Not down for opportunistic looting and destruction of the property of blameless people, but there's a lot of voices that go unheard unless they are angry and loud. Let's remember that we all have a right to protest, a right to be heard. Let's not discount anyone regardless of belief or position and learn to dialogue--to identify issues and problems regardless of how uncomfortable and painful they might be, and work towards genuine solutions. Let's challenge ourselves to confront ugliness and the backwardness that persists just below the veneer of our so-called advanced society and confront those things together. If we remain divided, we remain conquered. #protest #activism #Ferguson #liberty #freedom #democracy #Constitution #HowardZinn #quote #economics #politics #rights #humanrights #violence #police #protectandserve #policebrutality #excessiveforce #justice #injustice #riots #confront #opportunism #looting #eyesontheprize #focus #bethechange #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
economics - rnm - quote - policebrutality - protectandserve - focus - eyesontheprize - opportunism - protest - ferguson - humanrights - politics - rebelsandmartyrs - bethechange - looting - police - constitution - democracy - rights - excessiveforce - confront - activism - violence - liberty - riots - justice - injustice - freedom - howardzinn -
deememoir2 : @skystillcheesin :)
bryanosborn54 : 👍
wayneuk85 : Love it!
wayneuk85 - joaquinfdz - punktista - philthyriddumz -
"Grass Roots" by artist Eric Drooker. #EricDrooker #GrassRoots #protest #FirstAmendment #rights #socialjustice #poderalpueblo #justice #injustice #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
firstamendment - socialjustice - rnm - grassroots - justice - rights - protest - injustice - ericdrooker - rebelsandmartyrs - poderalpueblo -
annehalo - ebpod - punktista - mrbillthebutcher -
#disrupt #disturb #challenge #resist #balance #live #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
disturb - rnm - challenge - resist - live - rebelsandmartyrs - balance - disrupt -
vuela_papalotl - malounited - sweatshopind - thezapatatista -
"Hey, think the time is right for a palace revolution/but where I live the game to play is compromise solution." #RollingStones #StreetFightingMan #1968 #TariqAli #protest #Paris #LeftBank #Mai68 #strike #generalstrike #rocknroll #protestmusic #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
protestmusic - 1968 - rnm - paris - generalstrike - mai68 - leftbank - protest - rocknroll - streetfightingman - rebelsandmartyrs - rollingstones - tariqali - strike -
shyannagain - cheadlephoto - savageamused - mochiqbalharrington -
Most people think the calavera (skull/skeleton figure) shown here is a Day of the Dead design portraying a borracho/drunkard. In actuality, this iconic calavera is the work of legendary Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada and has a connection to the Mexican Revolution, which began on 20 November 1910. This engraving from a 1910 broadside shows a figure with references hinting that it may portray Francisco Madero, the man who would eventually replace the dictator Porfirio Díaz as president of México after initiating the Mexican Revolution (1910 to about 1920). Imprisoned by Díaz in June 1910, Madero eventually escaped to San Antonio, Texas where he finished writing the Plan de San Luis Potosí. The plan called for an armed uprising to start the revolution on 20 November 1910. The uprising was initially unsuccessful, though, and it wasn't until early 1911 that the revolution really began. Posada's broadside flyers with news items printed on them became a way to communicate with common people in México, many of whom were illiterate. The details of this print that suggest the subject is Madero include his distinctive mustache and the label on the bottle with the name of the Madero family maguey plantation and distillery. #JoséGuadalupePosada #printmaker #illustrator #illustration #art #artist #revolución #MexicanRevolution #revolution #PorfirioDíaz #FranciscoMadero #calavera #skull #rebel #peasant #maguey #distillery #history #20NovMx #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
revolution - art - rnm - mexicanrevolution - distillery - maguey - rebel - 20novmx - rebelsandmartyrs - illustration - illustrator - skull - artist - calavera - joséguadalupeposada - porfiriodíaz - peasant - franciscomadero - printmaker - revolución - history -
hyaenagallery : Posada is great.
jeannewmanglock : Love it!
loyalghost : I have this shirt. Coincidently I bought while livin' in San Antonio. I love how you drop knowledge.
isayitwithlove : Awesome! Never woulda known
0zmama : Incredible .. Artists have always been a conduit between the revolutionaries and the people.
