Throwback to last night when @bri_norris and I won at parenting. After a crazy long week with an itchy baby and feisty preschooler, we managed to get both kids down to bed by 7:15 (thank you full day camp!) and were enjoying Mojitos with fresh mint on our porch by 7:30. Ahh what a night. If only every bedtime was this easy. I feel bad saying it, but I'm starting to think full day kindergarten might be pretty sweet. #tbt #parentingwin #mojitos #datenight #whiletheysleep #bedtime #kindergarten #camp #preschooler #toddler #sleep #motheringwithcare #momtruth #momlife #realmamalife #connect #slowdown #motherhoodthroughinstagram #selfhood #fillingmywell
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florz63 : Well deserved πŸ‘
angiestewartfitness : very cool.
theselfhoodinitiative : Fab!! Good for you guys. πŸ’—xo
with_care : @mscmommylife thanks! Love sitting on our porch enjoying the view πŸ’œ
with_care : @florz63 thanks! It was so lovely πŸ’—
with_care : @theselfhoodinitiative thanks! Always nice to have some time to reconnect.
with_care : @angiestewartfitness πŸ’œ
momspired : Mmmmmm πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
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My brain says do work while she naps, but my body says lay down and nap with her. So this is where you'll find me. Work piling up and the house a complete mess, but I don't care because this is where we both need me to be right now. On a side note: I am so incredibly grateful that Sportplay was able to keep Ben for the full day of camp today (vs. his usual half day) so we could have a day to recover. They are amazing! Use promo code: Momgroup for 10% off. #selfhood #motheringwithcare #sickbaby #breastfeeding #toddler #rest #recover #sleep #tiredmama #workcanwait #health #realmamalife #momtruth #momlife #sportplay #camp #motherhoodthroughinstagram
breastfeeding - rest - tiredmama - momtruth - sleep - sickbaby - recover - momlife - selfhood - realmamalife - camp - motherhoodthroughinstagram - workcanwait - health - sportplay - motheringwithcare - toddler -
angela_garde : Tell me about it @with_care !! Wishing you more nap breaks :)
theholisticway : What a gorgeous photo and so happy you had some recoup time!! xo
theselfhoodinitiative : Beautiful!
bellybootcamp : Awwwwww πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
with_care : Thanks @theholisticway. It was definitely needed after this week of sleepless nights with an itchy baby. So happy this is almost over 😘
with_care : @theselfhoodinitiative πŸ’œ
with_care : @bellybootcamp 😘
theselfhoodinitiative : @with_care yes!! Love it!!πŸ’—
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Popsicles on the porch for breakfast. Don't judge. It's been a long few days around here and I'm getting by on very little sleep. Lucy hasn't been eating much, probably cause her mouth hurts, so frozen foods are a big hit. These ones are filled with banana, almond milk, greek yogurt & yummy chocolate protein power I was recently introduced to via my friend @momspired. That's an acceptable breakfast right? Everyone is loving them and I'm just happy Lucy is on the mend. I'm also loving this @zokuhq Popsicle maker. It's genius! Especially on boiling hot days like this. #sickbaby #handfootandmouth #zoku #zokupops #heatwave #popsicles #summer #hydrate #usana #health #motheringwithcare #tiredmama #motherhoodthroughinstagram #momtruth #momlife #realmamalife #itchy #rash
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with_care : @brickstagrams thanks so much Hun 😘 This parenting thing is tough!
with_care : @munchkin821 exactly!! πŸ’œ
with_care : @bronwynajames do it! So good. Perfect for this heat wave. 😘
with_care : @mscmommylife thanks 😘 I'm so relieved she's starting to feel better. Now we just need to catch up on some sleep.
rachels_nd : Debatable @with_care πŸ˜‰
theholisticway : Sounds so yum! Great mom move. πŸ˜‰
meredithcdavis : I'm so sorry that you guys have been through this. I hope Lucy is on the mend. Xo
with_care : Thanks @meredithcdavis. Luckily she's on the mend now and almost all better. Quite the week 😘
notummymommy - robfore - sarahtjoyce - peaceventuremama -
Small gestures of kindness are so incredible. A local mom who I taught CPR to, and who now comes to my drop in groups, heard about Lucy and rushed over to bring me her @zokuhq. It might seem little or silly, but this simple gesture means I can help keep Lucy hydrated and comfortable with instant healthy homemade popsicles while she's sick. That's a pretty big deal to me. Thanks Sara! Can't wait to try it 😘😘😘 * *Thank you to everyone who sent so much love our way on my last post. I am always so amazed by the support I receive from fellow moms online and in real life and I am so appreciative. They say it takes a village, and I have surrounded myself with an incredible one. #ittakesavillage #sickbaby #support #realmamalife #momtruth #health #momshelpingmoms #zoku #zokupops #handfootandmouth #community #popsicles #summer #hydrate
summer - handfootandmouth - momshelpingmoms - zoku - realmamalife - support - sickbaby - popsicles - momtruth - zokupops - health - community - hydrate - ittakesavillage -
lynne.newman : So kind and comforting isn't it.
