Somebody could've told me it was freezing outside before i went on a walk... #currentmood #icecube
meme - frozen - kelsiportrait - ifroze - itwasreallycold - currentmood - tragic - icecube - memes - ripkelsi - tragedy - parkselfie -
kelsijennings : #RIPkelsi #itwasreallycold #ifroze #meme #KelsiPortrait #icecube #parkselfie #frozen
yaboiispice : Lmao
kelsijennings : #memes #tragedy #tragic
unicorn_cum : You're so cute!!
kelsijennings : @acid.unicorn aww I miss you!
_tamarinee - brittani__graham - elitepedro - woes.zae -
We love you kelsi❤️❤️#ripkelsi
ripkelsi -
vb11ali : What happened???
hannah_lovely555 : What happended
lucasthompsonnnn - abigail.bastian - skylertipton123456789 - sabribri_21 -
#cancersucks #RIPKelsi
cancersucks - ripkelsi -
katsmith115 - salgifoundation - onieg - -
Went and hung up last year and this years whistles with the one and only Kelsi.😭 A huge thank you to @bassboy7398 for planting Kelsis memorial tree! Also the lady across the street is taking care of it! #RIPKelsi #missher #neverforgotten #loveher #crying
missher - ripkelsi - loveher - crying - neverforgotten -
bassboy7398 : I didn't plant it but ive been taking care of it
kirstinfelske : @bassboy7398 the lady said you planted it and she was very proud that someone would take time for that.
bassboy7398 : What lady @kirstinfelske
bassboy7398 : Oh I understand @kirstinfelske
kirstinfelske : @bassboy7398 the one that lives across the street.
baseball_is16 - nikkir1437 - kelseydepardo34 - haybaaay12 -
Ik its a bad pic but it is actually my fav! She was so funny and always made me laugh! #missyou #ripkelsi #maychallenge #day4
maychallenge - ripkelsi - day4 - missyou -
abbbymarieee - nikkir1437 - k8lynnflick - bassboy7398 -
Happy Birthday! I miss you so much, hope you have a good day watching down on us #LoveYou #Angel #RIPKelsi
ripkelsi - angel - loveyou -
maggierunge - karleyovermire - moswim1998 - aaabby21 -
it hurts my heart to see stuff from kelsi :( I miss her so much, everyday is a struggle because she's always on my mind. #ripkelsi
ripkelsi -
weekiwoos - xnikkixhorrorx - _sdullahide - no.more.honey -
The tat I want on my upper forearm. #ripkelsi
tattoo - ripkelsi -
tsn828 : #tattoo
stacy_p04 - rizalclassic11 - jumong_jeezy - sremac_zlata -
it's been 3 months and I don't go a day without thinking of you. I couldn't miss you any more then I already do. #ripkelsi
ripkelsi -
alexandria.dawne : love ya gabs!
k8lynnflick : I remember the lemonade stand I was there @gabriellesimpson11
laurenrbliss - heggie3 - bella.morris - allie_abbott_05_ -
such a beautiful person. I miss you so much, everyday I hurt and just want to see you again. Esp since christmas is in two days.. we always made sure we had our own Christmas together. you always were so thoughtful and generous. I'm so happy that you're happy and free now, It just hurts I can't speak to you anymore. I miss your voice and I miss just having you as my bestfriend. I love you always. #ripkelsi
ripkelsi -
xnikkixhorrorx - moosemangetz - westy.08 - giant_monster_kid -
Loved you so much Kelsi, one of the softest, funniest dogs I've ever met <3 #ripkelsi
ripkelsi -
westy.08 - georgiesouthgate -
this is not just for Bella, but for everyone who has been bullied; and a sign to you bullies that we're not backing down. suicide is preventable. speak up and reach out. #ripBella #ripBlake #ripKelsi #suicideawareness #purple #out #ribbon #basketball #game #cheerleading
basketball - ripbella - purple - cheerleading - game - suicideawareness - ripblake - ripkelsi - ribbon - out -
skylarsk8s - kristen_harold - hollyheaton3 -
#tbt we thought this was the best picture ever ahaha the myspace days.. we were 13 here. love you so much kels. #ripkelsi
ripkelsi - tbt -
xnikkixhorrorx - mismris - westy.08 -
#tbt my bestfriend and I last summer.. miss these days. miss her so much. #ripkelsi
ripkelsi - tbt -
xnikkixhorrorx - westy.08 -
I love my bestfriend forever and always ❤ #RIPKelsi
ripkelsi -
itsallgood : 💗💗💗💗
aj_worden123 : What happend
mallory_owens_ : Where did u get the bracelet??
