HAPPY BDAY AISLINN!! #love #degrassi #aislinnpaul #anagolja #clareedwards #zoerivas #wearedegrassi #eclare #zoemund #novas #rivak #ricardohoyos #munroechamber #lylelettau #oliviascriven #ericosborne #lukebilyk #melindashankar #igers #igdaily #instalike #likes4likes #picoftheday #row4row #recent4recent
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jillianfox2 : Ana liked!
obsessionswith : !!!! It's her 3rd time!! :D @jillianfox2
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#Degrassi#zig#ricardohoyos#heisawesome @ricardohoyos3
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degrassiisboss247 -
#tbt throwing it back to the gang at the Emmys last year. #degrassi #emmys #emmys2014 #lukebilyk #anagolja #munrochambers #ricardohoyos #mindyshankar
degrassi - mindyshankar - lukebilyk - tbt - anagolja - ricardohoyos - munrochambers - emmys2014 - emmys -
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miles is literally me #degrassi#zignovak#clareedwards#mileshollingsworth#ericosborne#ricardohoyos#aislinnpaul
aislinnpaul - ricardohoyos - degrassi - clareedwards - ericosborne - zignovak - mileshollingsworth -
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Zoe is under house arrest? Wow. Probably because she told the police about Degrassi Nudes, and she started it. #RicardoHoyos #ZigNovak #MilesHollingsworth #EricOsborne #AislinnPaul #ClareEdwards
aislinnpaul - ricardohoyos - clareedwards - ericosborne - zignovak - mileshollingsworth -
clarencegoldsworthy : Clare's face at "Rivas?" πŸ˜‚
_degrassian4ever_ : @clarencegoldsworthy ikr
clare_bear_edwards : Hey guys I'm looking for a Jenna to be my bestie know where I can find one
ashli_is_awesome : Lol I love their faces when they found out she was pregnant
catiedids13 : Where can I find this episode??
_degrassian4ever_ : @catiedids13 Its not an episode its a webisode
catiedids13 : I know that can you find it on YouTube
_degrassian4ever_ : @catiedids13 Yea.
chelsey_joyce - twprouatghd - p_mcclain - degrassi.fangirlz -
Gave up on my theme...and this was my favorite Zig moment πŸ˜‚ I kind of died. And yay I've been waiting for Clare to make an appearance πŸ’• but the gift basket said "love eli" so are they back together as a couple? Again? And Miles is πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜šβ€οΈ #degrassi #zignovak #mileshollingsworth #clareedwards #ricardohoyos #aislinnpaul #ericosborne
aislinnpaul - ricardohoyos - degrassi - clareedwards - ericosborne - zignovak - mileshollingsworth -
captain_herondale : Where can I find this video!?!?
degrassi.obsessed : Go on the Degrassi official YouTube account and you'll see it cx @captain_herondale
captain_herondale : Thank you!
amd33 : I think Eli is trying to win her back, proving he will take care of her and everything that's why it says love Eli
brebre38_100 : Lol I'm looking at your theme now and it's really cute
degrassi.obsessed : @brebre38_100 thank you so muchπŸ’• you're the sweetest
brebre38_100 : @degrassi.obsessed it's no problem and thank you hun you are 😘😊
vani_0178 - romaissaxo_ - m_a_y_s_s_a_ - truvdex -
I love Clare's hair and outfit, she looks goregous! But I wonder how Zig and Miles got the gift basket. Aww Eli is so sweet. #AislinnPaul #ClareEdwards #RicardoHoyos #ZigNovak #MilesHollingsworth #EricOsborne
aislinnpaul - ricardohoyos - clareedwards - ericosborne - zignovak - mileshollingsworth -
lizzyygreenee : she looks like season 10 clare!!!!
kyleighasantiago : @aislinnclairee @ricardohoyos3
zo3mund : It was on her porch they said it when she said "thanks for the delivery"πŸ˜‚
_degrassian4ever_ : @zo3mund Ohh
_degrassian4ever_ : @lizzyygreenee Ikr!
degrassi.eclare : clare looks like season 10 version of her I like it
_degrassian4ever_ : @degrassi.eclare Same.
