#shoutouts to @brandnoir10 @frigo #frigobriefs and #reggiebush for sending me my free #boxerbriefs (thanx for selecting me to wear your brand ) #swooshsalute THEY SENT IT STRAIGHT TO #Swoosh thru #Usps "Firstclass" #fukwitswoosh $$$$
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#tbt 2010 #suberbowlchampions #neworleans #saints #reggiebush
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nattynene : I miss u 😭😭😭😭😭 @simplementej
simplementej : @nattynene miss you too but will see you soon. You've got to hook me up for Miami 😜. Get the red ready.
nattynene : Kk boo just make sure it is before the 10th cuz tht is when I leave #Miamicarnivalmadd
nitediva : Where's the rest of ur clothes
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Too much? #cablechargednipples #reggiebush #reggiekardashian #punk
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kazbekp : Say it to his face.
tajishak : @kazbekp lets do it. I know a guy
ali_baba220 : Lol
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War Eagles. #nikecamp #nikefootball #reggiebush #youthathlete #7yearsold #wareagles
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#tbt #neverforget #kimk #reggiebush #fantasyfootball
kimk - thesaintandthesinner - neverforget - reggiebush - tbt - fantasyfootball -
angiebaby09 : I need me a Reggie #yum
taylorkoebele : @angiebaby09 hahahaπŸ™Š
elizhansen : @brittanyakang I'm going to make this my cover photo
brittanyakang : @elizhansen HAHAHAHAHA
_thenewdrew_ : Id forgotten #tiltoday
angiebaby09 : @taylorkoebele or Tyson Beckford .. Tryna make dreams reality lol
koaky : 😍😍😍😍😍 stealing and rp
tisha_bee01 : Look ma! A real ass!
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#ReggieBush will punish his daughter if he had to. #Briseis is #Reggie and wife #Lilit Bush’s first child together. See what #Reggie have to say about punishment on #BlackCelebKids.com. #CelebKids #CelebDads
reggiebush - celebdads - reggie - lilit - briseis - celebkids - blackcelebkids -
nareley : @claudiajaivaney ze lijkt op jaivy tn ze klein was😍 hahaa
tonyadailey_headshots : Omg she is toooo cute!!!
dusty4makeup - heavenswork_31 - alene2011 - _nyasiah_ -
My last post got y'all talking SO I put BABY BRISEIS & MAMA LILIT AVAGYAN(left) next to NORTHWEST & HER MAMA KIM K! Now that you see them side by side.. What do u think? DO THEY LOOK ALIKE? πŸ‘ yes or πŸ‘Ž nah? #kimkardashian #northwest #kanyewest #briseisbush #reggiebush #lilitavagyan TALK 2 ME πŸ‘‡
reggiebush - briseisbush - northwest - lilitavagyan - kanyewest - kimkardashian -
4mariamaria : She got boobs and lips done
_a_d_d_i_e : @odd_3
cokaiinestaxxx : Yes
sweet_pee50 : Da babies look just like there fathers...
thatgirlmeekmilf : πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
_msvavavoom_ : Nope! Not at all
minnie_zee12 : Before I read the caption i actually thought both were pictures of kimmy and baby Mafikeng. (The Capital of a Province called North West)
bakequeen24 : Frightening. .s
thatgirlmeekmilf - heyshunqt - lyrical_ba - erinamunemba -
Reggie Bush whom is pictured w/ daughter Briseis defends NFL Vikings Star Adrian Peterson. Detroit Lions Running Back Reggie Bush has backed Peterson, saying the #Vikings star should be allowed to continue playing football 🏈 despite being indicted on charges of Child Abuse for hitting his 4-year-old son with a switch, (Some Media Reports are saying TREE BRANCH) resulting in cuts to his child’s legs. “I have a 1-year-old daughter, and I discipline her,” Bush said Tuesday morning on WFAN. “I definitely will try to — will obviously not leave bruises or anything like that on her. But I definitely will discipline her harshly depending on what the situation is.” Bush, who previously dated Kim Kardashian, recently married fellow Armenian Beauty Lilit Avagyan, the mother of his child. Now we understand Bushes opinion in regards to discipline but their is a fine line between discipline and abuse! That line will be examined in this instance by the legal system as it should be. His daughter is one years old and we highly doubt he's pulling a switch on her! In addition, their is nothing wrong with saying I support the brother and wish him the best THE END! Less is definitely more especially in this case! #AdrianPeterson #ReggieBush #NFL #MinnesotaVikings #ChildAbuse #LeaveItToTheCourts #NorthWouldNever πŸΈβ˜•οΈ
reggiebush - leaveittothecourts - minnesotavikings - vikings - nfl - childabuse - adrianpeterson - northwouldnever -
rozzt : @keelahkareem who the daddy?
lizzocakes : @adilove10 what a cutie she is!
beejayde4 : I.honestly don't believe in hitting a female. Let the mother discipline her f a spanking is in order.
