Made these delicious vegan raw energy balls for snack today. As you can see I couldn't even take a pic before both kids were eagerly grabbing for seconds. Visiting a new mama this week and this will be the perfect healthy recipe to make for her. If you would like the recipe check out @rachels_nd. So good and so simple! Thanks for sharing @rachels_nd
bakingwithcare - healthyrecipes - keepitsimple - motherhoodthroughinstagram - bakingforkids - yum - mom - healthysnacks - realmamalife -
with_care : #bakingwithcare #bakingforkids #healthysnacks #healthyrecipes #mom #realmamalife #keepitsimple #yum #motherhoodthroughinstagram
rachels_nd : So beautiful! So glad they were liked. Thanks for sharing @with_care 🙏💕
jilllaureldale - rachels_nd - lauraslackchocolate - ecleveland27 -
Where I'm going today!!! After I feed the baby & myself and clean the mess my other kids left me & put the house in order! #realmamalife #healthymama #T25
healthymama - realmamalife - t25 -
beastlifit : It's timeeeee
samdiamondfitness : Absolutely love that
jhova1976 - beastlifit - elizabethrosemond - biblebeautiful101 -
Happy to be home for some post bath cuddles with my sweeties after a busy weekend working. Thanks to everyone who came to #BabyShowTO & #TheOriginalPetiteSoiree. Such a great weekend! Huge thanks to my awesome partner @bri_norris for taking such amazing care of our family and holding down the fort 😘 #pregnancy #baby #motheringwithcare #mom #realmamalife #motherhoodthroughinstagram
realmamalife - motherhoodthroughinstagram - baby - mom - pregnancy - motheringwithcare - babyshowto - theoriginalpetitesoiree -
minimodelgallery : 💕💕
rachels_nd : 💗
with_care : 😘 @minimodelgallery @rachels_nd
louharveycanada - taylergolden - 18blocks - maisonettegifts -
I can't remember the last time I was the only one up in the morning. I'm so used to having both kids at my heels, but this morning they decided to sleep in (aka past 7am). So nice to watch the sunrise in our backroom while enjoying a cup of tea in the peace and quiet before a busy day at #TheOriginalPetiteSoiree with @cocolilymagazine #workingmom #sahm #wahm #mombliss #realmamalife #motheringwithcare #sunrise #spring #motherhoodthroughinstagram
wahm - workingmom - sahm - mombliss - motherhoodthroughinstagram - spring - motheringwithcare - realmamalife - sunrise - theoriginalpetitesoiree -
heathermstewart : Ahhh there's nothing I love more than a quiet house in the early morning 💛💛
rachels_nd : Love that light.
with_care : @katrixkennedy it was so lovely 😘
with_care : @marissacatena 💕 so nice to see you today
with_care : @carrie_jab only that room. If I turned around the camera you would see a kitchen full of dirty dishes 😳
with_care : @heathermstewart it was sooo nice
with_care : Thanks @trimdowndiva
with_care : Me too @rachels_nd. It was perfect!
bificus - mldthomson - bronwynajames - michralkos -
Loving this simple DIY baby doll carrier I made for Benny's friend's birthday party today. Hope the birthday girl enjoys it. #babywearing #wearallthebabies #baby #craftingwithcare #motheringwithcare #realmamalife #happybirthday
happybirthday - craftingwithcare - baby - motheringwithcare - realmamalife - babywearing - wearallthebabies -
marissacatena : This is gorgeous!!