the_elliot.mason : I want her to interact more with; zig, miles, bullfrog, cece, zoë, Imogen, and most importantly Eli you know not just in fanfiction land in degrassi land too
zietjeeex - chelsey_joyce - shantellmanzira - degrassi.fangirlz -
Loved this webisode! πŸ’™ Zig: "Are you pregnant or something?" Clare: "I am pregnant" Zig: "Oh... I'm never having sex" So Zig is a virgin? πŸ‘… #clareedwards #aislinnpaul #zignovak #ricardohoyos #mileshollingsworth #degrassi #degrassifan #degrassiwebisode #mtvcanada #webisode #spamforspam #welcometodegrassi
welcometodegrassi - aislinnpaul - spamforspam - degrassi - clareedwards - mtvcanada - webisode - degrassifan - ricardohoyos - degrassiwebisode - zignovak - mileshollingsworth -
de.gr.as.si : Haha, loved this webisode tooβ€πŸ’ž
xwelcometodegrassix : @aislinnclairee
theperfectstory1 : :)
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This is my dream. #degrassi #degrassiedit #zignovak #mileshollingsworth #hollingsvak #ericosborne #ricardohoyos
hollingsvak - ricardohoyos - degrassi - ericosborne - zignovak - mileshollingsworth - degrassiedit -
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Heyy guys sorry I haven't been on for a while I've been really really busy with school😭😭 I will get back on spring break I swear only 1 week away yassπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€οΈ#degrassi #sarawaisglass #frankyholingsworth #ricardohoyos #zignovak #season13
zignovak - frankyholingsworth - degrassi - ricardohoyos - sarawaisglass - season13 -
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Ahh. I love them so much together. I really hope they start dating when Degrassi comes back on!! #degrassi #anagolja #zoerivas #ricardohoyos #zignovak #zoemund @ricardohoyos3 @theanagolja
zoemund - anagolja - ricardohoyos - degrassi - zoerivas - zignovak -
degrassi_posts11 : @degrassi
kyleighasantiago : @theanagolja @ricardohoyos3 @degrassi
degrassilove12 : These are so cool
degrassi_posts11 : @degrassilove12 thank u!!
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Haha that was the best part! πŸ˜‚ Their faces at the last pic πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ I love Zig in the webisodes! #degrassi #degrassiwebisode #clareedwards #zignovak #mileshollingsworth #aislinnpaul #ricardohoyos #ericosborne { @aislinnclairee @ricardohoyos3 }
aislinnpaul - degrassi - clareedwards - ericosborne - ricardohoyos - degrassiwebisode - zignovak - mileshollingsworth -
kyleighasantiago : @aislinnclairee @ricardohoyos3
degrassilove12 : This was so funny πŸ˜‚
degrassian14 : Yes!! πŸ˜‚ Best webisode of the Chanpagne Supernova till now πŸ™Œ @degrassilove12
degrassi.fanpage : Zig is just like daymnnnnnnnn & miles is just like, I thought so.
degrassian14 : YES! πŸ˜‚ i wish we would see more of this funny and weird Zig/Miles combo in the actual Degrassi! πŸ™Œ @degrassi.fanpage
degrassi.fanpage : Same!!
purebliss.__ : This is my favorite oneπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ I died when clare said I am pregnantπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
tiffany_vnp : It's funny how they hate each other in the second half of season 14 lol
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I love Zig in that power cheer cheerleading outfit, I think I'm not making any sense haha. #RicardoHoyos #ZigNovak #AnaGolja #ZoeRivas
zoerivas - anagolja - zignovak - ricardohoyos -
teddy__ralston : He looks hot πŸ‘πŸ˜‚
_degrassian4ever_ : @teddy__ralston Agreed
yellowlabsrule : No. He looks good in it, @_degrassian4ever_
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I don't know where you found this @antochambers but thank you times a million for posting it. The gift tag is addressed to Clare and say Love Eli at the end! #eclare #degrassifriendship #degrassiships #degrassi #champagnesupernova #degrassiwebisodes #munrochambers #ericosborn #mileshollingsworth #zignoviak #Ricardohoyos
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_niriza_ : What episode is this
tiffany_vnp : It says " you won't tell me what your craving so I had to guess " lol @degrassian14 @antochambers
degrassilove12 : @tiffany_vnp thanks you so much I couldn't read it. I could only make out the Love Eli and Clare part.
