PUPPET #AlSharpton: At the bottom of this pic you see #RodneyKing who made national news in the 90s for his police brutality situation that was caught on tape. His community was so furious that they decided to revolt against the system that was terrorizing them & fight back. Now here we are in 2014 & the very sad case of police brutality against the late #EricGarner has risen to epic proportions as well. Here's how I feel about the "March for justice" Al Sharpton recently did.. basically he aint nothing but a PUPPET white supremacists use to keep us calm when we have an opportunity to truly fight back for the 1st time in our history in amerikkka. We could of had a REAL REVOLUTION over Erics death, but Al said no lets march to make you all feel better than go home quietly & pray to jesus to fix it. They was marching in the 50s & 60s & where are we now in 2014? mourning another unnecessary killing of a black man & shaking our heads, while white folks know we'll stop talking about it next month. like I always say, "WHATS A PROTEST SIGN TO A MAN WITH A GUN POINTED AT YOU?".. al sharpton's current net worth is 5 million $ & guess who signs his checks? the ones he allegedly "despises" the most. ITS ALL A SHOW TO MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE THESE PPL REALLY CARE ABOUT HOW WE FEEL! Theyre are more black men in prison than were enslaved in 1850, whens Al talking about that? Blacks have virtually no economic or political power in the u.s that benefits US, I dont hear Al starting rallies about that. Why isnt he starting a fuss over the fact that DETROIT hasnt had running water in weeks even if he knows detriot is 85 percent black? When something awful happens to us he's not there to help, he's there to do #DamageControl !!, but im sleep tho..wake me up when the new black panthers emerge! #gtfoh #housenegrosharpton #DontKeepCalm #EyeForAnEye #Unapologetic
unapologetic - damagecontrol - housenegrosharpton - rodneyking - gtfoh - alsharpton - dontkeepcalm - ericgarner - eyeforaneye - : Nice profile @gypsysoul_sha :)
gypsysoul_sha : thanks for the support โ™ก ๐Ÿ˜Š
black_knif3 : Damn...where is Pac when we need him at a time like this? If only...
gypsysoul_sha : @black_knif3 hes where all the black potential threats to white supremacy are, assassinated ๐Ÿ™
simply_me_d : Spoken Truth... Smh It's All Apart Of The Conspiracy
kenchatman - dr_helms - afrikaninamerikkka - ebony_dniece -
#murder #homicide #popo #pigs #sublime #rodneyking #187 #cops
homicide - murder - rodneyking - popo - cops - pigs - 187 - sublime -
theproduca - jasmineeee__1028 - vhd46 - alexispeguero95 -
@mrsking84 we damn ain't forgotten about what your pops went threw with these #dirtycops Rest in Peace #RodneyKing (90' state of mind) stand up
dirtycops - rodneyking -
mrsking84 : Thanks Linnie...I appreciate the love !!!!!!!!! Always
sherybabe1 : Oooh wow! Yes I remember Tht like yesterday! The cops are out of control since way back, ain't nothin change... Tht happen where I grew up in the valley!!
korimerrah - _denim08 - moet_kd - divinedbeauty -
I'm fed up to the neck with this reckless murdering of innocent civilians. From Staten Island all the way to #Palestine ... Idk why I have to tell other human being that MURDER is wrong! Look at this story here, innocent African American man LITERALLY gets choked to death for NOTHING in broad daylight! And y'all black folks out here singing "I woke up like this" "I'm a real nigga" rah rah rah, trying to fight each other over the dumbest SHIT like an unfollow on Instagram while our people are still getting slain by the white man. But y'all too busy keeping up with that Brazillian hair, French manicure, latest pair of Jordan's, NBA stats and bogus distractions but I bet y'all can't tell me the last time you stood up for the oppressed! Back then the people burned down half of LA streets because of #RodneyKing but I bet none of y'all ignorant asses will even repost this. #RIPEricGarner #Unity #WakeUp #BlessUp #Racism #Murder #Humanity #EricGarner #NYPD #WhiteSupremecy
whitesupremecy - murder - rodneyking - blessup - racism - ripericgarner - palestine - unity - ericgarner - wakeup - nypd - humanity -
diemaiii : They don't hear you though
queenmarley_dee : @diemaiii imma keep posting and telling people until they do! Show up at rallies and protests when I can and I bet they will hear us!
