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jojoschocolatebark : Wow!
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When your best friend #Rapes you :3 The love is real ☺👏😂😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 @joliecp1
rapes -
joliecp1 : 😘😘😘😘💯😍😍😍😍😍😍 yesss the main baee @darii_xoxo
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#fruktsallad #fruitbomb #healtylifestyle #fruitsalad #colazero #food #love #melon #strawberries #rapes
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juliaehrenstrom : Jag tror du menar #grapes älskade du ❤
feliciacarter : Haha aa tack TS <3 @juliaehrenstrom
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hlg_one : It's hard to give kind comments to this guy since everything sounds really, really weird: "Rapes are good" "I am really into rapes".
leffemekniven : @javlamullenu
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Check Your phones ESN on Whisstle. Real Time Video Classifieds. Don't get scammed on Craigslist. #real #time #video #classifieds #no #rapes #no #murders #no #robberys #no #scams #seeyourseller @letthelordbewithyou @50cent @floydmayweather @techcrunch @iamterrencej @mrmotivation7007 @kevinolearyshark @eva_557
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whisstle : @thesharkdaymond
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I AM DONE WITH THIS... OMG.. SOMEONE, PLEASE KILL MEH XD . I have headache 😥😥😥 . ~ homework #school #rapes #my #mind #
rapes - mind - school - my - : Bol bol soğuk su ic :)
just_a_pemboe : @yamirourou It's cool! I still thank you for wanting to help me 😊😊😊
just_a_pemboe : sana güveniyorum bak... 😂 : Ich hab Migräne.. soğuk su iyi geliyo :o oder geh schlafen. Aber das nutzt bei mir nichts.. sabah kalktigimda yine ayni ağrıyla kalkmistim das letzte mal😟 du kannst auch tabletten nehmen hähä
just_a_pemboe : pff.. die tabletten sollen Suha nehmen^^ 😂.. bist eh wieder fit oder gehts dir immer noch schlecht?
just_a_pemboe : birsey sorduk laaa : Tut mir sorrey, zu viele Benachrichtigungen😴 : Niye hast du keine ağrı kesicis oder wiiieeeeee :( und jaa ich nimm dann starke schmerzmittel wenns unerträglich ist sonra geciyo *^*)/
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Rapes detail close up
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citythrone : Love it!
ooshanapa : Sweet 👌
graf_lover : Mad love ! @citythrone @ooshanapa
recluse___ : Im a sucker for characters !!
graf_lover : @recluse___ Me too bro! #scribeswalk and #rapes are some of my favorite character artists right now.. Your shit is sick AF too man! Keep at it!!!
graf_lover : Rapes banger #rapesattdf #attcrew #dfcrew #graffiti#instagraff #tagsandthrows #tag#spraypaint#wildstyle #burner#spraydaily #puregraffiti #graffitiwall #graffitiporn #graffitiart#mtncolors #montanacolors #mtnitalia #mtnalien #ironlak #molotow #rusto#krylon #benchingsteelgiants #kobra#belton
recluse___ : Thank u ;)
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Rapes battle stance
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graf_lover : Rapes banger #rapes #rapesattdf #attcrew #dfcrew #graffiti#instagraff #tagsandthrows #tag#spraypaint#wildstyle #burner#spraydaily #puregraffiti #graffitiwall #graffitiporn #graffitiart#mtncolors #montanacolors #mtnitalia #mtnalien #ironlak #molotow #rusto#krylon #benchingsteelgiants #benching#boxcar#freightporn#kobra#belton
das_pumpking : beautiful
graffitipin : ❤️ ur feed today❗️
ooshanapa : Dope !!!
