Who's ready for some jumping tomorrow? #flatlight #hardtosee #ridegunstock @pistenbullyusa
flatlight - hardtosee - ridegunstock -
ally_long12 : I was just there!!
_r.yan_m_ : @alec_ski_
ryanames15 : Oh yaaa! @nh_ft. @alec_ski_ @_r.yan_m_ @gunstockskier
nh_ft : Sick
nick_i123 : Finally thank you
steezygiraffes : They seemed too close together when I was there tonight
austinleblanc1999 : About time
foxtrott_hotel : @steezygiraffes that's what i was thinking
evanlamprey_private - alexa_snowboarder - maggie_lee18 - fkosiba27 -
Yesterday the GFA Snowboard Team got to hangout during the snowboard qualifiers at #bigairfenway thanks to @ussnowboarding We met legends like @chasguldemond and @sagekotsenburg and more while watching some amazing riding in historic #fenway park. Today the GFA Ski Team will get to do the same during the ski qualifiers. I'm sure they will have as much fun as we did. #ussa #usasa_snow #nhusasa #gunstockfreestyle #gunstockmtn #ridegunstock #gunstockparks
ussa - usasa_snow - bigairfenway - gunstockfreestyle - gunstockparks - nhusasa - ridegunstock - gunstockmtn - fenway -
jackohrn - madelyngallanttt - colbykumph - skier_21 -
We've gathered some junk for your jibbing pleasure. This Saturday, all ages in @gunstockparks! Registration begins in the main lodge at 10:00 AM. #ridegunstock #gunstockmtn
gunstockmtn - ridegunstock -
nick_i123 : In
james_e_knoll : @jeverbic
fkosiba27 - peter.pappas12 - 666_devil_demon - k_guillemette21 -
3rd annual Junk Jam is Saturday! Open to all ages. Registration is 10-12 in the main lodge #ridegunstock @arcadebelts @monsterenergy @blackstrap_inc @electric
ridegunstock -
camillosanto4 : @dallwine23 @suncoke47 lets do this
chrisallard._ : Are the features gonna be rideable after the comp too? @gunstockparks
cgauthier5 : @branden_j34
davedieseldoesitdirty : Stay warm πŸ”₯
603boardin : Can't wait πŸ‘πŸ»
nick_i123 : In
skier_21 - dmos_collective - colin_dexter1 - hunterfisher25 -
2 clip fix with @shredwise he's a darn good snowboarder. Don't forget about the 3rd annual Junk Jam this Saturday #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
evanlamprey_private : When is the parallax park going to open
gunstockparks : @evanlamprey_private when there is enough snow coverage to cover all rocks & tree branches
k_d_n6_ : @natelamps
evanlamprey_private - fkosiba27 - mrowengrady - _lucas_gendron_0271 -
The wait is almost over! The snowmakers have done an amazing job! "The BIG Build" starts tomorrow & Blundersmoke left will be ready for the weekend! #ridegunstock #thankasnowmaker πŸ‚ @riverricher69
ridegunstock - thankasnowmaker -
kfil250 : Will it be open Friday night?
austinleblanc1999 : About time
swankthelorrd : @aj_borrelli the big build starts 😊
aj_borrelli : Yatee @swankthelorrd : Will any of the park be open tomorrow?
alec_ski_ : @_r.yan_m_ @ryanames15 @nh_ft
gavin__mcneil : @riverricher69 for the boys?
gunstockparks : yes sidearm and Blundersmoke
evanlamprey_private - mrowengrady - dylslay - 15_anders -
@mwgnh gapping to a boardslide. #ridegunstock πŸ“· @spitzerphoto
ridegunstock -
mwgnh : Thanks for such a great setup @gunstockparks !
lru36 : Love the terrain park guys
lru36 : 😁
666_devil_demon - colin_dexter1 - maggie_lee18 - ash_inwondaland -
@ced_french ripping up the new @oakley signature feature πŸ“· @ishrednh #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
jackohrn : πŸ’―
jackd_603 : Is the other side of the park open? @gunstockparks
donnyes : @ced_french this pic is sick!
