My first #roadrash from my ride in Marshal Canyon in La Verne. Also jacked up my rotator cuff, have a concussion, a busted knee and bruises all over from the neck down. #hollaifyafeelme #inevitable #cyclecrash #mtbaccident #imdoneforawhile #whatsmynameagain #dazedandconfused #latergram
imdoneforawhile - roadrash - dazedandconfused - whatsmynameagain - cyclecrash - hollaifyafeelme - mtbaccident - inevitable - latergram -
eyeamsun : Dang!! Hope you feel better!
rza1229 : Oh man hope your ok. Hope you heal soon!
eyeamsun - xxbitesize -
A #crash is an #inevitability in #cycling. I rode my #bike a little to hard the other day... Luckily no #brokenbones. #roadrash #bike #racing # #bicycle #fitforlife #healthy #sports
bicycle - cycling - inevitability - healthy - fitforlife - sports - roadrash - bike - brokenbones - crash - racing -
rftns : Nice!
hendrienbeijlsmit : Jeemienee!
crog__ - radcollector - pics_random_lewis - vhpoet -
My new favourite Megadrive game πŸ‘ #sega #segagenesis #roadrash #retrogaming
segagenesis - sega - retrogaming - roadrash -
ryan1nja : Great game
rjsboy : I wouldn't say it's my favourite, is definitely a sweet as game tho!
the_heart_of_a_cat - shermanld - adamcordero - heres_jawknee -
1sr #scooterwound #roadrash #clt #cltnc #charlotte #charlottenc #nc #northcarolina #704 #980 #peacesports
charlotte - northcarolina - roadrash - 704 - 980 - nc - scooterwound - clt - cltnc - peacesports - charlottenc -
zzzzzziggy : #ftw
yochilldude - pinchegringo78 - dylangilbertmusic - abortedclone -
Um, ow. #roadrash #sucks but losing my bike hurts so much more.... 😒
sucks - roadrash -
nitroshaun : Wow man that looks really painful, glad your alive dude. Bike and bike parts can be bought and fixed @canada_rye
ae.prime : Oh no! Glad you're okay!
spinner__ : fuck - not good. good thing is ur "ok". my bro crashed his bike 3 days ago too... i was right behind him. but nothing really bad happend. he "just" broke is left arm/hand
teflon855 : Fuckkkk dude. Glad youre alright.. Neoporin dude, trust me on this. Sped my road rash healing up by superhuman levels, i was down to the muscle
canada_rye : fuck thanks for all the support it means a lot.... i feel a little less retarded now but i made some really bad decisions last night and i'll be dealing with the repercussions for a while, glad I have friends and family to lean on, thanks again everyone its helping ease the pain
canada_rye : time to try and clean these holy fuck its the craziest pain ever
canada_rye : @evader3131 had my douchevest, helmet, gloves, boots, and joe rocket kevlar pants which saved my knees from some rash... if i was in full leathers id be fine. if i slowed down earlier i woulda been fine.... if i didnt lock the front tire up i woulda been fine.... if i had more experience.... so many ifs and should haves in hindsight.... 😒
canada_rye : @teflon855 thanks man, ive got polysporin is that the same shit pretty much?
bmw_ro - otis_cane - russki1 - haddz_ -
Ate shit today! #instasize #me #selfie #doubletap #potd #biking #bmxbike #bmx #street #roadrash #pain #cuts #blood #ow #stretchedears #gauges
pain - gauges - selfie - stretchedears - street - blood - cuts - bmx - me - roadrash - doubletap - instasize - bmxbike - ow - potd - biking -
vanilla_cache_doe : Dude! #rekt you aight!?
dr.leewho : Are you okay???
brandonlabeled : @dr.leewho @vanilla_cache_doe actually i think i might have torn a musclr or cracked somethig in my leg, i'm having trouble walking.
vanilla_cache_doe : I mean..it could be that giant hole in your knee!!!:o
shuttheplugup - tomjacksnn - mariah_ofwgkta - amberlynjane -
Well...I had a bad scooter wreck tonight playin with the kiddos. That's gonna be a pretty bruise on my leg while I'm on that football field this week.πŸ˜’ I promise, it hurts way worse than it looks. #roadrash #hurtsbad #bruise #ouch
bruise - hurtsbad - roadrash - ouch -
lauramoody3 : Those suntan tights will help cover it up. But it does look painful and is going to make pretty colors on your legs!! @madelynemoo15
mrs._n._mr._smith - lauramoody3 - djbane52 - theoriginal_malik -
#fbf to the time I wrecked and lost some skin! Road rash is probably the worst thing ever, scrub brush to get rocks out is not fun. #twoWheelLife #Roadrash #learnedALesson #RideWithFullGearNow
learnedalesson - ridewithfullgearnow - roadrash - fbf - twowheellife -
jimthedim : You ok?
