Amazing book, I HIGHLY recommend it ☺️ #redeeminglove
redeeminglove -
emilyhammac - ruthesther67 - _katherineallred_ - mckenzimdavis -
We pray for blessings. We pray for peace. We pray for healing, For prosperity. We pray for your mighty hand to ease our suffering. All the while, you hear each spoken need, yet love us way too much to give us lesser things. What if your blessings come through raindrops? What if your healing comes through tears? What if a thousand sleepless nights is what it takes to know you're near. What if the trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise? -Laura Story. Fabulous light rain eased the last half of my run early this morning. #thankful #blessings #blessed #earlymorningrun #ibelieve #nothingisimpossible #icandoallthingsthroughchrist
willalwaysbelieve - nothingisimpossible - skyscape - icandoallthingsthroughchrist - blessed - thankful - stormclouds - ibelieve - godsbeauty - igsanantonio - faith - clouds - cloudporn - thankyou - toughestbattlesarewononyourknees - redeeminglove - skyporn - willgiveupwhenimdead - praying247 - youareworthy - tamqapmqm - blessings - earlymorningrun - hemakesyouworthy -
evamaganaphoto : #clouds #cloudporn #stormclouds #skyporn #skyscape #igsanantonio #godsbeauty #thankyou #redeeminglove #toughestbattlesarewononyourknees #youareworthy #hemakesyouworthy #faith #TAMQAPMQM #willgiveupwhenimdead #willalwaysbelieve
evamaganaphoto : #TAMQAPMQM
evamaganaphoto : #praying247
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"Love believes even when you don't..." The most special wedding I've been apart of. #redeeminglove @ellieamcdonald @thisismarx
redeeminglove -
ikelliavila : @annettebuckley I'll blog it soon! It's good one.
meganwelker : Ellie looks gorgeous!! Can't wait to see more!!
dropitmod : So so beautiful! πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ’•
ellieamcdonald : Okay, tears everywhere Kelli you are amazing and so talented I love you so much, to have you shot my wedding was a blessing
aiylat : It was such a beautiful wedding!
chelsmaureen : 😍😘
_sarie_ : Ditto! @annettebuckley
cassieponder : This is beautiful.
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"Often times, we try to find the solution to our problems, our life, on our own. But we don't realize we already have the solution in Christ. Instead, we try to find the it through our own strength, and we are successful, but only temporarily because our strength is limited and finite!" -Coach Val. Listen. Listen to His voice. His plan is absolutely perfect. Even when it seems crazy and absurd to us❀️ #redeeminglove Time to have fun with this tire. Bigger than the last time, and it was so much tougher. Huge challenge but I DID IT! What a blast! #iamhooked #bringit #myfridaynight #noexcuses
willalwaysbelieve - core - nothingisimpossible - fitfam - fitfamsa - icandoallthingsthroughchrist - gettingstronger - bringit - fitmom - determination - myfaithmovesmountains - goldsgym - igsanantonio - resilience - faith - noexcuses - redeeminglove - myfridaynight - willgiveupwhenimdead - mysaviorwalksonwater - fitsa - fitmomsofig - goldsgymevans - knowyourworth - fitmoms - hisgraceisenough - iamhooked - goldsgymsa -
evamaganaphoto : #core #determination #faith #fitsa #fitfam #fitmom #fitmoms #fitmomsofig #fitfamsa #goldsgym #goldsgymsa #goldsgymevans #gettingstronger #hisgraceisenough #icandoallthingsthroughchrist #igsanantonio #knowyourworth #nothingisimpossible #myfaithmovesmountains #mysaviorwalksonwater #willgiveupwhenimdead #willalwaysbelieve
evamaganaphoto : #resilience
fitelektra : Wow!
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Nothing better than a great book and favorite blanket to relax my soul. #christainnovel #redeeminglove
redeeminglove - christainnovel -
christinabdejesus : 😍😍😍😍😍
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Hosea, day 5 @shereadstruth // "Sisters, let us praise God today that He does not walk away when we run. We are sinful. He is steadfast. We are fearful. He is faithful. We are broken. He binds up. We cherish idols. He cherishes us." - @biblewilliams think of when a man pursues a woman (or vice versa). he'll do just about anything to get her to notice him, to make her happy, to make her feel the same way about him as he does about her. it is the same with God. no matter how many times we (read: i) fail Him or reject Him, He still relentlessly pursues us as though we'd never done anything against Him. He's seen us at our best and our worst, and loves us despite of it. i'm so grateful for these truths!