with_care : It really is @lynne.newman. Lucy hasn't eaten much in the last few days (lucky she still nurses) so it was really reassuring to have her eat homemade pops with yogurt, fruit, whole milk & protein powder. Her little body needed something.
katrixkennedy : Wow. Amazing!!
with_care : @katrixkennedy it's so freaking amazing! I need one!
mldthomson - lcpeoples - zokuhq - goplayinthetraffic -
Instagram is a place I love to share my fun family stories, but the reality of parenting is that it's not all fun. It's been a really tough few days for me and my little Lucy and I am so done. Last week while camping we noticed that Lucy was a bit off, she was happy for the most part, but also clingy and needing to nurse non stop. I assumed it was the dozens of bug bites bothering her and didn't give it much more thought. Sunday evening on our drive home to the city Lucy's entire body erupted in an itchy rash. I was up for over 4 hours Sunday night with her screaming in pain trying to itch her whole body. I did our itch routine: baking soda bath, covered her in calamine lotion, gave her Benedryl and nursed her, but nothing worked. Finally we just lay together cuddling and crying until she passed out. My mama heart was broken for her. Yesterday the doctor confirmed that Lucy has a horrible case of Hand Foot & Mouth, a common childhood virus. All we can do is keep her comfortable doing exactly what we've been doing. I just want to take all of her pain away and I can't. This part of parenting is so tough, physically and emotionally. The only cute part is that she walks around saying "I tow ity", Lucy speak for "I'm so itchy" πŸ’” I'll be sure to share some tips for dealing with an insanely itchy baby on the blog once we're back in full form...and maybe some self care tips for mamas, since my well is feeling pretty low right about now. @steannesspa I could definitely use a day of pampering! #steannesgiveaway #motheringwithcare #sickbaby #noworkgettingdonearoundhere #parenting #handfootandmouth #itchy #realmamalife #momtruth #momtruths #latergram #needybaby #love #itsthelittlethings #momlife #motherhoodthroughinstagram #health
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weeurban : I love grape-seed oil on itchy skin.... Works like a charm.
theholisticway : Oh my @with_care I'm so sorry to read this! Sounds super tough. I feel so much for you both. Not easy one bit. Sending much love, strength and healing to you both. xo
with_care : Thanks @emilypteo 😘 HMF is the worst!
with_care : @weeurban thanks! Great idea πŸ’œ
with_care : @theholisticway thanks for your support. She seems bit better this morning so I'm hoping we're almost through this. 😘
theholisticway : @with_care oh I hope so!!! Full moon tmrw. Hope here calm, cool, healing energy keeps you guys on a good page. xo
theholisticway : *sorry, I meant full moon on Friday!πŸ™ˆ How is it not Friday yet?!☺️
with_care : @theholisticway me too! Lucy seems a lot better today. So relieved.
faye_moxam - spoiled.one.inc - lynne.newman - frugaltrenches -
It's always hard to head home after a great week of summer vacation, but luckily I have a super fun day of work planned tomorrow screening "Trainwreck" at Movies for Mommies at the Humber Cinema (Jane Station) at 1pm (doors open at 12:30pm). I love being able to stay home with my kids and prioritize their needs, while still teaching and hosting events in my community. I'm one very lucky mama. Now if we can just survive this 4.5 hour car ride home with 2 exhausted kiddos 😱 #gratitude #love #family #priorities #life #vacation #summer #moviesformommies #trainwreck #lovewhatyoudo #itsthelittlethings #momentslikethese #realmamalife #momtruth #momlife #backtolifebacktoreality #weekend #sunday #carridessuck #getmeoutofthiscar
summer - life - love - family - lovewhatyoudo - moviesformommies - momtruth - trainwreck - itsthelittlethings - weekend - gratitude - realmamalife - momlife - vacation - priorities - sunday - getmeoutofthiscar - carridessuck - momentslikethese - backtolifebacktoreality -
with_care : @educatormama we wish. Still awake after 4 hours. Only 30 mins to go and it's all going downhill fast 😳
with_care : @bonjourbabybaskets I heard it was great. Can't wait! Almost home and can't wait to get out of this car. There has been a whole lot of crying 😳
bugandbearclothing : So cute! 😊 How old is your little one?
with_care : Thanks @bugandbearclothing. She's 21 months old.
educatormama : Hope a day at home cured the car ride antics. :-). We've got jet lag over here and it's had some interesting moments. Luckily they missed their backyard so that has been a great distraction!!
with_care : @educatormama it was a long ride and en even longer night. Just got back from the Dr. Turns out Lucy has hand foot and mouth 😒
with_care : ^an
educatormama : Oh no!!!! That's terrible. So sorry to hear. Get well soon Lucy!!!
