Souvent, quand il m'arrive des imprévus ou des urgences familiales, la première chose que je mets de côté, c' J'oublie rapidement toutes petites choses qui pourraient m'aider, le stress monte, ça devient un cercle vicieux, je ne dors pas bien, je suis fatiguée, j'oublie de bien (ou de) manger, je manque d'énergie, ça spine au Max dans ma tête. Alors que lorsque je me mets à l'horaire, même si c'est compliqué, que je n'ai pas le temps, que je suis fatiguée, le moment où je bouge, mystérieuse, j'arrête de penser, je vais mieux. #réflexion #RealMamaLife #EquipeDeCarl #encoredesproblemes #BesoinDespaceDansMaTête #bouger #mieux
bouger - besoindespacedansmatête - réflexion - encoredesproblemes - realmamalife - equipedecarl - mieux -
arianeetsonfil : ❤️❤️❤️
marieevel : Tellement vrai... On n'a jamais le temps, mais il faut le prendre. Je ne cours pas tellement pour être en shape, beaucoup plus parce que ça m'aide à fonctionner, point... Go Julie! ❤️
fit_life_olivier : Bravo
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#realmamalife #вафли холодно однако как( #зимаблизко
зимаблизко - realmamalife - вафли -
nimoasn - tatosha_171 - 1doda - nataliparkanskaya -
OMG!!! J'ai lavé le bain (tu devines pourquoi?), j'ai décidé que d'en prendre un serait une bonne idée, puis je suis descendue voir ma fille qui m'appelait ET j'ai oublié que l'eau coulait... Je suis arrivée JUSTE AVANT le déluge. Je pense que j'ai été TRÈS chanceuse. Ouf! #RealMamaLife #bain #dégât #eau #teambrun #encopresie #unehistoirequifinitbien #TDAH #lune #ADAH
encopresie - realmamalife - unehistoirequifinitbien - adah - teambrun - lune - tdah - eau - bain - dégât -
lamechantesorciere : Comment elle va la poulette? (Je ne veux toutefois pas être indiscrète. ..)
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Recevoir des produits pour une chronique pour bébé et aller chercher dans sa boîte cette bouteille de @bebehibou en se disant que tous les moyens sont bons pour passer au travers cette phase de "kéka". Résultat: surprenant, doux et efficace. Pratique pour les enfants plus grands malades et/ou handicapés, même moi, j'ai essayé! #bébé #hibou #encopresie #teambrun #caca #liniment #bébé #TrouvaillesDeJulie #blogueuse #RealMamaLife #test #niuveauté #produit
bébé - produit - hibou - encopresie - liniment - trouvaillesdejulie - teambrun - caca - blogueuse - test - niuveauté - realmamalife -
mamanetbienplusencore : C'est de la magie cette crème. Je l'aime tellement.
lesconfettis_perrine : 💕
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Les enfants pensent qu'ils sont chanceux: "on mange au resto"! Dans le fond, c'est moi qui se sauve d'un souper, chut! #RealMamaLife #GrosseJournée
realmamalife - grossejournée -
carosou : On a fait la même chose 👍🏻
mamanetbienplusencore : J'ai fait la même chose mais au Subway :)
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Our morning #takebackpostpartum #realmamalife
takebackpostpartum - realmamalife -
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Back to time with mah crazy kid$ 😎✈️ Italiano ✖️ Turkish ✖️ #internationalfamily #realmamalife
realmamalife - internationalfamily -
malikushechka_ : 😩😩😩😍😍👌💪 хочу обратно
selenamaemills : Love this!
