Anyone likes Ben? #concept #benselley #ben #selley #conceptben
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milumiu : Nice pic!
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BAEKHUYN IS TOO CUTE. OMG ||Back from school guy! We didn't find out the results :-( || {cred:owner}
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This photo is fab BUT me and Admin14 are going to find out if we made the national team (dance) today. It's so nerve racking we didn't get any sleep. Barely! Wish us luck! || {cred:owner{
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#marvel #superheros #mockingjaypin #tags4likes #tshirt #marveltshirt #like4like Went to best buy and saw the mockingjay trailer, it was awesome!!! Then we started to have a conversation about the hunger games trilogy. When I was leaving another worker gave me a three finger salute!!! #readcaption
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okay so harry was out at the salon getting hair extensions because he told a pap that his hair wasnt long enough. So a little while later into his appointment, Louis showed up with eleanor. Harry got up and let the happy couple sit next to each other and harry moved to the seat next to them. Eleanor told paps that she wasn't sure why but harry's hand was in louis' pants on his manhood. But as you all know louis gets hip cramps so harry was probably just helping and accidentally reached to far over. So all you dumb fuck larry shippers can go die now thanks. Anyway, Louis Harry told a pap that Eleanor had a lock of Louis' hair in her purse (she is such a loving girlfriend im getting so many feel) and she had her stylist match her hair color to Louis. Louis told paps that he said she was absolutely absurd and fucked up but of course thats just his pet name for her! (: they are literally the cutest! Paps informed us that as they left Louis kissed Harry's neck but you know how those two are! They're just so clumsy! Louis must have fallen into his neck so hard he left a red mark. Poor Louis! But this just goes to show that Eleanor and Louis have the same hair color!! They are so committed to each other! Love them! #elounor #elounorisreal #loveelounor #louistomlinson #louis #eleanor #eleanorcalder #larrystylinson #bravery boyfriends #gay #liam #liampayne #niall #niallhoran #zaynmalik #zayn #harry #harrystyles #gayboy #love #larryshipper #elounorshipper #readcaption #larry #onedirection
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πŸ’₯πŸ’₯READ BELOW πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ β€’ β€’ FOLLOW USER BELOW @aalliissaaxo πŸ”₯ @aalliissaaxo πŸ”₯ @aalliissaaxo πŸ”₯ 5+ followers guarneteed. All you have to do is follow that user for a shoutout . πŸ’₯πŸŒ€liars will be blocked and unfollowed πŸŒ€πŸ’₯ Comment when done . IM CHECKING πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ”™ #freeshoutouts #shoutouts #readcaption #readbelow #freeshoutoutsreadbelow #shoutouts #gainfollowers #followers
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It's 12:33 am and should be going to bed bc my uncle arrives from England at 7 am and I have to go to the airport. Good night πŸ’• xx
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My dream was terrifying. Had a dream my best friend overdosed on my tablets and nearly died. I found him laying on the floor with a few remaining pills. Dude... This wasn't even real and it hurt so bad. I know that I could never commit suicide, but those god damn thoughts πŸ˜”.... Oh and enjoy Vic Fuentes. #depression #dream #suicidal #suicide #pils #readcaption #vic
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Hi guys! So I won't be on much today bc I'm having a family reunion :) I'll be on later though 😊 ps- I can see who unfollows me and yesterday someone followed me just so they could unfollow after I followed them back πŸ˜” PLZ don't do that bc I WILL unfollow back..mkay? QOTD: Oreos or Chips Ahoy??? AOTD: Oreos✌️ #bored #lol #hi #demilovato #demetria #devonne #demi #lovato #lovatic #hero #beautiful #black #dress #hair #qotd #aotd #cookies #inspiration #readcaption #followers
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Guys I'm so lost. I'm just about positive that my boyfriend is my soulmate cuz when things are good between us, they're perfect. But when they're bad, they're terribly bad. There's this picture of us holding hands when we were four years old. In the beginning of our relationship he treated me like a princess. But then I found out he was still being sweet to his ex and calling her baby girl which was supposed to be my nickname. Then he cheated on me and left me for her on my 16th birthday. It wouldn't even hurt that bad if she was better than me but she's ugly and the only thing better about her body is her butt cuz her tits are small like mine and she's a nasty self centered, conceited whore. All the people I've talked to from her town agree