F r i d a y • N i g h t s // #vsco #vscocam R e d e e m i n g L o v e I could read this book a million times and still never cease to become undone and captivated by Abbas love. If you have not read this book, I will personally lend you a copy. It is a must read for all. The perspective that hits me close to home and opens eyes to the fact that our redemption had no limits. No matter who you are, What you have done, what you have been through, or what's been done to you, he embraces our past and sees us as new beings and teaches us to see ourselves as more than our pasts. He is a healer, redeemer, and Father. I'm done rambling. But please please please read, and completely become wrecked in his love. #Redeeminglove
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12/100 days of happiness #zealforlife #healthyliving #healthychoices #100daysofhappiness #100happydayschallenge #redeeminglove #francinerivers #healthymindsoulandbody #theseareafewofmyfavoritethings
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Sometimes forgiveness is hard. Sometimes it takes reminding ourselves that we've been forgiven more times than we can count. Sometimes it takes on purpose thoughts and actions ev'ry single day. Forgiveness is always a good thing. #forgive #emotionsembraced #embracedessence #iamforgiven #doterra #emotionalaromatherapy #thelovedare #redeeminglove #loveandrespect
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Good reminder from @bobgoff - if you don't follow him you should! His quotes always point to Jesus and living a life of love. #bobgoffquote #quote #inspiring #extravagantlove #redeeminglove #jesuslovesyou #livelove #givelove #lovegenerously #hefirstlovedus #love #lovequote #flowers #floral #art #painting #paintingflowers #handpainted #handlettering #colour #poppies #acrylicpaint #loveothers #lovelikejesus #paintedcanvas #flowerart #truth
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alyonushkamsc : Very nice :))
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What I'm currently reading: Redeeming Love I have about 10 pages left and I just can't put it down!! #redeeminglove #books #booklove #bookworm #readmorebooks #bookaholic #currentlyreading
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"Redeeming love has been my theme and shall be till I die" #thereisafountain #redeeminglove #thankyoujesus #window #shadow #shillouette #flowers #vsco #vscocam
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Some of my summer/fall reading. I have so much more on my to-read list. Not pictured: Bridge to Haven also by Francine Rivers. #redeemingLove #thegirlonthetrain #thegoldfinch #thebookthief #bridgetohaven what are you reading? #reading #iloveagoodbook
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kathleendenly : @megan__walton Redeeming Love is one of my all time favorite books! I would love to hear what you think of it when you are done. #favoritebooks
megan__walton : @kathleendenly I enjoyed it, and can definitely see why it could be life changing for some. It was intense, and disturbing and frustrating and beautiful all at the same time. The time period made it a little difficult for me to visualize and I actually like Bridge to Haven more, because I found it more relatable. Have you read that one?
kathleendenly : I haven't read Bridge to Haven, but I can see how that might be more relatable as it is closer to our current times and culture. I'm a historical fiction author myself with a particular interest in nineteenth century America, so I had a lot of pre-knowledge to draw on when visualizing the story. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)
megan__walton : @kathleendenly oh then RL was perfect! I particularly liked when the man rescued her and she got the other girls. That part made me cry!
kathleendenly : Shhh! Spoiler alert! LOL That was a good part. I loved watching Angel's internal struggles and how she changed over time. It seemed so realistic. Francine tackled a very tough subject matter like the pro she is.
