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@jenniferknappmusic What was your first encounter or experience with Pittsburgh? My guess is the first time came to Pittsburgh, I’d probably just woke up, having stepped off a tour bus in some dark underground parking lot of an arena somewhere surrounded by cement. There really isn’t much to see at the venues until the show goes up. But I do remember walking the streets one afternoon. I had my camera in hand. I think I hit some pawn shops near the river. I was also pretty astounded that I was walking along the same river that went by the Steelers’ stadium. I’ve always had a fascination of cities built on the river. The industry, pride and livelihood of the people who live that way. It’s so visually different than the dry farming communities I grew up in. #music #livemusic #altmusic #alternativemusic #queermusic #righteousbabe #lesbian #pittsburgh #lovepgh
livemusic - lovepgh - pittsburgh - alternativemusic - music - queermusic - righteousbabe - altmusic - lesbian -
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A signature piece of art, side view of Ani's banjo, up for auction to raise money for Innocence Project New Orleans, visit the link in the bio ( to learn more #ipno
anidifranco - art - ipno - righteousbabe - banjo - innocenceprojectneworleans -
anidifranco : #anidifranco #righteousbabe #innocenceprojectneworleans #art #banjo
gypsiescaravan : πŸ’—
okkatealine - aprilseneyimagery - mishy444 - elemin -
I turned a non-working banjo into an object d'art for the NOLA Innocence Project's upcoming auction. came out snazzy! - Ani Learn how you can bid on this banjo by clicking on the link in the bio #ipno
innocenceprojectnola - anidifranco - art - ipno - righteousbabe - innocenceproject - banjo -
anidifranco : #anidifranco #righteousbabe #art #innocenceprojectnola #banjo #innocenceproject
soulyacoustic : Beautiful art Ani!! Thank you for sharing your gift
michellebbelle : 😍
goldenrod45 - enrigaloni - gabby.s.gomez - imadianasaur -
This. It gives me all of the feels. If you have a minute sit down and watch, your kids may even enjoy too. The ever so talented Joy Prouty of @wildflowersjoy photography does it again! I met Joy quite a few years ago at her estate sale before she and her family moved from LA. She is amazing with a camera and this truly is one of her best projects yet! Joy is definitely an #adventuremamas and #righteousbabe and she and her husband are the real deal type of love. Their way of partnership and communication is one of the few couples that makes me believe in solid love and healthy relationships. This video in particular reminds me that I'm waiting on a love like this. I may be only 25 but I'm ready to find my person to do life with.(insert my friends fake gagging at me here) I mean my person, ya know, someone to fight the fire with and appreciate our crazy(exploring, cooking, gardening, traveling, raising babies with, home projects together,etc) . It may make me sound corny, or as a hopeless romantic but I know of a few couples who make me believe in that good-good type of love, and I'm ready to do life with my person. Ultimately this type of lifestyle in this video is what I am working hard now in LA to attain for myself and my family one day. Don't get me wrong, I love living in the city and it works for my 20 something's, but I've always dreamed of having property in NorCal/Pacific Northwest and this just really does it for me. It may not always be fun sunshine and rainbows, and I am aware a lot of hard work comes with a farming lifestyle, but it's all part of something bigger than me now. Even if it's not as large as this Five Mary's Farms, but even on a smaller scale, similar to a hobby farm, I'd be swoon. But hey, I'd also be okay with raising babies in an old craftsman beach house , or in the redwoods, or beach house in the redwoods, with enough surf for the spouse, (funny I envision a surfing partner) farmland, and family. A girl can dreaaaaaaaam #celebratebadass #wildflowerphotography #joyprouty #fivemarysfarms
fivemarysfarms - celebratebadass - adventuremamas - righteousbabe - wildflowerphotography - joyprouty -
joyprouty : I'm just at a loss for words. My cup runneth over. Bless you for your completely gracious words and many prayers for a beautiful life ahead for you, friend!
