By far one of the best books, love it! #RedeemingLove I can't stop reading it, it's so good that I don't want it to end 😭
redeeminglove -
girl_who_blocked_her_own_shot - l.e.s.tylist -
I don't think I've ever been this emotionally invested in a book. It left me speechless and completely awestruck by God's amazing love for us. #redeeminglove
redeeminglove -
rachaynes : And they're making this a MOVIE! Even though I always prefer the book version of any particular story, I am still very excited!!!
ecaputo20 - claretjeerdsma - kerstenrh - rachaynes -
My princess had a fabulous first day of school yesterday. Never having been in day care or preschool I'm sure it was a bit stressful. I'm pretty sure she missed me since she was needy the rest of the day wanting me close at all times and at one point she told me, "Mommy, I love you more than God loves me!" Ugh! Talk about heart wrenching!!! What a way to express herself and to realize to some degree the extent of God's love for her. Love my sweet princess! The innocent, unconditional love of a child is unlike anything else. I sometimes ask myself what could I possibly have ever done to deserve these kids. Nothing I know. It's called #grace and #redeeminglove. God is good. #blessed #blessedbeyondmeasure #myprincess #princessemma #emmacarolina #lovethischild #firstdayofkinder #sherockedit
princessemma - myprincess - firstdayofkinder - redeeminglove - lovethischild - blessed - sherockedit - grace - emmacarolina - blessedbeyondmeasure -
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Reading on the beach today, while Brod sleeps #peaceful #bookclub #redeeminglove
redeeminglove - bookclub - peaceful -
paytonfehr_ : Wishing this was my day, today! Enjoy!!
nathaliejohnson : Beautiful !!! Wish I was there
cassieponder : That book tho 😍
kendihopeproctor : Have you read that book before?? Tearjerker!! So good!
jenayaeger : Amazing read!
lauraaddie : Best book.
lindseywalters : I've never read this book! I am pretty excited though! Already can't put it down!! @kendihopeproctor
acb_bagg10 - stormiehannah - kathrynlynn2020 - ashleyjordaan -
My only desire and sole ambition is to love You just the same. When only love could make a way, You gave your life in a beautiful exchange❀️. #clouds #cloudporn #stormclouds #skyporn #skyscape #texashillcountry #igsanantonio #igtexas #igsouthtexas #sunset #sunsetporn #texassunset #blessed #hislight #hiscreation #hisgraceisenough #icandoallthingsthroughchrist #nothingisimpossible #redeeminglove #willgiveupwhenimdead #willalwaysbelieve #onbendedknee
willalwaysbelieve - igsouthtexas - nothingisimpossible - skyscape - hiscreation - willgiveupwhenimdead - texassunset - sunsetporn - blessed - stormclouds - onbendedknee - clouds - igsanantonio - hislight - cloudporn - redeeminglove - skyporn - texashillcountry - icandoallthingsthroughchrist - hisgraceisenough - igtexas - sunset -
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Nothing like a good book to keep me up all night. #redeeminglove #bookworn #summer2014
redeeminglove - summer2014 - bookworn -
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The best book I have ever read. It's so emotional. #book #reading #emotional #redeeminglove #beautiful #finished
beautiful - finished - book - emotional - redeeminglove - reading -
l.davy : I actually read this the week before I first came to kings!
charleyfarley95 : Really?! It's so good! Oh I definitely will. Now I've finished this I don't know what to do with myself. It's such a beautiful story, and really encouraged me in my faith! Thank you for the recommendation xx @l.davy
bryany_simmons1764 : Omg I love this book !!! Xx
charleyfarley95 : Isn't it amazing?! How old were you when you read it? It's very heavy material! Xx @bryany_simmons1764
judthbarnett : I'm reading it now!