graf_lover : Much appreciated!! @das_pumpking @graffitipin @ooshanapa
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Noche Gijonesa a tope como siempre!!! #Rapes #DonJoaquinLarrivey
rapes - donjoaquinlarrivey -
juanchy16 : #Tops #DerrochandoCalidad #CapinRotonda
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Why is there #evil , #war , #murders , #druge , #rapes and #crime , If God didn't create it ? Why can't he just stop evil , And make things good ? Why must there be evil ? Why can't he just remove evil from the hearts of men , And make them kind and caring ? Why didn't he just change the mind of the man who invented the atomic bomb for destruction ? Etc . God says in Malachi 3; 6 , '' I Am The Lord , I Change Not '' , So God is settled in his ways , What are the way of God you say ? Have you ever ask yourself that question ? No . Because when you do some research , You will find out that the God's or God of your Bible and Koran is not always good , Many of his ways are evil . Look throughout your so-called holy scriptures from cover to cover . There are countless evil events in The Torah , Talmud and Mishnah , Bible , Old and New Testament , The Koran , And their many traditional books . Like hadith and sunna , Such as the war with Muhammad Koran 3 ; 152 . The destruction of the tower of babel Genesis Chapter 11 , The story of Lot giving his virgin daughters away Genesis 19 ; 8 , Lot having sex with his two daughter Genesis 19 ; 32 - 36 , Abraham deserting his wife Hagar and his son Ismael Genesis Chapter 21 . David and Bathsheba committing adultery 2Samuel 11 ; 3-5 , Judah has sex with Tamar his daughter - in - law , Who plays as a prostitute Genesis 38 ; 24 , Tribes killing other tribes Genesis 34 ; 25 - 26 . The story of Joseph being sold by his own brothers Genesis 37 ; 28 , Boiling children and eating them 2Kings 6 ; 28 -29 , Jesus being Crucifed John 19 ; 23 , And I can go on and on . The evil stories of the Bible and Koran , Which are the holy scriptures of the three main denomination , Muslims , Christians and Judaism , Which almost the whole world bases their life upon , Overpowers the Good stories of the Bible , Which bring the question to mind , '' Is the God of the Bible and the Koran , Evil , Or is he good ? .And '' Why does God give the devil so much power ? '' Authored By ; Amunnubi Rooakhptah Also Known As NETER A'afertti Atum -Re To Be CONTINUE In Next Post
druge - rapes - murders - war - evil - crime -
blackstonze : I understand where you coming from brother. I have had these discussions before. I will ask you a question now...... what are you offering that is better than the truth?
uniqueshanik : @meeky_g I know that God created everything. He created Luchipher his high angel who chose to become jealous of God and caused himself into condemnation..One thing about God is that he gives all of his children free will. He did not create us robotic. He wants us to make the right choices on our own..So he didn't necessary create evil in this world, just the people decided to make bad decisions when they know what is right.
anonymous_vv_ : Depends on your perception on what you may have been taught to be what the truth is rather then faith and belief I can't offer no one nothing but myself I can only give you the facts and what I have learned myself in other words I'm not jesus the messiah nor do i have the solution that has oppressed our people for hundreds of years rather take what our leaders mentors ancestors and people who have sacrificed their life's and use that knowledge to my advantage I'm 23 I got along ways to go my brotha but you always start somewhere @blackstonez
meeky_g : So if we act on free will why is evil even a factor of our decisions if we do what we want. If God knows what we are going to do as of him being omnipresent and omniscient his anger should not be relevant cause he allowed it to happen. Our free will is the mental actions we think of before we act physically. So if he knows your mind and heart why wasn't the thoughts changed due to your allegiance & love for him? @uniqueshanik
blackstonze : It's a journey my brother and if you have any qua out Islam or stuff in General I'm here. I hear people say the devil is a fallen angel with no real proof. First of all we have to know what are the characteristics of all creation. It's impossible for the devil to be a fallen angel because angels do not have free will. Shaitan or the devil is from amongst the jinn, another form of creation that has free will like man. He is created from smokeless fire and he was the first to sin from arrogance thinking he was better than man, who was created from the earth
kelseeb_ : I agree with @uniqueshanik. @meeky_g
uniqueshanik : @meeky_g Sounds to me like your questioning God and his actions. . .and thats not what I do. So im just going to leave this alone
meeky_g : Yeah pretty much, I'm not scared he gave me a brain to use and I'm using it. If we wasn't allowed to think and question things then our brains should not be as powerful as they are, it should have a limit like the time we have to repent on earth. @uniqueshanik
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Show do Lekao MC na Escola de rima, meu mano Jone BL pesado nas puckups! #hiphop #underground #rap #escoladerima #RAPES
underground - rapes - hiphop - rap - escoladerima -
gostraightedge : Selfis
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#India #feminism #laws #rapes #illerate !!! #need_change!!