misterfella : @bill_mcright
cookiegurl27 - myrnamayhem - ewhite_art - santamuerteapp -
The narcos keep the Mexican government from seeing, hearing, or speaking any "evil." Editorial cartoon by Eric J García. #EricJGarcia #politicalcartoon #satire #comic #editorialcartoon #México #Mexico #43 #Ayotzinapa #Iguala #normalistas #YaMeCansé #todossomosAyotzinapa #NoNarcoGobierno #20NovMx #solidaridad #solidarity #paz #peace #justicia #justice #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
justicia - rnm - mexico - editorialcartoon - 20novmx - iguala - comic - solidaridad - rebelsandmartyrs - todossomosayotzinapa - justice - politicalcartoon - paz - peace - satire - 43 - normalistas - méxico - ayotzinapa - solidarity - nonarcogobierno - ericjgarcia - yamecansé -
new_lows_805 - ericverharisok - ewhite_art - punktista -
Another world is possible. #ArundhatiRoy #anotherworld #corporate #revolution #choose #change #defy #resist #rebel #bethechange #war #weapons #ideas #history #inevitability #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
revolution - rnm - defy - resist - rebel - rebelsandmartyrs - bethechange - change - anotherworld - inevitability - ideas - war - weapons - choose - corporate - arundhatiroy - history -
melancholera_23 : 🙏
alola66 : I like how you think....and convey this realism
getrealorfail : Only if the so called "great & powerful" world government would be forced to stay. A world where everybody's votes counted to choose a leader to allow us to choose our own direction of happiness. #iminteresting #strangelyweird 👽
mingstein : How did you feel about Obama's address tonight?
getrealorfail : Obama sounded good but he's still full of bullshit. Governmental gimmicks to blindside the nation of what they're secretly doing. It's not just the good ol''s all of them. #myopinion
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Maureen, you are a tough ass chick!! One shot on each of these Queen of Hearts pieces and so much fun I'm sad to be done. Thanks for the cookies, you are the bomb @mobeorht!! #oakland #oaklandtattoo #ftwoakland #darkartists #bright_and_bold #rebelsandmartyrs #topclasstattooing #ladytattooers #queenofhearts #bestclientever
bestclientever - ftwoakland - queenofhearts - bright_and_bold - ladytattooers - oaklandtattoo - darkartists - rebelsandmartyrs - oakland - topclasstattooing -
damncabs : Wow I remember you telling me about this. Turned out awesome.
rwmopar : Rad👍
dapune : Dang! Rad!
tonyp_hwytattoo91 : This is great! @handoftheforge
clarepworsley : DAMNNNNNN!!!!!!
mfvoslo : Sweet
im21bitches : @ghauust
claytonjames : Very nice
hyundongsoung - patlibby - shaneadory09 - n0tapril -
What have you heard about the missing 43 students from the teachers college in Guerrero state, México? About the complicity of local politicians with the drug cartels? About the ongoing violence perpetrated against the people by both the cartels and the government? Educate yourself about this downplayed issue (see our other previous post on the situation and some of the news resource recommendations from our friends in the comments.) Show solidarity with the people of México. Educate someone else about what's going on. Get involved. Step up. #43 #Ayotzinapa #yamecanse #todossomosAyotzinapa #Mexico #Guerrero #Iguala #violencia #violence #complicidad #complicity #corupcion #corruption #justicia #justice #solidaridad #solidarity #20noviembre #November20 #wearblack #getradical #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
complicidad - justicia - violence - rnm - mexico - corupcion - iguala - rebelsandmartyrs - solidaridad - todossomosayotzinapa - 20noviembre - guerrero - violencia - wearblack - justice - complicity - 43 - yamecanse - ayotzinapa - solidarity - november20 - getradical - corruption -
gams_dee_vyne : Done
thewoodenshoebooks : #alwayswearblack
loyalghost : I hear all these commercials 'bout takin' all these luxurious and excitin' trips to beautiful Mexico. Um, NO. The corruption and violence is overwhelmin'. I spent time in Central America while I was in the service. While most of the people I encountered were hard workin' and very courteous, there was a blatant blanket of evil in every direction. I pray that in my life time the honest citizens will discard this yolk of oppression and topple the tower of self serving puppet politicians and their cartel benefactors. Same for America.
rebels_and_martyrs : @loyalghost There are areas, like Yucatán, where the narco violence is almost non-existent. This keeps tourism dollars flowing. Part of the problems in Mexico stem from issues going all the way back to colonial times, but many of them are also connected to US policies, unfortunately--such as those addressing the "drug war," immigration, and going back to the Cold War and even the turn of the last century with "dollar diplomacy" and "moral diplomacy." I hope for the same type of people-driven change you mentioned for both countries, too.
