Night shoot in @gunstockparks with some heavy gear. #ridegunstock #gunstockmtn
gunstockmtn - ridegunstock -
thomasgmissert : Oh my lord just look at those cams πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ me want
cheryl.bryan : Nice job Shane!
soopurhero816 : Sorry I got stuck up top and couldn't help, Tom. We'll have to have my debut another time!! ;)
cgaff88 : @williewilson44 glad they got out footage
macdog25 : @insta_brett @alex_troch @spencerthorne
aaaashlyn_ - erik_sherk - french_toast_cool - molsk8s -
@riverricher69 sends one off the A frame in Blundersmoke. Beautiful blue bird skies and the parks are groomed to perfection! πŸ“· @thomasgmissert @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
123jacksont - 7macisaac7 - freestyle_skier_15 - galamchops -
It doesn't get better than this. Shot today on Parallax. Photo cred @thomasgmissert #gunstockmtn #ridegunstock #visitnh #powslash
gunstockmtn - visitnh - ridegunstock - powslash -
q1y6p0 : guns n roses #killerslash killer stash
wfletcher24 : @sam_scribner
ozlem.25 : πŸ‘πŸ‘
jesseannbuckley : πŸ‘Œ
sam_scribner : Is that u @wfletcher24
braden_karess : @connor_page3 says this place smells
lys_wyson : Hey can you go to redbullbracketreel .com and vote for UMass Ski and Board Team. We are the only school from the EAST and we need your votes so we can win!!! Redbull gives us loads of money for our club. If you could share this on your page that would be gnarly!! Go to my info for the link!!!
camjoe13 - dumbsteven - lauren_papi_ - smithy603 -
@kcross69 off the @dc_snowboarding feature @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
connoromalley16 : @eddiemro49 sick
aj_borrelli : We should all go up soon! @connoromalley16 @eddiemro49
connoromalley16 : Ya ik !! @aj_borrelli it looks wicked nice
eddiemro49 : DefinitlyπŸ‘Œ @aj_borrelli
moose_man50 - steven_norman711 - chrismarden03 - galamchops -
360 iron cross safety grab off second mega #ridegunstock#air
ridegunstock - air -
reilly_gray7 - lacasse_21 - codyross222 - marcus_terrio -
#GaperSquad Co-Founder getting some slides in. #RideGunstock @GunstockMTN
ridegunstock - gapersquad -
camdenpatten7 : Video/pic cred
dancer1317 : Saw @gapersquad on the panorama chair lift
gapersquad : Words getting around πŸ‘πŸ‘ @dancer1317
meryloving - aubreestark - reverted - lindajohs -
Do it for the gram πŸ“· @carliklimas #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
troysimcock13 : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
jamescurrier12 : I'm go to wachussett
kayylabaril - brandenkenny - b_lakee_ - janessa_coburn -
The train was running @gunstockparks a couple days ago πŸš‚ #belowzero #ridegunstock #titsout
belowzero - titsout - ridegunstock -
samanthadube : Nice gloves Greg!
nvsteez - what1tdod0es - rinniewry - oldirtybrigette -
The last jump reshaped is hitting great! @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
603_boardpatrol : @aye_itsjames lets go
chasguldemond : How big is that sucker? @gunstockparks
gunstockparks : @chasguldemond medium to you large to most other people
bradleyw38 : Re-reshaped
mass_auto_photography : 40 feet right?
greg_thomas24 : @thomas.puccio this one right
thomas.puccio : Yea @greg_thomas24
thomas.puccio : @owen_costello
123jacksont - mdurk8 - haitoragr - gunstockfreestyle -
This is the exuberant face of someone who actually DID survive her first ever encounter with skis. Go me! (No really, I was pretty sure skis and me were going to be a deathly combination.)
goprohero3 - instanaturelover - exploremore - wilderness - rei1440project - omniten - ridegunstock - neverstopexploring - trail - getoutside - nature_seekers - getoutdoors - tryingstuff - landscape_lovers - nh - newhampshire - outdoorwomen - outdoorindustry - instanature - snow - easternmntn - gopro - nordic - igersnewengland - xcski - landscapes -
jillpoke : #trail #xcski #nordic #nature_seekers #instanature #instanaturelover #landscape_lovers #landscapes #wilderness #nh #newhampshire #gopro #outdoorwomen #neverstopexploring #exploremore #getoutdoors #getoutside #easternmntn #igersnewengland #tryingstuff #rei1440project @visitnh #omniten #snow #goprohero3 #outdoorindustry #ridegunstock
andyryan - abdulsatar.hashm - theselfiegopro - cdnrockiesgirl -
Well, that's a sight I never thought anyone would ever see - me on skis! Took an awesome lesson today with @gunstockmtn Nordic Ski Center. Only wiped out once thanks to a great teacher (Fred)!
