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Redeeming Love sat on my shelf for years. Glad I dusted it off. #RedeemingLove #Jesus #read
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mrsalexgray : My favorite book!!
suidkoreaprotea : ❤️❤️❤️
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#grace #sinner #godslove #redeeminglove #savior
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Its 3.13AM on Saturday night and im up reading a book. Like wow, I think I need to calm down and take a break from my crazy life. #sarcastic #sally #butserious #thisbook #RedeemingLove #songofsolomon
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asnoek92 : What book is this? @amysmiles12
amysmiles12 : Redeeming love :) its kinda like a retelling of Hosea! Its so so good! @asnoek92
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#bliss #jesusisthereason #hope #redeeminglove #thankful #blessed #blessedbeyondmeasure #alwaysfaithful #youareforgiven #lovelife #givegrace #nootherplaceiwouldratherbe #hisplanisperfect #myfaithmovesmountains #hisgraceisenough #chimney #cuddletime
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hopelightinitiative : Beautiful! !!
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I'm really good at blocking out the world when I find a good book.. 💭 #saturdayreading #redeeminglove #hosea
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Checked out my favorite book from the library. It's going to be so different to read it now... But I think, it will be just as moving as before, if not more. This is what I need right now ❤️ If you don't know who I am by now, all you need to do is read the back. It will explain everything... "But with her unexpected softening comes overwhelming feelings of unworthiness and fear. And so Angel runs. Back to the darkness, away from her husband's pursuing love, terrified of the truth she can no longer deny: her final healing must come from the One who loves her even more than Michael does... The One who will never let her go." #bookofhosea #bestbookever #myfavoritenovel #redeeminglove #francinerivers #myfavoritebook
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raiseyour_voice : Whoa this sounds powerful. Definitely looking into this. And I love the book of hosea.
panhead_girl_ellie : Please do! It's amazing! @raiseyour_voice
panhead012 : Great book
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@ramena_purple you are the cutest I swear... I grabbed the book because I missed it so much and your little surprise fell out 😳 I love it 💜... Just so you guys know she had my book for that long I texted her as a joke saying I'll charge her a late fee... Love you Riri... #elephants #books #bookworms #latefee #love #friends #cute #photooftheday #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #random #redeeminglove #francinerivers
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ramena_purple : LOL thank you for cancelling the late fee and showing mercy 💜😚 love you.
a_poetic_warrior : @ramena_purple well it's an elephant you know the way to my heart... I swear I'm still smiling 😊😊
ramena_purple : Haha im glad you like it!
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#redeeminglove #christmasbreakreading
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Livin the dream...✨ #Christmas #RedeemingLove #GodIsGood
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sarahkochevar : That book is so good!!!!
beautygoggles : #thebest #butseriously
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My vac situation right now #greentea #awesomereads #redeeminglove #francinerivers #mykindabliss
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kblackmafiri : Good book... Good start
iammotlokoa : Don't judge. That's a good read
tamu_waridi : I'm not even done with the book but its already hit me so hard! Damn! ♥ Oh and I can't help but smile at the fact two of those most "non-mainstream" guys I know have already laid eyes on this book 😊. Beautiful. @kblackmafiri @iammotlokoa
kblackmafiri : I've read that book four times... And it got me everytime. Lol non-mainstream
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Every minute, Everday #offer #remeedinglove #love #francinerivers #God
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ashleyvictoriakirkpatrick : #redeeminglove
ruthparkes : 💕💕💕💕💕
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❤ #RedeemingLove #BloodBought #Jesus
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y0chelle : Amen
nickvfitness91 : 🙏
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Today I finished rereading my favorite book (for the third time). There are few books that I can read and reread and still laugh and cry every time. Women of all ages, young, old, or somewhere between...please do yourself a favor and get this book. You won't regret it. Thank you Francine Rivers for weaving together such a beautiful, tangible picture of the book of Hosea and ultimately of God's love for us. #RedeemingLove
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leianne7 : YES!! That is my all time favorite book too, could read it 100 times & not get sick of it!! Yay for some Francine Rivers reading! Have you read "Her Mother's Hope" & "Her Daughter's dream"?? If not, you MUST!!! Can.not.put.them.down. Also her "Rising of the dawn" series is insanely good! (I think that's the name of them, or at least it's one of the titles! It's based back in the Roman Empire times when they had slave women in the homes, ahhhh I just love her writing! Now I've got to read them all again, & Redeeming love will be the first!! @sydnichambers
leianne7 : Oh yes, Mark of the Lion is the name of the series, just read the above comment!