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This is what my #Sunday looks like. This is also why Harry is getting his own playroom. 😁 #realmamalife #sendmorecoffee #dailydoseofharry
sunday - dailydoseofharry - realmamalife - sendmorecoffee -
ylopez724 : 😱 playroom? My little ones need they're own apartment lol
youngmotherth : πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
abbyplus3 : Imagine having a boy and a girl lol 10X the mess
zoe.y.mama : Harry is having a blast!πŸ’™ I hope our sweet kiddies know one day how blessed they are. Does he play with the same toys or rotate from week to week? Zoë rotates her toys and has a few favorites each week lol.
polehit : Looks like Toys R Us threw up in there. I don't miss those days!
cherish.nina : Yes Harry does have a few he "loves" and rotates from time to time. He has equally as many toys at my mom's house since she cares for him full time. Things got really out of control because he was looking for something specific @zoe.y.mama 😩 I hope they appreciate how blessed they are too when they are old enough to realize. ❀️
zoe.y.mama : @cherish.nina I know the feeling!! I recently purchased Moroccan style hampers from West Elm for toy bins in the living room! I love that you can't tell toys are inside because they sit tall. Only problem is when she wants that one small toy at the bottom she dumps everything out but she quickly cleans up lol because I'm OCD and she accepts that about her Momma lol!!!😭❀️ My family teasing me about this quality every chance they getπŸ˜„
cherish.nina : Hahah I am far from OCD especially pregnant but it's a quality I admire in many of my friends πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Harry's bins which you can't see here are also non-transparent. I am thinking of changing to wire ones when his playroom is complete so he can see what's in there. He's not good at cleaning anything up. Ever. We are working on that. πŸ˜‘ @zoe.y.mama
nomore_msmoore - debbie.steves - milkdribbles - kkoza_ -
Thanks for the tag @bonjourbabybaskets. Here's #widn. Hanging some clean linens out to dry on the line while Lucy enjoys a fresh Ontario peach...in her life jacket. Safety first πŸ˜‰ I'm loving the simplicity of our vacations this summer and really trying to slow down and enjoy these little moments. #momentslikethese #itsthelittlethings #sunday #safetyfirst #weekend #darlinglittles #childhoodunplugged #peaches #summer #goodthingsgrowinontario #laundry #clothesline #linens #hangingontheline #familyfun #farmlife #slowdown #gratitude #selfhood #realmamalife
summer - laundry - hangingontheline - momentslikethese - slowdown - peaches - itsthelittlethings - safetyfirst - weekend - familyfun - farmlife - gratitude - childhoodunplugged - linens - widn - clothesline - selfhood - sunday - goodthingsgrowinontario - realmamalife - darlinglittles -
bonjourbabybaskets : What a perfect capture of your #widn Thank you so much for playing along 😘
momspired : Lol what a little peach πŸ‘
with_care : @bluebirdkisses never! πŸ˜‰
with_care : @heathermstewart she's particularly attached to it. Strange but also adorable.
with_care : @bonjourbabybaskets 😘
with_care : @momspired she sure is πŸ’—
fancy_gray : So cute!!
with_care : Thanks @fancy_gray 😘
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Got in our morning walk and hit the library and got some yogurt for Miss L. Love being productive in the morning. #multitasking #mnmamaonthemove #blastthepregoweight #fitmama #getitdone #realmamalife
getitdone - multitasking - realmamalife - blastthepregoweight - fitmama - mnmamaonthemove -
All packed up and ready for another family camping adventure. We're 2 hours behind schedule and I'm a hot mess, but it will all be worth it when we're out on the lake. #campingwithkids #campbig #mec #motheringwithcare #canoetrip #realmamalife #momtruth #getoutside #startthemyoung #letthembelittle #familyfun #bonecho #campontario #provincialparks #summer #childhoodunplugged
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sugarplumsleep : Aren't those #Ikea bags perfect for family trips?
birdapparel : Have fun.
with_care : @mscmommylife 😘
with_care : @sugarplumsleep perfect! We have the big and small. So easy to toss stuff in and you can hose them down if they get dirty.
with_care : @birdapparel thanks! Had a blast minus the bugs getting poor Lucy.
happycampadventures : love big agnes tents. And Ikea bags -- the universal carrier. :)
with_care : @happycampadventures both so essential! I also love our @mec reactor thermarest. So nice to have the whole family on one, and not falling through the cracks onto the ground at night.
mec : Looks like a great haul! Hope your trip was a success! P.S. the Reactor is one of our favourites too!
meredithcdavis - iamthemamamantra - _soniatomas_ - rachels_nd -
Ma fille, t'sé, celle qui ne veut jamais que je la peigne et qui se sauve quand j'arrive avec des barrettes ou des élastiques? Ben, son éducatrice lui a fait ÇA aujourd'hui. #jalousie 😧 #realmamalife
realmamalife - jalousie -
thecloutcrew : Ma fille c'est la même chose! Argh!!