megan__walton : Lol @kathleendenly I was trying to be candid! Totally agree, her writing was impeccable
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#mynightendswithagoodbook #relaxingnightbeforeabusyweekend #redeeminglove
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One of the sweetest gifts to adorn our home together from his brother and sister-in-law. As soon as we opened it, the tears fell freely, Ruth + Boaz : The story of redeeming love, redeeming heritage and redeeming hope. That story is one I clung to, one I longed for and one I prayed that God would redeem for me. And God answered with My Steve. #mybeloved #ruthandboaz #steveandtiffany #love #redeeminglove #blessed #allmyloveallmylife #foreverpearson #happilyeverafter
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thelisagonzales : I think this maybe the most beautiful pieces of art I've ever seen! ❤️ it @capturingwonderland
capturingwonderland : @thelisagonzales it's just so perfect, God is so faithful! ❤️
buckproduction : God is so good! Prayers have been answered 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
emmy392 : What a precious gift! A simple reminder that God is faithful and loving!😍
wendypaulamuses : What a beautiful and precious gift:)
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🌷🌷🌷JOURNAL KIT🌷🌷🌷 This lovely journal with a cameo attached makes a wonderful gift or enjoyed yourself! The cream soft pages are a treat to write in! Includes: ✒️Scrapbook paper ✒️Kate spade gold exclamation point sticky notes ✒️journal paper ✒️washi tape straw ✒️sticky flags ✒️pen ✒️decorative tape ✒️vintage clip w/rose colored ribbon ✒️stickers ✒️encouragement stickers(handwritten) ✒️clear project life card ✒️tiny paper clip w/fabric attached $12
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precious.to.me : #journal #prayerjournal #journalkit #illustratedfaith #hopespoken #shereadstruth #love #redeeminglove #grace #graceupongrace #Biblenotes
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I thank #Jesus for delivering me from sin and its consequences. I am redeemed; He set me free. #god #shareyourfaith #wordofgod #truth #thankful #activeuser #tsuper #believe #originalcontent #SpeakLife #jesusfreak #jesussaves #jesuschrist #redeemed #redeemer #redeeminglove #bigdaddyweave #christian #christianmusic #church #forgiveness #original
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kbrlifestyles : 👍📷👍📷
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Sometimes I get sad or miss him. But instead of feeling like I screwed up, now I think, he missed out. Because really, the person God is making me into IS a beautiful soul with lots of love, joy and happiness to share. I'm finally finding my true self and can show that to others and it's been so freeing. I love laughing and singing in the car and embracing even the rainy day because it's all so lovely. Who knows if the day will ever come where he realizes who I was under all that dirt, but now I know, I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am loved so deeply by the most high God and my ex choosing someone else doesn't determine my worth, not anymore. And it really never should have. Now I know my worth is found in something unshakeable and will never ever change even on my worst day. And it's too bad it had to be this way, because I think it could have been so great. It's just a shame he couldn't see that for himself. Life is wonderful and it's only going to get better. I know God will redeem my story with someone who does value me, who treats me with respect and someone who isn't going to walk away just because life gets hard. That's the man I want by my side. One who keeps his word and treats me as one part of a whole. Mostly, one who will love me like God does and will point me back to Christ each and every day. That's the one for me.💛
sincerelysheri : @jeanettegtf long time coming, huh?! 💛 thanks for standing by me through the ugly!
sincerelysheri : @hikingtowardhome no!! I'm gonna have to see if I can get my hands on a copy. :) thanks for the recommendation! 💛
sincerelysheri : @gigi__essie 🙌 hallelujah! Thanks for all your support. I'm so blessed to have found you!! 💛💛
sincerelysheri : @lisavdesigner a thousand times a thousand!! 🙌 💛 love you sweet girl!
sincerelysheri : @hillnelson24 💗💗
hikingtowardhome : @sincerelysheri my daughter reviewed it on my blog. It isn't only for teen girls its for any single girl. My blog link is in my profile. You may have to scroll down a few posts to find it. Hugs.
gigi__essie : 😘
jeanettegtf : @sincerelysheri it takes the time that it takes. Small and steady steps are sometimes better than big leaps.
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Que leitura surpreendente .... Amor de Redenção by Francine Rivers What an amazing reading .... Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers #goodnight #goodevening #vidacomcristo #katydadecomcristo #francinerivers #redeeminglove #reading #book #boanoite
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cultureuniverse : Esse livro é demais...