leianne7 : @michellejoyhair those are my favs too! I just love her PERIOD!!
sydnichambers : Haha she's the best! I haven't heard of those two but I'm adding them to the list!! I'm so excited because I've wanted new books to read and I know if It's by Francine and coming so highly recommended by you @leianne7, then I will love it!
sydnichambers : PS. Miss you guys!! Hope you're well!
leianne7 : Awesome @sydnichambers you'll LOVE them!! We miss y'all too, thank you!! We are doing great & loving Florida, it's easy to live here with the gorgeous weather!
leianne7 : How was Australia?! So cool you were able to do that!!
yolandaaazhao : 👍🆒
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Every woman wants to be rescued. #redeeminglove #prettywoman
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karie_douglass : My fav book 😍
trillgxd : Nice!
abbeydthomas : Thha
abbeydthomas : That is one of my favorite books. I remember I couldn't put it down.
hannahmriley : This my favorite book. If you have it and have read it already, encourage a friend to do the same by lending it to them! It's life altering. @abbeydthomas @karie_douglass @cocob96 @erinowen12
hannahmriley : @krandolph37 that certainly is a weird book connection... And I really don't read that many books.
rosieclimber : Can I please borrow your copy when you come back to SC?
hannahmriley : YES! @rosieclimber
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Good morning✨💛☀ #shereadsTRUTH #Hisword #morning #startyourdayright #studyHisword #blessed #everyone #Godisgood #allthetime #givethanks #praiseHim #rejoice #ourKing #ourFather #redeeminglove #unconditionallove #iamsecond #kingdom #comfort #pray #haveablessedday
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oscarcastillo19 : True! @alexredding13 - Let's keep living Second.
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It's that time of year again. #RedeemingLove #MichaelHosea
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jctheisen7 : This book @maddy_shults 😍
kelseylynndunn : So good!!!
krisclar3 : 😍😍😍😍😍
heythisiskelsi : I thought about starting it again.
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One other amazing thing about the hollies is that you get time to catch up on some reading...a few pages along and im already shedding some thug tears. #CurentRead #RedeemingLove #FrancineRivers #BeeeeenWantingToReadThis
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Today I play chauffeur, which means lots of waiting and reading. But I don't mind. I come from a long line of gifted waiters. For some reason this Christmas I really wanted to re-read Redeeming Love. I used to h a t e this book. I started reading the prologue in college, and I was like "yeeeeeah no." Then someone I really respected told me she knew of a book that was just incredible and *completely* changed the way she looked at her relationship with Jesus. She didn't tell me the title, so when I received it in the mail from her I was floored. Trusting her, I read it. And it rocked my world. Who knew Christian romance could be so moving? That's probably only because it's about a love far greater than the love between man and woman. So---this Christmas season, look out for the lady reading a worn paperback, crying on benches. She's totally fine, but feel free to pass her a tissue. #redeeminglove #francinerivers
redeeminglove - francinerivers -
mrs.lauren.dean : ❤️ that book. I've read it several times and you may have inspired me to read it again too
christychase55 : Cried BOTH times I read it. Eye opening.
rosewheat : @christychase55 I know! I feel this book should come with Kleenex coupons.
christychase55 : @rosewheat and a btl of wine, fuzzy blanket and slippers as well...
rosewheat : @mrs.lauren.dean yay! I hope you can find time. 🍼👶
jessicaannalee : Great book!
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Redeeming Love is the best book I have read and one that I'm going to read again. #Reading #NewPassion #RedeemingLove #Hosea #Gods #UnconditionalLove
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andreaaaramos : I loveddddd that book❤️
vicki20 : Yasss!!! Such a great book!
