4000 miles away... we can't get rid of Walker #recallwalker #galway #nmgoeuro @meggo_costello
recallwalker - nmgoeuro - galway -
carrickdavis : Scott Walker: known the world over
neil.e.fitch : That's in Galway? Crazy
meggo_costello : We both just flipped out. The bartender said, "we put things up to get reactions from people like you."
aubreandrus : @meggo_costello haha!!!
clareelaine - aubreandrus - missilizzi - taylorhughesy -
#flashbackfriday it's blurry but this gem is me when I was in high school wearing my Scott Walker is a Dick-tator button. Forever #recallwalker the #misogynist πŸ˜‰
misogynist - recallwalker - flashbackfriday -
smosmashley : I want to see more high school picsss! @yoniverse_
shehaschinchillas - jena.franklin - - onelovemama -
✨✨✨ #recallwalker
recallwalker -
jooshlynn_ - willowinwonderland - mackenzeesmomma_ - kayteejoness -
2day is gloomy 🐸 #recallwalker
recallwalker -
ryanrockwell - coolikekatie - lexip165 - h0ld.0n.till.may -
#vtoshiningv2015 is coming up on September 26th. Be sure to educate yourself and others on women's reproductive freedom. It's so so so important politicians like Scott Walker governor of Wisconsin do not try to push their religious beliefs by passing #antichoice laws. Tell the government to stay out of your vagina. Scott Walker for instance showed his ignorance at the republican debate by making claims that there is no possible reason a woman would need to terminate a pregnancy. Guess he's never heard of an ectopic pregnancy or the fact going through pregnancy full term has more potential health risks than an abortion. We can't let politicians who have literally no education surrounding obstetrics and gynecology try to control women's bodies. Every 10 minutes a woman passes away because she is unable to receive safe abortion care. Please don't make the United States as dangerous as other countries that have abortion illegal. Stop the anti abortion laws. #mybodymyright #reproductivefreedom #feminism #feminist #abortion #womensrights #standwithplannedparenthood #proabortion #prochoice #recallwalker
prochoice - standwithplannedparenthood - feminist - abortion - proabortion - mybodymyright - womensrights - vtoshiningv2015 - antichoice - recallwalker - reproductivefreedom - feminism -
mommyandme23 : Your delusion, in social psychology, is called the "just world theory" @linzy_cook Look it up, dear.
linzy_cook : @mommyandme23 like I said everyone is entitled to their own opinion what bothers me is that when some doesn't agree with your you get butt hurt and have to try to attack them. Sorry I am not changing how I feel and think about things for others.
yoniverse_ : You are right. Everyone is allowed to have their own belief system for themselves. But one person's belief system shouldn't control what a woman does with HER OWN BODY. Women in other countries have to do 'back alley' abortions because there isn't a safe clinic. For some women in third world countries contraception isn't available and consensual sex isn't always the case for the unplanned pregnancies. This isn't black and white. Adoption is great but unfortunately what I saw when I visit Kenya was overpopulated orphanages and starving children on the streets. If I woman thinks abortion is not only the best option for her but as well as the potential growing inside her I say it's her choice. Not mine to choose, influence or judge. @linzy_cook
linzy_cook : @yoniverse_ if he becomes president it wouldn't change how things are done in other countries in the U.S. There is birth control and the morning after pills. There are people who would adopt in a heartbeat and on the topic of rape that is never blamed on the victim but they can be offered the morning after vs waiting to have an abortion. If it happens within families people need to stop being scared and intimidated into not telling and bring the person to justice before it gets this far. It is a woman's body but at some point people still need to realize there is another life to take into consideration.
yoniverse_ : Except when contraception is highly regulated and even taken away because of idiot politicians.... Not to mention contraception doesn't always work for everyone's body. How does one know that this life you are trying to save even wants to be brought into the world? @linzy_cook
thegarcesgirls : πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ Everyone is pro-birth these days, they just want the baby born. Past that point they don't care if the child is clothed, fed, LOVED. If an abortion will save a child from living in a home where he is not wanted, how is that so wrong? I don't think anyone should control what a woman does with her body. I have two beautiful girls and I am very much pro-choice. Can you imagine the back alley abortions coming back? Metal coat hangers? The deaths, the infections? The abortions that didn't work and cause major problems for a child that survives because of it? A girl I went to high school with is the result of a back alley abortion gone wrong (from another country) and there are so many issues as a result. It's sad. Our bodies, our choice to get safe, reliable care!
