Redeeming Love is by far the most incredible book I've ever had the privilege to read. Talk about Christ talking to me. No one has any idea how badly I needed to read this. To truely know that God loves me unconditionally and that I am worthy of his love. Women & Girls if you have ever been been sexually abused in any fashion I beg you to read this. I can not explain how therapeutic this novel is. #redeeminglove #francinerivers #Godfirst #Christfirst #IAmRedeemed
redeeminglove - iamredeemed - godfirst - christfirst - francinerivers -
fitgymlife : Im a fan of your posts
matalasi87 - lilmommaliz - im_queent - gracielitaaaxoxo -
Reading material for the ride home πŸ“•β€οΈ #sixplushours #redeeminglove #sogood
redeeminglove - sogood - sixplushours -
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My Hosea❀️ #vday #love #redeeminglove @joemonroe
love - vday - redeeminglove -
judedafeta : I love it!!!
kb_marie : Love you two!
rello_j : 😘😘😘 @judedafeta @kb_marie
notclvrenuff : Hosea?! Does that make you Gomer?? Smh #thefleshisweak!
rello_j : @notclvrenuff maybe.. Because the flesh is def weak! Lol
notclvrenuff : Lol! You already know I can't even disagree with that!!
rello_j : @notclvrenuff πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mtlathon : How do u rate it from 1-10?
booney2683 - 1.weird_bollybot - samstarrbabe - mygoldenlife -
Since I'm never on my personal IG and it's a snow day, I thought I'd catch up on some #lostfiles😏 This is the Pages & Tea book club first meeting this past Sunday. We read (some of us still reading lol) "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. This amazing book is a powerful retelling of the story of Hosea and Gomer. Can't wait to do a review and share it on She a Experienced😊 #bookclub #pagesandtea #redeeminglove #blogger #huntsville #women #empowerment
empowerment - bookclub - huntsville - redeeminglove - pagesandtea - blogger - lostfiles - women -
kb_marie : Perfect book...perfect setting. Love this!
rello_j : @kb_marie thanks Kara!!!
chavaunrenee - msrenababy - kb_marie - ms_personality86 -
I don't normally do this, but it's something I want to get better about! This is my incredibly awesome mama. She is gifted as an artist, home decorator & designer, traveler, hostess, athlete, and follower of Jesus. The older I get the more I grow to appreciate her and see how much of who I am today has come from her. Her IG name is perfect- I am so blessed to witness the vast, redeeming love of Adonai in her. She is quick to listen, or apologize. She shines a light of beauty and truth in our family and everywhere with her lifestyle of gratitude and welcoming home. My love for slow mornings, strong coffee, good food, good company, bluegrass music, and all things beautiful find their way back to her fingerprints on my childhood (and whole life :) She is one of my greatest supporters, as well as now a coach on my team! Love this woman and her zeal for life. If you don't follow her already- DO!! :) She has hordes of inspiration to share. @romancingthesoul #mama #motherdaughter #love #shareyourgifts #bless #beblessed #inspire #seek #cultivate #beauty #freespirit #followyourbliss #create #explore #openarms #openhome #shinealight #makeitpretty #investinrelationships #redeeminglove #wildatheart #home
shinealight - investinrelationships - motherdaughter - love - inspire - beauty - followyourbliss - explore - coach - wildatheart - home - openarms - cultivate - seek - piyo - fitfam - fitmom - shareyourgifts - teambeachbody - redeeminglove - create - openhome - beblessed - bless - takeitoutside - mama - makeitpretty - freespirit -
emilylmeyerwellness : #fitfam #fitmom #piyo #coach #takeitoutside #teambeachbody
sarityc : True and precious sentiments! She's pretty wonderful! ❀
romancingthesoul : Wow! You daughters of mine have rocked my world! @emilylmeyerwellness and @sarityc and @katie.rose.king (and my man-child, too @joe_king_2911)
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Amen. πŸ’• πŸ’― #redeeminglove #michaelhosea #fictionalcharacterlove
redeeminglove - michaelhosea - fictionalcharacterlove -
misstiffanybrooke - bobby_15_bryant -
It's a pretty great feeling to lose track of time talking about an astounding book with such an incredible group of girls. It's even better to realize that these girls are probably going to be in my life for a very long time. I am so thankful to have some of the best friends a girl could ask for. #redeeminglove #buds #bettiesbookclub
buds - redeeminglove - bettiesbookclub -
raejones___ : Mom's on instagram! Yayaya! @joyjoy66
lyssa_g7 : :( What does it take to be a Bettie?