ohiobud420 : I hear you. Thanks for posting @queenmarley_dee it's a Shame this stupid shit has happened.
pacopantera : @titohashtag @incognitus_ @kalotape
queenmarley_dee : @ohiobud420 the ridiculous thing is that this is a reoccurring problem! And these evil cops get away without any liability while we continue to pay for their "paid suspension" with our tax dollars. It blows my mind ๐Ÿ˜ซ - its_jugiie - schoolboy_j - ballbaginthewind -
STILL NOT LOVING POLICE (1999) #justiceforericgarner #ericgarner #unarmed #innocent #NYPD #KKPD #policebrutality #violence #crime #murder #newyork #statenisland #menace2society #187 #justice #nojustice #causeofdeath #rodneyking #beating #trial #blackamerica #civilrights #lahaine #fuckthapolice #stillnotlovingthepolice #wontrunfromthepolice #oscargrant #seanbell #danroyhenry #ripericgarner
menace2society - justiceforericgarner - nojustice - wontrunfromthepolice - newyork - kkpd - policebrutality - ripericgarner - unarmed - ericgarner - murder - causeofdeath - civilrights - stillnotlovingthepolice - nypd - oscargrant - fuckthapolice - rodneyking - lahaine - justice - violence - seanbell - crime - trial - blackamerica - 187 - innocent - beating - statenisland - danroyhenry -
its_jugiie : FTP
bossette__kelx : Fuck them!!
wyatt_jericho_awesomeness : U peace of shits
jimmynikricket - mdlf529 - human_nature7 - bossette__kelx -
REPOST FROM @brothahaneef: "#PoliceBrutality has consistently gone up since the #RodneyKing beating. The only reason we're seeing it now is because people are capturing it with their #CellPhones #Amerikkka #PoliceTerrorism" WAKE UP
cellphones - policeterrorism - amerikkka - policebrutality - rodneyking -
davekoolman2 : THIS IS A POLICE STATE
living_lovin13 : Stuff like this make u wanna ... Well I'm not even gon say.... These sites are watched !! It's pathetic and rediculious and beyond
moshaythemodel : ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ”ซ
misssantasiachanel : I don't even know what to say to this. Pissed off.
superblazeosbourne : Like I always say #VIOLENCEONLYRECOGNIZESVIOLENCE when we start killing them like they're killing us things will change, you must have the same level of brutality as your enemy, when we as a people see 1 of our own being done this way we need to step in on the spot, jump in fight the cops, start carrying your rifle out in public strapped to your back, if you have a carry conceal wear your weapon and use it to diffuse situations like this..., trust me when I say this...a sight of a gun or an organized front of people changes people's minds and actions in a hurry. All that marching and rallying and saying shit like get justice for this person get justice for that person doesn't mean shit!!!!
iamdjsachi : You hear him, "I can't breathe"
dollieluerowe - ahmadmeddyabuu.iamahmad01 - juicing_beauty - urbangiggle -
Idk why it took so long but hey now the rest of America now know what the war on drugs targeted #minorites#WarOnDrugs#WeAllKnowTheyDoTgeMostDrugd#JustBeingSarcastic#PrettySad#SadderThanWhenFolksFoundOutAboutPoliceBeatings#RodneyKing#America
america - rodneyking - justbeingsarcastic - minorites - sadderthanwhenfolksfoundoutaboutpolicebeatings - prettysad - weallknowtheydotgemostdrugd - warondrugs -
raiysaaliyah : Finally. Only took about forever.
