Time is my enemy The instant I knew life and time were so distinct. That defining moment, In a split second, the life I pleasantly lived and the world I was once living in cracked and burst into obliteration. My perfect little fuzzy bubble, my perfect little world vanished with her the moment I touched her cold skin and wiped away the crusted blood streaming from her eyes. Her eyes, still open, leaving only a burning image of fear and pain in them. The stained pigment of her irises were disturbingly unfamiliar. I remember gazing at the blood that had pooled inside her ears. I tried to wipe away the blood from her braces, I kissed her cold lips several times as I whispered "mommy is here now, I'm here now baby." I scanned every inch of her little body and traced the exit of the quarter sized bullet wound that came out of her tiny little chest with my fingers. My mind raced in confusion as I tried to piece the steps of how I might try to fix her, bring her back somehow. I glanced at her face again in sheer horror and disbelief. I ran my fingers gingerly through her beautiful thick golden honey blonde hair. I then covered the incision just under her heart with my hand and wished somehow I could magically get it to beat again, yearning to feel my child warm again. An unfamiliar woman's voice in the background asked me not to touch her, referring to my child as "the evidence." The evidence! My daughter! She has a name, an identity, her name is Brooklynn, she is my baby! I gave life to this precious being laying in front of me and as swiftly as her life had been taken from me, so were my rights as a parent to her and for a second I was keenly aware of the utter destruction that lies ahead. Brooklynn is not coming home. Ever. My beautiful healthy warm vibrant daughter that I had embraced tenderly just a few hours prior is now foreign to my touch. I can't fix this, I can't help my daughter, I can't fix my daughter! Yes, it's that moment so distinct it transforms and alters the universe around you. It's that moment of realization when you can't go back ever, only forward. Like a pendulum that has thrusted you forward and never back.
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dselbs : #ripbrooklynn #justiceforbrooklynn #brooklynnmaemohlerfoundation
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jmelee_m : @krystleleek I've been listening to his songs over and over. Talked to him just a cpl mths ago. So sad 😢
krystleleek : Ya it is :( @jmelee_m
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#ripbrooklynn #aboriginal #winnipegmost
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raejohnston : 👍
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I love my boyfriend... but he draws all over my shit lmao #ripbrooklynn #graffiti
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I miss you 💔 #ripbrooklynn #iloveyou #flyhighangel
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My princess is in a private school!! ❤️❤️❤️ my boo too cute I love my Tinka 💋😍😍😍 mommy big girl #ripbrooklynn look at you big sis Brook
ripbrooklynn -
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Thinking about you heavy today babygirl <3 its almost been a year. I cant believe it. #ripbrooklynn #iloveyou #myangel #flyhigh
iloveyou - flyhigh - myangel - ripbrooklynn -
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Happy 15th birthday Brooklynn. Words can't even describe how much pain all of us feel from you not being here with us anymore. I went to your grave today. It was hard. Very hard. All I could do was cry and sit there and think that you were right below me in the ground but also there dancing in the sky. I miss you so much as well as so many people. I wish you would come wake us up from this bad dream. It sucks that your not here celebrating with us on earth but I hope you and God are having a party up there celebrating your 15th birthday. Hope it's a good one bby girl💙❤️😞👼🏼 #ripbrooklynn
ripbrooklynn -
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Throwback to this night 😂❤️ #MyFavorites #PlusCarleighandKaylie #RIPBrooklynn
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rachelsolari : Oscar creeping in beside kirsten 😂😂😂 #nice
mackenzie_ladouceur : Awe ❤️ this is crazy I was just watching the videos of Brooklynn on Carl's phone last night😂😂.