jumanahanania - bostonterrieroverdrive - whiteboifc3s - human606 -
Karen rebel, Myanmar (Burma). The Karen people are an ethnic minority in eastern Myanmar who have been fighting persecution by the government and Burmese military since the late 1940s. The Burmese government has even been accused by some of attempting to ethnically cleanse the Karen. The Karen people continue to struggle for independence and take up arms against the military junta that rules Myanmar, recently forming a coalition of both Christian and Buddhist Karen armed rebel groups to defend their people from increased activity by the Burmese military in their rugged homelands. (Photographer unknown) #Myanmar #Burma #distatorship #Karen #KarenMyanmar #Karenpeople #minority #rebels #KNU #KNLA #DKBA #KNDO #Kawthoolei #independence #freedom #humanrights #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
burma - dkba - karenmyanmar - minority - myanmar - kndo - karen - knla - kawthoolei - humanrights - rebelsandmartyrs - rebels - rnm - freedom - karenpeople - distatorship - knu - independence -
xthemartyrx : There's some amazing documentaries about this very subject. I suggest everyone check Netflix. #openyourmind #learn
dinoani - crownvic88 - oblivious_maximus - 0zmama -
"The state has died." The people of Mexico are tired not just of the narco violence, but of the government's complicity with the cartels. Educate yourself on the story of the 43 missing "normalistas" in Iguala, Mexico, and wear black on November 20 in solidarity with those demanding justice for the missing 43 and an end to corruption, complicity, and violence. #43 #Mexico #Ayotzinapa #todossomosayotzinapa #todossomos43 #Iguala #Guerrero #normalistas #teachers #teacherscollege #students #RaulIsidroBurgos #radicals #radicales #corupcion #corruption #violencia #violence #gobierno #government #EnriquePenaNieto #complicidad #complicity #justicia #justice #solidaridad #solidarity #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
complicidad - justicia - violence - rnm - mexico - students - government - radicals - corupcion - radicales - iguala - rebelsandmartyrs - solidaridad - todossomosayotzinapa - violencia - enriquepenanieto - guerrero - todossomos43 - gobierno - justice - complicity - 43 - raulisidroburgos - normalistas - teacherscollege - ayotzinapa - solidarity - corruption - teachers -
vigilantexlady : The only place I've heard this story is through @vicenews it's disgusting and I wish for nothing but justice for these students.
lastrella : Yes!!!! #fueelestado #mexico43 #justicia
tsinharhini : Wack ass US media not even reporting. I can assure you many of our students have been touched by the impunity that permeates this. I wonder what US media outlets would be saying if this were happening in Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, or Ecuador. Mexican alternative media is hitting a lot of great points. Democracy Now, Enemigo Comun, Al Jazeera, Guardian, and TeleSur English are covering it. Other than that it's mostly alternative Mexican media, like @revistaproceso Carmen Aristegui, Regeneracion, Revolucion Tres Punto Cero, La Jornada, etc. Mexico is being pillaged yet again of its natural resources by western countries while US sells Mexico weapons and Us/foreign banks launder money. A deadly game...our hearts are broken.
rebels_and_martyrs : @tsinharhini Great points and excellent resources. Thank you!
ajwhiskey67 : This story has been all over Huffington Post since they originally went missing also
cookiegurl27 : @rebels_and_martyrs check out on FB "Desinformemonos" they have been posting everything since day one.
getrealorfail : I may come out as a kiss ass...but thank you to whoever came up with this brand of awesomeness. Of the people, for the people...not beat us up and leave us naked in wet flour because you wanted all we have. #randomrant #youguysrock #dontquityourjob #💜
rebels_and_martyrs : @getrealorfail Not a kiss ass at all. Thank you for your kind words. ✊
teachersrock87 - angqpooh - _on2_tasarim - mrmvalentin -
Last week's @dropkickmurphys show. Great show, but lots of dipshits in the crowd. Guess you can't have everything. At least there weren't any nazis acting up. Ken would have had to give 'em a beat down like in NYC. #DropkickMurphys #DKM #VenturaTheater #punkrock #celticpunk #punk #nazipunksfuckoff #concert #show #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
venturatheater - concert - celticpunk - show - punk - dropkickmurphys - rnm - punkrock - nazipunksfuckoff - rebelsandmartyrs - dkm -
mingstein : For some reason, DKM brings out the bros. Big time. Oh, and skinheads.
mingstein : I remember seeing the skinheads boo a band off the stage for having a Hispanic singer. Then the Missing 23rd came up, and immediately shit on all of said skinheads. They then blew everyone away with their set.