with_care : Thanks @marissacatena 😘
jilllaureldale : Omg she LOVEs it! Sooo perfect, will be a staple on our summer walks with our babes. She can now carry her babies just like mom and dad :)
with_care : So happy she loves it @jilllaureldale 😘
bri_norris - babylovesmilk - bonjourbabybaskets - marissacatena -
Love these 2 smiley people. I have a busy weekend of work planned at #TheBabyShow & #TheOriginalPetiteSoiree and the kids have non-stop birthday parties, so we decided to have a family brunch & play date at our favourite local hangout this morning. Always striving to find a balance that works for our family, but it's not always easy. #family #familyfun #highpark #motheringwithcare #getoutside #realmamalife #sahm #wahm #motherhoodthroughinstagram
wahm - family - sahm - realmamalife - motherhoodthroughinstagram - familyfun - getoutside - highpark - thebabyshow - motheringwithcare - theoriginalpetitesoiree -
a_road_to_freedom : Love this :)
jilllaureldale - hayleykmullins - themonarchmag - michralkos -
Holding hands on the bus is the best. We had to travel all the way across the city for Bubs' checkup and Bee insisted she come along. The trip consisted of one streetcar ride, 5 elevators, two subways and a bus. Needless to say, she was in heaven. And I'm in need of a drink. #urbankid #TTC #Toronto #momlife #mom_hub #momsofinstagram #realmamalife
momlife - toronto - mom_hub - ttc - momsofinstagram - urbankid - realmamalife -
samanthaveronica : Beautiful xx
ttczone : ✊
cablearms - not_your_average_asian - lishylue - vfongv -
Our good friends at @sleepbelt are having an awesome GIVEAWAY! This is the perfect gift for any expectant or new parents in your life, and with baby shower season beginning it's the perfect time to WIN! Check out their IG feed for details on how to enter. #SleepBelt #skintoskin #babywearing101 #baby #mom #dad #newparents #babycuddles #rest #recovery #realmamalife #giveaway #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motheringwithcare #mothersday #babyshower
dad - rest - babyshower - giveaway - mom - baby - skintoskin - babycuddles - recovery - newparents - realmamalife - babywearing101 - motherhoodthroughinstagram - mothersday - sleepbelt - motheringwithcare -
bellybootcamp : Awesome! I've heard great things about @sleepbelt!
with_care : @bellybootcamp it really is amazing! It was a lifesaver while trying to get computer work done with a newborn. Reality of being a sahm/wahm as you know.
rachels_nd - bellybootcamp - sleepbelt - maisonettegifts -
Before having kids I loved chilly rainy days like these. The perfect time to hunker down at home with a warm tea and be super productive. Now with 2 kids in tow being stuck inside all day can be so tiring. Sending lots of positive energy to everyone at home with littles today. At least they're smiling! #realmamalife #sahm #wahm #spring #motheringwithcare #vsco #vscomom #rainraingoaway #rain
wahm - rainraingoaway - spring - realmamalife - vscomom - rain - sahm - motheringwithcare - vsco -
marissacatena : They're so sweet together!!
with_care : @marissacatena not all the time 😉
jessica__sinclair : Mini Brian (your Bri) & mini Carolyn! Spitting images of you both! So gorgeous! 😘
clarefrejd - geraldine.miller.e - lynne.newman - michralkos -
Perfect day for a bike ride with the local Sheriff. It's a tad chilly but the ☀️ is shining brilliantly, giving me hope that warm weather will arrive someday soon. #spring #getoutside #bike #bikeride #balancebike #fun #realmamalife #motheringwithcare
spring - realmamalife - bikeride - balancebike - bike - fun - motheringwithcare - getoutside -
s2brown - ashleyevephoto - mics04 - ecleveland27 -
Love her little hand resting on my chest as she nurses. I feel a very strong connection to my mom in these moments. Sad to think these sweet times with Lucy will come to an end one day. #breastfeeding #nursing #littlehands #realmamalife #baby #toddler #motheringwithcare #vsco #vscomom #motherhoodthroughinstagram #grieving #loss #babylovesmilk #love #bliss
breastfeeding - loss - babylovesmilk - love - nursing - realmamalife - vsco - motherhoodthroughinstagram - bliss - vscomom - baby - motheringwithcare - grieving - toddler - littlehands -
sleepbelt : Beautiful picture.
babylovesmilk : So sweet! Tag #babylovesmilk to be featured!
bonjourbabybaskets : The sweetest 😻
notummymommy : This is perfection right here ❤️
with_care : Thanks @sleepbelt 😘
with_care : Thanks @bonjourbabybaskets 💜
with_care : @notummymommy 😘
wallaceteamfitness : We have a lot in common!
storytimefelts - babylovesmilk - westenddoulas -
Sunday morning fort building. Spending some quality time with the littles before I head out for a whole day of teaching new families CPR & Babywearing. Good thing they have a fun day planned with daddy. #realmamalife #sahm #wahm #wearallthebabies #motheringwithcare #cpr #babywearing #babywearingeducator #infantcpr #westendparents
westendparents - wahm - sahm - realmamalife - infantcpr - wearallthebabies - babywearing - babywearingeducator - motheringwithcare - cpr -
bonjourbabybaskets : So fun!! They look so happy!!
heathermstewart : Some of the best mornings at our house include empty boxes. Love it! 😍😍
dai83 : Great!
with_care : @bonjourbabybaskets @heathermstewart @dai83 😘
wendyhuismans : Adorable!
