This is what I got from the Mac Rocky Horror Picture Show collection ! I was home sick all day but got the items I wanted plus backups ! #maccosmetics #macgirl #macrockyhorror #rhps What did you guys get ? I can't believe how stressful this release was πŸ˜”
macrockyhorror - themakeupexchange - maccosmetics - macgirl - rhps -
jazzymakeupgal : #themakeupexchange
beeunique90 : I missed Franknfurter because I had my biopsy today 😭
karas_a_shopaholic - magalyssima - beeunique90 - rcbrinkworth -
"I'm gonna give you some terrible thrills" - me as Dr. Frank-N-Furter (waiting for the Mac collection) @maccosmetics #RHPS #franknfurter #rockyhorror #rockyhorrorpictureshow #cultmovie #cult #makeup #cosplay #maccosmetics #dressup #costume #mac #macrockyhorror #macrhps #strangejourney #
macrockyhorror - franknfurter - cosplay - rockyhorror - rhps - makeup - dressup - anniversary - mac - macrhps - costume - sweettransvestite - cult - cultmovie - maccosmetics - 40thanniversary - strangejourney - rockyhorrorpictureshow -
bleed_the_freak_ : Cool makeup! Do you know when the collection will be online to buy? I thought it was today for Europe, but doesn't seem so...
erreroscia : @bleed_the_freak_ no idea dear, I made the preorder directly at the store, but I guess is a matter of days (maybe hours?) Thank you :* <3
bleed_the_freak_ : Thanks for the quick response, love (:
undici_giugno : @erreroscia bellissima!!! ;) potremmo usarla per il sito o dovresti usarla poi per il video del tuo canale. È geniale :D confesso di aver fatto qualcosa di simile anch'io su altri personaggi... ogni tanto scatta l'estro pazzoide :)
erreroscia : @bleed_the_freak_ you're welcome. Good nite. 😘
erreroscia : @undici_giugno potrei provarci, ma senza la posa giusta sembro solo una pazza XD
undici_giugno : Ahahahah ma anche solo la foto come anteprima a inizio video :D ... sembri eh? Ok vada per il sembri :*
erreroscia : @undici_giugno cosa vorresti dirmi alle 2 di notte quando ho appena fatto tutt'altro che quello che quello che avrei dovuto fare? XD
casey_m_craig - castcosplay - undici_giugno - cheyenneartistry -
looking gross but #happy at #rhps πŸ‘―πŸ‘ πŸ’„ #selfie #shorthair #pixie #pixiecut #pale
pixie - shorthair - rhps - selfie - happy - pale - pixiecut -
erreroscia - crystalharts -
Will have LIMITED stock of Strange Journey & FrankNFurter (BNIB). Please leave a comment if you would like to be notified when stock & pricing becomes available. #MAC #MACRockyHorror #RockyHorrorPictureShow #MACRHPS #RHPS #StrangeJourney #FrankNFurter
macrockyhorror - franknfurter - macrhps - trendmoodsellingtrading - rhps - isomakeup - themakeupexchange - mac - igbeautysales - strangejourney - rockyhorrorpictureshow -
msmonster8 : #TheMakeupExchange #TrendMoodSellingTrading #IGBeautySales #ISOmakeup
msmonster8 : @jwinkme Will do!
jwinkme : Thanks. :)
deadscenezombie : Me. Please
rivasm11 : Me!
boricuasmiles : @lily2232
princessdianajaimes : Me please!!!!!!
beeunique90 : Me πŸ™Œ
erreroscia - nataliavalarini - beeunique90 - orangecountyshop -
I'm glad I got these lippies before they sold out! #maccosmetics #RHPS #makeupjunkie
rhps - maccosmetics - makeupjunkie -
_dearhearts_ - maliyah_165 - jay4949 - makeupart_tara -
I just spent so much money on makeup and I don't even care!!! I got everything I wanted and it's all sold out now. #RHPS #MAC #YAAAAAAAS
rhps - mac - yaaaaaaas -
htownkay : The one I wanted sold out πŸ˜”πŸ’”
minimizemeee : @htownkay which did you want?
htownkay : The raspberry shade one I forgot the name !!
