👓👓👓JOURNAL KIT👓👓👓 I mustache you a question....can you ever have too many journals? I shall solve this riddle! No! (😂) No, Really, the more the merrier I say! ☝🏼️😄 This kit includes: 📰1 mustache journal 📰scrapbook paper 📰patterned blue & white circle stickers 📰pastel blue post its w/vintage spectacles hand stamped on each paper 📰post it divider stickers(can be written on) 📰large number stickers 📰blue happy face binder clip 📰gray sticky flags 📰paper clip w/vintage gingham fabric 📰sticky flags "&" (Kate spade) 📰washi tape tag 📰circle tags(2) 📰brown label sticker 📰black gel pen 📰black & white chevron clothespin clip $8
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singingoldredemptionstory : That's so punny 😎 lol 😆
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Best #goodmorning message ever. He cause me pain, uncertainty and sadness. But no matter what I do, he's still the one. Kung alam mo lang boss. You're my unrequited love. Redeeming love. Hay. Buhay. Lihim na pag tingin, forever. #unrequited #unrequitedlove #love #onesidedlove #onesided #life #thatslife #pagibig #lihimnapagtingin #secret #secretlove #mysexylove #sexylove #boss #machete #redeeminglove
life - onesidedlove - love - mysexylove - secretlove - boss - onesided - machete - sexylove - redeeminglove - unrequited - thatslife - unrequitedlove - secret - lihimnapagtingin - pagibig - goodmorning -
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The book I'm reading for Parnell's class #Francine #Rivers #RedeemingLove #novel #Hosea #lovethisbook #❤️
❤️ - novel - hosea - redeeminglove - rivers - francine - lovethisbook -
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ATTENTION ALL YOU DOLLS OUT THERE! I am STOKED about our GLOW retreat this November. Make sure you go register to hold your spot! This is the last month to sign up. ❤️ You say: It's impossible. God says: All things are possible (Luke 18:27) You say: I can't forgive myself. God says: I forgive you. (Romans 8:1) You say: I can't do it. God says: You can do all things. (Philippians 4:13) You say: I can't manage. God says: I will supply all your needs. (Philippians 4:19) Oooo when the REDEEMER speaks. Who will you listen to? Get ready ladies! Be sure to sign up today for the 2015 GLOW Retreat: #glowsisterhood #clglow #redeeminglove @glowsisterhood
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You say: It's impossible. God says: All things are possible (Luke 18:27) You say: I can't forgive myself. God says: I forgive you. (Romans 8:1) You say: I can't do it. God says: You can do all things. (Philippians 4:13) You say: I can't manage. God says: I will supply all your needs. (Philippians 4:19) Oooo when the REDEEMER speaks. Who will you listen to? Get ready ladies! Be sure to sign up today for the 2015 GLOW Retreat: #glowsisterhood #clglow #redeeminglove @glowsisterhood
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You say: It's impossible. God says: All things are possible (Luke 18:27) You say: I can't forgive myself. God says: I forgive you. (Romans 8:1) You say: I can't do it. God says: You can do all things. (Philippians 4:13) You say: I can't manage. God says: I will supply all your needs. (Philippians 4:19) Oooo when the REDEEMER speaks. Who will you listen to? Get ready ladies! Be sure to sign up today for the 2015 GLOW Retreat: #glowsisterhood #clglow #redeeminglove
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melodyfabien : 😍😍💞💖
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Her eyes were blue and fathomless. He could read nothing in them. She was a wall, an endless ocean, a clouded night sky so dark he couldn't see his hand before his face. He saw only what she wanted him to see. •Redeeming Love• #RedeemingLove #unconditionallove #selflove #Hosea #me #mystory #modelling #Selfacceptance
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robbydey : Nice! if you get a chance check out my profile too. 👌
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Sisters. #redeeminglove #smallgroup #highlandsgirls #highlandsfd
smallgroup - redeeminglove - highlandsgirls - highlandsfd -
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Great #book #redeeminglove #photoaday #septemberphotochallenge
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I am still in the process of reading this #fantastic read!! #redeeminglove. #francinerivers #lover #faith
redeeminglove - fantastic - francinerivers - lover - faith -
bigdreamfuel : Great day to you!
brookebwaugh : @shantellshantelluv one of my faves! 🙌🏿
dobbsdebbie : Fantastic book!!! One of my favorites!