rebels_and_martyrs : @mingstein Haha. The bros indeed, brah. They're just about unbearable. Made me kinda sad. Like, wtf is happening? I heard a few of them and older folks point out and comment at the "weird guys" with mohawks. I wanted to say "You're at a punk show; YOU squares are the oddities." But it's too loud. Wasted energy to try. I kinda expected the nazis. Saw some suspects but they were quiet.
rebels_and_martyrs : @mingstein That's rad. I would have quoted "Derek Vinyard" while flipping them off, "See this? That means 'not welcome.'"
getrealorfail : @rebels_and_martyrs working on it...soooo much needed if you knew me to understand
xbigcodex : @rebels_and_martyrs Last Dropkick show I went to was years ago in Corona CA, I remember there were lots of FSU in attendance. Let's just say they lived up to there reputation.
rebels_and_martyrs : @xbigcodex Sounds like some shows I saw in the '90s with those dudes in attendance. Chaos.
rebels_and_martyrs : @getrealorfail Hang in there. Have fun!
cookiegurl27 - punkabilly72 -
Käthe Kollwitz was a German Expressionist artist well-known for her works in the twentieth century. This woodcut comes from a portfolio called War (Krieg). This piece, The Parents (Die Eltern), is said to depict her and her husband grieving after discovering that their youngest son, Peter, was killed at the front in "The Great War" (World War I). The Krieg portfolio was displayed in 1924 at the International Anti-War Museum in Berlin. #war #veterans #VeteransDay #ArmisticeDay #art #artist #KatheKollwitz #German #Germany #Expressionism #woodcut #GreatWar #WorldWarI #WWI #FirstWorldWar #death #loss #grief #grieving #parents #peace #nowar #antiwar #embrace #MOMA #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
art - woodcut - german - embrace - nowar - greatwar - grief - armisticeday - kathekollwitz - firstworldwar - expressionism - rebelsandmartyrs - wwi - moma - worldwari - loss - death - rnm - artist - veteransday - peace - parents - antiwar - germany - grieving - veterans - war -
cholarockinrolla : Thank you for sharing this!!
rebels_and_martyrs : @cholarockinrolla De nada. Thanks for the thank you.
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Mark your calendars for 3/6/15! @warriorsfund is an upcoming art show raising money for Wounded Knee school district on the Pineridge Reservation. Some of the best tattooers in the biz are donating artwork so that the schools can afford simple things like lunches, books, classroom materials, etc. If you would like to know more about what modern Indigenous people's lives are like on reservations, you can stream "The Canary Effect" online for free. Please go to this show and buy some art, and many thanks to @patsofatso for asking me to be part of this project. #woundedknee #warriorsfund #pineridgereservation #wkds #rebelsandmartyrs #prophetsandpoets #artshow #artforcharity #artforsale
artforcharity - warriorsfund - prophetsandpoets - artshow - woundedknee - rebelsandmartyrs - artforsale - wkds - pineridgereservation -
patsofatso : Thanks so much!!!
cultexciter : Yeah!
patsofatso : @handoftheforge watching this now, hadn't heard of it. Ties in all the terrible shit together really well. Tough to watch..
handoftheforge : @patsofatso Agreed, my friend. What the U.S. government has done and continues to do to native people is completely horrific. Definitely not an easy doc to get through, but holy shit people need to know!
swancoatart : Incredible!
bobbiexr8 - tigrfacecakeftw - laurenhanachai - caitlinmccarthyart -
By @rebels_and_martyrs "A friendly reminder from an ancient Greek and the most efficiently brutal governments humans have ever known. "Not giving a fuck" is a recipe for catastrophe. #Pericles #oppression #violence #injustice #acquiescence #government #humanity #politics #rnmgaf #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs" via @PhotoRepost_app
rnmgaf - rnm - government - oppression - violence - injustice - acquiescence - politics - rebelsandmartyrs - pericles - humanity -
m_lasfille - quantumsherpa - liubiemithz - adrianstalin -
A friendly reminder from an ancient Greek and the most efficiently brutal governments humans have ever known. "Not giving a fuck" is a recipe for catastrophe. #Pericles #oppression #violence #injustice #acquiescence #government #humanity #politics #rnmgaf #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
rnmgaf - rnm - government - oppression - violence - injustice - acquiescence - politics - rebelsandmartyrs - pericles - humanity -
chuckrocks : I hear Ya.
rebels_and_martyrs : @safwanmtl I definitely agree. But so many people limit their involvement to such occasional rituals and that helps confirm that the system is rigged.
safwanmtl : Political expression and awareness shouldn't be limited to voting every few years within the limitations of a rigged system posing as democracy. Take to your streets if you wanna feel real 'people power'. That's real politics ;)
monadeseda92 : @rebels_and_martyrs stealing this!
