Co-Founders @ralphdiesel and @cimifly_royaldynamite are Live on #TheAfricanFocusShow right now! Hit the link in our bio and tune in now! #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #TeamRD #OneForOne #RDLifestyleSaturdays #TheLifestyleContinues
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poshswimwear : I love it
alohassandals : Amazing!
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Live on #TheAfricanFocusShow right now with @cimifly_royaldynamite! Hit the link in my bio and tune in now! #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #TeamRD #OneForOne #RDLifestyleSaturdays #TheLifestyleContinues
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liberated.libra : that's my studio, we gotta get bacc on the show bro
royaume_xoxo : Caught it. Well done guys!
thanhphotth1 - working_all_day - madelinemarieinse - trupesbfr -
We just spotted @2k3 of @columbuscrewsc in our "Bulls Eye" #TieDye tee on #ESPNFC. For every tee sold, we donate education supplies to a child in need as usual. Its #OneForOne πŸ™πŸ™ Thanks for lifestyling accordingly sir! πŸ’₯πŸ‘‘πŸ’₯#RoyalDynamite #RDCares #GiveBack #HeartShapedHands #KeiKamara #ESPN #SierraLeone
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Catch RD on #AfricanFocusRadio live stream this Saturday talking about where @royaldynamite has been and what our future goals are to create change across the continent and spread more worldwide. We're even breaking down what its gonna take to donate a quarter million #RDCares education packages to children in need worldwide by 2020. We've been faded to black a bit lately, so tune in and understand what we are thinking inside our heads. Link is in my bio now so please bookmark it. #SierraLeone we're putting on for the country and giving it a facelift. Slowly but oh so surely. πŸ’― #RoyalDynamite #TeamRD #GiveBack #Fashion #Lifestyle #SocialEntrepreneurs #Freetown #Global #MarathonPace #TheLifestyleContinues
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dwightlpeters : #dope
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Script revision because when you realize there are levels to operating a "global" lifestyle brand you need to do break it down to a science in order to implement. Sometimes you have to take a step back just to go 5 steps forward. Taking all opportunities from here on. #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #Tunnels #Focused #Motivated #Confident #ScriptRevision #TheLifestyleContinues
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dwightlpeters : Who gonna get that jet first bruh? #keep #pushing
ralphdiesel : @dwightlpeters Its a marathon to the tarmac bro. As long as you're still grinding too, the odds can go either way. #Bless.
dwightlpeters : #facts
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At this point, its either go hard or go home and silence is golden. It enables us to listen to our directions from above correctly and understand our true purpose. πŸ™πŸ™ #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #Focused #Motivated #5YearsDown #Started #TheLifestyleContinues
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Great biz run to #LA this morning/afternoon. Got a lot accomplished and also got to test out my new fisheye lens. Haha. Now lets implement these moves! πŸ’― snapchat: @Ralphdiesel #Focused #Motivated #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #Royals #ColorCoutureCollection #BullsEye #RalphDieselsWay #Freetown #SierraLeone #TheLifestyleContinues
rdcares - motivated - la - freetown - colorcouturecollection - royaldynamite - sierraleone - ralphdieselsway - focused - royals - 2015 - thelifestylecontinues - 2016 - bullseye -
ralphdiesel : @lani_truelement #2015. In 2 months we're on #2016. Lets go sis.
lani_truelement : @ralphdiesel Marathon race bro. On it already. #WinnersCircle #TheLifestyleContinues #Focused #Salone
duainrichmondfela : Still waiting on that dope T.
_iambefresh : Ralph what up bro?
ralphdiesel : @therealbefresh B whats good bro? Steady grindin. You already know.
