Justin Reynolds is a prime example of singularity of man and machine when driving the Key West 196BR. #kickerfishing #chuckandwind #radiosilencefishing
chuckandwind - kickerfishing - radiosilencefishing -
anthony_nigro805 : πŸ’ͺ🏼
reelntensionfishingcrew : So dope @radiosilencefishing
maxstagraham : Wait..singularity of man or singularity of machine?
pfomedia - zachlyonss - themowilliams - micnibbles -
Today On The Tippy Toe @kickerfishing to shut down. Catalina bit today. Snap: His Royal Dubeness #radiosilencefishing #yolotail #tippytoe
yolotail - tippytoe - radiosilencefishing -
lbceez : Oh, S.pipes?
warbaits : Grinder
matt_solorio : Nice!
reemoid : Proper stance!
grantwparsons : @gat_79 @ryan.oleary84
pizdaddy : That goatee though. @cousteaulife
dorenphile : Sweet kicker yellow. Sweet kicks too.
maxplihal : @jackplihal
mac_10g - seebaastiannnn - strictly_irons - chatty1971 -
Year of the YT. We highly suggest bringing WARBAITS on your future trips. Turn those followers into biters. Show them something different. 2oz Sexydine choked. Fish taken by @onedowner @sketchy_grace #KFFB #warbaits #yellowtail #swimbait #radiosilencefishing
swimbait - radiosilencefishing - yellowtail - warbaits - kffb -
garcia12b : What swim bait?
fourhundredand8 : @mac_ltf
noname8507 : How do u fish it for yellowtail?
warbaits : @noname8507 yo yo style or straight cast and wind. Paddy fishing. When you see them on the fish finder and they won't bite. Trolling. Sometimes they are keyed in on a certain sized bait.
sketchy_grace : @noname8507 there's no real 'wrong' way. It's just a more subtle approach than iron fishing is. It has its time and place. So does burning a surface plug.
yungratfenk_beezy : @sketchy_grace so sick! #swallowed
newportwaves : Are you guys sold out of the underpin heads??
juanalvi08 : Cul
teamnuocmam - ocbassslayers - kerr_maximillian - tim_rgw_0908 -
SRIRACHA SHRUMPH #radiosilencefishing #warbaits #pearlswimbaits
warbaits - pearlswimbaits - radiosilencefishing -
freeesh_one : @_derek_n_
ahhhshooots : @slothwalkin
matt_solorio : πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
thewoodsmith : @the_bass_headz
arooorooo : Glassskramp
warbaits : Chow
nickolescu : I'd hit dat
extreme_fishing_zadar - tight_lines05 - matteo831 - strictly_irons -
In Tight with Jim Edwards. Calico Bass & Boilers @seasonssportfishing @duanediego @salty_crew #warbaits
swimjig - swimbait - radiosilencefishing - calicobass - spyoptic - aftco - warbaits -
derrick_miller : Get out there!
warbaits : #swimbait #swimjig #calicobass #aftco #spyoptic #radiosilencefishing
sketchy_grace : The tank
never_compromise15 : Ill minded
mossback_clack : Swirlin on it
bixler65 : @jacobhouchin you down?
seekerpro77 - r_wilson1965 - coastal_krew - fivealivefishing -
MACHETE - FOR SALE 12' Livingston 9.9hp Four banger Johnson 80lb thrust 24v Minnkota TM with 2 batteries. Deck hatches for tackle storage and kept immaculate by a smiling axe murderer commercial Captain you don't know. I've personally used this boat to my advantage to creedle into fishy spots that no other vessel could ever reach and slay souls with it's mighty spirit. Don't blow it by hopping in your buddy's putty tub anymore, jump on the back of this stallion and slice your way into a fat sack of bass! Then roll out at a safe and moderate speed chugging a brew and howling into the Sunset! Send me a direct message if you're truly interested in acquiring the most advanced piece of fishing equipment available on the West Coast since the invention of the anchovy. OUT. #radiosilencefishing #machete #allbassdie #smallcraftadvisory
machete - allbassdie - smallcraftadvisory - radiosilencefishing -
dmmurphy7 : @magz_35team I got gas money 😎
magz_35team : Handle that i got the trunk and gas go get
magz_35team : @dmmurphy7 πŸ‘†
kurt_ivy : @jhines ranch
jhines : @kurt_ivy @wmlivingston it's a 12' Livingston
magz_35team : Whats the PRICE ?