so its not just me. The only reason he did it is cuz he wasn't getting any from me and realized he could get it sooner from her. Yes he told me this. But at first he lied about everything. I had to figure everything out on my own and ask him if it was true. A friend posted a pic where he had her butt against his no no zone do I sent it to him saying "what did you kiss her too?" And he promised that he didn't. But then I texted her asking if they kissed and finally in fear that she would tell me, he fessed up to it. But he didn't have sex with her and then come back to me. About 20 minutes later he was begging for me back. I waited like a week to take him back and should have waited much longer. But his mom texted me and told me how he bawled himself to sleep bc of his mistake and everything and I thought oh maybe he actually loves me and just fucked up. Well fast forward 2 months and he goes on a field trip and flirts with this other ho. Yes ik by his friends talking that she is a ho. But that's fine I mean flirting sit that bad. But they went on basically a date and hid it from me until very recently he confessed. But back then he wouldn't let me touch his phone for a good 4 months. Yea our relationship was pretty horrible during that time. I knew it was cuz he was guilty. So anyway I like to think we are fine now but I'm sure there's other things I don't know about. But everyone said he was a controlling asshole and I said
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the_real_me_7 : He wasn't but finally I see. He wot let me talk to any of my guy friends and he bitches if I sit on the same side of the table as the one in study hall....and I'm the one who has remained faithful! Ik you're probably thinking I'm stupid for being with him and I get that. But I love him a lot and I bawl when I think about life without him. Recently I've realized I could live without him but I really don't want to and I'd probably end up killing myself. He makes me so happy when he's not being an ass and I see him in my future as my husband and the father of my kids. But any time I think of just leaving him for good I feel like if I do, I'll never find someone I love the way I love him. I truly do love him in the way he is all I think about and it literally hurts when I miss him. I've tried taking breaks to get him to shape up but they never work for more than a few days. I finally told myself that the next time I leave him for something he does wrong, I'm never coming back. That's why I'm so stuck. What do you guys think? Did u have a guy or girl who was like this? Wt happened in the end?
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the_real_me_7 : I mis spoke. The girl he cheated on me and left me for on my birthday wasn't his ex. It was a new girl
samthaaa___ : My advice to you would be to dump his sorry ass but i think it would be better for you to just take a step back and write the pros and cons of the relationship down if there are too many negative issues you need to be completely done with him a relationship like this can have you end up attempting suicide anyways i think you need to look at the big picture and reme
samthaaa___ : Remember* that chocoalate and time heal all wounds
samthaaa___ : Good luck wish you the best
the_real_me_7 : Thanks,hun πŸ’• @samthaaa___
the_real_me_7 : And I will do that @samthaaa___
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What the heck askkflrodmdksldmksms @fakeliampayne
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Omf, I remember this πŸ’•πŸ˜­
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I feel so much better #keatonstromberg #keats #wesleystromberg #wes #e3 #emblem3 #emblem #firesidestorysessions #teaminspire
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"Cos I'm not fine at all."
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You're the reason I'm smiling through the pain @waverider_ @waverider_ @waverider_ @waverider_ #waverider #waverider_
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Guys there's this user @\chloe_h345 that I've been having problems with. please go to her acc and click on the recent best friends picture. she has hated on Maheenay calling her a bitch. comment a nice thing about Maheen there and tell her to stop. Tysm loves P.s: maheen can you do the tags I'm on my phone I don't have them aha xx |Fizzah xx
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With 5sos I really can't be just one girl... Like with Michael, I honestly don't like him for looks... He is one those people you fall for who they are. Mr. Hood, I don't even know what to say... "Tight and Bright" says it all I think. Luke is the typical OH MY GOSH!! I've always loved Luke for just his looks, but I've started to fall for HIM now. And Ashton... He just reminds me, A LOT, of someone I miss terribly... So if it seems like I like Ash more, I'm just having a bad day...
