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Its so many reasons why I act the way I do but I feel like I don't owe anybody an explanation. it is what it is....accept it or cut me off #tgif#rants#weekend
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Some friends fight over the same man, but we watch our men fight and then discuss who's is better. (Obviously Ironman; Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr.) I would definitely work for Stark Industries. Who needs Pepper Potts when you have Malory Weber? They are taking a break anyways and that's because he realized he is in love with me. yup. The more that man ages, the better he looks. Idk how he does it but it is definitely working. #mancrush #ironman #rants #favoritesuperhero #redisapowercolor
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___warning: sexuality rant!___ Has anyone ever noticed how different guy/girl and girl/girl relationships are?? Like with guys and girls they're so scared to do ANYTHING when they first start dating... They don't wanna 'dive right in' or take things too fast! That's good bc you get to know each other piece by piece! With female couples they just jump right at it! They don't ever seem scared of rejection or anything... If they see something they like they go for it! And they don't freak out about subtle physical contact! If one of them wants to hold hands then GOD DAMMIT THEY GONNA HOLD HANDS!! they seem to be more comfortable around each other the minute they're labeled as a couple instead of 'easing into it' I've personally only dated maybe 3 guys and believe me it never lasted long! I just don't like how slow they are half the time! I mean I have some REALLY good guy-friends...(my closest followers will be immediately thinking of Ralph) that would leap at the chance to date me, and I wouldn't mind dating them too much! But I just like how the girls just go for it! Idk if any of this makes any sense though.... And I haven't dated any girls.. YET! But this whole thing is mostly off observation I guess... I have a wide 'variety' of friends I guess you could say... Hmph! I just realized I wrote a whole paragraph about couples when I should've just straight up said "Gay and straight couples are different-im bi/pansexual! And I'm going to sleep!!" G'night!! #gay #lesbian #couples #rant #slampoetry #slam #bisexual #bi #pansexual #pan #homosexual #homo #ugh #sexuality #rants #paragraph #bigreveal #wtf #icantsleep #howyoudoing #crushing #crush #senpai #love #loveyou #forever #younglove
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How I wish that all those people who claimed to be my friends stop being fake as fuck and that really piss me off like i'm giving you my trust but you keep ignoring me because you think your are better than everyone and treat me like piece of crap?! Hell nah im done ya'll ✌ #demilovato #dancemoms1 #amywinehouse #rants #lovatics #somad #music #queen #gaintrick
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ddluving_spam : Amyyyyy
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Here we go!!!!! Check out what we think on our podcast tomorrow. There may be a spoil or two in it so don't listen.....nevermind listen on iTunes and Podbean and let us know what you think. #nerd #geek #podcast #podcasters #gamers #movies #comics #anime #rants #reviews #opinions #marveluniverse #marvel #teamcap #teamironman #civilwar
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Such kind words Maureen. #guardianangel #welldressed #community #rants #raves
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#rants from the hospital....I got to wake up to find out my boyfriend's new #musicvideo (lol, I so shouldn't be posting pictures of this stuff before it actually comes out- I wanna name the band and I can't but they're higher on the charts then #mudvayne and a bunch of other bands I won't his. And I didn't know they were going to shoot on the #ocean like fifteen miles away from the hospital I'm in :( I can't have visitors, but if I could go to a room with a window and press my hand up against his on the other side.....#skateboarding #videoshoot #missinghim
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🚨WARNING. LONG ASS RANT🚨 All I can say is... TRUE. Okay, so I'm about done with these people at school because they are all being jerks and don't want me to be friends with this really cool girl. Lemme say their names are: Square; Triangle; Circle; and Hexagon. So I was walking with Hexagon (the cool girl) and the basic shapes saw me. In class Square (leader of the basic shapes) said "We saw you talking to Hexagon earlier. Anddddd... I just said "OK" and her followers, Triangle and Circle just whipped their hair and they left. I swear. They are all being so rude. This happened a couple of weeks ago so, I guess their still mad? I really don't care about them. They were all jerks anyways. BTW, sorry for the rant πŸ‘LONG ASS RANT OVERπŸ‘ May 5th, 2016 7:03 p.m. (Happy Cinco de Mayo!) #rants #imdone #jerksaf #square #triangle #circle #hexagon #coolgirls #basicshapes #rudemuch #sorry #iswear #tru #sans #sanstheskeleton #undertale #puns #frisk #chara #undyne #alphys #mettatonex
