1/19 Melbourne, FL #kingcenter 'cool fabric hanging from a pole in a giant skylight in the ceiling to the walls of the lobby' from Heidi Kunkel
tourlife - designelements - kingcenter - anidifranco - righteousbabe -
righteousbabe : #tourlife #anidifranco #righteousbabe #designelements
roxannaredfoot : keep spiraling out Fibonacci Fibonacci πŸŒ€πŸŒ€πŸŒ€
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#alwaysthatkindofday #anidifranco #righteousbabe
alwaysthatkindofday - anidifranco - righteousbabe -
fredisholtz : Dude she was my day. #ani
yuloyulito : Can you draw on my hands 🌚
alliestop : @yuloyulito yes. yes. yes ✏
alliestop : @fredisholtz fredi I miss hanging with you and your travel guitar music.
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#tgatm #nowplaying #soundtrack #forthenight #anifuckingdifranco #AniDiFranco #Ani #righteousbabe #live #carnegiehall #4 #6 #2002 #thegospelaccordingtomusic #powerfulwomen #goddess #ofsong and #soul #femmefatale #everytimeiblinkihaveatinydream
anidifranco - femmefatale - anifuckingdifranco - ani - soundtrack - powerfulwomen - righteousbabe - everytimeiblinkihaveatinydream - thegospelaccordingtomusic - goddess - carnegiehall - tgatm - nowplaying - soul - ofsong - forthenight - 2002 - live - 4 - 6 -
innov8music : Hey there! How was Carnegie Hall?! Could you kindly share your experience with everyone on my last post? Thank you! πŸ˜„
sushobhan.stars - jnessaofficial - charles_lecedre - lisa_barthelson -
A #tbt of my favorite lady, #anidifranco: "People talk about my image like I come in two dimensions, like lipstick is a sign of my declining mind. Like what I happen to be wearing The day that someone takes a picture is my new statement for all of womankind." #righteousbabe #littleplasticcastle #lipstick
tbt - littleplasticcastle - lipstick - anidifranco - righteousbabe -
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Found an old favorite in the used cd bins the other day and today is now MUCH better #anidifranco #righteousbabe #onewomanarmy
anidifranco - onewomanarmy - righteousbabe -
tzeiteltov - alean_mcg - marsalu - coley4peace -
Visit RighteousBabe.com for Ani's Recommended Reading
anidifranco - reading - righteousbabe -
sarahsullivan555 : @sapphicprince yes! I ordered the first book on her classics list a bit ago!
108_jasj : Great idea.
efbklove : @okimama of course!
matthewhellerpdx : Love it
amandarslone : Omg. @vnslone I REALLY NEED A LIBRARY NOW.
cmsheahan : @congtubot_pwm @nnnnnnnppppppp to my fellow reading ladies who I think might be interested in her list. 😘😘
bennygto : Excellent idea. Put the recommendations on instagram, also.
shakypix : Love this! πŸ’– you!
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'And sometimes your dog show up for sound check!' Scarecrow at Santa Rosa Beach #30asongwritersfestival on 1/17 from DeLacey Ault Krow
tourlife - anidifranco - 30asongwritersfestival - latergram - righteousbabe -
righteousbabe : #tourlife #anidifranco #righteousbabe #latergram
alliestop : Scarecrow was such a chill guy. Totally understanding of fandom. 😁
_missymoon_ : Ha! Thought that was my old buddy!! Hi scarecrow!