minimizemeee : @htownkay frank n furter? It sold out in less than ten minutes
htownkay : Yaaaasss πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ˜©
minimizemeee : @htownkay I was legit stalking the page. Refreshing every minute 😬
becoming_rosylu - operationshrinking_ - slowlylosinglisa - sf4581 -
And I got it! After two hours of continuously refreshing the page until this shade went live. #franknfurter #mac #macaholic #makeup #rhps #rockyhorrorcollection #love #limitededition #lipstick
franknfurter - love - lipstick - rhps - makeup - mac - macaholic - rockyhorrorcollection - limitededition -
jerricuhhh : Ohhh chit Imma have to order this!
p314i : @jerricuhhh all 4 already sold out! Literally in a matter of minutes
jerricuhhh : Are they gonna be back in stock eventually?
p314i : Nope, they're limited editions. I've been waitin since late august for this to drop. Was supposed to release yesterday. It'll be for sale oct 2 in MAC stores, unfortunately, our store location doesn't count bc it's inside another store @jerricuhhh
jerricuhhh : @p314i wtf how do I always catch this shit when it's too late!!!!
incomparablenelly : O dang I wonder can I call and give them the code for free overnight shipping @p314i
p314i : Prolly. It's "next" @incomparablenelly
p314i : @incomparablenelly what did you get?!
janna_stafford680 - fortheloveoflipstick_ - la_hammerhead - jerricuhhh -
IT'S LIVE!!! IM SOOOO HAPPY Y'ALL DONT EVEN KNOW! 😁 @maccosmetics #mac #maccosmetics #macrockyhorror #franknfurter #rhps
macrockyhorror - mac - maccosmetics - franknfurter - rhps -
daicydisaster : I ordered two like 4 min ago and I was just like let me order 1 more and it's sold out already
stephxitlaliz : @daicydisaster can u come over n do my makeup plZzzzz
daicydisaster : IT'S SOLD OUT AGAINπŸ˜” I guess no backups
ohartistoohard : It's already sold out ughh :(
ohartistoohard : I want the glitter
daicydisaster : I got the eyelashes and all the lipsticks including a franknfurter backup😊 yes! I have so much lime crime glitter that I don't use but the black glitter is so tempting! @ohartistoohard
ohartistoohard : Let me know how you like it !!@daicydisaster
daicydisaster : @stephxitlaliz lol I don't think I'm that good! I just love buying makeup!
recycledstardust - fortheloveoflipstick_ - stephxitlaliz - _bloodynar -
Luckily I was able to order these today before they all sold out! Now just waiting for Frank-n-further lipstick to be released!! #maccosmetics #macrockyhorror #RHPS #rockyhorror 😍 should be here around oct. 2nd!
macrockyhorror - maccosmetics - rockyhorror - rhps -
kttheginger : @piercetheangel_ FNF is up online now!!!
piercetheangel_ : I saw it as soon as I posted lol but thank you! :) @kttheginger
directorjc3 - victoriarene_ - personalbravery - alexnocaptainalex -
What I got from the RHPS Mac collection geez this one sold out fast! 😳 Might get more when it comes in stores, I'm really saving up for their Heirloom collection though! πŸ’– #rhps #MACRockyHorror #mac #franknfurter #blush #lipstick #limitededition #soldoutsofast
macrockyhorror - franknfurter - lipstick - rhps - soldoutsofast - mac - blush - limitededition -
miss_allyjean : That's what I got too! So excited! Man that wait though. I need to sleep lol!
sydlicious1213 : Haha seriously! I hope Mac doesn't make this a habit! 😁 @miss_allyjean
la_petite_rousse1234 - lena_colada - _stuckonsav - mirandaalopez -
Yay!! I got the one I wanted! Mac Rocky Horror Picture Show...in FrankNFurter shade!! I love this movie so I'm super stoked!! Dammit Janet!!! #rockyhorrorpicture #mac #love #franknfurter #lipstick #red #makeup #rhps #macmakeup
franknfurter - love - lipstick - rhps - makeup - rockyhorrorpicture - mac - red - macmakeup -
debbiedee65 : πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘
abbystafford99 - uran.0403 - jessielippy - awkwardaudytime -
Scratch last post, FrankNFurter hadn't dropped yet and just did at 2:30 and I scored one for me and my mom! Happy girl right now! Just need to find the blush now!πŸ’„βœ¨ #maccosmetics #rockyhorrormac #rockyhorrorlipstick #rhps #FrankNFurter
rhps - franknfurter - maccosmetics - rockyhorrormac - rockyhorrorlipstick -
livvyfrench : Hmm....well do you want to swap one of the lippies I have for the blush you have plus the difference in cash? Because I know the blushes are more expensive. @pamperin.beauty
pamperin.beauty : If your mom wouldn't mind of course. We could do that !!!
