Any GODZILLA fans on Instagram ?!
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My vanity looks crazy, I am obsessed with Rodan + Fields. There isn't a product I don't love. My skin is better than ever as a bonus. Thanks SJ for my gift for having a great month :) I love my Marc Jacobs bag! #rodan+fields #redefine #macroexfoliator #selftanner #sunscreen #bodylotion #mineralpeptidepowder #marcjacobs
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Celebrating success!! #rodan+fields #lovemylife
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HOLY CRAP. KING GIDORA, RODAN AND MOTHRA ARE GONNA BE IN THE NEXT GODZILLA *nerd out* 👍🐲 #Godzilla #godzilla2 #comiccon #rodan #kinggidorah #mothra #freakout
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Reverse what summer has done to your skin! Message me to get started!! #reverse #changeyourskin #rodan #beauty #antiage
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Watching one of my fav movies: Ghidrah the Three Headed Monster #godzilla#rodan#mothra#ghidrah#oldmovies#moviemonsters
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Who is ready to roll? #rodan+fields #beautiful skin
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Rhodan loves smashing penguin pirate ships! Lol #tortoise #newhobby #penguintoy #rhodan #rodan
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#titanosaurus #rodan
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godzilla_rim : Yay I posted this picture!!!
instagraminglegend : Cool pic
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TODAY & TOMORROW until #Midnight 8/1 & 8/2 #ANYONE who joins my #Rodan & Fields team gets a HUGE #incentive worth $200.00!!! Ask me about the #details. This is a great deal. I signed up with NO incentive and I'm so #glad I did!! #Tannette 270-205-7289 (Created with @tweegram app) #lead #leadetheway #lovetheskinyourin #socool #directsells #makegooddecisions #makemoney
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tiffedrwds : Can u text me the info on this 2702273871
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RESIDUAL INCOME. Shameless shoe fund. Plan B. #rodan+fields #collegefund #financialfreedom
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Imagine! Can't wait for Godzilla 2!!! Picture by @xpecialz Check out his #kaiju pictures #gojirawars #Godzilla #Godzilla2014 #Gojira #Godzilla2000 #rodan #mothra #kingghidorah #monsterarts #shmonsterarts
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xpecialz : Thanks a bunch!!!
gojirawars : @xpecialz you're welcome brother
atheist_gamer : I hear there are more than three monsters! I hope Gigan is in it! :D
andyyuzzem : @deans_ethan
legofroggy_the_writer : I sure hope they don't ruin gidorah.
its_the_fox_tails : Pls have gigan
the_boss_squad_14 : @its_the_fox_tails gigan wasnt confirmed yet they're thinking about it tho
its_the_fox_tails : I know @the_boss_squad_14
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My new favorite night of the week #rodan+fields
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kawarren2 : I love this stuff!!!
jrichardson504 : I 💗 the Macro E nights.
ash_smith85 : Love!!
mrsccarroll : It's like magic!
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FOUND SOME AWESOME RODAN CONCEPT ART FOR THE NEXT MOVIE!!!!!! #awesome #rodan #godzilla2014 #godzilla2 #cant #wait ##
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king_of_all_monsters : True @gojira54
king_of_all_monsters : OKAY HERE GUYS I FOUND THIS AWESOME FAN ART OF RODAN #rodan #godzilla2014 #godzilla2 #awesome
king_of_all_monsters : @chickenman456 @gojira54 @gojifan101 Better
muto_the_official : Dude that's fan art
_j.sun_ : This is fan art not concept art -.-
king_of_all_monsters : @muto_the_official @_j.sun_ we have already established this no need to resurface the argument
exodus758 : Looks pretty damn cool
king_of_all_monsters : @xmercer_basicx no one cares anymore so just drop it so just stop your being annoying so just go away
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this ulis a little wishlist i made for the next godzilla movie...seeing as ghidorah, mothra & rodan are meant to be in it i guess no more could be asked! but i would like to see muto return already even if its only for the first 15 minutes just to show they havent been killed off or as them being ghidorahs pets or something, would also like to see the military have advanced ships like the super x's and whatnot, xilians would be good to see as well or any type of aliens! would also be really good if ghidorah had another form like keizer or something :-) too early to be thinking about it i guess #godzilla #garethedwards #toho #kingghidorah #mothra #rodan #kaiju #legendary #skreeonk
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It had me at "Sales Explode"... The Anti-aging skin care market is $3.9B in North America. This fall, R+F begins opening markets outside the US and you'd be amazed at how much fun we have building this business together. Read what our CEO say, message me for more info or how to get yourself involved. “It’s crowd sourced marketing and distribution – putting your products into the hands of people who care about your products as much as you do,” says Lori Bush, CEO of Rodan + Fields, a San Francisco skin-care company that removed its products from retail in 2007 and has since seen annual sales explode from $4 million to $200 million. Says Bush: “Department stores are not as conducive to helping a new product break through.”.. -Fortune Magazine. #media #fortune #award #winning #directsales #lovelife #bestjobever #rodan #fields #happy
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kingwashington : I'll say!