rebels_and_martyrs : @safwanmtl definitely agree with people power and taking it to the streets. I try to take part in those activities whenever I can. Activism should be a part of all of us who value true liberty and justice.
safwanmtl : 👍 @rebels_and_martyrs
rubix_toons : Plutocracy in democracy's clothing. Yay america. @rebels_and_martyrs
rebels_and_martyrs : @rubix_toons Plutocracy permeates the US down to the toilet paper its citizens buy. Seriously.
backstagepericles - johnbrownspocketknife - neto_mex - 16in83 -
Words to remember this November. #AldousHuxley #liberties #liberty #quote #author #psychonaut #politics #politicians #election #takethepowerback #November #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
takethepowerback - rnm - author - quote - liberty - aldoushuxley - liberties - politicians - election - psychonaut - politics - november - rebelsandmartyrs -
risingabovethenoise : Love it!
eileenmarieesq : @jameson_mackie
aaronontherun - ericverharisok - neuro_boy_art - thebellrosetattoo -
R&M T-shirt sale is over in just a few hours. Pick up your favorite design for a discounted price for this limited time, like our "Lux Ex Tenebris" design by our friend @sketchy_tank. Thanks for supporting the underdog. #Tshirt #apparel #brand #sale #DiadelosMuertos #DDLM #Samhain #skull #torch #luxextenebris #FrizQuadrata #underdog #rebels #martyrs #resistance #defiance #weremember #rebelsandmartyrs #rnm
underdog - rebels - rnm - brand - torch - resistance - tshirt - samhain - defiance - rebelsandmartyrs - luxextenebris - martyrs - skull - weremember - frizquadrata - sale - ddlm - apparel - diadelosmuertos -
shinyprettyfox : I got my stuff thank you so much!!!!!
rebels_and_martyrs : @shinyprettyfox No problem! When did you get it?
shinyprettyfox : A couple weeks ago I just keep forgetting to say thank you and post a pic of me in my shirt!
rebels_and_martyrs : @shinyprettyfox Phew! I forget when we sent it, but it was a while back. No worries on the reply. Thank you for your order! If you post a photo let me know if you want us to repost or not. We were somewhat close to your neck of the woods a few weeks ago: close to Four Corners area.
shinyprettyfox : I'm like four or five hours away but I'm from the Navajo reservation down there!
randyace - mistah_lamb - punktista - lone_gunfighter -
Día(s) de los Muertos danzantes at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Repost from Hollywood Forever Cemetery @hwdforever. #DiadelosMuertos #DDLM #HollywoodForever #danzante #dancers #tradition #honorthedead #rememberthedead #herencia #antepasados #heritage #ancestors #weremember #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs #repost
antepasados - rnm - danzante - dancers - culture - notacostume - cultura - diadelosmuertos - rebelsandmartyrs - tradition - repost - ancestors - hollywoodforever - rememberthedead - honorthedead - weremember - ddlm - heritage - herencia - notyourcostume -
ana__warpath : Amazing pictures!
rebels_and_martyrs : #cultura #culture #notacostume #notyourcostume
adolfopeck : @_julieli5
__mayathegreat - yessicavalencia - maryramirez23918 - tenoch_ink -
There is no room for weakness in the desert. #MojaveDesert #RedRock #RedRockCountry #desert #Mojave #Mohave #Nevada #LasVegas #JoshuaTree #weakness #strength #resilience #adapt #survive #mountain #roadtrip #summer2014 #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
joshuatree - redrockcountry - summer2014 - rnm - weakness - lasvegas - rebelsandmartyrs - nevada - desert - mountain - strength - redrock - roadtrip - mojavedesert - mohave - resilience - adapt - survive - mojave -
cholarockinrolla : Truth! 🙌🙌
___raza___ : Where my grandma lives
clairewrightmusic - asiamckenzie - ericjunker - goldglitterfit3 -
Have a fun and safe Halloween. #callacab #Halloween #AllHallowsEve #Samhain #CelticNewYear #Celtic #Gaels #Tshirts #sale #underground #brand #underdogs #resistance #defiance #rebels #rebelsandmartyrs
gaels - rebels - tshirts - brand - halloween - resistance - samhain - defiance - rebelsandmartyrs - underdogs - celticnewyear - celtic - sale - allhallowseve - underground - callacab -
whitelotusbodyarts - mary.lau2014 - jilly2187 - aimeerogers87 -
