Calico Gold #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #islandplastics
warbaits - islandplastics - radiosilencefishing -
ryankorn : Nice shot
j3ff.h - wsfishtank - - luisn330 -
Simmy Secker - Lord Of Cool #radiosilencefishing #fishingwithdecker #ohgodyes
fishingwithdecker - ohgodyes - radiosilencefishing -
jakebray : Punk rock god
brenmiller_20 - mattagrant - vince1064 - johnhager5 -
|| Two in the front one in the back... nick-nack-paddy-wack || Triples on Catagonia || πŸ“· @radiosilencefishing || #deathstick #pearlswimbaits #warbaits #aftco #radiosilencefishing #doubleflip #cripstick
doubleflip - cripstick - deathstick - pearlswimbaits - radiosilencefishing - aftco - warbaits -
hotslappy : You guys should have been at anacapa with me. I had sex with myself.
pizdaddy : I only see 2 @cousteaulife
cousteaulife : The doo with the πŸ“· had a bass up on the wire too @pizdaddy
msgcapt : Ron's Rock is a fine place to fish.
danie_texas - tiendat12 - infinity_structure - skylardonelle -
Hybrid Kelp Crab {50/50} Fly & Curly Tail Grub #warbaits #radiosilencefishing
warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
ken.takada : Where do u get your grubs
bowsnarrows43 : Dana Landing. They are just 4" kalin grubs
annamkorn - beiramusic - marioplaysguitar_92 - wsfishtank -
Field Test 002 {Spotted Bass} #radiosilencefishing
radiosilencefishing -
solehandplanes - dannewoo - pwells43 - theblackrattlesnake -
Hybrid 50/50 Fly Deceiver {Chartreuse Colorway} #radiosilencefishing
radiosilencefishing -
marioplaysguitar_92 : That's sick bro
natewilsonftw - johncesq - pwells43 - solehandplanes -
@cousteaulife - CALM #radiosilencefishing #phantomsignal #stellaartoisbowyoga
stellaartoisbowyoga - phantomsignal - radiosilencefishing -
lbceez : #lancesowell
hug_life : I'm glad we don't have to blur out his eyes anymore.
cousteaulife : Totally mellow all day....... #catagonia
warbaits : Normal @cousteaulife
captnjake - ldandme - jefhancock - fishdick84 -
Catalina Island - as seen from a shallow ridge at San Clemente Island. #radiosilencefishing #strandedhereonearth #californiabysea
strandedhereonearth - californiabysea - radiosilencefishing -
kredofish : Cool pic
bigjsandyballs : Gorgeous
derek__george : How was the wind out there today? @radiosilencefishing
mrsidebottom - sportfishingscience - code_green92 - arenshaw -
FREE STICKERS. Send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelop (S.A.S.E) to: WARBAITS PO Box 261981 San Diego, Ca 92126 USA Google S.A.S.E. for directions #warbaits
warbaits -
warbaits : @lil_dngo you're welcome
lil_dngo : @warbaits thank you haha -sincerely, the guy who randomly complimented on your products while walking to the parking lot and stole some stickers
zuricyo : @rinaj0y
chawashington : Kool, thanks
cs_cmendeezy : @kevinbusy
boxingturtlebrewing : πŸ‘Œ
bait_and_destroy : You guys still have some in stock?
warbaits : @bait_and_destroy all year long. Every year
joshsm1tty - lbswimbaits - chawashington - matt_florentino -
The Key West BR196 does it again. Deep vertical jigging. Red Crab pattern. Go get em this weekend! -AA #warbaits #lajolla #radiosilencefishing
warbaits - lajolla - radiosilencefishing -
onedowner : Hell yeah!
thehookset : Rad !
lbceez : "I'm taking off" Where you going? "To catch a yellow" Aight, dude.
warbaits : @lbceez haha crazy
ryan_kyle : Another local tuna, nice!
reyes1377 : Rad!!
warbaits : @captainblackbeard
captainblackbeard : BRRRRRRRRR!!! @warbaits Nice Seriola bruv!!
gosfrallan - matt_hewitt - fishingforlife357 - becirigulay -
Alex & Jerry - Father & Son Just the way it's supposed to be. #radiosilencefishing #fatherandsonfishing #totallytubular
totallytubular - fatherandsonfishing - radiosilencefishing -
jimisparrow : is that a baby minkota?!
chancy94 : @jian_laxina @jaredsaaib
_joshin_ : @xcannibalfetusx
jbrotherdotcom : 🐀🐀
mjthegreat909 : Dope!!
mohdthalji : What is that thing that you use to flouting?!!!
sdshorefishing : @dixoneras is that a trolling motor on the side?
