A girl can't resist a sale! @rebeccaminkoff Perry Satchel (the large size) in butter soft leather with silver accents. Can't wait for it to arrive πŸ‘œπŸŽ€πŸ‘œπŸŽ€πŸ‘œ
beautiful - bags - love - cantwait - handbags - rmperry - girls - leather - quality - givenchytwin -
danifitdoll : #love #bags #RMPERRY #leather #givenchytwin #quality #girls #handbags #beautiful #cantwait
amybellomo : Omg..... I'm in love πŸ˜πŸ‘œπŸ˜πŸ‘œ
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And she's here from New York, nothing like a new bag! πŸ—½πŸ‘œ #rebeccaminkoff #miniperrysatchel #myrm #rmperry
rmperry - rebeccaminkoff - myrm - miniperrysatchel -
adcasimiro : πŸ‘Œ
lesleydoesmakeup : @adcasimiro I am in love!
adcasimiro : @lesleydoesmakeup she looks like a beaut. Enjoy xo
mamacita707 : Omg I want 😩😍
beautyandablog : Oh. My. God. Great choice! Im in love πŸ˜πŸ‘œ
thebeautyowl - bellynim - heyyyy_its_bet - _inkdwifey_ -
#ootd #whatiwore #love my #new #rmperry from #rebeccaminkoff #perrysatchel ❀️ #colehaan #booties #wildfox #onlyyou #heart tee from @daysenwinter 😊
perrysatchel - heart - whatiwore - love - booties - rmperry - rebeccaminkoff - onlyyou - wildfox - ootd - colehaan - new -
louriel : @rebeccaminkoff @wildfoxcouture @colehaan
officialjonnyology_tv : nice
daysenwinter : 😍😍
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Can't wait for spring to come around the corner!! #rebeccaminkoff #perrysatchel
perrysatchel - rmperrysatchel - rebeccaminkoffsatchel - redsatchel - rmperry - rebeccaminkoff - newbag - rmsatchel - springcomesooner - perfection - redbag -
_chrisarah : #newbag #springcomesooner #perfection #redsatchel #redbag #rmperrysatchel #rmperry #rmsatchel #rebeccaminkoffsatchel
ixgrace : Ahh so pretty
nuchies.leather.bag : oh I love this one, cheers
_chrisarah : @nuchies.leather.bag It's so pretty, thanks!
_chrisarah : @ixgrace thanks girl =)
mich3ll3_vo : I couldn't find with this color, im so jealous @_chrisarah
_chrisarah : @mich3ll3_vo I saw a few on ebay when I purchased mine! Just search Rebecca minkoff perry satchel hot red :)
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secondcup - bestpurchase - 2014 - night - rmperry - miniperrysatchel - rebeccaminkoff - saturday - inlove -
meliegerv : Lazy #saturday #night at #SecondCup β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈ #RMPERRY #miniperrysatchel #RebeccaMinkoff #inlove ❀️❀️😍
i_wie_isa : Love it! 😍😍
meliegerv : @i_wie_isa definitly the #bestpurchase of #2014 !! πŸ˜ƒ
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My favorite activity is sitting #otherthaneating πŸŽ€ #rmperry #rebeccaminkoff
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Say hello to my new @rebeccaminkoff Mini Perry Satchel ❀️ #rebeccaminkoff #perrysatchel #RMPERRY #fashion #bag #love #satchel #happy #beautiful #fashionvictim #fashionlove #goodlife #instagood #photooftheday
perrysatchel - beautiful - fashion - love - fashionvictim - rmperry - rebeccaminkoff - satchel - goodlife - bag - photooftheday - instagood - happy - fashionlove -
ninaida1988 : Hello ;-)
ebruu_yunuus : Hello :)
meliegerv : Sorry to bother but are you happy with your purchase ? Cuz I really like it and I'd like to get it ☺️
i_wie_isa : @meligervais very happy! πŸ‘
meliegerv : πŸ‘ I just received mine !! So in love πŸ˜πŸ™
i_wie_isa : @meligervais I'm still in love 😍 Hope you will post some pictures 😁
lita_xoxo : I was debating between the mini and the larger. But the larger one seems so big!