livvyfrench : Oh no she won't she's after my mac Sin lipstick that I already had so she said she's good as long as she gets that lol @pamperin.beauty
pamperin.beauty : Haha, ok. Let me know when you get your order. Would you just send cash with it or did you want to do it via PayPal?
livvyfrench : What would you prefer?
livvyfrench : We can just figure it all out when we get ready to ship😊 I'll let you know when I get my order, they said around Oct 10 I would get it. So the lippie is yours. @pamperin.beauty
pamperin.beauty : Yeah, we'll figure it out then. I used the overnight ship code, so I don't know when I'll get mine. But I'll let you know 😊
livvyfrench : I didn't know there was an overnight code! Lol but okay sounds good😊
erreroscia - priscilla.143 - sugarskullita -
Seriously one of the coolest gifts I've ever gotten! Lol and I love that you got it back in January and kept it a secret! Thanks @kathrynmaresca #RHPS #drfrank #dontdreamitbeit #art #birthday #timcurry #hero
birthday - art - timcurry - drfrank - rhps - hero - dontdreamitbeit -
kbwalsh8 : OMG
kathrynmaresca : @ohgoshcindy 😎 Glad you love it!
expertrambler - jadesawesome - curlyfry91 - s_baby69 -
#100HappyDays #Day23 Guess what was released today! Guess what I'm lusting after right now and am completely jealous of people who already bought the collection! πŸ‘„ #ScienceFictionDoubleFeature #LetThereBeLips #RHPS #MAC #MACRockyHorror
lettherebelips - macrockyhorror - mac - sciencefictiondoublefeature - 100happydays - rhps - day23 -
recycledstardust - devils_playtoy - triciaz99 - jusstpeachy -
Almost missed the #RockyHorrorPictureShow release while I was in class but hubby was sweet enough to order for me . Sad I missed out on the lipsticks but so glad I got this palette! πŸ’‹ #RHPS #MAC #MACCosmetics #RiffRaff
riffraff - rhps - mac - maccosmetics - rockyhorrorpictureshow -
ivymoonryerson : Omg!
biggpun1 - drucilla_denise - ivymoonryerson - kittiekat95 -
macrockyhorror - macmakeup - gold - rockyhorror - rubyredlips - rhps - mac - therockyhorrorpictureshow - crazedimaginations - goingtothemall - maccosmetics - glitter - brb -
crazedimaginations : For those of you who've been living under a rock for the last few weeks, @maccosmetics just released their own line of Rocky Horror themed make up! There's even a special eye glitter called "Crazed Imagination Gold!" We're jealous of those who've been able to get their hands on these products today, but they are available online and in certain stores! #maccosmetics #macmakeup #mac #rockyhorror #rhps #therockyhorrorpictureshow #glitter #gold #crazedimaginations #rubyredlips #brb #goingtothemall #MACRockyHorror
sanvonzombie : I need that for Columbia for sure! πŸ’„πŸ‘ πŸ’«πŸŒŸ
ackleswantsasnackles - moxymayhem - why_the_goat - liljampoop -
One of the strangest mash ups ever.....and I love it! #Marvel #TheAvengers #Loki #RockyHorrorPictureShow #RHPS #DrFrankNFurter
loki - rhps - drfranknfurter - theavengers - rockyhorrorpictureshow - marvel -
official.captainamerica - thisactuallyhappened - ohkaylamarie - making_up_my_face -
I waited two days to get what I wanted from this collection and all I got was my damn glitter! I didn't even manage to get the lipstick and blush I wanted😩 oh well guess I'll go in store to try and get it! Yay for the glitter! Oh and for the collection FINALLY dropping lol #maccosmetics #rockyhorrorpictureshow #rockyhorrormac #rhps #glitter #MacGirlsAreFierce #ItsADogEatDogWorld πŸ˜‚
rockyhorrormac - itsadogeatdogworld - rhps - maccosmetics - glitter - rockyhorrorpictureshow - macgirlsarefierce -
kelseyyyjo - makeupbymima - saharraf - doll.face___ -
All I want for my birthday πŸ˜† #RHPS "give yourself over, to absolute pleasure"
rhps -
mixiexsuicide : πŸ˜† @papercrane_s
mixiexsuicide : @rebel.rebel21 lol seriously! I've been waiting for it
rebel.rebel21 : @mixiexsuicide hey it was the closest holiday I could think of lol seriously I had saved up money when I first heard of it and i spent it all :/
mixiexsuicide : I can't spend money how I used to lol @rebel.rebel21 n my birthday is coming up soooooo , haha
rebel.rebel21 : @mixiexsuicide *Mexican mom voice* buenos ya que tienes un bebe, ya no eres muchachita, eres mujer. Ya te puedes mantenerte tu sola!
