I know I just posted a picture with a black border but idgaf Zig's hella hotπŸ˜πŸ’˜ [ credit: @degrassioverdose ] #Degrassi #zignovak #ricardohoyos
zignovak - ricardohoyos - degrassi -
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i probs messed up their heights. i didn't include maya cause there wasnt a full body pic of her & would you guys consider her to be one of them? Idk #TinyKing #gracecardinal #zignovak #richardwalters #nikkigould #ricardohoyos @nakusetgould @ricardohoyos3
zignovak - ricardohoyos - richardwalters - gracecardinal - tinyking - nikkigould -
hollingsedits : @brebre38_100 ahah great minds think a like?
degrassioverdose : Grace is small then. 0.0
hollingsedits : @degrassioverdose maybe she's taller but i literally suck at making them look real xD
brebre38_100 : @hollingsedits agreed!πŸ˜‹ But mines wasn't the same but similar to another group in the school 😊
degrassioverdose : They don't suck it's good! πŸ˜„ @hollingsedits
hollingsedits : @brebre38_100 ohh gotcha but i love them so much
hollingsedits : @degrassioverdose thank you lovelie!
brebre38_100 : @hollingsedits totally, can't wait to see more of grace and tiny 😁
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I-I... I just.. I... #ricardohoyos #zignovak #zigdabadboy #degrassi
zigdabadboy - zignovak - degrassi - ricardohoyos - whathappenedtodemhoodies -
weyheydegrassi : #whathappenedtodemhoodies
mrseverett_ : Muscles
zayaville : He has grown so much.
duhgrassayy67 - degrassi_diehard - degrassian15 - thisoneawkwardchick -
So i loved the degrassi music video last ive probably watch a thousand times analyzing every detail of that video thinking about possible things that could happen idk thats just how i am with degrassi promos but im excited for zoemund or nivas or novas idk πŸ˜„πŸ’• @ricardohoyos3 @theanagolja #zoemund #nivas #novas #degrassiedits #degrassi #degrassian #degrassiseason14 #anagolja #ricardohoyos #zignovak #zoerivas
zoemund - nivas - degrassian - degrassi - novas - zoerivas - anagolja - ricardohoyos - degrassiedits - zignovak - degrassiseason14 -
degrassian15 : I'm the same way πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
degrassi.official.edits : Omg I ship them so flipping much.😍
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DEGRASSI BOYS #DEGRASSI #DEGRASSI4TNG #DEGRASSIBOYS #CUTE #MUNRO #CHAMBERS #ELI #lukebilyk #drewtorres #munrochambers #eligoldsworthy #degrassi #ajsaudin #connordelaurier #andrekim #winstonchu #zignovak #ricardohoyos #lylelettau #tristanmilligan #slsjoyette #demetriusjoyette #mikedallas
cute - connordelaurier - degrassiboys - lylelettau - eligoldsworthy - mikedallas - winstonchu - slsjoyette - lukebilyk - demetriusjoyette - munrochambers - chambers - drewtorres - andrekim - eli - munro - degrassi - degrassi4tng - tristanmilligan - ricardohoyos - zignovak - ajsaudin -
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The gang tho😱😁 @ricardohoyos3 #degrassi #ricardohoyos #degrassicantcomesoonenough
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The suspense is killing me!!!😡😁😱 @aislinnclairee @ricardohoyos3 @theanagolja @lukebilyk @slsjoyette #degrassi #aislinnpaul #ricardohoyos #anagolja #lukebilyn #demetriusjoyette
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mikedallas.the.legend.and.demo : Yay there's me πŸ˜‚
cinimodyeslah : can't wait:)
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The music video is here today!!! :D #clareedwards #zignovak #beckybaker #mikedallas #mayamatlin #imogenmoreno #allibhandari #melindashankar #sarahfisher #demetriusjoyette #aislinnpaul #cristineprosperi #ricardohoyos #oliviascriven #degrassi #degrassifan #degrassimusicvideo #degrassiseason14 #season14
mikedallas - cristineprosperi - degrassi - clareedwards - demetriusjoyette - oliviascriven - mayamatlin - degrassiseason14 - beckybaker - aislinnpaul - season14 - sarahfisher - degrassimusicvideo - imogenmoreno - melindashankar - ricardohoyos - zignovak - degrassifan - allibhandari -
degrassian_rusher : Yes i cant wait for this season
degrassiisboss247 : I know!!! I hope it's awesome!!! (:
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The basic people at my school got me like #degrassi #season14 #zignovak #ricardohoyos
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they are all so handsome #degrassi #lukebilyk #munrochambers #ricardohoyos #mcm
munrochambers - mcm - lukebilyk - ricardohoyos - degrassi -
bestoflukebilyk : Luke especially ☺😍
karieelizz : ^
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Ricardo's face! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ #degrassi #degrassiseason14 #ricardohoyos #anagolja #zignovak #zoerivas #zoemund { @ricardohoyos3 @theanagolja }
zoemund - anagolja - ricardohoyos - degrassi - zoerivas - zignovak - degrassiseason14 -
kiaraknowles : The promo is out?