maryheff.5marysfarms : This is so heartfelt! I hope you find it and it's even better than you imagined πŸ’«πŸ’«
rokickix87 - harmon14 - brkllynnllv - justineinthemountains -
"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." - Mother Teresa Happy Birthday to the woman who leaves us all happier every time we see her! I am so blessed to have you as a mother and feel so incredibly grateful to watch my children love and be loved by such a magnanimous person. You make us all better people and on your special day, we wish you happiness, health, and joy today and always❀❀❀ I love you forever! #rootoftheroot #budofthebud #skyofthesky #icarryyourheart #icarryitinmyheart #crazymomma #nana #righteousbabe #phenomenalwoman #beautifulsoul
icarryyourheart - budofthebud - crazymomma - nana - rootoftheroot - beautifulsoul - icarryitinmyheart - righteousbabe - phenomenalwoman - skyofthesky -
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We didn't forget about these stunning views. New episode from @babevillebuffalo is coming soon, promise.
risebflo - bmc - exploremore - 716 - featuremeigersbuffalo - buffalony - babeville - bflomusic - supportlocalmusic - architecture - righteousbabe - acoustic - wny - explorebuffalo - yeahbuffalo -
buffalomusiccooperative : #BMC #babeville #righteousbabe #716 #buffalony #architecture #acoustic #wny #explorebuffalo #exploremore #supportlocalmusic #riseBFLO #yeahbuffalo #bflomusic #featuremeigersbuffalo
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"Years gone by and still...". #TracyChapman #RighteousBabe #fashionwolf
fashionwolf - righteousbabe - tracychapman -
valentineamartey - rochellecheong - alexis_honce - paradisonyc -
cuz I'm a #righteousbabe bish
righteousbabe -
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Ani Difranco singing Do Re Mi by Woody Guthrie at Symphony Space on the final Happy Ending reading series there this week. #anidifranco #woodyguthrie #doremi #thelittlefolksinger #righteousbabe
woodyguthrie - anidifranco - thelittlefolksinger - doremi - righteousbabe -
aflockofsandwiches - jaimekins9 - tzeiteltov - catyezbak -
Happy early birthday to me! Thanks mom! #righteousbabe #righteousbaberecords #anidifranco 😍 best gift ever!
anidifranco - righteousbaberecords - righteousbabe -
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From today's photo shoot with @shervinfoto #NYC -RBR
nyc -
timothyloves : Yuss!!!! What is this for??? New album? You betta werkπŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½
aaran_ : Ooooh!!! Can't wait!!
hootandnut : Like a teeny tiny fierce statue
thekiwistrangeberry : Hi Righteous one!
morticia0328 - 47emma - barefoothls - naturea -
#AniDiFranco #UtahPhillips #RighteousBabe #StandUpMen
standupmen - utahphillips - anidifranco - righteousbabe -
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Woke up singing Untouchable Face and Both Hands, I think is a sign or maybe dreamland just got a bit more interesting, mmmm. #anidifranco #untouchableface #bothhands #music #musicislife #musicinmydream #musicinmydreams #punkrock #funckrock #alternativerock #righteousbaberecords #righteousbabe #anidifrancoforpresident #justthepic #mylife #loveisadogfromhell #loveisalosinggame #poetry #secretpoetsociety #writer shirt from
musicinmydream - anidifranco - anidifrancoforpresident - loveisadogfromhell - funckrock - musicinmydreams - untouchableface - mylife - righteousbabe - loveisalosinggame - righteousbaberecords - justthepic - musicislife - alternativerock - writer - bothhands - poetry - punkrock - music - secretpoetsociety -
itsme_r_d : πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
itsme_r_d - michelesartgallery - uruguayband - patrickbreenmusic -
#AniDiFranco #RighteousBabe #Bliss #32Flavors
anidifranco - bliss - 32flavors - righteousbabe -
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#RighteousBabe #AniDiFranco #BothHands #Bliss ❀️
bliss - anidifranco - bothhands - righteousbabe -
antrim_photography : Every day is an Ani day
sietsepizza : @antrim_photography Ani is quite awesome: True! 😊🀘🏼
8thgatestudio : Finally!! Some who knows their music πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½
gracesmithtv - tzeiteltov - sietsepizza - alikigreeky -
'In my heart, I think a woman has two choices: either she's a feminist or a masochist.' - gloria steinem #divinefeminine #andshesdopetoo #outdoorwomen #alpinebabes #toplesstour #girlswithmuscles #hotsprings #righteousbabe
outdoorwomen - andshesdopetoo - hotsprings - toplesstour - divinefeminine - girlswithmuscles - righteousbabe - alpinebabes -
casedawg11 : Hahaha it IS in my dreams. I better get an invite to the next hot springs trip you take!!!! πŸ˜‰
hotspringshan : @casedawg11 we're under the gun of time. I shall task you with hot spring pioneering from your new post in berkley. They give hot springs out there right?