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Thank you so much for everyone who has supported me through all this. I love you guys so much. I'll reply to each one of you individually xx @omf.larry You know you're my everything. Thank you so much for being here love xx Ilysm @lilac_clifford Gabi, I'm so glad we got to know eachother. Thank you. Ily xx @whoran_hugs Your words meant so much, tysm xx Ilyt xx
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teens_yolo567 : want a iPad Air? This is all you have to do to be entered to win a IPAD AIR!!!πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“± FOLLOW @teens_yolo567 and @jadearella311 AND LIKE THIS POST AND COMMENT DONE WHEN FINISHED!πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“±
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jadearella311 : Ξ±ΠΈΡƒΟƒΠΈΡ” Β’Ξ±ΠΈ Ρ•Ρ‚ΞΉβ„“β„“ єитєя! Ρ‚Π½Ρ” gΞΉΞ½Ρ” αωαу ωιℓℓ β„“Ξ±Ρ•Ρ‚ Ο…ΠΈΡ‚ΞΉβ„“ ΠΈΡ”Β’Ρ‚ β“ˆβ’Άβ“‰β“Šβ“‡β’Ήβ’Άβ“Ž
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GIVE AWAY IN THE NEXT Post!! #readcaption #giveaway
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I haven't posted in ages πŸ™ˆ All this drama stuffs happened like wut I dunno whether to change my user name? Or nah?
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Here's a gender bend drawing if Harry!!!! ---- πŸ”΄VERY IMPORTANTπŸ”΄ I've started a little summer work at an event in my town, I'll work until August 3rd and then I'll go to the beach, at te end of the day I won't be able to post much until AUGUST 8th, I just wanted to let you know ---- #important#readcaption#read#veryimportant#genderbend#harrypotter#hp#herriettapotter#potter#himny#romione#ship#summerwork#festoval#cool#instaart#instacool#instagood
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Me and the mortal instruments 😬 - I want your opinion on Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I recently finished the book, and I was really excited for the book when it first came out...but after reading it...(⚠THIS IS MY OPINION DON'T KILL ME⚠) I thought it was really boring 😐 Rarely do I ever, I repeat EVER hate or find a book boring. But honestly I found Fangirl quite disappointing. I mean I just thought the plot was really boring and I didn't really relate to the character, I could barely relate to Cath. I mean I don't hate the book, it was nice and all but it's honestly not the kind I would recommend to someone πŸ˜•πŸ˜• Sorry. - [#readcaption #fangirl #books]
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HEY GUYSSS!! I really really need you opinion! please comment! So as for guys know.. [I think] That I really really love Harry Potter and Percy Jackson! So I was thinking To Make ANOTHER Account About Percy Jackson.. So do you think I could Handle This Awesome (jk) Harry Potter Account. and the Percy Jackson? please comment. Need. Help.
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lucyyclare : Do it! :D
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Louis' smile. 😍😍 . . . I most likely won't be on until next Friday because my family and I are going on a trip and there's NO INTERNET so I can't post 😭😭😭😭😭 I'll try to be on when I can. I'll be posting a lot right now. 😭😭😭 but please guys don't unfollow! πŸ˜­πŸ™ . . . It was Louis in my last post so @1d_crazy_cute won a virtual high five.βœ‹β€οΈ . . . #harry #harrystyles #niall #niallhoran #liam #liampayne #zayn #zaynmalik #louis #louistomlinson #onedirection #1d #readcaption #directioner #directioners #happy #smile
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1d_crazy_cute : πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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I had too much going on in one day today. #NothingsFineImTorn
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celebritylust : 😍😍
rxd.hemmings : F4f? πŸ’œ
_one__direction__perfection_ : Top row for top row?πŸ’˜
onedirectionstwerkingteam : @rxd.hemmings Sure xx
onedirectionstwerkingteam : @_one__direction__perfection_ Sure xx
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Gus i need a co owner because im usually concentrated on @that_wise_girl_ and i want to post regularly here but i cant seem to find time so please dm me if u want to be my co owner Rules: β€’ Must be able to post at least once a day (but more is fine) β€’must be able to do QOTD β€’wont hack I will clarify other things when u dm me β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’ #books#ineedacoowner#readbelow#readcaption#pjo#hoo#boo#percyjackson#theseven#frankzhang#leovaldez#annabethchase#jasongrace#pipermclean#reyna#octavian#frazel#caleo#hazellevesque#caleo#thaliagrace#jiper#jasper#percabeth#jeyna#pleasereadbelow#tfios#fandoms#fangirl#fanboy#feels