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Chez nous, on suit une "routine du caca", avec une "diète du caca" et un calendrier du... Oui! Vous avez devinez! Je vais mettre ça sur mon blogue dès que je peux, pcqu'on dirait que ça intéresse pas mal plus de personnes que je pouvais croire, on n'ose juste pas en parler. Bien voilà, j'en parle! #encopresie #fécalome #HistoireDeCaca #routine #diète #JournalDuCaca #enfant #RealMamaLife #famille
journalducaca - diète - encopresie - realmamalife - histoiredecaca - enfant - routine - famille - fécalome -
lea_elo : @audreyt1984
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Stats de la journee: - 2h d'épicerie - 3h30 de cuisine - 10 repas pré-faits congelé - 5 wraps pour les lunch - 1 salade de betterave - 1 cuisine bordélique #fatiguéeEstUnMotFaible #realmamalife
fatiguéeestunmotfaible - realmamalife -
atelierclementine : Mon dimanche après-midi 😒
melivest -
My new obsession, sibling twinning!! I'm so excited about the backpacks the kid's picked for school this year. We got a regular size one for kindergarten bound Ben, and a mini one for our little preschooler Lucy. Ben insisted he wear his to camp today, and when he got it out Lucy shrieked with delight and insisted she wear hers too, yelling "mama, put on!" So off we went hand in hand to camp drop off. Some days their sweetness is too much. Definitely not every day 😉 // @herschelsupply bags available locally at @diapereez in Bloor West Village #herschel #backpack #backtoschool #kindergarten #canadianmade #shoplocal #supportlocal #twinning #cute #motheringwithcare #itsthelittlethings #momentslikethese #realmamalife #momlife #camp #sportplay #bloorwest #junctionTO #westendparents #siblings #siblinglove
cute - shoplocal - twinning - junctionto - itsthelittlethings - siblings - backtoschool - canadianmade - momlife - westendparents - herschel - siblinglove - backpack - camp - supportlocal - kindergarten - sportplay - momentslikethese - motheringwithcare - bloorwest - realmamalife -
jillandjackkids : These two couldn't get any cuter!
with_care : @mscmommylife me too! Amazing that they both love these ones.
with_care : @diapereez thanks! 😘
with_care : @jillandjackkids awe thanks 😘
theholisticway : Oh. My. SO adorable!!
with_care : @theholisticway lol, we must have been commenting on each other's posts at the same time. Thanks 😘
ericabaxterschott : Adorable! Love the pic and the packs!
with_care : Thanks @ericabaxterschott
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Du linge mou qui a du style? Ouiiii!!! Merci #CollectionVéro !!! 😍 #mamantupperware #blogMamanTupperware @aubainerie #realMamaLife
blogmamantupperware - collectionvéro - mamantupperware - realmamalife -
biloutipou : J'adore le linge mou :)
aubainerie : 👌🏻
selenamaemills : The realest 👏
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Progress pic..4 kids later and forcing myself to make more time for me, finally getting some definition back #progress #omgarethoseabs #fitness #realmamalife #realbody #whatsleftafterkids #trailrunner
realbody - whatsleftafterkids - progress - fitness - trailrunner - realmamalife - omgarethoseabs -
domesticated85 : #fuckyeah #BAMF #transformation #beautiful
selenamaemills : 👍 😉
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My view this morning from the couch, feeling a little under the weather and moving slower with each passing day as #3's due date arrives next month..trying to tie up loose ends around the house to feel some what ready for our adjustment as a family of 5 soon, but that seems to be getting harder and harder, no matter how many months you have before a baby arrives nothing ever seems complete or ready, praying for God's strength in these next few weeks and hoping we can get it all done 😁 #realmamalife #baby3prep
3 - realmamalife - baby3prep -
bklounge527 : You have the cutest home!!!
felisha_galvan : #dreamhouse 😍 praying for you, I know you will get everything God wants you to get done!! 🙏🏼
rachel_taylor1117 : I love everything about your home!😍
katemadehome : @bklounge527 @felisha_galvan @rachel_taylor1117 u girls are so kind!!! Thank u😘
selenamaemills : I likey.
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Where have my babies gone? We had a lovely morning playdate at Trinity Bellwoods with @momspired, but looking back at the photos I am teary realizing how big my babies are getting. It feels like they have both grown and developed leaps and bounds this summer and don't show any signs of slowing down. Parenting is so bittersweet. Some days I wish for gained independence and freedom, and other days I want them to stay small forever. #momtruth #summer #summerfun #growingup #bigkids #momentslikethese #momlife #latergram #itsthelittlethings #parenting #realmamalife #motheringwithcare #motheringthroughinstagram
momlife - summer - summerfun - bigkids - growingup - realmamalife - momtruth - parenting - itsthelittlethings - momentslikethese - motheringwithcare - latergram - motheringthroughinstagram -
angela_garde : Totally get that! It is SO bittersweet...