with_care : @wendyhuismans 😊💕
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Samedi midi, on mange les restes impopulaires de la semaine: courge Spaguetti, asperges, petites fèves vertes et les ananas du jambon à l'ananas (mais il ne reste plus de jambon!) #samedi #midi #realmamalife #bouffe #restants #MonAssietteEstBelleQuandMême
samedi - monassietteestbellequandmême - bouffe - midi - realmamalife - restants -
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Is it wrong to order your own Mother's Day gift? Seriously? I'm swooning over this beautiful blanket & wooden measuring spoons from @murlifestyle and now 15% off for spring! I'd really be doing @bri_norris and the kids a favor...right? 😉 #giftgiving #realmamalife #motheringwithcare #momlife #blanket #picnicworthy #mothersday
momlife - mothersday - realmamalife - motheringwithcare - blanket - picnicworthy - giftgiving -
lynne.newman : Not wrong at all!! A must ;)
heathermstewart : I'm ordering one for myself also 😁😍😍
with_care : @lynne.newman thanks for the support 😘
with_care : @heathermstewart good call. Too beautiful to miss out on 👍
with_care : Done & done! @lynne.newman @heathermstewart 😊
hayleykmullins : Why wait til Mother's Day??? You deserve it now.
with_care : @hayleykmullins 😘 Can't wait for it to arrive
minimodelgallery : Haha...not at all.
iamthemamamantra - heathermstewart - maisonettegifts - lynne.newman -
It's been a rough week around here so we're having another easy dinner. Time to indulge in some French toast on delicious challah, homemade vanilla bean whipped cream, local maple syrup, tons of fresh fruit and amazing bacon from our favourite neighbourhood shop @butcherbynature. Plus @bri_norris made his famous potatoes. #wfd #yum #cookingwithkids #cookingwithcare #motheringwithcare #motherhoodthroughinstagram #realmamalife #lecreuset
cookingwithcare - realmamalife - cookingwithkids - wfd - motherhoodthroughinstagram - yum - motheringwithcare - lecreuset -
mscmommylife : Yum! We love breakfast for dinner! French Toast is always a hit in our house too
mandylwinter : Sick with the flu but man oh man does that look delicious!
mewing : I love breakfast for dinner. Had it last night!
with_care : @mscmommylife they haven't been up for eating much this week, so this was a good call.
with_care : @mandylwinter thanks!
with_care : @mewing 😘
ecleveland27 - clarefrejd - kitten_arms - xirrusinc -
2ème souffle, où ES-TU? #realmamalife #brûlée #capoute #popote #grossejournée #thérapie #PI #LesMalheursDeJulie #pigiste #phentex #meeting
thérapie - brûlée - phentex - realmamalife - popote - lesmalheursdejulie - capoute - grossejournée - pigiste - pi - meeting -
juliev2604 : Lol 😊
sophie_l_coach : Ça m'a pris quelques secondes pour comprendre de quel angle cette photo avait été prise. lol
npremont - marieevel - nousicimaintenant - carosou -
Aujourd'hui, nous avons eu la visite d'une ergothérapeute du centre de réadaptation pour voir ce qu'on pouvait adapter pour faciliter le vie de Fillette et encourager son autonomie. Voici un truc génial qui de visse sur une clé et qui en facilite l'utilisation, un peu comme une poignée! Seul hic, lorsque mon fils est allé dehors pour l'essayer, un bout de clé est restée dans la serrure! #dyspraxie #handicaps #adaptation #truc #realmamalife #LesMalheursDeJulie
adaptation - realmamalife - dyspraxie - handicaps - truc - lesmalheursdejulie -
youandmedanslapeau : Ho non!
btanco : Wow !!! Il me faut ça pour mon fils !!!
ladybirdqc : Justement j'utilisais un couvre-clé pour agrandir la clé car problème de pouce et ici aussi la clé a cassé dans la serrure! On n'a toujours pas réussi à récupérer la clé. :( par contre, ça reste quand même un super système, faudrait juste des clés plus solides! :p
ameliewna : Oh dommage!
micheleg74 - youandmedanslapeau - mamzelle_anju - juliev2604 -
Feeling better today so thought I would try out a new black bean brownie recipe. So simple! Can't wait to taste them. Thanks @katrixkennedy for sharing the recipe. #bakingwithcare #bakingforkids #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motheringwithcare #realmamalife
motherhoodthroughinstagram - bakingforkids - realmamalife - motheringwithcare - bakingwithcare -
mscmommylife : Yum! Let me know how they turn out! I've wanted to try making these for a while
with_care : @mscmommylife I'll keep you posted. The batter was much more liquid than any brownies I've made before but I'm having faith they will work out.
