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People Try and Play You for Grinding and Going for Yours... But When They See it Begin to Pay Off They Want Parts of That "Success" | Don't Text or Msg Me "No Invite"... No When I Was Losing Sleep and Working for it, You Said it Didn't Make Sense and Wouldn't Pay Off. You Were in Your Comfy Warm Bed. But Now You Wanna be Where I am Because You See Some Sort of Success and Enjoyment | All of You Are UnSupportive and Fake. Don't Hit My Phone With The Bullshit Please. I Work Too Hard to be UnderAppreciated. | There's No Space for You Next to Me... And if This Doesn't Apply to You Ignore it and Move on, Don't Assume. You Know if You Fit into This Rant. | Thank You to All Who Truly Support, Which are VERY VERY VERY FEW !!! | Have an Amazing Day and Jumu'ah Mubarak #PeaceSalaamسلام | #CalligrafistThoughts #CalligrafistQuotes #Thoughts #Rants #Support #Grind #Shine #TodaysThoughts | www.calligrafist.fom
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raeholliday : Perfection
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// Rant// My wishes came true. All in the wrong order. In the worst possible way. Yes. My wishes did come true but not in the way I wanted them to. I fell in love with someone whom I couldn't call mine. I fell in love with someone I have always wanted. I fell in love with someone who broke my heart the day I realised I was in love. Funny. #writingismyeuphoria #rants #mycaption Picture: Berlin art parasites
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Small rant: Oh my god I was so upset that there wasn't much bromance between Percy and frank after son of Neptune. I think they had an amazing relationship, but it annoyed me it just kind if dissapperaed after SoN. Just a little but here and there. Kay I'm done now. • #percabeth #percyjackson #sonofneptune #hoo #feels #rants
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UPDATE A lot of things happened while I was gone on break. The biggest thing that ever happened during the break for school is how I got OSS. OSS-out of school suspension. You must want to know what I did to deserve five days of it, and lemme tell you something before I spill the story; it was a huge over reaction! So there I was, very bored in math class. The bell rang and I typed in "I IS PENIS" on a computer program and saved it to the class file. Really... 5 days of OSS for that... Wtf... #rants #cullenupdatesyouonmylife #iknowyoudontwanttohearthisbutyea...
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I think everybody can agree that we've had our fair share of this type of bullshit, firstly there is no genre called Pop-Punk or Pop-Punk, since that collapses itself on punk since punk is anarchy and horror, not rock theme or popular. That's like saying "Oh I like Christian Black metal", it doesn't work since black metal is about hating religion and God, and secondly, do you really think a Emo tumblr girl is really going to know what punk is? Like what the fuck? They say bands like BMTH and SWS is fucking punk? That is like saying AC/DC is progressive stoner Black Death grind Eskimo baby ac130 metal. It's completely retarded who people's brains work, a lot of people in this generation are sheep, just following other sheep with what is "cool". #love #thrashmetal #deathmetal #blackmetal #metal #punk #nopunkrock #punkrock #metal #sheep #sad #cut #cuts #stupidmusic #notagenre #notpunk #miw #ptv #depressing #depressed #scene #emos #emo #scenes #stupid #rants #ptv #bmth #tumblr #idiots
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in.league.with.satan : @fridayaddams You lose, you're wrong, just admit it.
in.league.with.satan : James we needa chill mate
akkimbo_slice : @fridayaddams You lose, good day. @in.league.with.satan Yeah man we do, it's been a long time since that funny day, I think you know what I mean ;)
sykes_oli : sorry to interrupt but she doesn't look scene at all and if she doesn't call herself scene then she's not scene
fridayaddams : @sykes_oli thankyou tonness
live_thru_this : Ive been waiting for someone to say this 😸
sykes_oli : @fridayaddams no problem 😊
bob.sacamano : Dude, I dunno what you're talking about. Christian black metal is the cat's pyjamas.
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More shots fired by @thenewclassic on Twitter against @azealiabanks! Get the latest update on www.lovethatmag.com #IggyAzalea #AzealiaBanks #Twitter #Rants
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lenna_it : Hey! stunning posts !
blkln : Ugly I mean iggy ain't got shit! On ms BankS!! BANK$$$$!! BiiiTCH!!