104freckles : @anngee_mac yes he does
momsworld : Hope lil miss-not-north-west doesn't do anything wrong. I'd hate to see her discipline harshly by spanking with a tree branch to mark up her legs. Sotp it!
momsworld : Sorry 'bout them typos
toyatati : @nai_zir Yup your the only one annoyed as well as the only one annoying! πŸ’Ί
mynuszrow : @rhstl I agree 100 %
luvinmylife_13 - angel_unforgettable - 1_leo_lady - mzaliciap -
#REGGIEBUSH pictured w/ daughter BRISEIS defends #ADRIANPETERSON (but WE are calling BOOOSHIT) Adrian Peterson has his defenders in the #NFL ranks. #DETROITLions #runningback Reggie Bush has backed Peterson, saying the #Vikings star should be allowed to continue playing #football🏈 despite being indicted on charges of #childabuse for hitting his 4-year-old son with a switch,(most of the media are saying TREE BRANCH but most of y'all know the difference..) resulting in cuts to his child’s legs. “I have a 1-year-old daughter, and I #discipline her,” Bush said Tuesday morning on WFAN. “I definitely will try to — will obviously not leave #bruises or anything like that on her. But I definitely will discipline her harshly depending on what the situation is.” Bush, who previously dated #KimKardashian, recently married #LilitAvagyan, the mother of his child. I SAY REGG IS FULL OF CRAP ON THIS ONE! NO WAY IN HELL IS HE GONNA SWITCH HIS PRINCESS πŸ‘Έ THOUGHTS? TALK 2 MEπŸ‘‡
discipline - reggiebush - vikings - lilitavagyan - bruises - nfl - football - kimk - detroitlions - runningback - kimkardashian - childabuse - adrianpeterson -
detroitlionsupdates : Can I get a follow?
cyndib2012 : Exactly @m3x100 !!!!!
tracey_the_beautiful : So cute πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
simplyalfdallas : There's a difference between a whopping and a beating!! What my brother and I received as kids were beatings but what I gave my sons were whoppings, a few good licks on the butt and that's it. From the pics Adrian Peterson beat that little boy.
simplyalfdallas : Now my question is: there's no investigation of the events? You are instantly charged and found guilty?
_a_d_d_i_e : @youngtake408
oosocrissy : @psydmom
mademoiselle_arielle : @balleralert
showtimepromodel - brightbrwngirl - lexxxi_lex - leelove225 -
@reggiebush you are a fucking scumbag YOUR DAUGHTER IS ONE YEAR OLD!!!! What the fuck could she possibly do that's so fucking horrible that you would have to discipline her bad enough to possibly leave a bruise?!? Who cares if your mamma whooped your ass with a belt until blood starting dripping down your back side you are suppose to BE BETTER and not abuse your future blood line. Call me crazy if you want but I DO NOT BELIEVE IN HITTING A CHILD no matter what they did it messes them up psychologically this is just crazy!!!! #FuckingScumbag #ReggieBush #ChildAbuser " #IDefintelyWilltryToObviouslyNotLeaveBruises " ***if you have something negative in response to say to this then you are just as stupid as he is*** children ARE NOT punching/slapping/hitting bags you DO NOT take your frustrations out on a child.
fuckingscumbag - reggiebush - childabuser - idefintelywilltrytoobviouslynotleavebruises -
bupco -
Love this look ! #reggiebush #watch #blazer #men #travel #dress #vest #tie #blackandwhite #fashion #style #football
vest - reggiebush - blazer - blackandwhite - travel - men - watch - style - football - fashion - tie - dress -
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Reggie Bush edit! TAG HIM @reggiebush Rate 1-10! #lions #detroit #football #nfl #21 #reggiebush
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noah_parker__ : @reggiebush 7
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ljartwork : Great work πŸ‘
shacks_edits : @reggiebush
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Reggie Bush @reggiebush #reggiebush #detroitlions
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meetthebushs : πŸ‘Œ
julian.606 : @reggiebush
downwithdetroit : Very cool!
