It's the little things really β˜•οΈ #yesplease #redeeminglove #vsco #vscocam #goodmorningworld #fromwhereisit
vscocam - vsco - redeeminglove - fromwhereisit - yesplease - goodmorningworld -
palmerfant : I just got that book 😍
kuhlair : That book is AMAZING. It honestly changed my perspective on life/marriage.
madibrown7 : BEST BOOK EVER!!!!
_jparker2991 : I read half of it. Seriously the best half of any book I've ever read. Like for real...and stuff. #rad
rspraggins : Classy
heathergrace : read that book... SO GOOD. I'm reading Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers right now! I'll let you borrow it when you're done (it's so good). it's a life changer lol
claireissah : @kathrinemwinstead @lauren_haigler @madeleinesinclaire @smiling_mc @palmerfant @madibrown7 I just finished!!! SOO GOOD!! 😱😍 @kuhlair girl, same here!! @_jparker2991 can't fully tell if you're joking.... But amen πŸ™ @heathergrace yes please!! @rspraggins πŸ’
lauren_haigler : @heathergrace @claireissah Lineage of Grace is by far one of my favorite books! Great choice!
me_fream - taylorharbour - rumrumminger - cesalie_c -
This book has me feeling all sorts of ways. #RedeemingLove #FrancineRivers #Reader #Novels #Lovetoread #ImpossibleFeelings
francinerivers - novels - redeeminglove - reader - lovetoread - impossiblefeelings -
ms_lisandra : That book is amazing!!! Our women's ministry read it and discussed, it ministered to so many.@gabzy82
v1valife - jenn_i_am31 - _michelle__x3 - da_bookster -
"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12. This picture is so meaningful to me! My hair is all messy and you can see we are tired but I don't care. It was the end of our third travel day and we had finally met up with my brother. I had only slept a few hours and we had been up at the crack of dawn. This pic was taken right before sunset. I was behind with my driving schedule and the night before I had wanted to not stay in a hotel and drive all night so I could have more time with my brother in DC. I was feeling great around 11:00 pm still driving so I figured I would load up on caffeine and just drive all night. I didn't want to pay for a hotel for only four hours or so. So I said, "OK Lord! Please keep me awake all night! I don't want to stop! But if you really want me to stop I will stop." About 12:30 my eyes started closing! I had just felt fine minutes before and I got frustrated! I wanted to be in DC by 8 am! I said, "Lord please keep me awake! I don't want to waste money on a hotel for only a few hours! The kids are fast asleep! What a waste of money!" He said, "Wouldn't it be a bigger waste if you all lost your lives just to save a few dollars?" I felt chills! I said "Ok Lord!" I immediately found a hotel. As I was exiting the highway, Tito woke up and he asked so I explained what had just happened. I checked in and as we were unloading the car under the canopy, what was a beautiful clear night, out of nothing, turned into loud thunder and lighting and a downpour came instantly! No visibility whatsoever! My Tito's jaw dropped and he said, "Mom, that's why God wanted you to stop!" I smiled and said, "Yes my love. That's how He leads us and cares for us. But we have to be willing to listen and obey! He always knows what's best for us even when we don't!" This pic will always be a reminder of how He guided and protected us and of the joy I felt watching my son's faith grow❀️
tdasummerroadtrip2014 - washingtonmonument - unconditionallove - talktome - icandoallthingsthroughchrist - thankful - prayingforyou - whenyouloveyouarefaithful - reflectingpool - befaithful - lovelikenoother - trulylovetonoend - redeeminglove - igwashingtondc - roadtrip - myhopeisinhim - hisgraceisenough - igdc - lincolnmemorial - crosscountry - blessedbeyondmeasure -
evamaganaphoto : #igdc #igwashingtondc #roadtrip #redeeminglove #unconditionallove #crosscountry #blessedbeyondmeasure #lovelikenoother #thankful #myhopeisinhim #hisgraceisenough #icandoallthingsthroughchrist #tdasummerroadtrip2014 #lincolnmemorial #reflectingpool #washingtonmonument #talktome #prayingforyou #trulylovetonoend
evamaganaphoto : #befaithful
evamaganaphoto : #whenyouloveyouarefaithful
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Reading an old favorite and found this inside #surprise ! #poolday #redeeminglove #francinerivers
redeeminglove - poolday - francinerivers - surprise -
victoriawood_ : Love that book!
bremar05 : Great book!! @angelabruns miss your face!