rebel.rebel21 : P.s I'm terrible at spelling in spanish
mixiexsuicide : Lol sounds just like my mom @rebel.rebel21
rebel.rebel21 : @mixiexsuicide lmao. My aunt told me this minus the baby part. Like chill I ain't married yet..
papercrane_s - rebel.rebel21 - marcyyy_23 - _princesscch -
The #RHPS #makeup collection is up on the @maccosmetics site. GO BUY IT! πŸ’‹πŸ’„πŸ’‹ http://bit.ly/1v1nG4y #rockyhorror #rockyhorrorpictureshow #njrocky #hoh #homeofhappiness #franknfurter #40thanniversary
40thanniversary - homeofhappiness - makeup - rockyhorror - rhps - njrocky - franknfurter - hoh - rockyhorrorpictureshow -
zoexzany - xolyndy26 - chelz37 - with_a_bang -
😱😱😱 I missed The Simpsons πŸ˜” I will not miss this! #rhps #rockyhorror #bettymunroehapschatt #imbetty #mac 😊
rhps - mac - imbetty - bettymunroehapschatt - rockyhorror -
alysiaaanicoleee - _minikin - modern_courtney - shallsay -
incase anyone cared to know what I got from the collection. I skipped out on all the eyeliners/mascaras/setting powders. they're part of MACs permanent line anyway but I did grab the lipsticks, the eyeshadow pallet, the blush, and the sculpting bronzer/highliter duo. anyway I spent too much money and I can't wait for my shit to get here πŸ˜­πŸ‘„ #rockyhorror #rockyhorrorpictureshow #rhps #maccosmetics #macxrockyhorror
rockyhorrorpictureshow - rhps - maccosmetics - macxrockyhorror - rockyhorror -
makeupbymima : LOL @rocketdust I feel the same way. Did u use their code for free overnight delivery?
rocketdust : @makeupbymima nooo!! I didn't know about it until I saw it on Twitter after I already ordered πŸ˜₯
makeupbymima : Call customer service and tell them you entered it but for some reason it didnt reflect on your order @rocketdust its worth a try
rocketdust : @makeupbymima I actually just got off the phone with them saying this exact same thing and they were willing to upgrade my shipping πŸ˜‚ thank you for the heads up
makeupbymima : @rocketdust you're welcome! πŸ˜‰
erreroscia - misskimberlyyy - makeupbymima - modern_courtney -
Why @maccosmetics ? I thought we were friends #madnesstakesitstoll #rhps #macrockyhorror #franknfurter #maccosmetics #sadface
sadface - macrockyhorror - franknfurter - rhps - maccosmetics - madnesstakesitstoll -
bianca_lz08 : It's up now!
gorgeouswifey - bitchnobody - lorena.lovely - alaska_wildgirl -
Also I found one, @ospreyproductions ! #lips #rhps #rockyhorrorpictureshow #dammitjanet #sweettransvestite
rhps - lips - dammitjanet - sweettransvestite - rockyhorrorpictureshow -
ospreyproductions : @tkaydubs @casey_m_craig if you bring it to the office you get a prize! Student Union room 3102
xocharliegirlox : Seems like you find everything! Also, think you're in my 10:50 Sociology class with Jaffee
casey_m_craig : @xocharliegirlox I am :)! And haha I guess I'm lucky ?
tkaydubs : @casey_m_craig congrats on finding a pair of our hidden lips! Can't wait to see you at the show this Friday!