blairmacdo : @c_hamelin
blairmacdo : 🆒🆓🆔
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I'm going to take a moment and borrow your time for something personal that is very near and dear to my heart. I don't do this often, so I hope you can understand the importance. Many of you are mothers and fathers, and you need to hear this message. This is my cousin's daughter, Brooklynn. She was taken from us two years ago at 13 years old, by her best friend who was playing with an unsecured fire arm. My cousin and his wife will be on Dateline NBC this Sunday at 7pm CST sharing Brooklynn's story in the hopes that they can prevent this from happening to another child. Their message is not political. Their message is to ask the question before you allow your kids to go to their friend's home. Do you have any unsecured guns in your home? One simple question could have saved Brooklynn's life, and we hope it will save you from this tragedy. No parent should ever live this grief. I will be turning the link in our Instagram profile over to the NBC website, with the interview for the weekend. Please take a few moments to watch, share, spread the message ❤️ #justiceforbrooklynn #dateline #datelinenbc #kidsandgunsafety #ripbrooklynn
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theupcycledpanda : This breaks my heart into a million pieces. Thank you for sharing, it is definitely something that needs to be asked. I'm setting my DVR now.
ahoyamigo : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
arinsolange : Something so near and dear to my heart also. Prayers to all involved as they heal for a lifetime. Good for them for being advocates for parents asking
lookielooloo : Thank you everyone! If their story hits anyone, their journey is worth it. I am so very proud of their work ❤️
ktplummer84 : I agree this is such a important message. ♡♡♡Thank you for sharing.
jklyes : I'm so sorry for this terrible tragedy of a life taken too soon. Thank you for sharing your experience and educating us.
turtlesquared : Thank you so much for sharing! 💕
lookielooloo : @ktplummer84 @cherellethegreat @jklyes @turtlesquared ❤️❤️❤️
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Thinking of you today Brooklynn and every day. #askthequestion #justiceforbrooklynn #ripbrooklynn 💓👼
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turtlesquared : 💕love you!
tamraann18 : Great photo , true friendship ! 😘
janeyhead : @turtlesquared see you tomorrow!!! 💓
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Can't believe it's been two years not a day goes by that a memory doesn't go past my head of you. #ripbrooklynn
ripbrooklynn -
trevor_mill3r : I miss you
tylerxdama_ : What happened to her?
dara.osorio - lifes_wild__child - mike_mumme123 - juanvmadera -
2 years ago today, a young and beautiful girl was taken away from us. It only took one second due to her friend's bad decision to pick up a loaded weapon, that her father left accessible, and point it in Brooklynn's direction. That decision will forever change the lives of Brooklynn's loved ones. Brooklynn was a determined, funny and charismatic young lady who loved life and went out of her way to make people laugh or lift up their spirits. The world became a much darker place when she left us. It was a senseless and preventable tragedy. Please teach your children about gun safety and what to do if their friends are attempting to play with one. Tell them to run away fast and get an adult. If you own a firearm, it is your responsibility to lock them up and ensure young children cannot access them. If you are a parent, ensure the houses your children play in do not have loaded weapons laying around. #askthequestion!! Keep spreading the message, and let's try to prevent these senseless tragedies. We love you Brooklynn and we will never forget. #justiceforbrooklynn #ripbrooklynn www.justiceforbrooklynn.com
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turtlesquared : 💕
cozo2 : So very sad. We hear about this happening way too much at dispatch. Just breaks my heart.
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As everyone sleeps I lie awake thinking of a sweet Angel. Brooklynn you were taken way too soon from us. My heart aches thinking of you and your family on this day. I can't believe 2 years have already gone by since the day I received the terrible news that we had lost you. Your bright spirit and beautiful soul is missed everyday. I never thought as a gymnastics coach I would lose one of my gymnasts, especially in such a tragic way. Please know that I think of you and your fun and outgoing personality on a daily basis. My heart will always ache from losing you but I will continue to spread the message of gun safety in your honor. I miss and love you beautiful girl everyday 💗💗💗 "if tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane. I would walk right up to heaven, and bring you back again" 3/29/00-6/4/13 😇😇 #brooklynnmaemohler #bmmf #ripbrooklynn #justiceforbrooklynn #lockupyourguns #askthequestion
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turtlesquared : 💕
n_wilson33 : 😞❤️
__jazzzyyy_ : Rip baaby girl 😔💘
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We play bright like Brooklynn 💙⚽#flyhigh #teammates #ripbrooklynn #missyou
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Appreciation post for my sister💕 Brooklynn passing away was hard for a lot of people including me because of how much we all loved her but it only made me realize one thing. You have to cherish what you have while you have it because before you realize it, it could be gone. You only have so much time with your loved ones and I hope to spend every minute great full for having them. I love you so much and I cherish the 11 years that we've had together and know that there's more to come. I don't know how I would even manage if I lost you. It would be the hardest thing possible. 💖 Love you so much and wish you luck at your new school 😔😘 #ripbrooklynn #loveyouboth
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b.moee : Brooklynn* and wtf. She's leaving ???