abbey_marshiii : Fraternal twin to the Givenchy Antigona!! πŸ‘
treschicenvogue - k_katharina_ - moanageske - stueffigram -
Stack of the day. #stackbracelets #stackoftheday #instajewelry #fashion #trendy #evileye #hamsa #nikefuelband #rosegold #rebeccaminkoff #rmperry #turquoise #asos @lindsay_taylor13
instajewelry - turquoise - fashion - hamsa - rmperry - rebeccaminkoff - nikefuelband - stackoftheday - armcandy - rosegold - trendy - stackbracelets - evileye - armparty - asos -
lindsay_taylor13 : Doooope! Glad ya like :)
diamondcurse : #armcandy #armparty
fitterstronger : 🌸🌸🌸⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Today's post. Mustard & navy, with a whole lotta leather. #ootd #fashiondistraction #rmperry
rmperry - fashiondistraction - ootd -
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I am in total love with the new handbag I got from @paulaandchlo #paulaandchlo #rmperry #rebeccaminkoff #rm #perrytote #bag #purse #handbag #fashion #love
fashion - love - perrytote - rmperry - rebeccaminkoff - paulaandchlo - bag - handbag - rm - purse -
debbieatdzenith : Ooh! Gorgeous!
designeditgirl : @debbieatdzenith thanks!! It's such fabulous bag!
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Find out what's so cool about Marfa, Texas on hauteofftherack.com today plus check out the details of my casual weekend style! (or) Sign up with @liketkit to have my outfit sent right to your inbox! #liketkit www.liketk.it/2XO4 @liketkit **P.S. Find out how you can win 2 Marfa, Texas tees for you & a friend on my previous insta photo! #marfatexas #pradamarfa
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chaney.shadrock : Her Marfa tee is from @southwardapparel πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ΈπŸ’˜
blancaberoes : ✌️😍
hauteofftherack : #rmperry #myRM
hauteofftherack : @rebeccaminkoff
bobinagina : @hauteofftherack who is that handbag by?
hauteofftherack : Thank you @thefashion_angel!
hauteofftherack : Thanks @themrsgibby!
ys_fashion_diary : perfectπŸ‘Œ
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Marfa, Texas | 1837 MI ---> Enter to win 2 Marfa, Texas tees from @haus131 for you & a friend! To Enter: 1) Follow @haus131 2) Like this photo & tag your most stylish friend! She'll know what's in Marfa, Texas! πŸ˜‰ #liketkit www.liketk.it/2zIs @liketkit #goodluck #marfatexas #hautegiveaway πŸ“· by @kaelar
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niccinacpattiwac : @briannonmichelle Texas girlies 😍
heddabedda : @mrsdooley I DO love this!! Want. :]
alecialiving : @katlocock @vegam13
mmeili : @mestrong, you need to rock one of these πŸ˜πŸ‘
marfa__ : Класс!!)
yais.arvizu : @pitacoco
pitacoco : @yarvizus want it!!!!
pitacoco : @madame_brochu
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Thanks @rebeccaminkoff ! Loving my new perry satchel! #rebeccaminkoff #RMperry #love
rmperry - rebeccaminkoff - love - myrm -
downton_abby_barker : #fashionista @lyricclemenzi
lyricclemenzi : Thanks girl!!πŸ˜‰πŸ’ miss you! @abby_b_grace
ksenxx : Love the bag! May I ask where you got this color and size from?
lyricclemenzi : Thanks! They had it on the Rebecca Minkoff site but they don't have it in this color anymore so I had to get this one on eBay because I really wanted this color! @ksenxx
ksenxx : @lyricclemenzi Thanks that was very helpful!:)
lyricclemenzi : #myRM
venti4dieci : This handbag is chilli color too???