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I hope I am ready for this emotional rollercoaster. #handmethetissues #redeeminglove #francinerivers #books @lucyellenbinns
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hannahlouisesharples : My FAVOURITE!!!!!!! It's soooo beautiful! #godslove
loisellen21 : @hannahlouisesharples I had heard that you liked this book! I've read a third of it so far, oh my, wow.
hannahlouisesharples : Hahahah I've read ur about 9 times over last 2years :-) enjoy! 😘
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A passage from one of my favourite books... #redeeminglove is a retelling of a bible story that is both beautifully written and mesmerising ❤ #francinerivers
redeeminglove - francinerivers -
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Another chance to know God more. My squad and I just decided to attend this awesome event tho it is going to be next year. You can still buy tickets #ChildofGod #RedeemingLove
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When he has an intimate relationship with the Lord this happens 😭😩❤️ in the book I'm reading God told Michael Hosea he was going to marry a prostitute and though he did not love the idea at the beginning and tried to fight against it, when God tells you to do something, you do it. #redeeminglove #favoritebookever #ineedmeamichaelhosea
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royal_jaiiy : @jlv__ love that book
jlv__ : I knooow. I'm reading it again after like 5 years and I'm like 😩😩😍 @royal_jaiiy
triiiple_g : 🙏🏾
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capturingwonderland's starting to feel like home, nothing like a little homemade wreath to cheer up the 101 year old porch. #farmhouse #porchlife #southdakota #redeeminglove #hifromsd #cottage #farmhousestyle #decorate #wreath #shabbychic
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_candicekaye_ : Love this!
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In the busyness of life and moving and wedding planning...I often have, and am, neglecting just marvelling at the peaceful moments. Beauty. #allmyloveallmylife #thankful #rest #bliss #porchlife #smalltownusa #ruralministry #ruthandboaz #redeeminglove #mybeloved #southdakota #blessed
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candacekim : 🙆🏻💓
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🎪🎪🎪JOURNAL KIT🎪🎪🎪 If you like my lovely colorful journal bag, then you will love this curiosity of a kit! This kit comes in an easy to clean bag! It's colorful stripes are happy & make for a perfect traveling desk as you go from place to place! It fits easily in a nice size purse or bag or carry it alone as well! Clear covers inside so you can see everything nicely! ⭐️😄⭐️ Includes: ✨1 journal ✨2 fun colorful handmade tags ✨bright gel pens ✨circus to do list with adorable magnetic circus bear ✨pink post its w/hand stamped stars ✨fUn paperclips w/vintage fabric ✨washi tape straw ✨tiny bumblebee tags (2) ✨colorful circle ephemera ✨scrapbook paper ✨tiny red heart sticky flags ✨pretty circular labels for writing a pointed thought. $25
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miz_babycakes : 💕💖💕💖💕
brandyjberry : I love this! I'm just waiting for you to post one that speaks to my soul!!! She's out there and I will be patient! I use journals similar to this to take sermon notes! : @brandyjberry That makes me feel so excited for you! Thank you & I'll be thankful when that happens! 💕⭐️💕 #sermonnotesarethebest
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#brokenheart #pickingupthepieces #scrapart #healed #redeemed #redeeminglove our hearts can be broken, damaged, scarred and even made of stone. But our creator loves you so much and to give him the gift of your heart is to give him all that he wants. Even in its #damaged condition. He makes it #beautiful he knows hearts. He heals them. #dontgiveup call on #Jesus #illustratedfaith #scripturedoodle
beautiful - damaged - dontgiveup - redeeminglove - brokenheart - redeemed - healed - illustratedfaith - pickingupthepieces - jesus - scripturedoodle - scrapart -
stikks_model : 😄
cookiesweikert : Perfect!❤️❤️
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"If only she could be so oblivious again, to feel such love without knowing it, mistaking it for laughter." #markuszusakquotes
markuszusakquotes - newlife - redeeminglove - bigbrother - littlesister - adventure - brothersister - siblings - joy - blessedlife - laughter - childhood - wonder -