quote.strong : Like :)
panhead_girl_ellie : ^.^
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Regram @ashleyakakirky #redeeminglove ○
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amyamygray : True
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“Look, I am making everything new!” And then he said to me, “Write this down, for what I tell you is trustworthy and true.” Rev 21:5 (NLT) Redeeming Love – Part 5 Have you ever tried to make something that has been used, scratched, worn out… brand new? Ever dropped a brand new phone to have it smash on the concrete? (ouch). A few weeks ago I put my earphones through the washing machine (accidentally). They came out like ringlet hair and they’ll never be nice and smooth again. Try as we may, once something has been used, broken, damaged, or just worn from living, we can never make it brand new again. Like my earphones, sometimes I feel like life puts me through the ‘washing machine,’ I come out curly and bent… longing for ‘newness,’ a clean slate. Baby soft skin wrapped in innocence. Some days I wish I could start again, reset, rewind, forget, begin anew, swap my heart for another… God lives above and beyond the realms of new and old. He created us from nothing, wove us together in our mother’s wombs. As we become aware and responsive to His love, He calls us His own, giving us a new name, rewriting our lineage and future. And what has been used, abused, worn out and lived long, He can, and will, cause them to be not repaired or fixed, but made new. Clean. Whole. Innocent but wise. Fresh but grounded. He doesn’t do this with a secret catch, He’s not manipulating us for His own selfish gain, or buying our loyalty to fund His ventures… He does this, makes us new now and in the age to come, because of His great love that drives everything He is and does. God knows what’s going on in this world, He can see it and feel it within our own lives. He understands the afflictions we face. He gets it. He’s not offended, or disgusted by us, but He longs to work His love in our used up lives to bring refreshing and renewal to our souls and those around us – a miracle – today, tomorrow, and in eternity. His redeeming love doesn’t just patch us up, or rinse us off, but miraculously brings ‘new’ to our worn-out hearts and lives. Let go of your fears and inhibitions and allow this love, this Redeeming Saviour to work His newness in you. by @lizzmilani
ciera_isaman : Papa, please forgive me. I feel like I am going down the wrong path. Please pick me up and put me on Your path. I want to praise You and love You like never before. Please help me have a burning passion for You. I love You. In Jesus' Name, amen❤️
joossseeeee : @ccchrystalr I'm staying 💚😚😚😚
boesenfamily : @carliz
alabamajogojogo : @silhouette_life
mrtshirthead : Good words. John 3v3-8 that Born Again experience - a new creature renewed daily by the Holy Ghost. Praying in the Holy Spirit never gets old.
1kross : @hilarypingle
sweetsureshot : needed
yamiicake : Yeeeeeesssssssss @_ivel_
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And my life was never the same again. Thank you for giving me perspective!👌God bless the writer of #RedeemingLove , anointed author she is! Now on to the next one. 💪👋#AReadingNation Even inspired to read the book of Hosea in the Bible💃❤🙋
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zeet_n : As I write it under my To-Read list for 2015..the title is interesting
namzonan : You gonna love it @zeet_n
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💫🌟💛✨💫 #Jesus #RedeemingLove #HolySpirit #TrueLove #RedeemerOfTheFallen #RelentlessLove #CreatorGod ~ Psalms61:4 ~
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aware_worship : Great!
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#Dante #redeeminglove
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ashleyvictoriakirkpatrick : @ashleeeeharris
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'In the middle of the journey of life , I came to myself in a dark wood' #redeeminglove 💖
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Open your heart to love others unconditionally as He loves us..❤️ #beautifulstory #redeeminglove
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melswhite20 : 😍😍😍 FAVORITE BOOK. Love & miss you, best friend!
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As the clouds roll in and darkness overtakes the sun for a mere moment, I am reminded His grace is all I need! I am proud to boast about my weaknesses because His power works best in weakness! #redeeminglove #thankful #blessedbeyondmeasure #myfaithmovesmountains #alwaysfaithful #fightforyourpassion #nothingisimpossible #bebrave #befierce #bebold #behumble #sanantonio #texas #texashillcountry #igsanantonio #igtexas #texassunrise #sunrise #sunriseporn #skyporn #skyscape #skyporn #clouds #cloudporn
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jasonwill10 : 👏👏👍👍
mccarthyaaron : Great!
