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This book made me cry. And I don't cry easily.😭❤️ #redeeminglove #FrancineRivers #mademecry #reread #stillinawe #bookcoma #wow #icanteven
francinerivers - reread - icanteven - bookcoma - redeeminglove - mademecry - wow - stillinawe -
bamboo_sojourner : This will be my next exploit #addicted
trentons.friend.kayla : I do that when I read some of my books too lol :)
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Conjunctivitis isn't exactly the greatest, but a day in bed with a good book makes it bearable #redeeminglove
redeeminglove -
raynatuina : Thank you xxx @wiebkenz @whysosiri_ous
louvitali : How's the book going?! xxx
raynatuina : @louvitali really good!! Halfway through it now, they've just returned home after she left him. I can't read it fast enough haha xx
louvitali : Told you!!! We will have to debrief when your done over coffee!! 💜
raynatuina : @louvitali yes please. Will you be free this Friday? Haha I'll likely be finished by then at this rate xx
selenaawu : get well soon! :)
raynatuina : @selenaawu thank you my little one xo
selenaawu : @raynatuina no problem hun ❤
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Bible reading to Lucas #familytime #5minaday #redeeminglove
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To experience true freedom in life I must free myself of my past and all my limitations. But I can't do it alone. #icandoallthingsthroughchrist #hisgraceisenough #redeeminglove #hedirectsmypathdaily #alwaysfaithful
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evamaganaphoto : #clouds #cloudporn #texashillcountry #texassky #texasskies #blueskies #skyporn #skyscape #country #hillcountry
evamaganaphoto : #jw #jwmarriott #igtexas #igsanantonio #blessed #thankful
evamaganaphoto : #myfaithmovesmountains
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Simply too blessed to be stressed.
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enjooyable : #stresserikke #smile #smiler #latter #sang #laughter #songs #singalong #peaceinme #hehassetmefree #redeeminglove #francinerivers #christian #quote #quotes #sitat #sitater #sitatene #sitere #notat #notes #words #wise #wisewords #visdom #visdomsord
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Re-reading my favorite book for the thousandth time, about to fall in love with Michael Hosea all over again.
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linzy_laird : #redeeminglove #thatoldredemptionstory
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Break time on the dock 💕 #jesusandme #redeeminglove #lake #reading #campgifford
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evi08 : how does your piercing feel? :)
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She is reading to me again (: #Sabbath #RedeemingLove #HoseaandGomer #tired
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smileennieway : Love that book!
timidchelley : Me too!!! We have a couple more in our room as well. @smileennieway
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A blog thought for the separated woman standing on God's promise of restoration In your marriage. Or maybe even for the wife who's husband does not serve God. Keep faith, keep declaring! God's word is faithful and true! Hold onto the promise and don't compromise who you are in Christ. Don't try to win a battle like the world but let that radiant spirit shine💕 be still in his presence Let not yours be the [merely] external adorning with [elaborate] interweaving and knotting of the hair, the wearing of jewelry, or changes of clothes; But let it be the inward adorning and beauty of the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible and unfading charm of a gentle and peaceful spirit, which [is not anxious or wrought up, but] is very precious in the sight of God. 1 Peter‬ ‭3‬:‭3-4‬ #WomanOfGod #WifeAfterGod #WomanOfFaith #Marriage #HusbandAndWife #SoulMates #RedeemingLove #GodsLove #GodsGrace #GodsTiming #GodIsmighty #GodsHealing #GodsMiracles #godsrestoration #vOTD #VerseOfTheDay #BibleVerseOfTheDay #bibleVerseChallenge #bloggerMom #blessedLife #EliAndJoshysMommy
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They paid to become enslaved. She gave them what they thought was heaven and consigned them to hell.♥ ~Asleep with her eyes open. she was self-contained~ ♥ #selfie#selfienation#ootd#selfiesaturday#beautiful#heart#pretty#redeeminglove#angel#victoriassecret#longhairdontcare#volume#dresses#makeup#vancouver#vancity#shopping#shopaholic#love
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moonriderxoxo : #flowers#heaven
moonriderxoxo : #greeneyes
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joelmester : Fed bog!!