angelabruns : @bremar05 I miss yours more!! Was just looking around today wondering why I haven't seen you in a week 😩
lelyyy_o - clairemcorn - ashleys0927 - esura_nce -
During Sunday prayer meeting, one of the many prayers i prayed was β€œI just want to be loved on today by You God.β€œ I walk out of the auditorium and my twin Elsie Uini hands me a gift! I asked her what wad the special occasion and she said β€œYou.β€œ Plus I heard you gotta read Reedming Love with Chocolate :> Thank you, you both (Jesus and Queen Elshie) blew me away xx #Jesus #twins #redeeminglove #francinerivers #gifts #Hislove
gifts - francinerivers - twins - hislove - redeeminglove - jesus -
elsiemoana : Love you twin shhhima! You're worth way more than rubies, so honored to do life with you! X
dominoleigh - _ronlesa - two_daizychainz - charheremaia -
β€’ so we meet again β€’ #redeeminglove
redeeminglove -
novakinson : SO GOOD
kaylacecile : @novakinson my favorite :)
_moriahw - addypro - novakinson - itsleec -
Hey, it's you again... #FrancineRivers #RedeemingLove #Angel #Michael
francinerivers - michael - angel - redeeminglove -
lu_lu_luba - rebeccajhuang - nisha9620 - taliawille -
Move over 50 Shades of Gray I'm entertaining myself with a True Love story. #redeeminglove #allineed
redeeminglove - allineed -
lu_lu_luba - heatherldt -
With every obstacle I come across, I become wiser and my faith gets stronger. As I feel Him guiding me and lifting me up, I know that He is all I need to keep pushing me forward. No matter who or what may be against me or may have hurt me, He is ready to protect, heal and lift me up! With wisdom comes even more responsibility! #blessed #wiser #stronger #lovelife #liveyourpassion #livelifetothefullest #behealed #redeeminglove #prayingforyou #hisgraceisenough #beachtime #beachhouse #oceancity #ignewjersey #igoceancity #newjersey #clouds #cloudporn #cloudyskies #skyporn #skyscape #sand #beach #atlantic #beachtown #tdasummerroadtrip2014
willalwaysbelieve - tdasummerroadtrip2014 - behealed - beachtown - skyporn - blessed - lovelife - praisehim - prayingforyou - atlantic - wiser - oceancity - igoceancity - beachhouse - ignewjersey - clouds - cloudporn - newjersey - redeeminglove - skyscape - stronger - liveyourpassion - theshore - sand - hisgraceisenough - livelifetothefullest - cloudyskies - beach - beachtime -
evamaganaphoto : #praisehim #willalwaysbelieve
evamaganaphoto : #theshore
gjgunit - gotjessi520 - theshopsatlacantera - giannirollo -
What I'm reading. #RedeemingLove #FrancineRivers #read #reading #books #fiction #lovetoread #weekendreads #summerreading
francinerivers - read - redeeminglove - fiction - books - summerreading - lovetoread - reading - weekendreads -
yourfavoritebook - igreads - findingmyjoy - isabeau_anabell -
@sundayrose1 I can't stop reading .... This book is amazing #redeemingLove #FrancineRivers
redeeminglove - francinerivers -
meg_samson : So tan!!
travelessence07 : The atonement child is just as good! Loved both!!!
bp_evolves - ekaybonkowski - mk_chadsey - edgar_colomer -
Finished reading this amazing book... Words can't even describe what it took my heart through! I recommend this to EVERYONE! Redeeming love by Francine rivers. JESUS is πŸ’™ #redeeminglove #fracinerivers
redeeminglove - fracinerivers -
hillmhudd : @george_reed you should read! 😁
george_reed : I will look into it for sure ☺️
bread_and_water94 - jgarcia9155 - jill_renee - steeve_7 -
Ok, y'all. I finally checked this book out from the library. SO many people have told me how good it is and that I need to read it. #RedeemingLove #ReadingRocks
redeeminglove - readingrocks -
deena712 : @cobbmom I'm looking at you! Haha :-)
cobbmom : @deena712 you will not regret any book written by her! Just'll develop and addiction! πŸ˜‰ enjoy!!!
cobbmom : *an
deena712 : @cobbmom loved the book! Finished it last night. Is it too soon to read again? Ha! :)
cobbmom : @deena712 no! I have read it three times!!!! It is amazing!!!