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Love is such an amazing and yet shitty thing to be in. It's beautiful, and you feel complete and content, and whole and happy. You feel on top of the world. But love is painful, it binds you to another person, so your happiness is completely contingent on theirs. When they hurt, you hurt. You crave them every moment, and when every moment is not an option you begin to feel the deep sadness that is missing the one you love. But love is intrinsically good. It allows us to feel an emotion that we can't quite describe. It breathes life into a feeling: like explaining colours to someone who has been blind their entire life. It is magical, love is a miracle. #winter #tree #snow #love #thoughts #rants #magical #christmas #happy #pain #good
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Dankie @akaworldwide for putting Cassper's tail in between his legs. Cassper a re Complexion ya ga Mshoza e etsa byang? Did you see them light skinned niggers are buff now? Lol did you see Da L.E.S, K.O will hurt you too lol #CassperNyovest #Aka #Moneymayweather #rants #SAhiphop #music #hiphopawards #2014
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Friday arvo duck face 🐤 #idontthinkthatsaduck #whynoduckemoji #ialsolookkindashocked #maybecausethereisnoduckemoji #rants #instalike #instalove #picoftheday #selfie #selfies #fridays
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I find it extremely disappointing to see people, overreacting after losing followers. Then they find pages like show off our page, and comment some insignificant word so that we "know" you did it so you won't be "deleted". It's an absolute shame how popularity seems to be the only way to be excepted. Especially when it's an insignificant number based on how many people clicked a button on your profile. People seem to feel "loved" or "satisfied" when mass number of hearts or comments appear on their screen, when probably 90% of those people don't even mean it. We are a society that thrives on our status in this world. But remember you guys, that number means nothing in the real world. I see this as a desperate attempt at popularity, remember Jesus had 12 followers, and the whole world knows him. You may have 3,000 followers, but it'll be a forgotten memory in the coming weeks. #Rants #RockLee
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Rs. yall chicks be thinking yall cute saying this shit. Like ur mom probably was a side chick and taught UR ass to do the same. Have some respect. Then they wonder why karma comes around and they never get married or be taken serious. #rants #inmybagtoday #imnotdone
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Comment some things for me to voice my opinion on, Need some ideas! Or DM me! This is an open account so comment anything, express your opinion idc:D
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tardischristmascookiesforpercy : Women's dress code in schools
va.moose : People making fun of Jesus Christ
va.moose : Gay rights
smartsowho : Racism
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If we were to all leave America they'd have nothing to govern. I'm going to rant right now but it needs to be said. The American government is corrupted and I believe it's not as much as a democracy as America use to be. Now the Government breaks their own law and no one having to do with the Government gets arrested and the guy who did what he thought was right gets arrested. Spying on American citizens is Violation of privacy which is against the law. Does that sound like a democracy? The Government breaks their own law and the guy who didn't gets arrested without a trial is NOT democracy. Also the older ice gotten the more closer America seems to dictatorship yeah we don't have a real dictators but the people who have high positions in the government can almost do anything they want as long as the Government likes it.
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Dont let someone control your thoughts or decisions, God made us individually unique...not into puppets for the devils disciples to play. -🌙 #moonwritten #myrelease #devils #beyourown #poetry #post #werk #gold #watch #writing #rants #art #BV #mywork
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blingosophy : That reminds me of awesomeness.
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Inner attitude #drawing#art#rants
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Ok, rant time. I know I may joke about some things that may offend some people, but this pic is really going too far. The Columbine School Shooting was an awful event, two kids that were bullied KILLED their classmates. Is that really something to make a "cute" and "funny" joke about?? People like this make me sick. I actually take Columbine seriously, Eric and Dylan were victims too. Do not portray them in a cartoon and mock a childrens show. Its completely stupid. #RantOver #Columbine #ColumbineSchoolShooting #ColumbineMassacre #EricHarris #DylanKlebold #RIP #Columbiners #Rants #TooFar #DontBeStupid #PeoplePissMeOff
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_christian.scott_ : I agree with you completely. That was an awful time. And stupid stuff like this makes me sick. @tacobell_brat
tacobell_brat : @_christian.scott_ yeah, like how the hell do they find that funny??
_christian.scott_ : Yeah that's absolutely ignorant. I mean really who has the nerve to do shit like this??? @tacobell_brat
tacobell_brat : @_christian.scott_ unfortunately, we have sick people in this world...
_christian.scott_ : Yes we do!!! I swear people like this make me wanna puke
_christian.scott_ : If it would have been there friends or there family they wouldn't be laughing so hard and making this a cute little joke.
tacobell_brat : Yup, exactly.. @_christian.scott_
free.my.homie.tj : @_isaiah._ The creators of South Park look nor sound anything like Eric and Dylan. Besides, I don't know about Dylan and his brother - though Eric and Kevin were practically identical. It doesn't make sense that Eric would grow up to look nothing like him. Also, there are pictures floating of the creators which were taken several years before the shooting/bombing. If this were to be true, that would mean Eric was thirty at the time and I find that difficult to believe, considering how young he looked. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but there's more evidence pointing to the fact it's real than falsified.
