#restinParadise #AlwaysinourHearts #EternallyFlyingthroughtheHeavens
eternallyflyingthroughtheheavens - restinparadise - alwaysinourhearts -
The good die young..... My boy would've been 30 today and after 6 going on 7 years in a few months the pain hasn't gotten any better. Happy Birthday Mikey I love you dog! RIP #GoneTooSoon #MyBestFriend #MyBrother #HappyBirthdayMikey #RestInParadise #Family
restinparadise - family - happybirthdaymikey - mybestfriend - mybrother - gonetoosoon -
mark_snipes - marguritewwberlo - darealwordsound -
On September 23, 2013 at midnight I received a call that I never thought I'd receive. My sister had lost her baby at 26 weeks pregnant, no breath no beat no life. I remember driving to the hospital sobbing and screaming and praying everything was just a lie and my niece Allison was okay. Needless to say it wasn't a lie God gained his little angel, no words can express what my sister felt all I knew was it was going to be tough and I couldn't relate one bit. A year later and I still get pretty choked up thinking about this, I know your celebrating your first birthday in heaven baby we love you so much. Rest in paradise Allison Elizabeth!πŸ’œ #foreverinourhearts #happybirthday #restinparadise #lovemymoni πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜‡πŸ‘Ό
happybirthday - restinparadise - lovemymoni - foreverinourhearts -
xoshellsea : This was beautiful β™‘
breee_jet : @xoshellsea thanks😘
_poison_envy_ : Awe happy birthday baby RIP. My little sis is up there too! :)
breee_jet : @_poison_envy_ thank you! May she rest in paradise also!πŸ˜‡
jrdalilah_ : Awwww
his_wifey_grace : RIP Lil angelβ™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ happy bday babyβ™‘
adrianxlobos - daphne.blakes - monikaa_29 - justice_lady -
After i heard there was a Memorial Show being put up, i asked my mommy to take me. She knew how much the show meant to me amd how much the singer meant to me, even though i didn't know Mitch personally but traveling from Utah was definately worth the trip and waiting in line for 5 hours without a jacket wearing a jersey. I bought two shirts and two bracelets that night, pretty much donated $100 to Kenadee. <3
kenadee - restinparadise - suicidesilence - mitchluckermemorialshow -
shainahatesbacon : #mitchluckermemorialshow #Kenadee #SuicideSilence #RestInParadise
maybeitsjustbands - weirdbrightsyde - damonstagaming - shyla_val -
#RestInParadise #RIPNathanVargas #WeLoveAndMissYou
restinparadise - weloveandmissyou - ripnathanvargas -
shell_bloyer - nessashae4 - brookehaley_ - jazminjean66 -
The first picture we ever took together. The one time we met Abe Lincoln πŸ˜‚ #restinparadise
restinparadise -
sandral95 - brand0_on - shawdeezy_ - princesskcin -
15 years since you've been gone. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and wish you were here with us especially to see you niece and nephew grow up. Rest in paradise Lau. We love and miss you so much. #15YEARS #OURANGEL #RESTINPARADISE #TAULAUSBABYSISTER #MYSONSNAMESAKE @californias_king @sunny8701 @klayd0 @shannniie_ @charlenefs_ @ucegangkodak_ @aunnie82 @bubbamade @shastalagitao71 @solo3 @mizz_olo @cleopatra042 @troopfromtheloop @uso_4eyes
ourangel - restinparadise - 15years - taulausbabysister - mysonsnamesake -
mommieof2blessingz - tayo_93 - nannah_sitagata143 - teefrmthelbc -
We would never be here without you. We'd be nothing of the people we are today without you. Thank youuu for your infinite love.. Thank youuuu for bringing us all back together.. πŸ™πŸ’• πŸ‘Ό #siblings #reunited #nephew #celebrating #thelifeofourAngel #oureverything
oureverything - celebrating - weloveyounanay - thelifeofourangel - grandkids - siblings - nephew - restinparadise - reunited -
alysciaaa : #weloveyouNanay #restinparadise #grandkids
carlwithak - coconut_adobo - jcapuyan - cmgoodman92 -
3 years since I lost one of my best friends. There isn't a day that goes by that she is not thought of in some way, a song, Jager, my pink satin lip gloss, red roses. You were one hell of a girl Dani and I miss you everyday but more important, you teach me everyday, to love and push through ❀🌹 #onelove #restinparadise
restinparadise - onelove -
katholeeny : πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
del9 - wolf.hearts - holz1989 - hannycon -
#restinparadise #justiceforgio I know you're in heaven with gramps now & he's gonna take care of you. Love you G
restinparadise - justiceforgio -
wendysheart : I'm sorry to hear about your cousin mija. Please send my condolences to Lynnette and the kids:( rip Gio
fausty_oh : Thank you Wendy. I will. @wendysheart
almaloc : Yes Tina there needs to be #justiceforgio that cold hearted person who had the nerves to leave the scene and not even stop needs to pay for this young life that was taken to soon!
