Facts! #ripmom
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Happy birthday mom. Its our second one without you. Today is 526 days since you passed. I know you look down on me every single day and smile. I'm hoping I make you proud. I love you momma. Happy birthday and Valentine's day. ❤ #ripmom
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Happy Birthday to the beautiful lady in my dreams #RealLove #ripmom 💔
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christie_789 : Happy birthday you are truly missed 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
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Valentine's Day 2016. "My beautiful lady of my life,my mother.How are you lately?" She always concerning about my love life and she know that love bruises whole over my body and my heart,but still she still wants me to believe that,someone out there is still waiting for me. Yes,gay love never been easy,but she don't want me to give up. "Happy Valentine's Day Mom.I love you." #ripmom #mom #mommy #mother #gayson
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Mom, my queen. Despite we fuss a lot (mom child fight lol) I do miss u today. If u were alive I would have called u today argued with u n still tell u I love u. U gone, not n never will be 4gotten my queen. Happy vals day to u in d Lord,miss u n my son/ur grandson misses u too. #ripmom #missumom #happyvalsmom #happyvalsdaymylove
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Woke up wondering how happy and proud my mom would've been.. I miss you SOO much mom. I hope you thought it was as magical as I did. ❣ #ripmom #imissyou #shewouldveadoredhim
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Words 👌👌👌 #RIPMom
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Smile Simon! 😃😍😘 #ripmom
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lilmammastayfly : April my prayers to you and the family. I'm here if you need me @the_real_sunshine
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Thank God for a successful burial... #theOdiatukids #RIPmom
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chokl8wendi : Babyim 😊... @cathy_el may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace
sylviabaz : Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her, Amen.
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I remember recording my mom dancing to this song lol #ripmom love ya crazy lady, wish you were here to see me through everything I'm doing and to point me in the right direction
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#VerySpecial 💕 They said they caught it too late. That there was nothing they could do, but just let her pass on. #FindACure #RIPMom #Queen #OneYearAgoToday #MissingYou 💔
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My mom "n" me, nothing better to remember on #valentinesday #ripmom #xo
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W/ our late mama 💕 #tbphoto #1999 #ripmom #hvd
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Only ever had one Valentine and haven't had another since she went to heaven #IfHeavenHadAPhone #RIPmom …………………………………………………………. #Fashion #Antm #HighFashion #Vogue #Model #Vintage #Photographer #potd #beauty #hipster #Essence #TeenVogue #clothes #Editorial #publications #Models #instagood #beautiful #Headshots #VogueItalia #TerryRichardson #instamood #ElleMagazine #Karmaloop #BlackMen #ModelPop #valentines
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Look at those great looking kids 😊 My mother was quite a beauty. @sirpontius look how much dad looked like you back when he was around your age. #1983 #memories #beautifulmom #ripmom #myparents #80s #dontblink #lifegoesfasterthanyouthink #younglove #beautyandyouth
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sirpontius : Looked like a fucking pedo with that mustache lol
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#my beautifulmom #missyousomuch #loveyou #family #itstillhurts #gonebutnotforgotten #ripmom #EastBankWV #lifeishardwithoutyou
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healthy_weight_now : 👍
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Momma we made it 🙏🏾 2/11 #ripmom #dt #ootd
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amazing_jas : Happy Belated Kitten😘
takiyachanell : Happy belated birthday!
mrs.b_hawkins : Happy Belated Birthday Bro
birdacious15 : Happy Birthday! Many blessings to you!
_trashtalks : KB happy belated! Stay blessed !
whisperloudly : Happy belated birthday!