carissathegreat : #childhood #laughter #wonder #adventure #Joy #siblings #brotherSister #bigbrother #littlesister #newLife #BlessedLife #redeemingLove
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Going to Barnes & Noble is, in general, a dangerous thing for me to do. I thought I was going to escape unscathed today, but then found a SIGNED copy of one of my favorite books!! In the past I've borrowed this book from friends, so since I didn't already own a copy + this copy is signed it was too good to pass up. Alas, B&N has once again won my money. {This book is a retelling of the book of Hosea; I would highly recommend it.} #reading #books #redeeminglove #francinerivers
redeeminglove - reading - books - francinerivers -
kelsey_ann_1116 - megmnor - maryjanesoares94 - enasseri32 -
"Therefore, behold, I will allure her, bring her into the wilderness, and speak kindly to her. Then I will give her her vineyards from there, and the valley of Achor as a door of hope." || Hosea 2:14-15a #redeeminglove #alltimefavoritebook
redeeminglove - alltimefavoritebook -
e_stims : I'm in love with that book 😍
terrisawyer : I read that YEARS ago @heatherroe! God is so faithful. He loves us where we are, but too much to leave us there.
sullythenewfie : Easily my favorite book.
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About to embark on this little story. From what I'm told, it's a good one.
francinerivers - currentlyreading - redeeminglove - igreads - nowreading - booklove - instabooks - reading - bookstagram - goodreads -
jenrod1989 : Yes, can't wait to hear what you have to say when you are done...I so wish a man like this for my Cousin...I pray for that every day...
evegiggles : @jenrod1989 Amen... I doubt I have ever read a book this thick in 3 sittings. I'm close to the end (probably finish tonight). Tempted to read the last page, but I won't spoil it. 😥 Intense.
jenrod1989 : Lol yes it is a big book, but it goes quickly. Sooo good..
evegiggles : @jenrod1989 Do you have others by her? I would love to borrow. A friend gave this one to me with a stack of others & she highly recommended this one. I'm so glad I was procrastinating from doing schoolwork when I decided to open it!
jenrod1989 : I have one, but it is more a bible study of women of the Bible. You can always get others at the library.. Scarlet thread is great, also atonement child..
evegiggles : @jenrod1989 Thanks, I'll look into those. Do you happen to know if this is a movie? Just wondering because when I Google searched the title & author to read the online description one of the suggestions said movie (I didn't click in it, but thought that if it were a
evegiggles : Finished it today... I've never read anything like it. Amazing story. I'll be recommending this to everyone willing to open a book. God is good. Period. @jenrod1989 @brightsidejessica
brightsidejessica : 😊 Yes! Incredible book, right? There are a couple other books by Francine Rivers that'd I'd also recommend, Leota's Garden and Bridge to Haven. But Redeeming Love is #1 in my book. ☺️ And I heard talk about it becoming a movie, but I'm not sure if that happened/is happening or not.
jahhollis - _chinaa.x - tumblr.books - emzchang -
Reading this gem a second time. #redeeminglove
redeeminglove -
mumsthewords : @philipneisess have you read the book? :)
philipneisess : No I have not :(
mumsthewords - philipneisess -
redeeminglove -
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I was tagged by some sweet friends @ashlie_howe and @hallstromhome for #widn well I couldn't sleep in any longer so I got up and it's pretty stormy outside so I felt like getting cozy on the couch and reading while sippin on some coffee (see what I did there 😉) If you haven't read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers I highly recommend it. I first read it in high school and decided I should read it a second time. And yes I decided to keep this coffee table lol it didn't sell at the event and I couldn't part with it after that 😬 Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! What are you up to @yellowprairieinteriors @ahouseandadog ?
widn -
farmfreshhomestead : @thestripedcottage @britcalhoun23 it's from world market
prisci_liz : @alexcalderon18 this is cute
livnation : Love that coffee table!!!!! Good idea on keeping it!!! ❤️❤️❤️
alexcalderon18 : I love it! @prisci_liz
littlevintagenest : What a cozy space. Love it!
irenaorlov : Lovely!
jimmyswagginc : 😎
dndbella : LOVE THAT BOOK!!!!! I couldn't stop reading it!