houstons_own713 : Kill cops ๐Ÿ”ซ
kony_montanna : We can never encourage against anyone @houstons_own713
naimdadream - _ciaobellaaaaa - raiysaaliyah - stafamu_ -
No long caption needed. ๐Ÿธ๐Ÿต #TheFluorideIsWorking
turndownforwhat - march - turnup - policebrutality - ericgarner - sleep - peacemaker - testrun - death - rodneyking - sheeple - father - la_riots - alsharpton - drugaddict - wakeup - beating - fluoride - thefluorideisworking -
conspiracy_brutha : #EricGarner #Father #Peacemaker #Death #March #AlSharpton #PoliceBrutality #RodneyKing #DrugAddict #Beating #LA_Riots #Fluoride #TestRun #TurnUp #TurnDownForWhat? ๐Ÿšฟ๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ’ค #Sleep #Sheeple #WakeUp
tvco : Ohhh took me a while to understand. I saw a person that looked just like Eric Garner in the riots being choked and handled exactly the same..... his-story repeats itself
afrogeniusm : Yep we have forgotten at this point just trying to get people to understand why there angry is the goal
nickev112 : The universal machine works on a cycle. Empires rise and fall and people that are oppressed either die and are made extinct or fight and survive to see the future. Which one will happen to Black people I'm not sure.
ssd30seven - j__ruizxo - letusawaken - strangeroooo -
By @_smyrk_ "#SeanBell โžก๏ธ#Gaza #Gaza โฌ…๏ธ #EricGarner Our world is changing, but the people aren't. #PrayForPeace"
amadoudiallou - prayforpeace - rodneyking - jordandavis - seanbell - ericgarner - trayvon - gaza - oscargrant - denzeldowell -
2muchhood : just like we forget about #Trayvon , #JordanDavis, #AmadouDiallou, #DenzelDowell , #OscarGrant & to a least extent #RodneyKing & countless others man
kassiejuanna - msldyniecey_p2 - thestopbullyingproject - mollyxxxpills -
@woolymammothtc you are a #DC #gem #RodneyKing is a fantastic and moving #play
play - dc - gem - rodneyking -
katyk00 -
Pleasantly surprised by mr roger g smith himself #RODNEYKING
rodneyking -
excuseher_french : ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ’•
luvmewontu - b.y.a.n.c.a - _ichipz_ - ez_got_tekniques -
".. can't we all just get along?" haha nah I got a beating in the pit the other night ala Mr. Rodney King ahah didn't realize it till the next day..get away; you might catch my bufftidus lol nah #beating#moshing#moshpit#showyourscars#rodneyking#buff#coke#enjoyit hahah
showyourscars - rodneyking - enjoyit - moshing - coke - moshpit - beating - buff -
speeddemonhex : Haha yea I got bruised up also
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๐Ÿšจ"Can we all just get along" #RodneyKing #RogerGSmith #black #theater #arts #swimmingpools #change #amazingstory
arts - theater - rodneyking - swimmingpools - rogergsmith - black - amazingstory - change -
_b0ss : Hell No
eseadoesit : Ohhhhhh em geeeeeee #myniggamynigga @sweetpea2t
lafamedical : This is beautifulโ€ฆ
simanchen : wonderful pic @virginia102
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I was in that car lol luckily I didn't get dragged out and beat #RodneyKing #CuzImBlack
rodneyking - cuzimblack -
chanceshe : Speeding?
yendorgnik : @chanceshe Didn't come to a complete stop lol
agentgamboa : Dang rod did you hide in the shadows XD
mannysg32 : Alright don't even give me photo cred
yendorgnik : @mannysg32 Photocred lol
yendorgnik : @agentgamboa hahaha yes!
heather_garent : He is so lucky.........
yendorgnik : @heather_garent Seriously! I would have been so scared
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It's sick when people in a position of power use it for evil and brutality. #RodneyKing #EricGarner #MarlenePinnocks #OscarGrant #Others #RIP #ThisOnlyHappensToMinorities
ericgarner - oscargrant - rodneyking - others - thisonlyhappenstominorities - marlenepinnocks - rip -
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Lmbo! How @tifflanee be doing my baby Joshua! Hahahaha #rodneyking #turnover!!
