@andrewlucasaldridge returning to his roots and showing the youngsters how to shred! @rendered_useless thanks for coming out ๐Ÿ“ท @thelumpya2 #ridegunstock @gunstockmtn #localforlife
localforlife - ridegunstock -
123jacksont - tuckermayo - drpecker420 - galamchops -
@merrickjoyce getting squared up @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
sassglobaltravel : Nice pic!
defrostagram : #laconia
jonathancollette44 : @broseph26
camjoe13 : I'm going on Friday with my dad and @trottd5
anna_johnson_22 - runner_chicka - josh.jezak_13 - cody.willman24 -
Last day of riding for the season #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
ethanthebadboybateman : #snowbunny
tcusack15 - dmarie360 - courtwilliams92 - paul_ianiro -
Rider: @halloweezy Location: @gunstockparks @gunstockmtn
spitzerphoto - shrednh - ridegunstock -
thelumpya2 : @northeastriders
thelumpya2 : #shrednh #ridegunstock
thelumpya2 : #spitzerphoto
seth_learned - amber.rose234 - joe_wingate - dci_blair -
New rail in at the bottom of Blundersmoke @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
hudsoningoldsby : What @nick_frye603 said @gunstockparks
nickthedick15 : Maybe if all you skiers actually used ski poles you could Ollie on that like real men
nickthedick15 : Sayin
smegalini : No poles or die, a little bit more lip on the jumps into rails or die
bradleyw38 : @chertok38 I'll lead u in bruh
t_clattenburg : All of you need to grow a kids are pansys these days
instaconman : Large jumps โ˜บ๏ธ
jbenway12 : This thing is nasty I hit it the weekend @gunstockparks
geothompson33 - cstearns52 - kayla_d9 - aneilson12 -
New jam down rail is ready and coming soon! @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
wally97h8 : The people have spoken
gunstockparks : The jumps were built and tested by the park manager and they were deemed ok. But with all the in out we will consider making alterations.
bradleyw38 : @ski_z_east_603
bradleyw38 : @kylej603
bradleyw38 : @chertok38
chertok38 : @bradleyw38 fuck that!!
nick_frye603 : I agree they need to be fixed
adam_sojka : Everything is perfect except the jumps, would like them mellowed out for the last week at least, it'd be awesome
603_boardpatrol - jeremy_m_oneil - a_d_a_m.d - samgendreau -
@gunstockparks is only 11 followers from 1000. The 1000th follower will receive this prize pack. Prize must be claimed at the park building before closing day on April 5th. #ridegunstock @inicooperative @blackstrap_inc
ridegunstock -
mattcurran3 : 1000th FOLLOWERโœจโœจ
b.leonard8 : 1000th follower
nateross16 : I thought I got it๐Ÿ˜‚
susc34 : I got 1010 woo ๐Ÿ˜‚
nateross16 : How do we know who won
mattcurran3 : I got it lmao
gunstockparks : @mattcurran3 you are the victor! You can claim your at the park building between now and closing day 4/5. Congratulations! ๐ŸŽ‰
elizamjane : Lol I will gladly go there and pick it up if he doesn't want to
marin.macdonald - agtc_gracie - polito.jane - c_nevin29 -
Greasers with @jeffbajor #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
tmutch25 : Were you there today?
gunstockmtn - bjgreenbucknell - wmcgrath1306 - jreetz27 -
@shredwise and @branhcutt going doubles last week. #Regram from @thelumpya2 #ridegunstock @gunstockmtn
regram - ridegunstock -
seth_learned : Bosses!!
seth_learned : @shredwise @branhcutt
a.mccammon : @gunstockparks i have a question, what do you do with your old ski rails, boxes, etc. ?
mattcurran3 : 1000th FOLLOWER RIGHT HERE
f_rhus - gabriellestonee - korey_weston - dannybdakine -
Head over to @snowboardermag and check out the recap from the Tyler Davis Hip Jam! @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock @thebrownfriend ๐Ÿ“ท @thelumpya2
ridegunstock -
jack3379 : @deanmarshall123
jack3379 : @deanmarshall107
kylej603 : @_stevensphotography_
seth_learned : Great event!! Can't wait for next year!! @thebrownfriend
_stevensphotography_ : Dude I see me on the chair lift
j_l_a_w_s - bowbulldog_90 - colin_dexter01 - jackohrn -
@jhon_taylor sends one over #lakewinnipesaukee during the #tylerdavishipjam @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock #OGGunstockLocal
lakewinnipesaukee - tylerdavishipjam - oggunstocklocal - ridegunstock -
thomasgmissert : #back3stoflat @jhon_taylor
samforest1 : #OGG
philshifflyvictimofcabletv : #POS
rabcat : It looks like there's a strait 20 foot drop after the hip @a_amaral32
rach_lakes - emc2019 - gunstockfreestyle - travis_byers97 -
@kcross69 and @riverricher69 with a over under on on of the hips in Blundersmoke @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
emmett_j_walsh : When is the edit coming out?
