Love these 2 guys. One I've been in the trenches with for several years. And the other, someone who I'm sensing The Lord is preparing the next season of trench work with. Love this life of ministry. #rock1825 #theendofanera with @tgibson & @dquimlat
theendofanera - rock1825 -
jontorres1 - see_rob - ceesphoto - mike_castillo426 -
Movie night tonight! Come check out "Elf" after the 7pm service at Rock Church East County. #ecyoungadults #rock1825 #makeitadatenight
makeitadatenight - ecyoungadults - rock1825 -
v_gibson : So excited!
a_macias5 - jazgallsd - gonzalezzoar1092 - haleykrem -
Thanksgiving outreach at #ecrockchurch where we served 549 meals, gave away truck loads of clothes, sleeping bags and many gift cards to those who are in need this holiday season. #ecyoungadults #rock1825 #pervasivehope
ecrockchurch - rock1825 - ecyoungadults - pervasivehope -
therocksandiego : So awesome!!
v_gibson - mattcarreonmusic - molleeann - jazgallsd -
Thanksgiving outreach at #ecrockchurch where we served 549 meals, gave away truck loads of clothes, sleeping bags, and many gift cards to those who are in need during this holiday season. #ecyoungadults #rock1825 #pervasivehope
ecrockchurch - rock1825 - ecyoungadults - pervasivehope -
k_lewis - hannah_alvizures - mrs___humphrey - monique_1212 -
Essentials. #ootd #todaysfit #rock1825 #tomseyeware #makingmoves #essentials #cantstopwontstop
makingmoves - tomseyeware - todaysfit - ootd - rock1825 - cantstopwontstop - essentials -
mingo2 : Love that shirt.
eddietastic : @mingo2 it's one of my favorites tee's man!
collinanderson11 : My question is what are you wearing when you take these pictures...
eddietastic : @collinanderson11 hahaha your the first I ask this and usually just boxers and some BBall shorts
luke_skywalker17 : What about the key necklaces?
eddietastic : @luke_skywalker17 dude forgot to take those off and put them down :/ good call next time!
amandajoylimon : I want that shirt!
eddietastic : @amandajoylimon ill see what I can do
amandajoylimon - katharina_15 - leaveittojessie - brandonzedaker -
When graphics are due the next day, you steal like an artist. #humblehustle #googlehelped #rock1825
humblehustle - googlehelped - rock1825 -
erichandley : Dude next time I can help make some graphics!!
stevengrimaldo : This is one of the best steals I've seen in a while dude! Nice work
alexnotonfire : Oh #ptl I was wondering if you remembered this.
teighlorbrown - erikcastillo - wanderingrebel - biancaquinteroo -
Last but not least @prophiphop straight killing it! #rock1825 #redbullsd #humblebeast #spontaneousshow
redbullsd - rock1825 - spontaneousshow - humblebeast -
thebjberry : Where is this!?!?!?
eddietastic : @bjgregor this is in downtown at the warehouse were I do my young adult ministry
thebjberry : Freak! I love propaganda! I wish I had know
thebjberry : Known
stellarsaldana : Such a good shot!
eddietastic : Thanks @stellarsaldana
jessicadawnparker - edgybetty - kgeary_photography - _tupa_ -
Not only great Hip-Hop but they got some of theRedBull BBoys in building! #redbullsd #rock1825 #humblebeast
redbullsd - rock1825 - humblebeast -
dreajaclyn : @eddietastic is that you?? Lol
eddietastic : @dreajaclyn no lol I almost wanted to jump in those were like legit guys from #redbullsd
jennjenn0424 : Wish I had rode home wit u! What was happening there tonight??