keyara.markee : Yeah she's going to do like this homeschool thing and a 5 mile prairie school 2 days a week @b.moee
gabby.daviss : I love you so so much. Many more years to come. 😚🎉 I could never imagine losing you. I'm so glad to call you not only my best friend, but my sister.
momfoxx : 💕💕
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First seed into the Washington Cup going to seattle!!! Lets go kick more butt for Brooklynn 💙 🏆 #washingtoncup2k15 #playforbrooklynn #flyhigh #teammates #ripbrooklynn #missyou
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It's been a long day without you, my friend. And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again. We've come a long way from where we began. Oh,I'll tell you all about it when I see you again. #foreverandalways #seeyouagain #ripBrooklynn #ily #28
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trinity_frank : Tbh-where do I even begin😂 I love you sooooo much! We've been through a lot this past month and I'm always here for you. You my Hochie Mama, big-booty Mae. I love you. So excited for this next season with you hun💙❤️😇 I am always here for you
alena.saldivar : Text me!!
titan_strong33 : 🎈
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As we lit candles and sent off lanterns in your memory it was very emotional to see you go we love you Brooklynn and I hope you're saving a seat for everyone up there. Rest in paradise Brookie. 💙👗 #wearblueforbrooklynn #ripbrooklynn #missyou #flyhigh #flyhighbrooklynn
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You may be gone but you for sure will never be forgotten.💯😇🙏❤ #ripbrooklynn #muchlovetoall
muchlovetoall - ripbrooklynn -
b.laaa : love you so much benn.
keyara.markee : Miss her so much 💙
official_bennj : Don't we all💔😕 keep your head up sweetheart!! @keyara.markee
official_bennj : I love you too Brooklyn!💕 @b.laaa
__daisybrough : Head up 😒
alysonnrose1 : 😫😭💔👼
mandymaee20 : 💚
alysonnrose1 : 😥💙
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Lots of love for Brooklynn and the Densmore's tonight. A beautiful skyline for a beautiful girl! #ripbrooklynn
ripbrooklynn -
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Everyone misses u! Keep fly'n high and we all are praying for you up there!🙏☝️😢#ripBrooklynn
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forever__young__00 : How did you know brooklynn @jayland_king8
jayland_flewelling8 : @fly_high_brooklynn28 i met her in my math class and right away we hit it off she was really nice and so i thought of her as a close friend really quick
forever__young__00 : Oh okay. Ya she was a great person. If you need anything im here.to talk to even though i dont know yoh.
forever__young__00 : You**
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Sometimes shit works out backwards and for the worse. I'm sorry friends... #ripbrooklynn
ripbrooklynn -
conor_82 : This makes me sad
supavern : Heaven has her. ❤️
lacykemp : Such a bummer.
shemurph78 : So many hugs being sent up 💚
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#broselfie #ripbrooklynn #circasurvive #spokane
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urklejerk : You like Circa Survive too? Anthony Green is a mad man genius. You and I have a wee smidge in common and it is for this reason I am selecting you to be my running mate in the upcoming presidential election. #conservationists #taxthepoor #weacceptaluminumcansaspayment
daveainley : Is that Ryan Hare, @neo82wa? I shot his senior photos! He's a heck of a designer!!
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In honor of our sweet Brooklynn there will be a candle light vigil at 7:00 pm Friday night at Mt.Spokane High School. Everyone going wear blue please and bring a picture you have together for her scrapbook. She would want everyone to be there so the more the merrier. ❤️😔👼 #ripBrooklynn #yourdearlymissed #weloveyou
weloveyou - yourdearlymissed - ripbrooklynn -
heyylookitsabbiesnyder : Is it this Friday?
keyara.markee : Yes. @heyylookitsabbiesnyder
joannamae_ : Hey I made the top one
eunice.leee : what's your kik?