yoniverse_ : Thank you! ❀️ @thegarcesgirls
mommyandme23 : @linzy_cook oh no you misunderstood me, I'm not asking you to change your opinion! To each their own, of course. But to attribute the problems our country has with maternal health and rights to "choosing a shady doctor" is just plain ignorant. So if you're going to spit your views, they should be EDUCATED ones.
dylocybin - dragon_mag14 - emily.rodenbeck - willowinwonderland -
Keep heckling that clown! He a puppet anyway! #noscottwalker #scottwalker #ignorant #prejudice #barbarian #racist #privatizedprofits #prisons #onesided #forhisown #liar #cheater #thief #conartist #sinner #Wisconsin #Milwaukee #recallwalker #scottwalkerisajoke #scottwalkerforpresidentNOT #lukeskywalkerforpresident
liar - scottwalkerforpresidentnot - scottwalkerisajoke - thief - privatizedprofits - barbarian - ignorant - racist - milwaukee - wisconsin - onesided - lukeskywalkerforpresident - conartist - prisons - scottwalker - recallwalker - forhisown - cheater - prejudice - noscottwalker - sinner -
kiki6260559 : Hahaha!!!! @macangel28 @lauram0611
contrite_spirit_ : @teddyursae
contrite_spirit_ : @honey__monroeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‘
cerisade_ : LmmfaoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @_diamira
contrite_spirit_ : I'm finna repost this biπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @honey__monroe
contrite_spirit_ - chop_milwaukeebullies - mutilatedpenguins - karsouny -
Papa Skins says: "The Badger State has a weasel for governor. I want to wear this nonstop until Scott Walker's head explodes." #ohsaycaniSEA #summerofJAMES #recallwalker
summerofjames - ohsaycanisea - recallwalker -
dana.j.ardell : Smart man.
janiecash : My dad is the best.
dana.j.ardell - janiecash - markyoshi - xopennyrose -
Old #recallwalker poster on 5th and national area, Milwaukee
recallwalker -
shitomi_chillpapi - shmuella - man11235 - gaiasta -
Stole this from @amtkat_xo #hilarious #hatehim #getoutofwisconsin #scottwalker #dumbass #asshole #fuckingthingsup #recallwalker #ididnotvoteforhim #savewisconsin
ididnotvoteforhim - fuckingthingsup - scottwalker - getoutofwisconsin - hatehim - savewisconsin - dumbass - hilarious - asshole - recallwalker -
samtodey - amtkat_xo - jennielockwood28 - tabtatro -
Yep, found him #ScottWalker #GovornerScottWalker #fuckyou #fuckyouitsfunny #Wisconsin #youbetternotbecomepresident #destroyer
wisconsin - savewisconsin - youbetternotbecomepresident - destroyer - recallwalker - scottwalker - fuckyou - govornerscottwalker - fuckyouitsfunny -
amtkat_xo : #recallWalker #saveWisconsin
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Great weather yesterday for a meal at Coopers. #madison #wisconsin #capitol #government #nature #goodweather #dinner #coopers #recallwalker
madison - wisconsin - capitol - government - recallwalker - nature - coopers - dinner - goodweather -
osvaldoguax : It was a warm day in Madison. I gonna miss this city.
midwestbk - cintychavez - oiliver96 - moc123 -
Sticker Packs // Free Shipping Worldwide // Available Now @ . . Screenprinted in house with scratch-proof Nazdar ink & clear 3M 10year vinyl
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vesselworkshop : #VesselWorkshop #screenprint #Screenprinted #sticker #stickers #slaps #handmade #madeintheusa #recallwalker #milwaukee #mke #Messlife #photooftheday #hailsatan
alxalix : free ? error...processing...that ?