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I'm so tired of this trash. They are not only do they time but they invaded my privacy by logging into an acc and reading my rivals convo, I feel violated by them and I'm done with feeling violated! #rants #trash #fml
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Starting fresh again with starting a media outlet Instagram page for game reviews and news on kick ass new games. My old one I never really was on, since what's been going on lately. So I decided to try it out again and take it on a new path. Always wanted to something with gaming and I came up with something like this! So if you guys can please follow me it would be much appreciated guys 😊 @cyclopsgames #xboxone #ps4 #pc #news #rants #reviews #controllers #gamers
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ℐℕℱΩ : ℕဂℳℯ: Jonas Bona - ဂ⅁ℯ: 19 - Sβ„―ℵ℧ဂℒ℩Tβ„½: Bisexual - ⅁ℯℕDβ„―ℜ: Male - ℜℯℒဂTβ„©β„΄β„•Sβ„ŒIβ„™: Single - ℋℯ℩⅁ℋT: 6'2 - Wℯ℩⅁ℋT: 195.5 - β„―β„½β„― β„‚β„΄β„’β„΄β„›: red magenta - ℋဂ℩ℛ β„‚β„΄β„’β„΄β„›: dark aqua blue - β„―Tβ„‹β„•β„©β„‚β„©Tβ„½: Japanese American - β„’β„©β„ͺβ„―S: sweet tea, sushi, chinchillas, reading, drawing, traveling, cats, listening to music, sing, swimming, dancing, making fun of people, being fancy, being alone, the rain, and hugs β˜†*:.q. o(≧▽≦)o .q.:*β˜† - Dβ„©Sβ„’β„©β„ͺβ„―s: flirting, fighting with girls for no fucking reason, dogs, the day time, dramatic people, loud people - ℬ℩ℴ ⅁ℛဂℙℋℽ- has no family when he was a child. Has a problem with drinking. A really nice guy, who would take there time out to talk to you. A mangaka,and an artist. Gets into a lot of trouble. Has a tattoo and nose piercing and a lip piercing
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lel.manga.rp : Whats up ! My name is jonas
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Some may say, 'oh but these normal Muslims don't follow their religion properly, that's why they're peaceful and those extremist's do, they portray the reality of the religion', er hello, who the hell are you to tell us whether we 'ordinary Muslims' practice our faith fully or not. If I pray my 5 times a day daily prayers, if I fast during Ramadhan, if I do all the other things that Muslims should do, and I'm trying my best to be a good Muslim who does everything according to my religion, are you gonna sit behind your computer and tell me I'm NOT following my religion properly just because I'm not an 'extremist' or I'm not someone who believes in forcing everyone to convert to Islam or kill innocent non-Muslims, and because you THINK that's what my religion says when you haven't even turned the first flippin page of the Qur'an and understood it to its real context? I am NOT those things NOT only because I don't want to be it, but in fact I'm not BECAUSE my religion says I should not force others to covert to Islam or kill innocent non-Muslims. I AM following my own religion. Don't teach me my religion when you don't know shit about it apart from the things you hear in the media or from Muslims who are apparently 'Muslims'. You want to make the religion look bad so you CHOOSE to believe his version of Islam rather than mine. You DON'T know my religion better than me and I would believe my knowledge, however little that may be, is correct because I'm the one following it to please my God. Rant not over because stupid uneducated idiots never shut up with this. #Islammeanspeace #learnIslam #learnQuran #seethetruth #dontjustbelievethemedia #andtheotheruneducatedignorantracistidiots #donttellmemyreligionisthisandthatwhenyoudontknowthefirstthingaboutmyreligion #Muslimsarepeaceful #bearealMuslim #Islam #thoughts #rants #media #quran #truth
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cant deal with all these sports lke i got netball footy more netball i have division cross country the day i leave for china then when i get back i have my netball tryouts and athletics and i gotta work around al these gaths and parties its such too much shoot me now
hayleeebreee : You'll be fine you're a strong girl who can do anything πŸ’ž and have the best trip away at China you lucky girl xx
lowxsx : @hayleeebreee aw babe its just too much i kinda cbf xx πŸ˜‚β€οΈ love you
hayleyx._ : awww b ❀️πŸ˜₯
dsemberr : #laurynsrant
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Time to Rant! - - - In math class today, my class is learning how to factor trinomials (is that how you spell it? Idk idc), and my friend @louisa.adamina was writing her Warrior Cats OC story when our teacher was talking and explaining how to factor the equations. Literally TEN SECONDS after the teacher passed out the papers, @louisa.adamina turned over to me and said 'I think I got it, but just to make sure, tell me the whole thing again I wasn't listening.' and I just started laughing at the Lego Movie joke and the fact that she had no clue how to do problems we had been doing for DAYS. Also, I am very impatient and a TERRIBLE teacher, so I had to explain what you multiply and what you add over and over and over and over, but she had NO CLUE HOW TO DO IT. Okay, thanks for reading my ranting, and @louisa.adamina, stop writing fanfics during advanced math class! #have_a_rant #rants #rant
