No pain no gain! Time to stand back up, and try again! #roadrash #stuntgonewrong #healfaster #bikeisfine
stuntgonewrong - roadrash - bikeisfine - healfaster -
cheytown__ : Sucks to suck πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
waffles_dgc_ - cheytown__ - hated_by_all_loved_by_none -
These rock stars are ending thier #book tour with us. It's going to be an incredible event! #sammykeyes #mystery #roadrash #drummer
mystery - sammykeyes - book - roadrash - drummer -
ehssankarimi - questionire -
Toe is Def broke but that's Bikelife! Glad I didn't get run over by them Chee's when I hit that highway! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚FUKIT
roadrash - bikelife -
oneway_mark : @dirtyshoreboy I'm hurting today bro I know your in alotta pain lol
nas_hnm : @dirtyshoreboy I just got a big ass knot in the back of my shit
dirtyshoreboy : @nas_hnm well I'm glad you ok ma dude
nas_hnm : @dirtyshoreboy word I hit the side of my mans he came outta nowhere on a ramp came down I.n front of me I side the park I could stop I hit his swing arm went over the bars I got a front flat that's how hard i hit him
dirtyshoreboy : @nas_hnm damn bro! That shit sound like how that pig came out and rammed that kid yesterday on the highway
nas_hnm : @dirtyshoreboy damn I wanted to come to Philly and turn shit up ...973BIKELIFE
nenenene25 : U good my boy
dirtyshoreboy : #roadrash #bikelife
nenenene25 - machinegunner240g - salah6099 - oneway_dewbone_2t9 -
Before and after of today's road rash dead skin scrub, Fun Fun! #bikelife
roadrash - bikelife -
streetfam__jeff7st : Yea
dirtyshoreboy : @streetfam__jeff7st that's Necrotic Skin (all dead and rotting) it'll turn into a major infection
streetfam__jeff7st : Ok say no more
dirtyshoreboy : @streetfam__jeff7st text me your number bro 732-300-8837
bossinthisbitchcbf : Damn bro get well soon to you too bro
dirtyshoreboy : @bossinthisbitchcbf thanks bro!
dirtyshoreboy : @uridingorhiding this is my Bikelife page so if you see me commenting you know who it is, finally separated this from my Tattooing
dirtyshoreboy : #roadrash #bikelife
_kelz_145_ghb - sacktwn_ghost155 - streetfam__jeff7st - _jimmy3t0 -
This is why I'm going to stick to water sports #roadrash #pain #wegrownassmen
pain - roadrash - wegrownassmen -
yara_osseely - cali_girl211 - austinbob97 - melodyy1969 -
Late late night on the tile Jiujitsu roll with my baby brother! #dudesnofool I took gaurd for a reason. #roadrash #facehasproof
dudesnofool - roadrash - facehasproof -
kaylynadele - nealan_k - cheerful569 - kurishb -
The screw around of the dayπŸ‘Œ #baileysabaddriver #rolledit #bruised #roadrash
baileysabaddriver - roadrash - rolledit - bruised -
dylan_beaumont_ - laura.hill2014 - sydney.alexanna - reid1218 -
Hi from my life, the horror movie
roadrash - tbt -
tfs3000 : Unintentional #tbt to my skateboarding days #roadrash
ccoleoptera - elliegbirch - timothyjasonpageernst - sarabel -
Too old to be sliding into home plate #roadrash #GymClassHero #100%
100 - roadrash - gymclasshero -
Got myself a fresh trophy today.. #Sk8Lyfe #Sk8orDie #RoadRash #DankBudBankersClub
dankbudbankersclub - roadrash - sk8ordie - sk8lyfe -
imstagrizz : #battlewounds
navalyst : Live by the board, Die by the board..
myrn_za - she__inked - erryc215 - chevy_reddz_79 -
Yeah, cycling kit doesn't provide much protection #roadrash #ouch #cyclistproblems
cyclistproblems - roadrash - ouch -
mrsjcreyes : πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜
joser8383 : Dude!
cali_creative : Whuaaaaaat
aerisann : Ouch! 😁
rondz : Holy smokes, hit by car?!?! I hope you're okay brah.
