today's society 11am PST #PoliceState #SWAT #SocialInjustice #RadioRaheem #TrayvonMartin #OscarGrant #EricGarner #RodneyKing #LARiots #FuckThaPolice #NWA #IceT @icecube
socialinjustice - oscargrant - fuckthapolice - rodneyking - policebrutality - swat - ericgarner - policestate - lariots - nwa - icet - trayvonmartin - radioraheem - zowhat -
hisbedroombody - finster65 - huskyced - princesswildflower -
Monday on the next #ZoWhat? Morning Show #PoliceBrutality @mrzowhat @gbfunnystyle @markgoulston discuss the Disrespect and Serving of the Police in today's society 11am PST #PoliceState #SWAT #SocialInjustice #RadioRaheem #TrayvonMartin #OscarGrant #EricGarner #RodneyKing #LARiots #FuckThaPolice #NWA #IceT @icecube
socialinjustice - oscargrant - fuckthapolice - rodneyking - policebrutality - swat - ericgarner - policestate - lariots - nwa - icet - trayvonmartin - radioraheem - zowhat -
rams_gav - 1movement1victory - corporatesellout - princesswildflower -
Such a beautiful night 😊, Art & Poetry Performance Rodney King! With Sistah Karen! 👍👏 #Downtown #LA #California #RodneyKing @lizzzzbeth_
downtown - california - rodneyking - la -
valery_thc - ilene_v - manny715k - lovely_maria4 -
We are at @grandperfs for the #RodneyKing play! The living wage movement is a product of the civil unrest of 1992, and we're proud to continue the legacy with @raise_la ! #CD14
cd14 - rodneyking -
cam2go - sueisinla - chefyoungblood7 - xicano805 -
Saw #RogerGuenveurSmith #amazing #performance on #RodneyKing's life last night at the #grandperformances in #dtla. I was left #speechless. One thing is clear. #Policebrutality has not change. #LatashaHarlins #OscarGrant #EricGarner. #Actor #Writer #Director #Historian #Activist #SocialActivist #riots #uprising #92riots #92uprising #LAUprising #LARebellion #losangeles #history#fela #felakuti #loveFelaKuti
losangeles - dtla - lovefelakuti - policebrutality - speechless - director - ericgarner - socialactivist - latashaharlins - 92riots - felakuti - larebellion - grandperformances - oscargrant - rogerguenveursmith - rodneyking - writer - historian - lauprising - actor - riots - amazing - activist - fela - uprising - performance - 92uprising - history -
cindydlc : Represent✊
danimom1 - cindydlc - treysee030 - ixyaherrera -
Roger Guenveur Smith's brilliant and complicated #RodneyKing. #CalPlaza
calplaza - rodneyking -
grandperfs - kimberlyakimbo -
Opening film for Roger Guenveur Smith's #RodneyKing by Mark Anthony Thompson (Chocolate Genius). #CalPlaza
calplaza - rodneyking -
grandperfs - myloveis - rufusscott -
@grandperfs talkback after tonight's performance of #RodneyKing #rogerguenveursmith #grandperformances #grandperfs
grandperfs - grandperformances - rogerguenveursmith - rodneyking -
grandperfs - ecsiegert - bluerosespleurosis - sarizona92 -
RIP to Eric Garner prayers go to his wife and children who had to attend his funeral due to senseless behavior of the NYPD.... #merica
life - murder - police - rodneyking - dontbeblackmaninameica - poltics - icantbreath - emmitttill - outrageous - wargoingonathome - ericgarner - merica - black - nyc - trayvonmartin - nypd -
rabbrachel : #ericgarner #police # NYPD #wargoingonathome #icantbreath #trayvonmartin #rodneyking #Emmitttill #black #dontbeblackmaninameica #outrageous #murder #poltics #life #nyc
rabbrachel : #nypd
rottenmami - savatage_1 - cali_dr3amer - dreisthatdude -
#rodneyking in beautiful #dtla #rogerguenveursmith about to move the people and the city! From #bootlegtheater to #grandperformances
dtla - grandperformances - rogerguenveursmith - rodneyking - bootlegtheater -
grandperfs - marybrogger - puppetisto - silviez -
#rogerguenveursmith performing #RodneyKing at @grandperfs #grandperformances #grandperfs #bootlegtheater #cityhall #civilrights