jeanneetsimon - gabriellefortinclement - roseapetitspois - gennyzz -
This is the kind of stuff that fuels us. We were so so happy to see this!! Great work. Keep it up!! 😊 ---------------------------------------------------#Repost @with_care with This just happened. Thanks to @theholisticway & @ashfrankel for an amazing night with @theselfhoodinitiative connecting with so many fabulous women and finding ways to nourish our selfhood. Here I am sticking to one of my intentions, morning yoga. It wasn't easy after a night of 3 wake ups and the kids jumping all around me, but I need to start somewhere. Up next smoothie time, because mommy matters! Thanks for the bracelet! It's a great reminder 😘 --------------------------------------------------- #selfhood #theselfhoodinitiative #bethechange #itsthelittlethings #yoga #breathe #fillingmywell #momssupportingmoms #momtruth #momlife #motherhoodthroughinstagram #realmamalife
breathe - momlife - theselfhoodinitiative - yoga - fillingmywell - realmamalife - momtruth - motherhoodthroughinstagram - momssupportingmoms - itsthelittlethings - selfhood - bethechange - repost -
with_care : Thanks for sharing @theselfhoodinitiative and for encouraging us all! 😘
hworm : Yeay
theselfhoodinitiative : @with_care πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜
themikesalter : ballrr
askleahrenee - glowing_kitchen - fithairchick - smileyom -
Pickles anyone? I ❀️ summer. Can't wait to try my hand at pickles straight from our garden. I'm thinking some classic dill and some garlic dill. Please feel free to send along any fav recipes I should check out. #gardeningwithcare #pickles #pickling #dillpickles #gardento #urbangarden #summer #eatlocal #yum #momlife #realmamalife #motheringwithcare #goodthingsgrowinontario #cucumbers #itsthelittlethings
momlife - summer - eatlocal - realmamalife - pickling - cucumbers - gardento - gardeningwithcare - yum - dillpickles - itsthelittlethings - goodthingsgrowinontario - motheringwithcare - pickles - urbangarden -
faye_moxam : Yum. I love pickles! crunchy garlicky dill.
kirstistubbs : We are a bit pickle crazy in our house. Such a great idea to make some.
with_care : @faye_moxam there will be a jar with your name on it 😘
with_care : @kirstistubbs us too! Hope this keeps our pickle costs down πŸ˜‰
biggerthanbaby - faye_moxam - playmemama - mahaliafreednd -
As kids get older the issues only get tougher. This week I had to have a very honest conversation with Ben about why he couldn't keep the toy gun he received for his birthday. We decided long ago to have a strict no gun policy in our house, so I cringed when I saw him opening this particular present. Ben was upset at first but once we discussed it he said he understood. We decided we'll exchange the gun for another toy at the store that is more appropriate. It's a tough balance to teach our kids to be appreciative of gifts, but also to understand why we might have to create some family boundaries. I would love to hear what other parents have done in this circumstance and what your thoughts are on toy guns/weapons. This parenting thing is tough! #parenting #motheringwithcare #toygun #gunsarenttoys #kids #letthembelittle #childhoodunplugged #momtruth #momtruths #momlife #realmamalife #houserules
momlife - childhoodunplugged - kids - letthembelittle - toygun - realmamalife - momtruth - parenting - momtruths - houserules - motheringwithcare - gunsarenttoys - itsallfunandgamesuntilsomeonelosesaneye -
amypogue : We haven't had to deal with this yet but the other day Eve said "I'm going to shoot you with a gun" (playing with heath) and it was pretty mortifying.
brickstagrams : I'm totally with you on the no toy guns thing. Though we do have water "squirters" at the cottage, I'm careful with the language we use.
with_care : @amypogue ahhhh! Heath better watch out πŸ˜‰ Ben once told me he was going to stab me with his knife 😳 Doesn't make you feel good, but I think it's a pretty natural phase. Definitely not going to encourage any of that though.
with_care : @brickstagrams totally! We have long water squirters at the farm, but we don't allow ones that are gun shaped.
theglammummy : A tough situation to sort out but good on you for sticking to your gut. You have done good mama! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
with_care : Thanks @theglammummy
astriows : #youllshootyoureyeout
with_care : @astriows #itsallfunandgamesuntilsomeonelosesaneye
mldthomson - minimodelgallery - bebalicios_15 - themonarchmag -
This just happened. Thanks to @theholisticway & @ashfrankel for an amazing night with @theselfhoodinitiative connecting with so many fabulous women and finding ways to nourish our selfhood. Here I am sticking to one of my intentions, morning yoga. It wasn't easy after a night of 3 wake ups and the kids jumping all around me, but I need to start somewhere. Up next smoothie time, because mommy matters! Thanks for the bracelet! It's a great reminder 😘 For anyone interested my favourite online yoga is offered on you tube by @adrienelouise #selfhood #theselfhoodinitiative #theholisticway #itsthelittlethings #yoga #breathe #fillingmywell #tiredmama #motheringwithcare #momtruth #momlife #motherhoodthroughinstagram #realmamalife
breathe - momlife - theselfhoodinitiative - yoga - fillingmywell - realmamalife - momtruth - tiredmama - motherhoodthroughinstagram - itsthelittlethings - selfhood - motheringwithcare - theholisticway -
theselfhoodinitiative : @with_care mind if we repost?
with_care : @theselfhoodinitiative of course! Feel free to share.