Remember the dead. Fight like hell for the living. #rebelsandmartyrs #rnm #NoMasters #wolf #union #MotherJones #apparel #Tshirts #sale #independent #brand #underground #underdogs #Halloween #AllHallowsEve #Samhain #DDLM #DiaDeLosMuertos #punk #metal #martialarts #skate #mma #tattoos #2A #activism #dissent #resistance #defy #PMA
independent - rnm - tattoos - tshirts - dissent - defy - halloween - resistance - apparel - skate - pma - samhain - martialarts - rebelsandmartyrs - mma - underdogs - nomasters - union - activism - punk - sale - allhallowseve - motherjones - wolf - ddlm - underground - diadelosmuertos - metal - brand - 2a -
dreamkillerstore : Oss
cheadlephoto - tombibiyan - yaakov_w - babycakefacexo -
Another one from the Canyon from yesterday's visit. #HopiPoint #GrandCanyon #nationalpark #naturalwonders #canyon #tree #silhouette #sunset #roadtrip #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
silhouette - hopipoint - rnm - naturalwonders - tree - roadtrip - canyon - sunset - nationalpark - rebelsandmartyrs - grandcanyon -
zd117 - bklyntag - _bellaperla -
Hopi Point. #GrandCanyon #HopiPoint #sunset #silhouette #roadtrip #Arizona #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
arizona - silhouette - grandcanyon - rnm - trees - roadtrip - canyon - sunset - nationalpark - coloradoriver - rebelsandmartyrs - cliff - hopipoint -
rebels_and_martyrs : #nationalpark #ColoradoRiver #trees #cliff #canyon
monoloko1 : Es
cheadlephoto - tariqabdellee - norinepbgoldberger -
Yavapai country. #roadtrip #Yavapaicountry #sunset #mesas #forests #higherelevation #latergram #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
arizona - rnm - higherelevation - mesas - forests - roadtrip - sunset - rebelsandmartyrs - interstate40 - latergram - yavapaicountry -
rebels_and_martyrs : #Interstate40 #Arizona
palomapaloma : @rebels_and_martyrs that's my home town :)
rebels_and_martyrs : @palomapaloma I thought you were from CA!
palomapaloma : @rebels_and_martyrs age 0-9 LA, age 9-20 Prescott, AZ then SD and now NYC
rebels_and_martyrs : @palomapaloma Nice. We have some things in common: Phoenix➡Boston➡OC➡LA➡Tucson➡LA area again.
alexcalish : NiceGallery
_gniknus_ - pantelisgeo - fortheloveofpoppy - franknsteinmetz -
A "calavera" by José Guadalupe Posada (1852-1913), the influential Mexican printmaker. Posada was an artistic mentor to famous Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, and another of "Los Tres Grandes" among Mexixan muralists, José Clemente Orozco, also cited him as an influence. #JoseGuadalupePosada #Posada #printmaking #etching #political #satire #Mexican #folkart #DiaDeLosMuertos #art #message #calaveras #calacas #skeletons #skulls #guitar #guitarra #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
mexican - rnm - satire - folkart - guitar - printmaking - guitarra - art - rebelsandmartyrs - skulls - skeletons - calaveras - calacas - etching - posada - message - political - diadelosmuertos - joseguadalupeposada -
rebels_and_martyrs : *Mexican
trevor1988_tdf : Rad
xpaulxoutofstepx : #trashtalk was fukkin awesome!!!
1sun_of_the_morning3 - artbotgallery - strangewaysmiami - useurfame -
We're not Edge, but respect and support that life choice. We know not everyone believes straight edge is for them, but we also know that the straight edge movement has impacted countless lives positively. We think that's worth acknowledging. We're celebrating with a sale: $15 T-shirts (sizes S-XL, XXL $17 plus shipping) until tomorrow (10-17-14) at 11:59pm Pacific time. Don't forget to use the promo code STARTTODAY, inspired by one of our favorite songs by one of our favorite straight edge hardcore bands. #NationalEdgeDay #EdgeDay #October17 #straightedge #RebelsAndMartyrs #rnm #Tshirts #apparel #independent #underground #brand #support #respect #hardcorepunk #punkrock #straightedgehardcore #GorillaBiscuits #StartToday #NYHC #resistance #defiance #MinorThreat #IanMacKaye #moderation #PMA
independent - hardcorepunk - rnm - tshirts - ianmackaye - brand - resistance - apparel - moderation - pma - defiance - edgeday - respect - rebelsandmartyrs - october17 - support - minorthreat - gorillabiscuits - punkrock - nyhc - starttoday - nationaledgeday - straightedge - underground - straightedgehardcore -
suckafreesince1983 : Yes
suckafreesince1983 : Just orderd a shirt man thanks
rebels_and_martyrs : @suckafreesince1983 🙌
scentlessapprentice_ : @dongiovannirecords @introbust @chriscalabrese thought y'all would be interested
jilly2187 : Love it!