minimodelgallery : Enjoy every minute with them.
nellystevens : 👍
mscmommylife : I feel the same way! Where is the pause button?
michralkos : Amen! #mamaproblems I struggle with the same feelings!
legosinmylouis : 💗
legosinmylouis - ooeve.j - angela_garde - cinnamontan -
A glimpse of my #realmamalife: breast pump, burp cloth, toddler, sippy cup, dr. seuss, baby, pacifier, books on babies, coffee, mug warmer, and a husband who knows when to take a picture of a happy moment
realmamalife -
caitieom : You're gorgeous.
bealwaysblooming : @caitieom you're sweet 😘
alexandracole : I miss you guys!
bealwaysblooming : @alexandracole we miss you dearly!
jordanrabago : So sweet!! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
monicaannstockall - johnhardenjr - mkscanlon - whitintheclique -
Sharing a little cleaning fix I figured out today. For all the white sandal owners out there! Mine and Lucy's white leather sandals were both pretty badly stained. I tried washing them in the machine as per the directions, but they were still really dull and brownish. I was disappointed and reached out to @saltwatersandalscanada who offered to replace them, but with no size 6's available this late in the season I was at a loss. A friend recommended trying Vim cleaner, but I was worried that the harsh chemicals would hurt the leather, plus we don't own any cleaners like that in our house. I decided to try a few things in the kitchen and started with baking soda, coconut oil & dish soap, but they weren't quite enough. I grabbed our all natural @aspenclean scrub, applied it with warm water and a soft cloth in a circular motion and voila! Almost like new! So relieved. Back to our fabulous life twinning around town 😉 *Try this at your own risk. Not endorsed by the company #saltwatersandals #whitesandals #clean #simplefix #likenew #canadianmade #momlife #realmamalife #momtruth #momtruths #keepitsimple #stainremover #twinning #aspenclean
momlife - aspenclean - simplefix - realmamalife - saltwatersandals - keepitsimple - momtruth - momtruths - twinning - likenew - whitesandals - clean - stainremover - canadianmade -
heathermstewart : Oh awesome! I'm going to try this on my white Birkenstocks. They are stained so bad. Where do you buy yours?
kathryn_skinner : Those matchy shoes are too cute
with_care : @lcresswell totally! If we get together I can bring you some to try. I would love to know if it works for them.
with_care : @heathermstewart I got mine from a health food store in roncesvalles, but you can order their products online and they also have a retail locator on their website. We can try it on my friend's birks first and keep you posted if you want.
heathermstewart : Amazing! Thank you!!
saranicole_xoxo : Nice account
with_care : Thanks @kathryn_skinner. I'm doing it as long as she'll let me 😉
kirstistubbs : Awesome!!
minimodelgallery - rachels_nd - cossetbathandbody - billieandaxel -
Throwback to last night when @bri_norris and I won at parenting. After a crazy long week with an itchy baby and feisty preschooler, we managed to get both kids down to bed by 7:15 (thank you full day camp!) and were enjoying Mojitos with fresh mint on our porch by 7:30. Ahh what a night. If only every bedtime was this easy. I feel bad saying it, but I'm starting to think full day kindergarten might be pretty sweet. #tbt #parentingwin #mojitos #datenight #whiletheysleep #bedtime #kindergarten #camp #preschooler #toddler #sleep #motheringwithcare #momtruth #momlife #realmamalife #connect #slowdown #motherhoodthroughinstagram #selfhood #fillingmywell
fillingmywell - datenight - mojitos - tbt - slowdown - momtruth - sleep - bedtime - preschooler - parentingwin - momlife - kindergarten - realmamalife - camp - motherhoodthroughinstagram - selfhood - whiletheysleep - motheringwithcare - toddler - connect -
florz63 : Well deserved 👍
angiestewartfitness : very cool.
theselfhoodinitiative : Fab!! Good for you guys. 💗xo
with_care : @mscmommylife thanks! Love sitting on our porch enjoying the view 💜
with_care : @florz63 thanks! It was so lovely 💗
with_care : @theselfhoodinitiative thanks! Always nice to have some time to reconnect.