llericall : Ahh ry! Dude glad ur ok.. Came over but u left.
igarfield : @llericall Ahhh sorry I missed you guys. Yeah, I'm ok..nothing broken just road rash, tweaked shoulder/collarbone. Haha.
joser8383 - corneliamathison - jaegermikezter - brackineliz -
#roadrash #blood ugh road rash sucks
roadrash - blood -
colemillard : @johnhaley1
andrewl19 : Sucks lol
gavientaylorr : Did yall lise @andrewl19
brylee.k.lil.redneck : I deleted tha post
gavientaylorr : Good
brylee.k.lil.redneck - colemillard - brandonhester2701 - johnhaley1 -
Sk8 Scars😷😒 #hallofmeat #roadrash #lotion
hallofmeat - roadrash - lotion -
z.makaveli : We have matching ones
jordansellers_ - mackenzie_wynnnn - realamaridunbar - oliviahaileyy -
#tbt to when sidewalks were made for #shreddin #windbreakers made you faster and gloves would prevent #roadrash
windbreakers - roadrash - tbt - shreddin -
debpousson : The frosted jeans made you trendy, and the pouty looks got you extra fun fruits and fruit roll ups.
katefustich - lisawildcat - debpousson - itsnataliecooper -
Road rash, scrapes, and lots of blood. Longboarding sure is fun. #ouch #elbowsandknee #roadrash
elbowsandknee - roadrash - ouch -
becka.r : Not even five minutes after I saw you, @jatorres_68 .
jatorres_68 : Oh damn that sucks 😰 lol I fell on my ass yesterday and thought I broke it πŸ˜‚ @becka.r
becka.r : I seriously felt like I broke my elbow for about 5 minutes, I couldn't move it @jatorres_68
bittersweet0202 - secret_salsa - k.awai.i - _elyssa_13 -
#tbt to when I drove xc in '07 with Berner and ate shit bombing a hill in #monterey #ca #longboarding #baddecision #roadrash #concussed #concussion
monterey - longboarding - roadrash - ca - concussed - tbt - baddecision - blackeye - concussion - justifiedblackeye -
chrisbrownap : #blackeye #justifiedblackeye
cboterox3 : πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ OMG
douglas_john - kevfive18 - rgruner86 - kevinisawake -
Humpty dumpty and all the kings men.... uh are shit outta luck this time. 50 mph high sides are no fun. #roadrash #startover #rideordie #whataweek #2wheels1love
rideordie - whataweek - startover - roadrash - 2wheels1love -
melvinrochon - angelotarra12 -
Running now! #roadrash #boys
boys - roadrash -
teresa_24726 - timelessplace - elyseeedge - p3nguinl0ve -
You'll never stand tall unless you fall short. #dreads #roadrash #skateboarding #skatelife #skaterprobs #pain #success #dedication #fun #doit #backoffbitches #tacobell #breaktime #shred #skate #gnarly #rad #sick #dope #ay
skatelife - rad - skaterprobs - pain - dope - doit - dedication - skate - skateboarding - ay - shred - gnarly - roadrash - dreads - success - backoffbitches - breaktime - tacobell - sick - fun -
nickcusimano - hollie_case - rachael.graham.k - dreads_n_legs -
Road rash ain't no joke...ride safe #throwbackthursday #tbt #roadrash #bikelife #bikerboysofinstagram #edm #miami #neveragain
roadrash - throwbackthursday - miami - tbt - edm - neveragain - bikerboysofinstagram - bikelife -
krazyfreak666 : Sweet!
krazyfreak666 : Yummy coconut flan!!! I owe you babe. Soon, let's get together. But no arroz con pollo, just flan and liquor. @hous3musikjunky
hous3musikjunky : @krazyfreak666 I like the sound of that :))
danib0626 - krazyfreak666 - champagnemeech - _stephaniieanne94 -
Todays score. Grand total-$8 #videogames #nintendo #punchout #sega #segaCD #segasaturn #segaRally #jurassicPark #atari #atarivcd #ea #eagames #roadrash
segacd - roadrash - atarivcd - eagames - punchout - ea - segasaturn - atari - nintendo - videogames - jurassicpark - sega - segarally -
gamesnanime : Good stuff! Be sure to check out my page and show some love too~!