grandperfs - grandperformances - cityhall - rogerguenveursmith - rodneyking - bootlegtheater - civilrights -
ecsiegert - myfitgal - melodycolleen - thecheen -
Well Rodney King had a nice visit with the crew.. great work girls! Xo love yous! Thanks @funbobbycfsz for another awesome session #cfsz #wolfpack #crossfit #rodneyking @kbask23
wolfpack - cfsz - crossfit - rodneyking -
ashleeyirene - kbask23 - laurenmaki_ - brandenvayda -
Hanging out with my #bff the #POLICE!!! #RodneyKing #FightThePower #F&@$THEPOLICE #BeatItLikeACop #911AJokeInYourTown #🚨🚓🚔
fightthepower - police - bff - rodneyking - 911ajokeinyourtown - f - beatitlikeacop -
jessmirelesheyy : Yeah you're sooo busy
tayjyoung - knowmommy - happychef_thc - luistelo -
Tbt to when a black guy stole my phone #nahnotreally #hesprettychill #basketballamerican
hesprettychill - nahnotreally - rodneyking - basketballamerican -
ryanfbgm : #basketballamericanreportingforduty lol
jason_freedom_ross : NAACP
thatasianguyeveryoneknows : #rodneyking
ryanfbgm - thenameschristian - renee_marieeeee - photo_mistfall -
life - losangeles - love - mumiaabujamal - soul - cops - hiphop - pigs - jaydee - rhymes - art - beats - boombap - rodneyking - culture - donuts - jdilla - detroit - cali - policestate - dilladonuts -
forevidence84 : #MumiaAbuJamal #RodneyKing #Cops #Pigs #Donuts #JDilla #JayDee #Detroit #DillaDonuts #HipHop #BoomBap #Soul #Love #Art #Cali #LosAngeles #Beats #Rhymes #Life #Culture #PoliceState
wugirl18 : @pearlz83
thedrunkenmaster626 - mikebeatzkgnja - j_m_ciera - miss.michellle -
I bet he's not even in this #brigade #Obama is most likely in a #Chevy #Bonneville rolling to his #fundraiser. The old #jedimindtrick #hat-trick #sike #goating lol 😜
bonneville - jedimindtrick - rodneyking - justsaying - chevy - fundraiser - sike - goating - brigade - hat - obama -
renemaxx : Ha. It was worse in a car man.
mrcurrygoat : @renemaxx I know! I was in my car but decided to park that sucka and see that broda cruise 3rd. I didn't wanna keep fighting the inevitable. So I just talked to this cop and kept fucking with him acting like I was gonna run past him!? Ha. He thought it was funny the 1st two times. But when I was about to attempt my 3rd juke I saw him about to assume the #RodneyKing on me. So I opted out of that real quick. They are killing black dudes at record numbers nowadays. Not trying to be a statistic. #justsaying ha
renemaxx : 😂😂 oh shit. Funny, but not funny. Ha
renemaxx - dagecko91 - motosofsf - mellymel51 -
Did you hear this speech by President Obama .....the first election..... #Wow.......if not this one I'm sure you heard several like it.....even to an educated observer of American #politricks it and he are incredibly moving......but when you keep seeing the blatant disregard for Blackfolk via the various injustices of #RodneyKing all thru to #EricGarner as well as how actually work against ourselves by what we give life to..... Man.... Just make me #smh ..... #donsaynothing
blackdaughter - blackthought - blackwoman - rodneyking - wow - blackson - donsaynothing - america - justmythoughts - ericgarner - blackfolk - smh - blackis - blackmen - politricks -
blackrushn : We are responsible for ourselves as men first....then our families....then our communities....then our nation.....if we don't care about ourselves who else will care about is? #justmythoughts #america #blackfolk #blackmen #blackwoman #blackthought #blackson #blackdaughter #blackis #blackis? #
kizer_da_shark - naysimone718 - cjmonvia45 - theinfamousbigdaddy -
This Thursday-Saturday: History, poetry and tragedy collide when #RogerGuenveurSmith tackles the thorny odyssey of #RodneyKing
rogerguenveursmith - rodneyking -
miss_hebrard : @nourbese @afspaige @damngoodmon had tix to see this and missed it. Interested in going Saturday night?