lyricclemenzi : Yea it's the same handbag! @venti4dieci
i_h_o_p___ - kuw.04 - swagadedi - nigga724 -
Set to blast em #badoo #rmperry
rmperry - badoo -
priellez : Look good ve fun❀
sirocco_ps - marytulz - joykeche - thobiggie -
Love this bag #myrm #rebeccaminkoff #tortora #rmperry #perrysatchel
tortora - myrm - perrysatchel - rmperry - rebeccaminkoff -
nicolebermeo : Is this bag good quality?
oikimio : I think so. The leather is thick cowhide and the hardware is very pretty shiny gold (not brassy). I like the pockets on each side and there are feet on the bottom to keep it from getting messed up. Strong handles and good stitching all over. I am sad the interior lining is just black fabric but it will get dirty less easily. The zippers are all very great, I see myself keeping and using this bag for a really long time. If I have issues I will probably see what Nordstrom can do.
bekkageld : Gorgeous bag!
sirimarquina : @cstgeme need looks like givenchy
nadiathinks : I love this bag more and more every time I see this photo
abbey_marshiii : Looks just like givenchy antigona bag but soooo much cheaper!!
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Details coming to hauteofftherack.com shortly! Or if you're impatient like me, sign up with @liketkit & then like this photo to have all of these items sent directly to your inbox! #hauteforsummer #lorenhope #rmperry #liketkit www.liketk.it/KfG @liketkit πŸ“· by @kaelar
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haus131 : 😍😍😍
hauteofftherack : @haus131 πŸ˜‰
hauteofftherack : Thanks @courtneyandconfetti @veryvikkivikki @briebb
hauteofftherack : @lonestarsouthern 😘😘 thanks @waitkristiwaite
hauteofftherack : @whiteelephantdesigns I love it so much too I got it in 2 colors! Lol
amandarose_s : @hauteofftherack is this the mini perry or the normal one? :)
hauteofftherack : #myRM
malinasharoni : @shannieschwartz
_axqxx__ - xcarwu - welovesheenaliam - jessiedaniel14 -
#love #flats #summerison @rebeccaminkoff #regram #from #rebeccaminkoff #lovely #pic #rmperry #instafashion
regram - from - love - rmperry - rebeccaminkoff - summerison - pic - flats - lovely - instafashion -
veruuuunkaa_ - ylenia595 - ms_got_it_ - ynwa_liverpool_ -
Must have bag of the season! Shop @paulaandchlo for the illusive #rmperry!
rmperry -
bobinagina : @paulaandchlo amazing!!
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Me and my H2THAK matching. Ignore how huge my hands look my baby #RMPERRY was weighing my arm down lol. #allblack #dreamangelsdemi #vsemployeeprobs #RebeccaMinkoff #minkette #minkoff #MyRm
vsemployeeprobs - minkette - rmperry - rebeccaminkoff - myrm - allblack - minkoff - dreamangelsdemi -
hollykaywhitt : Love you boo!! We sure are some sexy bitches!!! :) hahahha
venti4dieci : @bribun It's handbag is mini size?
bribun : @venti4dieci yeah it's the Perry mini
mik3ytjr - kayc_lud - undeniable_court -
Repost from @rebeccaminkoff , It's in the bag: #RMPERRY is the only accessory you need for all of your summer adventures. Get yours now on rebeccaminkoff.com
rmperry -
sincerely_kari : I have this bag on my poshmark acct (its_kari_style) for $375 that's a $200 savings in black crock the limited edition.
femme_mag - daisulzbach - 2008nane - roxannebeaulieu -
Straight butter 😍😍😍 #rmperry #need #stunning
rmperry - need - stunning -
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It's in the bag: #RMPERRY is the only accessory you need for all of your summer adventures. Get yours now on rebeccaminkoff.com
rmperry -
laurennmag : @bernicemagallanes
x_jgan : @xocarootte @nguyen_patrick
cheeks24 : I Want this one! @kaligirlmaricar πŸ‘œ
kaligirlmaricar : @cheeks24 sample sale online have this but different color!
xhrzoraya : I'm getting one of these in chili! 😍
sichenz_j2 : Just ordered! Can't wait for it to arrive @rebeccaminkoff
tnguyennnn : @ootnguyenoo so cute lord Jesus save us
bally.kz : @donna_tonya смотри, твоя сумка!!