eddietastic : @jennjenn0424 yeah it would have been sick lol it was a huge humble beast concert with propaganda and stuff good times
mingo2 - jennjenn0424 - stevimoultrie - marksbell -
@mingo2 texts me on the way back from an assembly and I show to the share house to see that it's a Humble Beast event! Excited to see some people get down and to see @prophiphop #rock1825 #redbullsd #humblebeast
redbullsd - rock1825 - humblebeast -
brookelynnparis - bethanyduhaime - nvinm - hannah_ashlee_hughes -
Happy Easter/Resurrection Day!!! #churchinitup #churchflow #Rock1825 #HeIsRisen 🙌🙏
heisrisen - rock1825 - churchinitup - churchflow -
paigecrumm - msqueenjovi - emilygarrido - nunlikemyche -
5p & 7p | Alumni Center Don't miss this service. Worship with @jruuuu, art interactions, and free coffee. Repost and spread the word! #rock1825.com for more info
rock1825 -
mingo2 : (Sun night only)
water4souls : @mingo2 so there's no service at Rock Point Loma tonight?
mingo2 : @water4souls there are 5 services at the rock. Sdrock.com has all the info
jrodbass - justn_sd - tita2001 - eroc22 -
1. Cut a stencil. 2. Find a dirty surface. 3. Power wash thoroughly. #reversegraffiti #hope #goodfriday #petco
cleangraffiti - hope - reversegraffiti - revolversd - rock1825 - goodfriday - smartinteractions - petco -
mingo2 : @jfact7 🚴 tomorrow night!
mingo2 : #revolversd #rock1825 #smartinteractions
antmiller33 : You never cease to amaze! I love this!
mingo2 : @atmiller33 just keepin it street brotha!! I miss u!
jfact7 : @mingo2 ill be there fer sure my man
mingo2 : #cleangraffiti
emersonnowotny : I remember doing this years back in South America. Dope idea.
mingo2 : @emersonnowotny it came out SO CLEAN!
linzojaye - jessicasmede - tamilu - antmiller33 -
Tonight is the 3rd night in a row we've put street teams into action in downtown. 250 meal vouchers. 500 personal invites. Hundreds of prayers. #hope is coming. #goodfriday 10a-2p Petco Park
revolversd - rock1825 - goodfriday - twelvesd - hope -
jfact7 : @mingo2 invite only?
mingo2 : @jfact7 open to the public. We are doing a ride tomorrow night. Gonna hit the last few untouched blocks... Wanna join?
mingo2 : Props to #rock1825 & #revolverSD #twelveSD @therocksandiego @ithinkschoolassemblies for making this happen!
cloope : Can't wait to see this all come together tomorrow! Come find rest #sandiego
jennjenn0424 - applebeezy - realbrandonhall - jgonzrn -
Blessed to worship with the fam @marcmillan @jrodbass @matthieurouffet #rock1825 @dquimlat
rock1825 -
jrodbass : Thank you and Bren!!!
jay4jesus87 : Thank you for an amazing night! You're team is a blessing, been playing "Cornerstone" all morning! :)
_philiptran - twintreats - erichandley - jruuuu -
1825 Worship Night at SDSU led by @willnbren @marcmillan and the Word thru #westonstutz #rock1825 #sdrock
rock1825 - sdrock - westonstutz -
marksbell : That's SIICK bro!!
dquimlat : @jrodbass
_philiptran - jrodbass - daniellielucille - ryansisson -
Work hard play hard! W/ @mingo2 #rock1825 #SDSU #sandiego #moversandshakers #buildersandmakers
rock1825 - moversandshakers - sdsu - sandiego - buildersandmakers -
_emmuhhlee : Stop it. This car is my dream come true
eddietastic : I know twins remember lol but yeah I get to work with this guy everyday lol
eddietastic : I need to borrow it lol
fallon2 - reannajoy_ - jacijak - erichandley -
All the hard work going into making a super sick interactive art piece for SDSU, so happy! #rock1825 #sandiego #sdsu #makingmoves
rock1825 - makingmoves - sdsu - sandiego -
kayonuh : Hipsters
priscajarf - reannajoy_ - jacijak - erichandley -
"This Poison Prevails" art installation at SDSU. Asking the question: When things go wrong, what are the things (usually poisonous in nature) that we turn to that make it WORSE. #rock1825 #twelvesd
rock1825 - twelvesd -
cstoicu : Honestly incredible engagement piece! Love this @mingo2 Love this! #collegeministry #kingdomimpact
em_turner : This is really wonderful.