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louisa.adamina : •______________•
louisa.adamina : Time to Rant! Today in math class I was writing the most awesomest Warriors fanfic. The teacher was explaining some unimportant junk about math terms that I wasn't paying attention to. Afterwards I asked @twitchstar3231 for help and she got mad because I wasn't listening. The end. P.S. @twitchstar3231 I'm stuck on the homework please help
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spiritrprevealed : Fucking cunt
those.mare.stallions_ : These aint rumors
guardian_of_the_lost_city : Talk about number one stalker.
one.lean.bean : All them rumors are true
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Ew marysue.killer is a bully u guys should block her why does she use emojis when she posts lol shes doesnt even have friend #rant#grossart#rants#critique
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those.mare.stallions_ : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ @redatary
reilpikram_ : THIS IS MY ART LMAO ~ PON
ilennia_livd : Same here @those.mare.stallions_ : You* ~🐐
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I'm afraid that you may fall in love with me recklessly, and in a sudden moment my words will touch your soul. I'm afraid, I may start writing about you, About how you bite your nails in nervousness, how you bite your lips out of nowhere and put up that adorable half smile as if you're hiding something, how you throw your head back while laughing, how your eyes get numb when you feel all the love you've ever seeked for. Maybe, I'm a little too afraid to make you fall for me, because if you do, you'll lose your reality and enter into my fantasy world. Little by little, you'll tend to know everything that was no less than a delusional chaos for you sometime back. You may discover all my colors, the hidden hues of rainbows and still crave for the black in me. Maybe all the lullabies and childhood fairytales would come to a meaning. You may chase me till the end of my world blabbering about love and it's different meanings of what your mom taught you when you were a kid. The stars and the night, the four seasons, the sun and the bright light, the rains and several myths about reality and fiction will altogether seem so different from what you've already felt and seen. I'm afraid, while chasing me you may lose yourself and you may fall for a mirage in the deserted emotions. Of how every broken infinity will find it's way back home in the most subtle manner. But darling, the foremost fear of mine is to tell you thereafter that all this while you were just trapped in a lie, or it was just a dream that may never come true. I'll leave the other morning. Leave you with your reality. Because, I never meant to stay. To enter into your life and to leave you with few memories coupled up with a temporary state of bliss was all destined somewhere by the stars or the nights. For all they ever wanted to do, was to turn me into an excerpt of your book. And I'm afraid after this closed chapter of your life, you may never endeavor to turn the page. // V.A. πŸ“· @diabolicnarcissist
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So imma post a small rant and yall can tell me what you think if you care to read it! . . I feel like a lot of more popular artists tend to get really full of themselves. Let me explain myself with that statement. For example with shout outs.. obviously no one wants to spend all of their time giving a shout out to any artist be it experienced, talented, or otherwise. Which is fine. You have other things you want to do. The one thing that doesn't make sense to me is when a very talented artist says that they won't give other artists, their followers shout outs because they feel like they aren't 'on that level ' yet. Like they aren't good enough to get a shout out and more attention drawn to their passion. Which to me is bullshit. I love to spread other people's artwork and share the inspiration and love of the hobby. I love nothing more than to see people grow and improve at something they love, that alone is inspiring. And telling people that they aren't 'on your level' or as talented as you are is just fucked.. You're demotivating other young artists who look up to you and admire you when you tell them they aren't good enough. People, especially popular and skilled artists need to be good mentors to all the young up-and-coming artists looking to them for inspiration. You want the attention to your hobby or your career, why not spread a positive message to young artists out there? Discuss in the comments? Also I'm thinking about bringing back monthly features of artists on instagram, it's something I used to do on Deviantart and it was a great time for me to go through and see the artwork and spread the love for my followers! #rant #rants #goml #shoutouts #art #artwork #art is #artist #instaartist
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lovarei : @quinncalvin haha I made the name based on the title~
quinncalvin : @lovarei You mean the "Lovarei Devalsha" part?