_iambefresh : I see you doing well brotha! πŸ’―
ralphdiesel : @therealbefresh trying to bro
_iambefresh : πŸ‘Œ
siwy02 - dead802016 - prokas91 -
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #RDCares goals. Cc: @royaldynamite. #Motivation #BigTings #Africa #Inspiration #TheLifestyleContinues
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lb_thatproducerguy : Thats dope
ladyontherocks_ : AmazingπŸ™Œ
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Thank God for the minor setbacks that set me up mentally for the major comebacks. The real blessing is being able to realize you are blessed. πŸ™πŸ™ #Selfie #OnlyGettingBetter #Focused #Motivated #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #ParadiseDays #Freetown
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Hey Royal fam! Help us with our co-founder @cimifly_royaldynamite a very Happy Birthday! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰ After all, he is the man responsible for us being able to spread good around the world for 5 years strong. Crown him King! πŸ’₯πŸ‘‘πŸ’₯ #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #OneForOne #King #Gemini #EmpireBuilder #TheLifestyleContinues
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lovekimchristina : Happy Birthday Cecil. Have an amazing day. πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰
ethnikculture : Happy birthday Cecil! Many blessings
cimifly_royaldynamite : Thanks @lovekimchristina
cimifly_royaldynamite : Thanks @ethnikculture
tutu_abehku : Happy Birthday Pap Ces @cimifly_royaldynamite
laurawilliamssl : Happy birthday Cecil
awkwardblkgrl : πŸŽ‚ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! πŸŽ‚
artheartist : Happy Birthday Fam
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#Freetown made it to Alaska! Putting the city on the map one premium item at a time. Tag @royaldynamite in your pics like @henanj did and let us know what part of the world you're repping the Lifestyle in. Look good and give back! #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #Global #SierraLeone #TheLifestyleContinues
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#Freetown🌴 in #Alaska❄! That's a first! Where does #RoyalDynamite go next? Tag us in your pics from wherever you are in the world. Lets keep looking good and creating #Global change. Thanks @henanj! #RDCares #OneForOne #GiveBack #Streetwear #Fashion
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The Reader's Digest team worked tirelessly this morning volunteering at the Welcome Hall Mission! We sorted clothing and food to be distributed to those in need. #RDcares #volunteer #volunteering #WelcomeHallMission
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The Reader's Digest team is volunteering at the Welcome Hall Mission this morning! Sorting clothes to be given to those in need. #RDcares #volunteeer #WelcomeHallMission
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readersdigest : This is so great!
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Honored and humbled to see everyone tagging @royaldynamite and repping #Freetown today in #SierraLeone. We just want to put the city on the map for GOOD and with your continued support, its working. Happy Independence Day to all my #salone people all over the world. Lets overcome these barriers. Walaihi we're up next. #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #OneForOne #Global #GiveBack #PowerWomen232 #EndEbolaNow
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djplayroy : Nice!
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Totally appreciate the positive reviews I've been receiving about my episode of #TheBizzPlan! Its all genuine insight on what I've learned thus far as an entrepreneur. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it now on @issarae' #YouTube channel. Grab a gem! Link is in my bio. #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #RalphDieselsWay #NoniBizz #IssaRaeProductions #ABG #RDLifestyleSaturdays #TheLifestyleContinues
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πŸŽ₯: The Bizz Plan with our Co-founder @ralphdiesel is out now. Go check it out on @issasrae YouTube channel and listen to the man spit game about social responsibility in business, maintaining partnerships and staying humble. learn how to grow a business from nothing to something while giving back! Link is in our bio. #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #OneForOne #SocialEntrepreneurs #TheBizzPlan #IssaRaeProductions
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djplayroy : Kudos!!
asgillxsl : #legacy #boss #thoughts πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
kickinitwithjazz : @BOINEPOR
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Patience is virtue yall. My episode of #TheBizzPlan is on its way! About to give ya'll some great authentic game. πŸ’―. Cc: @nonibizz @royaldynamite @issarae #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #RalphDieselsWay #IssaRaeProductions #TheLifestyleContinues
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ko_2wenty5eight : You get my text?
adamasymone : @ralphdiesel congrats! !!!!