raejones___ : Boobs. I'll add you to our Facebook and you can start reading and join us. We would love to have you.
stephanie13rown : @lyssa_g7 lol...boobs preferred, but not necessary. Basically, all you have to do to be a Bettie is 1) be a girl, and 2) be awesome. And since you're definitely both of those things, welcome to the club! 😽
aduggan18 : @raejones___ aww thanks so much!
britt_davis88 : Wish I could have been there! :(
raejones___ : @britt_davis88 wish you could have been there too!
lyssa_g7 : @stephanie13rown lol you're hilarious!! Let me know when yall meet again :)
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mornings with berries and a passion filled novel are pure bliss// #vscocam #clbiadventures14 #thatsdarling #redeeminglove
redeeminglove - thatsdarling - vscocam - clbiadventures14 -
alexislouise96 - maria_berndt - kingdomyouthcamrose - sophiaroseiverson -
Reading this book again, definitely one of my favorites. I recommend it to everyone. #redeeminglove #God #love #Hosea #thirdtimelucky
god - hosea - love - thirdtimelucky - redeeminglove -
melbus15 : It's one of my favorites too! Good choice.
han_furrer13 : I've read it probably 5 times. Great book @keenan2nani
lauren.lola.davis : @keenan2nani this is my all time favourite book! It's so beautiful. Got me thru 1 of the toughest seasons in my life. It really depicts the incalculable love of the Father. Id read it over and over again!
keenan2nani : Yeah definitely is hey @melbus15
keenan2nani : This is going to be my third time @han_furrer13 and probably not my last.haha
keenan2nani : Yes @lauren.lola.davis this book taught me how as a man of God I need to love the woman God will place in my life and showed me what unconditional love truly is. I love it.
jessyazzopardi : Best fictional book i've ever read πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
keenan2nani : Amen to that @jessyazzopardi. Just started last night again and my emotions are already getting stirred.haha
kaylavorsatz - carriehops - super_turtle_horse_geek - lauren.lola.davis -
Currently reading Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers :) Really enjoying it :) What are you reading ? #RedeemingLove #books #book #bookmarks #bookreader #bookworm #bookporn #FrancineRivers #CurrentlyReading
bookporn - francinerivers - currentlyreading - bookreader - redeeminglove - bookworm - books - bookmarks - book -
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O poder do AMOR de Deus sobre uma mulher, uma nação... UAAAU!!! UAAAU de novo! #Recomendo #RedeemingLove #Extasiada #ObrigadaJesus #TamanhoAmor #Hosea #LEIA! Obrigada, @kelliamaro por me apresentar esse livro! ❀️
obrigadajesus - recomendo - tamanhoamor - hosea - redeeminglove - leia - extasiada -
daianyr : Fala sobre Oq ?
yaraanacleto : É um romance baseado no livro de Oséias, @daianyr! Conta a história de uma menina que foi vendida pra prostituição, mas Deus pede pra um homem se casar com ela mesmo sendo uma prostituta. Ela não sente nada, não acredita em nada... É uma história arrebatadora! Gente, o poder do amor de Deus é imensurável! Olha, recomendo!
elaine_mlimaa : Na expectativa pra começar a ler! :)
raquelaraujo : Melhor livro!!!
daianyr : Nossa vou comprar domingo
keel_pontes - daniventura - lizabc13 - mulherviirtuosa -
Completely depressed, because I'm already done reading this amazing book. Absolutely, hands down, 100% my favorite book. I could read it a million times. ❀ #redeeminglove
redeeminglove -
In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be. I choose to be lazy and read. It's safe to say this is my favorite book. #redeeminglove #francinerivers #baywindow #rockingchair #feetup
redeeminglove - baywindow - rockingchair - feetup - francinerivers -
eringreve : LOVE that book!!
mackenzimiller : A friend of mine just game me that book to read. lol
wrapwithklynn : @mackenzimiller it's so good. I can't lie, I forgot to eat and sleep for like 2 days. I couldn't put it down!!! Lol
eringreve - barista.m.r -
"Because, for some of us, one mile can be farther to walk than thirty." #redeeminglove #sogood
redeeminglove - sogood -
_g00dwin_ : πŸ‘Œ
jesscmc03 : Is that from the book?