lovarei : @quinncalvin yes~
quinncalvin : @lovarei Yeah I can see that, its like your saying "Lovely Devil" but pizzazz lol
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Oops . . . . #writings #writersblock #writersofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #poetry #poet #drinks #kids #potd #qotd #rambles #rants #fightme
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maria_isabel_xo : <3
carl.schuster : ✌
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πŸ’£Of Fire and emotions πŸ’£ It's funny to see what you can do to me in fractions of seconds. How my body awaits your presence in this darkness that can never be nullified. I have had a good laugh at myself for ages. Falling for people , Melting for the wrong ones and at the end , when there's no light , I have been on the floor waiting for the moment to be created again. Funny how I look at you and all this has changed. How eagerly I want to melt in your arms and not be defined for once. My heart , my soul oh these will be mere words. But "us"? It might just be more than passionate love but how deep this fire might be . It will speak volumes about us. Of how you would burn two to one in seconds for nobody will ever find us. The mysterious couple. While I sit in the dark and write all this , I believe I wouldn't be able to recognise these words when lights would come on But , Oh darling , you are a candle worth melting for. .. #2am #rants #love #series #deadpoets #ramblings #writings #rmdrake #beautaplin #langleav #christopherpoindexter #writersofinstagram #poetscommunity #poetryloving #poetsofig #poetsofinstagram #picoftheday #potd #instagram #instalove #instadaily # #words #quoteoftheday #qotd #perfectsayings #somewhereinloni
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vamchi1d : 😍😍
ivoryfish : Did you MAKE that illustration?
2amguy : @ivoryfish No
kengarvey : Really dig this
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Tonight is the night. So much excite!! Check us out on podbean or iTunes for our thoughts after the movie. #nerd #geek #podcast #podcasters #gamers #movies #tvshow #rants #opinions #comics #marvel #teamcap #teamironman #civilwar #martha #itsgoingdown #excite
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That moment when ppl have done nothing but fuck you over and then suddenly they turn it all the way around and make it sound like you did that and you stand there and be like... "Huh? Allright then..." So you dont say anything about it, AGAIN, because you dont wanna make a big deal out of it, but suddenly, they make a big deal out of it, so you are hurt because... You arent THaT bad... How could they -sarcasm- so you laugh and be like "allright then lol, fuck you too, but not literally..." And you laugh so hard you post about it. #rants #random #kai
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πŸ’™ You know what I am over it really. Sorry for anyone who dosnt like rants just skim through. I just hate how I need to have respect and I have and give respect but it's like it dosnt matter to some people you know? It dosnt matter that you made this that and the other, I can take what you made and do what I want because I just can and its like.....fine play it that way. You want to just steal things and claim they're your own idea. You want to just go on and act like nothing well, fine. I am no idiot. I will not just be weak about it really I am gonna ignore this and just continue because obviously something inside of me makes you that intimidated you feel the need to fuel on. People will ketch on they're not stupid. #bjd #rants #dolla #blue hair #scenw #kawaii #cute #mejibray #artwork #blueeyes #elves #elf #kawaii #glitter #blood #yaoi #gay #anime #cute #fashion
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Let"s Rock and Roll out emotions,Rants,Emojis !! #Activity #Kids #Simple #emotionalawareness #EmotionalIntelligence #Emotions #Talk #Communicate #Parents #mombloggers #Dads #dadblogger #Children #parenthood #FamilyTime #Feelings #moms #parenting #Express #Listen #Try #Response #Comment #Respect #Roleplay #Rants #Rant #emojis #You #Me
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pinterestingplans : πŸŽ‰πŸ˜πŸΉ
leadwithgood : Me πŸ˜¬πŸƒπŸ½
ittybittybitters : πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒπŸŒ§
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Hi Ranters, Another rant up on youtube. Link in description. #therantingfig #rants #politicalrants #politicsasusual #politics
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We all have those days, week, month. The past few days I just feel eeehhhhh. Maybe I've been caring and worrying too much about things that I shouldn't be, and it stressing me out. Also this crappy weather, where is my sunshine? Yeahhh, I'm the true description of a Pisces. Time to get my old positive mindset back tho' - just gonna DO ME, focusing on my work & training. #thursdaythoughts #rants #Fitlife #lifestyle #notetoself
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flybri33 : #DoYourThing
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"MUM!"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Feel free to follow me on #YouTube - OfficialKingKhanAbz for #vlog stuffs, #sketches and #rants 😊 #HornyHarry #HarryPotter #DanielRadcliffe #DoctorWho #RickyGervais #Extras #Funny #Lol #Haha #TheOffice #Acting #Filming #Wizard #EmmaWatson #Intercourse #Derek #Actor #Skit #HarryPotter #Draco #Hogwarts #JKRowling #Johnny #Magician #Condom #Comedy
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themichaelfoster : Love it!