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Today would have been your 15th birthday Brooklynn, we miss you everyday. Thinking of You with Love We thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new. We thought about you yesterday, and days before that too. We think of you in silence, we often speak your name. All we have are memories, and your picture in a frame. Your memory is our keepsake, with which we will never part. The Angels have you in their keeping, we have you in our hearts. A million times we`ve wanted you. A million times we cried. If love could only have saved you, you never would have died. It broke our hearts to lose you. But you didn`t go alone. For a part of us went with you... the day the Angels called you Home. ~Author Unknown #ripbrooklynn
ripbrooklynn -
turtlesquared : 💗💗💗💗💗
mchupa - arayarendon - 530chino - pbroose -
The 29th would have been Brooklynn's birthday. Instead it will be another reminder of what was lost. A beautiful, smart, talented and funny young girl that was so full of life. A girl who would have gone out of her way just to make you laugh. I still remember the day I got the phone call that she was gone. I was hoping and praying it was a nightmare or a really bad joke. It plays over and over in slow motion inside my head. Since that horrible day, I've had to watch my best friend and her mother try to make it through every day along with the rest of her family. It's such a helpless feeling, because nothing will make the pain better. The only thing keeping them moving in a forward direction is trying to spread awareness of gun safety, being a responsible gun owner, and hopefully preventing another senseless death. This cause has no affiliation with politics, it's simply a message of common sense. There have been many comments on the Justice For Brooklynn page that I administer. Many comments of political affiliation, some that are not so nice. You can educate your children all you want, but you just cannot predict the course of action they will take. Brooklynn and the young girl who killed her were both educated about guns, and the shooter had visited the range many times with her father. The facts are the young girl made a decision to access a loaded weapon that was left in the kitchen cabinet. Details are hazy from there, but what we do know is Brooklynn's father was on his way to pick her up, and Brooklynn was getting ready to go. When her father arrived, he found her lifeless body. Brooklynn was shot through the back, and suffered a fatal wound. Her father had to do what none of us should ever have to do as a parent, attempt to revive her through CPR. Regardless of which side of the gun discussion you are on, if you asked a parent of the home your child is about to play in, "do you have any unsecured weapons?" and their answer was: "yes, I have a loaded glock in my kitchen cabinet," would you allow your children to stay over there?? This is the question Brooklynn's parents wished they would have asked. Help them spread the word. #askthequestion
askthequestion - justiceforbrooklynn - ripbrooklynn -
dselbs : #justiceforbrooklynn #ripbrooklynn
turtlesquared : 😘💗💗💗
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Run For Safe Guns.😊 so much love for you Brooklynn!! Miss you more than ever 💋 #runforsafeguns #ripbrooklynn #bmmf
runforsafeguns - bmmf - ripbrooklynn -
ginaanderson_ : had so much fun with you guys!! ❤️
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Who's in!!! Have you registered yet??? March 21st Run for Safe Guns #bmmf #justiceforbrooklynn #ripbrooklynn💓
justiceforbrooklynn - bmmf - ripbrooklynn💓 -
turtlesquared : 💗💗💗
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Run for Safe Guns! In loving memory of Brooklynn Mae Mohler 💓 lock up your guns. Be a safe gun owner. Educate your children #ripbrooklynn
ripbrooklynn -
turtlesquared : Thank you @janeyhead :-)
janeyhead : @turtlesquared love you 😘
turtlesquared : Love u too @janeyhead! 😘
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Someone Is Missing Someone is missing from our dinner table today, from our bedroom, our home, and the holiday celebrations coming our way. Family vacations and everywhere in between; always in our memory; never again to be seen. Someone is missing from our lives, our Brooklynn is gone. She will not have birthday parties, graduations, prom, or celebrations. We will miss her throughout eternity and our family will never be complete. Someone is missing, yet we must go on. Our lives are touched by her. Changed forever by her enchanting brief existence. Her memory we keep alive. She will forever live in our hearts and minds, we were blessed by her short life. Our love for her forever strong. Even though...someone will always be...MISSING. ~D. Lutz (Edited)
ripbrooklynn -
dselbs : #ripbrooklynn
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