#Repost @gunstockparks with @repostapp. ・・・ Don't worry kids... Not only are the snowmakers killing it making snow.. They spared us a handful of snowmaking pipes!!! So well be adding a number of new round rails to the arsenal !! #thankasnowmaker #ridegunstock #fabricationlife
fabricationlife - thankasnowmaker - ridegunstock - repost -
donnyes : @playboy_dietrich lol I don't even see that you just commented haha
jackohrn : These rails are so fun
maggietaraska : @olivia__provost yes!! Pumped to go on the rails!😍😍
patrickispm : @gunstockfreestyle its time
olivia__provost : @maggietaraska New rails this season?!! Perfect for us!!
eddiemro49 : @aj_borrelli
bobdawg29 : #letscyber with @pit_viper on #partymountain
bigj56789 : @nick_i123
colby._.kumph - j_peabz - malcolm_hughes17 - isweatsparkle -
Don't worry kids... Not only are the snowmakers killing it making snow.. They spared us a handful of snowmaking pipes!!! So well be adding a number of new round rails to the arsenal !! #thankasnowmaker #ridegunstock #fabricationlife
fabricationlife - ridegunstock - thankasnowmaker -
aidanspecker : ^
donnyes : So pumped!!! ^^
ebajor1443 : @jeffbajor
zack_blougouras : @its.stephxoxo
sam_tuna_12 : Awsome
nrcautophoto : @mass_auto_photography far pipe
nrcautophoto : Fat
kaleb.shumway14 : @devinfarrell_88 @nategamans
sam_tuna_12 - gunstockfreestyle - session_cine - jackd_603 -
Steel is in! Time to fabricate some new features! #ridegunstock #weldingfordays
weldingfordays - ridegunstock -
ayyyyymann : Make a dfdfdfdfdfdfdfd
samforest1 : @ayyyyymann na dude they need a dfuffffuu and an fu
gunstockparks : @ayyyyymann @samforest1 were thinking a dfdzdfufdc
donnyes : Awesome!!! Really looking forward to this season!!!!!
sam_tuna_12 : Niceeee
jackohrn : A 50 footer like last year would be sweeet
tuckywolfe - jackd_603 - gunstockfreestyle - hungryforhiking -
Temps have dropped and the snowmakers are doing their thing! We plan to open 12/4 so get your season pass! #ridegunstock #winteriscoming #thankasnowmaker @gunstockmtn
winteriscoming - ridegunstock - thankasnowmaker -
treythomassian : @dannybdakine wow opens the 5th
magisterraptum : @a_amaral32 @mmaaaaattttttt
oliver_specker : @_jack.flynn_ @joren_taylor_14
collin_small_ : @oliver_specker @joren_taylor_14 @_jack.flynn_
joren_taylor_14 : Can't wait @collin_small_ @ian_j_nelson
collin_small_ : Ya same @joren_taylor_14
dean_johnson14 : @smallmatt21 it opens on your birthday
freddie_n11 : @danny500000 oh ya
colby._.kumph - skier_21 - soccerman2110 - c_nev29 -
@gunstockparks is working hard to create another amazing park this season. Show your appreciation by following the link to their post and giving a like. #Repost @gunstockparks with @repostapp ・・・ Not the type of precipitation we would like to see but to get your spirits up we've been hard at work refurbishing and building new park features. Get your season pass and shred our parks all season long! #ridegunstock #winteriscoming
winteriscoming - ridegunstock - repost -
jackohrn : Gunnys parks are the best, I know for a fact they will be sweet this year.
lilreetz - nh_ft - freddie_n11 - lakesregioncupcakes -
We are still looking for some hardworking park enthusiasts! Fill out an application online at Must be 18 or older. #ridegunstock #thankaparkranger #nowhiring
nowhiring - thankaparkranger - ridegunstock -
dadbrett : @junebugggah
skier_21 : I want to work there.
micknurphy7 : Can I get hired?
gunstockparks : @micknurphy7 if you're moving back to NH I could have a job for you
dannybdakine : @treythomassian
jackd_603 - colby._.kumph - gunstockfreestyle - ryanames15 -
Not the type of precipitation we would like to see but to get your spirits up we've been hard at work refurbishing and building new park features. Get your season pass and shred our parks all season long! #ridegunstock #winteriscoming
winteriscoming - ridegunstock -
jackohrn : Sweet rail!
collin_small_ : Got that pass can't what
samforest1 : Yeahhhhh buddy
session_cine - ryanames15 - colby._.kumph - gunstockfreestyle -
Who has their season pass and is ready to shred!? #tbt #2009 #ridegunstock
2009 - tbt - ridegunstock -
bparker199 : When does night skiing start
ski_the_east_15 : December should hurry up and get here sooner.