jessejames816 : @jimthedim yea buddy it was like 5 years ago lol. Thanks for being concerned though. Hope all is well homie. Keep chasing that πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’΅πŸ’΅
jimthedim : @jessejames816 thank you
cocoquill : Ouch!
j_mcb - jenschosh - jonathanwesleyearle - jimthedim -
Kind of sucks... Avoid these things whenever possible, kids. #roadrash #sticky #goskate #donteatit
goskate - roadrash - donteatit - sticky -
bluekaitie : Hate when the scrapes get sticky. Fuzz sticks on it and it's just yuck :/
nevadathestate : @bluekaitie yeah, got to peel my socks off of it today... Hate when clothes fuse to me. Definitely not tight.
flightacademyapparel - bluekaitie - lauragami -
YEP!! tryed to jump a go cart tonight ..this was my outcome lol!! #boom #yooo #wutuuup #ouch #gocart #jumping #nightjumping #roadrash #stings
yooo - roadrash - ouch - gocart - jumping - stings - boom - wutuuup - nightjumping -
mcglynno - tylerbalmas21 - mckenzietho - the_loving_nicky -
Flashback to a time I totaled a Mercedes with my bros @marksharkmark @kurosakilucas @bro_siah kudos for the video/picture Garrett. #Mercedes #totaled #roadrash #brodownthrowdown #bros #fbf #flashbackfriday #pain #shenanigins
shenanigins - roadrash - bros - brodownthrowdown - mercedes - pain - flashbackfriday - totaled - fbf -
bro_siah - michael_e_cotter - blj369 - theycalledmetravis -
Wish me luck my fellow companions! #LongBoard #EatShit #FirstTime #RoadRash #SteepHill
roadrash - eatshit - firsttime - longboard - steephill -
nanncelly_ - jeancladevandarnitall - duhhits_mireeyaa - cristaaalxo_ -
#Always A #GoodTime For A #Cigar ☺ #Relaxing #Balcony #CigarAficionado #AcidCigar #BlondieBelicoso #BackBrace #Walker #Crutches #Stitches #RoadRash #FracturedBack #TheRoadToRecovery #TakingABreak #BlackAndWhite
cigaraficionado - blackandwhite - acidcigar - cigar - fracturedback - blondiebelicoso - balcony - stitches - crutches - roadrash - relaxing - always - takingabreak - goodtime - walker - theroadtorecovery - backbrace -
illie_228 : Are you feeling better
toni_christine_ : Love this. You look good babe. @robantmc
robantmc : @illie_228 I Still Have A Broken Back And Plenty Of Stitches On My Leg. But Yeah I Guess I Feel A Little Better. LOL! 😜
robantmc : Thank You Woman @toni_christine_ πŸ˜†
ms_dejesus - illie_228 - jazzysjoy - stephvill_ -
Our primary mode of transportation over the last two weeks. Everyone paid their dues in blood at least once. #roadrash #motorbike
roadrash - motorbike -
dac3971 - rezaezer - robbietrov - cosssy -
#sega #megadrive #segagenesis #roadrash #roadrash3 #eletronicarts #gamer #gamerroom #gamecollector
roadrash - eletronicarts - gamecollector - segagenesis - gamer - megadrive - gamerroom - sega - roadrash3 -
bostondevourdestroy - axeofmalice - retroelectrodad - pixettes_ -
Road rash update! Feels good scabs are fun to pick off! #roadrash #mygirlfriendeatsmyscabs #letsride
mygirlfriendeatsmyscabs - letsride - roadrash -
cailynb2 : That hashtagπŸ™Šhaha
matt7018 : #scabie
brianssunkensoul : She fought off the struggle snuggle?
boxyboy : Hahaha @brianssunkensoul
erin_dailyy : Ew she prob does haha πŸ‘…
mightywhitey : fuck a union
kkpress : @erin_dailyy 😜😜
yupitswade - exphendrix1 - lonilivinlovin - justinxjames -
roadrash -
bcollins921 - alexis_a7x -
Sweet little brat of mine, why are you always getting injured?? #roadrash #heeatpavement #nochildabusehere
heeatpavement - roadrash - nochildabusehere -
shorty71287 : What happen??? :(
dieanuhh : @shorty71287 he was jumping and tripped πŸ˜•
nichole_59 : He definitely is my nephew! Miss you guys
dieanuhh : @nichole_59 lol!!! Yessss he got tripping and falling from you Mushi!