lilreetz : ^
connor_page3 : Hey this place stinks
_su_baseball_15_ : When are you gonna open the hips?
sachems13 - jason_clay007 - ashleyyy0901 - atwosee -
@chasguldemond came out to the Tyler Davis hip jam and sent it! #thanks everyone for coming out. @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
thanks - ridegunstock -
seth_learned : Such a great event. #StyleContest not #Spin2Win
nathan_roberts17 : @kgagnonn did u hit this
drew0430 : @chris_whalen
samforest1 : Epic
tompasquariello : @timscahill could you even imagine getting this up?
kgagnonn : Yeah @nthn_rbrts
ljluster77 : @t_lew7
jr82788 : @bmarcs make sure the gopro is ready for Sunday
mason_kalway - seanj518 - sebastiangk2701 - riverricher69 -
Huge thanks to everyone who came out yesterday to the Ty Davis Hip Jam. Airs were large and methods were laid out. Expect pics to drop tomorrow on our Facebook page and the @gunstockparks instagram account. #ridegunstock #gunstockmtn #tylerdavishipjam @thebrownfriend @snowboardermag @oakleynewengland
gunstockmtn - tylerdavishipjam - ridegunstock -
macdog25 : @alex_troch
thestephenbryan : @timmy_mc
eat_sleep_play_repeat - ellafaym - cindytoffoloni - theredblazerrestaurant -
Thanks to everyone who came out for the Tyler Davis Hip Jam! Edit and photos coming soon #ridegunstock @gunstockmtn
ridegunstock -
snwbdrhoon : ๐Ÿ‘
isaac_temple : Leave it up for the rest!! I want to hit it next week!! @gunstockmtn @gunstockparks
eddiemro49 : @connoromalley16
_su_baseball_15_ : But it wasn't even open
benjamin_isaak - gingerbread_party_popper - chaytonsweey - cmick15 -
@shredwise sends it over #lakewinnipesaukee. #gunstockmtn #gunstockparks #ridegunstock #tylerdavishipjam @gunstockparks
lakewinnipesaukee - gunstockmtn - tylerdavishipjam - skijuice - gunstockparks - ridegunstock -
jack_g1256 : I was there @gunstockmtn
aj_borrelli : Such a crazy picture!
anthony_gaglianoo : I was there!!!! I saw the guy cork off the first jump
thomasgmissert : Yeeeeooooooo
kimtalbot3 : Awesome pic!
gunstockmtn : #skijuice
alyssa_wiles - skinewhampshire - stevenfava - camjoe13 -
The HIPS are looking good just a little more hand work @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock @thebrownfriend
ridegunstock -
yaboylilgibfromdapack : @a_snowboarder
marcusbrotien : Ohhh if I was Still in NH I would be stoked to throw down on that!!
jr82788 : @bmarcs
jackohrn : @austinrmilli @emmett_j_walsh @lilreetz
lilreetz : Its sick @jackohrn
603boardin : Is there anyway to register online? @gunstockparks
603boardin : I won't be back in Gilford until 2 and this years setup looks sweet
carney321 : @bennettjohansen19
donnyes - 603_boardpatrol - nh_ft - dover.attack11 -
Tyler Davis Hip Jam part 2 is tomorrow you don't want to miss it! @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
genebeanpheind : Dag nab it
owenc603 : How tall is the hip? @gunstockparks
seth_learned : Is it just one hip or a set?
nh_ft - chaytonsweey - dover.attack11 - gunstockfreestyle -
The park crew is making progress. Don't miss out on the event of the year in @gunstockparks this weekend! #gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
gunstockmtn - ridegunstock -
calebkd16 : What time will this shindig start?
