Orakpo will wear a cast on hand Thursday Brian Orakpo said he expects to play Thursday with a hard cast on his left hand. Orakpo, who was sporting a splint on his middle finger after Tuesday's walkthrough, said X-Rays did not reveal a break. But he did acknowledge that he saw a hand specialist this week and was diagnosed with a torn ligament. He was limited in practice on Monday. (Tuesday's report has not been made public yet.) “No break, just a torn ligament,” Orakpo said. “I just have a little process, some rehab, and I have to keep it straight for the time being.” The 28-year-old outside linebacker suffered the injury against the Eagles. After missing a few plays, he returned to the game. “I don’t feel as bad this week as I did in the game so I can still play my normal right side,” Orakpo said. “I’ll be fine.” Orakpo said the pain is manageable and the cast will prevent further damage. What he doesn’t know is how well he’ll be able to tackle. “I don’t know how it will affect me because I haven’t been in that situation yet,” he said. “We’ll see. I should be fine. I’m on the edge. I can hold the edge. I only need to grab [when I] tackle.” For more news follow me @redskinsanalyst #world #washingtonredskins #entertainment #rg3 #usa #skins #sports #fans #football #httr #celebrities #nfl #news #redskins #cnn #bet #love #celebs #nba #wizards #basketball #movies #music #dmv #nfldraft #espn
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How did your team stack up this week? #cowboynation A- #eagles B+ #giants A #redskins A- NFC East is ours for the taking!!
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twiggnation : #Niners F!
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Even #redskins fans and #cowboys fans can get along. We all can get along! #httr #addiction2sports
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Cartman’s new “Washington Redskins” business draws some unexpected attention. Watch it go down in the Season Premiere, “Go Fund Yourself” — TOMORROW @ 10p on Comedy Central! #southpark #cartman #redskins #washingtonredskins #lol #football #newsouthpark #seasonpremiere #southparkfans #gofundyourself
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suanypangallo : @thurman_lewis
shawncoval : @kp2013jets
robbward33 : How come last season was on much
robbward33 : Plz tell me canada will get the new sputhpark on comedy central
stuart00987 : @robbward33 whats wrong with Much? I didn't mind it.
tbhbobbie : i think that we should make terrance and philip an actual comedy show. just sayin
robbward33 : I dont get much lol
sam_djan : South park season 18 premiere tomorrow
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Et puis c'est toi, et puis moi. Tant mieux, tant pis, j'ai perdu le décompte. C'est un peu plus que rien et un peu moin que tout. C'est a la fois gigantesque et minuscule, magnifique et terrible, infini et affreusement court. C'est plus fort que la vie, plus fort que la mort, plus fort que tout ce qu'il y a entre les deux. c'est plus fort que le vent, la terre, l'eau et le feu,. Plus fort que la jalousie, la haine et le désespoir, la tromperie. C'est pas de l'amour, c'est pas de la haine. C'est indescriptible, c'est tout c'est nous sans limite. #chrisdepute #blackandwhite #picoftheday #love #ily #bb #bad #9month #hair #redskins
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#Cowboys and #Eagles fans won't like this one #Redskins will.... what's in your man cave? #artwork #DC #DMV #757 #Redskinsfans #customartwork #fantasyfootball #mancave #decorate #gameroom #tvroom #dmvnetwork #washingtonredskins #painting #artlife #DEFINED
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msmia2 : @too_real89 you like this?
djmartianmarley : @definedarts how much ?!?
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White & Gray Starter Collection πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
q_hicks : Giants πŸ™Œ
nigel5858 : @scottjones212 @tarikb215 @t_boogz @teron_n_briggs
jayhillary : @aleahgrace @jordantarnoviski eagles πŸ˜›
roachiejr : @parkthatjimmy
martymcfly65 : @uscunion fire!
a_kid_named_deem : How much for the Eagles jacket
cvasquez408 : @mr_luckey4
puff_daddy_a : How much boss
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Así nos recibieron los Pieles Rojas ... #vincelombardi #redskins
vincelombardi - redskins -
citmond : Bsnsjajabbbsnsjs
avalonzero : Llegaran a Green Bay?
bringkdhome : Please follow if you would like to see Kevin Durant come home to DC to play for the Wizards in 2016.