hotspringshan : *have
mydetoxtravel : Cool image! Have a look at my page @mydetoxtravel if you like photography and travel! Thanks :)
marney_lou - whitelotuslopez - jemariebe - _nativenatalie -
Baby's first punk vest #ellielliellioh #punksnotdead thanks aunt @deathrocketgrimm #righteousbabe #twomoms @anidifranco #HRPuffandstuff
punksnotdead - twomoms - ellielliellioh - hrpuffandstuff - righteousbabe -
thebabyformerlyknownasdorito : 😍
kiwi_ldn - thejapantichrist - bootsachusetts - nicole210 -
15HP motor, #installed Yes, that #bish is #heavy #maintenance #baldor #righteousbabe ξ€ˆ: @splittingelm Thanks for what you do!
heavy - baldor - maintenance - bish - righteousbabe - installed -
_ohmz_ - tecnisolinca - ifixbrokenthings - selvecabarqto -
Ani Difranco "Life's a Rainy Parade" ladies tee. Size XL. $15 OBO. #anidifranco #folk #riotgirl #indie #righteousbabe #alternative #band #tee #shirt
riotgirl - anidifranco - shirt - indie - tee - band - righteousbabe - alternative - folk -
nesstees : Lovely!
gracesmithtv : 😍
smfmusic - nesstees - _epperly - thisryanegan -
One more from Ani's vault of @babevillebuffalo under construction #preservation
babevilleny - asburyhall - buffalo - preservation - righteousbabe -
anidifranco : #buffalo #babevilleny #righteousbabe #asburyhall
owlunderahose : I love people who restore! #oldisgoodtoo
celeste_montalto - suedecorderolacy - abirobinsyoga - xsmarklex -
Ani DiFranco #righteousbabe #anidifranco @anidifranco @righteousbabe #rollwithit #feminist #feminista #healing #música #guitarra #womenwhorock #bothhands #queer #lgbt #pride #flashback #1990s #lgbtpride #gaypride #lesbiana #acoustic #acoustica #neworleans #shabbatshalom #portlandia #pdx #righteousbaberecords #poesía #spokenword#slam#folk #nowspinning
spokenword - mΓΊsica - lgbtpride - neworleans - acoustic - nowspinning - queer - lgbt - slam - gaypride - righteousbabe - 1990s - flashback - righteousbaberecords - folk - rollwithit - pdx - shabbatshalom - acoustica - feminista - feminist - lesbiana - bothhands - womenwhorock - poesΓ­a - portlandia - guitarra - pride - anidifranco - healing -
tzeiteltov : @ieffenheartyou oh yes! πŸ’›
quietdictionary : @ieffenheartyou @tzeiteltov mine too! πŸ’™ : Blast from the past! She was my everything in middle school! Such an inspiration!
iamnotanattentionwhore : My girl crush
nunubirdd - vntg_culture - ieffenheartyou - pridetalks -
#tbt #fromtheteenyears #stillgotit #righteousbabe
stillgotit - righteousbabe - tbt - fromtheteenyears -
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✌🏻️❀️😘 #righteousbabe #tatted #tattoed #tattoedwoman #tattoedchick #inkedgirls #pierced #piercedwoman#loudandproud #yoga #fit
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viva_la_musica10 : @a.roseisa.rose πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜˜πŸ˜šβ€
a.roseisa.rose : @viva_la_musica10 Thank you....😳
george_en - 59photos - chipslip27 - max___i_ -
Mi ero scordata di postarlo completo xD @anidifranco #anidifranco #righteousbabe #folksinger #music #like4like #drawing #draw #portrait #instadrawing
draw - anidifranco - folksinger - instadrawing - music - righteousbabe - portrait - like4like - drawing -
jolanda_sketches : Beautiful artwork! Love it!