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Ugh gross! 😑 Can't he be banned just for saying such nonsense? What's the obsession with hitting children?! #reggiebush #adrianpeterson
adrianpeterson - reggiebush -
lo_life800 : Ben Rothelesiburger raped and sexually assaulted how many women?? That shit pisses me off !! Tony Stewart killed a man on the race track and still racing. But no other coverage on that. I'm just gonna leave this here.. #nfl #rayrice #adrianpeterson #Racecard #middlefingersUp.
lo_life800 : @mollie_tx @kellysmarr
kellysmarr : True. @lo_life800 But those issues got an awful lot of coverage. Especially the Michael Brown case. I agree BR and many others should not be playing professional sports!
mmariadj : @lo_life800 so you think people shouldn't care when a man beats his child? This is the same man whose son died last year from being beat by the mom's boyfriend. It's not ok to beat kids period. It doesn't matter what other horrible stuff is happening in the world, it doesn't make it ok.
msneka863_727 : @lo_life800 Way more black males kill each other than any other race. Focus on the hate on oneself if u want people to value u.
msneka863_727 : Black men are nut jobs!
msneka863_727 : Well most!
mollie_tx - sabrinamari1023 - lo_life800 - becky_eventcrush -
Happy humpday! @kanyewest
kimk - yeezy - reggiebush - humpday -
ednuh_uh : Hahahahahahah
nessee8 : Nice
bridgetteyo : This >>>>
jennifer.213 : Lol
mardo_ : #humpday
krystley : Ha! Haha!!!
mardo_ : #kimk #yeezy #reggiebush
losangeleschris : Lmfao
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Good morning! #damn #eyecandy #reggiebush #yolo
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WHO YALL GOT IN A FOOTRACE?? #reggiebush #chrisjohnson #devinhester #deseanjackson #nfl #speeddemons #race #whowins πŸ‰πŸƒπŸ‰πŸƒπŸ‰πŸƒ
speeddemons - reggiebush - nfl - chrisjohnson - whowins - race - devinhester - deseanjackson -
george11689_ : Hester
god_of_salvation : Jackson
justqinhere2 : Jackson
tarell_25 : That's between Johnson and Jackson ... Johnson is a former all American sprinter
g4_chi : Vick lol
robo831 : Johnson
leegotbars : CJ
nh_slimm : D-Jacc
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RunningBack #Reggiebush says he whoops his one year old. Hear it hear. I think these nfl niggaz are nuts lol #lions #nfl #dead #funny #btfu #lol #lmbo #lmao #jokes #joking #Hilarious #clown #savvydat #brah #witty #silly #funnyAF #wow #crazy #toofunny #omg #icant #trending #hellnaw
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gladd206 : πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ @russdean206 @travellin__man @tru_ladd75
tru_ladd75 : Man they just don't know how to word things!!!
tru_ladd75 : #fake
_____naii : @a_xvii_xv @drebbyy @rashelle78
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Just because this picture is kick ass! #reggiebush #myman #favplayer #21 #detroitlions #nobodydoesitlikereggie #hesabeaut πŸˆπŸ‘πŸ˜
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Reggie bush "animal" design like the style? #unleashthebeast #reggiebush
reggiebush - unleashthebeast -
tdd.designs : @reggiebush @reggiebush @reggiebush
devon_designs : @reggiebush
cv.graffix : don't really like the style
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Detroit , keep trying !! Lol
familybelike - reggiebush - usa - dontgiveup - lovethegame - michigan - football - footballtime - peace - nfl - lionsnation - detroitlions - motorcity - lions - gameday - touchdown - mondaynightfootball -
nana_2_three : #lions #familybelike #football #dontgiveup #touchdown #lovethegame #reggiebush #michigan #USA #peace #NFL
nana_2_three : #detroitlions #lionsnation #mondaynightfootball #gameday #motorcity #footballtime
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What my 12 am lookin like got the reggie the doja and the lean!! #greatnight #dojainmylungs #doublecup #purplesprite #htowntea #reggiebush #idgt #imastoner #imfaded #paperplanes
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shi_rack : We be gettin butter
weed_chronicles_ - topdawgleon - thugsneedlove2_ - 2words__1fingaaaaa -
Reppin the Lions gear tonight at mom's b day dinner #reggiebush jersey
reggiebush -
mylesrothfarb9 : Nah
mlb_prodigy - j_a_p3 - christian_34_bodlovich - edod027 -
One of hardest hits I can recall!!! #HardHits #NflHits #ReggieBush #SheldonBrown 😑🏈
hardhits - sheldonbrown - reggiebush - nflhits -
oscar_lo2 : This video reminds me of how soft the NFL got. This would have been a flag today, for hitting a defenseless receiver.