damngoodmon : Maybe. Sounds like fun.
nourbese : If I finish my laundry on time.... Picnic again?
shesgotit83 : I was in attendance tonight. This was a great, passionate performance.
cheralind - officialjessiemartinez - vallelos - rcsaldivar -
START DA FRYING PAN!! RIP ERIC GARNER & RODNEY KING #icecube #thepredator #ericgarner #rodneyking #lariots #92riots #leaveittobeaver #alacarte #fryingpan #crookedcops #defendourselves
crookedcops - rodneyking - thepredator - icecube - defendourselves - leaveittobeaver - ericgarner - lariots - alacarte - 92riots - fryingpan -
pjondatrack : Now we gotta wet cha
aquazini : @pjondatrack haha 😂😂😂💯
kostyle__ : Some dope tracks on there. I loved that early 90's LA sound. Above The Law, Cube , Cypress, Quik, CMW, etc.
aquazini : @kostyle__ ha yup it was a special time indeed 💯👍
dontrell37 : Ice Cube always Shuts it down...
aquazini : @dontrell37 damn right!!!
dontrell37 : The Fresh Coast legends never have 2 prove themselves unlike some of these new Bosses (ahem Officer Ricky)
aquazini : @dontrell37 😂😂😂 haha yup
jd2death75 - davidcsnyder - septicbreath - rubalcaba82 -
PUPPET #AlSharpton: At the bottom of this pic you see #RodneyKing who made national news in the 90s for his police brutality situation that was caught on tape. His community was so furious that they decided to revolt against the system that was terrorizing them & fight back. Now here we are in 2014 & the very sad case of police brutality against the late #EricGarner has risen to epic proportions as well. Here's how I feel about the "March for justice" Al Sharpton recently did.. basically he aint nothing but a PUPPET white supremacists use to keep us calm when we have an opportunity to truly fight back for the 1st time in our history in amerikkka. We could of had a REAL REVOLUTION over Erics death, but Al said no lets march to make you all feel better than go home quietly & pray to jesus to fix it. They was marching in the 50s & 60s & where are we now in 2014? mourning another unnecessary killing of a black man & shaking our heads, while white folks know we'll stop talking about it next month. like I always say, "WHATS A PROTEST SIGN TO A MAN WITH A GUN POINTED AT YOU?".. al sharpton's current net worth is 5 million $ & guess who signs his checks? the ones he allegedly "despises" the most. ITS ALL A SHOW TO MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE THESE PPL REALLY CARE ABOUT HOW WE FEEL! Theyre are more black men in prison than were enslaved in 1850, whens Al talking about that? Blacks have virtually no economic or political power in the u.s that benefits US, I dont hear Al starting rallies about that. Why isnt he starting a fuss over the fact that DETROIT hasnt had running water in weeks even if he knows detriot is 85 percent black? When something awful happens to us he's not there to help, he's there to do #DamageControl !!, but im sleep tho..wake me up when the new black panthers emerge! #gtfoh #housenegrosharpton #DontKeepCalm #EyeForAnEye #Unapologetic
unapologetic - damagecontrol - housenegrosharpton - rodneyking - gtfoh - alsharpton - dontkeepcalm - ericgarner - eyeforaneye - ase -
tanyastar76 : @gypsysoul_sha #Queen.... you, lot's of times, take the words right out of my mouth!!!!! #PUPPET #TRAITOR #NOTHERETOHELPUSBUTTOKEEPUSINLINE AND #CONTROLED!!!! 👏👏👏👏 ✊
x3____britt : Woow that was the truth. I'm ready and willing to fight back. Everybody is brain washed and scared ! We as black ppl have to get out of that mindset.