jason_dempsey11 : @chief_reef300 this boat 4 sale
gen_disarray : @count_zackula holy sheet
isai_mendoza1 - alex1023k_35 - carsonncolee - hellafishy -
It's about the Pattern. Brown baits and Orange Warbaits. Look for that stained off colored water with isolated stringers in the 20ft zone. Brown Clouds. #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #pearlswimbaits #bighammerswimbaits #mcswimbaits #swimbait #calicobass #sandbass
swimbait - pearlswimbaits - calicobass - sandbass - mcswimbaits - radiosilencefishing - warbaits - bighammerswimbaits -
warbaits : Oranch @lbceez
lbceez : ORNCH
sdshorefishing : @allaboutthatbassfishnotreble
blackdogale : @woods2water88
cadynzeut : 😍😍😍😍😍 @dane.faukner
bdogg115 : Caught a nice lil calico at the bait tank this morning on this exact set up. @armasacesar
bbnation_ : ❀️❀️❀️
carsonnash_3 : I am a northwest al fisherman that's on the muscle shoals fishing team and know a lot of local fishermen been through ur page and saw a lot of stuff I like wondering if you could sponsor me I could get ur name throughout Alabama and it could travel and boost your sales thanks hit me back as soon as you can
seekerpro77 - dat_boy_myles13 - 9brady3 - kerr_maximillian -
@sketchy_grace hangin yellows on the 2oz Warbaits. PC @onedowner One of the coolest things that can be done. Congrats guys! #warbaits #yellowtail #radiosilencefishing #swimbait
swimbait - yellowtail - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
onedowner : Yes sir! #boxcanyon
elcajonhiker62 : Awesome warbaits #1
sketchy_grace : Thanks Dudes! Product is second to none.
bigmike_pureglass : #notboxcanyon
kielmb : They did it in less than perfect weather too. Extra gnar points
hellafishy : Hanapa'a
seekerpro77 - vonnysfleet - seek_deploy_destroy - d_guy_d -
Our friend Scott Wyss @bowsnarrows43 fishing the new 3oz Warbaits Swimbait Head in 60ft of water for bottom dwellers. Check out the Bows & Arrows blog for detailed fishing dope. #warbaits #calicobass #swimbait #mcswimbaits #radiosilencefishing
calicobass - mcswimbaits - swimbait - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
rachelangeles : @cnapalan
manny_m15 : @jonginolfi I need to fish!
castaddicts : πŸ‘Œ
sbt1316 : @ Dana landing yet? @warbaits
socalsteve22 - r_wilson1965 - seek_deploy_destroy - misguidedmisfit -
Black Is Not Yellow! Revived & Released #radiosilencefishing #blackseabass #california
blackseabass - california - radiosilencefishing -
100percentcal : πŸ‘ big ol' boy!
ryder_epson : @mattagrant @jack_t_hayes take the boat out 1 time
swba : #sucafre
unduhkava : @seekerpro77
seekerpro77 : @unduhkava im almost done carving my black seabass swimbait
lbceez : You are.
ebenecer8888 : ⭐️
addicted_to_fishing_original : Beautiful fish!
ryder_epson - sshepman_12 - kressistheking - strictly_irons -
My Little Cinnamon Girl #radiosilencefishing #ojaioluxreynolds #dadanddaughteronthewater
radiosilencefishing - ojaioluxreynolds - dadanddaughteronthewater -
pizdaddy : Slayer
masterpieces_by_jesse - zachlyonss - spotties_for_life - micnibbles -
Getting the a Troops ready for battle. Updating the Online Store and our select Dealers. Thanks for the support #warbaits #swimbait #swimjig #radiosilencefishing #aftco #spottedbaybass #calicobass #sandbass #largemouthbass
largemouthbass - swimbait - calicobass - sandbass - spottedbaybass - swimjig - radiosilencefishing - aftco - warbaits -
fishcubes : Sign me up captain! It be an honor to go to war with ya!