bryany_simmons1764 : I got it for my birthday this year xx
charleyfarley95 : Ohhhh lovely Bryany! And ooh ooh Judith how far have you got?! It's AMAZING xxx @judthbarnett @bryany_simmons1764
judthbarnett : Chapter 11
bryany_simmons1764 - l.davy - erinanewman - atillaoksuz -
The best novel I have ever read #so #many #tears #incredible #book #reading #redeeminglove
tears - book - so - reading - incredible - redeeminglove - many -
sarastockholm - lottella - atillaoksuz - l.davy -
The power is out, so I'm reading like a third grade #rebel - with a flashlight. I would be under the covers, but it's too hot for that nonsense. #MakingTheBestOfIt #RedeemingLove
redeeminglove - makingthebestofit - rebel -
reba.yo - marlinkalin - jstroud94 - abbayalia -
There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Immanuel's veins. #hallelujahwhatasavior #redeeminglove #sgcworship
redeeminglove - sgcworship - hallelujahwhatasavior -
Already read this book- but I am so excited to read it again. Great book #read #redeeminglove #bookworm
read - redeeminglove - bookworm -
tjpompeo - snwwhte25 -
If you see it, buy it. So wonderful! #francinerivers #redeeminglove
francinerivers - redeeminglove -
leeann_ferraro - kaitleamasters - ashlynnroberts - symatlock -
I just read Francine Rivers' Redeeming Love for the first time. It was so good I read it in 2 days! Such a beautiful picture of unconditional love! #redeeminglove #FrancineRivers
redeeminglove - francinerivers -
fannypackage - kcossio - paitynsmommy -
Already read this book- but I am so excited to read it again. Great book #read #redeeminglove #bookworm
read - redeeminglove - bookworm -
fannypackage - 69deltavert -
A book and an apple post gym does wonders for thyself #chilltime #coolofftime #redeeminglove #loveyourbody #godsengineering #godspurpose #fitnesspro #fitnesslove #healthyliving #bodymechanics #beastatthegym #lovelife 😚😚
chilltime - redeeminglove - coolofftime - healthyliving - bodymechanics - godspurpose - fitnesspro - lovelife - beastatthegym - fitnesslove - loveyourbody - godsengineering -
fannypackage - taneshawhite -
How fitting? Finished #redeeminglove and now can read this online (love the app, but not the $) starting tomorrow! Anyone reading it too? @shereadstruth
redeeminglove -
jessryan828 : Ok, so is it a digital format? Or do they ship you the booklet?
jessryan828 : Or do you all read along together and the booklet is an optional supplement? I just don't see the reding plan listed as an option, but maybe they will open it up tmw morning? I'm having a little trouble figuring it out😊
jessryan828 : *reading plan @brieprose πŸ‘†
brieprose : So @jessryan828 they have 'study packs' which include more stuff from what I've seen. So yes, you can have it shipped to you. The app has the same as the online blog does, but you read the scripture separately. The app lets your purchase the study for $1.99 which isn't expensive, but reading it online is free. Their art work is beautiful & I enjoy reading their writers. No one famous, but always seems insightful to me. 😊
brieprose : Yes! They post daily. If you purchase, you get it all at once. @jessryan828
jessryan828 : That helps explain it. Thanks @brieprose 😊
hazelhive : was just about to tag ya on this when i saw your redeeming love post earlier! glad ya connected the dots! πŸ‘ @brieprose
brinnab - lsigmon22 - jessryan828 - hazelhive -
"I will show love to those I called β€˜Not loved.’ And to those I called β€˜Not my people,’ I will say, β€˜Now you are my people.’ And they will reply, β€˜You are our God!’” (Hosea 2:23 NLT) #redeeminglove #amazinggrace
redeeminglove - amazinggrace -
mmtay419 : s/o to @dianafadal for the awesome graphic ☺️
annakatehorton - jmainer - leighannhorton - colinsonyashannon -
#augustphotochallenge Day 20: what I read #book #reading #stillreading #redeeminglove #goodbook #imgoingtofinishit
imgoingtofinishit - goodbook - book - stillreading - redeeminglove - reading - augustphotochallenge -
andrew.seccia -
#AugustPhotoChallenge #update 23. Favorite #book I have tons of favs books (50 shades, beautiful disaster, hush hush, and more) but I read this one and... Ugh! It's such a book! I really loved it #RedeemingLove (Thanks @btr_covergirl7 for the suggestion)
redeeminglove - book - augustphotochallenge - update -
btr_covergirl7 - jameslittlecupcake -
I did not expect to feel The Lord speak his love over me, profoundly. A story of Pain&love&healing&forgiveness. Absolutely Beautiful. #RedeemingLove
redeeminglove -
brieprose : Haha @jessryan828 that's so fun! Yes, the story of Gomer & Hosea was never relatable before. You're right, WOW. It really blew me away. Totally agree- blessing of a book!!