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Real Queens. True Royalty once you heard them talk. They just need the tools. They need a boost to show the world that they can change it. Lord willing we can provide more of a helping hand. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #OneForOne
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A real King. All he needs is a chance to prove himself worthy to the world. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ #RoyalDynamite #RDCares
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artheartist : Ralph when are you goin again?
ralphdiesel : @artheartist at this rate, aiming to get there early 1st quarter 2016
julieflan11 - lakeashafit - seeknwithnself - visaofoundation -
I def want to thank all you loyal Royals for the support and purchases from our last #Freetown Collection. Along with your help we were able to raise a good amount of money that will help support Ebola survivors especially the displaced orphans and the healthcare workers that have worked so effortlessly to help contain this disease in #SierraLeone. You guys affected many lives, so may the blessings be upon you all! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #OneForOne #GiveBack #Global #EndEbolaNow #PW232 #TheLifestyleContinues
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Hey Royals, wanted to thank you all for the support and purchases from our last Freetown Collection. Along with your help we were able to raise a good amount that will help support Ebola survivors especially the orphans and the healthcare workers that have worked so effortlessly to help contain this disease. #THANKYOU #Freetown #PW232 #RoyalDynamite #RDCares
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donald_penegar : Nice
toopoppn2 : @80sgold that's her again in the middle of the picture
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#TBT: @royaldynamite's first print feature and we made the cover story of Our Weekly newspaper circa 2011. Funny thing is that the title was just a dream back then but @cimifly_royaldynamite actually made it a reality 4 years later. We just stayed focused and worked like mules. Life is sumn else. God dey. #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #TeamRD #TheLifestyleContinues
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mxvision : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ inspiring!! πŸ’―
visaofoundation : You've come a long way!
cimifly_royaldynamite : @visaofoundation yes indeed! And hopefully we can keep pushing
visaofoundation : God willing more success in the future
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BIG news for all @royaldynamite Lifestylers in #SierraLeone! We've partnered with the elite online store #GoShopSL to get #Freetown shipped direct to you guys! We've also extended pre-ordering on all items including the "Freetown En Noir" pieces until Friday 2/27 in their website! We promised to take care of you guys and we came through. Look out for my next post with all payment information and the direct link to the collection on their site. Please share and lets donate more to #PowerWomen232 and give more education packages to children in need! #FreetownIsBack #EndEbolaNow #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #OneForOne #Global #GiveBack #InternationalBizRunners
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For all you last minute shoppers, and friends/family that expressed interest, @royaldynamite's #Freetown collection pre-order ends tomorrow. Get it while the getting is good and all items are stocked. Hit the link in my bio and be apart of change! #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #OneForOne #DoubleGiveBack #1MoreDayLeft #EndEbolaNow #SierraLeone #PowerWomen232 #TheLifestyleContinues
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handinhandsoap : cool pic πŸ‘Š
laceilately : It's 13 degrees outside right now. I'm desperately awaiting this hoodie!
alcaguete : Que bueno!
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Co-founder @ralphdiesel visited Freetown for the first time in 2010 and that was a life changing experience for him upon his return to the States he said we had to do something about changing the state of things in Sierra Leone. So we started #RDCares our one for one movement. Go follow @ralphdiesel and show our #FREETOWN collection some love. #LOOKGOOD #DOGOOD. #Freetownisback
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dwightlpeters : Need on of those
dwightlpeters : 3x available?
dwightlpeters : *one
ralphdiesel : @dwightlpeters yessir!