annemetteiversen : Det er virkelig min yndlingsbog! 😊
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Finished this book and I don't think I have balled my eyes out that much since I read Go Ask Alice. I loved it. I will be reading more books from this author. And yes that's the pup in the back. Haha. #redeeminglove #franchinerivers #loveyourpup #lovethepup #doggy
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shoepoeme : I've read a few of her books! So good!!!! They don't too that one but they're good lol
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Will be spending the rest of my FridAy night reading this incredible book! Thanks to @tiffanymasters 😁📕✋#redeeminglove
redeeminglove -
alisonwolfe21 : One of my favorites! ❤️
traci908 : One of my all time favorites!!!! @karolinelburnsed
bcarr0521 : I love that book! When I start reading it I never want to put it down!! 😄
tiffanymasters : The. Best. Evaaaaa 👏👏👏😁👊😍
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One time I asked my sweet boyfriend what I should do with my day, especially since it was so beautiful out! He recommended going to the park and reading a book he let me borrow. So, I did just that, and it was so wonderful. @jaredcummings_ always full of the best ideas! ❤️ #vsco #vscocam #afterlight #redeeminglove #foxrun #adayatthepark #coloradoliving
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ashleycummings_ : Oh gosh... Were you even able to put it down?! I LOVE that book, and francine rivers! @nikki_angeline
nikki_angeline : @ashleycummings_ It's so good! How do you not get emotionally attached to the characters?!
ashleycummings_ : Haha! You always do... There's nothing you can do to help it 😂 @nikki_angeline
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Literally had to stop reading when I got to this part because of how emotional it made me. #redeeminglove
redeeminglove -
judithcaton : I'm in love with this book!! ❤️
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I just completed @shereadstruth's bible study and devotionals on the book of #Hosea and am so in awe. #shereadstruth hosts a daily devotional on their website and the books we read through are always exactly what I need. Hosea in particular! I can so relate to #Gomer (and #Israel's) journey through the #archetype of the #prostitute. So often we #rebel against God in a number of ways, and that rebellion has been so strong in me this #summer. But now, as we settle into #fall I'm ready to "#repent" those rebellions and settle deeper into God. (Just like Sarah does in #RedeemingLove! Totally recommend btw!) How has the transitional effect of fall changed your mind, body, and spirit? #biblestudy #devotionals
shereadstruth - israel - summer - redeeminglove - devotionals - repent - biblestudy - hosea - gomer - rebel - fall - archetype - prostitute -
instapray : Any favorite verses you wouldl like us to post on @instapray?
katiedalebout : Hmm what do you repent? Love to talk more about this! Maybe a podcast episode?
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I just finished Redeeming Love and it is such an amazing reminder of God's love for me! It is truly the greatest love of all! It reminded me that His plan is far greater than any plan I have for myself. I just have to trust and have complete faith in Him, because he is forever faithfull! #amazing #story #redeeminglove #Hisword #Hiswill #faithful
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jaredspooner : #truth
jess_lee17 : @jaredspooner 👍👍👍
destinyrae : Best. Book. Ever.
jess_lee17 : @destinyrae seriously!!!!! 🙌
hannahtolbert : Favorite book. Read it every time I fly and cry every time
bthomaston : ❤️
honeyluvseliandhudson : I have read it 4 times now and cry every time. Even feel like they are my family and I miss them as well. Crazy how good this book is. #unconditionallove #truelove #myYahwehissogoodtome
jess_lee17 : @hannahtolbert @honeyluvseliandhudson I know 😭 I cried so hard!