dwill1988 : @oscar_lo2 I agree! Today's game is like flag football smh
iamjosepht_ : @mrprollywityobihh !!!!
lester_james_ : @brittan_rp_duhon
javonisantoine : @oscar_lo2 I feel like a lot of sports got softer; not worst just softer.
t_o_dub_d - _whop2 - alexxisxo - nandanasc97 -
#crazy i just found my #pyramid I made #sophomore year of #highschool.. me and my favorite player even back when he was a #sooner #AdrianPeterson other side had #ReggieBush haha .. #nostalgia.
crazy - reggiebush - sophomore - nostalgia - sooner - pyramid - adrianpeterson - highschool -
tortureteampromo - mari_scoottttt - meetthebushs - goodwin.dorothy -
That new shit #reggiebush #lions #Detroit #21
reggiebush - lions - 21 - detroit -
travelonthegood : Looks Awesome!
hendershott - j_knowles - mattk0384 - the_sweep3223 -
#ReggieBush edit New #Detroitlions #defendtheden #Detroit #Michigan #sports #superbowl #nfc #nfl #Americanfootball #football #foxsports #lionsbloodinc
reggiebush - superbowl - americanfootball - defendtheden - lionsbloodinc - michigan - football - nfl - sports - detroitlions - detroit - nfc - foxsports -
detroitlionsupdates : Can I get a follow?
rosemary_roe_marino : πŸ’™
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#ReggieBush with them moves! #madden15 #ultimateteam #juke #gone
gone - reggiebush - xboxone - madden15 - ultimateteam - juke -
tk_killllla : #xboxone
zuvviee : U dont want it
tk_killllla : I haven't really been playing people just that ultimate team thing. But you still don't want it lol @zuvviee
zuvviee : Bruh i go hard and a half
tk_killllla : Hmu when you want it @zuvviee
robbyt94 - lexxibreann - _madden15_ - d_hargis15 -
@reggiebush #The5Days #Cinco #california #sctrojans #Usc #usctrojans #heisman #champion #saints #dolphins #lions #LosAngeles #helixhs #hawaii #oregonducks #fresnostate #notredame #fightingirish #Five
southerncalifornia - heisman - the5days - champion - notredame - madden15 - madden - cinco - losangeles - five - fresnostate - trojans - usctrojans - helixhs - dolphins - sctrojans - reggiebush - usc - dudesbelike - bestrunningback - nfl - saints - hawaii - oregonducks - lions - california - bestever - fightingirish -
allthatanddenson : #Dudesbelike #nfl #madden #madden15 #southerncalifornia #trojans #reggiebush #bestever #bestrunningback
eddy_ceo : Good stuff
twentyseven702 : #art #draw #sketch #pastels #followback #follow #f4f
ulifeofficial : Nice pic!
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He could go all..the..way!!! #touchdown #kickreturn #reggiebush #madden15 #fantasyteam #xboxone
kickreturn - reggiebush - touchdown - fantasyteam - madden15 - xboxone -
tk_killllla - _madden15_ - ltgabbert - xx_hooper -
#cherrykush #kush #cheese #reggiebush #bigbuddacheese
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The two most electric and entertaining College Football players of my generation. #ReggieBush #USC #CharlesWoodson #UofM
charleswoodson - uofm - usc - reggiebush -
djooochildnyc : U know that was my guy Reggie @ralphasala
ralphasala : Yeah you were all about that USC squad @djooochildnyc
djooochildnyc : Word up USC was Heavy all thru HS πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ @ralphasala
gunshow_franxo - walter_party - bramhajung - ralphasala -
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