lzeppo : This is my fav novel! I read it every few years.
afaris28 : This is my all time favorite book. I read it once a year. I love almost all her books. Have you read the "Mark of the Lion" trilogy? So good.
ktrue24 : My favorite!! And you can read it over and over and it never gets old πŸ˜πŸ‘
brieprose : Y'all I had no idea! I had never even heard of this!! @calliehurst @lzeppo @ktrue24 @afaris28 my friend is loaning me the trilogy next πŸ˜‰
hazelhive : oh.its.the.best. i tell every girl i know dealing with "boys" to read this to fall in love with the Constant Pursuer! πŸ˜‰
afaris28 : Have you heard her testimony? It is amazing?
cassieponder : This is such a beautiful copy!!! Where did you get this?
lzeppo - hannahjoy707 - acogdill - lsigmon22 -
This goes perfectly with the book Redeeming Love I'm reading now! #hosea #redeeminglove #francinerivers
redeeminglove - francinerivers - hosea -
cassieponder : Love this.
meaghankbrown - russelldamuscle - hamedashaq - arcaegos -
So excited for Ira and his decision to give his life to the Lord and to continue in obedience by baptism! #vieuxcarrebaptistchurch #vieuxfamily #redeeminglove
redeeminglove - vieuxfamily - vieuxcarrebaptistchurch -
acclark16 - thecgomez - mrsjoshuamays - jdbowen -
Perusing the shelves at Lifeway ...if I wrote a book=My mantra. #bereal #redeeminglove #Jesus #love #truth
redeeminglove - love - bereal - truth - jesus -
getgamegroup - khadijahxokimber -
#reading #literature #bible #english #books #novel #hosea #redeeminglove #coffee #love #art #red #journey #justread #goodstuff
coffee - novel - love - redeeminglove - literature - hosea - justread - bible - books - red - goodstuff - english - art - reading - journey -
rsharpe16 - lisharochellebelle - brittanygroome - laura_knaps -
Raining permits extended stay in bed! ...And girls u didn't warn me I would melt over Hosea! #redeeminglove #lovingit #saturdaysleepin
saturdaysleepin - redeeminglove - lovingit -
xxchloe_maleese : Hahahaha I told u!!!!!! Hosea 😍😍 actually reminds me of kurwin hahaha
_aimzwhitman : @xxchloe_maleese #chlurwin
odettewinnington : Ha ha!! Best book!
mamamegana : What book are you reading @joey_ryan ? Perfect day for it x
karina_lee26 : Ohh I love that book - just finished reading it myself! Redeeming love!
mandycross : I love this book!!!! Hosea! And she needs to let him just be with her lol
sarrygrace - braydenjamescox - karina_lee26 - mrsjazzwatts -
Beach reads // added to the list of favorites #redeeminglove
redeeminglove -
hankody : Is this your first time reading this?!?!
annaeverwood : @hankody YES! I don't know how I missed out on it all these years. Easily one of the best books I've ever read!!
melanierichey : Love that book! I've read it twice!
annaeverwood : @melanierichey Me too! I have a feeling it'll be a reread for me as well!
allyals : I'm only three chapters into this book but it is seriously incredible. So well written for how heavy the material is!!