goprohero3 - instanaturelover - exploremore - wilderness - rei1440project - omniten - ridegunstock - neverstopexploring - trail - getoutside - nature_seekers - getoutdoors - tryingstuff - landscape_lovers - nh - newhampshire - outdoorwomen - outdoorindustry - instanature - snow - easternmntn - gopro - nordic - igersnewengland - xcski - landscapes -
jillpoke : #trail #xcski #nordic #nature_seekers #instanature #instanaturelover #landscape_lovers #landscapes #wilderness #nh #newhampshire #gopro #outdoorwomen #neverstopexploring #exploremore #getoutdoors #getoutside #easternmntn #igersnewengland #tryingstuff #rei1440project @visitnh #omniten #snow #goprohero3 #outdoorindustry #ridegunstock
best.mountain.artists - jimstorer - jessieemslie - theadventurejunkie -
🎿Gunstock the other night🎿#gunstockmtn #ridegunstock #gunstockparks #skitheeast #notasunsetkinda #gunny
gunstockmtn - gunny - notasunsetkinda - skitheeast - gunstockparks - ridegunstock -
lilgunnellfam : You need to post more snow and nature pics, bro. Only post a sunset if it's an amazing one
nawitham : Don you skiing tomorrow @donnyes
peterspringer10 : Start the hashtag #dailysunsetsfromdonny
donnyes : @nawitham obvi!!
donnyes : @lilgunnellfam good idea.
jamiebayha - ellaflanders - camdenpatten7 - bcjensen11 -
New decals in black and white! @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
aj_borrelli : @sw4nkthelord gunna grab a few of these
sw4nkthelord : @aj_borrelli word me too, im going up wednesday if you trynna go
aj_borrelli : Definitely, text me @sw4nkthelord
jamescurrier12 : some one lookin to shred with me?
ski_z_east_603 : Sickkk
ski_z_east_603 : I
ski_z_east_603 : Want these
thomasmanetta : @gunstockparks where can I pick some up
patheald27 - gunstockmtn - smithy603 - tommy_galambos23 -
@riverricher69 ripping a method off the newly relocated @dc_snowboarding signature feature @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
lydiaswags - camjoe13 - chaytonsweey - daniel_labelle -
🎿Gunstock🎿 #gunstockmtn #gunstockparks #ridegunstock #skitheeast #eaatcoast #theskyiscool @gunstockparks @gunstockmtn
gunstockmtn - skitheeast - eaatcoast - gunstockparks - ridegunstock - theskyiscool -
donnyes : True
reecemasters_ : Oh look, another sunset picture..πŸ˜‚
_noahstephens_ : ^^
gnarbear : ^^ haha @donnyes
donnyes : @gnarbear haha it's true, I don't care. Haha
atti_parker : Change your bio to"follow me for sunset pictures"
donnyes : @atti_parker hahahahaha
peterspringer10 : ^^^^πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
camdenpatten7 - rubyfin - adibvahedi - alexgrazioso -
@kcross69 going the distance @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
evan_d_lamprey - smithy603 - judgie_10 - kpepin20 -
Another sunset from tiger lift at @gunstockmtn #sunsetsarecool #gunstockmtn #gunstockparks #ridegunstock
sunsetsarecool - gunstockmtn - gunstockparks - ridegunstock -
gunstockmtn - nicoledaigneault - ellaflanders - jackohrn -
Today was a good day. #powder #powpow #ridegunstock #gunstockmtn #gunstock
gunstockmtn - ridegunstock - gunstock - powder - powpow -
blu_berrie_o : πŸ‚
skinewhampshire - mlp_mason - ava_1477 - maeday44 -
#Blundersmokepark is getting a face lift today and should be reopened for night riding @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock - blundersmokepark -
gravybones : @v_silverwolf_w
spidgeon6 : Will it be good for Friday night?
alec_ski_ : @_r.yan_m @gunstockskier
gunstockskier : @gunstockparks what does a new face lift mean
donnyes : @gunstockskier they Put more rails in and fixed the jumps and stuff.
gunstockskier : Oh @donnyes
donnyes - camharadon - hudsoningoldsby - travis_byers97 -
If u want to see my front flip off first mega at gunstock check out @hudsoningoldsby I'm the one in the gray jacket second post #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
_r.yan_m : Alec is gonna try backflip it's gonna suck if he catches his tips @gunstockskier
alec_ski_ : I'm going to commit
_r.yan_m : Ok idk why @gunstockskier never responds
gunstockskier : I don't respond because I have no Internet
_r.yan_m : Oh okay @gunstockskier
_r.yan_m : Are u going to gunny tommarow @gunstockskier
gunstockskier : Yes
gunstockskier : I'm heading up with Owen at around 7
teddybroska_b43 - davin__ - alec_ski_ - lacasse_21 -
Hit the second Mega at gunstock mountain resort yesterday #bestpicever #snobording #snow #PhotoOfTheDay #ridegunstock #gunstockparks
snobording - bestpicever - gunstockparks - snow - ridegunstock - photooftheday -
trailer_park_kedd - lauren_cahill - shaunnalyssa123 - irak_bitches -
Tough lighting but that old stunt ditch is one of the first. So in honor of that we will be hosting "The Stunt Ditch Classic"! Date TBD and more details to come. @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock @btoddrichards
ridegunstock -
wally97h8 : @jeffperry17
wally97h8 : @robmet95
drpecker420 : @rossboss5595
owenc603 : @codyross222 @chertok38 @acarbone23 @kylej603
codyross222 : What the hell am I supposed to do in that lmao @olcasey_12
owenc603 : Brug I don't know it will be fun though! @codyross222
codyross222 : @olcasey_12 when is it and are u going tonight?