with_care : @educatormama 😘
with_care : @jencastletimms so lovely to see you too! Hope we get to connect again soon 😘
with_care : @notummymommy 😘
with_care : @theselfhoodinitiative thanks!! You ladies are such amazing inspiration 😘
kellylbourne : Awesome! I'm headed there next week -- would have loved to connect in real life!
with_care : @kellylbourne ah too bad. Would love to connect with you too! Hopefully at another event soon!
kellylbourne - faye_moxam - heymamaco - peaceventuremama -
Brilliant. (Also, it seems the sweet tooth has hit YMC hard today.) #Repost @with_care with @repostapp. ・・・ Ever have one of those days when you have to sneak out to the front porch to eat a leftover birthday cupcake mid-afternoon just to stay sane? Yup, one of those days around here. Rethinking this whole no nap for Ben thing. And yes this is how I eat cupcakes. Remove half of the bottom and sandwich over icing. There you have it, the cupcake sandwich. Best invention ever! #cupcakesandwichtotherescue #chocolate #serenitynow #chocolatefixesall #preschoolers #nonap #tiredmama #realmamalife #momlife #momtruth #momentslikethese #cupcake
cupcakesandwichtotherescue - chocolatefixesall - motherhoodthroughinstagram - eatdessert - preschoolers - realmamalife - momlife - motherhoodunplugged - chocolate - momtruth - nonap - serenitynow - momentslikethese - cupcake - tiredmama - foodtips - onthetable - repost -
babysleepsite : Oh YUM!
yummymummyclubdotca : #onthetable #foodtips #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodthroughinstagram #eatdessert
caresgomez : I always do that too. :) πŸ‘πŸ»
tarakrane : This is also how I eat cupcakes!
joannewallaceca : @clbuchananphoto I've shown many people that trick over the years - best icing coverage :)
yummymummyclubdotca : @clbuchananphoto @joannewallaceca we'll never eat them the old way again.
yummymummyclubdotca : @babysleepsite Agree!
yummymummyclubdotca : @caresgomez @tarakrane Maximum enjoyment! Why did we not know this?!
brackitz - nicmacpherson - rovikids - steffiegabriele -
Ever have one of those days when you have to sneak out to the front porch to eat a leftover birthday cupcake mid-afternoon just to stay sane? Yup, one of those days around here. Rethinking this whole no nap for Ben thing. And yes this is how I eat cupcakes. Remove half of the bottom and sandwich over icing. There you have it, the cupcake sandwich. Best invention ever! #cupcakesandwichtotherescue #chocolate #serenitynow #chocolatefixesall #preschoolers #nonap #tiredmama #realmamalife #momlife #momtruth #momentslikethese #cupcake
cupcakesandwichtotherescue - chocolatefixesall - preschoolers - realmamalife - momlife - chocolate - momtruth - nonap - serenitynow - momentslikethese - cupcake - tiredmama -
mldthomson : PS best cupcake hack!
with_care : @bificus good call!
with_care : @lovemedobabymaternity the cupcake is a necessary coping mechanism, so you better get some! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚
with_care : @mldthomson it's such a special age πŸ˜‰Today Ben ran screaming through the house waking Lucy after 20 mins of her nap. It was super fun. He started melting down hours ago. It seems almost cruel not to do a nap when he's like this, but I agree we need to prep him for full day school. So hard.
mldthomson : "Special" is right @with_care. It's a good thing they're still so cute. And sweet most of the time.
mscmommylife : I need to try this! So smart @with_care ❀️
with_care : @mscmommylife life changer πŸ˜‰
momspired : Looks delicious!! Any leftovers?? πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š
faye_moxam - thewildkidsapparel - lifechangingwellness - newmomproject -
Love getting my morning errands in while on my walk. Post office, check! Dry cleaners, check check! #mnmamaonthemove #multitasking #blastthepregoweight #morningstrollerride #morningerrandsdone #beingproductive #realmamalife
beingproductive - morningstrollerride - morningerrandsdone - multitasking - realmamalife - blastthepregoweight - mnmamaonthemove -
I find life as a mom & business owner overwhelming many day. Even though I love what I do and love being home with my kids, I find it very hard to carve out "me time" so I can refuel and recharge. In order to be the best parent to my kids and the best support to my community I first need to do what's best for myself and that means setting aside some time to focus on me. That's why I'm so excited to be taking part in The Selfhood Initiative with @theholisticway & @ashfrankel. I highly encourage you other busy mamas to check it out. For more information join in and follow @theselfhoodinitiative Regram from: @theselfhoodinitiative & @theholisticway #theselfhoodinitiative #theholisticway #womensupportingwomen #realmamalife #momlife #momtruth #strongwomen #entreprenher #motheringwithcare #motherhoodthroughinstagram
momlife - womensupportingwomen - theselfhoodinitiative - entreprenher - motherhoodthroughinstagram - realmamalife - momtruth - motheringwithcare - strongwomen - theholisticway -
hayleykmullins : why is it I never seem to have trouble with "me time"? Lol
caleybp : Can I initiate some #selfhood too please? Is there a website with event info?
with_care : @theselfhoodinitiative πŸ™ŒπŸ’—
with_care : @hayleykmullins lol
with_care : @caleybp Totally! I don't think there is a website yet but @theselfhoodinitiative would be the best to answer your questions.
bificus : @with_care even smaller world!! I went to high school with @theholisticway! Crazy :)
with_care : Haha @bificus. Such a small world!
theselfhoodinitiative : @caleybp Hi😊! Thanks so much for your interest!! We are just in the early stages of development - with more coming the fall! Please follow us @theselfhoodinitiative for inspirations and to be the first to hear of upcoming events. If you're interested in sharing what speaks most to you in terms of selfhood and refueling and nourishing YOU please let us know - we have a questionnaire and would really value your input.
