I need her back 🙏😢😢
ripmom -
_dm_13 : #ripmom
yallknowliyahh : 🙏☝️👼You gone be ok !
stubborn.kee : Stay Strong 🙏
butter.tee - lovee.bre - moreissuesthanvogue1 - ravenrachelle98 -
Moms favorite picture. #ripmom #missyou
ripmom - missyou -
_qox_ - laura.zimmerman -
Favorite pic of mom and dad - they're certainly doing this in heaven today since she just joined him. #missyou #ripmom.
ripmom - missyou -
_qox_ - laura.zimmerman -
Finally finished up my moms tattoo and got a part of a note she wrote me when I was 18❤️ miss her so much👼 " remember I will always and forever love you" #tattoo #missyou #ripmom #fuckcancer #breastcancer #cancerribbon #picoftheday
tattoo - cancerribbon - missyou - ripmom - fuckcancer - picoftheday - breastcancer -
k_to_the_illa - summers_truant - ilyanis_is_my_world - shiraebelinski -
The #KING with his #QUEEN!! Its been two months since you've gone home...I still have moments when I cry, but I remember that you are no longer suffering. I love you mom!! #ripmom #122914 #BlossomHoneygirl #LovelyHulaHands #truealohaspirit #kissestothesky
king - lovelyhulahands - truealohaspirit - queen - blossomhoneygirl - ripmom - kissestothesky - 122914 -
ant_iv20 - _qox_ - dac0305 - hilogirl_13 -
My amazing friend @jtel88 gave me this book to read, and said it helped her after her mom passed away. I'm looking forward to reading it at night while Blake is sleeping. Thank you Jess! #amazingfriends #heavenisforreal #ripmom #loveyoumom
ripmom - loveyoumom - heavenisforreal - amazingfriends -
mammacourts - hamelcia - _qox_ - iplaytennis8894 -
Till this day YALL don't know how I feel I just wanna call your phone but I know you won't answer I feel all alone. 👑👼👸😩. #RIPMOM #RIPQUEEN
ripmom - ripqueen -
joszay__ : 💯👼🙏
beautiful_disaster_mel : 💖✨
__071414 : 🙏👼
kas.cee__ : God Bless
fucklov_ : , 👸 Your Queen Will Awalyz Be On Your Side Bro . 🙏
f.e.b_ : RIP🙇💕
_omaryss : Kepp your head up, I love you. 💞
mariah.caress - _kristinasantini - dream_chaser1724 - _rondre -
While you busy looking out for everyone else who's looking out for you.... #gametyme #stillgoing #nothingcanstopme #familyfirst #mykidsistheworldtome #onlyones #mypurposeforliving #staytruetoyou #ripmama #ripwolf #riplilkenny #ripmom #thugcry
mypurposeforliving - onlyones - stillgoing - familyfirst - ripwolf - nothingcanstopme - ripmama - ripmom - gametyme - thugcry - staytruetoyou - riplilkenny - mykidsistheworldtome -
badgalriri420navy - djslikk_casports - lareina_cubana - jack_axx -
Yesterday my hubby took us out to eat to celebrate some great news (no I'm not pregnant) and across from us sat two teenagers having dinner with their parents, you don't see that anymore kids these days just wanna be on their phone, cherish what you have parents don't last forever believe me I wish my mom was here but I will never regret anything I did for her #ripmom #loveandmissyou
ripmom - loveandmissyou -
denimrehab - eltachin17 - jtcintheplacetobe - mz.lizzy -
Making silly faces, trying to stay positive today. 9 years ago today, i lost my true mother Virginia P. Negrette, how i wish i could hug you, go to you for advice, hear your laugh, ik m strong because of you, and today I'll celebrate my stregnths and where i am. I know you woild be proud. I love you, and you're always in my heart ♡♡♡ #sillyfaces #ripmom #rememberingyourface #mermaids #littlemermaidblue #dyeddolls #deaddoll #inkedmermaid
inkedmermaid - rememberingyourface - deaddoll - mermaids - littlemermaidblue - sillyfaces - ripmom - dyeddolls -
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outdablu - sacarac - sarasota - takeover - sacs - sacaracmusicgroup - tampa - lifestyle - racs - auntskinny - march23 - lakeland - orlando - ripmom - sacaracclothing - moneymarc - stpete -
officiallilbam_ : @officiallilbam_
reggie_gotduckies : #salute