austinleblanc1999 : Let's go!!
freddie_n11 : 12/5 @danny500000
emmett_j_walsh : Me
makayla.del : 🖐🏻
__deviin : Can't wait
nrcautophoto : Soon!
session_cine - ryanames15 - colby._.kumph - saviano_tld -
GUNSTOCK FREESTYLE ACADEMY HAS A CLUBHOUSE!! Much appreciation to @gunstockmtn for providing us the space. Thank you to the parents/athletes/staff who were able to help out. Special thanks to Tim from Gunstock Maintenance Dept. who gave time out of his weekend to help us move the deck. There's still more work to be done, so please contact us if your willing to donate time and/or supplies. #TeamGFA #gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
gunstockmtn - teamgfa - ridegunstock -
gunstockfreestyle : @nick_i123 You're invited anytime Nick. I hope your ankle is healing well.
nick_i123 : @gunstockfreestyle its ok hard without cast
snwbdrhoon : Where? Sick.
gunstockfreestyle : @snwbdrhoon This is at the base of Pistol and Blundersmoke Terrain Park. It's the same building Gunstock Park Staff uses.
snwbdrhoon : Nice. We'll come by and say hi some time.
muzziness : How could I help?
gunstockfreestyle : @muzziness The two critical remaining items are building an interior floor and general insulation. The current floor is cement with both a raised section and a large pit. I assume this is the main reason why Park Staff didn't use this area. We need plywood and pressure treated boards to make a false floor. Also, the building has thin walls and no heat, so insulation is a must. We are looking for help with materials and labor. Aside from the clubhouse, awareness of our program and/or assistance with obtaining sponsors would also be extremely appreciated. The new clubhouse provides prime exposure opportunities due to location. Contact us at
muzziness : Hey! Ok @gunstockfreestyle
joren_taylor_14 - jackohrn - coltonotoole - jeremy_oneil__ -
#throwbackthursday it's time to re-create some old features #ridegunstock #oldisthenewnew
oldisthenewnew - ridegunstock - throwbackthursday -
cluster_butter : Please do
codyross222 : Have u guys gone over applications yet?
davetufts : Bring back the mini-pipe too. Please and thank you.
austinleblanc1999 : Now you guys are getting it!
603boardin : Bring back the fruit by the foot rail! #throwback
patmong09 : ^ @samgildea
samgildea : @patmong09 the good ole days!!
gunstockparks : @603boardin we still have it. It just has a new paint job
session_cine - colby._.kumph - ian_j_nelson - gunstockfreestyle -
How many of you remember this set up? Back in 2010 #ridegunstock #winteriscoming
winteriscoming - ridegunstock -
mxpikt : Same @t_humphrey34
cluster_butter : Please do
maximus_rich : @ohshitonit one week at this place??
allyd47 : 10 times better than what there is now
aidanspecker : Last years was the best
walkieee_b : I remember when at the end of the that season , the muscle milk rails were removed and we would hit them as jumps and clear the whole roll over, one time I came up short and landed on the knuckle right on my tail bone. God damn that hurt. Never forget that set up @gunstockparks
hapycampr : I loved it when the park was like that. It was my first year riding at gunstock
k_mcd4 : Bring it back
colby._.kumph - dono_ski - lahuenponce - jessskirace -
No caption needed! 📷 @Camdenpatten7 #ridegunstock @gunstockmtn
fixedthephotocred - ridegunstock -
gunstockparks : @camdenpatten7 sorry for the confusion. They tagged us in it so what was I to think
gunstockparks : #fixedthephotocred
camdenpatten7 : @gunstockparks hahaha it's all good! I appreciate it👌🏼
gunstockparks : @camdenpatten7 gotta give credit where credit is due! Great photo man! Hope you see you shredding the park next month!