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Between 1975 ("Year Zero") and 1979, the communist regime of the Khmer Rouge killed over one million fellow Cambodians. The Khmer Rouge ("Red Cambodians") sought to eliminate anyone who represented a modern or diverse Cambodia and start a new, agriculturally-based society that rejected modernity and ties to the outside world. They wanted to depopulate Cambodia's cities and build a classless, rural society. The Khmer Rouge targeted educated people and professionals, including doctors, attorneys, and teachers. They also targeted artists, intellectuals, those connected to former or foreign governments, ethnic groups within Cambodia, as well as Buddhist monks and other religious groups. Those who were rounded up by the Khmer Rouge were often sent to "re-education camps." Most were tortured and eventually executed. Even the children of the regime's victims were killed, with infants often smashed against trees. Many of the Khmer Rouge's victims also died from starvation and overwork and exhaustion due to forced labor on collective farms. The photograph demonstrates the extensive nature of the Khmer Rouge's brutality. The UN and other agencies have helped to uncover mass graves with thousands of individual human remains. Low estimates for the Khmer Rouge's genocide are just over a million people. The highest estimates are over 3 million people. The Cambodian population at the time of the genocide was just 8 million Cambodians. The murderous reign of the Khmer Rouge in "Democratic Kampuchea" ended when they were toppled by a Vietnamese (who, as communists, originally helped the Khmer Rouge) invasion in 1979. The world's attention was further drawn to the atrocities in Kampuchea/Cambodia by the 1984 film, _The Killing Fields_. Photographer unknown. #KhmerRouge #Cambodia #Kampuchea #YearZero #S21 #KillingFields #communist #genocide #execution #crimesagainsthumanity #massmurder #torture #famine #starvation #massgraves #skulls #history #weremember #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
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xthemartyrx : To keep you is no destroy you is no loss.
bandit377 : Info I never knew
vuela_papalotl : To say that they, or anyone who facilitated this atrocity, were communists is an insult to REAL ideological communists everywhere. This was the work of tyrannical psychopathic statists, not communists.
rebels_and_martyrs : @vuela_papalotl There is a difference between what the Khmer Rouge practiced and ideological communism, but at the heart of their doctrine was communism. It was, of course, perverted by other factors, but that's pretty obvious.
papa_bird : The question is, what allows this to happen? What is it about ideology that brings fellow humans to act do violently?
vuela_papalotl : Definitely a perverted and distorted version of "communism," as has been the practice of plenty of regimes throughout history, claiming to fall under the communist label while committing this type of disgusting or crimes against humanity overall..
rebels_and_martyrs : @papa_bird Part of what propelled the Khmer Rouge into power was the Vietnam War, with the North Vietnamese helping to foster the movement. China also supported them. The US was also complicit with its extensive political and military involvement in Southeast Asia. Imperialism--the desire for land, resources, and people--by both communist and capitalist nation states seems to be the fuel for what led to the genocide. In a sentence: Greed and a hunger for power and control seem to be at the root of this terrible chapter in human history.
rebels_and_martyrs : @vuela_papalotl Definitely. What "ism" cannot be tarnished or destroyed by human weakness?