nichole_59 : What can I say he's a dominguez
christyg87 : @dieanuhh I'm calling CPS!!!! Lol
dieanuhh : @christyg87 πŸ™Š it wasn't meeee!!!!
odphi2011 : This child is always getting hurt
katesantiago - msnikkibadd - mrs.herm - sierrasboobs2 -
Last race in #qrts14 this weekend. Certainly been a year of ups and downs. This moment was definitely one of my lowest for 2014. Can't wait to get in the #hurtlocker one more time tomorrow. #cobra9racing #intebuild #4shaw #racing #velo #cycling #crashing #bloodied #colorsplash #patchthatup #whateverdoesntkillyou #roadrash #stickysheets #newkit #blood #bitumen #lockyervalley #gatton #nine #firstaid # stitches
velo - newkit - bitumen - qrts14 - whateverdoesntkillyou - stickysheets - blood - 4shaw - roadrash - intebuild - crashing - firstaid - cycling - bloodied - gatton - cobra9racing - colorsplash - lockyervalley - nine - hurtlocker - racing - patchthatup -
twobirdstweet - dgruhl - gregchalberg - esi.ig -
Nothing is gonna stop us from riding // not a broken tibia, knee nor roadrash. It just makes us stronger.
southbaychiefs - nwf - roadrash - youngbucks - fixiegoon -
jerkydoo : Asap?
galaxs_ : @jerkydoo damn,there a shop that closes at 12. But idk what They go for
jerkydoo : What it do!?
galaxs_ : Wassup bro. @jerkydoo
galaxs_ : You trying to pick up?
galaxs_ : @jerkydoo
jerkydoo : 310-874-0093
galaxs_ : @jerkydoo could you text him saying I'm a call himz
_jayyemm - letjesusfuckyou - jerkydoo - princesspatsy_ -
The ground marked me with the sky. now I'm my own comet
comet - shootingstar - roadrash - longboard -
megsnnbacon : #comet #shootingstar #roadrash #longboard @cometskateboards
ombreeeeeee : So sexy; ) @megsnnbacon
megsnnbacon : @ombreeeeeee thank you!:P
daesha_zoee - brittany_snedden - nick.barone - takedownrelic -
We'd like to point out how BAD this road rash really is. Now enjoy the weekend and don't let this happen to you. #viciousred #viciousgrip #viciousgriptape #roadrash #crashandlearn certifiedgnar
viciousgriptape - crashandlearn - roadrash - viciousred - viciousgrip -
lolguy2222 : Loooool @johnfarrell360
henry_agee : @_vladimir_i ok
conboom1234 : @maxkawaguccilb
lyric_sisson : @ryanisthemann420 @bmxguythomas
nic_taranto : Fuck
barry1chillz : @jake_b3ar
johnfarrell360 : @maxvickers check this out
william_lerouxx : @felix_lapierre j'ai des cote failer si je retombe dessu sa pete! Mais bon ouin
pennerosa - scottcornell16 - liljess8 - jhonfishu -
#dirtbike #dirtbikes #countryboy #countryroad #roadrash glad that tree stopped my bike
roadrash - twostroke - dirtbikes - yz - countryroad - dirtbike - countryboy - yz250 -
tracyjr9 : #yz #yz250 #twostroke
offroadnation - lil_eddie96 - morganvendrick - imactuallyfamous -
Added some color to my morning. Good news is that the bike and my new kit are both OK. #roadrash #cycling
cycling - roadrash -
pattylouwho55 : What happened?!?!?
speedsleev : Must be a trend this week aye!
chandlersnyder : Heal up #wookiewellwishes
chandlersnyder : Also start shaving up to your crotch. That's gonna hurt to scrub out!
casadewaggoner : Geez dude
chicagoscot - the_aftermarket - pattylouwho55 - chandlersnyder -
First broken bone for this family :( #roadrash #brokenarm #poorgirl #sadmommy
poorgirl - sadmommy - roadrash - brokenarm -
nvechols : oh no! what happened?
southernspinoza : Bike wreck! Lots of road rash, bruises, and swelling. Plus her left arm's broken! :(
nvechols : Oh geez! I hope she heals quickly. That's so scary.