bonjourbabybaskets : Mmm... I can smell your baking now!!
with_care : @bonjourbabybaskets smells pretty great!
with_care : @mscmommylife they turned out pretty well but softer than expected. I had to leave them with my babysitter to take out of the oven, so they might have needed a few extra mins,. I'm going to play around with coconut sugar or maple syrup versus honey because I find the honey flavour pretty strong.
with_care : @mscmommylife I think they get better with time. I'm loving them today!
bri_norris - rachels_nd - jilllaureldale - bonjourbabybaskets -
At home curled up sick with a terrible stomach bug. Luckily this cutie is here to cheer me up. #peekaboo #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motheringwithcare #itsthelittlethings #realmamalife
motherhoodthroughinstagram - motheringwithcare - peekaboo - realmamalife - itsthelittlethings -
lynne.newman : Feel better soon
with_care : Thanks @lynne.newman. Came on very suddenly. Had to postpone a private prenatal class today. Felt so bad, but nothing you can do when you feel like this.
mldthomson : feel better! We had it too.... If it's the same thing came on quickly and was gone just as quickly too...
with_care : Thanks @mldthomson. Hoping I feel better tomorrow.
jessica__sinclair : My heart just died! She is beyond adorable! 😍
themonarchmag : 💕
freckledsmile - lyshshore - lmacsween -
C'est vendredi! La semaine de relâche commence demain... I need some wine... no wait! Yé juste 7h. Du saumon fumé ça va faire l'affaire! ;-) #relache #realmamalife #bondansyeule
bondansyeule - realmamalife - relache -
julie_dragonfly - ok_not_ok - mishaden - yago_la -
Le plus beau des cadeaux ce matin pour moi ce matin: mes enfants jouent aux LEGO ensemble!!! #maman #cadeau #enfant #LEGO #AMOUR #petitplaisir #realmamalife
petitplaisir - cadeau - lego - amour - realmamalife - enfant - maman -
zazabelle : On vote pour que cela puisse durer!
mamanbooh : @zazabelle oui! C'est si rare!
drya32 : C'est vrai que de voir jouer les enfants ensembles sans dispute, c'est tellement beau! Profites-en!!! 😊
eclipse_polaire - chez_maude - herradiantlife -
Une livraison spéciale pour la St-Valentin! #valentineflipagram #love #realmamalife #DIY #bricolage #amour @mamambooh #flipagram créé avec @flipagram. Voir la vidéo intégrale sur flipagram.com/julie.philippon.94
valentineflipagram - bricolage - love - diy - amour - realmamalife - flipagram -
_zapa_ - annic1983 - ju_levesque - audrey_lna -
Day 2 stuck inside with sick kiddies means pjs & fort building! ...and mommy losing her sanity 😜 #realmamalife #serenitynow
serenitynow - realmamalife -
tayagriffin : I hate pink eye.
with_care : @tayagriffin brutal! Hope Amelia is feeling ok and you're surviving being housebound. Think these guys just have a terrible cold that is draining out of their eyes. So gross 😷
bri_norris - lknox_hotelfoxtrot - lcresswell - lee_sah -
So happy that Costco finally got organic low sodium vegetable broth. Had to share the news! #realmamalife #livingwithcare #cookingwithcare #cookingwithkids
cookingwithcare - realmamalife - cookingwithkids - livingwithcare -
mldthomson : about freaking time.
with_care : Seriously @mldthomson! Solves all my soup and risotto dilemmas 😊
mldthomson : It's always my debate @with_care .... no salt added Campbells or sodium laden organic. The no salt has always won. I love how much organic stuff Costco offers now.
with_care : @mldthomson they're smart. Know what mamas like us want. We stocked up!
