And mommy, from now on I promise to spend every day talking to you and catching you up on all the missed times. You should've been there, so many people love and miss you. So many people had so many beautiful things to say. I stayed strong and said my speech. You would've been proud. #imissyou #iloveyou #rip #ripmom #funeral #service #heavengainedanangel #doingitformymom #winningformymom
service - doingitformymom - funeral - rip - iloveyou - heavengainedanangel - winningformymom - ripmom - imissyou -
juicyjazzzy : Omg babygirl I can't even imagine. You're such a strong girl. PrayersπŸ’–
melissamartini_ - kayliemarie2013 - jmasky_4 - marissakelly2 -
a big happy birthday to my mommy. i love you and miss you so much! im sorry i never got the chance to experience wonderful memories with you but i know you're watching over me and my family. I'll see you one day but until then, love and miss you. happy birthday mom. #happybirthday #mommy #14years #ripmom #missyou #loveyou
happybirthday - ripmom - missyou - 14years - mommy - loveyou -
mariahbella : πŸ’β€οΈ
_glams - mariahbella -
Man I can't get over this & it annoys me how I keep thinking you're on a long vacation but I hope I wake up to this stupid nightmare & see you again , R.I.P #fuckcancer #ripmom
ripmom - fuckcancer -
navinax3 : Hang in there buddy. She's with you all the time. Make her proud!
ayeeitsaman : Thank you 😞😊 @navinax3
al.een : I'm so sorry. Stay strong man ❀️
ayeeitsaman : @al.een thanks 😞
tiffaany_jimenezz : Tbh ; idk you .. but you seem cool πŸ‘Œ and damn , i hope you feel better πŸ™
ayeeitsaman : Thanks @tiffaany_jimenezz
rylee_sage : πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹, Remember if you ever need anybody to talk to, just hmu!πŸ’―πŸ˜” your not alone bro.
ayeeitsaman : Thank you so much 😊😞😁 @rylee_sage
gabbychauca2014 - xctq - ornahgirl - dark__love___ -
#TheMaze #RIPMOM #SWAG #SufferingWithAmazingGifts Comin Soon!!!!! via @picachi_king Thanks for all of your love and support! Full video link in my bio!!!! #PicachiBoyz #PicachiKing #PicachiKing
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#TheMaze #RIPMOM - Workkk Like.comment.share.repost. #PicachiKing #PicachiBoyz #Picachi #SWAG #SufferingWithAmazingGifts comin soon!!! Full video in my bio!!
ripmom - swag - picachiking - picachiboyz - sufferingwithamazinggifts - themaze - picachi -
godeep_dimples - ___bonti - suckerfree_kay - mlzway -
#TheMaze #RIPMOM Somebody gotta speak for the ppl struggling. Its hard out here. Stayin true to myself speaking real factz!!! Thx to everyone who believe in me!!! #PicachiBoyz #Picachi #PicachiKing #Video #Working #NewYork #Harlem #Imotivatemost
working - newyork - themaze - imotivatemost - picachiking - video - picachiboyz - ripmom - harlem - picachi -
you_now_know_kts : Rip to your mother fam
somethin_like_karma - kevfamous - urbanraised.mari - tripk_locc30zzz -
#TheMaze - #RIPMOM This is for you!!! #SWAG #SufferingWithAmazingGifts comin soon!!!! Puttin on for my city!! #NewYork #Harlem #Support Full Video now available on youtube.com/picachiking Thanks for all of your support and love!!!