rodneyking - turnover -
kristen_moments : ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
jbrown454 : Lmao po baby
tifflanee : ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Shut up!! Lmbooo! See this is why he lays across the bed. I'm not about to chase him
nalismami : Pahahahahaaaaa
tifflanee : Belt comin so fast you can't even see it
kingdomcitizen1 - miss_nene_only1me - the_mrslenford - cnsampa -
thespian - rogerguenveursmith - rodneyking -
one_phoenixrising : #RogerGuenveurSmith ...a #thespian genius created and performing #RodneyKing
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One more day to see this powerful one man show #RodneyKing CapitalFringe
rodneyking -
This piece is in memory of #EricGarner #JonathanFerrell #JordanDavis #TrayvonMartin #OscarGrant #SeanBell #AbnerLouima #AmadouDiallo #RodneyKing #ChristopherWallace #TupacShakur #MartinLutherKingJr #FredHampton #MalcolmX #MedgerEvers #StevenBiko #JasonMizell #EmmitTill and innumerable other black men and children who have met such a tragic and inexcusable end. #RIP #policebrutality #nypd #justice
blackhistory - poem - stevenbiko - policebrutality - rip - jasonmizell - emmittill - christopherwallace - malcolmx - trayvonmartin - blackonblackcrime - nypd - martinlutherkingjr - tupacshakur - martyrs - oscargrant - abnerlouima - rodneyking - ourstory - justice - ericgarner - seanbell - medgerevers - jordandavis - fredhampton - jonathanferrell - amadoudiallo - blackconsciousness - whoshotwho -
prophetic_phonetics : This open season policy on black men perpetrated by the savagery of police brutality has proven time and time again how meaningless our lives are in the eyes of those who abuse their powers while in positions of authority. They refuse to do the right thing and in the process lives are destroyed due to the unnecessary use of excessive force. Give them an inch and they will take your life. That's why we have to be forever on guard when it comes to any interaction with the boys in blue, because it's more than apparent that they view us as animals in a zoo and they're the gatekeepers paid to keep us contained through the use of intimidation and fear. Therefore, Black people have to stay vigilant in our efforts to set a positive example of self-worth by respecting and loving each so our value in society is held with sincere reverence and relevance. It's imperative that we do so justice and equality for all men regardless of race can prevail against the ignorance, bigotry, and racism of others. We create our own legacy and the destiny of our posterity must be our responsibility to ensure a better tomorrow for them. This may seem idealistic, but the reality is no one else will care about our future until we do. #blackconsciousness #blackhistory #Ourstory #policebrutality #martyrs #blackonblackcrime #whoshotwho #poem
viki.1123 : wonderful pic @virginia102
prophetic_phonetics : Thank you @viki.1123
edgar.a.poe - erikah413 - helallll - miss_p_da_lioness -
I really wish this wasnt an #EverydayThing #ripERICGARNER #EricGarner #nypd #policebrutality REPOST FROM @akanundrum: "A Staten Island man named Eric Garner a father of 6, died after he was placed in a chokehold by the NYPD on 7/17/14. Allegedly two police officers were trying to arrest Garner for selling untaxed cigarettes. Garner proclaimed to the officers that he was not selling cigarettes and that he wanted to be left alone. In the footage taken by a bystander an officer can be seen placing Garner in a chokehold and then Garner is wrestled to the ground by three additional officers. Garner can also be heard on the video repeatedly saying "I can't breathe".......what the hell is this??? The use of the chokehold was banned from the NYPD. In a statement, PBA president Patrick J Lynch said: "Not wanting to be arrested does not grant the individual the right to resist arrest nor does it free the officers of obligation to make the arrest. in these cases, justice for all involved demand a complete an internal investigation of the facts before any conclusions are drawn." THEY APPLIED A PROHIBITED METHOD OF FORCE AND MURDERED THIS FATHER IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. @sancophaleague @solar_innerg "When will we care enough to meet, plan, organize and mobilize?"" #SayTheWord (via #RepostWhiz @RepostWhiz app)
ripericgarner - everydaything - rodneyking - repostwhiz - ericgarner - illegal - nypd - saytheword - policebrutality - chokehold -
the_radical_mind : I know, its a cold world...these days we have to look out for out own...speaking of which, did you happen to see the petition that i posted on my wall? @loyal_love7414
the_radical_mind : For our own*
loyal_love7414 : True :( and No I didn't see it, tag me below it. @the_radical_mind I'll take a look at it.