shereadstruth - rmwsqt - hosea - hoseastudy - givemejesus - howdeepthefathersloveforus - inthemorningwhenirise - quiettime - lampandlight - relentlesslove - redeeminglove - ohhowhelovesus - goodmorning -
rmwiggy94 : #shereadstruth #lampandlight #hosea #hoseastudy #goodmorning #quiettime #inthemorningwhenirise #givemeJesus #howdeeptheFathersloveforus #ohhowHelovesus #redeeminglove #relentlesslove
abrandnewdawn2 : πŸ’—πŸ™Œ
biblewilliams : πŸ’›
guene_kris : Love
rmwiggy94 : #rmwsqt
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Ignoring your LOVE, YOUR PASSION, what your heart needs, will only lead to death... You can run, but you can't hide from or lie to your heart. #redeeminglove Another beautiful #texassunset #sunset #sunsetporn #clouds #cloudporn #beautyiseverywhere #knowyourworth #loveyourself #texas #igtexas #igsanantonio #texashillcountry #hillcountry #willgiveupwhenimdead #willalwaysbelieve #myfaithmovesmountains #mysaviorwalksonwater
willalwaysbelieve - loveyourself - willgiveupwhenimdead - texassunset - sunsetporn - myfaithmovesmountains - igsanantonio - hillcountry - clouds - cloudporn - redeeminglove - texashillcountry - mysaviorwalksonwater - sunset - knowyourworth - igtexas - beautyiseverywhere - texas -
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It blows my mind to know that even at the height of my unfaithfulness, He loved me still. What's more, He asks me to love others, even those who have betrayed me and hurt me deeply, just as Hosea loved Gomer. All the scarlet letters have been washed white with His own crimson blood. Mine. Yours. His. Hers. All of it. Amazing. #shereadstruth #hosea #redeeminglove
redeeminglove - shereadstruth - hosea -
amyhale : Yes!
focusladies : Yes! 🌸
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Because right now, this book is my friend. Cause apparently my "friend" doesn't even care about me. I am so done with this..... Have a nice life..... #redeeminglove #redeeming#love #francinerivers #francine#rivers & seriously wishing my sister wasn't a million miles away!!!! πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ’”
francinerivers - love - redeeminglove - redeeming - francine - rivers -
abbie_nicole_rael : I LOVE YOU!!! And I wish I could be there to help!! Don't let things bother you and keep your true friends close!! Love you and can't wait til I am with you again!! 😘😘
_dancingtaco_ - michellecoulter99 - m.a.l.ik - weeanne_musiki -
You make preciousness from dust. Boundless, merciful love that has never left me and has freed me from shame and fear. I have recently made some very important changes in my life and I can't wait to share it with you. Come to @pinehillschurch this Sunday to hear more about my story! #free #freeindeed #truth #truelove #redeeminglove #faith #joy #peace #inspiration #motivation #fortwayne #fw #pinehills #fall #change #believe #speaktruth #spreadlove #mystory #vsco #vscocam #afterlight #mercy #grace #healing #forgiven
afterlight - motivation - fw - joy - mystory - free - truelove - spreadlove - healing - fall - vsco - grace - change - inspiration - mercy - believe - vscocam - fortwayne - speaktruth - redeeminglove - peace - faith - truth - forgiven - pinehills - freeindeed -
nandonanders : Hey there! Awesome image. I hope you have a crazy good week! Be blessed.
foreverest : Thanks @nandonanders 😊 you as well!!
nicci_sky : Can you just be a photographer already?! I love your pics :) love you!
foreverest : @nicci_sky thanks girl! I would LOVE to be a photographer! Love you back babe! πŸ’•
urayoan_media : Great!
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Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light upon my path❀️. #hislight #hillcountry #hiscreation #hisgraceisenough #texashillcountry #texas #igtexas #skyporn #skyscape #clouds #cloudporn #redeeminglove #godsbeauty #sunlight #contryroads #faith #myfaithmovesmountains #willgiveupwhenimdead #willalwaysbelieve
willalwaysbelieve - skyporn - hiscreation - willgiveupwhenimdead - myfaithmovesmountains - godsbeauty - clouds - contryroads - faith - hillcountry - hislight - cloudporn - redeeminglove - skyscape - texashillcountry - sunlight - hisgraceisenough - igtexas - texas -
morearmadillos : excellent photo! nice to see photos of my home state
mblair179 : Wow eva
dianindriy - markgunnoe - csmith6131 - morearmadillos -
Got my favorite Aunt my favorite book for her bday! Seriously people this is the best novel I've ever read!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ Go read it! πŸ‘πŸ‘ #francinerivers #redeeminglove
francinerivers - redeeminglove -
hurleyyygirl07 : Yes it is!
christiiileigh : I LOVE this book!!