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picachiking : #Picachi #PicachiBoyz #PicachiKing
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Today was a year since my mom's been gone so we let off some balloons #RIPmom #fuckcancer #gonebutneverforgotten
ripmom - fuckcancer - gonebutneverforgotten -
dom_gobert : Listen tp Red Ballons Dizzy Wright sorry for ur lose love u brotha
mimi1823 - _lindadoesit - love4spr - thecalistar -
Tatted #firsttat #ripmom
ripmom - firsttat -
spudgyypup7 - ashleygiguere_ - sakibalishous - surfboard134 -
Cant believe it's been 3 years, time goes by so fast. I am proud of where I've gotten and the things I've accomplished, thank you for building me into the strong person I am today. #ripmom #myangel #myguardian
ripmom - myguardian - myangel -
juanrafael01 : Si mi prima, yo me siento muy orgullozo de que tu mama te haya preparado asi para la vida. Te quiero mucho
smiley2raw - karencasanueva - mayyaaaaaaaaa - kerlisthekid -
Don't tell me if I'm dying, kuz I don't wanna know If I can't see the sun, maybe I should go Don't wake me kuz I'm dreamin, of angels on the moon Where everyone you love never leaves too soon #cancer #RIPmom
ripmom - cancer -
krystahunt : This makes me teary eyed :(
zacharai_247 -
#phaded #tattoos #ripmom #selfie #tgif #whatsgood #bored #stoned #lol #smokesome
tattoos - kush - phaded - selfie - friday - freshcut - kushlife - lol - bluntz - blazeit - smokesome - stoned - ripmom - fresh - bored - tgif - chilling - whatsgood -
xxjosexxla : #freshcut #fresh #chilling #kush #kushlife #blazeit #bluntz #friday
raylene_bitchs - wreckmg - caughtyoulookingtwice - notattoosdienaked -
Finna go get my tat #ripmom
ripmom -
moneyteam5001 : Wanna make some fast cash
___christinabitch___ - crookboy_321 - annaa0124 - lucytackett -
Such a beautiful service for my beautiful and loving mommy. saying my speech was possibly the hardest thing I've ever done. But you were worth every word, and every tear β€οΈπŸ’‹ #rip #ripmom #service #smile #begrateful #beautiful #doingitformymom #weloveyou #wemissyou #winningformymom #heavengainedanangel
beautiful - service - wemissyou - doingitformymom - begrateful - rip - weloveyou - heavengainedanangel - winningformymom - ripmom - smile -
em_dunc : Love you girl ❀️
aye_deezy : Wow stay strong girl!
kingwest05 : Sorry for your loss
karenmsutherland24 : Stay strong @mirandas13
_reneetearra - kgirl_fitlife - fantasiashanice - stephenmc12321 -
πŸ™ Taking this time out to say to the woman I love so dearly .. Mommy I miss u sooo much 😒 It kills me knowing ur not here 😒😒 every year that passes on this date I always feel the same and it feels like yesterday 😒 I love u and I miss u like fuk .. R. I. P. my πŸ‘Ό #12yrs #ripmom #ripmommy #missingu
ripmom - 12yrs - ripmommy - missingu -
mizz_2sassy - khoffeelatte - yayo728 - big_beauxxx -
I love you Mom!!! This is not goodbye but I will see you again in heaven one day. I know you will always be with me and looking down on us all with a smile. πŸ’–
ripmom - loveyoualways -
e.a._hancock : I'm so sorry, sweetie...hugs to you
kaseyds77 : Today I lost most important person in my life my Mom she was amazing and raised three kids to be independent and strong #ripmom #loveyoualways
susan_j08 : Sorry for your loss πŸ˜”.. My prayers with you and your family xoxo!
caitypine : It takes an amazing women to raise such beautiful loving and strong children. She left a lasting impact on everyone she met and she lives on in your heart and soul. Theres never a goodbye because we will see her again one day and it will be the most beautiful reunion. β™‘ @kaseyds77
evergrowing_wonder - justsig - elovesb - susan_j08 -
The way she was talks & dances for them as if they never left brings me such ease, reassurance that my mom & dad are with us at all times! 😍❀ #shedidashowforthem #RIPMOM #RIPDAD #wemissyou #tillwemeetagain
ripmom - wemissyou - ripdad - tillwemeetagain - shedidashowforthem -
artseyy_is_life - j_e_n_xoxo - nissybaby130 - yulissa_villarreal -
#pink #fightlikeagirl #Komenraceforthecure #cancersucks #wearpink #RipMom #blackeyedSusan πŸ’• Thank you to all of you that have donated..
pink - cancersucks - blackeyedsusan - komenraceforthecure - ripmom - wearpink - fightlikeagirl -
lennonphotography : Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
getangelahere : @nhantranphotography
daveridehardraven - artseyy_is_life - wellsm11 - xxnorcalxx -
Last pic from my event..Sorry for flooding your time lines peeps but I'm proud of the hard work & the turn out we had..I take my Lupus charity very seriously..Me doing the red carpet #RipMom #Lupus #RedCarpet
ripmom - lupus - redcarpet -
sova1518 : My sister has #lupus and it's been a 9 yr journey our family will never forget thank you and bless you for your works on the awareness of #Lupus πŸ™
lovegiggy02 : Looking good as always. Great work you're doing!
dreamangelishere : Great work, Dennis. I know your mom would be very proud of you! Actually, she is very proud of you, smiling down on you from heaven. Keep up the wonderful job you are doing and prayers that a cure for Lupus is soon found.