biaaaaa - taylorgirls4472 - lil_wyteboy_donniecoss - excitebytegames -
Mannnn, I'm gonna be sore asf. #follow4follow #boarding #roadrash #pennyboard
boarding - pennyboard - roadrash - follow4follow -
toopali4youfreepalestine : -____-
j3ssicasantiago - _nicole426_ - thatonekidbre - kartieh -
Bike tumble accident πŸ˜•πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚lol #ouch #roadrash #scratches #lolmoment #dangit!
lolmoment - ouch - roadrash - dangit - scratches -
madeleine_fit : Girl you can't win lol
maemaeee : Haha girl girl.
liz_a_lips : Y'all 😊😊! SMH lol. Whateve, it's not gonna mess up my shine!!! See y'all at the gym πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š @madeleine_fit @maemaeee
ayefabre - cottmanmadalene - couperrhoda - roy_boy_25 -
Lmfao #tbt dont go 25+ mph down a 7 minute run with no gear on lol #longboarding #roadrash #fuckyou #medic #fuckyourtechdeck #smashsomehillspussy
longboarding - smashsomehillspussy - roadrash - fuckyourtechdeck - fuckyou - medic - tbt -
johnrtrujilloo : Bro fuck your life that looks awful lol
lefty_rios : @_bernsthemost i had running shoes on. It reaallyy altered my balance. @johnrtrujilloo you have no idea lol
johnrtrujilloo : Looks like you're gonna need a gf for a week. Just until it heals lmfao (x
brock_oli : Man, you didn't learn the first time lol?
lefty_rios : @brock_oli naahh just a tb xD
og_oser : U still don't learn. U fucked ur self up a couple of times already.
artbforsilence : Looks like it was a bumpy road lol
cory_310 : GNARLY!!!!
cory_310 - jorrrdvnn - sammycat97 - mcegmz10 -
Want a #ducati so bad😣! But this is the only thing stopping me right about now. ... my #bikewreck glad to say I made it out alive. .. decisions decisions .. #bikelife #roadrash #tbt
bikewreck - ducati - roadrash - bikelife - tbt -
wintersdad : damn bro!!! be careful mane
liisapham : Lol.
ajeezy_7 : @liisapham lol man remember when I had to goto class like that. . Shit was terrible
nunziodagreat : Man. U was beat up too. I can't move my lest leg right now it's horrible.
ajeezy_7 : @wintersdad brah this was exctly 2yrs ago!! @nunziodagreat yeaa man it was bad you'll be okay in time. ..you know that 899 looks pretty sexy no lie ugh I'm trying to hold back lol
nunziodagreat : Lol ya it is real sexy. Going through all this pain and frustration and not being able to walk I see why u would want to hold back. I'm hoping after I'm well I want to get a new one n just b careful
ajeezy_7 : @nunziodagreat ya that's kinda my plan but you never know dude
nunziodagreat : Your right. Guess that's the risk u take every single time u go on a ride. I wouldn't want to relive this pain ever again. But I wanna feel the joy of riding again. @ajeezy_7
boss_weasel - mohammed_yazeer - wintersdad - ramiiquez -
#roadrash #Kryolan about to get gory up in here!
roadrash - kryolan -
xsarahpanda : I thought this was an ad for FaceOff lol @waterjalilie
samtheemermaid : Oooow that's hella boss! @waterjalilie
lexievictoriaa : Duuuuuude that's so badass
joelgernaut : You are suppose to put out your hands to brace the fall.