with_care : @angiestewartfitness 💜
momspired : Mmmmmm 😋😋
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My brain says do work while she naps, but my body says lay down and nap with her. So this is where you'll find me. Work piling up and the house a complete mess, but I don't care because this is where we both need me to be right now. On a side note: I am so incredibly grateful that Sportplay was able to keep Ben for the full day of camp today (vs. his usual half day) so we could have a day to recover. They are amazing! Use promo code: Momgroup for 10% off. #selfhood #motheringwithcare #sickbaby #breastfeeding #toddler #rest #recover #sleep #tiredmama #workcanwait #health #realmamalife #momtruth #momlife #sportplay #camp #motherhoodthroughinstagram
breastfeeding - rest - tiredmama - momtruth - sleep - sickbaby - recover - momlife - selfhood - realmamalife - camp - motherhoodthroughinstagram - workcanwait - health - sportplay - motheringwithcare - toddler -
angela_garde : Tell me about it @with_care !! Wishing you more nap breaks :)
theholisticway : What a gorgeous photo and so happy you had some recoup time!! xo
theselfhoodinitiative : Beautiful!
bellybootcamp : Awwwwww 💕💕💕
with_care : Thanks @theholisticway. It was definitely needed after this week of sleepless nights with an itchy baby. So happy this is almost over 😘
with_care : @theselfhoodinitiative 💜
with_care : @bellybootcamp 😘
theselfhoodinitiative : @with_care yes!! Love it!!💗
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Popsicles on the porch for breakfast. Don't judge. It's been a long few days around here and I'm getting by on very little sleep. Lucy hasn't been eating much, probably cause her mouth hurts, so frozen foods are a big hit. These ones are filled with banana, almond milk, greek yogurt & yummy chocolate protein power I was recently introduced to via my friend @momspired. That's an acceptable breakfast right? Everyone is loving them and I'm just happy Lucy is on the mend. I'm also loving this @zokuhq Popsicle maker. It's genius! Especially on boiling hot days like this. #sickbaby #handfootandmouth #zoku #zokupops #heatwave #popsicles #summer #hydrate #usana #health #motheringwithcare #tiredmama #motherhoodthroughinstagram #momtruth #momlife #realmamalife #itchy #rash
summer - zoku - sickbaby - tiredmama - momtruth - zokupops - hydrate - popsicles - momlife - handfootandmouth - usana - realmamalife - rash - motherhoodthroughinstagram - health - heatwave - motheringwithcare - itchy -
with_care : @brickstagrams thanks so much Hun 😘 This parenting thing is tough!
with_care : @munchkin821 exactly!! 💜
with_care : @bronwynajames do it! So good. Perfect for this heat wave. 😘
with_care : @mscmommylife thanks 😘 I'm so relieved she's starting to feel better. Now we just need to catch up on some sleep.
rachels_nd : Debatable @with_care 😉
theholisticway : Sounds so yum! Great mom move. 😉
meredithcdavis : I'm so sorry that you guys have been through this. I hope Lucy is on the mend. Xo
with_care : Thanks @meredithcdavis. Luckily she's on the mend now and almost all better. Quite the week 😘
notummymommy - christine.n.walton - sarahtjoyce - noexcusesgal -
Small gestures of kindness are so incredible. A local mom who I taught CPR to, and who now comes to my drop in groups, heard about Lucy and rushed over to bring me her @zokuhq. It might seem little or silly, but this simple gesture means I can help keep Lucy hydrated and comfortable with instant healthy homemade popsicles while she's sick. That's a pretty big deal to me. Thanks Sara! Can't wait to try it 😘😘😘 * *Thank you to everyone who sent so much love our way on my last post. I am always so amazed by the support I receive from fellow moms online and in real life and I am so appreciative. They say it takes a village, and I have surrounded myself with an incredible one. #ittakesavillage #sickbaby #support #realmamalife #momtruth #health #momshelpingmoms #zoku #zokupops #handfootandmouth #community #popsicles #summer #hydrate
summer - handfootandmouth - momshelpingmoms - zoku - realmamalife - support - sickbaby - popsicles - momtruth - zokupops - health - community - hydrate - ittakesavillage -
lynne.newman : So kind and comforting isn't it.