jakeandmaya - astriows - tayagriffin - mldthomson -
Nothing is making her happy and he is a holy terror today. I just want to cry because I can't take anymore of the clingy, screaming in pain, won't let mama do anything without me baby. Today this shit is hard and I want to quit. #honestmothering
realmamalife - honestmothering -
joannbailey1222 : #realmamalife
tandvsmom : I feel for you. V has strep and she's been totally clingy the last few days. Its not like her. Shes usually miss independent. Soon they'll all be well again. :) @joannbailey1222
mommyguthrie - coco112593 - elisevalade -
Ce matin, les céréales de mon enfant ont fait une différence: les enfants intrigués, ont oublié de se chicaner ou de se plaindre! #realmamalife #routine #déjeuner #enfant #cauchemar #céréales #alphabète #PasUnBeauSetUp #MêmePasDeNapperon #PasCommanditéOlafÉtaitSuLaBoîte #libérée #realmomlife
déjeuner - realmomlife - pascommanditéolafétaitsulaboîte - realmamalife - mêmepasdenapperon - alphabète - cauchemar - pasunbeausetup - routine - libérée - céréales - enfant -
annie_queenton - meredebordee - annic1983 - kshandmadelove -
Voici ma vraie vie de "working from home mom de 3 kids bientôt 4"! Ahaha vous comprenez maintenant pourquoi je cadre toujours mes photos bien serré! Merci @lafamilleclouts de m'avoir mise au défi! Je mets maintenant au défi @spaghettis_ @emiliemelisandre et @virginiejolie de faire pareille : c'est quoi votre #realmamalife #realmomlife #reallife ?!?
realmomlife - realmamalife - reallife -
natachacastonguay : @candicedesouza ouais... hier on avait fait un beau ménage avant le dîner de fête de mon chum... on a fini le ménage à 11h30, les invités arrivaient à midi! ;)
lamechantesorciere : C'est beau la vie de famille! Très beau! ❤
theangryweather : C'est beau!
natachacastonguay : @cindyboyce check: ici, tu vois la patère à gauche, c'est juste derrière!
cindyboyce : Hahaha wow
labricot : Je suis un peu gênée, parce que c'est franchement plus en ordre que chez nous. Et on n'a qu'un petit. Qui est à l'école toute la journée.
natachacastonguay : @labricot faut savoir que la veille, on recevait des amis pour l'anniversaire de mon amoureux alors on avait fait un ÉNORME MÉNAGE!!!! On est pas des exemples de personnes très ordonnées! 😝
labricot : @natachacastonguay Fiou! En passant, c'est vraiment beau chez vous!
mica_dubois - bb.bagel - coxeline - seminaroj -
We can do It! Y'a des mercredi plus passionnants que d'autres #realmamalife
realmamalife -
mlle_turquoise : Lâche pas la patate !
jefkuhn75 - mlle_turquoise - vickiegiroux -
Had a very long day with a cranky & feverish baby. Time for a little mommy time. #30dayyogachallenge #BB30in30 #realmamalife
realmamalife - bb30in30 - 30dayyogachallenge -
bellybootcamp : Fab @with_care!! Enjoy your alone time! 💕💕👊
bellybootcamp : And nice pedicure 😂
with_care : Thanks @bellybootcamp! Yoga and pedicures get me through 😉
bellybootcamp : I need more of both @with_care 😘
jilllaureldale - kitten_arms - mics04 - dashamalove -
J'ai eu le droit à la main sous la porte aux toilettes! #realmamalife
realmamalife -
penny_petit_pois : Mdr
starsfilantes - schizo_cath - arili - fromside2side -
Chillin! Smokin, relaxin, schnugglin my baby, Netflix, annnn candy. #realmamalife
realmamalife -
mine_11_24 : Yep same here! <3
jones__85 - niniroo_4 - trevbennett - itsrain84 -
Snuggles on the dark, watching Super Why! while JJ snoozes in the car seat. Such a long day and we just got home. Barely feel like I get any time with them at all anymore. Bedtime can wait. #realmamalife #workingmom #daycare
workingmom - realmamalife - daycare -
jillrod1219 : I'm with ya girl! They are only little once
bethhermesman : @jordielg you are one of the best moms I know, truly! Miss you friend.
mila3339 : Soo exited for this weekend!!😊
kimgoers : I did the math and realized I only get to spend 3.5 hours a day with Noelle when we are both awake....I made a rule that I don't go out during the week unless I absolutely have to just so I can see her
tellyferson - allimcfro - jackkjack_e - kimgoers -
Baking sugar cookies on this snowy day with the sweetest assistant ever. Such a simple recipe and always a hit at the holidays. #snowday #realmamalife #christmasprep #bakingwithcare #bakingwithkids
christmasprep - snowday - bakingwithkids - realmamalife - bakingwithcare -
jessica__sinclair : Could he be more adorable? What a cutie!
bellybootcamp - talregpal - lee_sah - dawn_macdougall -
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