randosando12 : @rodhsweet so beautiful
hugz3231 : 😍😍😍
stfuooron : @wideopenbite
d2sh3 : Are you guys gonna restock the 5 panel? Need it real bad!
josh__leon : All by biggest fish are on the #warblade . well done fellas
warbaits : @d2sh3 yes coming soon
d2sh3 : Sweet I'll wait to do a big order when the hats come out!πŸ‘Š
mattgnash - urban_fishin - spearfishing_europe - reeldisaster -
Hi! #radiosilencefishing
radiosilencefishing -
cooper_abel : @jackreckinger
ror_sal : That's what every fish I catch spits up.
hug_life : You are.
ryusuaz : Hey hey hey
bagtazo : I think I hate them
judia_mexicana : @yavaughn_lopez_beltran
cooper_abel : When the red crab are in our neck of the wood they eat clear sparkle three or four inch swim bait and I coler them with red sharpie. They bite @radiosilencefishing
mac_10g - tight_lines05 - sshepman_12 - ponzu_scheme -
Fish Better with Friends. @kickerfishing @radiosilencefishing long day of battling Yellows. Life is good. #warbaits #kickerfishing #radiosilencefishing #bassboat #bayboat #aftco #spyoptic #missionbay #danatackle #fishbetterwithfriends
danatackle - spyoptic - missionbay - bayboat - bassboat - radiosilencefishing - fishbetterwithfriends - aftco - warbaits - kickerfishing -
scottgarymike : @kelpcutter the yellows never stopped biting. Lol
hug_life : πŸ‘¨‍❀️‍πŸ’‹‍πŸ‘¨
hug_life : πŸ™ŽπŸΌπŸ™πŸΎ
warbaits : #fishbetterwithfriends
warbaits : @shes_in_love_with_coco for perch and corbina, use sand crabs or Gulp Sand worms. Look in the swallows for these fish
warbaits : @shes_in_love_with_coco for halibut, use a 1/2, 3/4 Warbaits Swimbait Head and a bait fish colored swimbait. Also try a Lucky Craft Flash Minnow or casting spoon
shes_in_love_with_coco : Ok thank u very much @warbaits
mrchrisabad : πŸ’ͺ🏽
charlie_huntingfishing - coastal_krew - kbrownson_ - tip_top_lures -
Excuse me? Oh, yeah...that's a @kickerfishing jig in your mouth. #radiosilencefishing #kickerfishing #lockjaw
lockjaw - kickerfishing - radiosilencefishing -
reelntensionfishingcrew : 😍😍
droberts92075 : And a gaff in your neck
mossback_clack : A sharp point gets the job done
reyes1377 : @radiosilencefishing where can I find these fine irons??
patschlauch : Nice! Right behind the ears
nostachio : @_yobrando
_derek_n_ : @freeesh_one
seekerpro77 - reelntensionfishingcrew - seek_deploy_destroy - donar.mst -
Surf Hunting in my backyard. One block walk up to da beach. #barredsurfperch
barredsurfperch -
natewilsonftw : Throw tha fly
solehandplanes : Watch out for flying cars
ryankorn - scsurfbilly - batmansnextsidekick - natewilsonftw -
\\ Root Beer Scampi // #radiosilencefishing #rootbeerscampi #fishingisnotacrime
rootbeerscampi - fishingisnotacrime - radiosilencefishing -
radiosilencefishing : @man_brew - you are @pearlswimbaits - you are
radiosilencefishing : @lj22 - you are
nickolescu : I'd hit that
teamrizo : Looks delicious
tylertwothys : Mojo skrimps
ldandme : Totally old-school. I probably have 200 104 and 100 105's in the garage. I guess it's time to break them back out
randosando12 : @rodhsweet this looks tasty!!!!!!