hillmhudd - lu_lu_luba - kellisuesommers - natassiaanderson -
#latergram Forgot to post!!! For all you #RedeemingLove fans like myself, I was ecstatic to see #MichaelHosea really exists and he came through my line at work a few days ago. What a ministry opportunity that was! @FrancineRivers #booknerdprobs #cowinkidinks #coincidenceorGod #ilovemyjob
coincidenceorgod - latergram - michaelhosea - booknerdprobs - redeeminglove - cowinkidinks - ilovemyjob -
lu_lu_luba - lala_elizabeth913 -
excuse me, while I go die. Again. ☺️ #ToThoseWhoHurtAndHunger πŸ’ž #RedeemingLove #FrancineRivers #TGIF #InstaGood
redeeminglove - tgif - instagood - tothosewhohurtandhunger - francinerivers -
justrene3 : 😍 miss you cous
va_williams : miss you too cous. Hope to see you soong??? @justrene3
va_williams : soon*
emmie_muliaga : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
fuji87 : Wow!!! K definitely gotta read this! Loooooove it! 😍😍😍
lu_lu_luba : @master_of_de_houze
master_of_de_houze : Your favorite book XD @lu_lu_luba
kmiklas_ - jps257 - saiga86 - ginatinning -
So I'm in love with this book... Thanks!! @hnewby12 #RedeemingLove #eyeopening #beautiful
beautiful - redeeminglove - eyeopening -
hnewby12 : You aren't done with that yet?! I gave it to you three days ago!! 😜 glad you like it!
hnewby12 - lizzygirlll - timmerhill - maddy_kristina -
I want to bring truth to those trapped in lies and darkness, to tell them that God is here, He is real, and He loves them - no matter what. #flower #flowerchild #redeeminglove #francinerivers #bouquet
bouquet - redeeminglove - flower - flowerchild - francinerivers -
ohheyitsashleigh : You are literally perf !
aanaec : Thanks Ashleigh (:
ohheyitsashleigh - natasha__ahsatan - alexis_n_hunter - jessicamarr95 -
reach out, take hold and dont let go #mymichaelhosea #redeeminglove #waiting
redeeminglove - waiting - mymichaelhosea -
lu_lu_luba - yana_nekisheva -
I've never been much of a reader... But I think I'm actually excited for this one. Thanks @allisongrime for recommending it! #redeeminglove
redeeminglove -
abbi_kristine : One of favorite books of all time 😍
raychul12 : That's what I gave Nicole for Christmas! It's da best.
elesha_abigail : I've had multiple friends tell me it's a fabulous book, it's sitting in my room and I should probably take their word for it and start it haha
cecilylemon : FAVORITE book!
sarah_meyerr : FINALLY 😍😍😍😍
karaahart : Such a good book!
lmglass7 : One if my favorites! Just lent my copy to a friend.
avianawyall : Soooo good
jaimeekincaid - hbreezy23 - casi1010 - mallorypruden -
For all of my readers, here are four amazing books that are well worth the read. πŸ’› @mandykhem @kristenrita @jillyansall @reinavalentina @jeanineammori
bookstomovies - hazelgrace - alaskayoung - redeeminglove - bookquotes - thelovedare - tfios - thefaultinourstars - lookingforalaska - augustuswaters - goodreads -
shantelbutras : I've read the first & 3rd😍 which out of the right column would you prefer first?
rashakat : Let's start a book club with @mandykhem!! 😝☺️
mandykhem : Redeeming love best book hands down! Read it three times
shelbytaylorproductions : @shantelbutras bottom one by far 100000%. The top right is more for when you are married but it's based on the movie "Fireproof" which I love so I bought it. Lol πŸ˜„
shelbytaylorproductions : @mandykhem love u! @rashakat Lol definitely on my to do list is to have one!!
jeanineammori : I'm on it @shelbytaylorproductions 😘😘
ashleyjolagh : Add me on goodreads!
shelbytaylorproductions : @ashleyjolagh I can't find you!
janalyn9 - heathersinawe - jeanineammori - ashleyjolagh -
Reading your favorite book by the lake... pure joy! #sorelaxing #redeeminglove #cascadelake
cascadelake - redeeminglove - sorelaxing -
meganhaarstick79 : I love that book.