1dennisdesantis : Sorry to hear @sova1518 I will keep her in my prayers
1dennisdesantis : Thanks @lovegiggy02 ☺️
1dennisdesantis : Thanks a lot @dreamangelishere
thetoddfather - lovegiggy02 - rayray_rachie - tatetwinsies -
Great action shot of myself @mekovacs22 & @michaelbjordan waiting to see the river card lol #Poker #Lupus #RipMom
ripmom - poker - lupus -
michaelbjordan : @1dennisdesantis yea I def lost that hand!
1dennisdesantis : Lmao @michaelbjordan you can't win them all brother lol
1dennisdesantis : I just realized @hollywoodmerv @lizziefmorris and @themattaltman are all also in this pic hahaha
mekovacs22 : I think I had the trip 9's that hand ..... And a big thanks to @michaelbjordan for being so kind to return my cell phone... Could have been a disaster
lovegiggy02 - mini_riffs - _bellair - _demarrous -
Me & one of the best guys around the President of Lupus La @adamselkowitz #LupusLa #RipMom
ripmom - lupusla -
causita1 - saribenammar - lalalaleesh - theeyes -
Thanks to my bestie @erikaross_ for coming & supporting me & Lupus..Love you babe #RipMom #Lupus
ripmom - lupus -
lovegiggy02 : She's the prettiest girl I've ever seen.
erikaross_ : So glad we could make it. Loved your mama!!❀️
lovegiggy02 - rayray_rachie - lalalaleesh - sherry_muheisen -
At da cancer wlk yesterday wit sum of da bros n dey say vandsls dnt got hearts #TeamMary #TeamMom #FuckCancer #RipMom
ripmom - teammom - fuckcancer - teammary -
deucevandalismkidd : #RIPauntDianna
jls1clv - lostemp_ - mbk_gotti - _foul_play -
It's all smilies for you today mommy. We miss you. πŸ˜˜πŸ’š #rip #ripmom #sister #grandma #wemissyou #weloveyou #funeral #service #heavengainedanangel
sister - service - wemissyou - funeral - rip - weloveyou - heavengainedanangel - grandma - ripmom -
linglohkey : Aww I'm sorry to hear that Miranda πŸ˜”πŸ˜˜
jennalammert - cierra_jennings - unionnicole - lakenlacole -
FBF mom's performance and 3 months pregnant with Rosie.
wemissyou - ripmom - weloveyou -
jenivela : #wemissyou #ripmom #weloveyou
jentangsf : She was a sweet wonderful woman! πŸ’•
jenivela : @jentangsf yea she was 😘
mariizenn - stinnaaxo - 1ressa - _bosslady90_ -
...not a day goes by that u are not thought of... πŸ‘Όβ€οΈπŸ˜˜ #sadday #keepsmiling #hbd #beautiful #ripmom #loveyou
beautiful - ripmom - hbd - sadday - loveyou - keepsmiling -
nwk__dillinger_ - cristian_2323 - king__vickk - _suup4tuan -
One year ago today my heart was broken in to pieces. They still are. I lost the one person that would give me unconditional love. My Mom. This has been the hardest year in my life. I miss you mom. #ripmom #missyou #loveyoumom #heaven #sad
ripmom - loveyoumom - heaven - missyou - sad -
chiamonga : Hugs to you. May the memories lift your spirit and help you through these difficult moments
ethenn_23 - erika_zapien - chiamonga - chewquita_pls -
In my feelings tough. I miss my mom!!! #ripmom #loveandmissyou #emotional #distewmuchfr
ripmom - emotional - loveandmissyou - distewmuchfr -
90s_virgo - gudalupegg479 - gemini_love_bitch - fredqueshia -
It's been four years since my mother died and three since my father and words can't express how much I miss them #Love #family #RipMom #RipDad
ripmom - ripdad - love - family -
jennybaby_69 : Damn this deep! #rp
jennybaby_69 - mrdat77 - luckylibra1984 - symone1991_ -
Mommy, I miss you so much. As much as it tore me apart, it was so nice to see you one last time yesterday and get to sit alone and talk to you. There's so much I still want to say. So much to catch up on. Were holding your service today, as you know. It's going to be beautiful, just like you. So many people that love and miss you and care for you too. I was so angry at first, so mad at God for taking you from me. But the more I thought about how giving, generous, and nurturing you are to Logan, Becca, and I, the more I realize that God must have really needed a mommy like you in heaven to watch over and take care of all of his little angels. He set you free, and the more and more I sit and think, the more I know that you'll always be watching over me, watching me grow, watching me make you proud. You should see the speech I wrote to say at your service today. It's beautiful because it's all about you. The flowers and pictures we picked, they are beautiful too. Because they capture your heart and your soul as well as your smile. You should hear the music we picked for you, I picked "Jesus take the wheel" and "home" by daughtry because I know you used to sing those in the car with me when I was little. I promise to smile today and try my hardest to make it as genuine as possible. I can't promise I won't cry when I say my "mommy" poem but I promise I know God only takes the best, and that he really needed you especially if those little angels are anything like me, you've got your work cut out for you. A mommys tasks are never finished. Rest in peace mommy, I love you. β€οΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΌπŸ“– #rip #ripmom #talkingtomom #momentswithmom #winningformymom #doingitformymom #myhero #strong #smile #iloveyou #imissyou
