best camp ever i started following jesus even more! im a new person! #iamuprising#cantonjones @cantonjones @ralph_castillo #ralphcastillo
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___kierston___ : I wish u the best Trevor I miss ya !! ;)
baller_life_00 : Aye I need your number? And I glad for you and your dedication to you God keep doing what your doing!🙏
up_up_away116 : 636-851-7418 @baller_life_00
theryancain : Trevor follow me back :(
dre_da_flame : YoooOOo! I go by DRE DA FLAME, im a Christian artist from San Diego. i make music that you can party too! lol I was also on BET 106npark!!! ALL GLORY TO JESUS THO. search me on YouTube!!!
up_up_away116 : alright will do man! @dre_da_flame
dre_da_flame : Thank you Trevor!!!!! God bless you
up_up_away116 : no prob! thanks! @dre_da_flame
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#RALPHCASTILLO #iamuprising #borntorise #camp #service
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I'll keep diving until I find your heart ♥ #14♡ #RalphCastillo?
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Conference in a nutshell lol #Purpose2013 #instavideo #today #awesome #davidham #ralphcastillo #davidgrecco #kennethcarlo #renegades #adonaiyouthnyc #spiritofbrotherhood #misfitnyc #tonytorres #purpose #conference #church
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lizsauraa : @_tonytorres_
jujuthegreat : But did you see my boo thang?? @rachelbenecia
lizsauraa : Lolll yesss !! @jujuthegreat
lizsauraa : @N_espinal
rachelbenecia : Nice video!!!!
lizsauraa : Thanks Hun! You guys are awesome! feel free to tag anyone I missed :) @rachelbenecia
rosietorres1 : Awesome video! Love it! It was great meeting you!
lizsauraa : Thanks it was truly a blessing !! Great meeting you too :) @rosietorres1
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Fall Camp 2013 is only 5 days away and if you haven't registered yet, WEDNESDAY at MIDNIGHT IS THE LAST DAY! Hurry before it's too late. #youdontwantarepeatofthemisfitconference2013 #youknowsoldoutandall #misfitnyc #misfitfallcamp13 #youngadults #ralphcastillo
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encourageyourself : Where is it held?
encourageyourself : @lkgibbs20 @dimi___naz come with me!!
lkgibbs20 : @encourageyourself nah I can't
chrisdurso : @encourageyourself you can register at christtabernacle.org :)
misfit.nyc : This weekend Oct 12-14 at Lake Champion. You can register at christtabernacle.org @encourageyourself
encourageyourself : Awhhh I can't go away I thought it was a one day thing in ny man i would of loved to go @lkgibbs20
dimi___naz : I work:-(.This weekend oh man. I wish I could go. @encourageyourself
therealhoser_c : Is that @_yavik_ lol (:
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