xavi_mar : 🏈
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Nyc back again #redskins
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#deseanjackson #redskins #httr #beathegiants #hail #nfl
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Is Redskins' QB Kirk Cousins clutch?  Should Ravens' owner Steve Bisciotti be penalized for how the Ravens handled the Ray Rice situation?  Listen in to tonight's show at 7:30 pm ET.  Here's the link The link is in @waleo32's bio as well.  Call in 202-495-0904. #urbansportsscene #podcast #dmv #dmvpodcast #sportspodcast #dmvsportspodcast #nfl #ravens #redskins #dc #Baltimore #kirkcousins #rayrice #bisciotti
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jessicamar1986 : Very cool!
chelseamlogan : Nice!
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Doggy setting ❀️ #lilly #germansheppard #furmomma #cuteness #spottedtounge #thatface #dogs #redskins #stunnashades #sunshine #dogsetting
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loovvvveeeee them & they love me back 😏😘 #redskins#ouryear#dontbemad#winorlose
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I launched my #livewithstevelobel tv show last week with @souljaboy and now today I sit down with my guy @0ne0fone desean Jackson from the Washington redskins click link in my bio to watch part 1 of the interview ..! Thank u for all the great feedback on the show ..! #weworking #livewithstevelobel #stevelobelconsulting #deseanjackson #redskins #NFL #football #teamjackson
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bgsport : @weworking text me! Lost all my contacts one of my guys is in town this week lets set up an interview
weworking :
queencitymafia : Let's work
dsquared11 : Send all music @queencitymafia to
shantee1922 : Congrats! @weworking
iamaprilwalker : Congrats! !!! I need to get on that show...and you can cover one the trailblazers in urban/streetwear fashion. - shameless plug. πŸ˜˜πŸŽ³πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
thesynergygroupla : Steve Check the #bartendaz they are helping kids in NYC through fitness and enlightenment. Get at my brother @bartendazdr.g
kwt__122 : ΨΆΩŠΩΩˆΩ†ΩŠ Ψ§Ω„Ω„Ω‡ ΩŠΨ¨Ψ΄Ψ±ΩƒΩ… Ψ¨Ψ§Ω„Ψ¬Ω†Ω‡
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Preping for Thursday Night Football. #FEDEXFIELD #PHOTOSPHERE #REDSKINS
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30 Starter Satins Just In!!!! @starterofficial
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mrthrowbacknyc : @dmoreice send again
mrthrowbacknyc : @timblocka_ yes we have a couple I'll post shortly
dmoreice : OK cool I will. Thanks
vintage.snapbacks : πŸ”₯
richard.soto : Large Dodgers? Do you have a picture if it is?
mrthrowbacknyc : @richard.soto just XL & 2X
primetime__24 : Any Large or XL and how much
mrthrowbacknyc : @primetime__24 yes email
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Thursday night football I can't wait if you need #tickets I still have some #available ‼️‼️‼️‼️#Washington #Redskins #skins #HTTR #Giants #NYC ..,
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kylespear1234 : How bout $125
kylespear1234 : Any Dallas at redskins tickets
kylespear1234 : @mrpourmeacup
mrpourmeacup : Yes I have Dallas and Redskins tickets as well and I can definitely get you some nice seats for 125 for the Redskins Giants game Thursday night how many tickets do you need @kylespear1234
kylespear1234 : Well actually I'd rather have Dallas redskin tickets for the same price
mrpourmeacup : I have section 308 row 19 $85 a ticket βœ”οΈ @kylespear1234
kylespear1234 : OK I'll talk to my dad and I'll get back to ya
mrpourmeacup : No problem just DM me πŸ“₯βœ”οΈ @kylespear1234
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Bashaud Breeland is like - 'Oh my gosh, I have the football!' Keenan Robinson - 'This ain't college no more, get up and run!!!' #Redskins #FilmStudy
filmstudy - redskins -
machawa8 : Seems like Breeland will start opposite Amerson on Thursday... Do you think he's a better option than Biggers with Porter in the nickel? Obviously need more talent/depth there
machawa8 - bringkdhome - ri091 - tjmartinez21 -
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caahmeloni_ : Meu lindooooo ♥♥
bringkdhome : Please follow if you would like to see Kevin Durant come home to DC to play for the Wizards in 2016.