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Okay @sere_jc I accept the challenge 😊 1.) I love to serve others. If an action of mine makes someone smile, that makes me feel great! 2.) I am currently working on my Bachelors degree in business marketing/finance 3.) I wanted to be a lawyer from the age of 8 until I was 18 4.) Then I went the opposite direction and was arrested for credit card fraud 5.) God used that to turn my heart back to him 6.) I'm working on a book about spiritual warfare and my experiences living for the world vs living for God 7.) I want to do everything I do for the Glory of God 8.) I currently am a massage therapist 9.) I was all set to open a 3,500 sq ft day spa but investor and I couldn't agree on a contract 10.) Now I am looking to open a much smaller location and work my way up 11.) I love to cook! 12.) I love to entertain 13.) I would like to be fluent in Italian, French, Mandarin and Russian before I die 14.) I'm an adrenaline junkie (ready for my next adventure) 15.) I gained 64 pounds from the time I moved to Atlanta and then lost 17 of those pounds recently! 16.) I'm a water baby. I love jet skis, wakeboarding, lakes, rivers, and oceans 17.) I love apologetics and discovering new truths and promises God has for us 18.) I love going out in the community and loving on people 19.) God has so kindly given me a gift of prayer 20.) I am not perfect, none of us are but I am so thankful God's love is redeeming and relentless! #redeeminglove #aboutme #testimonythursday ❀️❀️❀️
redeeminglove - aboutme - testimonythursday -
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I think this is the sixth time #redeeminglove
redeeminglove -
abigailroggie3 - amakers03 -
By far one of the best books, love it! #RedeemingLove I can't stop reading it, it's so good that I don't want it to end 😭
redeeminglove -
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I don't think I've ever been this emotionally invested in a book. It left me speechless and completely awestruck by God's amazing love for us. #redeeminglove
redeeminglove -
rachaynes : And they're making this a MOVIE! Even though I always prefer the book version of any particular story, I am still very excited!!!
ecaputo20 - claretjeerdsma - kerstenrh - rachaynes -
My princess had a fabulous first day of school yesterday. Never having been in day care or preschool I'm sure it was a bit stressful. I'm pretty sure she missed me since she was needy the rest of the day wanting me close at all times and at one point she told me, "Mommy, I love you more than God loves me!" Ugh! Talk about heart wrenching!!! What a way to express herself and to realize to some degree the extent of God's love for her. Love my sweet princess! The innocent, unconditional love of a child is unlike anything else. I sometimes ask myself what could I possibly have ever done to deserve these kids. Nothing I know. It's called #grace and #redeeminglove. God is good. #blessed #blessedbeyondmeasure #myprincess #princessemma #emmacarolina #lovethischild #firstdayofkinder #sherockedit
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Reading on the beach today, while Brod sleeps #peaceful #bookclub #redeeminglove
redeeminglove - bookclub - peaceful -
paytonfehr_ : Wishing this was my day, today! Enjoy!!
nathaliejohnson : Beautiful !!! Wish I was there
cassieponder : That book tho 😍
kendihopeproctor : Have you read that book before?? Tearjerker!! So good!
jenayaeger : Amazing read!
lauraaddie : Best book.