helaidback : Blessings Big Bro 🙏🏾
beanie_skegel : Happy birthday Broske
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Yes that's #dora behind me! #mexitrini #likeahboss #gains #ohhey👀😛✌🏼️#crewlife #ripmom #theycalledherdora #iwasherdiego
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carnivalcraze : We are in Trinidad! Check out the @carnivalcraze 😎
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These Two. They have no clue how much they mean to me. It's 7 degrees outside. They still show me love! #RIPMOM today makes 4 years. Still seems like yesterday
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big_nita_daughter : 🙏🙏
trinigyul101 : @big_nita_daughter 😙
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Dear Mama Today is your Birthday a hard day for me I tired to stay busy an keep my mind off the fact that's it's ur birthday, but in my head I couldn't stop thinking bout u it's not a day, nor sec, nor min I don't think of u ur always in my thoughts Mom. I'm crying while typing this cuz I gotta let it out, me an my sister hanged out today an that really helped I didn't want her c me down or talk bout u because I know she would have broke down. I can write pages to u Mom but I wnt on here the feeling of loseing a mother is so un explainable ur never no till it happens to u it's a pain that never go away I no in time it heels an better to deal with but never the same u only get one mother cherish yours u just never know. Mama I love u so much, I miss u calling me ur lil girl, miss u calling me every morning, ur grand kids miss u, Happy Birthday in Heaven mom an tomorrow we celebrate just how u like it... #ourmom #mymom #mamalilgirlstill #FredaGirls #Hideaway #RIPMom #happybirthday
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❤mom #ripmom #feb72012 #ily #lyrics
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Missing u #ripmom
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i still can't believe today marks 11 years since my mom has left us 🙏🏻 it's been over a whole decade! ive spent more years without her than with her 😞 they told me it would get easier as time goes on but it really doesn't. it sucks that she left me at such a young age as a little boy and it sucks that she's not here in person to see me grow up and do the things that i do. i miss her sooo much! i was always a mommy's boy. i was literally her mini me. it sucks not waking up to seeing her in the kitchen every morning making us breakfast and giving us a hug, it sucks not having her physically there at graduations, it sucks not having her physically there for our birthdays, it sucks not having her physically there on holidays, and so much more. no one will EVER take her place and that's a PROMISE 💙 today we lit up a heart shaped paper lantern for her 😇 #RIPMOM 🙏🏻 I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH 😚 Marta Carolina Ortega 3|19|59-2|13|05 👼🏻
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chelsealeaf23 : 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
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Had fun this day with my family #ripmom
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kingflipside : @beau_tif_ul_ what's up cuz
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Often times we go through things in life and we question God . Even when it seems like God is not up to something he is working behind the scenes. #ripmom #newblog #trustgod #jeremiah2911 #ineededthis #godisworking
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Today makes 4 years man 😟😰😰 ik your looking down on me so i gotta keep pushing 💪🏼 yu did everything to keep me happy so now i gotta keep grindin to make you happy 💪🏼😩 i still cant believe your really gone 😪☹️ R.I.P love you 😞❤️💪🏼 #ripmom
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kayygloo : R.i.p❤️
abellatesfaye : Rip ❤️ : Rip 🙏🏽❤️
theofficial.neek : Rip💔
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In honor of my Mom, I cooked her best dish, Shrimp Creole, for my brothers today. It's been a year since she's gone... We miss and love you Mom. Hope I did you proud! Happy Valentine's Day to Mom and my brothers... Love y'all! ❤️ #RIPmom #ENDalz #familytraditions
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markbeyt : I always tore up her spaghetti!
churchgoinmule : ❤️ hugs. It looks delicioussss!
rockarolls : Her spaghetti was da bomb! @markbeyt
rockarolls : Thanks @churchgoinmule!! Those boys tore it up! 😄
silverbulit : Looks like chicken
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I got my lil sis @alyssatheefilmmaker in the studio recording her tribute to our mom. New Song "The Strongest Woman I Know" will be released tonight with @djbeatmatic #WeMissYou #RIPMom #WeDoThis4U
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#HappyValentinesDayMom #HappyValentinesDayGrandma #RestInPeace #WeMissYou #RIPMom #RIPGrandma #HappyValentinesDayInHeaven 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕 #FelizDiaDeSanValentinMamá #FelizDiaDeSanValentinAbuelita #DescansaEnPaz #TeExtrañamosMucho
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This is so true #RIPMom ~2-9-13~
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My entire world. My mom and brother. #RIPMOM
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Liebe Freunde, ich wende mich heute mit einem Anliegen an euch! Jeder durchlebt mal harte Zeiten zu bestimmten Situationen. Das Leben ist nicht einfach. Einfach mal was zum Nachdenken: Hast du gewusst, dass besonders die, die taff wirken, die Sensibelsten sind? Dass die, die die meiste Güte aufweisen als erste schlecht behandelt werden? Hast du gewusst, dass die, die sich am meisten um andere kümmern, die sind, auf die Acht gegeben werden sollte? Hast du gewusst, dass die drei schwierigsten Dinge auszusprechen "ich liebe dich", "es tut mir leid" und "bitte hilf mir" sind? Selbst wenn eine Person lächelt, heißt es nicht, dass es ihr gut geht, schau hinter das Lächeln, um zu sehen, wie groß die Not ist, in der sich die Person befindet. Für alle meine Freunde, die gerade schwieriges durchstehen - lasst uns einen Durchbruch wagen. Wir alle brauchen positive Unterstützung/ Ziele. Mit den 2 besten Menschen Skifahren Große Schwester + Kleiner Bruder❤️🦁 #fleek #l4l #f4f #dieinginpain #ripdad #ripmax #ripmom #rip #fuckYou #fucknormality #fuckhater #skiprofi #gogo
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Diese 4Tage....holy shit.....keine Worte....außer ultra cool 🦁 #unfreundliche #arbeiter #mcs #ripmom #ripmax #ripdad #kleinerbruder #notfleek #dieinginpain #Foreverlittlebrother #forevertogetherandneveralone❤️ #bestesteam #needya #loveya
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xx_luca.rafael_xx : Ich liebe dich❤️#großerBruder
xx__lucaangelo__xx : @xx_luca.rafael_xx ich dich auch❤️ #kleinerbruder
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