southernspinoza : Thanks and it is super scary! I'm just glad I decided to take her to the ER! Her wrist just didn't look right, but I almost decided to wait. We have an ortho appt on Monday, so hopefully we'll get her in a cast and get healed quickly!
heidiworthey : So sorry!! I know how scary that is for you! When Chase broke her leg, it was the worst thing, but it really was a wonderful time of family bonding over taking care of her. I pray your little one heals quickly and that your family draws closer during this time!! πŸ’•πŸ™ˆπŸ˜“
southernspinoza : Thank you, Heidi! I just hate to see either of my girls in pain. :( It's just so pitiful!
annasmith_03 -
Tada. Say hello to the Saturn. #rad #90s #videogames #old #roadrash
90s - rad - old - videogames - roadrash - sega -
lucianodinino : Edit: #sega (duh.)
rpdubs2002 - cathrynfmatilda - fcgraham1997 - mario_costello -
They see us rolling, they hating #hipsters #scooters #shredding #roadrash #bali #indo #instagood #mateys #picoftheday #goodthanks #girl #love #kedonganan
mateys - hipsters - roadrash - bali - kedonganan - instagood - girl - shredding - goodthanks - love - indo - scooters - picoftheday -
elliejane90 : Omg use are so brave!!! Hope your having funnnnnn!! ✌️
rhysios : Havin a laugh @briipea
erosematonia : Make sure you wear shoes @briipea otherwise that photo you sent Lel & I of the mangled foot will haunt you foreverrr! Looks fun tho πŸ‘
harce1967 : @ill_fashion
a1anna - erosematonia - ryancornishmusic - emmajevans -
I think its infected yo..... ;D #roadrash #dope #bmx
dope - roadrash - bmx -
theunicorninasuit : Good color
haleyyymariiie - saam_hayworth - kidsopnf - minisartori -
Flipped over a car and hit the ground pretty hard #roadrash #inpain lol
roadrash - inpain -
cejay94 : @lacj12 bike
lacj12 : Damn uh oh age is kicking in
cejay94 : @lacj12 naw nothing to do with age, just dumb driver pulling out like a bat out of hell
lacj12 : Lol
arethabutler : Wtf
yvonnewithers89 : Lucky to be alive! Toss that bike!
800king11 : U got to wear long sleeve in Vegas now lol. Glad u ok bro. @cejay94
mintealove : Ouch
chrisisfabolous - lacj12 - yvonnewithers89 - tonyjchong -
Because #heels and #roadrash are so sexy right? #yesmytoesneedpaint #goingout #missoula #montana #drunksnapchat
montana - roadrash - bestbossever - heels - drunksnapchat - goingout - missoula - yesmytoesneedpaint -
steffneeeeeeeeee : And that's why I don't wear heels. #notfortheuncoordinated
missmontana93 : @steffneeeeeeeeee I miss you!! I wish we could have gone out when I was in CA! Next time!!
steffneeeeeeeeee : Come visit soon! @missmontana93 I miss you're ass.. Oh wait that's other people haha! Muah
steffneeeeeeeeee : Your. Stupid autospell
missmontana93 : @steffneeeeeeeeee I miss you!! #bestbossever
mrs_breneman - haileyroseswitzer - steffneeeeeeeeee - christyann40 -
#roadrash #stupid #nogear #kawilife #bikelife
kawilife - stupid - roadrash - bikelife - nogear -
hope.stevens - europeanbikers - apmagnola - nellynush -
#tbt to when i gave no fux & thought i wuz a real tough guy. lol #longboard #skateboard + #roadrash πŸ“· by: @bdavis30
circa - roadrash - sector9 - longboard - skateboard - tbt - bombedhills -
austincry : #circa #sector9 i #bombedhills like evry day... i miss it πŸ™
marymaryquitecontrary4489 : @austincry was this hero house?
austincry : Yaassss @marymaryquitecontrary4489
austincry : I'm the reason they banned skating lol @marymaryquitecontrary4489
marymaryquitecontrary4489 : @austincry haha, crazy.
kim_the1idgurl : I'm pretty sure it was cause will..? Either way hero house was gay lol heard it went bankrupt or something
deckkthewalls - wes_themoonchild - performancemartialarts - locdogdanroll -
Just found this pic. #Hanes #elbow #ouch #thatsgravel #roadrash #longboardtroubles #
thatsgravel - elbow - roadrash - hanes - ouch - longboardtroubles -
d9avey : Lol #boxerbriefs @lemenhead89
margoriedolejsi - sammcmonagle - brixeykimberli - binnthehuman -
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