A few of my favorite figures #godzilla #godzillavsbiollante #godzilla90s #evangelion #neongenesisevangelion #zachiel #angel #gundam #gundamwing #heavyarms #wingzero #rodan #firerodan #shmonsterarts #necagodzilla #necatoys #necafigures
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I AM BLESSED, beyond my own understanding! I took a huge leap of faith with a very uncertain, skeptical mindset. I was interested, said no, and ignored Laura for 2 WHOLE years before saying "YES" to Rodan and Fields. I was newly engaged, had a very traumatic car accident, and had a whole lot on my plate; but circumstances are never perfect, I couldn't put it off any longer! We have had many an obstacle, but with Tim's support and a lot of time on my knees I am becoming successful with this crazy, once in a lifetime business! I have watched it absolutely TRANSFORM lives around me: Moms able to stay home with their kids, men & women able to retire from the corporate world, build their dream homes, open orphanages, support missions, plant churches, create residual income, win a Lexus of their choice, and all the while CHANGING the lives around them for the better! Empowering, inspiring, giving, these are all words I associate with the consultants in this company!!!! They are my family and I have enormous amounts of support and prayers constantly coming my way from every angle! I'm in this to be able to GIVE more, DO more, live fearlessly without financial restraint, pursue missions, and never have to say "God, I can't go to the ends of the earth because I don't have the funds." God is setting a path before me to provide a way to support us on the field. I believe this with my ENTIRE heart! I believe in his company, I believe in the products, and I believe that we never have to settle! This month God has overwhelmed me with gaining a bonus, pay raise, and a promotion!!!!!!!! All with a company backed by the BEST dermatologists in the country, creators of the household name and #1 selling acne treatment in the world, who gave is gold by allowing us to represent them!!!! God is good, in fact He is immeasurably more than I can fathom! #blessed #jesusrant #Rodan&fields
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A new journey starts with a clean face. #beauty #rodan+fields.
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sarasplan12 : The Redefine face wash is my favorite!
antasiasboutique : Always! #clean #face 🎀Follow @antasiasboutique🎀
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Ask me how to help you change your skin! #Rodan+Fields ❤️
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stephjkroppie : I love these products because they have something for EVERY type of skin!! 🙌❤️ #firmbeliever
courtkleve2 : 👆true that!!!!! 💪
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Ghidorah the three headed monster #godzilla #kingghidorah #rodan #mothra
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Rodan coming in for a attack! #rodan #baragon
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godzilla_rim : sick shot
smoking_hedorah_rules : Thanks @godzilla_rim
arkhampredator : Where do u get the trees?
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Thank you @lonergan1026 for believing in me! #dreamingBIG #Rodan+Fields
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After being a skeptic for months, I decided to try Rodan & Fields because I wasn't happy with my skin and had tried so many other products that haven't worked. With the 60 day money back guarantee, I figured I had nothing to lose. Turns out the products actually DO WORK and I'm thrilled with my results! I love the products so much, I decided to become a consultant so I could help others who might be in the same situation. Anything from Wrinkles & Loss of Firmness to Dullness & Sunspots to Sensitive Skin (eczema & psoriasis) to Acne and Acne Scarring. Curious about what I used or any other R&F products? PM me and we'll chat!😀 #rodan&fields #skincare
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Check this out! Our Macro-exfoliator is on the Doctor's today! Message me to get yours! #rodan+fields #changingskin #changinglives #macroexfoliator #microdermabrasion
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I 💗 my macro exfoliator !! Featured today at 11AM on The Doctors!! #thedoctorstv @thedoctorstv #rodan&fields Purchase this TODAY and I'll give you a free gift under 60$ Your choice!!
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My favorite tool! #Rodan+Fields
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danieleigh34 : @robbieborghi - you should try this thing! It's great! It exfoliates the dead skin cells right off your face! I always notice a change in my skin after I use it!
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Champagne and célfies. #selfie #picoftheday #instagood #rodan #lycheeroyal #chicago
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hugecarbuff : Miss you guys!
tylerguzman : @hugecarbuff we miss you too!!!!
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#Rodan+Fields is the complete package. Partners, Products, Proven Success, Press, Pay Plan, and Programs. These products work and the business model is built for impressive success. How many people do you know drive a #Lexus awarded for performance by their company -- and -- have a monthly income of $20,000 plus? I know several! Message me & lets get started. #letsdothis2015 #RFGetStartedNow #skincare #dermatologists
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Botox is botulism. It puts a needle into your skin to paralyze your muscle. The texture of your skin will still have an expression line or wrinkle. In order to get rid of that expression line you would have to go back and have another needle full of hyaluronic acid injected to fill that wrinkle & plump it up. Rodan+Fields ACUTE CARE has hyaluronic acid & peptides. You literally fill your wrinkle while you sleep!! The hyaluronic acid & peptides melt into your skin while you sleep to plump your wrinkles up. Many people are raving about their results from one single use, but if you really want to see great long term results the full regimen is best! Its cheaper, comparable results, less painful, easy to use & a fourth of the cost of the alternative (botox/hyaluronic acid injections). #letstalk #hitmeup #rodan #fields
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Check this out! #lovemymacro #rodan+fields #greatskin #beauty
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kellee_armywife : Send me a message to get yours!