degrassiislife31 - kivv_anna - teenage___dreamer - marsha2001x -
His face is priceless <3 #anagolja #ricardohoyos #degrassi #zoerivas #zignovak
zoerivas - zignovak - degrassi - ricardohoyos - anagolja -
_degrassi_eclare_ : Where did u get this pic
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Zig's face doe, and THEY NEED TO DATE ALREADY, I SHIP THEM!! :D #Degrassi #RicardoHoyos #AnaGolja #ZigNovak #ZoeRivas #DegrassiSeason14 #Degrassi @Degrassi
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tori_santamaria713rp : Lol his face tho xD and yass zoemund
_degrassian4ever_ : @tori_santamaria713rp He is like what?? (:
tori_santamaria713rp : Yea lol
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You got Elmo and Cookie Monster but what about Oscar? #ricardohoyos
ricardohoyos -
zo_rivas : Adorbs πŸ™ˆ
duhgrassayy67 - zo_rivas - frankie.hollings - munroschambers -
THE VIDEO COMES OUT TOMORROW!!!!! I CANT CONTAIN MY EXCITMENT ANYMORE!!!!' πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ˜˜πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽΆ @mindyshankar @slsjoyette @sarahfisher @jennyimdrunk @ricardohoyos3 @aislinnclairee @crisprosperi #degrassi #degrassimusicvideo #tomorrow #excited #melindashankar #sarahfisher #oliviascriven #ricardohoyos #aislinnpaul #cristineprosperi
aislinnpaul - oliviascriven - degrassi - sarahfisher - degrassimusicvideo - excited - melindashankar - cristineprosperi - ricardohoyos - tomorrow -
mikedallas.the.legend.and.demo : 😩😩😩 at 9pm eastern tho
degrassidiehard : Aww 😭😭😭 @mikedallas.the.legend.and.demo
mikedallas.the.legend.and.demo : I know right 😭
degrassidiehard : @mikedallas.the.legend.and.demo American Degrassi fans have so much struggle πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
mikedallas.the.legend.and.demo : I know right 😭😭 but at least I got to meet luke and Munro
mikedallas.the.legend.and.demo : 😭
degrassidiehard : @mikedallas.the.legend.and.demo lucky!!!
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It's official!! Degrassi's 14th season will premiere on Tuesday, October 28th at 9 pm ET! All the details including the new cast members at πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ƒπŸŽ‰
cajsh_ : @qbouy Maybe Squidlet is wearing AB's head on her shoulder this season? Kind of like a face arrange situation but he sits up there observing occasionally. It could be his robot sickness. I saw there might be some comedy looks whenever he gazes down at the ink sacks.
cajsh_ : @qbouy Mulligrubs is looking a little too smug for my liking. Relax fresh, you're not alumni yet. And your face is too white to ever have anything but yellow teeth.
ohitscher : Ahhh im so stoked to see @ehrenkassam 's character
saramuthafukenrivera : @_cynthialynn 😱 i just remembered claire ...
isaiah176 : I can't wait but still Claire,miles Tristan, also what ever happened to Leo ?could he return
yolitt : @idalist_20
lily13_1313 : 😱😱😱 WHAT'S JESSICA DOING THERE???
qbouy : @cajsh_ I just cried tears of laughter, A grade commentary fella.