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Got our morning walk in before the real heat hit. #fitmama #mnmamaonthemove #hotday #blastthepregoweight #morningstrollerride #realmamalife
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Monday you came way too fast! T-minus 38 mins to Ben's first 1/2 day camp at Sportplay (he is pumped!) and I realize I forgot to label his stuff and pack his bag! So happy I bought @mabelslabels a few months ago in anticipation of JK. Grabbed everything on the camp list and threw it in the porch and now doing a mad dash to label and pack everything and get out the door with these kids. Luckily it's at the corner of our street. If anyone is interested in attending a local Sportplay camp (locations all over Toronto) use promo code: MOMGROUP for 10% off www.sportplay.ca #nomoresharpie #tiredmama #mabelabels #sportplay #widn #shoppingwithcare
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heathermstewart : The best camp supplies! @mabelslabels were a lifesaver for kindergarten. Hope Ben has the best week at camp!
with_care : @mscmommylife me too! Plus the kids love it so they'll do it themselves and I just help rub it in. Win win! He was a bit shy at drop off but I'm sure he'll have a blast.
with_care : @heathermstewart thanks! Always a bit nervous with something new but he usually has fun in the end. Know a few hours for me and Lucy.
with_care : ^now @heathermstewart
tetraorganicbabybedding : Nice pic!
mabelslabels : Loving the labels! Hope Ben has an awesome time at camp 😊
with_care : @mabelslabels thanks he had a blast!
with_care : @tetraorganicbabybedding thanks!
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Just a little cute for your Sunday evening. Now that the kiddos are in bed it's time for mama to get ready for the week ahead! #Sunday #cute #realmamalife #momtruth #latergram #saltwatersandals
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with_care : #urbanfarmer #farmgirl #rufusandmurdog #littleandlively #tractor #allinadayswork #worktheland #goodthingsgrowinontario #littlefarmer #johndeere #farmer #summer
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We're having a slow Sunday around here after a late night partying. Mommy even got to sleep in until 10:30! Thanks @bri_norris 😘 Looking back on photos from yesterday and love the pure happiness radiating from Lucy in this one. "Cupcake!" For everyone who inquired, my favourite old school chocolate birthday cake recipe is Martha Stewart's one bowl cupcake recipe. (Link below) it's so simple to make and always turns out delicious. Plus who doesn't love a one bowl recipe?! Note: this recipe makes a ton of cupcakes! I usually get 2 dozen regular and 2 dozen minis from this. Add your favourite frosting and it's the prefect homemade birthday treat. http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2008/11/martha-stewart-one-bowl-chocolate-cupcake-recipe.html #bakingwithcare #motheringwithcare #happybirthday #marthastewart #cupcake
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with_care : #onebowlrecipe #chocolatecupcakes #sunday #birthdaycake #cake #celebrate #summer #fun #familyfun #monsterparty #monstermovienight #realmamalife #momlife #love
mldthomson : She is such a character @with_care! !!! And clearly left an impression on our little miss as she's been pulling some serious Lucy faces today. And keeping a smile on my face. πŸ˜‚
with_care : Lol @mldthomson hilarious! Lucy usually charges for her drama lessons, but that was a freebie for Lauren πŸ˜‰
mldthomson : Probably because she's Anfernys baby sister. πŸ˜‰
with_care : Definitely @mldthomson. It's all about who you know in this industry πŸ˜‰
kirstistubbs : So cute! That's a good recipe for sure - if u google 'best ever chocolate cake' the first link is my go to chocolate cupcakes!!
with_care : @kirstistubbs almost the same recipe. I actually do veg oil in mine cause it makes it extra moist. That's how Martha has it in her baking book, but her online version says butter. Probably healthier, but we're talking chocolate cake πŸ˜‰ I absolutely hate coffee so I think I'd be turned off by the espresso powder.