illerate - need_change - rapes - india - feminism - laws -
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Maximo Respeito Fábrica.Lab Infinitas x Escola de Rima! A batalha de MCs comendo solta! #cultura #fabricalabinfiniras #escoladerima #hiphop #rap #rapES # freestyle #rapnacional #culture #vix #instavix #batalhademcs
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musiknown : Very cool!
tvinfinitas : #FabricaInfinitas
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Projeto Boca Boca x Feira Criola no Mucane! #agora #mucane #culture #cultura #now #instavix #vix #feiracriola #night #projetobocaboca #poetic #rapES #hiphop #consciencianegra
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melquizadock : Fera.
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#finlay #rapes #a #chicken @finlay69 @mitchnewlove
rapes - finlay - chicken - a -
finlay69 : Fuck you cunt you were the one licking chicken feet haha
mitchnewlove : I think he actually sucked on one for a bit @finlay69
jonwilcox14 : I did it was nice I loved it a lot
jonwilcox14 : @finlay69 @mitchnewlove
anjelicajarvis : 😂😂 you fuckin weirdos @mitchnewlove @finlay69
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#Foco #força #fé #coragem e #coração #rapes #adoro # tmj
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flabellaa : top, ai tem foco e determinaçao , ganhos certos!! que tal otimizar os ganhos!? nos siga, dicas de treino dieta suplementaçao e receitas
victorscupolillo : Top...perfeita...lindaaaah...maravilhosa... kkkk
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Fui débil al güenfin #xboxone #halo #gamer #fit #geek #SexAppeal #Nerd #rapes
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helen_fun_gish : awesome beautiful pics add me
tayla.hudson1 : I love your pictures . I also have similar page about fitness (@uFitness), maybe you will find it useful :)
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frangarval : Ya puedes dormir en paz @eduardopt_
karimeaymerich : Lo mejor son todos los comentarios de esta foto. Son cosa seria
eduardopt_ : Es mi "Mojo" de Austin Powers que compré en el buen fin @karimeaymerich
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#healthy #fitness #myfitness #colorful #lavendel #fresh
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manzikas : #rapes #raisins
manzikas : #grapes
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#breakfast #café #oatmeal #saturday #rapes #flakes #eathealthy #staypositive #newday #staymotivated #motivation #meal 😊
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Nos vamos de finde!!!! #quiros #claranere #happy #rapes #totetruebavarojuanchy #vanaechamedecasa #elquevivapeorquesejoda #lasiguienteleon #adalotou #amordeamigas #otrudiaquedormimosjuntines
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sellanika : Pasarlo muy bien guapas
juanchy16 : Que guapu y nosotros sin cajeres de Tarde!!!!!! Jajajajaja #PasarloBien #MirlotosDelSella
totecoballu : El Rape y el Mero Patata!! #sofiacongriu
sofiaribadesella : @totecoballu mirloto!!!!
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My big saturday breakfast😍😊 consists of a microwaved chocolate cake with some rapes🍇🍰, a cracker with jam🍞🍯, a hot chocolate☕ and I have also had a mocca joghurt 🍨🍮🍧(not on the pic) because I was still hungry ☺😁😄
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vanish_lifestyle : #saturday #saturdaybreakfast #healthybreakfast #healthy #breaki #chocolatecake #chocolate #chocolateaddiction #minicake#microwavedcake #cracker #knusperbrot #jam #aprikosen #aprikose #linessa #hotchocolate #lactosefreemilk #lowfat #lowcalorie #lowfatmilk #lowfatjoghurt #mocca #joghurt #rapes #eatright #cleaneating #balanceisthekey #nojunkfoodchallenge #nojunkfood
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They've been telling the lie so long that they believe it now. They lied and said we #BlackPeople were evil and aggressive with hatred and malice in our hearts. If that were the case, we would have set this country on fire from sea to shining sea many centuries ago and wouldn't have stopped until every pale faced person was bled out. But we didn't do that even though they #Earned such a punishment after a couple centuries of #brutalities, #rapes of various natures, and #genocide. So who's the real villain?