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I was trying to give ya a video. Instagram is a liar and they acting up lol. #angryMopMop should i work out tomorrow? I just blow dryed my hair to get some twists. Texted the friggin stylist was suppose to go see and she cancels on me. I should have known something wasn't right when she said to come to her salon at 8pm ... Why couldn't she tell me from earlier ??? Trying to figure out my contingency plan. Don't want to sweat my hair out but i want to go to my boxing class tomorrow. Hmm maybe don't got to happy hour. Hmm #naturalWoes #naturalhair @nani_rose lmao should have gone to animatas. #dontKnowHowTotakeASelfie sometimes it's good to stick to what you know ... #rants #theRevolutionWillUnfortunatelyNotBeTelevised
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ajaa_aza : You guys would have loved this video lmao
chawchaw81 : OMG I love you AC! You are too funny, I love your hair, job well done. @ajaa_aza
ajaa_aza : I love it too and now I want it like this all the time @chawchaw81 ... I got to find some good weave to blend with my hair!
tai_taii : Grrr still waiting to learn more about happy hour
ajaa_aza : No happy hr @tai_taii my hair needs to get done :( .. Let's do something next week. I will link you off ig
sass812 : @ajaa_aza i love your rants. i literally LOL
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People suck instagram's dick. It's not even making you money. Clearly I'm not the only who believes some folks go too hard for the cause. #rants #justmythoughts #popularchatting
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coolguyabz : Word people take this shit to serious for likes, followers and fame for nothin.
popularchat : Hell yeah, it's just sports and entertainment.
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So if you haven't done so yet please check out my video on facebook on why girls rock! Please share! How you doing? #rants #viral #guyswithgauges #guyswithtattoos #guysinbeanies #facebook #pokemon #zelda #tagforlikes #truth #rave
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jenjenmccool : Thanks Mikey 😜
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#birthday #rants #singer #songwriter #author #actress #musician #chef #interiordecorator #ceo #rockstar #thegreatstoryteller #thatgirl #tymejohnson
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m4tmartino : Nice pic!
kaewhitaker : great pic
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If you ever need to rant/vent or if you need advice just dm me! 💖
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Just reached 100 followers! Yay ty guys.
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Life is beautiful But you don't have a clue.
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rants.and.advice : #pain #love #sweet #inspirational #recover #depressed #lonely #sad #couple #stay #poems #quote #help #saveme #stressed #tear #aching #nirvana #death #suicide #dont #why #thoughts #rants #vent #staystrong #advice #blood
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#lifelesson #youknowwhoyouare #makessense #manners #rants #starbucksproblems
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suong911 : All day everyday
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I've been waiting to see how long it'll take everyone to forget about this racism shit. How long it'll take for everyone to become distracted again. I wonder how long it'll take for black to stop fighting for equality & start fighting for each other. Equality isn't the issue. Black people are. Soon as we stop fighting amongst each other & wake each other up, the sooner we'll find ourselves. We are different & thats the beauty of us all, stop trying to be a certain way & embrace everyone's difference. You don't see Lions trying to be equal with whales... #random #earlymorning #rants #hadtogetthatout #likemytreethough
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swank_aint_jank : Much needed
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Day 18: Colton's most recent post — Airport rant #12939173728983 😂✌ #day18 #coltondixonphotochallenge1214 #coltondixon #mostrecent #airport #rants
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| Be Gone 🌌🌙| #moonwritten #writing #latenight #poetry #post #Pem #art #rants #consume #BV #mytruth #mywork #myrelease
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18 December 2014. yes, i shall admit. my gf and i are plus size ladies and we are happy with our own size. i don't care if anyone is gonna say about our size cause we are happy. but yesterday, it bothers me so much that this girl was talking abt girlfriend. we were at Seoul Garden eating, minding our business. talking and laughing. till the time girlfriend went to take more drinks, and this girl was talking about her. what pisses me off was, this girl was talking about girlfriend's tummy and pointing her tummy at her boyfriend. wasn't once but countless. i saw the whole thing. if you really wanna talk about others, seriously look at your surroundings if someone is looking at you. girlfriend came back and i told her about it. girlfriend was so pissed off and she kept looking at the girl. girlfriend gave her a death stare and the girl doesn't even dare to look at us, including her boyfriend. look, all we want was to have peaceful lunch and not having problems. you're the problematic kid. is it actually wrong being plus size? to be very honest, no. some plus size have their own reasons why they are actually like that. as for me, i ate steroids over the years and grew bigger. stop judging us just becos we are plus size and lesbians cos it doesn't get you any where but karma. good luck to you when karma hits you for good. #plussize #rants #lesbian
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By far a quote that becomes more evident to me as the years go by. One of my top pet peeves is when people try to entertain me with trivialities, if it's not engaging or from the heart at least warn me so I can take a shot before you commence #myfridaynight #hemingway #rants #jaded #roughnight
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#wcw 😍😍 most gorgeous girl in the galaxy 😂 thanks for being my friend bro #rants #nooneunderstands #school #whatarethis
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olliiviaaa : This are this
olliiviaaa : Thank you 😩😍😍❤️
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The top says "quit complaining" ^^; Been meaning to make something like this for a while. >~< #writing #followers #poem #freeverse #ghostfollowers #rants #rant
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lpsdiamondtvofficial : THANK GOD SOMEONE SAID IT
lpsdiamondtvofficial : BLESS YO SOUL
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Gooodmorning Thursday 💜 #rants.
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