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#Latergram from the @neimanmarcus flagship store lunch in Dallas! #nmevents #rsthecon #lastdayindallas #liketkit www.liketk.it/snO @liketkit
nmevents - liketkit - rmperry - lastdayindallas - rsthecon - latergram -
rosella501 : @hauteofftherack Looking good! Have fun!
aboehm972 : You look great... Must be feeling better:)
hauteofftherack : @aboehm972 this was from Friday lol
hauteofftherack : #rmperry
venti4dieci : @hauteofftherack this #rmperry satchel is normal or mini?
hauteofftherack : @venti4dieci it's the regular size! πŸ˜‰
bobinagina : @hauteofftherack who is that handbag by?
hauteofftherack : @bobinagina it's by @rebeccaminkoff
berkeleyprepster - ailikahonu - liketoknowsomething - ania_nyc -
Next stop on #RMROADTRIP: @s5a St Louis! Join Rebecca tomorrow (4/24) between 6-8 PM for handbag signing, nail and lip bars, and a fashion show. RSVP on our Facebook page and we'll see you soon!
rmperry - rmroadtrip -
feldmanofficial : But that upper-left top handle, tho!
venti4dieci : @rebeccaminkoff , but on your website are not this color for perry satchel. Why?
rosegold : @n1c_nac
rebeccaminkoff : @brenna_obrienn that would be our Perry Satchel! #RMPERRY
venti4dieci : Thanks @aliysiah, i look right today in the afternoon on the saks5ave.com, but the perry satchel color camel is not available for to send in Italy. :-( . In Italy @rebeccaminkoff is not in widespread
venti4dieci : @rebeccaminkoff. I look your photo on pinterest of the new collection fall14. I look a bag red (the model had blue hair) and the bag itself was also camel color. You have made a very nice new bag; There will be two measures? Sorry for my english.
venti4dieci : @aliysiah thanks
fashion__cafe : @whatever77
heidibphoto - miranda_taylor_ariana - bagladyboelen - hayatwer -
Finally Friday, ready for the weekend β˜€οΈπŸŒ·πŸŒΌπŸΈβœˆ #weekendready#parker#ootd#wiw#martinitime#airportbound#s5a#RMPERRY
parker - martinitime - s5a - rmperry - wiw - airportbound - weekendready - ootd -
mellyjune - jules_style_diary - kyrabucy - parinewyork -
Wino weekend with my new bag baby! No kids.. So I will buy bags!! πŸ˜πŸ‘œ #rmperry @rebeccaminkoff #converse #wine #marcbymarcjacobs sunnies
rmperry - converse - marcbymarcjacobs - wine -
herbsco - blonddnyc - xojengemayel - twisted_luck102 -
Weekend bag and shoes @rebeccaminkoff #Chanel
rmperry - chanel -
beachbumsta : Hey those are mine initials too!! πŸ˜…
mjheartlh7 : Cute
ellovesmakeup : @justinadydasco 😻
pinkfashionita : ξ€Ž
pocahontasinbelgium : @marion_cadier j'veux ces espadrilles:)
marion_cadier : Ça c'est LES espadrilles πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜ @pocahontasinbelgium
amylia_hassan : I love this color
stephsoares : @biasoaress Les espadrilles πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜˜
vuavrey - ayse_aysaaa - olduzzzeynali - gi_amd -
Have you met #RMPERRY? A Rebecca favorite and our It bag for spring, it's timeless and sophisticated with just the right amount of edge. Get yours now on rebeccaminkoff.com
rmperry -
marthemedha : @linsagrns
sincerely_kari : @laurenzamudio @diandrapanzera @mrstraining I have the crock perry in black on my poshmark.com for sale for $400. Interested look me up under user name its_kari_style. Thanks
sincerely_kari : @bradie_barbie I have it on sale on poshmark.com user name its_kari_style for $400. That's over $150 off. Ret price.