justinsinclair_ : bring back the oakley A frame
evan_lamprey : When are you going to open the parallax park @gunstockparks
666_devil_demon - fkosiba27 - willman47 - madmcleod3213 -
@thebrownfriend sending a proper method flying up hill during last weeks winch shoot. #regram from @ridesnowboards πŸ“· @thelumpya2 #ridegunstock
regram - ridegunstock -
snwbdrhoon : πŸ’― #mooremethods @thebrownfriend + @thelumpya2
davin338 : Luke that's that jump we asked park Carew about on the chair lift @lacasse_21
lacasse_21 : Ya ya that's was it looks like lol @d
lacasse_21 : @davin338
noahc98 : This will be fun to buckle on :))
jake_nies1_ : @gabe_berthoud
colin_dexter1 - willman47 - fkosiba27 - cole.mc_8 -
Cedric and I with some new skis finally. β›·#headcaddy#fks#nordica#volkl#gunstockmtn#ridegunstock#gunstockparks#skitheeast
headcaddy - gunstockparks - ridegunstock - gunstockmtn - skitheeast - volkl - fks - nordica -
alexispetitjean - parker_redden_10 - hannes_malm - sackljulian -
GFA girls dominating the podium today with @issabeella__ in 3rd, @meghan.buckley in 2nd, and @leahpearse_ taking 1st. Way to go ladies! #teamgfa #gromjam #gunstockparks #ridegunstock
gromjam - gunstockparks - ridegunstock - teamgfa -
colinscharneck_ : @leahpearse_ unreal
madelyngallanttt - colbykumph - pancakeshake - jaroftangerines -
Thank you to everyone @monsterenergy @gunstockparks @gunstockmtn @snowboardjones for this rad stuff from the grom jam today I love this stuff and I can't thank you enough #ridegunstock #gunstockmtn
gunstockmtn - ridegunstock -
timlang___private : Did u get a sweat shit from that
timlang___private : Shirt
evan_lamprey : And a shirt
gunstockfreestyle : Great job yesterday Evan. You were fearless going after the downrail.
evan_lamprey : Thanks @gunstockfreestyle
jackie.b555 - emily__ann24 - ravenstrother - jessskirace -
The hike back up at today's Grom Jam. #gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
gunstockmtn - ridegunstock -
abner1422 : @dean_johnson14 @anna.johnson22 Hey, who is that on the lift? :)
alpinezn : Rad
parker_b13_13 - holldawggg - glawrence121 - sammypeacelove08 -
@snowboardermag showing some love! Check out the latest park on #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
hunterfisher25 - gunstockfreestyle - goalielegend - hailey_davis_16 -
GROM JAM number 2 is underway with beautiful blue bird skys! #ridegunstock @snowboardjones @kenjonesskimart @monsterenergy @celtek
ridegunstock -
dom_d3 : @peterspringer10 @_damianlee_ have to go here at some point
brendanparadis : wishing i was free this morning 😩😩
camillosanto4 : @suncoke47 it looks amazing !!!! Fresh snow and boxes
nick_i123 : @gunstockparks how many comps will u have for 15+
nick_i123 : Or all age group
nashyboy__ : @tmanville52 @thentz4 @ply_guy fuck yes
tcouto_13 : @ca_t_on @coutcobain
connoromalley16 : @eddie_mrozowski Connor Dickson box
alexa_snowboarder - davin338 - willman47 - fkosiba27 -
The NEW @oakley #signaturefeature is looking good in its new home especially with the fresh snow to complement it! #pow #stillsnowing #ridegunstock
pow - signaturefeature - stillsnowing - ridegunstock -
ealy_214 : I want to see you hit that @donnyes!
nrcautophoto : @mass_auto_photography
ski_the_east_15 : @gunstockmtn is the whole park open yet?
instaconman : @larsl_44
chuck_mclean : @suz_mclean how much?
gunstockmtn : @chuck_mclean A little over 6"
donnyes : @ealy_214 haha I will prob tomorrow
colton_mitchell : @bobbyivatts21
alexa_snowboarder - holldawggg - cbarton2016 - cam_lax13 -
The NEW @oakley #signaturefeature is looking good in its new home especially with the fresh snow to compliment it! #pow #stillsnowing #ridegunstock
pow - signaturefeature - stillsnowing - ridegunstock -
jamescurrier12 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ^^
kevin603w : Ride somewhere else @brendanparadis
brendanparadis : i actually love this mountain, i moved an hour away from my hometown to be less than a mile away from it... please stop taking an instagram comment so seriously @kevin603w
kevin603w : Try #wachusett mtn @brendanparadis @t_clattenburg
t_clattenburg : Jesus not another donny... @kevin603w
kevin603w : Hahaha @t_clattenburg
t_clattenburg : @brendanparadis the people that build this take every comment seriously.. sorry everybody cant be nashoba.. or blue hills or wherever all you mass folk ruin
brendanparadis : im not from Massachusetts, my home mountain is Gunstock, it was an inside joke, and if i was serious i would give some advice on what they should add/fix in the park... trust me i wouldn't be a 10-years-and-counting season pass owner to a mountain i don't like @t_clattenburg
evanlamprey_private - alexa_snowboarder - fkosiba27 - the_meat_weasel -
The GFA comp team will be away @nh_usasa. Time for the progressive team and other local talent to battle it out for podium positions. See you tomorrow. #gunstockparks #ridegunstock #Repost @gunstockparks with @repostapp ・・・ Don't forget the second Grom Jam tomorrow! Great prizes from the sponsors @snowboardjones @monsterenergy @celtek visit for more details
gunstockparks - ridegunstock - repost -
jackohrn : They have a completely new park setup too I'm pumped
rilezz1 : Yewww! My home mtn!