briannasuee : @whiteboyjones es so cute
kickerfishing - tight_lines05 - tguanco - sshepman_12 -
When it comes too jigs an ironsπŸ‘ŒπŸΌβš“οΈ #jigfishing #ironfishing #YTfishing #YT #calicofishing #calico #bassbrigade #salty #staysalty #saltycrew #kicker #kickerfishing #warbaits #radiosilencefishing
jigfishing - yt - calico - calicofishing - radiosilencefishing - warbaits - bassbrigade - ironfishing - salty - kicker - ytfishing - saltycrew - staysalty - kickerfishing -
_beth_cook - david_lassley - aalikatherine - the_bight -
An image taken from a new post from our friend @jrodgers762 on - check it! #radiosilencefishing #smallmouthbass #silentfriends
smallmouthbass - silentfriends - radiosilencefishing -
eezysupplies : Great shot @jrodgers762
unduhkava : Looks like a #FatIka bait
neilsaun : Spotties and Smallies both love the Ika
samu.poggio - brandonfranceyfishing - tguanco - spencerstandland -
The Foam Is | HOME | #Warbaits #MC #Pearl #Foam #Boiler #Catalina #Bound #Checkerboard #Greenies #Bass #Radiosilencefishing
catalina - bass - mc - foam - bound - pearl - checkerboard - boiler - radiosilencefishing - greenies - warbaits -
harris_js : I thought your wrist was hurt
omvarrr : Alex
omvarrr : Let's go fishing with sponge bob today
omvarrr : He said that he needs help
suprstarsales : Post pics when you got heat not this basic af wave
bbrindap : Tbh Ily fishboy
alex_rampone : πŸ˜‚ @bbrindap
cheesechunks : Floggnaw
jaywashrapgod - kaseyuyesugi300 - brittanyy.ramirez - mdbr_lh -
FISHN MISSION. We are running our Fast Lane Kayak Fishn Mission guided fishing tours starting this month. If you've been thinking about getting into a Hobie Kayak, contact @fastlanesc and try before you buy. Time on the water @fishnmission #warbaits #hobiefishing #pa14 #abugarcia #aftco #spyoptic #radiosilencefishing #spottedbaybass #swimbait #swimjig
swimbait - spyoptic - spottedbaybass - abugarcia - swimjig - pa14 - radiosilencefishing - hobiefishing - aftco - warbaits -
warbaits : @wsj27 yep, met you at Fred Hall Long Beach and def know @nico3782 & @christie_ireland
warbaits : @iamthebassassassin thank you
wsj27 : Well there it is, maybe it was just @famousjamous99 half dead attitude that threw the vibe off! Haha! Anyhow let's get together at the chateau De Ireland! For a formal intro. @nico3782 @christie_ireland @warbaits
austin___cook : @freezekiel yew!
ryansliv12 : @mclovinbass @joshtandymcglasson
bassaholic21 : cool picπŸ‘
salty_crew : Good times on the reg @fastlanesc
noname306 : @kxng_705
catchingfish__notfeelings - lures4_lunkers - team.west.coast.bass - fivealivefishing -
Cleaning the quiver after a run to Baja, complete with offroad dirt thrashings and thorough panga rash! Followed that up with a yolotail bite in the foam frenzy in La Jolla. @rinsekitusa helped along the way but these guys took a heavy beating. Back on the dock now for a freshwater rinse, then cleaning cocktail spray down, then rinse again, then towel dry and set back to rest until our next mission. Fish hard and treat them like the tools they are but make em last! #radiosilencefishing #saltwaterassault #keepthequiverclean
keepthequiverclean - saltwaterassault - radiosilencefishing -
fishandhook_official : @radiosilencefishing I plan on getting the exact setup for a surface iron; Torium 20a with a Teramar jig stick rod. Could you tell me your pros and cons of that reel setup? 'm thinking of going straight 40lb mono. I'd love to hear what your thoughts.