sydneypollmiller : Where'd you get that bracelet and what happened /:
carmen_leamarie : stay strong Emily, it will be hard I know and if you ever need anything just know that i am always here for you! Love you
emily_sparx : Thanks :) @carmenmoss8 and my friend got them and is selling them for 3$ @sydneypollmiller @mallorylovexxx
jk7.11.01 : ❤️💛💚💙💜
bella.morris : Be strong Emily❤
bella.morris - moswim1998 - sigbats29 - madisonvinger -
It's been a month and I feel so many different ways part of me feels like it was yesterday part of me feels like it was a lifetime ago and part of me still can't believe it and doesn't know what to think... I still miss her dearly, I think we all still do... I think were all just waiting for the pain to end or heal but I think it will always be there somewhere.... #RIPKelsi
ripkelsi -
carmen_leamarie : #perfect my feelings exactly......
emily_sparx : Perfect <3 text me sometime
beautiful_isnt_perfect__ : I miss her too. Text me
m.a.r.i.s.s.a35 : #RIPKelsi I miss her so much
beautiful_isnt_perfect__ - aaabby21 - melissa_meador -
doesn't feel real until I look down and see this.. #ripkelsi #missyousomuch
missyousomuch - ripkelsi -
mirandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - grandtheftautumnv - alaska_perhaps - xnikkixhorrorx -
Keith Anderson said it just right #RIPKelsi
ripkelsi -
gabriellaoleary - lisatdoan - emily_sparx - christian_overmire -
everyone wrote notes to kels and we let them go. #ripkelsi I miss you so much.. I just want to hear your laugh so bad :(
ripkelsi -
fokkennasty : @stee_lo951 I know she will be & that's the only thing keeping me sane right now. thank you ♡
xnikkixhorrorx - mismris - ambrosiusxvii -
such a long time ago, but such a good memory. we had girls night with her mom, kels , my sister and myself. love you kels. #ripmyangel #ripkelsi
ripkelsi - ripmyangel -
xnikkixhorrorx -
kelsi would love the weather lately. flannel and beanie weather was our favorite time of the year. #self #blackandwhite #ripkelsi I love you and you're always in my thoughts.
self - ripkelsi - blackandwhite -
grandtheftautumnv : I don't know you and you don't know me but I just want to say I am truly sorry about your loss. If you ever need anyone, anyone at all, to talk to I'm here. At the beginning of this year I lost my mother, my best friend, so I understand the pain. I know all the feelings, the pain, hurt, sadness, and the anger. I'm here whenever you need someone.
fokkennasty : @autumnashley1 thank you, so much. I am sorry for your pain as well :( same goes for me, i'm always here if you need someone.
grandtheftautumnv : You are very welcome. And thank you, it means a lot.
xnikkixhorrorx : @fokkennasty I am so sorry for your loss. I didn't know Kelsi personally but we followed each other on tumblr and on here and I talked to her a few times. She was so sweet and nice. I know the feeling of losing someone so suddenly and unexpectedly. Again, I am very sorry for your loss. You're in my thoughts.
fokkennasty : @xnikkixhorrorx thank you a lot. I'm glad you had a chance to know her. she was amazing and is missed so much.
xnikkixhorrorx : @fokkennasty you're welcome. Hang in there <3
Messages like this make me feel better. #ripkelsi
ripkelsi -
_sdullahide : Aw @crystalmolyneux
crystalmolyneux : Omg I remember writing this !!☺️☺️💜
_sdullahide : You're a sweetheart @crystalmolyneux
nickcarrawayy - jaydeashleighh - marrko_ - _sdullahide -
my background on my phone. love her smile so much #ripkelsi #ilysomuch #medusahorror
ripkelsi - ilysomuch - medusahorror -
samanthakaylove - grandtheftautumnv - mismris -
You were so beautiful, even if you never believed it yourself; you touched so many people in your life. I'm so sorry you were pushed to this. You'll be missed so much more than you ever seemed to think you would be. You deserved so much more out of life. I hope you've finally found peace. #rip #kelsisparks
ripkelsi - kelsisparks - rip - medusahorror -
grav3yardprincess : #medusahorror #ripkelsi
thonallich - samanthakaylove - ghoulishdelight_ - spoooky_princess -
I don't know who kelsi was but this should be a message to everyone. bullying is far from okay and can effect people more than you think. #ripkelsi #stopbullying
ripkelsi - stopbullying -
chyyseebeck_ : Was that her actually tumblr? Because that's messed up in any sort of way.. People are unbelievable these days..
ramirezlauren : @idivechy97 that's her actual tumblr I think. and I know it's terrible
rylestid - xnikkixhorrorx - cydneypricee - chyyseebeck_ -
taygrine #cyberbullying #ripkelsi #help #suicide #mudusahorror #tumblrsuicide #tumblranon #instahelp #sign #igers #helpnow #kelsisparks
suicide - help - helpnow - instahelp - tumblranon - cyberbullying - sign - tumblrsuicide - igers - mudusahorror - ripkelsi - change - kelsisparks -
taygrine :
suckerphilia666 - momama0505 - vb11ali - naturalbornpsycho -
A beautiful girl, a tragic story. Loved by so many #gonebutnotforgotten #kelsi #kelsisparks #ripkelsi #tragic #sorry #tumblrsuicide #cyberbullying #hastostop #muchlove @medusahorror
tumblrsuicide - gonebutnotforgotten - medusahorror - cyberbullying - hastostop - muchlove - tragic - kelsi - sorry - ripkelsi - kelsisparks -
taygrine : #medusahorror
bigspendalinda : Sorry for your loss girl, gone but never forgotten. Kelsi was a beautiful girl.