jackohrn : This is sick @gunstockmtn can't wait for saturdayโœŒ๏ธ
603_boardpatrol : @aye_itsjames @chey_of_anne1721 @colin_dexter_ @bryceb213
nawitham : @calebkd16 its only snowboarding
nawitham : @gunstockmtn when will the park be reopened
calebkd16 : Ya Ik @nawitham I was wondering what one it started so I could watch some of it
ch_774 : @antonioo.rodriguez PARK RAT YA BABY
mike_saraiva : @gunstockmtn Fix your website. Ticket link is broken.
luckydog5738 - cognitivetrixie - eat_sleep_play_repeat - ellafaym -
Come out on Saturday for Tyler Davis Hip Jam part 2 @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
maddielaflamme : @janellepage ๐Ÿ˜
bigj56789 : @nick_i123
jackohrn : Hey! Just out of curiosity, are any pro snowboarders going to be doing the hip on Saturday? @gunstockparks @gunstockmtn
skitheeast603 : @gunstockparks reshape the jumps please you guys rock!
v_silverwolf_w : @gravybones
owenc603 : @codyross222 @acarbone23 @patchgorman @_stevensphotography_ @jakkefryye @bryce_corey_
ryanktm231 : @dippy710
alex_delorge - logan_plante2002 - adam_sojka - joshtkarp -
finishing up the second hiback #gas #bugs #fav4fav #gvg #gnarvibes #travis #herblife #kushondeck #carrot #whatsupdock #cartel #malavita #likeforlike #burton #ridegunstock #gunstockparks #nh @jdubb_00
nh - fav4fav - gunstockparks - gas - ridegunstock - gvg - travis - carrot - herblife - whatsupdock - cartel - gnarvibes - burton - malavita - kushondeck - bugs - likeforlike -
jdubb_00 : Post a pic of the other one that's one is sick too
_dylanf_16 : @isaac_temple these or my malavita hibacks
_dylanf_16 : check my page
_dylanf_16 : @jdubb_00
jdubb_00 : Oh haha I did@_dylanf_16
_dylanf_16 : fam @jdubb_00
asananaturalarts : Very cool!
toripaquette - meghan.tubb - sepplramsbacher - interpretedposition -
Don't miss this yo #tylerdavishipjam #ridegunstock #bethere
tylerdavishipjam - bethere - ridegunstock -
adam_sojka - 603boardin - yoderkale42 - the_snowboard_shack -
This Saturday March 7th is the Tyler Davis Hip Jam Part II. Large hips, good friends, and lots of snowboarding. Follow @gunstockparks for more info. Snowboard Only. #gunstockmtn #ridegunstock @thebrownfriend @snowboardermag @oakleynewengland
gunstockmtn - ridegunstock -
tball401 : Yeah bro he's famous ๐Ÿ˜„ @sam_sawyer_official
camdenpatten7 : @codyross222 rodeo 6 the hip? Yes? Maybe?
codyross222 : @camdenpatten7 it's a possibility whatever means necessary to win right!
baileychretien : @t_dawgg_66
james_hanafin45 : @connordonovan12
snwbdrhoon : Damnit guests in town
eastcoastb12 : #seatbeltgrabs with @thebrownfriend
codyross222 : @janellepage
eat_sleep_play_repeat - jdubb_00 - jackkiggs16 - lbcantin -
Next Saturday is the second annual Tyler Davis Hip Jam. Building starts tonight so mark your calendars and come out to ride or watch some of the best snowboarders in New England @snowboardermag @volcomsnow @ridesnowboards @oakleynewengland @assindustries @the_snowboard_shack @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
carney321 : @bennettjohansen19
jr82788 : build it so you can hit both sides last year the spot you built it was kinda wierd
jr82788 : @bmarcs remember boosting this thing last year!