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Me time❤️ #whenthekidsareaway #nannylife #redeeminglove #lovethisbook
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#HappeningNow #Reading #Relaxation #Studying #Alexandria #OffDay #redeeminglove #romanticnovel
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nadaabassem : I love this book :)
susanna.helmy : It's amazing
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| Book 14 | Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Normally I'm not someone who reads books multiple times. But I needed to read this one again. I started it yesterday and finished earlier this evening. These past few years have been a struggle of faith and trust, and I've felt so broken. At times I've even questioned my salvation. I've blatantly chosen my sin over God and ran back to it instead of running to Him. This book helped remind me that our God is a big God, and he chose to love us knowing exactly who we are. He wants to free us from our brokenness. I may just read it over and over again until I get that through my thick skull. #vsco #vscocam #books #bookstagram #tryingtoread100booksin2015 #redeeminglove #redemption #faith #trust #francinerivers #igreads
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hallelitamiym : This book I have to say is my favorite novel! OF ALL TIME!! I have just finished reading it for my fifth time (in six years) a few weeks ago! I'm not much for rereading books either, but this one IS a must-read-for-the-rest-of-my-life kind of book! I pray that this book, and the Word of the Lord, will always bring you encouragement and that all surpassing type of understanding of the love that our Lord has for us! :)
amandaroselius : That's a really good book! And a big book... I can't believe you read it so quickly. It took me a couple weeks to read
asimpleadventure : @amandaroselius normally I don't read that fast either but I downloaded it to the kindle app on my phone so I was able to read it on my breaks and stuff at work. Then I used my hardback copy at home. :)
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Newest reads B/C @hustleandlift said its a must 👓📖. #RedeemingLove #StoryofGomerandHosea #FrancineRivers
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courtneydeefitness : So good! You are going to love it!
carlyzeit : Yes it's so good!!
courtneyrballard : Incredible book
jamielisefit : I just finished reading this book for the 6th time🙈 definitely a must read!!
c.e.costanza : Aw that's such a lovely book ❤️ anything by Francine Rivers is amazing. @shari_lynn_05
kmbertrand10 : I have this book. Read it a few years ago. Really good
shari_lynn_05 : @hustleandlift 👆🏼based on these comments looks like you aren't leading us in the wrong direction with reading the book 😊❤️😘
hustleandlift : Wow!!! I was literally am fist pumping at the overwhelming agreement these brilliant gals gave you!! @shari_lynn_05 seeeee I told you it was awesome
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Husband brag :: Redeeming Love After returning home from my first day teaching dance again, I was met in the yard with a fresh smoothie full of nutrients, a bath waiting, oils and scents abounding, and a loving hug. I've never felt so loved and treasured by another human, this man is a real gem and a bibliophile as well. 😉 #happilyeverafter #thankful #love #redeeminglove #ruthandboaz #mybeloved #blessed #southdakota #sunset #journeynorth #allmyloveallmylife
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cathysisco : ❤️
chloebehrens : I'm totally in love with your IG feed! It's so wonderful to observe two beautiful people in love. ❤
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JUST DOESNT SEEM REAL. Sending one of @belovedoutreach t'shirts to THE Francine Rivers--a beautiful woman who has done an incredible job committing her life to let others know the truth of who they are as God's beloved! Her book Redeeming Love changed my life my freshman year of college, & now I'm sending her a shirt and a thank you note for supporting the ministry God called me to start. WHAT?!!! Just doesn't seem real. This is all a dream! Thank you God for working in ways that make us say "this is crazy awesome." #canibebestfriendswithFrancineRivers? #sendingheraChristmascard #invitinghertoBears1stbirthdayparty #seriouslysothankful #Godbecray #redeeminglove #truth #belovedmovement
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danirene21 : THAT. IS. AMAZING!
danirene21 : Also, how do I get a shirt?!
stephkspringer : No way. That's AMAZING.
rebeccacunninghamcooper : You just let me know your size and I can bring it to you! They're $25!! 😘 @danirene21 and @stephkspringer isn't it awesome?! I'm mailing your shirt with hers!!! 👯
stephkspringer : I love her. Redeeming Love and the Mark of the Lion series are my favorite!
emmadarrington27 : That's awesome!
mamaawing : This is so awesome! Incredibly proud of you!!! She is my FAVORITE author ever- Redeeming Love sealed that for me 😊.