ysolocris : @diegodeloga
diegodeloga : 😎😍😎😍 @ysolocris
gabychanel : @r1czone
francine_76 : I have a couple of RM bagsπŸ’“ I luv the bag on the left givenchy inspired but better price and great qualityπŸ‘œπŸ’•
jyzreyespadilla : @nicole_bwrede legit
reginaa_celiaa - alexmormatos - _juliarohner_ - brittneymensah -
#rmperry #rmroadshow
rmperry - rmroadshow -
chelsea_gallaugher3 - elizabeth_carpe - marguidelc - angoodhue -
Thanks everyone for coming out to @s5a Columbus, OH and celebrating the #RMPERRY with me tonight! It was lovely to meet you all. #RMROADTRIP
rmperry - rmroadtrip -
ianwwan : δ»ŠεΉ΄ζœ€ηˆ±ηš„η™½θ‰²
theshinymix : Looking great Rebecca! β€οΈπŸ‘ Love all your purses!
_jackieslife_ : Very cute
claudiasosaphotographer : nice
beautybootybrainz : @rebeccaminkoff where can this bag be purchased
venti4dieci : @rebeccaminkoff what size is this perry bag? Normal or mini?
b_knoc : Want this Perry! @meesh370z 😍
kendraanastasia : @juliareisman
_jackieslife_ - sebasorozco05 - _juliarohner_ -
The lovely @rebeccaminkoff at her personal appearance at Saks tonight. (And yes, she did yell "Go Bucks!) #fashion #rmroadtrip #rmperry #saksfifthavenue #sakscolumbus #columbusfashion #cbus #ohio #rebeccaminkoff #capstylemag #style #bags
saksfifthavenue - sakscolumbus - style - fashion - bags - rmperry - rebeccaminkoff - cbus - columbusfashion - rmroadtrip - ohio - capstylemag -
fashionably.fit : 😍 So Exciting.
amandardecastro : Love!!!
justcarlao - _xtine_lee_ - jul2981 - cmhfashionweek -
Join Rebecca tonight 6-8 PM at @s5a Columbus, OH to celebrate #RMPERRY! Come by for handbag signing, a hair-braiding station, and eye bar. Don't forget to hashtag your photos #RMROADTRIP for a chance to win a gift and to be featured on our Facebook page. See you soon!
rmperry - rmroadtrip -
preshyjay : Lovely sandals u av here I like to buy one
ilovemae87 : @prettywendy1423 awa ang purses
wendyrnwannabe1423 : @queenbee_mae ang white murag gi copy nila sa givency
mon_i_kuh : @atothelo check out the red clutch
sincerely_kari : @ruththethird I have the perry that looks like the given by in crock black on poshmark.com for $400 it's $150 off ret price look me up under its_kari_style.
sincerely_kari : @tishr07 I have the white bag but in crock black on sale for less than retail price on www.poshmark.com/it's_kari_style.
arriielle : @liljessr, my killer bag in teal
doublechiiin : Ive been wanting the black mac/mini mac like forever. Went to Singapore but its sold out. Waiting for it to arrive here in the Philippines. Hopefully.
sweetandstylishlillabea - muyanggg_ - _juliarohner_ - sakinamuti -
Celebrate the #RMPERRY with Rebecca this Thursday 3/27 6-8 PM at @s5a Columbus, OH! Join us for handbag signing, a hair-braiding station, and eye bar. RSVP on Facebook and we'll see you soon! #RMROADTRIP
rmperry - rmroadtrip -
varseylaurelle : @ktm237 Ok, it's not just me. Thank you. Have fun!
girishsachdev : Victor dress made by us :)
agathamseth : Hi
rebeccaminkoff : @vi_suals The Perry Satchel is also now available on rebeccaminkoff.com!
rebeccaminkoff : @ellovesmakeup This is our Perry Satchel, available on rebeccaminkoff.com!
throwyohandsindaera : @xjnicex 😁😁
__janicelynn__ : @throwyohandsindaera I love it!!!!!
manhafatim : 😚😍😎
queenxakira - hoangnguyen__ - delaney_miller_11 -
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