80sgold : This ur cousin ? @toopoppn2
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4 days left to pre-order @royaldynamite's double impact "#Freetown En Noir" collection and all other colorway snapacks, tees, and sweaters. Each purchase donates one #RDCares educational package (sling bag, notebook, pencil, sharpener) to a child in need and donates $5 to #Ebola relief workers in #SierraLeone. Click the link in my bio learn more/shop! #RoyalDynamite #FreetownIsBack #Global #GiveBack
rdcares - freetown - global - royaldynamite - sierraleone - freetownisback - ebola - giveback -
talentedlawson : Dope
nasalonetv - medfofanah - kolbyharwood - buba232music -
@royaldynamite's "Freetown En Noir" collection and all other #Freetown snapbacks/tees are still available for pre-order via the link in my bio. Our #OneForOne promise stands and $5 for each item go to Ebola healthcare workers in #SierraLeone by #PowerWomen232. Keep in mind pre-ordering ends on 2/23 and when its over, its over. Look good and do better! #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #FreetownIsBack #Global #Streetwear #Fashion
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#Freetown representin' on this sunny Cali afternoon! Judging by the kicks, its still #Lakers too. Pre-order this @royaldynamite tee and hat in multiple colorways asap via the link in my bio! #FreetownIsBack #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #GiveBack #Global #KobeX #KobeSystem
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henanj : Already done Bruh! #TeamFreetown πŸ™Œ
barbarcampbell - yourown_nikeid - naturally_vickyt - ogalentini -
Yeezus Christ #FreetownIsBack and breaking old @royaldynamite records! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Shop the collection now via the link in my bio. Each product sold donates school supplies to a child in need and gives $5 to ebola frontline healthcare workers in #SierraLeone via #PowerWomen232. Look good and do better with real results. We are change. #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #OneForOne #Freetown #Global #Started #2015 #DoubleImpact #Yeezys #AcneStudio #Balenciaga
yeezys - rdcares - started - freetown - balenciaga - royaldynamite - sierraleone - freetownisback - global - acnestudio - 2015 - doubleimpact - oneforone - powerwomen232 -
abfna : I just checked the website. The Freetown collection IS SOOOOO DOPE!!!!! You're definitely going to see some orders from NYC in a few weeks.
ralphdiesel : @abfna most def! Keep in mind pre-ordering is over on 2/23. Once they sell out, they sell out.
nicky_finest : Aye! killin' um' with this !
mrkeystoservice - adamasymone - missing_thebeach - ablessinginabagfoundation -
#FreetownIsBack (link in bio) β€ͺ Get your Freetown tee today and support β€ͺ#‎PowerWomen232‬ in the fight against Ebola! #Freetown #SierraLeone #StreetWear #UrbanWear #RDCares #TheGiveBack #Yeezys #AcneStudios #Balenciagas
thegiveback - yeezys - rdcares - freetown - urbanwear - freetownisback - sierraleone - acnestudios - streetwear - balenciagas -
simon_s_reichert : Love it!
meteorshr : ❀
royaldynamite : Awesome @intrafat
onefitfighter : This should have more likes :
toopoppn2 : @80sgold that's her right there
80sgold : Oooo it's a "she"... I thought it was the 🍫 brother @toopoppn2
toopoppn2 : @80sgold lol..nope
laurawilliamssl - wizsao - missing_thebeach - madam_wokie -
Due to a VERY popular demand in multiple countries, @RoyalDynamite partnered with Power Women 232, and #FreetownIsBack! We're honoring our #RDCares #OneForOne commitment where for every product sold, we donate school supplies to children in need, and we're also giving $5 per item sold to support healthcare workers fighting Ebola in #SierraLeone. Pre-order all the original color combination tees/hats and the exclusive "En Noir" ALL BLACK collection. The all black snapbacks, hoodies, and crewneck sweaters are πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯. Hit the link in my bio and grab your apparel before pre-ordering is over! #FairWarning #RoyalDynamite #Freetown #RecordBreakingCampaign #2TimesInARow #DoubleImpact #GiveBack #ItsJustDifferent #TheLifestyleContinues
rdcares - fairwarning - freetown - giveback - royaldynamite - sierraleone - freetownisback - thelifestylecontinues - recordbreakingcampaign - doubleimpact - 2timesinarow - itsjustdifferent - oneforone -
ime_medina : Nice pic. :)
miss_juceee : Proud of you!!
ihoop__i : Papi can you please tell @2k3 to follow me on Instagram lol
ralphdiesel : @x_isaac__ lol ok. Imma text him in the morning
ihoop__i : Thanks lol @ralphdiesel
brimcityla - missing_thebeach - rodstrass3 - mikelahoud -
It is what it is, you get what you give. Just sayin'. #BeenBlessed #RoyalDynamite #RDCares #TheLifestyleContinues
rdcares - thelifestylecontinues - royaldynamite - beenblessed -
ryankelley_ : @ralphdiesel ✊
adamasymone : Amen
bear84513 - adamasymone - nadiawurie - fflabelle412 -
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