mermaid.mad - wetz - jesscmc03 - mybrainsamaze -
Pages and Tea! #bookclub #redeeminglove
redeeminglove - bookclub -
karachristine_24_ - jew_elle - briannadeniseee - mamtuuuu -
His never ending peace and joy is unspeakable! We make plans but his plans for our life are a masterpiece! His plans for our life are so much more FABULOUS OR AMAZING than anything we could imagine! #thankful #myfaithmovesmountains #redeeminglove #blessedbeyondmeasure
redeeminglove - myfaithmovesmountains - blessedbeyondmeasure - thankful -
ceezer37 : Amen!!!! Headed to church now πŸ˜€πŸ˜Š
p_goya36 - melaniefrank - csmith6131 - netshaulo -
Our family just had the privilege of meeting the Josties and hearing them sing. Amazing! Such a beautiful family sharing the #redeeminglove of Jesus through the talents and gifts He has blessed them with. They will be in Oceanside, Ca tonight and Fallbrook, Ca Monday, and Arizona and Texas and more! Check 'em out at Josties.com or the Josties on Facebook. You will be crazy blessed❀️ #Hisgraceissufficient
redeeminglove - hisgraceissufficient -
oliviaannefowler - momma_dna - em4him - littlelambvintage -
Like a #river, like a fountain, like a cleansing flood.. I pour out my worship to You, for Your #RedeemingLove #nature #photographer
redeeminglove - river - photographer - nature -
heymaryel - hasti_safaei_piano - a_fit_fashionista - nyeynyey -
Just finished reading #redeeminglove such a good book, I've learned how to love my fiancee better because of it and everything in it has taught me a lesson. Thank you so much Darrell Brazell for recommending the book, it was truly amazing. #FrancineRivers
redeeminglove - francinerivers -
katty.96 - nagaoka_tan - young_dumb_beautiful -
Now that I've finished #asongoficeandfire it's time to revisit one of my all time favorites! #redeeminglove ❀
asongoficeandfire - redeeminglove -
One of these days I will sit down and read these all cover to cover. #Clancy #USMC #grossman #ladyinwaiting #darthvader #andson #profilers #debecker #redeeminglove #tolkien
grossman - debecker - tolkien - redeeminglove - andson - darthvader - profilers - clancy - ladyinwaiting - usmc -
aligirl56 : I can help
rayraylucy : @aligirl56 stahp
kelsieejo - hadycat - bexamillions - naaysilvv -
Hopped onto that stage for the first time 1 year ago today. #tbt #wearefusion
wearefusion - tbt - redeeminglove -
jawshmathis : This set was one of my favourites.
m_rags_ : #redeeminglove @jawshmathis
little_lisy317 - liesezebra - katherinegravitt - lizrawls -
Day 57: Started rereading one of my favorite books today and I cannot put it down. Seriously ladies, if you haven't read this one DO IT!! #365PagesWithChristian #RedeemingLove #FrancineRivers #9thTimesTheCharm#SarahandMichael #moviecomingsoon
365pageswithchristian - francinerivers - moviecomingsoon - redeeminglove - 9thtimesthecharm - sarahandmichael -
shiningjulz : OMG best book ever.
alygrang - roxief719 - shiningjulz - cefranklin1 -
I'm very happy to be able to share a guest post from Melanie on the blog today :) her story of hope and freedom is inspiring and refreshing! I love that God uses our trials & what the enemy set out to use against us, in order to grow His kingdom and enrich the lives of those who get to be a part of and hear our stories. Be sure to check out her blog after reading her guest post! (Link in my bio) #throughtheeyesofarunner #guestpost #nedaweek #recovery #eatingdisorder #freedom #hope #inspiration #Godslove #redeeminglove #dallasblogger #dallas #instablogger
dallasblogger - recovery - dallas - redeeminglove - freedom - nedaweek - throughtheeyesofarunner - instablogger - guestpost - eatingdisorder - godslove - hope - inspiration -
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Sleepless Nights: clip-on reading lights come in handy; reading "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. #restless #read #redeeminglove
read - redeeminglove - restless -
ashwerr : So goooood! Got me like... 😭😭😭
songthaovang - meiyusings - mrkoobmoov - ashwerr -
I read four fantastic books during the month of February. A review of them on the blog! TEMP LINK IN PROFILE
vscocam - kindlepaperwhite - redeeminglove - vsco - goodreads - invisiblethread - bookreviews - wreckage - packinglight -
maggiefortson : #goodreads #bookreviews #kindlepaperwhite #redeeminglove #invisiblethread #packinglight #wreckage #vsco #vscocam
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Relax your mind, exhale and trust in him. #redeeminglove
redeeminglove -
iam_clarissee : When I buy my own copy I'll lend it to you :) x @mxnicvrimjxng
l_djuma : @clarisse_dorika I like were your heading too 😘
iam_clarissee : πŸ’˜ @yash_am
iam_clarissee : I'm excited to see what God has in store for me. And I know he has amazing plans for your life! @l_djuma
l_djuma : @clarisse_dorika Awh thanks love πŸ˜‰πŸ™xx
mxnicvrimjxng : Oooo yes thanks!!