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somebodylovesyouu : Can't find you on DM
howto.yourtipworld : I will be a co owner
always_zoe_ : Check your dms @howto.yourtipworld @somebodylovesyouu
lovehearts.and.constellations : I can help
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"Why are you posting a[n old] picture of Harry as an angel?" Well, my friends, I'm glad you asked. As I have said before, I am going to start writing a guardian angel fanfiction. But I'm getting really serious about it now. It might sound lame, but I am actually pretty proud of this. And with all the notes and prewriting, I think this should be a good story. The fanfiction will be action packed. It shows challenges between the mind and the heart. It'll bring readers to tears at moments, but you can't stop reading. Please please PLEASE comment if you would read it, and it you would like to read my prologue. I am currently editing the prologue, but I will show you what I have so far if you would like. Thanks so much!!! Please comment!!!! -Jackie #harrystyles #louistomlinson #niallhoran #liampayne #zaynmalik #onedirection #1d #love #life #5sos #fivesecondsofsummer #michaelclifford #calumhood #lukehemmings #ashtonirwin #music #wwa #uan #tmh #mm #youandi #comment #read #caption #readcaption #pleasecomment #sfs #f4f #pfp #spamforspam
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quintahoranx : fff? spam4spam?
louismilkshakes : I'd love to read it, it sounds amazing :)
i_heart_an_irishboy_15 : I would read it! It's sounds really cool!
julia_covert : I wanna read it! Are you posting it on wattpad? If so what's your user? Mine is crunchychip
understandingstylez_ : Mines harrys_only_wifey :) I'll also be putting the link in my bio @julia_covert
_next_door_ : I'd read it!β™₯
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Stayed up all night an it's 6:29 am right now. Can't stop crying. Please pray for my Nan. She passed away.
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_onedirectionlovelys_ : I'm sorry.
onedirectionstwerkingteam : @imyhem Okay x
1dpicslovee : F4f?πŸ’ž
onedirectionstwerkingteam : @_onedirectionlovelys_ I can't help but cry.
onedirectionstwerkingteam : @1dpicslovee Sure xx
omf.larry : Babe, don't worryπŸ’• I'm here for you and if you want we can oovoo voice call or Skype babeπŸ™ˆ please stay strong ilysmπŸ’•πŸŒŸπŸ™xxxxx
onedirectionstwerkingteam : @omf.larry Idk, I can't feel anything. It's like I'm lost.
mrslove2shop : Amazing!
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I'm going to get thisπŸ‘Œ - - So... I have this fanfic idea, and I guarantee it'll bring you into tears at some point and I think it'll be really good, cause I'm literally planning everything out and that sorta shit.. So I was wondering if any of you would read it? If so, comment below! I'll be posting more info on my main fan account, @understandingstylez_ so go follow that account please? Thanks!!! Comment if you would read it! It's going to be a guardian angel test thing:) -Jackie #harrystyles #liampayne #niallhoran #louistomlinson #zaynmalik #fanfic #fanfiction #love #life #whoweare #onedirection #1d #michaelclifford #ashtonirwin #lukehemmings #calumhood #5sos #fivesecondsofsummer #sfs #pfp #readcaption #pleasecomment
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kak1999 : I'll read it
notlizziemae : Meeeeee : JIMMY FALON:"Did you know that One Direction is making a new bookor movie (a don't know if its a book or movie he starting describing it.) and its nother weird that u know so much about it." ME:"It is weird cause i didn't know anything about it."
harrysview_ : Yay!!! Could you guys comment/read/tag people to my latest post on @understandingstylez_ ? @dorkyharold @syd_the_kid28 @kak1999 @notlizziemae
harrysview_ : Lol saammmeeee xD @laylamalloy10
_next_door_ : Im going to read it!
harrysview_ : Yaayyyy!!!! C: could you comment on my angel pic of Harry on @understandingstylez_ ? @_next_door_
_next_door_ : Yeah sure (:
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mcookish40 : recent for recent? 1 only! reply to this comment when done!
imnotokay.jaseyrae : done @mcookish40
amandaville : 11 fΦ…Κ€ 11? πŸ’›πŸŒ»πŸ‹
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