with_care : It really is @lynne.newman. Lucy hasn't eaten much in the last few days (lucky she still nurses) so it was really reassuring to have her eat homemade pops with yogurt, fruit, whole milk & protein powder. Her little body needed something.
katrixkennedy : Wow. Amazing!!
with_care : @katrixkennedy it's so freaking amazing! I need one!
mldthomson - lcpeoples - zokuhq - goplayinthetraffic -
Instagram is a place I love to share my fun family stories, but the reality of parenting is that it's not all fun. It's been a really tough few days for me and my little Lucy and I am so done. Last week while camping we noticed that Lucy was a bit off, she was happy for the most part, but also clingy and needing to nurse non stop. I assumed it was the dozens of bug bites bothering her and didn't give it much more thought. Sunday evening on our drive home to the city Lucy's entire body erupted in an itchy rash. I was up for over 4 hours Sunday night with her screaming in pain trying to itch her whole body. I did our itch routine: baking soda bath, covered her in calamine lotion, gave her Benedryl and nursed her, but nothing worked. Finally we just lay together cuddling and crying until she passed out. My mama heart was broken for her. Yesterday the doctor confirmed that Lucy has a horrible case of Hand Foot & Mouth, a common childhood virus. All we can do is keep her comfortable doing exactly what we've been doing. I just want to take all of her pain away and I can't. This part of parenting is so tough, physically and emotionally. The only cute part is that she walks around saying "I tow ity", Lucy speak for "I'm so itchy" 💔 I'll be sure to share some tips for dealing with an insanely itchy baby on the blog once we're back in full form...and maybe some self care tips for mamas, since my well is feeling pretty low right about now. @steannesspa I could definitely use a day of pampering! #steannesgiveaway #motheringwithcare #sickbaby #noworkgettingdonearoundhere #parenting #handfootandmouth #itchy #realmamalife #momtruth #momtruths #latergram #needybaby #love #itsthelittlethings #momlife #motherhoodthroughinstagram #health
noworkgettingdonearoundhere - love - sickbaby - momtruth - parenting - itsthelittlethings - steannesgiveaway - momlife - handfootandmouth - needybaby - realmamalife - motherhoodthroughinstagram - momtruths - health - latergram - motheringwithcare - itchy -
weeurban : I love grape-seed oil on itchy skin.... Works like a charm.
theholisticway : Oh my @with_care I'm so sorry to read this! Sounds super tough. I feel so much for you both. Not easy one bit. Sending much love, strength and healing to you both. xo
with_care : Thanks @emilypteo 😘 HMF is the worst!
with_care : @weeurban thanks! Great idea 💜
with_care : @theholisticway thanks for your support. She seems bit better this morning so I'm hoping we're almost through this. 😘
theholisticway : @with_care oh I hope so!!! Full moon tmrw. Hope here calm, cool, healing energy keeps you guys on a good page. xo
theholisticway : *sorry, I meant full moon on Friday!🙈 How is it not Friday yet?!☺️
with_care : @theholisticway me too! Lucy seems a lot better today. So relieved.
faye_moxam - - frugaltrenches - mamazou85 -
It's always hard to head home after a great week of summer vacation, but luckily I have a super fun day of work planned tomorrow screening "Trainwreck" at Movies for Mommies at the Humber Cinema (Jane Station) at 1pm (doors open at 12:30pm). I love being able to stay home with my kids and prioritize their needs, while still teaching and hosting events in my community. I'm one very lucky mama. Now if we can just survive this 4.5 hour car ride home with 2 exhausted kiddos 😱 #gratitude #love #family #priorities #life #vacation #summer #moviesformommies #trainwreck #lovewhatyoudo #itsthelittlethings #momentslikethese #realmamalife #momtruth #momlife #backtolifebacktoreality #weekend #sunday #carridessuck #getmeoutofthiscar
summer - life - love - family - lovewhatyoudo - moviesformommies - momtruth - trainwreck - itsthelittlethings - weekend - gratitude - realmamalife - momlife - vacation - priorities - sunday - getmeoutofthiscar - carridessuck - momentslikethese - backtolifebacktoreality -
with_care : @educatormama we wish. Still awake after 4 hours. Only 30 mins to go and it's all going downhill fast 😳
with_care : @bonjourbabybaskets I heard it was great. Can't wait! Almost home and can't wait to get out of this car. There has been a whole lot of crying 😳
bugandbearclothing : So cute! 😊 How old is your little one?