februaryembers - klcdanae - brooketroxler - clsummers -
You were near though I was distant, disillusioned I was lost and insecure. Still mercy fought for my attention. You were waiting at the door. Then I let you in. When only love could make a way, you gave your life in a beautiful exchange❀️. #somewhereinarkansas #latergram ##igarkansas #greenpastures #hisgraceisenough #icandoallthingsthroughchrist #ibelieve #hislight #nothingisimpossible #ibelieve #faith #farmland #arkansas #clouds #cloudporn #stormclouds #skyporn #skyscape #godssplendor #hiscreation #godsbeauty
willalwaysbelieve - nothingisimpossible - skyporn - icandoallthingsthroughchrist - stormclouds - ibelieve - godsbeauty - godssplendor - hislight - latergram - somewhereinarkansas - faith - farmland - clouds - cloudporn - redeeminglove - igarkansas - skyscape - willgiveupwhenimdead - hiscreation - hisgraceisenough - arkansas - greenpastures -
evamaganaphoto : #redeeminglove #willgiveupwhenimdead #willalwaysbelieve
edi_the_wiz - airlinepilott - helloamez - benlately -
Prayer brings people together. #joycemeyer #praise&worship #christians #freeforall #redeeminglove #IAM
iam - joycemeyer - freeforall - christians - redeeminglove - praise -
dukeaiona : Joyce was amazing
alessa_marie_ : @dukeaiona it was indeed and I am going to all the 3days conference.
carasiccion - mhzsam - prayernetworker - nonaleticia -
By grace alone somehow I stand, where even angels fear to fled. Invited by redeeming love. Before the thrown of God above. He pulls me close, with nail-scarred hands, into his everlasting arms. Boldly I approach your thrown. Blameless now I'm running home. By your blood I come, welcomed as your own, into the arms of majesty. Awesome worship time tonight, I love my awesome church and music team. #boldlyiapproach #rendcollectiveexperiement #awesomesong #stopprocrastinating #redeeminglove #savedbygrace
rendcollectiveexperiement - savedbygrace - redeeminglove - awesomesong - boldlyiapproach - stopprocrastinating -
anjana_g_ - chels_ellen - rollin4christ - jess_schwerzel -
Finally got a #bookcase for my babies! πŸ™Œ... #Books #Novels 😍😍😍 #BookWorm #Reader #LoveReading #LoveBooks #ReadingIsFun #SuckerForAGoodRead πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘“πŸ“šπŸ“–... (βœ‹Not college class books though πŸ‘‰πŸ‘Ή Lol)... Will be re-reading two of my favorite books & definitely blogging about them this time around: #SophiesHEART by #LoriWick & #RedeemingLove by #FrancineRivers #AmazingBooks #MustReads
francinerivers - readingisfun - amazingbooks - loriwick - novels - redeeminglove - lovereading - bookworm - books - suckerforagoodread - reader - mustreads - lovebooks - sophiesheart - bookcase -
beautifulbutterflies81 : Redeeming love is my alllllll time fav!!
taraflorence_ : I love it too @beautifulbutterflies81
saikalynne : What are some of your recommended reads for young women besides the ones pictured?
taraflorence_ : I'll go through my books once get off & post a list... @saikalynne , you just gave an idea for a new blog post
saikalynne : πŸ‘
acresofbeauty - nehemie_ogm - nanciee_x3 - esther_joe_92 -
Rereading one of my faves β™₯ #redeeminglove #bookworm
redeeminglove - bookworm -
jenneal13 : @msdeviedev mine too!
lilbit506 : ABSOLUTELY LOVE !!
eholl757 : LOVE, ITS A CLASSIC! Have you read Atonement Child, also by Rivers????
msdeviedev : @eholl757 yes ma'am I did actually!!! And I've read Lineage of Grace by her as well...
vaughnisthename - meet_ashley - lilbit506 - broken_2_rebuild -
#Lovethis #redeeminglove :)
redeeminglove - lovethis -
az_mysty - ryanbarron243 - sofiacoponen - taymar_salo -
One of the best books I've read in a long time! Based on the book of Hosea. S/O to @danyell1171 for the recommendation #redeeminglove #francinerivers #goodbooks #christianbooks #readers
redeeminglove - goodbooks - francinerivers - christianbooks - readers -
danyell1171 : I cant wait to discuss it with u!
terriwilliams926 : I know!
micalaemilton : The most amazing book!
micalaemilton -
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