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I feel like #Godzilla2 is going to be sort of a remake of "Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster" if #KingGhidorah #Rodan & #Mothra are in it. #kaijuleague #kaiju
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orga_the_great : Or invasion of the astro monster
collinhcrosby : @orga_the_great yeah that too
orga_the_great : @collinhcrosby you a league member
collinhcrosby : @orga_the_great I'm Unbelievable_Varan from iFunny
orga_the_great : Oh
collinhcrosby : @orga_the_great is that what you meant?
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This would be awesome!! #rodan #as #a #muto #godzilla2014
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Shipping News - One Less Heartless to Fear LP (Karate Body Records, 2010). #shippingnews #posthardcore #mathrock #postrock #rodan #juneof44 #karatebodyrecords #vinyl #vinyligclub #vinylcollection #vinylporn #instavinyl #records #recordcollection #recordwars #nowspinning @karatebodyrecords
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andrewoverhere : damn
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OH! OH MY JESUS! He's just so fast!!! #EverydayImHusslin #RunGojiRun #Ghidrah #Rodan #Mothra #Godzilla
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cosmic_godzilla : Hello?
goji_king_463 : What? @cosmic_godzilla
cosmic_godzilla : Posts
goji_king_463 : Sure
goji_king_463 : @cosmic_godzilla
_titanosaurus_ : Right in the childhood
goji_king_463 : @_titanosaurus_ haha, good luck goji.... Muahahaha
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Congrats Gareth Edwards, you have sucessfully ruined a movie before it was made
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theultramatrix : YAY
chickenman456 : How so?
chickenman456 : As long as they give Ghidorah a new origin and take away the Mothra fairies, I think it could work out
dragoncrusher97 : @chickenman456 ok, just hear me out ( althought i consider the hypothesis of ghidorahs new origin and mothra with no fairies) this new universe its not about a dinosaur who survived and got radioactive mutation due to nuclear tests - this godzilla is a species of radioactive amphibious reptiles who apparently has some empathy with mankind... Now just compare this: instead of having a giant alien butterfly or a 3 headed alien dragon, wouldnt it be better to have prehistoric beasts, like rodan, anguirus or even baragon? It just doesnt fuck up the reality on these new movies
chickenman456 : @dragoncrusher97 i'm going to have to agree. You can't just say the movie is bad before it even came out, but I do wish they went with Titanosaurus or an original monster
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GODZILLA 2 on Netflix! (Not really but is the first movie Godzilla turns good and teams up with Mothra and Rodan to fight King Ghidorah) #godzilla #godzilla2 #kingghidorah #mothra #rodan #toho #netflix
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reverendwyrm : It's rad that it's available. There are a couple of others on the 'flix as well.
rflo1122 : Totally watching that later!
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Anti-aging at its finest lol #rodan+fields
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susanwaltersbrown : My favorite part about getting ready for bed!
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With the success of Godzilla, Legendary Pictures couldn't help but tease hints at a sequel since the release. At Comicon, Legendary has officially confirmed a sequel will be in the works. Gareth Edwards will return to direct but after his other obligations *cough cough* Star Wars spinoff. Expect "The King of Monsters" to smash theaters again in 2018. A short clip of what to expect in the sequel was showed at Comicon. The footage featured Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidorah thrashing cities. Has Godzilla finally met his match with three of the toughest and most iconic Kaiju monsters? It is unknown if Aaron Taylor Johnson or Elizabeth Olsen will return due to there contracts with Marvel/Disney "Avengers Franchise" Any thoughts? Is 2018 to long a wait? #legendary #movies #godzilla #legendarypictures #comicon #mothra #sequel #rodan #kaiju #Ghidorah #aarontaylorjohnson #elizabetholsen #garethedwards #starwars #avengers
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thechiefandred : Are they making a remake of one of the original movies I forgot what the name is
silverscreeninsight : @thechiefandred I believe the sequel will be original, but the film I believe your talking about is "Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack"
legendary_godzilla : You know, they may be remaking "Ghidrah, The Three Headed Monster"! That also featured Ghidorah, Rodan and Mothra. Rodan and Godzilla fought for a bit, then they teamed up with Mothra against King Ghidorah!
silverscreeninsight : I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for the update. @legendary_godzilla
legendary_godzilla : @silverscreeninsight No problem!