conscious - sisters - brothers - lost - earned - nationbuilding - brutalities - racecard - whitesupremacy - global - schleeptho - blackpeople - genocide - everything - rapes - asleep - white - america - black -
rah_lynn : A bigger problem is that some black folk don't think he's the oppressor. They blame black issue solely on black people.
marquislh : Rah_lynn ...that's so true! They have reversed it where some are now scared to even call racism when they see it. Scared of being told they playing the race card.
jillvontae : @rah_lynn You know what? This gives me tightness in my chest because it's so true. We must, must continue to consider these #asleep and #lost #brothers and #sisters as just that, brothers and sisters. We have to continually try to rouse them from their seemingly perpetual slumber. I'm not saying waste your breath but keep in mind that many of us "#Conscious" folk distinctly remember when we, too, were #SchleepTho.😴😂 Keep informing them and have hope for them but accept that for now they're our special needs siblings who you love and cherish but know that certain levels of thinking are presently beyond them. 😕
jillvontae : @marquislh 😑👈 My face when any person, #Black, #white #everything in between mentions the #RaceCard. That's not a thing since racism exists in every square inch of #America and pervades all across the world through the #global system of #White supremacy. And anyone who actually uses that phrase is not worth a conversation.
jillvontae : @marquislh I get why people are scared to speak up for themselves though thanks to #WhiteSupremacy we individually stand to lose jobs, homes, and the basis of he life we've all grown accustomed to living. But it's like...we must shirk the system to break it. It will take these personal sacrifices but nothing lost nothing gained. We have to each start thinking of US instead of me, start thinking in terms of #NationBuilding.
rah_lynn : @jillvontae that's exactly how I view them. I'm somewhat patient because not too long ago I thought the same way. I agree we must continue to put the right information out there . But we don't need you stressing and your chest getting tight. Lol Who am I fooling the ignorance get my blood boiling as well. I must say that listen to @marquislh and your comments is extremely therapeutic . Thanks!!
__queendani__ : I realllly like this page, however I will say I believe Whites view us as threats because they know just how powerful we are and how we we descended from a strong lineage...greed, insecurities, and selfishness are only a few of the characteristics of our "founding fathers" otherwise they wouldn't have invaded a continent that had no use for wars, already established, living as a harmonious civilization, everything originated from Africa and has been twisted to make us believe that our history dates back to ONLY slavery as if we weren't powerful and innovative before the capture so yes they see us as threats because they know the truth.
rah_lynn - patricialeamanest - maydaycamp - fxckyosystemism -
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Good morning #breakfast #tea #porridge #rapes #coconut
porridge - tea - breakfast - coconut - rapes -
melitaperu : Healthy breakfast
the1calculator9 - beaux_beaux_ - elorenaturals - worryfreesloth -
#Johnnyuglyvapors shit man very lonely he belongs on the streets gay man 👎
rapes - johnnyuglyvapors -
itsonlyth3truth : #rapes lil girls even try talk to my 10years old sister 🚽
nickomiller_216 : 😂😂😭
johnny_ugly_vapor : Really wow your fuckin pk... Lmao@u
robertkboy__ - nickomiller_216 -
The wall rapist #Grusom #Rapes #187k #OldDenverGraffiti #DenverGraffiti
rapes - grusom - denvergraffiti - 187k - olddenvergraffiti -
gerryp_59 - the_leftovers - nemek_adcrew - rareodhbo -