joren_taylor_14 : Awesome can't wait
joren_taylor_14 - freddie_n11 - awesome_jtc - jackohrn -
Edit dropping today! #πŸ”¨ #ridegunstock πŸŽ₯ @kevindubia
πŸ”¨ - ridegunstock -
nrcautophoto : Is the park open this weekend , I've heard rumors it won't be
jackohrn : I'm pretty sure it is @nrcautophoto
austinleblanc1999 : Is the park open today? I wanna know for sure cause if not I don't wanna come down.
gunstockparks : @austinleblanc1999 the parks is rebuilt and open
mattmalagodi_37 : @dmalagodi
colin_dexter1 - ash_inwondaland - hunterfisher25 - skier_21 -
Rainy days equals rail projects. Add another one to the fleet! #ridegunstock #newfeaturesdaily
newfeaturesdaily - ridegunstock -
blackstrap_inc : πŸ”¨πŸ”¨πŸ”¨
mattmalagodi_37 : Are you going to be putting any down boxes into the park @gunstockparks
saviano_tld : Damn u guys have been putting in work this year. Mad props. This is the best I've seen the park since its existence. Putting gunstock back on the map. @gunstockparks
gunstockskier : R u guys still doing the grom jam Saturday
gunstockparks : @gunstockskier Grom Jam is still on!
gunstockskier : Great! what r the feature
gunstockparks : @gunstockskier that part is a secret you'll have to come out and see what we build
gunstockskier : OK can't wait
colin_dexter1 - jaroftangerines - hunterfisher25 - skier_21 -
Warm weather doesn't stop @gunstockparks! These guys are always building. #gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
gunstockmtn - ridegunstock -
nh_ft : @ryanames15 @alec_ski_ @gunstockskier @_r.yan_m_
maggie_lee18 - randalladodo - dylan_hartman1 - peterevange -
The @gunstockparks crew is finishing up yet another new rail! Can't wait to hit it. #thankaparkranger #seasonsavers #Repost @gunstockparks with @repostapp ・・・ Finishing up a NEW A frame that's 10 NEW rails this season & more on the way!! #fabricationfordays #weldingsomuchweregoingblind #ridegunstock
weldingsomuchweregoingblind - thankaparkranger - fabricationfordays - seasonsavers - ridegunstock - repost -
joren_taylor_14 : Finally I love a frame rails
skier_21 - davedieseldoesitdirty - colbykumph - gunstockfreestyle -
Finishing up a NEW A frame that's 10 NEW rails this season & more on the way!! #fabricationfordays #weldingsomuchweregoingblind #ridegunstock
fabricationfordays - ridegunstock - weldingsomuchweregoingblind -
skier_juan : This looks sick!
d_flint_ : this is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
_r.yan_m_ : @alec_ski_
_skittles19 : Can't wait to hit it
johnny7lascaris : @__zatch__ @itsajphillips we could probably one up them
b.cox31 : Sick
shanebski : @johnny7lascaris let's see it
squirrelgirl_snowboarder : When will it be out @gunstockparks
jaroftangerines - hunterfisher25 - skier_21 - jake_cataldo -
@j_dohhhh lending a hand in the park. Blundersmoke rebuild has been delays due to the warm weather. The snowmakers will fire the guns back up later this week to ensure there is plenty of snow for the awesome features you crave! We will be expanding the Sidearm park & getting more beginner features in the ground! It's been a rough season, thank you for your patience!! #thankasnowmaker #mothernatureproblems #ridegunstock
mothernatureproblems - ridegunstock - thankasnowmaker -
camdenpatten7 : @rsimp34 weellllll shit. Couple more days of this warmth is gunna wreak havoc on that half pipe
davedieseldoesitdirty : πŸ”₯
nathan_roberts17 : @josh_dirksen Read the caption
b.cox31 : Any predictions for park conditions thursday night? Thats when im going @gunstockparks
colin_dexter1 - jaroftangerines - hunterfisher25 - skier_21 -
@dean_johnson14 and I showing everyone how to get it done #ridegunstock #sendit
ridegunstock - sendit -
hmilller : That was cool when u fell
v_hodge8 : This is probably my favorite insta of yours
nielpommier : You needed more speed
isaacc2016 : You sent it harder than I did
ethanbelanger14 : HAHAHAH
luke_lap_ : That one hurt...