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Sometimes you just have to take a break at #work and #read a #book 💙 📘💎 #redeeminglove
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cdvitale : Showing off that bliiiiiing
kemccoy1 : @cdvitale it adds a bit of sparkle to the photo if I do say so myself. P
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Until finally our hope & faith are strong & steady. 🌿Romans 5:4🌿 #hope #redeeminglove #grace #familytrailwalking #InChristAlone
redeeminglove - familytrailwalking - grace - inchristalone - hope -
garciacrew : Amen! ♡
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What a fellowship, what a joy divine, leaning on the Everlasting Arms! I have blessed peace with my Lord so near, leaning on the Everlasting Arms! ~hymn #weHaveGreatHope #InChristAlone #MyHopeisFound #familytrailwalking #hope #grace #joy #redeeminglove
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Working on this beauty for a most prized & special kit. An early 1900's spelling book! Sure to be a delight to write in! 😍 if interested message me. Will be posting up in a kit soon! 💐📔💐 #homeschool #hope #journal #journaling #Bible #biblestudy #Scripture #shereadstruth #scrapbook #vintagebooks #teachers #growingrace #grace #illustratedfaith #redeeminglove #biblenotes
vintagebooks - shereadstruth - journal - homeschool - biblestudy - grace - journaling - bible - illustratedfaith - biblenotes - teachers - redeeminglove - scrapbook - growingrace - scripture - hope -
aunt_lynne_ : You find the neatest stuff! ☺👍📒🌻 : @aunt_lynne_ Thanks! 💕⭐️💕
sjplinder : Fun
snazzykarm : This is beautiful.. Can't wait to order my daughters kit! You do amazing work : @sjplinder 😄🎉 : @snazzykarm Thanks! 💕💕💕
babygirl_37 : Beautiful : @babygirl_37 Thank you. ☺️💕
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💐💐💐Journal Pages💐💐💐 Would you like a little inspiration in your journal to motivate you? An encouragement page to start you off on this beloved journaling journey? Here is a most precious set of journal pages I hand wrote Scriptire on & my daughter sketched & water colored a floral spray about them! These Scriptures are particular & refreshing & the handmade elegance is a unique addition to your journal or even put them up on your wall! $8.00 for the set. *Comes in clear pouch for protection.
biblejournal - journaling - moms - joy - journal - homeschool - biblestudy - bible - faith - grace - shereadstruth - planner - mypagesspeak - womenoffaith - illustratedfaith - peace - hopewritten - loveinchrist - redeeminglove - scrapbook - hopespoken - growingrace - scripture - hope - officesupplies - : *Scripture : #Scripture #journal #biblejournal #journaling #hope #hopewritten #mypagesspeak #grace #illustratedfaith #growingrace #womenoffaith #shereadstruth #loveinChrist #peace #faith #Bible #moms #joy #scrapbook #officesupplies #planner #redeeminglove #biblestudy #homeschool #hopespoken
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"You need to see something of the world. You'll like the ocean. It's so lovely. And you can sit on the sand and listen to the waves. You can build castles and find seashells. Just wait until you feel the foam tickle your toes." -Francine Rivers // Redeeming Love | one of all time favorite beach reads ❤️| p.s. I think this pretty dress by @sundress_official was made with #seasidefl in mind
faith - style - seasidefl - love - redeeminglove - seasidecrewlife - ocean - fashion - 30a - lcbstyle - sundress - beach -
lcbstyle : #lcbstyle #beach #sundress #ocean #redeeminglove #love #faith #fashion #style #seasidefl #30a #seasidecrewlife
sundress_official : 🙏🏼😍
ivettekronour : Gorgeous dress 😍
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Be still. #godisgood #godisfaithful #redeeminglove
godisgood - redeeminglove - godisfaithful -
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