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"Umbrella Man." Hong Kong democracy protests. Not sure on the photographer. #HongKong #UmbrellaRevolution #democracy #selfdetermination #autonomy #UmbrellaMan #teargas #protests #activism #China #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
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Illustration by Theodore De Bry for Bartolomé de Las Casas's _Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies_. De Las Casas, a Dominican friar, became known as "Protector of the Indians" for his written accounts of the abuses of the Spanish towards the Taíno, one of the indigenous groups of the Caribbean. The picture shows the Spanish dismembering the Taíno, cutting off noses, hands, breasts, and other body parts, and using attack dogs to maul them. The Taíno's first uprising against the Spanish occurred after Columbus returned to Spain at the end of his first voyage in early 1493. Returning to Spain, Columbus took with him six Taíno slaves, parrots, plants, and gold, and left behind 39 men at a new fort called Navidad. Upon returning, Columbus himself wrote that the men had been slain due to their treatment of the Taíno women. Each Spaniard, he claimed, had taken five women each to "minister to his pleasure." When Columbus found his men dead, he embarked on a trek to find gold and establish forts, as well as attack the Taíno of the interior of Española (Hispaniola, the island comprised of Haiti and the Dominican Republic). He and his men killed thousands of Taíno people on this campaign alone. Over the years more resistance would arise. The Taíno rebel who came to be known as Enriquillo was raised and educated among the Spanish, but not exempt to their cruelty. It's said that after years of abuses, the rape of his wife by a Spaniard led him to initiate a rebellion against the Spanish from the forested mountains of Española. Enriquillo (or Enrique) would lead a successful guerrilla war against the Spanish for about 14 years until the Spanish finally relented and asked to sign a peace, allowing the Taíno to live for a time in the mountains, peacefully and undisturbed. By the 1600s, though, almost all of the Taíno had been killed by disease, warfare, the brutal conditions of slave labor, and, to a lesser extent, suicide inspired by their treatment by the Spanish. #Taino #Taíno #Arawak #Caribbean #Haiti #DominicanRepublic #indigenous #NativeAmerican #resistance #Spanish #ColumbusDay #ChristopherColumbus #decolonize #colonization #weremember #rebelsandmartyrs
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martybartz : It's a shame his indigenous name has been lost and we are left with a name that not only is from the colonizer but also has pejorative connotation to it.. If my limited Spanish serves me correctly, The -ILLO suffix is to denote something "small" or not fully developed.. RIP ENRIQUIlO
rebels_and_martyrs : Correct. Well said and definitely agreed. Sometimes he's identified with a Taíno cacique named Guarocuya or Huarocuya, but most historians think thier stories have been conflated and that they were two different leaders.
rebels_and_martyrs : @martybartz 👆
jlcruzin760 : That's right tell the truth! Don't let this lies continue!! And let's not continue celebrating these horrendous atrocities! So in truth who really are the bar backwards, ignorant, selfish, barbaric thieves scoundrels!!! And they're only excuse is that this happened so long ago, why don't you just let it go??.. Because we don't forget because we know the truth! because we've been suppressed for so long !because our identity are being forced to assimilate in to a system that is failing . We know who we are! We know the truth!!! Keep fighting, keep taking, honor our ancestors in our fallen brothers and sisters who no longer walk this earth, who in spirit will not rest until the honor and respect are given to those who fought and died! guide us grate spirit!
martybartz : @jlcruzin760 "Pray for the dead, fight like hell for the living" - Mother Jones
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We believe in the _Miracle on 34th Street_ Santa approach to business: if you don't dig our steez, we'll point you in another direction you might like. This is a repost of a repost from our friends at Philadelphia Printworks @philaprint, a smart brand with a political message. Photographer and subject unknown. #philaprint #brand #apparel #Tshirts #photo #protest #idea #arrest #political #activism #solidarity #resistance #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
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philaprint : Thanks for the shout out @rebels_and_martyrs. We definitely love and respect your work too. #cooperationnotcompetition
nasreenameri : Freedom!
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Nothing against any brands that do have look books and sexy models. Maybe we will one day, too. But the no frills approach keeps our "eyes on the prize," our focus on the purpose: to inspire others to challenge limits, and to spread resistance to everything that keeps people down. We hope that our designs and our message is seen by our supporters and by people who see those of you who rep our stuff, and we hope these acknowledgment a inspire more thoughts that inspire positive actions. We don't believe in making people "think buyin' is rebellin'," as Mr de la Rocha once sang. We'd do it for free if we could. But we hope that we can inspire some people to say "no" when others just bow their heads and keep shuffling along in a line. Thank you all for your support and for inspiring us to keep going. #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs #Tshirt #apparel #clothing #brand #independent #underground #resistance #defiance #inspiration #underdog #punkrock #punk #metal #hiphop #martialarts #mma #skating #skate #activism #2A #art #PMA #RATM #gratitude
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rebels_and_martyrs : @dismaydesign Thanks! We dig your work, too.
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savageamused : Just checked your page, really like that No Masters Wolf shirt! Have to get one o those 👍
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Sometimes survival is a protest; living and remembering is resistance. Happy 86th birthday to Elie Wiesel, who was sent to Auschwitz with his family by the nazis at age 15 (and later Buchenwald), survived and told the world of the horrors of the camps and his disillusionment with humanity. Eliezer "Elie" Wiesel: rebel. #ElieWiesel #Auschwitz #Holocaust #survival #survivor #resistance #living #fight #Shoah #genocide #author #writer #Night #Dawn #Day #professor #activist #weremember #rnm #rebelsandmartyrs
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hugeinjapan : As I'm watching Nazi Hunter on Netflix... Lol ..crazy
kristoferadam96 : Stay strong
cheyennesawyer : #strength #courage #humanity
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