fausty_oh : Amen alma. It pisses me off. Still can't believe how someone could be so careless. #justiceforgio
fausty_oh : @almaloc
almaloc : And it's absolutely understandable that you feel that way Tina bear a life can not be bought or replaced people need to be more careful everyday I come across the shitiest drivers on the rode hauling ass like there in a race or they need to prove a point they need to realize they are putting everyone around them in danger hang in there Tina if they don't pay in this life they will in the next love you! @fausty_oh
fausty_oh : Yeah I know what you mean. I've seen it myself. I'm trying to keep it together, I know I can't be stressing and getting upset. The person will get what they deserve like you said whether it's now or later. @almaloc thanks alma bear love you too!
almaloc : Yes Tina you can't you got two baby girls that need you! And no problem Tina bear good night! @fausty_oh
_angieeexo - jessikkah_love - wendysheart - jasmin.t_519 -
Thinkin about u trick! I'm hoping ur havin a good time up there! #restinparadise
restinparadise -
flip_gcode : πŸ™ŒπŸ™
flip_gcode - mair113 - nativehill15 - wildthrillmhill -
Heavens got another beautiful soul in their kingdomπŸ™ #wip #restinparadise
restinparadise - wip -
fljr52 : I want one!!!
monidiablita - fljr52 - kristy_aac - 3b3rt -
From Jeff to me, on the day you passed so now it's from us to you. What a coincidence that was, huh? I have a weak heart & I miss you so terribly, babygirl. You'll always hold a special place in my heart. πŸ˜’β€οΈπŸ’ž #RestInParadise #loveyouforever
restinparadise - loveyouforever -
simply_chubbs - gabberz3 - msxeeyang - eric_cp32 -
Can't forget my #mce.. miss you tioπŸ‘Ό#RestInParadise 🌴
mce - restinparadise -
_babyytoodopee_ - willyboi22 - persianlooch - marcela_roxxanne -
Missing this one more than everπŸ’” #mybabygirl #mybestfriend #mywholeworld #imissyou #icantbelieveyourstillgone #youllneverbeforgotten #bestdogever #sheltie #shetlandsheepdog #onlynineyearsold #gonetoosoon #restinparadise
mywholeworld - onlynineyearsold - icantbelieveyourstillgone - shetlandsheepdog - mybestfriend - restinparadise - gonetoosoon - mybabygirl - youllneverbeforgotten - imissyou - sheltie - bestdogever -
the_windupbird - steven__andrew - akondrato - austin_franco_ -
Gone but never forgotten... #GuardianAngel #RestInParadise #MyAngel #UncleAli
guardianangel - restinparadise - myangel - uncleali -
hannahweakley - dom_guerra - aa_lozada - _joyaaa -
#prayingforyou #youwillbemissed #restinparadise
youwillbemissed - prayingforyou - restinparadise -
wushyy - brandon_yb_ - darealjoshbaron - cella_mb -
I know it's late, but I wanna make this man my #MCM before the night ends.. Because lord knows, that I miss you more than anything. You taught me a lot, by how you looked at life. You were my go to for EVERY break up I have since my Sophomore year. You were my advice man, and you always told me I could do better than the low life niggas I had. It made me realize my worth. And I thank you for that... Sky, words can't describe how great full I am for you. To have had you by my side and on my side. I honestly never thought this would hit so close to home, when I found out my heart just shattered and still I walk around trying to fix the pieces. But I know, no matter how far you are you would never leave me to fix them myself ❀️ if I listen long enough , I always hear you. If I focus hard enough , I still see you. Never will you loss a place in my heart. Never will I forget the nights of trouble we caused. The late night store runs when we had the munchies, the late swims, walking on the tracks... Even though everything is a memory now, you are still walkin by my side everyday. #RIP #Restinparadise #loveyoualways #sky
mcm - loveyoualways - sky - restinparadise - rip -
all_things_grey_ - abiebuttar - mallorytaylorrrr - ms.timeless -
I love you, and I will miss you. Now you're in such a better place, looking down upon us. I wish that you didn't have to live half way around the world. Just know that I love you Lola. #iloveyou #guardianangel #restinparadise
guardianangel - iloveyou - restinparadise -
vickaay_martinez : R.I.P πŸ™πŸ‘ΌπŸ˜”πŸ’™ Prayers go out to you and your family! Keep your head up DennyπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
livinlow_deeezydoesit : Thanks Vicky! πŸ™β€οΈ @vickaay_martinez
staycoastin_manny : My condolences and prayers go out to you and your family. Stay strong brotha!