deryckb : Great shot! Cool profile! I would love to connect, I'm building a global team :)
kemiko4 - 32_biggaray - princefabe32_bme - lilrat33 -
I love you so much mommy, watching dad talk you just made me break down in tears. If i can give up anything to bring you back i would. Its killing me 10 years ago God departed us from eachother and believe me im trying to be strong but its so hard. Please continue to make me stronger mommy I love you. Hope to see you in my dreams tonight. Happy Birthday to you, my Queen. 😪😔 #cantdothisalone #ripmom #weloveyou #imtrying #HAPPYBIRTHDAY🎉❤️
ripmom - cantdothisalone - happybirthday - weloveyou - imtrying -
raaaae_ : Stay strong Laura 😔😢❤️
qnzbeautifulma : 😘🙏👼 we've got angels watching over us baby girl... Who else better to take care of us than our moms. Love you cuzzo
mbrevil : Happy birthday she truly was a wonderful woman she would be so proud of you guys 👼🙏
authenticbeauty_x3 : Thank you, love you ❤️ @jackieraerose19 @_kinaaaa @love.elizabethhh @raaaae_ @arnelleceyara @qnzbeautifulma @mbrevil
__youcancallmejojo : Stay stong cheri 💖💖✊
__leaaaa__ : Sorry for your loss. Happy birthday to her
_withlovekris : Stay Strong Beautiful 🙏🙏💙
_d.jam_ : Shes watching over you and your sisters so proud Laura❤️🙌😌 #HBD much love💕
ash.b__ - sweet_kayyy - lbrascale_ - mrsdimples3 -
#ImissuMom #RIPmom Mamá have 6 años que te hecho de menos Fuiste la mejor mujer que he conocid y mi Gran HEROINA que Dios te tenga en la gloria Aun te hecho de menos Te amo mamá.
ripmom - imissumom -
hillary_tijerino -
Its been 9 years since my mom passed away. She was my best friend and the best mother and mamaw ever! Not a day goes by that I don't think about her. I would love ❤ to be able to give her a hug (and smell her exclamation) or call and hear her voice. I love and miss her so much! 💔 #9years #ripmom #ripmamaw
ripmom - 9years - ripmamaw -
jack_and_jill_doxies : ☺️☺️😘😘😘🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️ @nrose923
britt_chapman_ - p_a_i_j_e_m_a_t_l_o_c_k - linds_chapman99 - chrislee_91 -
Fuck you, fuck you Fuck you, fuck you I got two words for you Fuck you, fuck you Fuck you, fuck you Tell that hater I said Oh, I said ‘fuck ‘em’, I don’t like ‘em, I don’t love ‘em When the money come, homies turn to haters, I don’t trust ‘em If the brick ain’t coming with a stick I don’t touch it I want that beer medal with a scorpio when I bust her Like a bitch when she twerking, y’all niggas working Clown ass niggas, we should put you in the circus In a cage with the lion, let it have you for desert And test the fire on your army, took a dip in what you’re worth it, nigga Fuck you, fuck you Fuck you, fuck you I met this bitch, she said ‘my friend, she wanna’ Fuck you, fuck you Fuck you, fuck you I'm not ya friend, but really, yo, I wanna Fuck you, fuck you Fuck you, fuck you And if I hit my roadie, though, he gotta fuck, too Now put your middle fingers up and scream.... #FuckYou #gametyme #stillgoing #nothingcanstopme #thugcry #myangelinthesky #watchoverme #watchoverthefamily #stillshowingmetheway #mygrindistrue #mypurposeforliving #staytruetoyou #ripmama #ripwolf #riplilkenny #ripmom #shealame #fu1bm #mykidsistheworldtome #fuckyourfeelings #fuckyourlife #Takeashotforme
fu1bm - stillgoing - ripmom - mykidsistheworldtome - nothingcanstopme - ripmama - gametyme - staytruetoyou - riplilkenny - mypurposeforliving - watchoverme - stillshowingmetheway - fuckyou - watchoverthefamily - myangelinthesky - fuckyourlife - ripwolf - takeashotforme - shealame - thugcry - mygrindistrue - fuckyourfeelings -
meekmika89 - waynesr24 - supa_grandma - str8drop__tony_casports -
Happy birthday to my grandmother. Almost 9 years without you here. #RIPMOM
ripmom -
wakeup_1738 - makewonderspa - iam_amber_j - yeezy_lov3 -