1robintitus : Ahhhhh!!!! Gramy luvs ya!
jsullivan6466 - islamamita - titimartitix - underground_clay -
Vote! Educate yourself about the candidates & vote ! My vote dammit shirt from Ani's concert years ago. @righteousbabe #votedammit #righteousbabe #anidifranco
votedammit - anidifranco - righteousbabe -
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Started the move to my new studio space today and I couldn't be more excited to get back to the torch πŸ”₯πŸ”¨πŸ’πŸ’ƒ
righteousbabe -
guiltyhedonist : Congrats!
briannadiazjewelry : Thanks! @guiltyhedonist
izterico : Nice ani difranco inspiration in background
briannadiazjewelry : @izterico #righteousbabe always
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The jelly to my peanut butter right here....🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 4 U - #therecanonlybeone #righteousbabe πŸ†πŸ’—β˜― #truefriends
truefriends - therecanonlybeone - righteousbabe -
meganhanno : πŸ‘€β€οΈU
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Come see these handsome devils play some tunes at 9th Ward - music starts at 8πŸŽΆπŸ‘Œ
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nestingdollkay : #vsco #vscocam #buffalony #justgoshoot #babeville #righteousbabe #sonnybaker #buffalomusic #buffalo
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Playlist on my drive to work earlier today #notaprettygirl #anidifranco #righteousbabe #classiclyamazing #lookupthelyrics
notaprettygirl - lookupthelyrics - classiclyamazing - anidifranco - righteousbabe -
fabio_wu00 : 😊
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Monday 1/25 in Annapolis 'on a walk to pick up nail glue for Ani' - from Heidi Kunkel
tourlife - anidifranco - winter - righteousbabe - annapolis - snow -
righteousbabe : #tourlife #anidifranco #righteousbabe #snow #winter #annapolis
davidjseattle : The ones that always get dumped on but never get plowed...
matthewhellerpdx : Beautiful
a.c.bechtold : Come back to Montana!!
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"In a coffee shop. In a city. Which is every coffee shop. In every city. On a day. Which is every day." #anidifranco #righteousbabe
fityes - strongisthenewskinny - 21dfx - anidifranco - beachbodychallenge - workout - 21df - islandgirl - righteousbabe - beachbody - girlswholift - lovetoloveyababy - beachbodycoach - 21dayfixresults - 21dayfix - inchloss - radicalselflove - weightloss - weights - eatcleantraindirty - fitness - radicalselfcare - fyourbeautystandards -
bertie_kain_fit.yes : . . . . . . #girlswholift #beachbody #beachbodychallenge #beachbodycoach #fitness #fityes #workout #eatcleantraindirty #islandgirl #weightloss #weights #inchloss #radicalselfcare #radicalselflove #21df #21dayfix #21dayfixresults #21dfx #strongisthenewskinny #fyourbeautystandards #lovetoloveyababy
adventures_n_misadvetures : I want to come back!
pushups.and.pearls : 😍
bertie_kain_fit.yes : @adventures_n_misadvetures you better! We are moving to paunch which is in the main island... a little outside of town. Can't wait for the next chapter.
muscle_and_the_hustle : Loving your profile! If you are open to new business opportunities I would love to speak to you in more detail. Drop me a message on Facebook at Mark Brycey
familiarjoy : Pretty sweet!
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Turning the corner at #dimplerecords and it was like the heavens opened and all signs pointed to YES!!! It was so #meanttobe my #favoriteartist with an #album from #myfavoriteplace #portland #oregon 😍😍😍 I would have paid $16.99 for this!!! Now it's playing in my car and I'm #onehappygirl 🎀🎸🎺🎷🎼 #happythursday #timetowork #anidifranco #anid #pdx #righteous #babe #righteousbabe #music #soothesthesoul #sacramento #california #lgbt #perfection #happiness #portlandoregon #portlandlife
anidifranco - meanttobe - sacramento - anid - oregon - portlandlife - lgbt - california - perfection - righteousbabe - onehappygirl - babe - portland - dimplerecords - happiness - album - righteous - pdx - soothesthesoul - music - portlandoregon - favoriteartist - myfavoriteplace - happythursday - timetowork -
alytadros : Ani DiFranco is amazing....you have really good taste in music. I would be honored if you checked out some of my instavids ☺
stylist2dyefor : @alytadros thank you!!! She's the best!!! I love your music too!!!