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I have seen his ways, and will heal him: I will lead him also, and restore comforts unto him and to his mourners. Isa 57:18 (KJV) Redeeming Love – Part 4 Mourning and grief… what can I say? It’s a challenging topic to cover. Let me give you some insight into my own dysfunction. My mind works on very narrow and straight paths. I like order and the opposite frustrates me. I think carefully about most things and often consider the outcome or many different options before investing any time, money or energy in whatever I approach. Good or bad. Even towards death, I can tend to have a logical and cold approach to its inevitability. Managing my emotions via reason. “We all die and there’s no escaping it!” is my familiar motto. “Better off reconciling rather than running from those facts that can not be altered” I can hear my head say. But even with this not-so-warm approach I find that it doesn’t dull the sting and pain of severed relationship that death or loss causes. No matter how much logic and rationale I apply to it, the emotional ties seem to supersede and grief still infiltrates my emotions like a sneaky enemy trying to take down a fortified castle. None of us can really escape the pang of grief when it comes to loss of any kind, however, there is One who redeems and comforts us in the face of it. Whether you’ve lost a loved one to death or divorce, a business to bankruptcy or your innocence to abuse, God’s promise is to heal, lead and comfort you. Our challenge is to expose our raw emotions, our pain and hurts, to His love. That’s why Proverbs 3 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” because your raw and aching heart wants to protect itself, not expose itself. But like exposing a fresh burn to running cool water, trusting your wounded emotions to God will refresh them and give you new hope. None of us is exempt from grief in this life, but we have free access to His treasury, fully stocked with hope, overflowing with faith and crammed tight with love. His love will redeem and comfort you. by @jessemilani
beccametcalf97 : Thankyou @jake_tasker_ 😊😊😊
shorty_natalia : @danielmunoz07 love you amen
jukeboxglitter : <33 @matttthewlamb
yoitsamuel : @smiley492
gabriellaacooke : @deborahvdh Give this situ. To GOD he will make everything work out for you with your friends x
lvsanimals2 : @mommiedoe
bnb_slp : @iam_covered Read this.. I know you already know these things. Love you😘
christian_howell48 : @brittneyyork
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Tears 😭😭😭 one of my favourite #books ever! Second time reading it and it was even better. Where do you find a man like Michael Hosea? 😔 highly recomnend! #christian#GodsLove#redeeminglove#emotionalwreck
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hsavieti : @niuafe 😭😭😭
alumitacrystal : LMAO
panhead_girl_ellie : My problem is I think I AM Michael Hosea..
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#book of #isaiah chapter 43 vs 1-3 #redeeminglove #godsgrace #grace #godslove #godspromise
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rustic_churches : Very cool!
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With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs. Zeph 3:17 (NLT) Redeeming Love – Part 3 Verse 17 of Zephaniah 3 is well-known mainly for the line that says “He is a mighty saviour.” I really love the way the NLT puts this verse and there’s one part that really grabbed me as I re-read it. “With His love, He will calm all your fears.” In this world, we look to many different things to calm our fears and anxieties. In psychology, these are called coping mechanisms and they help us deal with piecing the world together as we see it, with some kind of logic and sense. The truth is there’s an incredible amount of information available to us in any given moment so the very nature of life is overwhelming. It’s like trying to catch a tsunami in a tea cup. Job, kids, mortgage, relationships, friends, romance, food (just trying to eat healthy is hard enough!), exercise, school, family, extended family, politics, servicing the car, balancing the budget, doctor’s appointment, dentist checkup, sports, cleaning the house, washing the car, mowing the lawns, picking up the dry cleaning, coffee with friends, visiting relatives, annual vacations, school fees, uniforms, health insurance, new socks… you get it! Then there’s managing everything in between these things! The politics of particular family dynamics, or certain friendships. Who is dairy intolerant? Which one has a nut allergy? Oh and Sally hates broccoli… Work colleagues and teammates that aren’t actually…well you know, mates. Then there’s the government and the decisions they’re making. And what about those tensions in overseas countries? The children that are suffering in the third world. Not to forget the homeless kids just around the corner or the neighbours that get drunk and fight every other night. OK, now try and fit some time with God in there too… Oh yeah… God! Because of His presence (always there) and His nature (always loving) it doesn’t matter how chaotic and overwhelming things get… His love is always available and is the perfect prescription for calming fears and redeeming our hearts… by @jessemilani
latina8888 : Amen
renaedevine : Great post. Thank you.
darylmarie29 : Yes. Thank you.
angelach_ : @hannahchan13
nssporty : Wow beautiful and true!!💖🙌🙏❤️✨
ciera_isaman : Dear Papa, thank You for always being there. I want to have a prayer of thanks. I usually am wanting something or asking for something. But today I just want to thank You. Thank You for loving me and caring for me. Thank You for sending Your Son for me. I love You. Thank You for keeping me in Your hands even though sometimes I want to escape. I love You!!!! In Jesus' Name, amen❤️
sophdolan : @michubarrington have a read of this and some of the other posts too 😊
fattylazyzhang : THIS! "Try to fit some time with God in there too." Just what I was telling you about :') @duckfatz
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Jump jump jump! #alltheworldsay #merrychristmas #redeeminglove
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