mike_sti : πŸ™
ends_uno : Rest in peace πŸ™ my prayers go out to you and your family , stay strong bro.❀
sheshu_me : Sorry for your loss...
sandra22here : Beautiful! Check out my bio ;)
sleepywagon - indeeyuh - __cee__jay__ - laurenashh_ -
"I've been around the world and I-i-i/ I can't find my baby" Aaliyah f/ Missy - Where Could He Be #Aaliyah #AaliyahDanaHaughton #mygirl #restinparadise #WhereCouldHeBe
aaliyah - wherecouldhebe - mygirl - aaliyahdanahaughton - restinparadise -
fightlessloveharder : ❀❀
masterdayv : Ayyyyyeeee text me, 626 698 5040
callmespidey : Ugh... Love this damn song
gregorryyy : @callmespidey I'm completely taken back by that statement lol
callmespidey : Why? You should know me bitch
gregorryyy : @callmespidey I do. No one knows you better. It's just that no one really knows this song so when they do it's a shock.
juantonn86 - adairw81 - andreagerardina - sylar_marc -
I wish I came to visit you more often. You left too soon grandpa but I'm happy to know that you're with the Lord in heaven. I miss you so much. Monterey will never be the same without you. Love you so much. Rest in paradise πŸ’•πŸ™ #09222014 #restinparadise #curecancer #100happydays #day64
100happydays - restinparadise - 09222014 - curecancer - day64 -
hunnybun510 : R.i.p
justinemeg : ❀️❀️condolences eunie ❀️❀️
chorachel : Hwaiting μ–Έλ‹ˆ πŸ’•πŸ™†
jino_pedro : Sorry for your loss miss @euniceehahn
emont5 - jeselyn_perezzz - oceanlove89 - angelpark -
The Dobells😍 5 years today since you left us, miss and love you. Forever in our hearts ❀️#restinpeace#dad#loveyou#restinparadise#fiveyearstoday#anniversary#loveyou
dad - restinpeace - restinparadise - fiveyearstoday - anniversary - loveyou -
mattknysh - bluebottle13 - madilori - demiwalkerr -
This is literally the saddest thing ever 😭πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜€πŸ’• #restinparadise
restinparadise -
ohthatsbabyyy : She is definitely watching you blossom into the beautiful smart young lady you are. I love youu
rosey_blessed : 😒😒😒πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
2knwmeis2luvme : Awhhhh I wish could change the hands of time and make that day never happen.. I know you miss her we all do but you were her pride and joy and I know she is proud of you keep ya head up and know that she loved you sooooo much
piercethejackeline : She's looking down at you and smiling because of how strong you are. I know that she's proud of you and how much you've grown to be a beautiful girl with a caring heart. Ily thyra πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
kaioners : I love you, Thyra. don't ever forget that. πŸ’•πŸ˜˜
jessica.650 : i love you πŸ’šπŸ˜˜
hansito_17 - saramojaddedi - sexiidanii09 - rommelajen -
Where do I start.. It gets harder and harder but you taught me to be strong. You told me one day you would be gone. I just couldn't imagine tho.! You taught me all the game I know! I know your in heaven leading the line dance tonight! I miss you soooo much! Keep watchin over me! #DanceForMe #Sept22nd #AnAngelWasBorn #IMissYou #RestInParadise #
sept22nd - restinparadise - imissyou - anangelwasborn - danceforme -
kita_2_real8900 - trueeroyaltyy - chenellyboo - raybaby_27 -
This is for my fuckn Dawg man!!! Love you bro! #RestInParadise @selfmade703va @kdb_44
restinparadise -
jayhoney3 - saydiebadd - innocentsmilesss - reck4 -
Throw back #fathersonlove #neverforgetyou #restinparadise #neverforgetthatday #youweretakentoearly #worstdayofourlives #worstdayofmylife
neverforgetyou - neverforgetthatday - worstdayofmylife - fathersonlove - worstdayofourlives - youweretakentoearly - restinparadise -
hanchartrand - shaniabeet - ashleyangst - wyattwiebe -
I love and miss you Aunt Cheryl. #19yearsago #restinparadise #iloveyou #enddomesticviolence #aunt #family
restinparadise - aunt - family - 19yearsago - enddomesticviolence - iloveyou -
tukta_imports - amityariel1293 - sav_tivv - dani__darling -
Yesterday we finally laid my little brother to rest. It was both _ucked up and beautiful. Rest easy my man. He's at Myrtle Hill Cemetery to the right of the main fountain if you would like to say hi or bye. Thanks to all the friends and family who have been there for us during this time. No more sad posts for a while y'all. #restinparadise #bestfriend #summer2014cansuckit #alexpinzonforever
restinparadise - bestfriend - alexpinzonforever - summer2014cansuckit -
jenrunstheworld : ❀❀❀ I will definitely go see him. Thank you. Love you all!