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One of my first singles & songs I wrote. I'm doing it at AAOG this Sunday. I wish @markharrismusic was here again to sing his part! :) maybe we can skype him in for it? 😉 #firstsingle #redeeminglove #kelsicraig #whoknowsit?
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I now remember why I loved getting lost in a book. Redeeming love is now one of my favorite books. #redeeminglove#sopowerful#myhobby#getlostinabook#RealityCeasesToExsist
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samantha_elena21 : Yayyy! I'm so glad you liked it! Don't lose it by the way I want it back lol 😚😚
jessicarienstra : I've read that book at least 6 times! So good. Such a blessing each time.
ojos_del_corazon : @samantha_elena21 yes I love it.
ojos_del_corazon : @jessicarienstra I agree it's an amazing book. I think I'll be just as bad lol
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Perfect way to end my night after an awesome run and a busy day at work. Only two more chapters in my book! Can't. Stop. Reading! #redeeminglove #sweetserenity #peace #alonetime
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gabtothezilla : Great book!
glidback : It's SO GOOD!! @gabtothezilla
mandi_whittaker : Awesome book!!
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Don't just dream... Dreaming is for those who sleep. Life goes by in the blink of an eye. Get up and make it happen. Stop living in fear and guilt and pain. Be courageous! Take the steps necessary, as difficult as they may be. Now! Because regret, is forever. Why live just dreaming of what God has only shown you a tiny glimpse of? Why settle for crumbs, when God has for you a feast? Not because you are worthy but because He makes you worthy! Get up! Joshua 1:9-11. #clouds #cloudporn #skyscape #skyporn #texashillcountry #igtexas #igsanantonio #hillcountry #hisgraceisenough #hisplanisperfect #icandoallthingsthroughchrist #willgiveupwheniamdead #redeeminglove #redemptionisreal #willalwaysbelieve
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When things go wrong, if you don't have a plan for failure, you will always revert back to old habits. DO NOT TIE YOUR FAITH TO RESULTS! -Coach Val. GET UP! And keep pushing forward! #stayingfaithful #hisgraceisenough #hisplanisperfect #redeeminglove #redemptionisreal #everythingridesonfaith #fitspiration #fitfam #fitfamsa #igfitfam #fitmom #fitmoms #goldsgym #goldsgymsa #goldsgymevans #icandoallthingsthroughchrist #joshua710
hisplanisperfect - truepassion - perseverance - fitfam - fitfamsa - fitspiration - loveyourself - fitmom - joshua710 - determination - myfaithmovesmountains - goldsgym - faith - willgiveupwheniamdead - goldsgymsa - stayingfaithful - passion - igfitfam - alwaysfaithful - redeeminglove - daughterofaking - nevergivingup - willalwaysbelieve - icandoallthingsthroughchrist - hisgraceisenough - knowyourworth - fitmoms - redemptionisreal - goldsgymevans - everythingridesonfaith -
evamaganaphoto : #perseverance #faith #passion #truepassion #willgiveupwheniamdead #willalwaysbelieve
evamaganaphoto : #determination #nevergivingup #alwaysfaithful
evamaganaphoto : #knowyourworth #loveyourself #daughterofaking #myfaithmovesmountains
nattyjoesphysique : 💪👏
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My reading material for the trip! #redeeminglove
redeeminglove -
ljo00 : My fav !!!!!
1beckyb : Great Book!
emily_abrams : Love this book!
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♥ #beautiful#quotes#hope#memes#love#redeeminglove#trees#meadow#scenary#flowers#wildflowers#pretty #tryingtofindhappiness
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Saying no to mediocrity, and holding out for God's plan in your life, waiting on His promises and gifts, is always the right option. #redeeminglove #hisgraceisenough #texassunset #sunset #sunsetporn #igtexas
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I read Hosea 2 this morning and I love the second half of this chapter as he transitions to God's vision for Israel and His people...How He plans to romance us everyday with His redeeming love! ❤️ #RedeemingLove
redeeminglove -
keelyroberts : You're reading that book?!? 😍😍
andreabruk12 : @keelyroberts I read it this summer! It's so good!