lindseywalters : I've never read this book! I am pretty excited though! Already can't put it down!! @kendihopeproctor
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My only desire and sole ambition is to love You just the same. When only love could make a way, You gave your life in a beautiful exchange❀️. #clouds #cloudporn #stormclouds #skyporn #skyscape #texashillcountry #igsanantonio #igtexas #igsouthtexas #sunset #sunsetporn #texassunset #blessed #hislight #hiscreation #hisgraceisenough #icandoallthingsthroughchrist #nothingisimpossible #redeeminglove #willgiveupwhenimdead #willalwaysbelieve #onbendedknee
willalwaysbelieve - igsouthtexas - nothingisimpossible - skyscape - hiscreation - willgiveupwhenimdead - texassunset - sunsetporn - blessed - stormclouds - onbendedknee - clouds - igsanantonio - hislight - cloudporn - redeeminglove - skyporn - texashillcountry - icandoallthingsthroughchrist - hisgraceisenough - igtexas - sunset -
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Nothing like a good book to keep me up all night. #redeeminglove #bookworn #summer2014
redeeminglove - summer2014 - bookworn -
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The power is out, so I'm reading like a third grade #rebel - with a flashlight. I would be under the covers, but it's too hot for that nonsense. #MakingTheBestOfIt #RedeemingLove
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There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Immanuel's veins. #hallelujahwhatasavior #redeeminglove #sgcworship
redeeminglove - sgcworship - hallelujahwhatasavior -
Already read this book- but I am so excited to read it again. Great book #read #redeeminglove #bookworm
read - redeeminglove - bookworm -
tjpompeo - snwwhte25 -
If you see it, buy it. So wonderful! #francinerivers #redeeminglove
francinerivers - redeeminglove -
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I just read Francine Rivers' Redeeming Love for the first time. It was so good I read it in 2 days! Such a beautiful picture of unconditional love! #redeeminglove #FrancineRivers
redeeminglove - francinerivers -
fannypackage - kcossio - paitynsmommy -
Already read this book- but I am so excited to read it again. Great book #read #redeeminglove #bookworm
read - redeeminglove - bookworm -
fannypackage - 69deltavert -
A book and an apple post gym does wonders for thyself #chilltime #coolofftime #redeeminglove #loveyourbody #godsengineering #godspurpose #fitnesspro #fitnesslove #healthyliving #bodymechanics #beastatthegym #lovelife 😚😚
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How fitting? Finished #redeeminglove and now can read this online (love the app, but not the $) starting tomorrow! Anyone reading it too? @shereadstruth
redeeminglove -
jessryan828 : Ok, so is it a digital format? Or do they ship you the booklet?
jessryan828 : Or do you all read along together and the booklet is an optional supplement? I just don't see the reding plan listed as an option, but maybe they will open it up tmw morning? I'm having a little trouble figuring it out😊
jessryan828 : *reading plan @brieprose πŸ‘†
brieprose : So @jessryan828 they have 'study packs' which include more stuff from what I've seen. So yes, you can have it shipped to you. The app has the same as the online blog does, but you read the scripture separately. The app lets your purchase the study for $1.99 which isn't expensive, but reading it online is free. Their art work is beautiful & I enjoy reading their writers. No one famous, but always seems insightful to me. 😊
brieprose : Yes! They post daily. If you purchase, you get it all at once. @jessryan828
jessryan828 : That helps explain it. Thanks @brieprose 😊
hazelhive : was just about to tag ya on this when i saw your redeeming love post earlier! glad ya connected the dots! πŸ‘ @brieprose
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"I will show love to those I called β€˜Not loved.’ And to those I called β€˜Not my people,’ I will say, β€˜Now you are my people.’ And they will reply, β€˜You are our God!’” (Hosea 2:23 NLT) #redeeminglove #amazinggrace
redeeminglove - amazinggrace -
mmtay419 : s/o to @dianafadal for the awesome graphic ☺️
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#augustphotochallenge Day 20: what I read #book #reading #stillreading #redeeminglove #goodbook #imgoingtofinishit
imgoingtofinishit - goodbook - book - stillreading - redeeminglove - reading - augustphotochallenge -
andrew.seccia -
#AugustPhotoChallenge #update 23. Favorite #book I have tons of favs books (50 shades, beautiful disaster, hush hush, and more) but I read this one and... Ugh! It's such a book! I really loved it #RedeemingLove (Thanks @btr_covergirl7 for the suggestion)
redeeminglove - book - augustphotochallenge - update -
btr_covergirl7 - jameslittlecupcake -
I did not expect to feel The Lord speak his love over me, profoundly. A story of Pain&love&healing&forgiveness. Absolutely Beautiful. #RedeemingLove
redeeminglove -
lzeppo : This is my fav novel! I read it every few years.
afaris28 : This is my all time favorite book. I read it once a year. I love almost all her books. Have you read the "Mark of the Lion" trilogy? So good.
ktrue24 : My favorite!! And you can read it over and over and it never gets old πŸ˜πŸ‘
brieprose : Y'all I had no idea! I had never even heard of this!! @calliehurst @lzeppo @ktrue24 @afaris28 my friend is loaning me the trilogy next πŸ˜‰
hazelhive : i tell every girl i know dealing with "boys" to read this to fall in love with the Constant Pursuer! πŸ˜‰
afaris28 : Have you heard her testimony? It is amazing?
cassieponder : This is such a beautiful copy!!! Where did you get this?
brieprose : @cassieponder sorry! It was loaned by a friend. I have no idea. πŸ˜„ @hannahjoy707 ?
lzeppo - hannahjoy707 - acogdill - lsigmon22 -
This goes perfectly with the book Redeeming Love I'm reading now! #hosea #redeeminglove #francinerivers
redeeminglove - francinerivers - hosea -
cassieponder : Love this.
meaghankbrown - russelldamuscle - hamedashaq - arcaegos -
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