degrassilove12 : @_niriza_ the picture is from a degrassi webisode we haven't seen yet
tiffany_vnp : @degrassilove12 your welcome haha took me a while but so excited
eclareesamchel : omg omg omg! not even ready for this! This was a load of eclare feels
eclareesamchel : k
degrassilove12 : @eclareesamchel I know! πŸ’•
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Man crush every day. 😍😍😍😍 #degrassi #degrassiedit #ricardohoyos #zignovak
ricardohoyos - zignovak - degrassiedit - degrassi -
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ric is so sexyπŸ˜πŸ‘Œ always my #mcm #ricardohoyos #zignovak #degrassi
mcm - zignovak - degrassi - ricardohoyos -
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This scene broke my heart. #AnaGolja #ZoeRivas #RicardoHoyos #ZigNovak #Zoemund
zoerivas - anagolja - zignovak - ricardohoyos - zoemund -
kyleighasantiago : @theanagolja @ricardohoyos3
tmndang : Same πŸ˜žπŸ˜•
duhgrassayy67 - jackogen - degrassi_saki - degrassi.fangirlz -
Andre is so cute I can't >.< #degrassi#munrochambers#ricardohoyos#lukebilyk#andrekim
munrochambers - lukebilyk - ricardohoyos - degrassi - andrekim -
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Haha I love Zig! #ZigNovak #RicardoHoyos #AnaGolja #ZoeRivas
zoerivas - anagolja - zignovak - ricardohoyos -
zo3mund : OMG THE OTP IS HECKA CUTE 😍😍😍❀️❀️ #zoemund
apenasumadiva : Diva! Venha conhecer meu ig! Tudo sobre o mundo da moda vc encontra aqui. Ah! SIGO DE VOLTA😘
kyleighasantiago : @theanagolja @ricardohoyos3
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Mcm. #munrochambers #lukebilyk #ricardohoyos #degrassi
munrochambers - lukebilyk - degrassi - ricardohoyos -
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lukardo? - #lukebilyk #ricardohoyos
lukebilyk - ricardohoyos -
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Mcm. @ricardohoyos3 #degrassi #mcm #ricardohoyos #zignovak
mcm - zignovak - ricardohoyos - degrassi -
kyleighasantiago : @ricardohoyos3
zo3mund : BABE😍😍❀️
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man crush β™‘ #zignovak #ricardohoyos #handsome #hottie #crush #degrassi #mancrushmonday
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degrassiallfacts : Please follow new Degrassi fact account
ellie.goldsworthy : @degrassiallfacts okay
degrassian14 - __maya.matlin - shelbynelson__ - degrassiallfacts -
πŸ‘‰ #mcm to the lovely Ricardo Hoyos 😍 in a idaho filter 😏 having too much on my new phone tbh πŸ‘ˆ
mcm - zignovak - ricardohoyos - degrassi -
munrolover : #degrassi #ricardohoyos #zignovak
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First day of testing and I have no homework! Yay! #RicardoHoyos #ZigNovak #DegrassiSeason14
zignovak - degrassiseason14 - ricardohoyos -
teenagegirl_23 : When is the new season
_degrassian4ever_ : @teenagegirl_23 New season? Actually there is no new season. Season 14A ended so Season 14B will be coming back this spring.
teenagegirl_23 : Oh ok do u know what day it is @_degrassian4ever_
_degrassian4ever_ : @teenagegirl_23 No, Degrassi said that there is a official date but hasn't been accounced yet.
teenagegirl_23 : Oh ok thankyou @_degrassian4ever_ sorry for bothering u
_degrassian4ever_ : @teenagegirl_23 You didn't bother me and no problem!
lucy.paine - rox_rodriguez - maddiebbell - briannahi21.bh -
I haven't posted much about the webisode's although I'm loving them, so in honour of Man Crush Monday. Eric Osborne and Ricardo Hoyos are my mcm. #mcm #mileshollingsworth #zignovak #ericosborne #ricardohoyos #kids #mancrushmonday #love #degrassi #degrassiwebisode #cute #mayamatlin #degrassiseason14 #singing
cute - mcm - kids - love - degrassi - ericosborne - singing - mancrushmonday - ricardohoyos - degrassiwebisode - zignovak - mileshollingsworth - mayamatlin - degrassiseason14 -
pinkcandyapples : Boss!
degrassilover66 : @ricardohoyos3
toxicmusic23 - majawillenig - renemuellermusic - pancake_lovelife -
Zoemund is adorable. #Zoemund #AnaGolja #ZoeRivas #RicardoHoyos #ZigNovak
zoemund - anagolja - zignovak - ricardohoyos - zoerivas -
zo3mund : OMG😍😍😍❀️
m_u_l_t_i_f_a_n_d_o_m : Yes I totally ship them
_kayla_.marie._ : Loving them!!!