taygrine : Thanks love
babetteegede - ariaeliriv - dudaemerichs - naturalbornpsycho -
fourth of july two years ago. she was so happy that night, we danced so much and got sloppy drunk lol. she always made me so happy and I'm trying so hard to stay strong..I miss you so much kelsi layne. #ripkelsi #myangel
myangel - ripkelsi -
grandtheftautumnv - samanthakaylove - twitchyfr4nkii3 -
Last night m friend Kelsi posted about how she was going to commit suicide and people telling her to stop talking about it and just do it and askin her how de was going to and that she should have aborted her daughter instead & just wrote such horrible to this poor girl who has repeatedly been to hospitals and cut and attempted-- & it's fucking horrible to see that people can just rip this girl apart when they know she's at her lowest. She wrote me a message and said se was sorry she had to leave and she will miss me and it wasn't my fault-- because I've tried saving her before. I know some people just want to leave they let the depression win and I know some can't fight anymore because they've struggled for so long- it just hurts ; knowing people can break her down like that....truly disgusting. #fuckyou #tumblr #suicide #ripKelsi #medusahorror #restinpeaceangel
tumblr - bullying - suicide - benice - medusahorror - fuckyou - restinpeaceangel - ripkelsi - fuckbullys - twloha -
louzer_ : @medusahorror 😕😣😞 #ripkelsi
natataterz : Woooow 😶 people are so fucked up that is noooottt cool. I'm so sorry girl that is fucking horrible and I hope those people that were talking to her n telling her to do it feel like a piece of shit I don't know you're friend but this got me all teary eyed people can be so heartless 💔😔 #rip ❤️💕👼💕
konstantine11.11 : <3 im sorry for your loss. People don't understand the seriousness. May she RIP
lakynbacon : People on tumblr are so mean. This is so sad
tyyl0rd : What I don't understand is WHY did no one she knew in person call the cops to her house to try and save her? I read everything on her tumblr and twitter my stomach is literally turning. This is fucking sick.
tyyl0rd : I hate people. I hate them. I didn't know her at all and I'm still enraged. I hope she is in peace now.
berniceceleste : Wow. Some people have no hearts and are just sick. I cannot believe that. Honestly DISGUSTED. May she rest in peace and my condolences to her family💕💕💕
samanthakaylove : @lilf0ot Someone did call, but it was already too late. They got there when Alex got home from work and by then, there was nothing anyone could do. ): We lost a beautiful amazing friend, but gained a gorgeous peaceful angel. |
mommah_b - huskey007 - kyaraanai - ariaeliriv -
RIP Kelsi. I didn't know you that well but you were one of my favorite IG users. I envied your beauty all the time and I still do. I wish I had seen your posts, I would have tried to help you out. You're beautiful and didn't deserve any of this. I'm so sorry Kelsi. You're terribly missed. 💔
ripkelsi -
blvckkheart : #ripkelsi
mannibalectorr - estherjonah - sadistic_celina -
#rip #gonetoosoon #stillcantblieveit #fbstatus #kelsisparks
suicideawareness - cyberbullying - ripkelsi - stillsosad - medusahorror - stillcantblieveit - rip - gonetoosoon - beautifulangel - muststop - kelsisparks - kelsilayne - fbstatus -
samanthakaylove : #ripkelsi #kelsilayne #cyberbullying #muststop #suicideawareness #beautifulangel #stillsosad
samanthakaylove : @medusahorror
samanthakaylove : #medusahorror
taygrine - perks_of_being_imperfect - miss_tyra_la - freckledfawn -
You remain in the hearts of so many people, even ones who have never even met you. #ripkelsi
ripkelsi -
k8lynnflick - aspen_entsminger - lorrainemeriner - aaabby21 -
Every time I get caught spacing out, I can't help but break down knowing your not about. I miss all the fun times we had together, I'll miss you forever. It's not fair you had to leave so young, so alone. You will forever be loved and remember as a beautiful child. Miss you sunshine 💔 I'll see you later 😘😘😢 #missyoualready #canthelpbutthinkaboutyou #ripkelsi
canthelpbutthinkaboutyou - missyoualready - ripkelsi -
becca_ann24 : I love you Lillie! Stay strong beautiful. <3
gracie_is_my_bff10 - babetteegede - moswim1998 - aaabby21 -
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