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He Lives!!! My Redeemer lives..... #thisismylife #lovethisong #NicoleCMullen #RedeemingLove #love #worship #Pandora #music #HesMyKing #singtotheLord #praiseworthy #Hallelujah #liftHimup
lovethisong - love - hallelujah - nicolecmullen - redeeminglove - praiseworthy - music - pandora - singtothelord - thisismylife - lifthimup - hesmyking - worship -
sandralechay : My favorite song 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
lisa_42 : 🎤#singing all of creation testifies this life within me cries I know my Redeemer lives 🙏👏👏🙌
happygirlisfearlessin2015 : YES!!!😃🙌💜
tyronemaco : Yes
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I love what this book is doing to me. Francine Rivers is an awesome writer. This is one my best read of all time. There's indeed such a thing as unconditional love. You should get it. #vscocam #bookgram #fortheloveofliterature #fortheloveofbooks #novel #book #nerd #reader #redeeminglove
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kemmyrocks : Amazing amazing amazing amazing read!
idikobz : Love it!
biancamashyl : I've read it more than 5 times @dat_kjay , great read indeed
kei2dudu : Oh this book turned me into a reader
_gawe_van_god_ : This book is amazing! :-)
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I love putting joyful packages together for you! This one is very special & is a vintage theology book journal! I know it's going to a good home. Know, that I pray over every package I send! I pray when you receive it, it will encourage you to persevere & rejoice in this journey of grace! May it enrich you your heart in some small way. May His ways be Precious To You! 🌷🌷🌷🌷 #journal #journaling #grace #hopespoken #rejoice #redeeminglove #illustratedfaith #journalkits #graceupongrace #Scripture
journaling - rejoice - journalkits - redeeminglove - journal - graceupongrace - illustratedfaith - hopespoken - scripture - grace -
brandyjberry : 💛💛💛
plannertam : hey, dear friend....it's me, Tam from Oregon, this is my new planner account (we're friends on my main IG: @SpiresMedia) ♥
precious.to.me : @plannertam Ok! I will follow! ☝🏼️😄💕
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Happy Monday🌅 I woke up earlier today than normal. And on and a Monday?! Crazy I know. I am trying out reading in the am with my coffee instead of racing around and being rushed. About a month ago I started waking up with mad amounts of anxiety. I knew this journey would bring back memories, events, and lots of words in my mind that I wanted to go away a long time ago. That's not the way this thing works. I think when you lose weight you have to process the things that made you gain it in the first place. People don't become obese because their lazy. This is some real shit to get as big as I did. It's the final step of healing, see it's not really about the weight at all. When I see my body and my face I see the pain and the sadness I held on to for far too many years. Between church, journaling, and now reading each week I've slowly let go of more and more emotional bullshit. Some weeks feel amazing, others can be draining. I'm thankful for ALL OF YOU cheering me on, I love you guys. Long story short make sure you find something to heal your anger and broken heart. That's the most important thing to get right. The rest will fall into place🙌🏽 #chasingironwill #mystory #journaling #coffeeaddict #findyourtribeandlovethemhard #gratitude #ironsharpensiron #redeeminglove
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hustleandlift : 💝
ibzshoutout : Looks nice! Nice image!!
moustachestationery : Awesome photo!
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Yes, God's truth can set you free, but in order for that to happen you must first recognize & admit which lie is holding you back! If God is the surgeon, & church is the hospital, you can be sitting there for years, with a surgery scheduled, paid for & everything, but if YOU don't make the decision to get up & admit you are not well, that you need healing, & show up for your surgery, you will stay sick, you will stay a prisoner to that lie. Being declared free, you are chained. #ThinkAboutIt #WhatHoldsUsBack #Comfortability #Laziness #EveryoneDoingThingsForUs #SpoilingUsRotten #AskForYourFreedom #AndBraceYourself The surgery will hurt, but being stuck in time hurts more!!!
spoilingusrotten - freedom - thinkaboutit - christ - faith - redeeminglove - laziness - askforyourfreedom - whatholdsusback - andbraceyourself - everyonedoingthingsforus - breakingchains - comfortability -
gem.x.o : #RedeemingLove #Christ #Faith #Freedom #BreakingChains
isabellevirrey : I LOVE THAT BOOK SO MUCH
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For old times sake.... #novel #Hosea #RedeemingLove #FrancineRivers
redeeminglove - novel - francinerivers - hosea -
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Que libro más bueno 😍 Aunque pase yo por grandes angustias, tú me darás vida... Salmos 138:7 #amorredentor #francinerivers #book #christian #read #red #redeeminglove #christian #God #Dios #libro #382paginas #blessed #instagirl #instachile #photooftheday #amazing #happy #white #lectura #Jesus
instagirl - christian - read - blessed - jesus - dios - 382paginas - francinerivers - god - amorredentor - lectura - amazing - book - instachile - redeeminglove - white - happy - libro - red - photooftheday -
coffeewithsolomon : Ponder the path of your feet; then all your ways will be sure.
