#RJforMayor link in bio! Nov. 12th! #observatoryoc
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Gotta say happy #18thbirthday to my kid brother @jay_lilz smh time flies .. Remember when I turned 18 felt like it was just yesterday πŸ˜…... #ommio2 #rjformayor
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__vh1star : God Damn Leel 18πŸ˜• Sheesh, Tell Him I Said Happy Bday
socialindustry : This is Amazing! All the best to you!
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See that? That means they received the application. Now I wait. #ItWillAllPayOff #PForPresident #TForVicePresident #RJForMayor #ShitInYaOats
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diggy8 : I jus came from there
robrjjohnson86 : @d_columbo nice. They say anything to you?
diggy8 : I had to get my app notarized
robrjjohnson86 : @d_columbo shit. Nice of them to let you know
diggy8 : Hellyeah
tommyguns704 : @rohnson86 hey I got one of those certified receipts too, only mine meant the state police received my plea of guilty. I now await the fee !
robrjjohnson86 : @tommyguns704 hahaha. BTW nice to see you on here again
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