gwoodman87 : Yea last year if you went any higher than 5 feet on the right side you were gonna meet some trees
603boardin : I can't make it cause of a boardercross event and I won't be able to make it back in time for registration. #Bummed
kianasherman : @snowboard814 this is the instagram for gunstocks terrain parks
kevlar459 : @jsleeves
jhon_taylor : @travistone
lacasse_21 - macarphotos - lilreetz - parkerjb5 -
Mini edit from this year #gunstockmountain#gunstockparks#ridegunstock
gunstockparks - gunstockmountain - ridegunstock -
alec_ski_ : I'm such a good filmer
gunstockskier : @alec_ski_ is @_r.yan_m sleeping I've tried texting him
alec_ski_ : Yes r u skiing tomorrow
gunstockskier : Yes I'm skiing tommarow
hudsoningoldsby - richard_stevens20 - tamraraeburke - ava_1477 -
Not the worst backdrop for the last Grom Jam of the year! Thanks again to all our participants and spectators! #beauty #bluebird #gunstock #gunstockmtn #groms #happiness #lakewinni #mountwashington #mtwash #nature #ridegunstock #ski #snowboard #skijuice #view #visitnh #washington #winnipesaukee #whitemountains
beauty - nature - view - washington - mountwashington - winnipesaukee - gunstockmtn - snowboard - ridegunstock - whitemountains - bluebird - happiness - visitnh - ski - skijuice - mtwash - lakewinni - gunstock - groms -
lilreetz : @austinrmilli @emmett_j_walsh @jackohrn
jackohrn : Yay that's me
steviemac29 : @austinrmilli @jackohrn @lilreetz
mattman56 : I was just about to say @jackohrn
its_colin____ : Had so much fun on the Mountain today!!!
_dylanf_16 - gunstockskier - mun_oleg - ava_1477 -
Don't forget tomorrow is our last Grom Jam this season! Tons of prizes from @dc_snowboarding @inicooperative @oakleynewengland and #diabello @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
diabello - ridegunstock -
codyross222 : What time?
camdenpatten7 : @codyross222 gunna get that repeat?
gunstockskier : I'll be there
gunstockfreestyle : the team will be there
nawitham : Ya what time is the skiing
surfgrom01 - hudsoningoldsby - steviemac29 - c_rcchambers_ -
Night shoot in @gunstockparks with some heavy gear. #ridegunstock #gunstockmtn
gunstockmtn - ridegunstock -
thomasgmissert : Oh my lord just look at those cams ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚ me want
soopurhero816 : Sorry I got stuck up top and couldn't help, Tom. We'll have to have my debut another time!! ;)
cgaff88 : @williewilson44 glad they got out footage
macdog25 : @insta_brett @alex_troch @spencerthorne
donnyes : Yea @shanebski !!!
kristincohen73 : @spideracohen maybe you can try this Saturday night ๐Ÿ˜Š
kristincohen73 : @ben_cohen1367 you too!
_dylanf_16 - beefalite67 - sethrv01 - ashley_loveless -
@riverricher69 sends one off the A frame in Blundersmoke. Beautiful blue bird skies and the parks are groomed to perfection! ๐Ÿ“ท @thomasgmissert @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
_dylanf_16 - ksi104 - chvseing_themoney - atwosee -
It doesn't get better than this. Shot today on Parallax. Photo cred @thomasgmissert #gunstockmtn #ridegunstock #visitnh #powslash
gunstockmtn - visitnh - ridegunstock - powslash -
q1y6p0 : guns n roses #killerslash killer stash
wfletcher24 : @sam_scribner
oecrn : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
jesseannbuckley : ๐Ÿ‘Œ
sam_scribner : Is that u @wfletcher24
braden_karess : @connor_page3 says this place smells
lys_wyson : Hey can you go to redbullbracketreel .com and vote for UMass Ski and Board Team. We are the only school from the EAST and we need your votes so we can win!!! Redbull gives us loads of money for our club. If you could share this on your page that would be gnarly!! Go to my info for the link!!!
jack_g1256 - deg_nan - coltenomorf - ashley_loveless -
@kcross69 off the @dc_snowboarding feature @gunstockmtn #ridegunstock
ridegunstock -
connoromalley16 : @eddiemro49 sick
aj_borrelli : We should all go up soon! @connoromalley16 @eddiemro49
connoromalley16 : Ya ik !! @aj_borrelli it looks wicked nice
eddiemro49 : Definitly๐Ÿ‘Œ @aj_borrelli
860whips - macarphotos - thefirstqueenelizabeth - aneilson12 -
360 iron cross safety grab off second mega #ridegunstock#air
ridegunstock - air -
_r.yan_m : I was there
marcus_terrio : Is that good?
alec_ski_ : Vid creds to me
v.eddington : Wow ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘
love.miskins - marcus_terrio - richard_stevens20 - lance_cote_ -
#GaperSquad Co-Founder getting some slides in. #RideGunstock @GunstockMTN
ridegunstock - gapersquad -
camdenpatten7 : Video/pic cred
dancer1317 : Saw @gapersquad on the panorama chair lift
gapersquad : Words getting around ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ @dancer1317
gapersquad - manjakini - cynthiadelarosaa - smurphdogs_14 -
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