camdenpatten7 : @reverted looks perfect for hardcore gaping and triple 7s
gunstockskier - camjoe13 - conorevers - jamescurrier12 -
The conditions are awesome today! @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
whiitie : Damn!!!!!! Kill it
evan_d_lamprey : Looks awesome
outdoors4lifegirl - galamchops - 7macisaac7 - smithy603 -
Registration for the Junk Jam opens at 10 in the main lodge. Today is ski only. @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
defrostagram : Dat corrugated do
jakefblyfe : @sasho.chev
jacobjc99 - dannybdakine - kpepin20 - galamchops -
The crew just wrapped up building the set up for the Junk Jam. Skiers tomorrow snowboarders Sunday. @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
seandoc603 : 1st
codyross222 : Looks good @gunstockparks can't wait!
owenc603 : What's it like @codyross222
codyross222 : Looks kinda sketchy but fun haha @olcasey_12
owenc603 : @codyross222 did you take any pictures?
codyross222 : No its dark and it's all closed off for the night @olcasey_12
nickbrenske : Looks super sketchy but is open for spme creativity
ski_z_east_603 : What's in it @codyross222
larsl_44 - jaxskiing99 - a_d_a_m.d - devinfarrell_88 -
@jedtheshred landed a photo in the weeks @snowboardermag "feature presentation" another great photo by @thelumpya2 @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
chris_whalen : Oh hell yeah!
patrickispm : Doin it right! @gunstockparks #likeaboss @jedtheshred 😜
adam_sojka - camjoe13 - steviemac29 - jackohrn -
The second annual Junk Jam is this weekend in Blundersmoke Terrain Park. Saturday - Ski Only. Sunday - Board only. For more details follow @gunstockparks or head over to #ridegunstock #gunstockmtn
gunstockmtn - ridegunstock -
b.rovnak : Totes
b.rovnak : Coming
maggiem30 : @sarah7anne meant to be
liliyaxo : @brandonschiano oh geeze
geoff5093 : @peterspringer10
peterspringer10 : I wish I can't go @geoff5093
philbricks : Good luck !
jr82788 : @bmarcs so whats the deal bro?
adam_sojka - rosie.swidler - french_toast_cool - jreetz27 -
We've got log jibs in the gunpowder glades too! Keep your eye peeled when shredding the woods never know what you might find @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
camjoe13 - life_behindthe_bars - redwings___13 - gunstockfreestyle -
This Saturday and Sunday is our Second annual Junk Jam. Come compete in a chance to win gear from our sponsors. Check for more details @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
ski_z_east_603 : Haha yeah @nick_i123 is there gonna be older kids there too last year I missed this comp
nick_i123 : Idk who is planing to go so im not sure
nick_i123 : @kaleb_bartlett
ski_z_east_603 : Yo look at my post I just posted u want a square one?
ski_z_east_603 : @nick_i123
ski_z_east_603 : Hey @gunstockparks what's the features that will be in the como??
gunstockskier : I might it depends on what it's on
gunstockskier : @kaleb_bartlett
camjoe13 - jakegiguere - benjamminmauk - c_nevin29 -
Sometimes Mother Nature gives us gifts in the sky. Last week at @gunstockmtn #gunstockmtn #gunstockparks #ridegunstock #thankyou #mothernature #cool
gunstockmtn - thankyou - gunstockparks - mothernature - ridegunstock - cool -
owenc603 : So talented. #Imbossatskiing
ski_z_east_603 : Haha ^
enzee21 - caitlyn_nashboucher - skylarruelke - adibvahedi -
Spent sometime in Parallax today and it is sweet! @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
maxpags154 : That looks like some sweet powder
snwbdrhoon : @thebrownfriend looks fun
thelumpya2 : I didn't know this existed!
ajborrellisnow : It was so fun to shred through today! Thanks for a sick setupπŸ‘Œ
kylemclachlin - hudsoningoldsby - blu_berrie_o - ballslife6776 -
My snow day πŸ™Œβ„οΈπŸŽΏ #skinh #snowstorm #snowday #ridegunstock
snowday - skinh - snowstorm - ridegunstock -
nyrangerfan30 - molllyollly - nicoleo567 - jeaxo -
@riverricher69 front blunt on the c rail. Blue birds and sunny come out and ride! @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
jakedoyleee : It's dope today
ajborrellisnow : @sw4nkthelord
sw4nkthelord : @ajborrellisnow i already got my shit packed so if we dont have school tomorrow
ajborrellisnow : πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ me too @sw4nkthelord
outdoorgamer22 : I'm homeschooled so I don't have to worry about stuff like not being able to go snowboarding.
donnyes - chrismarden03 - insta_brett - gunstockfreestyle -
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