nikkifleming73 - spence_and_court - guene_kris - angelica_mae23 -
Day 23: Book// Such a great book! #GenerationPhotoChallenge #RedeemingLove #FrancineRivers
redeeminglove - generationphotochallenge - francinerivers -
krisjoyg - ill_praise_him_in_the_storm - melb1991 - cook1edough -
So good. I'm choosing reading this over sleep at night. Not like me at all. #redeeminglove #ruiningmylife #cantputitdown
redeeminglove - ruiningmylife - cantputitdown -
mamashawn42 - megangaraas - hadassah_lee_ - mertz14 -
Redeeming love. This is by far one of the best books ever. So inspirational. #redeeminglove #francinerivers #books #godspeaks #love #bestbook #amazing
francinerivers - godspeaks - books - love - bestbook - redeeminglove - amazing -
lu_lu_luba - guene_kris -
If you get a chance to go to www it's so amazing to see what people are doing!! #redeeminglove
redeeminglove -
monica_smiles16 - jz209 - ericajaybayybayy - my3hearts_and_i -
Some new worlds and old worlds waiting to be explored. #vscocam #books #thehungergames #thegiver #redeeminglove #theirresistiblerevolution #anthem
books - anthem - thehungergames - thegiver - redeeminglove - theirresistiblerevolution - vscocam -
samanthanicolereads - rachel.stroup - thegiverquartet - _wxllflowers -
It finally came in the mail! :D I ripped open the packaging! @jacypenrose, you did not tell me it was 500 pages long! Haha #redeeminglove #Francinerivers #Godsunconditionallove #hosea
redeeminglove - hosea - godsunconditionallove - francinerivers -
where_swaldo : @qtemimi
qtemimi : You are going to loooove it!
qtemimi : Having you started yet @where_swaldo? I would start NOW! :) no reading on the job tomorrow! πŸ˜‰
taaaaaylor4 : BEST BOOK ON THE PLANET.
where_swaldo : Haha I'll start it in a few minutes! @qtemimi
jacypenrose : Trust me!!! 500 pages goes by in like 5 days!!! It's the BEST EVER!!
where_swaldo : Haha I'm excited! @jacypenrose
eilsel_lee - amandalanaee - katie__delaneyy - taaaaaylor4 -
Guess what I found in my house when I got home?? My all time favourite book ever #RedeemingLove by #FrancineRivers I fell in love with this book when I was 14 I think its literally the best thing I have ever read personally I just like the idea of love and mostly unexcepted love and its all a christian novel to πŸ’žπŸ‘ŒπŸ’₯ #Angel #MichealHosea
redeeminglove - michealhosea - angel - francinerivers -
julz_ak : Come on facebook
justmisstia - mamalanny - itslameeday - miimz28 -
Last mile ran to my new motivation song hearing my son (in my head ) playing the drums hillsong #redeeminglove
redeeminglove -
lu_lu_luba - guene_kris - chrisnchristy - deidre76 -
Every woman's dream engagement story. #sacredromance #redeeminglove #wordsofaffirmation
redeeminglove - sacredromance - wordsofaffirmation -
birdsflyover : Are you questioning the fundamental and sacred foundations of our society?? I say "Why NOT knot?"
johnbcrist : @mego12700 ha! Soooo classy
johnbcrist : @birdsflyover oh, that's a way better angle!
stephanieorefice : all it needs is "let's get married" by jagged edge playing in the background. that song is sooooooooo romantic.
jandrew75 : Bee Cuz
rebekah_l_orear : Dreamy
mattcost : 🎀We ain't gettin no younga, we might as well do it
thefriddle : Is that the edge of the dude's tombstone?
heidiohly - meschloss - akmo26 - polarbearami -
πŸ‘“πŸ“š SO excited to start on this adventure! #redeeminglove #bridgetohaven #francinerivers #readingrainbow #godisgood #sunday #instanails #essie #cuteasabutton #nerdalert #familychristianbookstore
godisgood - francinerivers - bridgetohaven - cuteasabutton - readingrainbow - sunday - essie - redeeminglove - familychristianbookstore - nerdalert - instanails -
cassiiie_mariiie : Redeeming love is my favorite book!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
anzilch : SUCH a good choice. Redeeming love has always been one of my favorite books.
goldensparrow85 : Just bought a new copy of redeeming love myfave book ever
slg516 - hrlee3 - arianawilcox - tobekt -
Beste boek ooit!!! #redeeminglove #francine_rivers #blessing #verlief_op_die_karakter #Hosea #hoopvirsoman
hosea - francine_rivers - redeeminglove - blessing - hoopvirsoman - verlief_op_die_karakter -
freda_brumm - oosthuizenkarien - tiavgend - hendre3191 -
#seychelles #redeeminglove #book #bikini #vsco #vscoapp #vscocam #blackandwhite #love
seychelles - love - blackandwhite - redeeminglove - vsco - bikini - book - vscoapp - vscocam -
genavisser04 - christiaanstofberg - gdkotze8 - ozzy_tell135 -
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