dean_johnson14 : Stuck it
smallmatt21 : "God fuck!"
ethanbelanger14 - logan_pomerleau25 - tyler_flayhan - punsky15 -
A couple clips of @shredwise messing around on the small jumps. We will start the rebuild of the skiers left side of Blundersmoke tomorrow! More rails & jumps coming soon!! #thankasnowmaker #ridegunstock
ridegunstock - thankasnowmaker -
ciaran_murr : @jordanmurtag_h I need an insta like this
dannybalentine : will the park be open at all tmmrw? @gunstockparks
lacasse_21 : @dbain225
hailey_davis_16 - lru36 - jaroftangerines - hunterfisher25 -
In case you missed this weeks #featurepresentation by @snowboardermag here's our submission of @riverricher69 #ridegunstock
featurepresentation - ridegunstock -
jaroftangerines - skier_21 - collin_small_ - hail27_ -
@genebeanpheind soaring today in Blundersmoke πŸ“· @kevindubia #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
tcouto_13 : πŸ‘πŸ‘
gxp_addict : I ended up trying that gap I was talking about and knuckled hard...
nrcautophoto : Do you have and 15-25 ft jumps?
jackohrn : πŸ”₯
the_ukrainian_pickle : This is like 25 feet @nrcautophoto
austinleblanc1999 : That gap is huge! You need speed to clear that man, its the one right before the mini pipe
hailey_davis_16 - collin_small_ - cole.mc_8 - jack198989 -
Another beautiful day here @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
negagliardi : Ugghhhhhhhhhhh
nrcautophoto : Will the left rebuild have jumps ?
drpecker420 : Will asking stupid questions on insty get things built in the park that ill just spread eagle off the lip and wreck them???
saviano_tld : That was the stupid fucking comment I've seen. And yes people ask questions about the park at a mountain so they know wat it's like bridge the go there. Get a grip ya goon.
saviano_tld : *before they.
collin_small_ - colin_dexter1 - cole.mc_8 - jordan.ingoldsby -
Repost from @gunstockparks. Skiers right side of Blundersmoke is open for 2 for 1 Tuesday night! #gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
gunstockmtn - ridegunstock -
jon_boski : @rls91101 @g_man___04 @ladybyng12
bobby.zammuto : C 41
aj_borrelli : @swankthelorrd 😍😍
swankthelorrd : @aj_borrelli I was literally just about to comment that to you
aj_borrelli : We're the same person πŸ˜‚ @swankthelorrd
fkosiba27 - soccer_with_softball - devivoreese - steven__black -
Snowmaking has continued in Bludersmoke a rebuilt & RE-designed skiers left coming soon! Stay tuned for updates #ridegunstock #thankasnowmaker πŸ“· @kevin603w
ridegunstock - thankasnowmaker -
benjamminmauk : @doiron33
jackd_603 : Will the park will be open for night skiing tomorrow?
davin338 : Is that a mega
rsimp34 : @camdenpatten7
bradleyw38 : @ski_z_east_603
jackohrn : Are there gonna be jumps for the weekend? I heard they took them down @gunstockparks
mrowengrady - collin_small_ - steeve_603 - taylorpohopek -
@austapuss going spread eagle one footer on a beautiful day @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
callum.bronson : @liamconkling @conorconkling
cliffdoiron : @mhederman fuckkkk I wish we were home
aj_borrelli : @swankthelorrd @molly_wolfendale
ronniehillard : @thetobeofficial lets go this year a couple times
nathan_ross16 : bruhhhhhhhhh @andrewhousley
blakeyj13 : @connor_mccullough99 they added on!!!
dannybalentine : @treythomassian
soccer_with_softball - mrowengrady - 666_devil_demon - steeve_603 -
2.0 ski edit TRAILER: Full edit will be posted on YouTube (link in bio) next weekend. The video will be featuring the following team riders: @ryanames15, @alec_ski_ , @nick_i23 , @_r.yan_m_ , @ski_z_east_603 , @nh_ft and @gunstockskier #nhft #gunstock #ridegunstock #NHFTisback
nhft - gunstock - ridegunstock - nhftisback -
james._._ : Oh. Send it to me. I'll do it.
james._._ : Through email though.
james._._ : My phone doesn't like my computer
nh_ft : Alright @james._._
steeve_603 : Nice! πŸ˜‰
nh_ft : Thanks @steeve_603
steeve_603 : Nick tbh- We have known eachother since first grade in Mrs. Andersons class. You always make me laugh and it sucks balls we don't have any classes together.
jackohrn : Dope!
james._._ - cyndalv - therealcamden - insta__sam1 -
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