southhillsburbank : 👊
carolinasanty : Top
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Us girls this morning praying for YOU GLOW women! 🎉We can't wait to see you at this years retreat!!!!!!😁🙌 #redeeminglove #glowsisterhood
redeeminglove - glowsisterhood -
michellejoannv - kris_rivera18 - kassandrainez - blossom2535 -
Through it ALL: pain, fear, confusion, grief, sadness, hurt, loss, worry, anxiety, betrayal we must keep our eyes on Jesus. The waves and wind still know His name and it is well with my soul. #itiswellwithmysoul#leaningonJesusandHispromise#scripture#learning#bible#Godsword#truth#love#redeeminglove#sovereignGodasyouhavepromised Romans 15:13 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. ______________________________ Psalm 16:11 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever. ______________________________ Luke 2:10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people; ______________________________ Psalms 73:26 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. ______________________________ Isaiah 41:10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. ______________________________ 2 Timothy 1:7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
godsword - bible - love - truth - redeeminglove - leaningonjesusandhispromise - itiswellwithmysoul - sovereigngodasyouhavepromised - learning - scripture -
todayilearnt - x_marx_th3_spxt - baileeee17 - nessajewel12 -
And just like that it's over and I'm left feeling all the feels. 😭 Does anyone else get depressed when the story ends and you have to go back to real life? 😕 #dontmakeme #redeeminglove #relationshipgoals #godstiming
redeeminglove - dontmakeme - relationshipgoals - godstiming -
rayrayroth : Yes, I'm genuinely sad when I finish a book I love 😢
danimoore.co : Have you read this one @rayrayroth ? "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. It's my fav and you are more than welcome to borrow
rayrayroth : I haven't. Thanks Girl!
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#Repost @ourdailybread with @repostapp. ・・・ "Jesus said, 'Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.'” —Luke 23:34 July 28, 2014, marked the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I. In the British media many discussions and documentaries recalled the start of that 4-year conflict. Even the TV program Mr. Selfridge, which is based on an actual department store in London, included an episode set in 1914 that showed young male employees lining up to volunteer for the army. As I observed these portrayals of self-sacrifice, I felt a lump in my throat. The soldiers they depicted had been so young, so eager, and so unlikely to return from the horror of the trenches. Although Jesus didn’t go off to war to defeat an earthly foe, He did go to the cross to defeat the ultimate enemy—sin and death. Jesus came to earth to demonstrate God’s love in action and to die a horrendous death so that we could be forgiven of our sins. And He was even prepared to forgive the men who flogged and crucified Him (Luke 23:34). He conquered death by His resurrection and now we can become part of God’s forever family (John 3:13-16). Anniversaries and memorials remind us of important historical events and heroic deeds. The cross reminds us of the pain of Jesus’ death and the beauty of His sacrifice for our salvation. —Marion Stroud Dear Lord, thank You for loving me so much that You left Your home in heaven, came to earth, and willingly went to the cross for me. Thank You for paying the penalty for my sins and forgiving me. The cross of Jesus is the supreme evidence of the love of God. —Oswald Chambers #ourdailybread #cross #Jesus #redeeminglove #godsoloved
godsoloved - ourdailybread - redeeminglove - repost - cross - jesus -
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I loved you at your darkest! Romans 5:8 #redeeminglove #texas #riverwalk #sanantonio #igtexas #sunset #sunsetporn #skyporn #skypainters
skypainters - skyporn - redeeminglove - sunsetporn - sanantonio - igtexas - sunset - riverwalk - texas -
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With all of the suffering going on for Christians around the world we must cling to this truth. #iamachristian #HEisgreater #Redeeminglove #sweetestname
iamachristian - redeeminglove - heisgreater - sweetestname -
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When you feel like you should've read the book earlier in life. I love it. I don't want to stop reading. #reading #redeeminglove #francinerivers
redeeminglove - reading - francinerivers -
skyce89 - helenbooks - tyndalehouse - lestiegiggles -
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