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I could still write about kissing you, Or how your breath felt against my neck, Or how it felt when I was hugging you. It will all be an exercise gone in vain, Of digging up what felt like battle scars. Those two days and a million happy smiles. Those few hours, Without passing miles. As still as we could be, As quiet as we could be; intertwined. I would not write about the day, But I will, about the emotion. And it would just end in a word- happiness. -April is blue. #poems #poetry #prose #poet #quote #quotes #poetsofig #poemsporn #poetrycommunity #tagsforlikes #typewriter #typewrittenpoetry #fromscribblestowriting #books #artrefurbish #qotd #instaquote #writer #writing #rants #aaryanshimohan #poetryisnotdead #typewriterseries #perfectsayings #instapoem #quoteoftheday #textgram #literature #poetsofinstagram #sttmh
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apoorva_ess : Sigh. 😍
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Respect! #respect #peace #sone #tiffany #taeyeon #fans #yoona #fandom #rants #yoonaprotectionsquad #hatersgoaway #thinkbeforeyouspeak | ps. Edit: It is not right when you use your freedom of speech....
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hani.sone1995 : Whats happening??
invisibleonearth : Some the-so-called Taeyeon and Tiffany's fans left rude comments abt Yoona not posting anything about Tiffanys solo. Even one of them asked Yoona to die πŸ˜’ @hani.sone1995
hani.sone1995 : Pufff im sure they are haters in sone face
invisibleonearth : Yess. But it sparks Yoona's fans anger including me though we also love other members. But, started from ytd, some fans keep asking Yoona to post something about the solo project. Like why they did that, fans have no control over their idol's life @hani.sone1995
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Better late than never. New blog post alert!!! Weight battle is common in our society. The battle loose the weight, the battle to maintain it. The battle to eat right and workout. We just have to keep on keeping on. No excuses, do your best, push yourself. Exceed your limit. Meet your target. Be the exception. #weightlossjourney #weightloss #diet #healthyeating #lesscarbs #fitness #workout #balance #push #bants #rants #blogger #abujafitnessbootcamp #goalsandachievements #abuja #nigeria
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wynnagosto : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Great #post πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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Just after some #rants please
rants -
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I will time and again Swear on my inks that I am free. I will stop fishing for Acceptance from the dead Poles of the night that failed At their jobs. . I will fly like those birds etched On my body and before you try to bring me down, I will move to the depths of self love and I will no longer look for acceptance From the shadows of the kinds Who primarily pull you down And then offer a hand, With love. ------------------------------- This beautiful lady in the picture is @ikisvonj who every kindly let me use her picture. Thank you. #poems #poetry #prose #poet #quote #quotes #poetsofig #poemsporn #poetrycommunity #tagsforlikes #typewriter #typewrittenpoetry #fromscribblestowriting #books #artrefurbish #qotd #instaquote #writer #writing #rants #aaryanshimohan #poetryisnotdead #typewriterseries #perfectsayings #instapoem #quoteoftheday #textgram #literature #poetsofinstagram #sttmh
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I don't feel okay. I'm really not okay. It doesn't matter how many times I cut or dye my hair I'm not okay with being in my body. I hate it. I hate how I look, I hate who I am. I hate feeling like a bother all the fucking time. I hate apologizing for having emotions and being human. I hate not being what people want and I'm tired of not being good enough. I just wish I was 'her'. #tumblr #depression #rants #music #quotes #suicide #selfhatred
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