alexerlenbush - teighlorbrown - wallerflower - jdav87 -
Playing with Poison: New art installation going up at SDSU tomorrow. Don't miss it. #rock1825 #twelvesd
rock1825 - twelvesd -
mingo2 : "Make it make..." Caught that typo
ronniemaestas : What's going on Thursday night? PJ and I were planning on making our way down there.
mingo2 : @ronniemaestas we are on break! We ain't doing anything... We start back up at the end of feb... Ill totally kick it if you do come down though...!
miketheaquabat - trammelorr - chrisinnirivera - marksbell -
Outfit part Dos'!!!! #essentials #fitoftheday #sandiego #rock1825 #supremesunday
fitoftheday - rock1825 - supremesunday - essentials - sandiego -
desirerenee - art_1390 - jacijak - kayonuh -
Not just a block of cement #rock1825
rock1825 -
aliyah_sarai - nvinm - lil_mrs_cato - crossroadmovie -
God is good & His plans for SD are awesome! #rock1825
rock1825 -
jennjenn0424 - missabbyx3 - god_engineers_souls - crossroadmovie -
@rickypage always kills it when at #rock1825.
rock1825 -
novapage : Love my man @rickypage
trevordavis - manders314 - ashelias - ryansisson -
Whatcha lookin at!! @priscajarf @mingo2 #rock1825 #masbam
rock1825 - masbam -
fallon2 : Nectar!
priscajarf : Bahahaha! Ain't nobody got time fo'dat!!
jennjenn0424 : Blacklight!
kr_is_ta - bethanyduhaime - mingo2 - chrisinnirivera -
There's nothing more beautiful than welcoming in your neighbors for a sitdown lunch & dinner. Proud of the #rock1825 community.
rock1825 -
drb_drums : Awesome!
smithbydesign : Legit!
leaveittojessie : So awesome
tita2001 : A blessing to see 1825 community in a act of service to so many people @mingo2! I was glad to be part of it!
suzyinman : That's amazing Mingo! What a great idea!
stevengrimaldo : How'd the clean up go?
marksbell : LOVE IT!!
mingo2 : @suzyinman no credit taken, it's the brainchild of our 1825 community. So proud of them.
utmostcreative - juliakh_94 - stevengrimaldo - alikaun -
#rock1825 serving those in need in our community. Thankful for a space to serve in.
rock1825 -
ryansisson : @mingo2 @dquimlat
dquimlat : Soooooo awesome
_anniecrandall : Love this!
dquimlat : Great shots!!!
victorsaad : *high five*
stevengrimaldo : Looks like a beer can on that table...
ksnapplesays - hannah_song - chumdinger - mandyarioto -
Big feet trolley system... #rock1825
rock1825 -
priscajarf : We all know the ripped chucks r mine, bahahhaahahahaaa
bethanyduhaime - kr_is_ta - mirmir2000 - nvinm -
The Death Defeater Red Letter Crew W/Revolver @mingo2 @jonnieallen @orfntony @andrewb_7 @christopherstearns @vincethebeliever @invisiblegod @revolvergram awesome night fellas #art #artshow #1825 #rock1825 #therocksd
1825 - rock1825 - art - artshow - therocksd -
xodawn - fr3sco_ - vesseldrumco - fernwhosoever -
Save the date! Sept 20 Artshow @revolvergram #rock1825 #artshow #sandiego #september #SupportArt #repost
1825 - artshow - sandiego - september - rock1825 - supportart - repost -
drb_drums : #1825
drb_drums : @mrimd @dirtydrums @saviorbrand @thewhosoevers @arise37
fr3sco_ : I gotta peep that Fam
drb_drums : @frescoxtone yea man, help us get the word out! It's gonna be fresh! Giveaways, live jazz/neo Dj spinnin, live art, food, coffee shop, the spot is mad dope, it's a warehouse in downtown... Tell all the homies
fr3sco_ : Fasho......send me the pic/flyer....u still got my #? @drbdrums
drb_drums : @electric_vic @electric_vic @clis@ @cloope @jgalv
drb_drums : @frescoxtone text me I thought I had your number, 619 791 9373 thanks homie
drb_drums : @lyledetwiler @gabekieffer
drummerboi777 - eclectic_vic - kingdaveone - stiivo -
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