fishandhook_official : @imantisocial
performance_tackle : @fishandhook_official swing by Performance Tackle or give us a call and we can get you set up! @radiosilencefishing gets most his gear from us. 714 826-1400
fishandhook_official : @performance_tackle will do! I'll be up in LA area sometime in May. I'll make sure to go and check out your shop. πŸ‘
speedofwhitee : what is that gold reel in the back
_aces09_ : @ @radiosilencefishing what rod is that torium on
dylanplantinga - tguanco - charlieclarkinsta_artist - strictly_irons -
Nah...Get In The Boat! @kickerfishing at it's best. #radiosilencefishing #chuckandwind #shutemdown
chuckandwind - shutemdown - radiosilencefishing -
tdelnor : Dude
_c.burns_ : Exactly what I wanna do... @alecpitts28
reelsimple : @quin619
fourxfish : Mad props for the tunaslung slug yellow!!!
lobstercrouch : @monkey_man51
_bryantimm : @scookies03
theultimatecorey : @wargasserdave
kaiterk : What's the song called in the background?@radiosilencefishing
chowderpuff7 - matteo831 - sshepman_12 - jeffypecky -
3oz WARBAITS Swimbait Head mounted on a 6" @pearlswimbaits (while the 2oz look on). New tools for on the water. Sand Bass Smash. #warbaits #swimbait #calicobass #sandbass #lingcod #rockfish #deepwaterstructure #radiosilencefishing
swimbait - calicobass - sandbass - rockfish - lingcod - radiosilencefishing - deepwaterstructure - warbaits -
lowbudgetbrian : #perfection
mikeschmidt1 : Yes! @tacklewarehouse
hellafishy : SexC heads
jbrent_cox : @capt_cp need these heads for shallow water big girls without the grass
kadka73 : @adem.ozer
mcarlin15 : That is so beautiful 😍😍😍can't wait to get some @mcarlinfishing
_blake_h_ : @jarodjoness
bulkheadclothingco : Follow for follow? We are a brand new clothing company out of Long Island, New York. Youll be hearing big things from us! Thanks! πŸŽ£βš“οΈβ›΅οΈπŸš€
seekerpro77 - kbrownson_ - seek_deploy_destroy - d_guy_d -
Some cool wood from round 2 of the @swba tournament series. #teamlowbudget #bigbassspecialists Thank you: #pearlswimbaits #warbaits #abugarcia #unibutter #mercurymarine #kelpclothing #aftco #radiosilencefishing #gangbusterbaits #luckycraft
mercurymarine - luckycraft - pearlswimbaits - kelpclothing - unibutter - abugarcia - bigbassspecialists - gangbusterbaits - radiosilencefishing - aftco - warbaits - teamlowbudget -
real_trill_phill : Did yall win kaenons
lowbudgetbrian : Sure did @triill_clinton
real_trill_phill : Hell yeah! I need to get me a pair
daddylifematty : @josh__leon
brian_viets_ - mossback_clack - real_trill_phill - leaf5000 -
LET'S GO! #radiosilencefishing #caughtnotbought #seasonssportfishing
caughtnotbought - seasonssportfishing - radiosilencefishing -
islandplastic : Jus say when
jayj_999 : @mdkikkawa @webefishin
millaje : Se les daño el washdown!
duanediego : Shit hit the fan on that stop... Full speedo and I'm not talking banana hammocks. Can we do this annually?!
onedowner : Don't all reach for the deck brush at once.
shellymactastic89 : @kdubz__
gmpachris : Sometimes it's a pleasure to scrub
addicted_to_fishing_original : So awesome! Lovin that bloody deck!
kickerfishing - reeldragfishingcharters - matteo831 - sshepman_12 -
Matt Florentino with Solid. This photo has it all and inspires to want it all. The hunt is on. #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #aftco #abugarcia #kickerfishing #sci #pennfishing #golden #calicobass
golden - sci - calicobass - abugarcia - radiosilencefishing - pennfishing - aftco - warbaits - kickerfishing -
joewinterburn : @pineapple_mann
mundanny : Surface iron bass fishing is the Shit ! nice Matt!