lopaperi : 😍
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Happy 4th Birthday to our beautiful Benny! We had such a perfect day at the zoo celebrating our big kid's big day. He told us "now that I'm 4 I'm going to be super nice and gentle to Lucy." 3 mins later he punched her in the stomach. Anyone else heard what the 4's are called? The F'ing 4's πŸ˜‰ Can't wait! Always keeping us on our toes. #thefingfours #realmamalife #siblinglove
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angela_garde : Lol! My twins just turned 4 too and I heard the same thing about the f-ing 4s! Gah! Happy birthday to your son :)
jilllaureldale : Happy birthday big boy!!! He's such a good kid :)
theholisticway : Happy birthday Ben!! I've found F'ing 4s are kind of like terrible 2s... Have a lot to do with your state of mind/perspective - they're definitely a time to grow as a parent πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜¬β˜ΊοΈπŸ’—πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏻
with_care : @angela_garde hope we make it πŸ˜‰
with_care : @jilllaureldale awe thanks hun 😘
with_care : @theholisticway I totally agree πŸ™Œ
meredithcdavis : Happy Birthday Benny!! Xo
with_care : Thanks @meredithcdavis 😘😘😘
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A little self care smoothie for nap time. I've been feeling a bit run down lately (like so many busy parents) and am taking @theholisticway & @withlovefrommom's advice and trying to carve out some extra self care for myself and making sure that includes lots of fresh fruits and veggies to fight off everyday stress. I'm back on the smoothie train! Join me! Today's simple berry smoothie recipe: • 1/2 cup frozen or fresh mixed berries • 1/2 ripe banana • 2 Heaping Tbs full fat Greek yogurt • Handful of fresh kale • 2 Tbs Ground Chia • Splash of Almond milk • HMF Probiotics The best part about smoothies is that you can mix and match what you have on hand to make new fun combinations. Feel free to send along smoothie recipes for inspiration. #selfcare #slowdown #smoothie
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with_care : @theholisticway you're so good for me 😘
tayagriffin : Should the chia always be ground? I am confused!
with_care : @tayagriffin flax should be ground to get the most benefit but chia doesn't need to be. Sometimes I buy ground and sometimes I buy seeds. I use whatever I have on hand.
lee_kristine : @kirstistubbs thanks kirsti! you are always so encouraging & supportive of me.πŸ’— @with_care smoothies always make me feel better when i am run down. now that it is berry season it makes smoothie making that much more enjoyable. enjoy mama!!!
jvorster9606 : Can I use probiotics while breastfeeding? Thx! πŸ˜„
with_care : @jvorster9606 yes! Probiotics are safe during pregnancy. I love the HMF brand by Genestra.
jvorster9606 : πŸ™Œ thank you @with_care
theholisticway : @with_care I love the conscious choices you're makingπŸ˜ŠπŸ’—!!
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My 1000th Instagram!! A no makeup tired mama selfie with this cutie. I started my IG feed 3 1/2 years ago after losing my mom to Cancer. I wanted to document our family life, much like my mom did with slide shows and written journals, and I wanted to allow our friends and family to follow. In the last few months my IG went from private to public and I began melding my business of helping expectant and new families with my family life, because really, that's who I am. I'm a hardworking stay at home mom with 2 beautiful kids and an incredibly supportive partner. I have a passion for working with local families and supporting my community, which stems from my mom's work with La Leche League, and my work as a midwife. My meetup (The Bloor West Moms Group), my free community events (Breastfeeding Cafe & West End Walking Group), my classes and workshops via Fifty-Seven, and my Movies for Mommies Screenings at the Humber Cinema allow me to connect with families in my area, but I have been amazed at how IG has allowed me to go beyond my direct community to connect with so many incredible families, expectant parents & fellow entrepreneurs across our city, country and world. I've never been in it for the followers or likes, but want to thank all of my friends, clients, family and new IG friends for taking part in this little piece of my life. It's not always perfect, but it's always real. I hope to be able to provide you with more great recipes, gardening advice, diy projects, pregnancy & baby care tips, family fun and amazing product recommendations over my next 1000 posts. If you would like to get in touch with me for more information about services and support or to collaborate please email carolyn@fifty-seven.ca #livingwithcare #reallife #thanks #gratitude
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with_care : @emilypteo thanks 😘 you're so kind. Love your beautiful feed and would love to meet IRL one day. Hopefully this summer!
sncm6 : You do amazing things!!!!
with_care : Thanks @sncm6! Didn't realize who you were. So nice to connect on IG 😘
fancy_gray : πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈ
with_care : @fancy_gray 😘
angela_garde : Such a great reintroduction to you after meeting you at the @socialcommon event! Keep up the great work and might I add that's a beautiful selfie :)
with_care : Thanks @angela_garde 😘 Hope to see you again soon.
simpletolose : nice~
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Thank you @kimberlyhendersonmusic for keeping it real. #realmoms #realparents #realmamalife #mom
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Enjoying a beautiful morning with the amazing @withlovefrommom at the West End Breastfeeding Cafe @evymama. We're talking about the always popular topic SLEEP 😴! Brandie is full of so much incredible information to help parents foster healthy sleep for the whole family. Don't hesitate to reach out to her if you need help and support. We're so sad that @evymama will be leaving the Neighbourhood next month, but don't forgot to visit them online or at their store on the Danforth. We will be continuing a West End Cafe in another location so stay tuned this fall for news.
breastfeeding - westendparents - parenting - motherhoodthroughinstagram - support - momlife - community - momtruth - evymama - sleep - breastfeedingcafe - baby - motheringwithcare - realmamalife -
with_care : #breastfeedingcafe #breastfeeding #baby #sleep #evymama #westendparents #community #support #parenting #momlife #momtruth #realmamalife #motheringwithcare #motherhoodthroughinstagram
zoriannaz : Sorry to have missed this. But, I have a good excuse: Nikola was born last week! 😊
with_care : Congrats @zoriannaz!! Can't wait to meet little Nikola. Hope you're all doing well and managing to get some rest. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need anything. πŸ’—
withlovefrommom : Thanks so much for having me! What a gorgeous group of babies <3
with_care : @withlovefrommom thank you! I wanted to let you know that I registered for the infant mental health program course. Can't wait!
withlovefrommom : That's awesome @with_care !