alytadros : @stylist2dyefor ah!! Thank you!! Means so much ☺️
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Clothing with memories #righteousbabe #armyjacket #nyc #music #clothing
nyc - armyjacket - clothing - music - righteousbabe -
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Last night in DC @930club, last night of January tour 'can't wait to go home and see my squishes...' From Ani
tourlife - anidifranco - setlists - 930club - righteousbabe - washingtondc -
benmiller07 : @coblec123
coblec123 : Awesome set but I LOVED the set at the show I went to in Fort Lauderdale (even if you wouldn't play Napoleon β™‘) thanks @benmiller07
collsiekarenina : @hurricanemeggy
hurricanemeggy : @collsiekarenina was SPIDER the new one???????
jbmac79 : Wish I was at this show with a now distant friend. She introduced me to your music almost 21 years ago. Cheers!
flarielle11 : Missed you last night @gwenhope3!
lougirl2 : @antoniapoww
matthewhellerpdx : Awesome
hanlandiana - imalwayspacked - kcperr - bill_dp -
'my depiction of what's gonna happen when hamell hits the stage' last night 1/24 at Rams Head on Stage in Annapolis - from Ani
salsbklynmom : Firedoor??
kash_kam : If he tries anything β™‘β™‘β™‘ what a treat!
bexeden : @cajoneshousley
jlawson30 : Which side are you on?? πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
dianamilillo : I know this bar!! Love it.
maggiehill91 : Manhole AND You Had Time?! Yesssss
slave2superpwr : LOL
matthewhellerpdx : I love hammel
poetgrrrl - bill_dp - roguevi29 - insideyourfuego -
Already reminiscing about the #anidifranco show last night. Lots of fun with @hazelkuehn @nickwesss @mamiewwilson. #righteousbabe #madskills
madskills - anidifranco - righteousbabe -
mamiewwilson : So much fun
farewellfriendnc : I forgot to ask how this was. Did she play mostly new music?
farewellfriendnc - tafkicksnc - jacobpardue - hazelkuehn -
#anidifranco #toddsickafoose #lincolntheatreraleigh #lincolntheatre #righteousbabe #righteousbaberecords
anidifranco - lincolntheatreraleigh - righteousbaberecords - righteousbabe - lincolntheatre - toddsickafoose -
firthionado - jesswolff218 - akbnc -
There's nothing I love more than going to Ani shows with this #righteousbabe #anidifranco
anidifranco - righteousbabe -
gabere - tzeiteltov - brettshep3 - megahnre -
Everyone has that one artist. She is mine. Always. #anidifranco #righteousbabe #righteousbaberecords #lincolntheatre #lincolntheatreraleigh #raleigh #raleighnc
raleighnc - anidifranco - raleigh - righteousbabe - righteousbaberecords - lincolntheatre - lincolntheatreraleigh -
lue_lue_ : Have fun! Look for Jesse!
jesswolff218 : πŸ’›
beingchris - _angel_deva_ - jesswolff218 - sweetmelissa222 -
View from Raleigh- 'state of emergency? in buffalo this is just called winter.' - From Ani Stay safe out there, remember the Lincoln Theater performance in Raleigh, NC has been postponed until tomorrow, Sunday 1/24 at 8pm
tourlife - winter - anidifranco - raleigh - righteousbabe -
cammydk : Ani is right. Weather perceptions are very different in the south!
harley_the_hound_ : It's called a mild winter...
willmiahransom : I was thinking fall.
jpeders2 : @righteousbabe all the more reason to come back to buffalo
jdbree22 : @righteousbabe so excited to see you tomorrow!!
wendbar02155 : It's all about perspective.
eyesofanowl : Girl you are in my old hood!! Miss it so much! When ya coming back to Humboldt? I miss you! @righteousbabe
daydreams94 : @righteousbabe that's my job!