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Beautiful morning :D Pst Ben Okoh is wearing one of the #mdoomtee designs... This one is called #RedeemingLovetee. #redeemed #broken #cleansed #saved #rescued #redeeminglove #forgiven #elevated #madeinNigeria #positiveenergy #mdoombymdevaan #madetoorder Available in all colours!, 08065690186
redeemed - redeeminglove - rescued - mdoomtee - madeinnigeria - elevated - madetoorder - broken - redeeminglovetee - mdoombymdevaan - forgiven - positiveenergy - saved - cleansed -
fuelslim : Cool!
spirituallydope : #nice
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So excited to be reading another one of #francinerivers books again ! From the very first book that @ashley_ramos introduced I got hook on the amazing book writer ! & as I read i pray I feel the same exact way as I did reading the others ! #amazing #beautiful #blessed & thanks again ash for sharing #redeeminglove with me def changed my heart ❤🙏
beautiful - francinerivers - amazing - blessed - redeeminglove -
imjessicarenee : Redeeming Love is my FAVE! ❤️
chinkyyeyednena : @imjessicarenee yes mine to ! 😩😍
ashley_ramos : ❤️❤️❤️ love this and love you!
chinkyyeyednena : @ashley_ramos aww I love you to & miss you like crazy ! I'm going to have to visit you sometime 🙏💜
ashley_ramos : @chinkyyeyednena aww I would love that 💗
chinkyyeyednena : @ashley_ramos Kay here's my number 9513347249 text me when your free & ill see what's works best for us ☺ I can't wait to meet little guy 🙌🙌
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This book is everything! One of my favorites! What a great retelling of the bible's story of #hosea and #gomer ♡ #francinerivers #redeeminglove
redeeminglove - hosea - gomer - francinerivers -
help_imturningintomymom : It's everything
indscribable_me : I read this book twice!! And I'm gonna read it again
valdorce - askewsamuels614 - handle_my_lightweight - indscribable_me -
Just wanted everyone to know this diva turns 21 today! Never have I ever met someone that could keep up and have the same emotions as me. Thanks for always crying, laughing, yelling, and sitting in silence with me (sometimes within five seconds 😁). This girl has forever changed my life and will continue to! So proud and honored I can call Brattany a best friend! #rememberwhenyouthoughtiwasgonnabeatyouup #why #thankgodwemetJesus #redeeminglove #toodeep? #loveyou 🎈🎉🎊🎁
thankgodwemetjesus - toodeep - redeeminglove - rememberwhenyouthoughtiwasgonnabeatyouup - why - loveyou -
brittanymalak : Hahaha this pic. 😳 love you so so much xoxo
kellyfiocco : 💎
juliegrelli : dat contour tho
toriloganxo - becca.emerich - beeisenhart - juliegrelli -
I can't put this book down. #redeeminglove 📖❤️
redeeminglove -
missrheyna : It's so good!
hoenshizzle : @missrheyna I can't stop crying haha
missrheyna : Aw. Haha I refused to read it for a long time because I thought it was cheesy but then I read it in like 2 days
hoenshizzle : @missrheyna haha yeah I'm almost done and I absolutely love it!
lizzcouch : @hoenshizzle my all time favorite book 😍😊
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Reading through this book again with @juju7824. It's a hard book for me to read, but in a good way. #redeeminglove
redeeminglove -
juju7824 : Absolutely loving this book! So glad to be reading it with you @shemightymighty! #redeeminglove
pollyanaconte_ : 😻😻😻
shemightymighty : @juju7824 Same here! I'm about at the end of Chapter 18!
juju7824 : I'm almost to the end of chp 14 @shemightymighty
candace__bennett : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
candace__bennett - hannylovely5 - abbi_and_mira - joyousfreddy -
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