I've got sunshine on a cloudy day... #Julianna has her first pajama day at school😍😍😍😭😭😭😭 #mybaby #firstborn #righteousbabe #rootoftheroot #budofthebud #skyofthesky #icarryyourheart #padawan #shemakesmeproud
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niniburgett : Our little "chimuela" so adorable #proudaunt #ramirezgirlpower
_bnf92 : Shes like "really mom, in front of my friends" lol
born2teach34 : @_bnf92 😜 😜 😜 the funny thing is there were two other moms taking pictures so she didn't complain. Just wait, you will be taking millions of pictures soon enough πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
jackdlt : Nice!!!! My girls were too cool to wear PJ's today. lol. Hope she enjoys. πŸ‘
michelledeeee : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ she's so cute!!!!!
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They can call me crazy if I fail / all the chance that I need / is 1 in a million they can all me brilliant / if I succeed / Gravity is nothing to me / I'm moving at the speed of sound / I'm just going to get my feet wet / until I drown #anidifranco #swandive #inspired #righteousbabe #meditation #friday
meditation - anidifranco - righteousbabe - inspired - friday - swandive -
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This album is my reprieve tonight. #righteousbabe
righteousbabe -
maria1126 : #gay
ruedelaruine : Haha @maria1126 don't act like you didn't just throw her back in a spotify playlist! πŸ™Š
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#tbt to my first #ani #concert in preparation for tomorrow where i will see her perform once again! #anifuckingdifranco #anidifranco #righteousbaberecords #righteous #righteousbabe #livemusic #folk #roots #stage #cleveland #houseofblues
livemusic - anidifranco - concert - anifuckingdifranco - cleveland - tbt - ani - houseofblues - roots - righteousbabe - righteous - righteousbaberecords - folk - stage -
dabstinsta : Coool @JohnTuckerMagic
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This was my first time seeing folk singer Anais Mitchell. She put on a fantastic show. I had chills the whole time! #rextheater #anaismitchell #righteousbabe
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What you find when you rummage through old boxes of concert tickets. Haha love it! Wish I had more!! #tbt #throwbackthursday #hamellontrial #edhamell #righteousbabe #songsforparentswhoenjoydrugs #music
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darkchefpix : Brilliant
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Just watched this with Elliott, who loves singing this song. It sounded THIS good last night. :) #32Flavors #anidifranco #hobcleveland #righteousbabe
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heatherkrakora : Ahhhhh! Ani is so awesome. Live...even more so! #oldfavorite #knowheralbumsbyheart
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Hear new songs and familiar ones too from our favorite #RighteousBabe #AniDiFranco . Concert streams all day Wednesday on #YahooLive . #livenation #hobcleveland #allergictowater #carelesswords #tisofthee #folk #singersongwriter
tisofthee - anidifranco - singersongwriter - righteousbabe - livenation - carelesswords - folk - yahoolive - allergictowater - hobcleveland -
carsonhenley : Diggin it.
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From the book, "Living Well with Endometriosis: what your doctor doesn't tell you...that you need to know" It took me to my 3 or 4 gyne to get them to do a diagnostic laparoscopy and then I also now have to go to another doctor, a better surgeon for excision instead of cauterization and fulguration. But I always thought I was just normal having bad periods and other pain. Having FEMALE doctors ride off my pain in the exam room! I even brought up endo to my last doctor and she said no. Turns out I'm at stage 3. Now I'm having even worse pain off my period. Why does the world of health care think they can treat us the way they do? It takes about 9 years on average for a diagnosis. A diagnosis with no cure a bad treatment. A diagnosis that is MORE PREVALENT THAN BREAST CANCER yet gets NO recognition or awareness!?!?!? This disease, endometriosis, is a LIFE RUINER. It certainly had affected my life on the extremes. It is among the top 3 most PAINFUL diseases known to man. Why do we get treated like it's all in our head or normal? Do I have to say, it's still s man's world??? Jesus fucking Christ. AWARENESS PEOPLE. Ok I'm done. #endo #endodiet #endobelly #endoflare #endosucks #endosister #endowarrior #endometriosis #endoawareness #endoflareup #chronicpain #chronicfatigue #chronicillness #pain #women #thisisamansworld #righteousbabe #nocure
chronicpain - chronicillness - endoflare - pain - thisisamansworld - endowarrior - righteousbabe - endodiet - endo - women - endosister - endoawareness - nocure - endobelly - endosucks - endoflareup - chronicfatigue - endometriosis -
aniawrites : @firemonarch imagine you are a physician and you have your patient coming over and over again complaining about same thing over and over again. Also :how much time do you get with the doctor? Certainly not as much as with the nurse who measures your pressure and sends you over to a doc so he can prescribe you meds. There is no time for individual approach in today's consumer world. The government will either make sure you are sick or if you are healthy they will make sure you pay twice more for healthy food. So😊it is much easier to get educated and determined and take over health in your own hands. Information is available instantly and nobody knows your body better than you. The fact that women has been misunderstood due to hormonal changes mood swings etc is not new to us and it won't change as the hormonal situation won't wither. The fact it: we do not need to treat endo! We need to treat what triggers it. And it's individual and need Deep approach and consideration. If someone had 3 surgeries and still in pain it means the surgery DOESNT WORK so don't go for another one. Attitude and common sense applies. I hate to see women in pain! No need for that. If you want let's talk perhaps I can give you few tips πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›πŸ’› you are beautiful!