gypsysoul_sha : @simply_me_d @x3____britt @tanyastar76 thanks queens, our true problem is he who controls the education controls the ppl. our kids and kids kids will only be taught about passive turn the other cheek mlk, so when we speak of physical revolution like marcus garvey or Toussaint in haiti the ppl will hesitant, blacks not taking bs is unfamiliar in this country to everybody smh.
kushitegoddess7 : Your energy is powerful sis. Give th-ankhs for ones like you. 💖❤💚 @gypsysoul_sha
gypsysoul_sha : @kushitegoddess7 th-ankhs so much for the support goddess #ase ♡
kushitegoddess7 : @gypsysoul_sha
tanyastar76 : @gypsysoul_sha wow....i was just having a conversation this morning with my sun about your responce. i said why do we not know about Marcus Garvey and he said, "and Haiti" and we both agreed that they dont want us to recognize that we have it in us to fight its in our nature and we have to raise up again and fight, even if its physical, this turn the other cheek and march silently crap is BS. What does that accomplish. They would have u believe that it is the reason we arent still segregated but in reality i would rather be, at least i would be able to see who hates me and wants me to fail.
gypsysoul_sha : @tanyastar76 yassssssssssss! even MLK started to see that wasnt the route we should of taken & actually was gonna join with Malcolm X. then "coincidentally" the u.s govt ended him smfh
ravenhaswings - elreyq713 - genabajanbeauty - butistaywoke -
@mrsking84 we damn ain't forgotten about what your pops went threw with these #dirtycops Rest in Peace #RodneyKing (90' state of mind) stand up
dirtycops - rodneyking -
mrsking84 : Thanks Linnie...I appreciate the love !!!!!!!!! Always
sherybabe1 : Oooh wow! Yes I remember Tht like yesterday! The cops are out of control since way back, ain't nothin change... Tht happen where I grew up in the valley!!
korimerrah - _denim08 - moet_kd - divinedbeauty -
I'm fed up to the neck with this reckless murdering of innocent civilians. From Staten Island all the way to #Palestine ... Idk why I have to tell other human being that MURDER is wrong! Look at this story here, innocent African American man LITERALLY gets choked to death for NOTHING in broad daylight! And y'all black folks out here singing "I woke up like this" "I'm a real nigga" rah rah rah, trying to fight each other over the dumbest SHIT like an unfollow on Instagram while our people are still getting slain by the white man. But y'all too busy keeping up with that Brazillian hair, French manicure, latest pair of Jordan's, NBA stats and bogus distractions but I bet y'all can't tell me the last time you stood up for the oppressed! Back then the people burned down half of LA streets because of #RodneyKing but I bet none of y'all ignorant asses will even repost this. #RIPEricGarner #Unity #WakeUp #BlessUp #Racism #Murder #Humanity #EricGarner #NYPD #WhiteSupremecy
whitesupremecy - murder - rodneyking - blessup - racism - ripericgarner - palestine - unity - ericgarner - wakeup - nypd - humanity -
diemaiii : They don't hear you though
queenmarley_dee : @diemaiii imma keep posting and telling people until they do! Show up at rallies and protests when I can and I bet they will hear us!
ohiobud420 : I hear you. Thanks for posting @queenmarley_dee it's a Shame this stupid shit has happened.
pacopantera : @titohashtag @incognitus_ @kalotape
queenmarley_dee : @ohiobud420 the ridiculous thing is that this is a reoccurring problem! And these evil cops get away without any liability while we continue to pay for their "paid suspension" with our tax dollars. It blows my mind 😫 - schoolboy_j - manzamuzaii - thealibixstory -
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