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#anidifranco #myinnerfeminist #thankful #righteousbabe
thankful - anidifranco - myinnerfeminist - righteousbabe -
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Since we are all talking about the weather...here's a flash back to the start of tour in Orlando from Heidi Kunkel 'Crazy rain right at load in! ... When it finally stopped most of the parking lot was flooded with about two inches of water!'
tourlife - anidifranco - florida - rain - righteousbabe -
righteousbabe : #tourlife #anidifranco #righteousbabe #florida #rain
matthewhellerpdx : Cold and drizzly night in Florida's deep dish fluorescent lights πŸŒ§β˜”οΈ
michellebbelle : Wow! And, πŸ‘†πŸΌ right on dude ✌🏼️
mikeyjahwoo - happy_go_lucky_mommy_3 - keyvious - giulia_corr -
Because #AniDiFranco and piggie buns will never go out of #style ❀️❀️❀️πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼 #pigtails #messybuns #righteousbabe
messybuns - anidifranco - pigtails - style - righteousbabe -
sam_sarrra - hog69442 - nicole12606 - 0923nikkib -
Florida details part 3 - from Ani
tourlife - anidifranco - florida - righteousbabe -
righteousbabe : #tourlife #anidifranco #righteousbabe #florida
jessiejohnsonnavarro : Thank you Ani for another amazing show @thecultureroom. Even with broken nails and sore fingers, you killed it. I'm in love with Allergic to Water.
jesusjosephchrist : i am trying not to take up much more room. but it appears that you've posted another mosaic. i take that as a sign, maybe from above, maybe from below, maybe from stage left, it could also be stage right. but what do i know. i'm just a mirror in flight.
roxannaredfoot : In Florida now. Just learned that translated from Spanish it means "the land of flowers"🌺🌼🌸🌹🌻
funnygurl25 - kristal_amazon - skenisahen - empowerment21 -
From 30A Songwriters Festival on Sunday - gorgeous but cold day - from Heidi Kunkel
tourlife - anidifranco - florida - 30asongwritersfestival - righteousbabe -
righteousbabe : #tourlife #anidifranco #righteousbabe #30asongwritersfestival #florida
fairiegrrrrl - giulia_corr - ponderoops - msbertly -
More Florida details- from Ani
tourlife - anidifranco - florida - righteousbabe -
righteousbabe : #tourlife #anidifranco #righteousbabe #florida
misplacedtalents : Mesmerizing.
kerianstagram : Thank you so much for coming to Melbourne and sharing your beautiful and important words here. This is a town that needs to hear what you have to say, especially about guns and about sociopolitical equalities. Your voice is so big, and so is Florida's. Thank you for spreading your truth and your wisdom to a big vote and helping influence what will hopefully be a societal shift this election. You're a personal hero of mine; your words saved me from myself time and time again throughout the years. I'm so honored to have been able to experience your Orlando show and your Melbourne show this past week! Thank you, Ani! Safe travels! ❀️
kerianstagram : And mad props to the band and the crew and Hammel on Trial! Seriously, SUCH a great show. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
nativazul : Magical πŸ’«βœ¨ The show at Culture Room was amaziiiing, hope you liked my lil gift :) Come back to Florida soon! - Nat from Ft.Laudy
kristal_amazon - wvjeeper - krzeskrpeo - thechannabear -
Ani DiFranco (@righteousbabe) performing at The King Center Studio Theatre #anidifranco #righteousbabe #melbourne #florida
melbourne - anidifranco - florida - righteousbabe -
hurricanetrinaa : My sister used to perform at the king center wow
hurricanetrinaa : I thought I heard it closes
tzeiteltov - lifestylefurnitureau - thisonedude - jesswilliams13 -
Ani DiFranco performing at The King Center Studio Theatre #anidifranco #righteousbabe #melbourne #florida
melbourne - anidifranco - florida - righteousbabe -
coley4peace - alytadros - jasbenit - madisonpaine13 -
Ani DiFranco performing at The King Center Studio Theatre #anidifranco #righteousbabe #melbourne #florida
melbourne - anidifranco - florida - righteousbabe -
lifestylefurnitureau : This is great :)
tzeiteltov - lifestylefurnitureau - jasbenit - madisonpaine13 -
Ani Difranco performing at The King Center Studio Theater. #anidifranco #righteousbabe #melbourne #florida
melbourne - anidifranco - florida - righteousbabe -
coley4peace - jasbenit - alliestop - thesights -
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