หนึ่งร้อยวันที่ไม่มีแม่ให้ดูแล... สิ่งที่ทำได้ในตอนนี้คือ ทำบุญอุทิศส่วนกุศล #คิดถึงแม่ครับ #ไม่มีใครให้ทะเลาะด้วย #ไม่มีใครงอนแล้วหันหลังให้ #always #RIPMOM #100days #20NOV2014 #28FEB2015 #linecamera #missyoumom #breastcancer #missyoueverydaymom
100days - - 20nov2014 - missyoumom - always - ไม - missyoueverydaymom - 28feb2015 - ripmom - linecamera - breastcancer -
bhanbura - kongpop_kp - snoopy_0711 - bom1010 -
#rp#iknowigotthis#strength#desire#value#loyalty#innerpeace#ripMom#guideme#ibendbutdoNOTbreak#confidence#feelinmygrind#beautyinsideandoutside#todaysanewbegining#mytimetoshine# "Never looking back unless its at my Ass in the mirror"
desire - todaysanewbegining - confidence - strength - rp - feelinmygrind - beautyinsideandoutside - ibendbutdonotbreak - loyalty - value - guideme - iknowigotthis - innerpeace - mytimetoshine - ripmom -
fetishesfromfrance : Exactly ....to both !
islandersmile - krisgriffin53 - slewis18.sl - bretbret -
Carlotta Sue Shanley you bring me so much joy and sadness in your absence. Nothing in a bad way...just the way a daughter needs her mother. 24 years of my life was all that I was allowed to share with you! When I wanted a life time to argue with you, lol! This year is not a leap year but it has always been the day we observe it. Even you had to come into the world special...having your birthday on the 29th of February which only comes every 4 years. I'm just rambling now because I can't stop crying! This picture gives me so much life!! You were so happy for your birthday that year, 12 years ago! That smile is my smile, your heart is my heart ❤️ Happy Birthday to my dearest Mother ❤️ With all of my Love... forever and always #happybirthdaymom #happyearlybirthday #ripmom #mom #mommy #mother #missingher #loveher #myfirstlove
loveher - happyearlybirthday - mommy - myfirstlove - happybirthdaymom - missingher - mom - mother - ripmom -
fit_natural_mama_charise : Very cool!
alwaysmrscwl : Ain't no denying her! Soooo much cheese in that smile!
tevans1104 - jill_lindsie - merec04 - seirranic -
#happybirthday #ripmom #restinpeace #iloveyou #untilwemeetagain
happybirthday - ripmom - iloveyou - restinpeace - untilwemeetagain -
koolmj : It sounds like you miss someone
aboogie113 - koolmj - persuade8heading - tok_a_nutz -
Keepsake | Memorial | Jewelry
neverforget - missyou - ripdaddy - funeral - fuckcancer - alwayswithme - rip - urnnecklace - cremationnecklace - ripdad - mydaddy - cremationurn - neverforgetyou - cremation - memorial - grieving - jewelry - urn - inlovingmemory - urnpendant - restinpeace - necklaceurn - alwaysinmyheart - locket - ripmom - ripmommy - cremationjewelry - memorialjewelry - fallensoldier -
nevr4getu : #missyou #neverforgetyou #rip #urnnecklace #urnpendant #alwaysinmyheart #mydaddy #ripdad #ripmom #necklaceurn #cremation #memorial #cremationurn #alwayswithme #cremationjewelry #urn #fuckcancer #jewelry #memorialjewelry #cremationnecklace #grieving #funeral #locket #jewelry #neverforget #ripmommy #ripdaddy #restinpeace #inlovingmemory #fallensoldier
sunshine625 : @beckydazell 💙
sunshine625 : @cnev38 💙
salgifoundation - giffin31 - refugeingrief - ririloovee -
👼😢 always thinking of our angel #ripmom #missingyou
ripmom - missingyou -
shemafly_larumble_june6 - lui_luigi - vintagefunkk - mirna_jayy -
It hurts more and more everyday but I know I'll see you again soon #ripmom 😞💞
ripmom -
redd_diamond93 - tgoodheartx3 - jay_twice - marianasv10 -
I'm still finding it hard to believe that you're no longer here. Not a day goes by where I don't think about you and how much you meant to me. We definitely had our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, I loved you from the bottom of my heart, and I know you felt the same for me. I miss you mom...you'll always be with me. #rip #ripmom #iloveyou #mom #gonebutnotforgotten
ripmom - iloveyou - gonebutnotforgotten - mom - rip -
bryan.allen.50 : I feel your pain.