veloz_justin : Where's the rest of the footage? There's a major chunk where he is resisting that's missing
the_radical_mind : Ok. Let me ask you this sir, was he resisting once they had him on the ground? Because thats the point where they applied the #Illegal #ChokeHold. That is what is in question here @veloz_justin
1linequeen : The man said I can't breathe 6 times, I don't give a shit about any rest of the video... This is a human rights problem. The police are supposed to serve and protect not make judgement calls about which human lives get valued. Heartbroken and outraged. If you are not something is wrong with your character.
the_radical_mind : @1linequeen thank you!!!
houstons_own713 : Kill cops๐Ÿ”ซ now until forever
moorelove91 - sethosaurus89 - sondraxrose12 - kem3311 -
Found a couple of these little guys these morning. They are just too adorable. #inb4warts #frog #babyfrog #pizza #itwasdelicious #morning #rodneyking
itwasdelicious - babyfrog - rodneyking - pizza - inb4warts - frog - morning -
beznet : Loos like a raisin with legs
stanton_faulk : Tasted like one too, @beznet
ljeuqilejna - scoooterbug - amaalzamil - ay_mee_sawn_yay -
REPOST @brothahaneef: "#PoliceBrutality has consistently gone up since the #RodneyKing beating. The only reason we're seeing it now is because people are capturing it with their #CellPhones #Amerikkka #PoliceTerrorism" #ostracizepolice #corruption #baconfury #ftp
cellphones - rodneyking - ostracizepolice - policeterrorism - amerikkka - baconfury - policebrutality - ftp - corruption -
logisticsatbest : Saw the whole vid on live leak. This guy articulated an excellent manner and told them "I broke up a fight, I didn't do anything wrong" this echoed what other ppl were saying to them and they still killed him. How this guys sleep at night is beyond me.
jenn_fl : Sick!!! Hate fucking cops biggest EGO!!
loveangelofthedawn : Can't fight against the resistance! Resist! Even if you lose your life..
jaysonsan : HORRIBLE. This needs more shares. How can police be like this!?
jdanmervil : ,#RIP
_soyella : They say they use force when the person is resisting, but even when they're not, they do stuff like this. Not all police are bad, but there are way too many who are, and they are way too powerful
_rockypatel : ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”
jaysonsan - napzter_ - baconsdabommb_freepalestine - iloveyousheena -
#PoliceBrutality has consistently gone up since the #RodneyKing beating. The only reason we're seeing it now is because people are capturing it with their #CellPhones #Amerikkka #PoliceTerrorism
cellphones - policeterrorism - amerikkka - policebrutality - rodneyking -
bookofsam_ : I never heard a story of a Black cop killing a White person! Black cop would of been lynched!
jeanniet_m : Smh
_lovelife_r7 : I saw this on the news!!! So wicked :(
sylvadear : Wow ๐Ÿ˜’
suparnova555 : They arrested me with no cause and almost killed a guy in front of me with the bouton sticks for not complying. Until when are these so called peace officers gonna stop acting like it's the Soviet Union. Wtf
speedstrengthathletics : Makes me sick to my stomach, these cops just committed murder and what will be done!!!!!!!
l.lkfd : @prettyshitpoppin
4everchristianjoy : He was a husband and father of 6...smh
garrick206 - bigtnumber1 - pretty_scarface - bettyboo1508 -
I can't stand to see another innocent man killed at the hands of the people that are supposed to serve and protect us ... Rest in peace to that poor father in Staten Island that was choked to death by the #NYPD #PoliceBrutality #RacialProfiling #Cops #Killers #FruitvaleStation #RodneyKing
fruitvalestation - cops - killers - rodneyking - racialprofiling - nypd - policebrutality -
malvina_2bme : Whoa
itzjackdanz : #itzafaxt
thefuckingreatest : #Truth
thefuckingreatest : Its really not getting any better...
jaredcotter : Well said.