momentswithmom - myhero - doingitformymom - iloveyou - rip - talkingtomom - winningformymom - ripmom - smile - imissyou - strong -
frank_0805 : I dont know who you are but so much #respect
queen_dee_07 : @mirandas13 im sorry for your loss πŸ˜” i dont even want to imagine how it must feel to lose someone like that I just want to share a comforting message with you. Did you know that Jehovah God promises a time when you will be able to see you more again. Not just that but you will be able to laugh and hug and love her once more. This promise is found in the scripture John 5:28,29. I hope you found this a bit comforting 🌹🌻🌹
fantasiashanice : I'm so sorry Miranda can't wait to see you. You're in my prayers.
capracourtney : This makes me so sad. I'm so sorry Miranda. Still praying.
unionnicole : You and your family are in my prayersβ™‘ I know we only had a class together but I know how it feels to lose a parent and its hard and understanding why is the only thing that helps or might be the only thing you might think about but she is in a better place and will always be right by your side. I lost my dad my around my sophomore year and im a senior now.. I bet your mommy poem is very beautiful and she will love it! ♥ im always here for you and your always in my prayers! Stay strong!
missteenkini - unionnicole - robertson.staci - _partypete -
Most people don't know this, but yes, my biological mom committed suicide on Friday of last week. This is why I've been pretty negative and sad. Wednesday was my birthday, I turned fifteen. Good for me, the adoption is finally getting finalized. I miss you all at school. It's the first days I've missed since 5th grade.
heaven - avengedsevenfold - adopted - restinpeace - trivium - music - mom - ripmom -
elainee1998 : She will be missed but she is still loved
savetheworldjunkie : Also, thank you to @avengedsevenfold for their songs. They're helping me through this. So is @triviumband ... Built to Fall and So Far Away were sang at her funeral. #adopted #mom #restinpeace #ripmom #music #Trivium #avengedsevenfold #heaven
jaleesaramseyy : Sorry for your lost πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
noahtv1000 : Ah man sorry about that. That sucks:( @savetheworldjunkie
day_stalker_ - noahtv1000 - meghann_leee - braxtonflick -
Today has been an especially hard "I Miss My Mom Day". I'm so proud to be able to call her my mother and not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I've learned to never take life for granted. Live your life to the fullest. Life is such a precious thing and you only get one of them. Most importantly, don't take the people you love most for granted either. They love you and are there, in your life, for a reason. You never know when one day someone isn't going to be here anymore, and it can just happen in an instant. So cherish the good times, the memories, the ups and downs, the battles. The memories are all I have left to hold on to. But, if you're going to take something out if this message, take this; NEVER pass up an opportunity to say I Love You. You never know when it'll be the last time you do. #mom #missyou #missher #ripmom #rip #love #memories #cherish #message
love - missyou - memories - rip - mom - cherish - ripmom - missher - message -
c0lby__h3witt : Hayley, I know we haven't talked in a long time, but I think about you and your mom a lot. And I know it's nothing in comparison to you, but I miss her too. She was such a beautiful woman. I hope you're doing well Hayley. I love you!
hayleymaracle : @c0lby__h3witt Thank you Colby! Love you too!
carolgordon7 : Beautiful just like you πŸ’œ
danny_rosengard23 : Love you Hayley! Text me if you need me
jordan__joy : I love you so much Hayley πŸ’•
brandizzle2014 : This is so beautiful hayley! I love you and miss you girl!
hayleymaracle : Love you guys too! @danny_rosengard23 @jordan__joy @brandizzle2014
hayleymaracle : Thank you! @carolgordon7
brandizzle2014 - anniejacobs - sydkid37 - theraquelkimm -
My motivation . #ripmom
ripmom -
_zamar - _twila_ - sexii_lexii237 - dneal_ -
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