camdenpatten7 : @gunstockparks thank you! Hope get more like it this winter 👌🏼 I hope to see myself shredding the park next month too😂 lets hope the snow comes soon, I'm itchin
andrewlucasaldridge : Amazing grace
austinleblanc1999 : Bought my night pass! I really hope that the park gets going this year! Last year if took a Long time to build up, unlike previous years. Hope you guys can get it up fully by January
jackd_603 - colby._.kumph - gunstockfreestyle - http.j.a.n.i.s_ -
We are now accepting applications for Park Crew! Day and Night shift positions available. Apply online at applicants must be 18 or older #ridegunstock @gunstockmtn
ridegunstock -
tuckywolfe : @westonlemay
westonlemay : I know.. That would be cool but I think u gotta be 18 right @gunstockparks
gio.parham : @shambinomarino
gunstockparks : You must be 18
wally97h8 : Gunstock More crooked than their rails
kylemgoff : Mine as well
westonlemay : K cool
nashyboy__ : @ccoodyy_ @tmanville52
session_cine - tuckywolfe - gunstockfreestyle - colin_dexter1 -
Good luck to Gunstock Park Crew member @riverricher69 who is competing today in #HDHR @bear_mountain #ridegunstock #NHreppin #laconiasfinest
nhreppin - hdhr - ridegunstock - laconiasfinest -
freddie_n11 : Is it on tv
halloweezy : @snowboardermag
jazzhands2003 - millahtime611 - chase.corm - moose_donovan -
A tailpress from park crew supervisor @kevin603w tag a friend who can press like that #ridegunstock #winteriscoming
winteriscoming - ridegunstock -
t_clattenburg : Didnt look like that by the midway point
kevin603w : F u clattentits haha @t_clattenburg
freddie_n11 : @danny500000 u press hard
outdoor_gamer22 - c_nev29 - adam_diment - j_gasp17 -
#tbt to one of our many snow storms last winter. Who's ready for these days? #ridegunstock @gunstockmtn #pow #whitewinter
pow - tbt - ridegunstock - whitewinter -
swankthelorrd : @aj_borrelli hope we get more pow days like last year
aj_borrelli : Hopefully @swankthelorrd
jazzhands2003 : 🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼
c_nev29 - adam_diment - j_gasp17 - gunstockfreestyle -
#regram of park staffer @ayyyyymann blasting off the @dc_snowboarding signature feature 📷@tommissert #ridegunstock
regram - ridegunstock -
tommissert : Aka dr.booster
moose_donovan - jackd_603 - adam_diment - sam_tuna_12 -
#tbt who's missing that view?!? Tag a friend who's going to shred the park with you this winter. #ridegunstock #parkdays #winteriscoming
parkdays - winteriscoming - tbt - ridegunstock -
peter.voll : @jakeflannny
jakeflannny : @peter.voll yaaaaah dude
aidanspecker : Soon @camdenpatten7
aj_borrelli : @swankthelorrd
swankthelorrd : @aj_borrelli
nick_i123 : @bigj56789 @ryanames15 @nh_ft
nh_ft : Haha I was just about to tag you guys too @nick_i123
nrcautophoto : @mass_auto_photography
outdoor_gamer22 - moose_donovan - josh_g_123 - mikeyrobidoux -
Better late then never #tbt with @shanebski at the First Junk Jam during 13/14 season. What are you looking forward to shredding this winter? #ridegunstock #liveskiordie #skitheeast
liveskiordie - skitheeast - tbt - ridegunstock -
samforest1 : I'm looking forward to shredding Blundersmoke with my day one homies!
drpecker420 : Rollin with the bigshots
cluster_butter : Im looking forward to hitting the biggest jumps this year, learning flips with the squad
nick_i123 : Being able to find nice an fun lines
jackohrn : Yo could u guys make a rainbow rail for this winter?? @gunstockparks
hungryforhiking - tuckywolfe - ryanames15 - gunstockfreestyle -
A huge congratulations goes out to @gunstockmtn local ripper @riverricher69 for locking down a spot in this years Hot Dogs & Hand Rails at @bear_mountain #ridegunstock @rockslide_sales_llc @dc_snowboarding
ridegunstock -
branhcutt : Hell yeah @riverricher69
justinbreton7 : Chea son
tommissert : East coast OGunstock
jakkefryye - moose_donovan - love.miskins - gopro_chrisgpic -
Throw back to ski season #firsttimeoutofthecage #nhft #gunstock #ridegunstock #whatisthatwhitestuff
firsttimeoutofthecage - nhft - whatisthatwhitestuff - gunstock - ridegunstock -
gunstockskier : Can't wait till next season @nh_ft @ryanames15 @_r.yan_m @alec_ski_ @ski_z_east_603 @owenc603
gunstockskier : @nick_i123
nh_ft : Yea man it's only July and I'm already loosing my mind
nh_ft : @gunstockskier
cyndalv - molly6231 - ash_lour - therealcamden -
#Throwbackthursday the first big build of the season. Can't wait to being doing this next season and to be doing it in a brand new #parkpro from @pistenbullyusa is going to make it that much better! #ridegunstock #PBParkPro
ridegunstock - pbparkpro - parkpro - throwbackthursday -
swankthelorrd : Cant wait!