curst_roloc : I'm sorry that this happened my dood I can only imagine what your going threw. This spot is beautiful tho I'm sure he would like it but he's in a better place don't doubt that and one day you will see him again. Miss ya buddy @colombian_brad_pitt hope things are going good at the new home.
kentpearsonbmx : I feel for you - we need to get together soon
colbydiver : ♥
jessytwin : Rip
capttomkiernantattoos : Bad ass stone for a bad ass man!! Respect and love for all the Pinzons
dlnasrall : Hugs to you and the family
debbiekiernan : Love to you and your family
cihuapilli_mimi - pucksnotdead - driftfc - debbiekiernan -
Hey guys!! Please take the time and read this, and help honor the life of Jessica! Please let my sister @chelsea_m21 know if you want to purchase a ticket! Thank youu. πŸ’• #JessicaRodriguez #benefit #celebration #restinparadise
benefit - jessicarodriguez - restinparadise - celebration -
alexis_nicole8 - lawrahkins - its.kat.01 - gaas18 -
#RestInParadise man, it's crazy how you were at my mothers birthday party and now your gone. I don't understand why the worst happens to someone who did good and minded their own business. You knew me since I was a little kid and it's sad to see you go. It's sad to see the way you went out but I'm sure your death will not be in vein and Justice will be served. #RipDanny
restinparadise - ripdanny -
megan._.fab : πŸ™
_fariny_xo : It's a cruel world we live in. He was loved by many, idk how someone would want to do this. May he rest in peace πŸ™
shanna_baronoff : So sorry for your loss πŸ˜”πŸ™
jensinb : @megan._.fab thank you
jensinb : @_fariny_xo it's just like wow that's the last person I would of thought something like that would of happened
jensinb : @shanna_baronoff thank you I appreciate you!
dalleyri - alfonsina_x3 - laura.valdez - djimenez017 -
R.I.P Red #restinparadise #godhasyounow #in #doggyheaven #missyou #sadday #badday #iwillseeyousoon #buddy
buddy - missyou - restinparadise - badday - in - doggyheaven - iwillseeyousoon - sadday - godhasyounow -
portia_jenkins_ : Sorry for you loss hun. Animals are really humans best friends. They have loving spirits. You will see him again.
bobby_3p - friedahmmoscoffian - lizz_price1217 - _imitationsofrebellion_ -
Okay Timehops starting to get to me, thanks again though big guy hahaha❀️ #timehop #unpaiddebts #missyoualways #restinparadise
restinparadise - timehop - unpaiddebts - missyoualways -
A #memorial for my #dad #DaddysGirl #RestInParadise #Memories #Motivation #ILoveYou #Inspiration #IMissYou #likeforlike #Tatted #Flowers #Doves #Love #Cali #Women #SnowBunny #Smiles #Model #Life #Kisses 😏
dad - smiles - motivation - love - snowbunny - daddysgirl - kisses - life - tatted - flowers - model - inspiration - memorial - memories - restinparadise - cali - iloveyou - likeforlike - imissyou - women - doves -
tevin : clean
i_c_y_they_n_v_me : @moval_inked_tattoo thank you again
beauty_84 - tevin - the_swagger12345678 - juany_2013 -
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