Festa de lançamento da 2º Edição da Revista Noix Por Noix. 🎤 🔊 🎨 Show com o @FamiliaGam + Batalha de MCs + Batalha de Tags + Exposição 18hs Sábado 29/11/2014 Local: Instituto TamoJunto, Vitória/ES Contato do grupo: / 027 998139767 #AGENDA #vix #noixpornoix #noiz #artederua #tamojunto #hiphop #rap #rapNacional #rapES #change #music #culturaviva #cultura #instavix #instaes #capixaba #maximoRespeito #OneLove #COMPATILHE #DIVULGUE #VitoriaPraNois #familiagam
instavix - divulgue - agenda - maximorespeito - culturaviva - capixaba - vitoriapranois - artederua - cultura - rap - vix - onelove - change - rapnacional - noiz - hiphop - tamojunto - familiagam - compatilhe - music - instaes - rapes - noixpornoix -
myvlclothing : 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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viva a vida e seja livre! #BairroHorto #RapEs #AlexEmissario
rapes - bairrohorto - alexemissario -
jackdarua : Mlk foda só te desejo tudo de bom
vulgoemissario : tudo nosso meu mano @jackdarua a minha vitória é sua vitória
san_corleone - _noventa_ - c.loppez - gibi_thc -
Día de rapes con protección civil en #Mula #Rapes #Montaña #Formación #NoParamos #RESCATEENMONTAÑA @proteccion_civil_bullas #BuenaExperiencia #Repetiremos
noparamos - mula - repetiremos - montaña - formación - rescateenmontaña - buenaexperiencia - rapes -
javierjb9 : Menudos rapes sexys 😙🐟
belensaxo89 : A quemar la cenaca de anoche @mariamar26 jijijiji
mariamar26 : Jajajajaja ciertoo
salvasanchez26 - lolynadal - antoniomq98 - felicidad1010 -
Woman Violently Abducted Off Philadelphia Street Found Alive, "Vicious Predator" Arrested Less than 72 hours after being violently snatched off a Philadelphia street as she walked home from visiting her godson, Carlesha Freeland-Gaither has been rescued from the "vicious predator" police say kidnapped her. Now as she recovers from the attack that was caught on video and seen nationally, focus moves to her alleged abductor, who authorities have linked to a similar crime against a teenage girl. "I’m taking my baby home. Thank you," Keisha Gaither, the woman's overjoyed mother, told the public at a news conference Wednesday night. Her family erupted into applause as the woman spoke. #justice #carleshafreelandgaither is safe and back with her family. #predator #kidnapper Thank God Carlesha was found alive. This ass hole who confessed to other #rapes and #kidnappings will see how the other prisoners punish scum like him #bye DON'T DROP THE SOAP
rapes - kidnappings - bye - carleshafreelandgaither - justice - kidnapper - predator -
sheis_ladypoetry : Please don't drop the soap?.!
tre_tell_it_likeitis : @sheis_ladypoetry he better get soap on a roap. They still gone get him.
mreastorange : They take black girls in Philly everyday just so happened that one was on video and it was a black man that did it
roshadpix - katymencioni - lil___ty - cmb_1231 -
Tres ciegos!! #jardin #rapes
rapes - jardin -
taniavilla7 : Algunu mas que otru
adrianhuergo10 : La virgen...vaya hijo de puta🙆🙆🙆 jajaj
bar_ranco : #Emboliamortal y punto #bonitonesdelsella
chicho1990 - pipor10 - lauravazquez9 - rymarajeb -
Então fica suave, relaxa mulher, deixa rolar... #projota #mcmarechal #rapES
rapes - mcmarechal - projota -
janainabbarbosa : Álvares*
tainaraaaraujoo : Sdds :/ <3
janainabbarbosa : Sdds :( $$ n tá tendo kkk quando eu entrar de férias quero marcar de ir no Projeto Boca a Boca, boraaaa ❤ @tainaraaaraujoo
tainaraaaraujoo : Boraaa haha
djmcas - ezequielteixeira74 - hadassami - japa_regiane -
Versos da madrugada, o que é vencer e onde a vitória te leva ! #versosnamadrugada #rap #poesia #rapes #rapnacional
versosnamadrugada - rapes - rapnacional - rap - poesia -
edu_barcelos - saviosimoes - peedroivvo - talithaafff -
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