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ONE MORE DAY UNTIL THE MUSIC VIDEO PROMO #degrassi #season13 #zignovak #ricardohoyos
zignovak - ricardohoyos - degrassi - season13 -
bookthievesandreasons : 30 HOURS (as of this comment)
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What are they up to? 😳 #degrassi #degrassiseason14 #ricardohoyos #morpheusrichards #zignovak #tiny { @ricardohoyos3 }
degrassiseason14 - ricardohoyos - degrassi - zignovak - tiny - morpheusrichards -
musicluver419 : We will find out in just one day!:-) @duhgrassayy67
duhgrassayy67 : Ahh! I know! The anticipation is killing me!! 😱 @musicluver419
musicluver419 : @duhgrassayy67 YES! Omg I seriously can't wait I'm nervous yet so excited!
duhgrassayy67 : I am feeling the exact same way!! @musicluver419
shadesofmc1970 : When is the video out? I know it finally premieres next Tuesday but yeah. @duhgrassayy67 @musicluver419
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keep an eye out for slenderman in this part of the video, folks #ricardohoyos #richardwalters #zignovak #degrassi @ricardohoyos3
richardwalters - zignovak - degrassi - ricardohoyos -
degrassi.fanpage : I was literally thinking the same think!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
_kayla_5233 : Why do they all look so scared? When does it come out I can't wait!
zayasforever - hollingsedits - jill_montgomeryyy - en7456 -
Ricardo, Olivia, Lyle, Alex, and Chloe πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ #degrassi #ricardohoyos #oliviascriven #lylelettau #alexsteele #chloerose #degrassicast
alexsteele - oliviascriven - lylelettau - degrassi - chloerose - ricardohoyos - degrassicast -
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Well shit. #degrassi #degrassiedit #zignovak #tiny #beckybaker #mayamatlin #ricardohoyos #sarahfisher #oliviascriven
oliviascriven - degrassi - sarahfisher - degrassiedit - tiny - ricardohoyos - zignovak - mayamatlin - beckybaker -
_kayla_5233 : Omg how many more days what day is it on?
aloneinthegalaxy : Tuesday. @_kayla_5233
duhgrassayy67 - - emilyluvsdegrassi - breya_monet -
really hoping that cam & adam are haunting everyone in the video. ohhhh does this mean tiny is going to be a main character?!?!! #ricardohoyos #zignovak @ricardohoyos3
richardwalters - zignovak - ricardohoyos -
hollingsedits : i hope richard does join cause he's so sweet and he was in the musical chair video! #richardwalters
mikedallas.the.legend.and.demo : I sure hope he is! I wanna see more of tiny β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‚
hayleyhigginson01 : Where are you getting these pictures? @hollingsedits
thestarsareoutwhatsyourwish : I really hope Tiny joins the main cast!! where did you find these pics ?? @hollingsedits
hollingsedits : @thestarsareoutwhatsyourwish degrassinsider on twitter
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I've been listening fifth harmony for two hours haha no regrets #zignovak #ricardohoyos #mrseverett_
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Well of course she should be on top!! DuhπŸ’πŸ’πŸ˜πŸ˜
crisprosperi - oliviascriven - ricardohoyos - andrekim - ericosborne - sarahfisher -
oliviascrivenfanpage : #ericosborne #oliviascriven #sarahfisher #andrekim #ricardohoyos #crisprosperi
jeseline_shortii : LOL got that right !!!!!!