sydlicious1213 - alexisss_angel - tkaydubs - thugwyyfe -
#shutupandtakemymoney #mac #rhps
rhps - mac - shutupandtakemymoney -
daddypop_culture - fingering_unicorns - jasminarey - anisavonruin -
macrockyhorror - buildingaman - classic - rhps -
mgndvn : SO EXCITED FOR THIS COLLECTION! πŸ‘„ I can't decide if I want to use the products or put them all in a shiny display case 😩 Good call @maccosmetics In stores October 2. #macrockyhorror #rhps #buildingaman #classic
_stefanie.salisbury_ : I am essited for it tooo
sarabutton : Yesssss
autumnxbottom - sarabutton - vilecompany - annna__lisa -
ITS HERE.πŸ‘„πŸ’‹πŸ’„ #mac #rockyhorror #makeup #rhps #lipstick #timcurry #movie #film #blush #sparkle #red
lipstick - rockyhorror - rhps - makeup - sparkle - mac - timcurry - red - movie - blush - film -
dazzleandjolt : Omg @pollypocket71
dazzleandjolt : @missharriet
a_mann_daa : @xojanine_marie did u know this was comming out?!! πŸ’„πŸ˜
xojanine_marie : @a_mann_daa ya I want all the lipsticks πŸ’„πŸ’„πŸ’„πŸ’„
alohaamegan - tamuwc - jazmynkw - remysasha -
I've had a pretty crappy week... But this just changed all of that #rockyhorror #rhps #maccosmetics
rhps - maccosmetics - rockyhorror -
doitramsey - yurika_chan1992 - ka_ka_ka_kiah - gutty777 -
This is my mad face! I just missed the @maccosmetics release of #rhps Lipstick and I don't know if I'll be able to get them 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 Somebody help!!!!!!!!
rhps -
ur_luckee_starr -
Mac Rocky Horror Collection finally came out after two semi sleepless nights lol!! #maccosmetics #mac #makeup #beauty #rockyhorrorpictureshow #rhps
mac - maccosmetics - beauty - rhps - makeup - rockyhorrorpictureshow -
everyday_mommy2 - sabbyyy17 - makeupbymima - pamcourson -
FINALLY!!!! I got everything I wanted except the Frank n Furter lipstick that still isn't available yet... Woot!! So excited for these to come!!! @maccosmetics #makeup #MACRockyHorror #rockyhorror #rockyhorrorpictureshow #RHPS #lips #lip #lipstick #eyeshadow #eyeshadowpalette #palette #glitter #eyelashes #falsies #timewarp #franknfurter #redlips
timewarp - makeup - palette - lips - eyeshadowpalette - glitter - rockyhorrorpictureshow - macrockyhorror - eyeshadow - lipstick - rockyhorror - rhps - eyelashes - falsies - lip - franknfurter - redlips -
morganranee15 - recycledstardust - doradomakeup - neeniic -
Been waiting since yesterday to buy the #MACRockyHorror collection, but I finally got my hands on it. All except for the lipstick #frankNfurter that for some reason still isn't available online 😠. Anyway a lot of the collection is dupes of already existing products and your just paying for the Rocky Horror packaging. I just thought I'd let you all know (for example SIN is a permanent pro lipstick color). #Halloween #RHPS #rockyhorrorpictureshow #mac #makeuptalk #makeupartist #makeupjunkie #makeup #mua πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„
macrockyhorror - franknfurter - brokebitchprobs - rhps - makeup - halloween - makeuptalk - mac - mua - makeupjunkie - makeupartist - rockyhorrorpictureshow -
noemitattoos : What store do you think they have the lipstick ?
demolitiondoll : @noemitattoos all stores and counters will get the collection on Thursday.
noemitattoos : Ooo good to know thanks !πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ’„
hellomspoison : I ordered mine too.
mizz_alex_love : Thanks good to know!
lashes_and_lace : @disneydork01 omg I need this
monicaanunezz : It's up
demolitiondoll : @monicaanunezz thanks I got it! Woo!
rachel_armstrong_ - adrii_de_las_flores - mandistarcandi - lesliejocelin -
LA QUIEROOOO! πŸ‘„ #rhps #Repost from @maccosmetics with @repostapp --- Celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in wicked style with an outrageous M·A·C collaboration. Shop online today and stay tuned for a special #Halloween contest! #MACRockyHorror
rhps - halloween - macrockyhorror - repost -
recycledstardust - cons_rf - lilquijano - chomponthis13 -
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