fnxfromtheashes : Huge hugs**
strongme86 : We here for u
dropern89 : Been there. Hugs!!
haunted.xcx : I'm Soo Sorry
dejavuld143 : I'm soooo sorry. Hugs.
yarzagaray1996 - justjack92 - drewbear3376 - richard_the_trainer -
Every time I hear tears come to my eyes always makes me think about my mom #ripmom #fuckcancer
ripmom - fuckcancer -
vacarazzi : #fuckcancer
town1980 : ❤️
chrisstorin : Much Love
nevr4getu - goodsin713 - chrisstorin - cinister831 -
Good night bowling with good people. Also a nice way to get my mind off today. 💗💕 #ripmom
ripmom -
jennifer_csds - madisyn.ferreira - samtheredmann - brandon_barreira88 -
My fave pix!! #ripmom #missyoumom
ripmom - missyoumom -
luv4the_619life : ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍
dare2bme_vsg : So sweet
nevr4getu - luv4the_619life - stinky_tofu23 - laureylaurey -
It's been a bumpy road 🙍 #missingher #mom #mommy #mother #emotional #shesalwayswithme #ripmom 💗😇
mom - mother - ripmom - emotional - mommy - shesalwayswithme - missingher -
nevr4getu - kteppert - lyndzety - susan.fillion.c -
The reality of never getting an answer again. Sometimes I call because I miss seeing her phone in my call log, especially times like now when I'm not feeling too good. #ripmom #cancersucks #pancan #pancreaticcancer #wagehope
ripmom - pancreaticcancer - cancersucks - wagehope - pancan -
money_md : 😔
tissadixon : I absolutely hate seeing my bro name/number in my phone and knowing that I'll never speak with him again on earth.. I know it hurts badly Carl but you'll see her again and laugh and talk with her like never before.. Be encouraged little bro 😘😭
jazzyd32 : 😯😳😢
urbanexposuremedia : Doc hang in there... I can't imagine how toughtit is.
tiffanysiti : Coming from a stranger it may not mean much, but I could tell she would be proud of her son for doing great things. Keep it up she is your biggest fan!
hashtag_frizzle : @irun4pancan @ambitious_ivy @tissadixon @urbanexposuremedia @tiffanysiti thank you all so much. It's means a lot.
queen_dee_07 : @hashtag_frizzle john 5:28,29 hives hope that you will see her again through the resurrection hope and isaiah 33:24 promises that during this time no illness will ever take her away from u again. Keep faith 🌷
fuq.i.look.like : @hashtag_frizzle love you bro! 😘
nevr4getu - purpledotspc - mrs_edmondstoyou - tkee_j1 -
I look most like... #myparents #ripmom #the80s
myparents - ripmom - the80s -
lala40217 : I see ur dad n ur face
nevr4getu - sarainthepm -
Terimakasih Anindito Wisnu yg sangat Jenius telah melukis wajah Almh Nyokap gue sangat mirip sedemikian rupa! Mahakarya ini gue pajang dengan bangga di Apartement gue sekarang. #Art #Illustration #ArtWork #Sketch #Pencils #Color #Gambar #Lukisan #Paint #Painting #RIPMOM
pencils - sketch - art - color - gambar - illustration - paint - artwork - ripmom - lukisan - painting -
xmadeofstonex - antihariani - farid12 - eghong -
I miss my mom so much! #goldcoast #queensland #Australia #ripmom
queensland - ripmom - australia - goldcoast -
laneellee : ผอมเน้อะ
pimwiza : @laneellee หิวเตี๋ยว
aswimwear - peachplz - laneellee - labenzz -
ripmom -
nevr4getu - roklion - emiliano_fanti -
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