davileo : @defishingsoap
sm858 : @cambingg
b_chien : Nice
never_compromise15 : Sikkkkkkkk
jacobmartin30 : @willyam01
bassaholic21 : sick
kbrownson_ - bass_brotherss - reeldisaster - d_guy_d -
Pangero limit from Sacramento Reef, Baja California, Mexico. When it's time to feed the family down there, no questions asked. ¡Gracias por todo, Roberto! #radiosilencefishing #ceviche #baja
baja - ceviche - radiosilencefishing -
christoph562 : Sooo good
ebombard : Yeeewwwww
leobats : Cool
topshelfbaitco : Baja por Vida!
anthony_nigro805 : Taco Tuesday!!
reyes1377 : Great ceviche!
zachlyonss - sshepman_12 - dizzle6d - micnibbles -
3oz FLAGSHIP 10/0 Owner hook now available online. The Online Store is back up and loaded. New Hats and Apparel also available! Over $50 Free Shipping #warbaits #swimbaithead #swimbait #bigheadstraighttothebottom
swimbait - warbaits - swimbaithead - bigheadstraighttothebottom -
melooooo13 : @randall_vee go to the 10/0 Heads section. Then buy as many as you can.
randall_vee : @melooooo13 good looking out mang!
warbaits : @n5td yes. New run in a week or two
jtiglio : The long awaited 3 oz, Save some for me! @warbaits
jtiglio : Next is a 5 oz..... @warbaits
warbaits : @jtiglio probably
_crazysteve : Do it @warbaits
kadka73 : @adem.ozer
bohnhoff99 - pacific_fiend_club - jawndoefishing - fatboy4130 -
Biggest #calicobass of 2015 for me. Just over 20" and 5 pounds on the dot. Photo cred @kelpcutter #castpastdragthrough #slowtogrowletemgo #catchandrelease #mcswimbaits #radiosilencefishing #gloomis #cheezin
catchandrelease - calicobass - castpastdragthrough - mcswimbaits - slowtogrowletemgo - radiosilencefishing - gloomis - cheezin -
kelpcutter : From skunked to record holder. #YouGotDoubleA's #WearGonnaCatchaBigOne
headshaketv - beachbum9824 - miceeb - bigtorious_91 -
JACK-SON #radiosilencefishing #thebight #yolotails
yolotails - thebight - radiosilencefishing -
awolsystems : Gorgeous
keviinnewiin : @19o4_buzzzin
grantwparsons : @ryan.oleary84
anthony_nigro805 : Small craft advisory!!!
tbenj07 : @bramtheman40
bigjsandyballs : Yellowline yellowtail
blackzilla_mma : @maureenlu226
maureenl226 : @blackzilla_mma 😩
strictly_irons - gee_tran - billlindnerphoto - jeffypecky -
@kickerfishing 25 light on the turtle dunk in 180' of water = Rojo Delicioso. #radiosilencefishing #kickerfishing #thecolorred
thecolorred - kickerfishing - radiosilencefishing -
sackventura : @treyventura
pizdaddy : #bugged out
rob_da_lob : @ireland_wd its eyes
miceeb : New torium?
brandonkaufman6 : Thats how u fished mw
brandonkaufman6 : @jacob_glob €
brandonkaufman6 : ^ @jacob_glob
babymanther : Shimano torium 20HG? if so πŸ‘πŸŽ£
reelntensionfishingcrew - jackyd2345 - chowderpuff7 - charlie_huntingfishing -
Capt Jimmy Decker on the Bight. Iron fishing is going off. Get with @fishingwithdecker and book a trip now. #warbaits #abugarcia #kickerfishing #radiosilencefishing #yellowtail
abugarcia - yellowtail - warbaits - kickerfishing - radiosilencefishing -
outlawswarhammer : #punkrockyellowtail
matt_solorio : Slug!
desisoria : @fishingwithdecker Nice Catch!! I wanna go out soon!! I just met Mark Franco at Bass Pro Shop!
imtracydecker : Dinner is served
pineapple_mann : @joewinterburn
neilsaun : @ddchasta should I even get your hopes up?
warbaits : @neilsaun @ddchasta they are biting. Get on them while they are here
e_________m : Damn that's sick asf. It's already started😏
d_guy_d - bendolife - fivealivefishing - samular23gos_voplter -
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