marctoronyc - mach1music - annaso_bossy - idriserba -
rodneyking -
emily_beamer - marieaubree - jason_davy - mallorycarruthers -
#rodneyking #fight-night #pitch2punch
pitch2punch - rodneyking - fight -
archieslap - coby_w - bennyheath - jkd_lwh -
Hey Guy, Art is Art...I do on the most part have respect for our boys in blue..A3 Print available to own - visit the webstore! #PoPo #fiveOh #supertroopers #litreofcola #rodneyking #nypd #LAriots #donuts #bacon #cops #watchawantwatchawant #somewhatcollective #art #prints
prints - litreofcola - supertroopers - rodneyking - art - donuts - popo - somewhatcollective - cops - bacon - fiveoh - lariots - watchawantwatchawant - nypd -
stevemurder - theronnie94 - ladyislington - lshks -
#tbt #ThrowbackThursday #LARiots #RodneyKing #LAPD #FlorenceNormandie #SouthCentral
lapd - southcentral - rodneyking - throwbackthursday - florencenormandie - tbt - lariots -
monchis65 : @selina_e
davo2ooo : You were sittin home watchin your tv....while I was participatin' in some anarchy
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Custom #40oz I did for @_noellemartinez_ @willonorthgallery --- ๐Ÿท๐Ÿ‘ฎ๐Ÿท๐Ÿ‘ฎ๐Ÿท๐Ÿ‘ฎ๐Ÿท #deepcover #hiphop #drdre #snoopdogg #gangsterrap #187 #copkilla #oldeenglish #beer #rap #mmj #graphicdesign #rodneyking #LAriots #packagedesign
hiphop - snoopdogg - lariots - rap - mmj - graphicdesign - gangsterrap - deepcover - oldeenglish - packagedesign - beer - copkilla - 187 - drdre - 40oz - rodneyking -
i75beats : So dope!!
boogerkids - from1985totoday - broke_co - quaissvii -
#tbt. #Drawing I did in 2011 of George Holliday's video of the #1991 #RodneyKing #LAPD beating. #blackhistory #americanhistory #LAriots #1992 #GeorgeHolliday
1991 - blackhistory - rodneyking - tbt - americanhistory - 1992 - lariots - drawing - georgeholliday - lapd -
mmaft_ : Great piece.
jason_patterson : @mmaft_ ๐Ÿ’™
masoncosmo - terramichelle1 - monarchs9161 - wazaaardhi -
It's #Ramadan for those who practice #Islam. In #Palestine as well as around the world. Time to work towards #RodneyKing's goal: Can't we all just get along?
palestine - ramadan - rodneyking - islam -
lexanewfish : I forgot, I took this from @zalameh's page. If you are interested, it's a good page with pictures of what's going on, and images that you may or may not want to aknowledge.
desertrose75 : @zalameh is amazing! Not until people recognize legal oppression & violations of international laws (such as indiscriminate killing of children while playing) will people get along! The voices or reason, peace and equality are on the rise and can no longer be drowned.
islamoriente - _nj57 - tamir0110 - fruitcups -
Correction my mama rolled in like G.I Joe #feltlike #ATeam #swat #RodneyKing #army
swat - feltlike - ateam - rodneyking - army -
tempcgriff : I do that now!Lol!
oftenenvied : You know
duh_rye_us_ : Lol
chyna__dollxoxo - russekgermaine - ruben_plata90 - allhzgl -
Celebrity Boxing Photo & Video shoot. One many Michael Jackson's bodyguard Scott Cummings protected Some of the biggest names around the world ( Sir Elton John, Henry Kissinger, Donald Trump ) It Great working with Scott for a year.. That same evening was late Rodney KIng from LA riots fame.
prizefight - boxing - henrykissinger - michaeljackson - karlweygandt - california - mj - realitytv - boxinggloves - ukraine - bodyguard - rodneyking - la - tv - poland - miamiboxing - sireltonjohn - celebrityboxing - tvpilot - russianboxing - bodyguardtothestars - phillyboxing - beyond1film -
beyond1film : #celebrityboxing #la #bodyguard #bodyguardtothestars #rodneyking #boxing #mj #california #SirEltonJohn #HenryKissinger #karlweygandt a #Beyond1film production #MichaelJackson #boxinggloves #russianboxing #poland #tv #prizefight #tvpilot #RealityTV #Ukraine #miamiboxing #phillyboxing ... Blast from the past ..
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