firemonarch : @aniawrites totally. But it does work if you get the right one! Only a small handful can do it. I looked at these two websites and a documentary on endo on YouTube. It was very eye opening!
aniawrites : @firemonarch if few can do it a lot of can 😊 and I am here to make women believe they can. I stare private group on FB for those who really want to. I will inspire, educate and coach. It takes time and determination but it's totally doable. If you are on board let me know. You really don't have to suffer. πŸ’›
firemonarch : @aniawrites unfortunately I'm not on fb..
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Ani DiFranco & Todd Sickafoose 1/27/15 #righteousbabe
righteousbabe -
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#AniDifranco live at the #HouseOfBlues #Cleveland #Ohio February 27th 2015 #HOBCleveland #RighteousBabe Awesome Show, the best time I've ever seen her.
houseofblues - anidifranco - cleveland - ohio - righteousbabe - hobcleveland -
ninjakitty_38 : I wish she would come to houston ..
eurekacato : Absolutely love her!
jillbiandopottle - kwilli0224 - aterrormusical - h_e_a_r_t_b_e_a_d -
#AniFuckingDifranco! #AniDifranco #HOBCleveland #RighteousBabe @hobcleveland You could be watching it on the @yahooscreen right now.
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son_of_man15 - phairplae - ninjakitty_38 - princess__sheila -
Tonight singer, songwriter #AniDiFranco takes the stage from the House of Blues Cleveland, OH. Watch her show live on @yahooscreen at 9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT #YahooLive #LiveNation #RighteousBabe
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lekdrol : I'm there!
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#maybe #idontknow #ani #righteousbabe
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#anidifranco #allergictowater #firststop #theegg #righteousbabe #thirdrowseats
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Ani Difranco at The Egg. #RighteousBabe #AniDiFranco
anidifranco - righteousbabe -
ro151 : Beautiful
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#anidifranco #anidifrancolyrics #lilfolksinger #righteousbabe #chickrock #chickmusic #musicilove #womenrule #women #womenwhoinspire #wordstoliveby
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le_fair_skin : Super!
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When I look around I think this is good enough. And I try to laugh at whatever life brings. Cause when I look down I just miss all the good stuff. And when I look up.. I just trip over things. #anidifranco #lyrics #ransom #beautiful #love #mine #singtome #ohbaby #righteousbabe #goodenough #laugh #pause #smelltheroses #relax #girlpower #happiness #jam #jumpandjive #song #beautyofwords #heart #feel #magazine #clippings #collage #type
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c_peregrin : πŸ™
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. I search your profile for a translation I study the conversation like a map 'cause I know there is strength in the differences between us and I know there is comfort where we overlapπŸ”₯ |ani difranco
righteousbabe -
angelonthelake : @sdotstirling @flipjargendy @gramafoneer @markatmd thanks guys😊
angelonthelake : @jul_of_minnesota thank you JulieπŸ’•
angelonthelake : @shineonyoucraydiamond thank you ms Jill. I found this lake/river accidentally and I don't know if I'll ever accidentally find it again😁
angelonthelake : @faithandkids thank you FaithπŸ’•Ani & I are tight, every bf disappointment since college, she's right there through it like a sister/best friend/drinkin buddy lol😊πŸ”₯#righteousbabe
angelonthelake : @dixiedesign @cocopadovani @leonardo__davoodchi thanks so much guys
faithandkids : My gosh, I so understand. That's why I have like one real friend πŸ˜‚ bitches can't be trusted. Happy weekend to you
angelonthelake : @faithandkids from my own personal experience, she's the one friend you know you can trust not to turn around and date your ex... Word...πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜‚ my weekend is just beginning, just left work, enjoy yours too, lady😊
yogesh_gosavi : amazing
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"You have really pretty eyes." They don't realize how cold they are. ~GOT TO SEE ANI DIFRANCO TONIGHT AND SHE IS GODDESS WITH GUITAR!~ #anidifranco #righteousbabe
anidifranco - righteousbabe -
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❀️ #loveisallovertheplace #bruise #anidifranco #righteousbabe
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Little Jenna was obsessed with this woman. I wanted to dye my hair green and play the guitar so I could be Ani Difranco when I grew up. I've changed some life goals, but I'm still obsessed. Can't wait to see this #righteousbabe tonight with some righteous babes @jessi_joy716 @rileyk2 😁😁
righteousbabe -
rileyk2 : eeeeeee!!!!