_timotheo__ : Is that pic real or fake?
silverscreeninsight : @_timotheo__ this is not an official picture for the movie
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I loved Gareth Edward's take on the king of the monsters. The suspense, the awaited reveal of Godzilla, the first time Godzilla uses his atomic breath, it was all so amazing! I'm even more excited for the franchise after what was revealed at Comic-con. The king will be joined by 3 more classic Toho kaijus: the beautiful daikaiju Mothra, the pterosaur-inspired Rodan, and Godzilla's archnemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah! I'm so excited to see how these titans will battle! Will alliances be formed? "Let them fight!" #fanboy #geek #gamer #godzilla #garethedwards #toho #legendary #kingofthemonsters #gaymer #kaiju #daikaiju #mothra #rodan #kingghidorah #letthemfight #thethreeheadedmonster #comiccon2014 #cantwait
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lherooftime : @gordonjahn I'm sure this film will be more to your liking 😄
jrcd88 : <3 Mothra <3
garchomp_45 : OMG I got so excited when they announced this!! #teammothra
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Godzilla's Atomic Breath isn't something the beast enjoys using. It's more of a last resort type of thing and the blast puts a massive strain on his body. For example, Godzilla passed out after using the atomic breath. It has leveled large parts of Tokyo, slowed down Monster X's plummet to earth, and he's even decapitated Gigan. He doesn't usually pass out but he gets tired and slow(er). ~NthMetalClawz #Godzilla #Kaiju #MonsterX #IDWComics #AtomicBreath #Destroyah #Rodan #Mothra #DestroyAllMonsters
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specialforcesairborne : Lol that's exactly why I hate super hot showers. I can see that though. He used it like 3 times in the new movie and immediately went to sleep
the_justice_league_of_america : @thecomictheorists what was the first appearance of the Atomic Breath. Do you know? If so which series was it?
the_justice_league_of_america : @specialforcesairborne so we meet again
thecomictheorists : The Atomic breath first appeared in the movies. @the_justice_league_of_america
the_justice_league_of_america : Well I know that but what is its first comic appearence @thecomictheorists
the_justice_league_of_america : What is the series called?
thecomictheorists : I stopped reading Godzilla since a year ago so I wouldn't know. I only plucked this pic out to explain the Atomic Breath. @the_justice_league_of_america
the_justice_league_of_america : Oh ok @thecomictheorists
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#VideoGames #Gojira #Godzilla #Legends #KingOfMonster #Toho #Mothra #Rodan #Merchandise #2014 #Monster
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Haha, I got bored. So here listen to my annoying voice. Lol #anguirus #rodan #gigan #OhGodNo
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theultimategodzilla : Lol that's actually really funny and original!
atomicrex : 😂😂😂😆😆 so true
goji_king_463 : @theultimategodzilla haha, thanks man!
goji_king_463 : @atomicrex ikr!!!
_monster_x_ : Lol that's funny
__biollante__ : Wow this is so true
__biollante__ : Much laugh much funny
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Ready for the Facial Social today at 7!!! I know it's only about 3 but I'm babysitting before hand :) #rodan #fields #rodanandfields #skincare #skin #facialsocial #event #ilovemyjob #dressedup #hairdone #happyskin #freefacial
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slimwaistfit2 : Your so pretty and I love your sense of fashion. Your body look great do you waist train like me. Thats how I got a small waist
ashleyann622 : Thank you @slimwaistfit2 :)) and no, I just like to run and spend time with lil kids and since they are always running around that's usually how I get my workout!
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sooooooo stoked for 'Godzilla 2', even though I must wait 3+ years. I'm just not a huge Mothra fan though... I love Rodan, and thinking of King Ghidorah as CGI gives me chills. I'm sure Mothra will look cool, but the whole magical fairy moth business is not my cup of tea :p #shotsfired
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ookami_takeru : #ゴジラ #モスラ #godzilla #mothra #gojira #mosura #kaiju #lol #cosplay #anime #japan #japanese #rodanconfirmed #rodan #godzilla2 #ghidorah
ookami_takeru : #mothraconfirmed #kingghidorah #kingghidorah #ghidrah
godzilla_gojira_ : Godzilla and mothra should be married
ookami_takeru : @godzilla_gojira_ depends on how well Mothra sucks on balls... what
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Director of Godzilla Gareth Edwards teased the potential villains for the sequel. In an old school Monarch film clip shown at SDCC, it confirmed Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah! #godzilla #godzilla2 #rodan #mothra #kingghidorah #sdcc
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christianriddick88 : Hey
the_movieninja : @christianriddick88 sup?
fan_boi : OHHH YES
johnnysokko : ⚡️AwEsOmE⚡️
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