degrassian15 - gracia_mac7 - ginacastagna - cbhhbc0429 -
Love when they all wear hats πŸ’•
munrochambers - lukebilyk - ricardohoyos -
degrassi_posts11 : #munrochambers #lukebilyk #ricardohoyos
vani_0178 - antochambers - romaissaxo_ - degrassian15 -
Losers. #sarawaisglass #ricardohoyos #degrassi
sarawaisglass - degrassi - ricardohoyos -
adriana.rhoten : Really!!!! :-)
degrassian15 - rebecca_huynh - kristeniquejames - degrassi.fangirlz -
I'm guessing that the gang storyline will be in Season 14B? But, anyways can I have Zoemund in Season 14B? #ZoeRivas #ZigNovak #RicardoHoyos #AnaGolja
zoerivas - anagolja - zignovak - ricardohoyos -
zo3mund : I feel like there won't be much ZOEMUND (unfortunently😭) because zoe will have storylines on degrassi nudes and zig with the gang so I doubt they'll have time for ZOEMUND but hopefully I'm wrong cuz I REALLY need ZOEMUND
_degrassian4ever_ : @zo3mund True and yas I need Zoemund, I'm praying.
kyleighasantiago : @theanagolja @ricardohoyos3
vani_0178 - 55_maya_55 - antochambers - degrassian15 -
Ana did an amazing job in this episode. But zoemund is otp. #Zoemund #AnaGolja #ZoeRivas #RicardoHoyos #ZigNovak
zoemund - anagolja - zignovak - ricardohoyos - zoerivas -
zo3mund : OMG YAAASSSS πŸ’₯OTPπŸ’₯😩
yellowlabsrule : I remeber that
kyleighasantiago : @ricardohoyos3 @theanagolja
morgynicorn : Don't ship it but I loved this scene!
sarahfisherfanpage : I was like just watching this lol
sarahfisherfanpage : @theanagolja @ricardohoyos3
vani_0178 - 55_maya_55 - antochambers - degrassian15 -
MTV posted this pic on Facebook, so does this mean Maya is in the next webisode ? Because i thought it would be Zoe πŸ™Š But why should MTV already release this photo when Maya isn't the next one 😳 (and Maya doesn't look happy to see Miles and Zig..) Oh god, i'm so confused now πŸ˜‚ #degrassi #degrassiwebisode #mayamatlin #zignovak #mileshollingsworth #oliviascriven #ricardohoyos #ericosborne
oliviascriven - degrassi - ericosborne - ricardohoyos - degrassiwebisode - zignovak - mileshollingsworth - mayamatlin -
zo3mund : I think it's maya next beachside they said "Who will the boys visit next to find zoe" meaning zoe probably can't be next
degrassian14 : Yeah you could be right but in the other pic i postet there's written in the description that Maya didn't handcuffed them, and Zoe and Clare were also out, so that probably means that in this weeks webisode there will be Zoe or Clare, or at least i think so πŸ˜‚ @zo3mund
zo3mund : Yeah that does make a lot more sense well I'm not sure but I'll I'm sure about is that mtv is gonna make my head explodeπŸ˜‚πŸ’«
degrassian14 : haha Same! I think i got a headache because i think to much about this! πŸ˜‚ @zo3mund
zo3mund : Did they like tweet this or something?
degrassian14 : No they posted it on their facebook page πŸ™ˆ @zo3mund
degrassi.fanpage : She looks hella pissed
pancake_lovelife : She looks mad
hollingsedits - duhgrassayy67 - talon._.tuh - degrassi.fanpage -
•I am....... Unwanted. Unknown. Undefined. and Unloved• and j would like to take the moment to say happy birthday to Miss Olivia Scriven πŸ‘‘ and to many more to come πŸ’• {My Edit Give Credit If You Take} #mayamatlin #oliviascriven @bbygirl15_o #torisantamaria #alexsteele @alexasteele #zignovak #ricardohoyos @ricardohoyos3 #tristanmilligan #lylelettau @lylelettau #degrassi #degrassian #degrassians #degrassiedit #myedit
alexsteele - oliviascriven - torisantamaria - degrassi - tristanmilligan - degrassiedit - degrassian - myedit - degrassians - ricardohoyos - zignovak - mayamatlin - lylelettau -
zaniyuh : beautiful
brebre38_100 : @zaniyuh thank you hun πŸ’‹
bando_takeoff : Shout out??
brebre38_100 : @bando_takeoff I normally don't so S/Os but I could do one tomorrow for like shout out Sunday or something lol
sammilove305 : I love this so much πŸ˜»πŸ‘Œ
brebre38_100 : @sammilove305 thank you girl πŸ’‹
sammilove305 : @brebre38_100 you're welcome 😊😘😘
bando_takeoff : Alright @brebre38_100
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