Even the DOCTORS are talking about it- Buy a MACRO E and night creams on me!!!!!!! #RF #Rodan#rodanandfields #MacroE #Results My FAV product to be featured on The Doctors tomorrow! More free press! R+F Proud! #somajor #somuchmorethanskincare ----> see link in profile. You won't be sorry. Order one of these from me tomorrow and receive a $40 REBATE! #exfoliate #MacroMonday
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Burger sent from heaven 🙌 #burger #bacon #rodan #wickerpark #chicago #chicagofoodauthority
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insta_chicago : Great photo!
msalyer87 : @insta_chicago Thanks!
kevinrichdoyle : Totally Awesome!! Want to connect? Follow me and I will follow back #follow #follow4follow
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Watch tomorrow on @thedoctorstv. Order here #macro #exfoliate #thedoctors #rodanandfields #rodan #fields #mompreneurs #changingskinchanginglives #loveyourskin
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And the winner is @betsywhatley91! Please send your address in a direct message. Your prize will be delivered in 2-3 business days! @shelbybeam you also won a four night sample of the Redefine line night renewing serum which helps improve visible wrinkles around the eyes and provides firmness as preventative for anti-aging! Also message your address to receive prize! #winners #Rodan&Fields #giveaway
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kaitlinberesik : It is a fantastic photo. Check out -- to get more followers. Goodbye!!
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#beardeddragons #beardies #leatherback #hypo #rodan #gigan #thebabies #giganneedstpgrow
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#rodanandfields #rodan #fields #60daychallenge #greatskin #changingskinchanginglives #mompreneurs #love #valentinesday
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hollywoodairbrushtanningacadem : Pretty!
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Don't wait! Start today! #rodanandfields #rodan #fields #mompreneurs #homebuisness #success #changingskinchanginglives #happyskin #healthyskin #valentinesday #love
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My skin prep for marathon #blizzardof2015 TV coverage = 5 mins w/ my BFF #macroE #rodan+fields
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mludwick1 : ❤️ I had my 5 minutes last night ... Without a side of pre-blizzard coverage lol
jacksonm23 : I'm gonna pray for you a lot!
saminock : 👆Agreed @jacksonm23 ! Stay safe big!!
kevinrichdoyle : OMG!
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Dozed off a little and made the kaiju from the infamous Godzilla gameboy game :p #gojira #godzilla #gojira1954 #gojira2014 #godzilla1954 #godzilla2014 #godzillapixelart #gojira60thanniversary #godzilla60thanniversary #kaiju #pixelart #minecraft #rodan #baragon #hedorah #mechagodzilla #mechagojira #anguirus #anguilus #kingghidorah #ghidorah #kingghidrah #ghidrah #gameboy #godzillagameboy
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zillacrafter19 : @_titanosaurus_ yeah, guess you're right. Just didnt want anyone saying I'm copying you. :P
_titanosaurus_ : @zillacrafter19 fair warning though it took me three times to redo Hedorah because the pixels were hard to match up so be careful
zillacrafter19 : @_titanosaurus_ ok, thanks. Might do a row of Hedorahs now. Hail Hedorah!
_titanosaurus_ : @zillacrafter19 I'll do a NES version of Hedorah tomorrow
zillacrafter19 : @_titanosaurus_ yeah, I'm working on an snes ghidorah
_titanosaurus_ : @zillacrafter19 Cool!
smoking_hedorah_rules : Finally someone who likes me! @zillacrafter19
zillacrafter19 : @smoking_hedorah_rules 😄
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Join me on the journey to great skin. #rodan+fields #loveyourface #redefineyourself
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#SkinCare #Beauty #WrinkleWarrior #Results #Rodan+Fields #Anti-Aging #Ageless #WorkFromHome
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You aren't born with dark spots, you don't have to live with them! #loveyourskin #rodan+fields #reverse
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misha_sajjad : Welcome to insta!!!👯
misha_sajjad : #rodanandfields #rodanfields #skincare #greatskin #beautifulskin #darkspots #acne #wrinkles #sundamage
kevinrichdoyle : Looking Good!
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One of my Rodan & Fields faves!!!! 😍 Microderm paste that will have you swearing you just had a professional microderm treatment! Use on face or body (scaly elbows, cracked heels) and say hello to baby smooth skin! #rodan&fields
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A little showa action for your Sunday. #gojira #godzilla64 #rodan #baragon #toho #TamashiiNations #revoltech #shmonsterarts #kaiju #showa
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It only takes 15 minutes. Listen anonymously tonight at 7pm central. What have you got to lose?? #Rodan+Fields #WorkFromHome #NewYearNewYou #NothingToLose
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conquerfreedom : Nice one! Keep the good stuff coming! if you need help getting leads for your business text or call me my number is in my bio. Have a blessed day! f4f?
kevinrichdoyle : On a scale from 1 to 10 just how happy are you? lol
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Tomorrow is Monday and someone's going to win this! I'm feeling generous so I might throw in a prize for three more winners too!! #giveaway #Rodan&Fields #loveyourskin
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Has anyone else seen these #Godzilla #Bootlegs? #Rodan #KingGhidorah #Gigan
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sean_aguirre11 : Those look shity
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#FigurePhotography #Bandai #TamashiiNations #SHMonsterArts #Godzilla2014 #Revoltech #Rodan #Anguirus #Baragon #Kaiju #Toho
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kaiju_collectibles : Cool pic
dorkdimension : Godzilla! Give us piggy back rides too! G: ONE AT A TIME!
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