with_care : Thanks @bugandbearclothing. She's 21 months old.
educatormama : Hope a day at home cured the car ride antics. :-). We've got jet lag over here and it's had some interesting moments. Luckily they missed their backyard so that has been a great distraction!!
with_care : @educatormama it was a long ride and en even longer night. Just got back from the Dr. Turns out Lucy has hand foot and mouth 😢
with_care : ^an
educatormama : Oh no!!!! That's terrible. So sorry to hear. Get well soon Lucy!!!
leese31 - bonjourbabybaskets - goplayinthetraffic - newmomproject -
Thanks for the tag @bonjourbabybaskets. Here's #widn. Hanging some clean linens out to dry on the line while Lucy enjoys a fresh Ontario her life jacket. Safety first 😉 I'm loving the simplicity of our vacations this summer and really trying to slow down and enjoy these little moments. #momentslikethese #itsthelittlethings #sunday #safetyfirst #weekend #darlinglittles #childhoodunplugged #peaches #summer #goodthingsgrowinontario #laundry #clothesline #linens #hangingontheline #familyfun #farmlife #slowdown #gratitude #selfhood #realmamalife
summer - laundry - hangingontheline - momentslikethese - slowdown - peaches - itsthelittlethings - safetyfirst - weekend - familyfun - farmlife - gratitude - childhoodunplugged - linens - widn - clothesline - selfhood - sunday - goodthingsgrowinontario - realmamalife - darlinglittles -
momspired : Lol what a little peach 🍑
with_care : @bluebirdkisses never! 😉
with_care : @heathermstewart she's particularly attached to it. Strange but also adorable.
with_care : @bonjourbabybaskets 😘
with_care : @momspired she sure is 💗
fancy_gray : So cute!!
with_care : Thanks @fancy_gray 😘
themikesalter : Boomtown.
thewanderingeyetextiles - hafedh_jndb - lynne.newman - wendyhuismans -
Got in our morning walk and hit the library and got some yogurt for Miss L. Love being productive in the morning. #multitasking #mnmamaonthemove #blastthepregoweight #fitmama #getitdone #realmamalife
getitdone - multitasking - realmamalife - blastthepregoweight - fitmama - mnmamaonthemove -
All packed up and ready for another family camping adventure. We're 2 hours behind schedule and I'm a hot mess, but it will all be worth it when we're out on the lake. #campingwithkids #campbig #mec #motheringwithcare #canoetrip #realmamalife #momtruth #getoutside #startthemyoung #letthembelittle #familyfun #bonecho #campontario #provincialparks #summer #childhoodunplugged
summer - bonecho - mec - startthemyoung - campbig - momtruth - campingwithkids - getoutside - campontario - childhoodunplugged - letthembelittle - provincialparks - realmamalife - familyfun - canoetrip - motheringwithcare -
sugarplumsleep : Aren't those #Ikea bags perfect for family trips?
birdapparel : Have fun.
with_care : @mscmommylife 😘
with_care : @sugarplumsleep perfect! We have the big and small. So easy to toss stuff in and you can hose them down if they get dirty.
with_care : @birdapparel thanks! Had a blast minus the bugs getting poor Lucy.
happycampadventures : love big agnes tents. And Ikea bags -- the universal carrier. :)
with_care : @happycampadventures both so essential! I also love our @mec reactor thermarest. So nice to have the whole family on one, and not falling through the cracks onto the ground at night.
mec : Looks like a great haul! Hope your trip was a success! P.S. the Reactor is one of our favourites too!