jessi_joy716 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
jessi_joy716 - cannibalmattdms - orangutanoblongata - rileyk2 -
#wordstoliveby #anidifranco #righteousbabe #oneofakind #selfacceptance #recovery
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Ani DiFranco, Dilate. cassette. $6. #cassette #deadformat #anidifranco #folkrock #folkpunk #singersongwriter #righteousbabe #punk #discogs
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01/17/2015 #tshirtaday #SomeoneCallTheGirlPolice #anidifranco #LittlePlasticCastle #AniD #Ani #righteousbabe #AniTime #AniPlace #thegospelaccordingtomusic #tgatm
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penguinpixie : πŸ’ͺ
mo_money214 : I got stop by a lady cop
amurmurofdissent : If you do the rhyme, you gotta pay for the crime by doing the time @mo_money214
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Amor de mi vida. Even when I'm miserable from cedar, she stays by my side. No complaints. #righteousbabe
righteousbabe -
janellita_ann - ice_uhh - sethtakespix - aaaaddreeeessss -
I'm a #construction #working #babe who rides a #pink #Vespa #Honda #passport #scooter #pink #zippy #righteousbabe #vardobabe #watchoutpedestrians #breakingboundaries Say whaaaa?
pink - zippy - vespa - breakingboundaries - babe - working - scooter - honda - construction - watchoutpedestrians - passport - righteousbabe - vardobabe -
m1ad1_ : Great @VinesBeLike
dafoolishbastard : I want a ride
vardo_babe : @dafoolishbastard. . This thing is fun as shhiiiit!
dafoolishbastard : I want to ride @gypsy_drea
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🎢"IDK why red fades before blue- it just does." So I'm editing some old short stories today and I'm going through this one about unfulfilled love and there comes Ani through the speakers on random with this song to put it all into perspective. As much as it blows to get your heart broken- you haven't learned a thing from that heartbreak if you can break another's without any thought to their feelings or consequences. Admittedly I'm weird though, I have to say- I'd rather be the one who gets hurt than hurt the other person. Besides-heartache is the best friend to the creative.#sorryiam #art #artist #artsy #singer #songwriter #indie #music #love #heartache #tumblr #tumblrpost #tagstagram #anidifranco #righteousbabe #thoughtfulquotes #amazing #followback #igers
anidifranco - art - tagstagram - songwriter - artsy - thoughtfulquotes - tumblr - igers - righteousbabe - love - heartache - singer - artist - amazing - followback - indie - sorryiam - music - tumblrpost -
blondee522 : Ani is mah gurrrl
beleyda : @blondee522 I've loved her for many years too. Deemer introduced me to her when we worked at the theater, I think?
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Saved #TicketStubs from when I saw #AniDifranco in the #90s #BobDylan headlined with her for the #1997 concert. God, what great #memories ! I was 17, 18 & 19 when I went. #RighteousBabe #TheMannCenter #Concert #1997 #1998 #1999
90s - anidifranco - concert - 1997 - 1999 - memories - themanncenter - bobdylan - righteousbabe - ticketstubs - 1998 -
beleyda : I went to this concert in Pittsburgh. Great show! ✌️
ro151 : @trianglepancake I went to this show at Tanglewood!
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Digging through my treasure box and found some gems I thought I'd share. I got this one when I saw #BitchAndAnimal back in - 2001? 2002? at a coffee house right outside of Philly. #DanielaSea was in a band that opened for them! #Signed #Autographed #AniDifranco #RighteousBabe #Newsletter #Noosletter #Autograph #LGBT #LGBTQ
anidifranco - danielasea - lgbtq - signed - autographed - lgbt - righteousbabe - noosletter - newsletter - bitchandanimal - autograph -
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Super sloppy pottery adventures with the family. "I've been blessed with a birth and a death, and I guess I just want some say in between." #AniDifranco #TalkToMeNow #righteousbabe
anidifranco - talktomenow - righteousbabe -
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I am continually awed and inspired by my dear, talented friend Amy, pictured here. She is starring in Neil Labute's Fat Pig opening this weekend at The Blue Room Theatre in #Chico, #Cali, through the end of the month.Also, awesome poster by Joe Hilsee and set design by Amber Miller. A MUST-SEE SHOW!!! #Theater #FatPig #AmazingWomen <3
livetheater - theater - fatpig - ladyballs - feminist - cali - acting - amazingwomen - righteousbabe - chico - feminism - pussypower -
mizamerika : #livetheater #acting #ladyballs
mizamerika : @garrulouskl8 Thanks, lady! :)
mizamerika : #Feminism #Feminist #PussyPower #RighteousBabe
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