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The music video and promo is gonna come out next week!!! πŸ˜β€πŸ˜‚πŸ™πŸ˜­ I'm not emotionally prepared. #degrassi #riclivia #zaya #parallel #zignovak #mayamatlin #oliviascriven #ricardohoyos #mine #edit
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weyheydegrassi - zayasforever - degrassian15 - zayaville -
You wished you looked this good 😏 #ricardohoyos
ricardohoyos -
zo_rivas : Looking fresh πŸ‘ŒπŸ’
dxgrassi - zo_rivas - munroschambers - degrassiroleplayconfessions -
Dingus #Ricardohoyos #Zignovak #degrassi
zignovak - degrassi - ricardohoyos -
lauramonstercat - e.ish - mirian__ortega21 - chloecura -
what do you think is on the phone?? i think its nudes tbh the new girl lola maybe #degrassi #zignovak #ricardohoyos
zignovak - ricardohoyos - degrassi -
imperfectlyjolene_14 : I suspect if its nudes it will be from the last person we expect.
imperfectlyjolene_14 : like with Darcy*
__onice : Did the new season come out already?
katiek_300 : no it comes out October 7... @__onice
abby.curtis : Does anyone know when the music video comes out??
mimi_myriam_ - d3grassi_is_classy - lizzycornfeld - justme_gools10 -
BTW if you guys were wondering, Jordan's middle name is Ellorian. I think I spelled that wrong but idk. Jordan Ellorian Blackburn. Haha. That's quite funny actually. I feel like I shouldn't have said his full name. #degrassi #season12 #torisantamaria #alexasteele #tristanmilligan #lylelettau #zignovak #ricardohoyos
zignovak - lylelettau - degrassi - alexasteele - season12 - ricardohoyos - tristanmilligan - torisantamaria -
emmabaye14 : How do you know all these things about him ?
mikedallas.the.legend.and.demo : Creepy lol jk love you girl
baemiles : @emmabaye14 well the middle name thing was on a girl's 6th grade shirt and the rest of his things like his schedule and stuff like that, my friends have classes with him and I saw him walk into his 7th period class.
baemiles : @mikedallas.the.legend.and.demo lol
fivesecondsofelise : He sounds fictional: Jordan Blackburn
baemiles : @ladyofthedauntless lol he sounds like a dauntless initiate
degrassi_is_perf - nayeli_barron1 - pain.overload - cece_cierra -
i post a lot of munro and ricardo but im really not sorry. they are my brotp πŸ’• #degrassi #munrochambers #ricardohoyos #mcm #brotp #babes #hot
mcm - degrassi - babes - munrochambers - ricardohoyos - hot - brotp -
rebeccalamastra09 : yes😍😍
degrassi.source - call_me_mandi990 - degrassi.tng - marsha2001x -
Hey, I'm Mexican πŸ‘¨ #ricardohoyos
ricardohoyos -
notsurewhattodowiththisacc : Okay wait a second *puts on a sombrero* there we go!
ricohoyos : Yass Sarah yass @sarahfishie
notsurewhattodowiththisacc : I think this sombrero suits me well
notsurewhattodowiththisacc : You can just be my backup sombrero guy
ricohoyos : Woah woah sasa you are my backup @sarahfishie
sarahfishy_ : Hey
notsurewhattodowiththisacc : Uh I don't think so Hoyos!
becks_baker : You need to post more!!!
_degrassian4ever_ - munroschambers - clarebear.writer.rp - cam.loves -
Idk what I'm doing with this account anymore... #degrassi #Ricardohoyos #Zignovak
zignovak - ricardohoyos - degrassi -
degrassian15 - e.ish - loveforjennette - latriciack -
I'm an regular math 7 and I'm Asian. One of the three Asians in my 7th period, which is math, and I have a C+ and my mom just scolded me for my C+ and I feel like the dumbest Asian cuz all of my friends are in accelerated math (honors math) but my friend Josh is struggling and some of my friends are passing it with a B or an A like hOw?#degrassi #season12 #zignovak #ricardohoyos
ricardohoyos - zignovak - season12 - degrassi -
mikedallas.the.legend.and.demo : I could help
the_face_of_sarcasm : I really hope you understand that the goals that are being set on you, either by yourself or your parents, stem from a very crude and ridiculous racial stereotype. Just because you're off Asian decent doesn't mean you have to be mathematically gifted. Everyone has something that is a natural gift for them. Don't beat yourself up over it.
baemiles : @the_face_of_sarcasm my parents, think I'm like some math God and think I'm the best at math. They were pissed when I got into regular math. They're even more pissed about my grade in math
thatdegrassilife - itsjakeslife - jess_iscool - jadealexisp3 -
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