meredithcdavis - iamthemamamantra - _soniatomas_ - rachels_nd -
Can't wait to be sleeping with a tiny baby on my chest again! #realmamalife #lincolndoyle
realmamalife - lincolndoyle -
kjean92 - leahgault - mom2boys5girls - ash_hubb -
Ma fille, t'sé, celle qui ne veut jamais que je la peigne et qui se sauve quand j'arrive avec des barrettes ou des élastiques? Ben, son éducatrice lui a fait ÇA aujourd'hui. #jalousie 😧 #realmamalife
realmamalife - jalousie -
lapetitefamille : Ma fille c'est la même chose! Argh!!
jeanneetsimon - gabriellefortinclement - roseapetitspois - gennyzz -
This is the kind of stuff that fuels us. We were so so happy to see this!! Great work. Keep it up!! 😊 ---------------------------------------------------#Repost @with_care with This just happened. Thanks to @theholisticway & @ashfrankel for an amazing night with @theselfhoodinitiative connecting with so many fabulous women and finding ways to nourish our selfhood. Here I am sticking to one of my intentions, morning yoga. It wasn't easy after a night of 3 wake ups and the kids jumping all around me, but I need to start somewhere. Up next smoothie time, because mommy matters! Thanks for the bracelet! It's a great reminder 😘 --------------------------------------------------- #selfhood #theselfhoodinitiative #bethechange #itsthelittlethings #yoga #breathe #fillingmywell #momssupportingmoms #momtruth #momlife #motherhoodthroughinstagram #realmamalife
breathe - momlife - theselfhoodinitiative - yoga - fillingmywell - realmamalife - momtruth - motherhoodthroughinstagram - momssupportingmoms - itsthelittlethings - selfhood - bethechange - repost -
with_care : Thanks for sharing @theselfhoodinitiative and for encouraging us all! 😘
hworm : Yeay
theselfhoodinitiative : @with_care 😉😘
themikesalter : ballrr
selenamaemills : Love it!
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Pickles anyone? I ❤️ summer. Can't wait to try my hand at pickles straight from our garden. I'm thinking some classic dill and some garlic dill. Please feel free to send along any fav recipes I should check out. #gardeningwithcare #pickles #pickling #dillpickles #gardento #urbangarden #summer #eatlocal #yum #momlife #realmamalife #motheringwithcare #goodthingsgrowinontario #cucumbers #itsthelittlethings
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faye_moxam : Yum. I love pickles! crunchy garlicky dill.
kirstistubbs : We are a bit pickle crazy in our house. Such a great idea to make some.
with_care : @faye_moxam there will be a jar with your name on it 😘
with_care : @kirstistubbs us too! Hope this keeps our pickle costs down 😉
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As kids get older the issues only get tougher. This week I had to have a very honest conversation with Ben about why he couldn't keep the toy gun he received for his birthday. We decided long ago to have a strict no gun policy in our house, so I cringed when I saw him opening this particular present. Ben was upset at first but once we discussed it he said he understood. We decided we'll exchange the gun for another toy at the store that is more appropriate. It's a tough balance to teach our kids to be appreciative of gifts, but also to understand why we might have to create some family boundaries. I would love to hear what other parents have done in this circumstance and what your thoughts are on toy guns/weapons. This parenting thing is tough! #parenting #motheringwithcare #toygun #gunsarenttoys #kids #letthembelittle #childhoodunplugged #momtruth #momtruths #momlife #realmamalife #houserules
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amypogue : We haven't had to deal with this yet but the other day Eve said "I'm going to shoot you with a gun" (playing with heath) and it was pretty mortifying.
brickstagrams : I'm totally with you on the no toy guns thing. Though we do have water "squirters" at the cottage, I'm careful with the language we use.
with_care : @amypogue ahhhh! Heath better watch out 😉 Ben once told me he was going to stab me with his knife 😳 Doesn't make you feel good, but I think it's a pretty natural phase. Definitely not going to encourage any of that though.
with_care : @brickstagrams totally! We have long water squirters at the farm, but we don't allow ones that are gun shaped.
