This is probably the best thing I have ever seen! #Funnyasfuck #pokemon #cossieisadirtyginger #milneisarapist #bestmemeever #LOL #haha
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fergchill : Milne is fucking sick! I love him #cossiehasredhair #rape4lyf
shredded_ham : #yiew #rape4lyfnigga @fergchilll
toby__ray : Fucking tip rat
fergchill : won them the game (; @hamsarris
shredded_ham : That he did, but everything these days goes on dreamteam! He's a terrible dreamteam player @fergchilll
fergchill : fuck dream team @hamsarris
shredded_ham : No, #fuckyou mate @fergchilll
fergchill : your a fucking faggot me and @bradygrey3 want too fight you
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