alxalix : nvm
vesselworkshop : @alxalix free shipping πŸ‘Œ
stitchthemup - ew_its_caitlynn - anselmfahrtwind - anarchy29_6 -
NEW // White Vessel Stickers // Screenprinted in shop // Free Shipping on Sticker Packs!! // Available at
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vesselworkshop : #VesselWorkshop #vegan #Screenprinted #stickers #milwaukee #mke #handmade #madeintheusa #Messlife #slaps #bluesteelfabrication #pabst #pabstblueribbon #spectrum #recallwalker #watchforcycles #cutcatscouriers #phase2 #hailsatan
46x14 : Ur sticker is my head badge :) @vesselworkshop
vesselworkshop : @46x14 fuck yea! New Vessel frames dropping this summer 😜
46x14 : Rad
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Yeah, NO. #forward #recallwalker
forward - recallwalker -
annahundtgolden : Barf.
blannamae : ⬆️ what she said.
val_erie_ann : "I still stand with walker on the rubble that is left of our people and Wisconsin environment"
staceybethscott : Ugh
aundrealb - kimhudepohl -
More tulips on the square. These are purple. #flowers #pretty #tulips #purple #farmersmarket #somanypeople #allthepeople #agoraclaustrphobic #fearofcrowdsinopenspaces #orsomething #recallwalker #incraigwetrust
somanypeople - purple - tulips - allthepeople - incraigwetrust - farmersmarket - pretty - recallwalker - orsomething - flowers - agoraclaustrphobic - fearofcrowdsinopenspaces -
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@scottwalker lol someone please get this guy out of office for good.
scottwalker - recallwalker - scottwalker2k16 - whatajoke -
xxraynebowwxx : #scottwalker #whatajoke
xxraynebowwxx : #recallwalker
lurkstreet : Really inappropriate use of intellectual disability stereotype
xxraynebowwxx : @lurkstreet lol go away if you're here to stand up for Walker. You apparently have your head so far up your ass that you've gone blind, if that's the case.
xxraynebowwxx : @lurkstreet Also, what intellectual disability are you referring to? Because the only one I see in this stupidity of Walker.
lurkstreet : @xxraynebowwxx I don't even know who Walker is other than a politician. It's the use of insulting stereotyped characteristics of a person with an intellectual disability I'm opposed to. Would it be funny if one of you're relatives had some sort of disability?
lurkstreet : @xxraynebowwxx and your choice of foul language doesn't do you're argument (whatever it is) any good
xxraynebowwxx : @lurkstreet Actually one of my family members does have a disability, so shut your mouth. Also, in no way am I making fun of any disability, so I don't see where you get off thinking you can attack me. It literally just has "redneck"/idiotic spelling. You still haven't told me what intellectual disability you're referring to here. You can go away if you don't like my posts considering that I dont post for your satisfaction. Don't get at me about foul language when your profile picture says fuck right in it. Practice what you preach babe 😘
unicorn_corpse_ - satans_pet - kellykb2 - 1018shone -
Scott Walker is the current governor of Wisconsin and will most likely become a front runner for the presidency in #2016 . This man a puppet of the Koch brothers and big business and has violently slashed union's rights as well as gotten rid of collective bargaining rights. He has persistently stripped the rights of the people and has been under FBI investigations on numerous occasions. #recallwalker #walker #democrat #rights #liberal #political #politician #publicsector #teachers #unions #righttowork #evil #johndoe #bigbusiness #kochbrothers
liberal - publicsector - johndoe - evil - bigbusiness - politician - kochbrothers - rights - recallwalker - political - democrat - unions - teachers - walker - 2016 - righttowork -
ibengala : That's some extreme fisting there.