c_nev29 - asncnah - peacecolorgirl - jack198989 -
#regram from @wyattmozingo how many of you are ready to shred already? #ridegunstock
regram - ridegunstock -
evan_lamprey : Seeing this makes me cry
gxp_addict : god my season ended waaayyy to early :-( #injuriessuck
bradleyw38 : Man, this must have been when the jumps were acceptable, but you all did a nice job... I sure am
cam_lax53 : I miss it SO much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @trottd5
nathanielkaye : @wyattmozingo sickkkk
wyattmozingo : Ya homie @nathanielkaye
brendanparadis : cant believe i fucking overshot 3rd jump 5 feet from the pole @aidanspecker
aidanspecker : ^^^ @gunstockparks this kid
tuckywolfe - jackd_603 - jack198989 - _queen.gracie_ -
Park managers shred too.... @snowboardermag #ridegunstock @gunstockmtn #notatgunstock
notatgunstock - ridegunstock -
apocalypsegloves : Way to go Rob
asncnah - peacecolorgirl - j_gasp17 - c_nev29 -
#throwbackthursday @jedtheshred with a proper tailpress. Thanks everyone who came out to shred this winter! @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock - throwbackthursday -
r_thibeault : Whyyy did they close so early there's still so much snoowwww
mountalini : Should've left the features up
outdoor_gamer22 : Yeah they could have made so much more money from me.
tom_pasquariello : This set up was soooo sick. What happened for the rest of the season??
peacecolorgirl - jackd_603 - c_nev29 - carl_holt25 -
Mid 720 in the GROM JAM #ridegunstock#720#sick
720 - ridegunstock - sick -
jackohrn - reilly_gray7 - davin__ - v.eddington -
Here's to a great season #bestrfriendsforlife #rideordie #ridegunstock
rideordie - bestrfriendsforlife - ridegunstock -
caittt.lyn : My favorite boys 😻😻
cam_lax53 - jakkefryye - shay_lange - cutiiegiirl -
@mikerave tweeting a method over #lakewinnipesaukee and #mtwashington in this weeks @snowboardermag 's feature presentation 📷 @thelumpya2 @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
lakewinnipesaukee - mtwashington - ridegunstock -
donnyes : @thelumpya2
ced_french : I have applyed two times this winter because I want a better park and I don't get any response!!! So your just get a job is false @donnyes @thelumpya2
donnyes : @ced_french yea I was gonna tell him that but I decided not to lol
halloweezy : @donnyes if you have a question or concern feel free to email me I will gladly answer any questions. Also, a couple things to keep in mind. 1. Rome wasn't built in a day. Meaning it takes time and patience. Those referenced parks have had all the pieces in place for many years. 2. Everything cost money. We do what we can with what we have. Again, those referenced parks have much larger budgets. From someone who's been in your shoes trust me I get it. And now in the position I'm in now I'm working to make chances. So, bare with us because like @thelumpya2 said its a lot of hardworking to build and maintain a park especially when you have night riding. And instead of all taking the immature route come to my office and talk to me. Have a great summer and I hope we see you shredding at Gunstock next year.
kevin603w : Lol @t_clattenburg @thelumpya2 @halloweezy these skiers that think gunstock isnt good enough for them should simply stop riding our park... I dont know what rob or demo or gags or shane or all the other decent skiers think but losing two kids from the parks we build wont hurt my feeling, have a great summer guys, miss you already @donnyes @ced_french
ced_french : Yo leave me out of this I like gunstock I never said anything about the guys on the park crew... @kevin603w
ced_french : I have skied gunstock parks for over 10 years
walkieee_b : So dope
outdoor_gamer22 - peacecolorgirl - adam_diment - stephen_szostak2 -
@mikerave sending it over #lakewinnipesaukee and #mtwashington. Only a few days left to hit this awesome hip! @gunstockparks #ridegunstock #gunstockmtn
lakewinnipesaukee - mtwashington - gunstockmtn - ridegunstock -
oo7buzzard : I see more snow in this picture, than in Breckenridge
carter_bartel : Wow!
marty_mcstark : @rendered_useless
gunstockfreestyle - tuckywolfe - luckydog5738 - erica_hawkes -
@andrewlucasaldridge returning to his roots and showing the youngsters how to shred! @rendered_useless thanks for coming out 📷 @thelumpya2 #ridegunstock @gunstockmtn #localforlife
localforlife - ridegunstock -
stephen_szostak2 - peacecolorgirl - mattwestcott625 - reeboklover03 -
@merrickjoyce getting squared up @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
sassglobaltravel : Nice pic!
defrostagram : #laconia
jonathancollette44 : @broseph26
cam_lax53 : I'm going on Friday with my dad and @trottd5
tuckywolfe - jackd_603 - gunstockfreestyle - jason_clay007 -
Last day of riding for the season #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
ethanthebadboybateman : #snowbunny
dmarie360 - 5cottydont - paul_ianiro - hpence_soyt -
Rider: @halloweezy Location: @gunstockparks @gunstockmtn
spitzerphoto - shrednh - ridegunstock -
thelumpya2 : @northeastriders
thelumpya2 : #shrednh #ridegunstock
thelumpya2 : #spitzerphoto
vw4lif - stabbings - mwjn6 - dci_blair -
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