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This morning's beautiful bounty from our garden. Makes coming home from vacation a little bit sweeter. Hope everyone has a great start to the week.
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notummymommy : Great shot!
michralkos : Whatttt"?! Aready? Amazing!! #yum #jealous
lynne.newman : Will u make a cucumber salad?
with_care : Thanks @nadirselva
with_care : 😘 @notummymommy
with_care : @michralkos I know! Full sun really makes a huge difference. Our tomatoes are almost ready too!
with_care : @lynne.newman planning some Greek tonight. Mmm...
mscmommylife : That's awesome!!
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My water babies. I πŸ’— summer vacation and its care free days. Back to reality this week 😭
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with_care : #waterbabies #summer #vacation #kids #familyfun #farmlife #theov #ottawavalley #farmlifeisthebest #childhoodunplugged #realmamalife #momlife #momtruth #motheringwithcare #getoutside #motherhoodthroughinstagram #slowdown
bonjourbabybaskets : Enjoy while it last!! Weather is cooperating finally!😍
kirstistubbs : Enjoy every minute!
with_care : @bonjourbabybaskets such a spectacular day πŸ’—
with_care : @kirstistubbs soaking it all up πŸ’•
flirtyandfit_ : Those legs πŸ’™πŸ’œ
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When a tornado takes down your clothes line, you have to get creative with cloth diaper drying.
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with_care : #realmamalife #momlife #momtruth #fencedrying #clothdiapers #getcreative #farmlife #farmlifeisthebest #baby #summer #sun #sunday #weekends #tornado
lovemedobabymaternity : That's amazing. πŸ˜‚
kirstistubbs : This is amazing. Haha
greenmomsco : Sunning diapers is so great for stains, too!
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This. Is my calling. I knew this would come with hardships but I never expected to share tears with my son in the middle of the night out of frustration. I haven't showered in days and my hair is dry and brittle. I'm not used to seeing my face without make-up. (Never knew what dark circles would look like on me). I still feel huge and swollen from my cesarean. Last night my little Kingster would not go to bed and I was at the end of my rope. I had my final attempt at rocking him in the glider and singing The Sound Of Musics "Edelweiss" for the 100th time. I loved that song as a child and memories filled my brain of wanting to be a mom since the age of 5. Tears began to fall out of exhaustion and before the first drop hit my baby's head...I look down and he finally closes his eyes. He drifts asleep and reveals a wide and angelic grin. I can't help but laugh and I kiss his cheeks even with the risk of waking him after hours of trying to put him down. This is what I wanted! Even the hard nights are worth it. I am a mother. This is my calling and I love every minute of it. @motherhoodrising #kingstonjamespardini #motherhoodrising #realmamalife
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hockeyanng : I had the same night😒 and my little guy is 10 months. Being a mom is the most rewarding and hardest thing in life. But like you, i would trade it for anything!
bekahbaronins : Love this!!! You are amazing!!!! Sending love and hugs your way!
mrshelenhong : Praying for you!! I still cry out of exhaustion in the middle of the night sometimes :)
solindsayne : Totally me two nights ago! πŸ™ˆ I'm sure you're doing great! πŸ‘
gitaandjt : Yes!!!! Love you lady! You are doing great
danicapardini : Thank you for the kind words everyone! I love being a mother but boy...they weren't kidding when they said some nights were gonna be hard!
tetraorganicbabybedding : Very nice
selenamaemills : πŸ‘ πŸ˜‰
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On our drive home from town the clouds parted and the sun began to shine. Ben begged us to stop for a play in the lake so we pulled over and let the kids go for a quick dip. We didn't have towels or bathing suits but we had tons of fun and made some great memories. This is what family vacation is all about. What a great Canada Day.
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marissacatena : @with_care I love how spontaneous children are. "Let's play" simple as that. It's nice when they help us remember.
with_care : #familyfun #motheringwithcare #summer #childhoodunplugged #lake #swimming #nakednudie #canadaday #minklake #slowdown #mindfulparenting #authentic #love #itsthelittlethings #realmamalife #momentslikethese #spontaneousplay
with_care : @marissacatena totally! They're so great at reminding us to slow down and have fun.
theholisticway : BEST!!
with_care : @theholisticway sure was! πŸ’—
momspired : So awesome!! Love that you just rolled with it 😘😘
humansofold : @humansofjoy @littleandbrave
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