greenrevolt : Very Cool =)
dandandanpowpowpow : @markyeww πŸπŸ‘πŸπŸ‘πŸπŸ‘πŸπŸ‘πŸπŸ‘πŸπŸ‘πŸ
ibengala - secularist_301 - a_true_democrat -
Last visit to King Walker's Castle. Beautiful building; shame it's inhabited by fools. #madison #wisconsin #recallwalker #rtwisgarbage
recallwalker - madison - wisconsin - rtwisgarbage -
xxraynebowwxx - jacquelinehk - mouthfulofmadison - amycatanese -
#recallwalker #madison
recallwalker - madison -
33agogo - mouthfulofmadison - hausstefan - lostplacesphotos -
Hell will have an ice age before Scott Walker becomes president. #ScottWalker #WalkerIsAWeasel #RecallWalker #Wisconsin #WalkerWagesWarOnWisconsin
scottwalker - recallwalker - wisconsin - walkerwageswaronwisconsin - walkerisaweasel -
bocake89 : #RIPCivilLiberties
xxraynebowwxx - bocake89 -
How did this happen? #recallwalker
recallwalker -
xxraynebowwxx - ghoulorama - ishepstone - iminm -
Babes - get out and vote, especially if you're a sconnie #recallwalker
recallwalker -
knm5037 - xxraynebowwxx - btwsam - klw211 -
The curds have unionized. Only in Madison. #RecallWalker #Walker4pres #USA
recallwalker - walker4pres - usa -
kdshepard - emilydarcy98 - a_asmus608 - linds_clem -
Spotted in a Galway pub #recallwalker
recallwalker -
hollybenny - mrsmeaganj - pinkyparis -
I saw this on a car when I was driving yesterday. Holla at them teachers. #proud #recallwalker #supportteachers #futureteacher #bumpersticker #happytoseethis
futureteacher - bumpersticker - recallwalker - proud - happytoseethis - supportteachers -
xxraynebowwxx - britzierae - 1018shone -
Just watched this. Great doc on election spending by corporations. Really takes me back to the #RecallWalker stuff. #KochBrothers #documentaries
citizensunited - recallwalker - documentaries - kochbrothers -
nofoodpicshere : #citizensunited
the_patriot_nation : Justice For Benghazi!
cp3dawg : Oh I have to see that. I just watched the doc 740 park must see as well
pricellax3 - pcookie - cp3dawg - whisky_thief -
#BGS2014 #Governor #RecallWalker #butstillprettycool #likemeetingkanye #famousbut... #twerkteam2k14bgs
likemeetingkanye - twerkteam2k14bgs - recallwalker - bgs2014 - butstillprettycool - famousbut - governor -
_abbeys_mom : Love! Can't wait to vote for you one day!
austinsweatshirt - torihardesty - kenna_keach - fearlessmarybeth -
This is what democracy looks like, go Mayor Barret! #recallwalker
recallwalker - beerrun -
jlmuchow : #beerrun
xxraynebowwxx - giant_hair - mollygilmore -
If you want it. #walkerisover #walkerspoint #forgotten #scottwalker #politics #recallwalker
walkerisover - forgotten - scottwalker - recallwalker - politics - walkerspoint - wastelandusa -
mkekate : #wastelandusa
ajkrueger - lori_lue - fu7ure - meg083 -
#tbt to 2012 and my first experience with PPFA. Two years later I'm proud to help represent Wisconsin on YLAC #ppfa #ppawi #recallwalker #campaign #plannedparenthood
ppawi - plannedparenthood - campaign - ppfa - recallwalker - tbt -
beccakuntz : Awwww my little emily! I miss that! And you! Proud of you! ❀️
mkpeeples : That's awesome, Emily! You'll have a great time :)
emily_marie_c : @beccakuntz miss you too! Thank you! @mkpeeples thank you! I'm looking forward to it.
xxraynebowwxx - pay_nful - videodromelives -
Can not wait to live here next year. #Milwaukee #MarquetteSwag
milwaukee - marquetteswag - recallwalker -
jimmystarke : @montsy_perez I will not do that. #RecallWalker
kristentnett - natclerkin - _nathanshepherd - madeleineiguess -
Lunch at the Governor's Mansion #RecallWalker #butthanksforthefood
recallwalker - butthanksforthefood -
xxraynebowwxx - e_smack - iocarmar -
Even Massachusetts thinks we should #recallwalker
recallwalker -
hol.drifke - caytio - mattymodotcom - kayjdkay -
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