hazelmathu : Loving the post keep seeking God life so much better that way @clarisse_dorika
iam_clarissee : πŸ™ŒπŸ’˜ @hazelmathu
jjeessyy__ - 97isthatmelaia - teenietin -
"The fire cracked softly, and a steady warmth built within Michael as he held his young wife; and sometime within the space of a shuddering sigh, he ceased thinking of her as Angel--the harlot he loved and who had betrayed him--and saw her instead as the nameless child who had been broken and was still lost." ❀️ #quotes #redeeminglove #mustread #inspiring #truelove
truelove - quotes - inspiring - mustread - redeeminglove -
ash_ley09 : My favorite book! Love it πŸ’—
juanita127 : A great read!
pjlauren : Love that book! Probably gonna reread it soon
alee_the_elephant : I LOVE THAT BOOK 😍😍😍😍
aubreymichelle__ : Wow, I had no idea so many adored this book like me!! What part really spoke to you all?
juanita127 - amsees - foreverfaithful777 - jmnorris_ -
Love isn't a weapon. It's a lifeline. Reach out take hold and don't let go. - Michael Hosea #redeeminglove
redeeminglove -
belii_xoxo : Art 😍
iam_clarissee : 😘😘 @belii_xoxo
africanaustralian : You are amazing.
iam_clarissee : So are you Zoe πŸ™ŒπŸ˜˜ @africanaustralian
sabelo_khanyile : Amazingly gorgeous
iam_clarissee : Sabelo😍😘 thank you! @sabelo_khanyile
faithdushimexo : Your beautiful xx
iam_clarissee : Love you!! πŸ’˜πŸ’˜ @faithdushimexo
villeno4ka2013 - mimzi_903 - johnnkaay - ryandeallie -
This book is destroying me in the best way possible #Redeeminglove #francinerivers #mustread #seriously #READIT
redeeminglove - seriously - mustread - readit - francinerivers -
rachcristianna : Sooooo GOOD.
jordynsman_5313 : SOOOOOO GOOD
natalie_pearl - leightard4 - megln823 - tiaracecelia -
Man oh man. This book. This. Book. Super interesting read in a time when 50 Shades of Grey is all the rage. Rocked my world. "You are free, you just don't know it yet." #RedeemingLove
redeeminglove -
ripp_on_kate - allie.garland - delightministries - maddyday_6 -
Come away with me and be my wifeβ™‘♥ #redeeminglove #sad #romantic #novel #truelove #christianbasednovel #ineedthiskindoflove
truelove - novel - romantic - christianbasednovel - redeeminglove - ineedthiskindoflove - sad -
caleb_syce7 : That is the only book i have read on my own thats not part of school set work...brilliant...
doniqueplaatjes : Seriously is one amazing book...😍
tatsnaidoo80 : I'm still reading it :) I cried during the prologue.. Haha** the book didn't even start yet :/
joshi_pes : Sounds good
beeks.l - ashnique_smith - doniqueplaatjes - demidavids -
Redeeming love is an amazing book. I'm not a reader, but I could not put it down! I'm so glad I was introduced to it. #redeeminglove #psalm #30:5B #mustread @anaalyruuiz thank you!
redeeminglove - mustread - psalm - 30 -
anaalyruuiz : I'm gunna make you a box. Lol i love you. Glad you enjoyed the books!
tylerafternightfall : My favorite novel ever! When I was reading it, I would read every second and then got depressed when it was over
ashden_marie : Yeah I was pretty bummed yesterday when I finished. I don't know what t odd with myself today! @tylerafternightfall
acomer_7712 - anaalyruuiz - emily032013 - karen.jones.l -
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