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Was surprised w/how well Pierre Garcon got downfield on this play. He's typically not great with downfield routes (he's a YAC guy). But he worked on this in the off-season. The CB challenged him at the line (which has also been an issue for PG in the past). Liked how Garcon swiped his hands, got skinny and then low to get uphill and create separation. Showed some true guts with that safety on top too. He had an outstanding game. #Redskins #FilmStudy
filmstudy - redskins -
machawa8 - bringkdhome - ri091 - tjmartinez21 -
Ok this flyer is finally done! Now come out and have fun, #Redskins fans! #HTTR #Skins #Autographs #FREE
free - autographs - redskins - httr - skins -
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Hail to the redskins#redskins #skinsnation #sundayfootball #football #espn #redskinstalk
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Roy just making sure Pierre spun it right. #HTTR #TD #Celebration #SpinThatBall #Redskins
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deeeemitch : @atown_d we would of blown you guys out if we had RG as the QB
jerdmoulton : @deeeemitch dude I'm a skins fan and that's just not true. Kirk has been healthier and more able to play. Maybe if RG3 had the time to heal that he needed last season we might be doing better. It was a good game and the eagles are not a bad team.
yianniretz_ : @atown_d and how many super bowls do you guys have?
yianniretz_ : @jerdmoulton we still deserved to win though.
chaka702 : @atown_d. Yall dont have any Superbowl rings little boy!
jerdmoulton : @yianniretz_ yea I agree. We are playing at a caliber to win. Once the league gets rid of these flag happy refs we will be in the streak to the top! #HTTR
z_boyland22 : Amen @jerdmoulton
sean_angel_ : 😍
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Made @rudyc_23 look stupid on this play yesterday πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #Madden15 #Cowboysnation #Redskins
cowboysnation - madden15 - redskins -
xxfreshprincexx : Bum ass Cowboys
_kingadrian_ : #SCTopTen
thatskeezamurph : Hahahah
rudyc_23 : Bitch... πŸ˜’
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I'm ready to tailgate #redskins #allday
allday - green - redskins -
_kraziec_fbe : @dmvtomtom I'll be there to homie
cincity_1_ : #NYGiants all day!!
quiendijomiedo : We in there!!
black32tl : Let's all meet up
dmvtomtom : @black32tl #Green lot E42 I'll be there
eayala21 : #HTTR
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two more days! #TNF #Redskins #Giants #NFL
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jborden1020 : So jealous!!!!
aaviickkerrs : Shoulda told me I would have gotten tickets too!
dylanpack : well my roommate got them from work for free and I didn't know I was going until yesterday!
aaviickkerrs : Lucky!
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#httr #redskins
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I rep #DC #DMV all day. #redskins
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100happydays - friends - redskins - day22 -
marianagcantu : #100happydays #day22 #friends #redskins
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Get your HTTR bling. #redskins
redskins -
1l2lcapo - ashia_payne -
#bts my beautiful canvas @tattedupholly painted by me photography by @brendanforbes put together by @blackmeneditor2 behind the scenes filming by @mymanbriscoe
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loveluladey : @bmg_rell
edtheartist1 : #blackmenmag #bodypaint #skinwars #betawards #bethiphopawards #hiphopawards #nyc #maxim #vibemagazine #sourcemagazine #hiphopweekly #loveandhiphop #loveandhiphophollywood #vh1 #mobwives #redskins #falcons #eagles #saints #jets #giants #ravens #steelers #beyonce #2chainz #augustalsina #youngjeezy #thebreakfastclub #teyanataylor
nzingamakeda : Dope!
ilovelili : πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
mymanbriscoe : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
bitchaintright : Love your work 🎨❀️
londaray : Love
bestueverhad8 : 😍
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Made Dan some winter Redskins gear. It's rough dating a Redskins fan but at least I make the most of it. #DIY #redskins #crochet #mittens
crochet - redskins - diy - mittens -
eforsyth76 : OMG those are amazing!!!!!! When did you start crocheting?!?!
rknechtno7 : @eforsyth76 I've known how to do it since I was in middle school but I only knew how to make scarves lol
sonias3289 : @rknechtno7 WHAT you have been hiding your secret talent from me?! I need your schedule asap to teach me.
jayyhlee : Those look awesome!!!
alifreakinburns - edukate13 - katsutoshitsunoda - eforsyth76 -
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