theglammummy : A tough situation to sort out but good on you for sticking to your gut. You have done good mama! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
with_care : Thanks @theglammummy
astriows : #youllshootyoureyeout
with_care : @astriows #itsallfunandgamesuntilsomeonelosesaneye
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This just happened. Thanks to @theholisticway & @ashfrankel for an amazing night with @theselfhoodinitiative connecting with so many fabulous women and finding ways to nourish our selfhood. Here I am sticking to one of my intentions, morning yoga. It wasn't easy after a night of 3 wake ups and the kids jumping all around me, but I need to start somewhere. Up next smoothie time, because mommy matters! Thanks for the bracelet! It's a great reminder 😘 For anyone interested my favourite online yoga is offered on you tube by @adrienelouise #selfhood #theselfhoodinitiative #theholisticway #itsthelittlethings #yoga #breathe #fillingmywell #tiredmama #motheringwithcare #momtruth #momlife #motherhoodthroughinstagram #realmamalife
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theselfhoodinitiative : @with_care mind if we repost?
with_care : @theselfhoodinitiative of course! Feel free to share.
with_care : @educatormama 😘
with_care : @jencastletimms so lovely to see you too! Hope we get to connect again soon 😘
with_care : @notummymommy 😘
with_care : @theselfhoodinitiative thanks!! You ladies are such amazing inspiration 😘
kellylbourne : Awesome! I'm headed there next week -- would have loved to connect in real life!
with_care : @kellylbourne ah too bad. Would love to connect with you too! Hopefully at another event soon!
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Brilliant. (Also, it seems the sweet tooth has hit YMC hard today.) #Repost @with_care with @repostapp. ・・・ Ever have one of those days when you have to sneak out to the front porch to eat a leftover birthday cupcake mid-afternoon just to stay sane? Yup, one of those days around here. Rethinking this whole no nap for Ben thing. And yes this is how I eat cupcakes. Remove half of the bottom and sandwich over icing. There you have it, the cupcake sandwich. Best invention ever! #cupcakesandwichtotherescue #chocolate #serenitynow #chocolatefixesall #preschoolers #nonap #tiredmama #realmamalife #momlife #momtruth #momentslikethese #cupcake
cupcakesandwichtotherescue - chocolatefixesall - motherhoodthroughinstagram - eatdessert - preschoolers - realmamalife - momlife - motherhoodunplugged - chocolate - momtruth - nonap - serenitynow - momentslikethese - cupcake - tiredmama - foodtips - onthetable - repost -
babysleepsite : Oh YUM!
yummymummyclubdotca : #onthetable #foodtips #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodthroughinstagram #eatdessert
caresgomez : I always do that too. :) 👍🏻
tarakrane : This is also how I eat cupcakes!
joannewallaceca : @clbuchananphoto I've shown many people that trick over the years - best icing coverage :)
yummymummyclubdotca : @clbuchananphoto @joannewallaceca we'll never eat them the old way again.
yummymummyclubdotca : @babysleepsite Agree!
yummymummyclubdotca : @caresgomez @tarakrane Maximum enjoyment! Why did we not know this?!
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Ever have one of those days when you have to sneak out to the front porch to eat a leftover birthday cupcake mid-afternoon just to stay sane? Yup, one of those days around here. Rethinking this whole no nap for Ben thing. And yes this is how I eat cupcakes. Remove half of the bottom and sandwich over icing. There you have it, the cupcake sandwich. Best invention ever! #cupcakesandwichtotherescue #chocolate #serenitynow #chocolatefixesall #preschoolers #nonap #tiredmama #realmamalife #momlife #momtruth #momentslikethese #cupcake
cupcakesandwichtotherescue - chocolatefixesall - preschoolers - realmamalife - momlife - chocolate - momtruth - nonap - serenitynow - momentslikethese - cupcake - tiredmama -
mldthomson : PS best cupcake hack!
with_care : @bificus good call!
with_care : @lovemedobabymaternity the cupcake is a necessary coping mechanism, so you better get some! 😉😂
with_care : @mldthomson it's such a special age 😉Today Ben ran screaming through the house waking Lucy after 20 mins of her nap. It was super fun. He started melting down hours ago. It seems almost cruel not to do a nap when he's like this, but I agree we need to prep him for full day school. So hard.
mldthomson : "Special" is right @with_care. It's a good thing they're still so cute. And sweet most of the time.
mscmommylife : I need to try this! So smart @with_care ❤️
with_care : @mscmommylife life changer 😉
momspired : Looks delicious!! Any leftovers?? 🙈🙊
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