bryanvillasenor : Lovely!
celeste_montalto : Thanks *.* @adnaloy13 @bryanvillasenor
krtthcone - gxovani - noraa_pt - 3mieee -
From Ani's old flip phone files @babevillebuffalo under construction #tbt
hardhats - babeville - righteousbabe - buffalo - tbt - buffalony -
anidifranco : #buffalo #babeville #righteousbabe #hardhats #buffalony
greencleanma : Julie Wolfe?
nhvorg : awesome. it's so cool that your'e digging this stuff up.
b.alexander1 - owlunderahose - amycaindance - dreamsix13 -
Babeville... Buffalo's St. Andrews in the D. #slowrolldet to #slowrollbuf #righteousbabe #anidifranco
anidifranco - slowrollbuf - slowrolldet - righteousbabe -
picturedetroit : Ani diFranco? I haven't heard her in eons. Or anyone mention her for that matter... πŸ˜„
edwardellis_ : Another great snap bud!
benwa808 : @picturedetroit Ani rescued it from the wrecking ball and renovated it as an event venue. @edwardellis_ thanks!
edwardellis_ - picturedetroit - cagliarifixed - melissaanderson -
So true..#righteousbabe #nohoesallowed
nohoesallowed - righteousbabe -
trinity1725 : Definitely TrueπŸ’–
ficus1972 - trinity1725 -
Sometimes you just have to check in with 1996 and make sure everything's where you left it. #righteousbabe #ani
ani - righteousbabe -
fogel7374 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
local_citizen : I was/am so obsessed with Little Plastic Castle.
fotopunk : Such a great album @burnbright
burnbright : @local_citizen did also love that one.
kiwikimmie - erin_ecp - lin_yael - fogel7374 -
mood with self-portrait #corkboard #aesthetic #workspace #righteousbabe #rauschenberg #artsyfartsy
workspace - aesthetic - artsyfartsy - righteousbabe - corkboard - rauschenberg -
georgemortonclark : πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘
lambrosart - byalisoncooper - helenkontouris - shreddedathletes -
15HP motor, #installed Yes, that #bish is #heavy #maintenance #baldor #righteousbabe
heavy - baldor - maintenance - bish - righteousbabe - installed -
landoflostandfound : πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™€love you!
baldorelectricco : Good job!
stone_meadow_flowers - kj_mooon - grawnolagirl - zeep_aftercare -
#righteousbabe #soho #wheatpasteart #londonstreetart
londonstreetart - wheatpasteart - soho - righteousbabe -
needmorethanaselfie - _iamaghost - newyorkromantic - meeks -
Ani has a star at @firstavenue - taken 4/10/16 by Heidi Kunkel
carolinecoleart : @13moonseclectic @tenderoni76 😍
lauralooper333 : @lburoker02
lburoker02 : @lauralooper333 πŸ’˜
rainysolgrace : Really interesting, @firstavenue , ty for sharingπŸ’œβœŒοΈ.
shadesgiles - saramarie.bee - hnnhlghpg - sandra_macbeth_music -
This is my badass aunt Cindy. She's a red blooded American woman who taught me every girl needs her own set of tools. She can build and grow anything. We're birds of a feather, cut from the same cloth and both reject the standards society places on us. #righteousbabe #feminist #farm #farmlife #vintage #tractor #portrait #photooftheday #family #redbloodedwoman #murica #catskills #upstateny #country #americana #girlswithtools #tractorlife #1950s
1950s - americana - farm - redbloodedwoman - upstateny - righteousbabe - tractorlife - portrait - murica - family - feminist - vintage - girlswithtools - farmlife - catskills - country - tractor - photooftheday -
grandfromage33 : See this artistic stuff. This what my instagame lacks.
dinghydreams : Lololol thanks 'cause I was like 'this is prob the best portrait I've ever taken.' Been practicing for years. You know your grams are fresh though! @grandfromage33
dinghydreams : @feistyacres she is!
leoandlees : Super nice :) - chinainboxamericana - foragespace - feistyacres -
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