waterjalilie : @joelgernaut I just thought I would use my head
earthsnake - kellisachiko - ladylola44 - joelgernaut -
#tbt round 2 lol! #brokenbody #roadrash #morphine
morphine - roadrash - tbt - brokenbody -
dardaar : Omg what happened
chloew00d - wtfcoco_ - anthony_d_ross -
"There are two types of riders; those who have gone down, and those who will go down." I made that transition this morning after fasted cardio 😣 #stunglikeabitch #roadrash #fleshwound #havetoskiplegdaytoday
bikelife - instabike - cruising - motorbike - cc - supermoto - motorcycle - havetoskiplegdaytoday - streetbike - bikestagram - cycle - roadrash - motorcycles - stunglikeabitch - instamoto - fleshwound - ride - instamotorcycle - instagood - instamotor - bike - rideout - cruisin - photooftheday -
heyhaden : Haha my 250 @tha_macs and I was only going like 25 and yeah me too! I'm lucky it's not way worse @raffaah
tha_macs : Yea seriously! Glade ur ok dude!:)
ajensen06 : Haden!!! Glad you're okay. Sooo you ready to sell it?
abbas_mahusain : When u go down at 70.. thwn you will gone down πŸ˜‰
abbas_mahusain : Then you will have*
mrmartinmcfly : Damn tf??
jen_b0309 : Love you bro! Glad you're ok and learned that lesson the easy way. It takes 2 seconds to throw on your jacket/pants and boots and it will save you healing time πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
vcamielo : You going to Mr. O?
bfowl_0606 - hannahsalcido - mia_0990 - havannamartina -
Ya HUGGER does #custom #bike #covers! #vespa #gts #moped #electric #scooter #kickstand #handlebars #fall #makeup #elastic #harley #indian #yamaha #kawasaki #ninja #speed #motorbike #rocket #hot #ferrari #red #hotseat #cruiser #slowdown #sweet #roadrash
indian - rocket - hotseat - sweet - makeup - harley - covers - slowdown - gts - moped - fall - ninja - cruiser - kickstand - speed - electric - vespa - roadrash - handlebars - elastic - yamaha - scooter - custom - hot - bike - ferrari - motorbike - kawasaki - red -
nylahhhhelgeson9yr : @britto11 @micho_alotaibi1 @bianca__ung I'm Mr. Right, someone said you were looking for me?
super_kallection - nickcatoire - vespasolidarity - coxsyofian -
I just checked.... even with this dumb cast, life still doesn't suck. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘™β˜€οΈπŸŒ΄πŸŒˆπŸŒŠ #lovinglife #beachbum #sunworshiper #outerbanks #nagshead #summer #notoveryet #obx2014 #beachlife #bikini #happyplace #selfie #basking #zerofucks #roadrash #dudesdigscars #amiright
summer - zerofucks - sunworshiper - selfie - nagshead - obx2014 - happyplace - amiright - lovinglife - beachlife - beachbum - outerbanks - roadrash - notoveryet - bikini - dudesdigscars - basking -
mothertrekkers : Beautiful!
emersonv : Nice
superkidlikeme - paypal_king - schotsalot - vengecowboy -
and5s - andthesun - roadrash - tbt - missingmyscabs -
gnarlex : #tbt #roadrash #missingmyscabs #and5s #andthesun
darreneisnor - k_radz - beccabrowne - ashleeyackerman -
Some times things just hit me at the moment and I just doodle them out. This came up in conversation the other day with chad and today I sat down when I got into the office and knocked it out real quick. Who knows if we will ever use it but I will add it to the stack of crazy doodles I do. My mind is crazy and runs a million miles per hour. Enjoy #doodleoftheday #skateordie #dropem #dropemweardotcom #themdamsmallstones #roadrash #bbart
themdamsmallstones - dropem - roadrash - skateordie - dropemweardotcom - bbart - doodleoftheday -
hotwheelbabie : I LOVE THIS BABY!!!!!!!
brephototn : Great as a sticker! You're an amazing artist!
blueovalchase : I'd buy some if you made stickers!! πŸ‘
nursebettiee - lowlyfe_customz - renderingsbytristan - tkzekio -
Because Road Rash is fantastic. #RetroGaming #RetroCollecting #RetroCollective #RetroCollectiveUS #RetroHunter #igersGaming #sega #SegaCollector #genesis #roadrash
roadrash - sega - retrocollectiveus - genesis - segacollector - retrohunter - retrocollecting - igersgaming - retrogaming - retrocollective -
akatzgraph - sixteen_bit - clasnesicgamer - horrormoviebbq -
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