samcarresi : @jack_lander_
briansilver - masonschuess - carloscrespodios - roymcdennonjr -
That one day they ate the #swimjig. Circa 2009. You'd think they were on the crab #warbaits #seeya #slayerhead #radiosilencefishing #wsb #swimbait
swimjig - wsb - swimbait - cornerofthemouth - radiosilencefishing - seeya - warbaits - slayerhead -
jaredsaaib : Dude no way @chancy94 @jian_laxina
chancy94 : Oh dang!!! @jian_laxina @jaredsaaib
bait_and_destroy : So rad πŸ™
danzcrawford : Wsb on a swim jig? Haha @chrisstimpfltlk
sackventura : @treyventura
matt_florentino : Tomato Pepper Kreepy Krawler ξ…Œ
dorenphile : Gnar!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
e_vaans : @littlebrowndookienick what !?!?!?!?!?!?!?
snookn0558 - cbt_fishing - pepepesca - chonhlee -
Pelagic Red Crab // Newport Bay #radiosilencefishing #pelagicredcrab #langostilla #elniño
pelagicredcrab - langostilla - elniΓ±o - radiosilencefishing -
studiodelucca : I love what this looks like
muchacho_hellabendo : @l1l_boy_blu3
evanstanley : throw a @deadhorsebaits
bigsteve2823 : Going to be an awesome pelagic year!!!!
mikewowlane : @radiosilencefishing J just so you know those are delicious
sackventura : @treyventura @yotch_nine2 throw red
churros714 : @slayerdw
austin760 : @j_kingr
sandcrab619 - adamspies6 - geoffreytheking - imtracydecker -
Wide open on weirdos. The rock is loaded. San Diego Bay. Go fish! #warbaits
2oz - swimbait - warbaits - slayerhead - radiosilencefishing -
_busca : @staypuff2 @joshuaobed_
fishon8118 : @1_jared_1... Still stickin em.
chewyonetimes : @blackzilla_mma
blackzilla_mma : @chewyonetimes killed a bunch of sculpin this weekend with a pearl swim bait and squid. Yellows have been biting like crazy out of Dana point. What's good?!
dorenphile : Pretty
javib949 : @marty949
des.young : @isonnate_
jmohrj : Cabs and sculpin loading up the light rods on the LB wall too @warbaits
imantisocial - oscar_ceja69 - dnicednice - ungiornomarcodisse -
Attempted Jewel Heist - thwarted by the 2oz #warblade. #radiosilencefishing #spottedbaybass #Warbaits
warblade - warbaits - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing -
warbaits : Psycho, 2oz bombsquad
slothwalkin : @ahhhshooots let's get some
averybren : justin is that u @emma_danly
streetfishing_narbonne - ideal_baits - vaperanger - getbent357 -
Brain spike. DARK DAYZ 10/0 Slayer Long Shank. It's great when they eat the big bait. Good luck out there! #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #swimbait #calicofishing #pearlswimbaits #aftco #abugarcia
abugarcia - swimbait - pearlswimbaits - calicofishing - radiosilencefishing - aftco - warbaits -
matthew_edge : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
jlctric562 : @curlylma gotta get out there bro
bassthumbs : Yeah !!! @warbaits on @insidesportfishing !!!
chancy94 : @jian_laxina @jaredsaaib so sick!
mossback_clack : Thanks for the luck, we used it all up today
_duncand0nuts_ - wwswind_insta - luckylures - nick_shoman -
CATAGONIA #radiosilencefishing #strandedhereonearth #catagonia
catagonia - strandedhereonearth - radiosilencefishing -
metal310 : #RefractionaryZone
mikekatzmark : Do you follow this page? @chiefkiking_rox
100percentcal - grab_the_gaff - arooorooo - roymcdennonjr -
Visions Of Summer Fly the jig. #radiosilencefishing #warbaits #bethefish
bethefish - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
b_chien : Damn...sick photo
chriskush448 : Awesome shot
jrodgers762 : Good memories
bigjsandyballs : Nice. Does that guy live there or can anyone wade fishing throughout the bay like that? @radiosilencefishing
imantisocial : @bigjsandyballs - I live in the blue house on the left, this is my front yard.
bigjsandyballs : @imantisocial that's awesome! That's a beautiful place to live. So, is it cool to fish your front yard or nah?
radiosilencefishing : Anybody with a license can wade fish the bay - low tide is the only time you can access it and stay dry. Property line ends at the sea wall, most home owners are really cool, some are not and will give you grief. My kayak was stolen this Summer so I usually come out and chat up any fisherman that are in the water out front. Ear to the ground and always sharing anything I've seen with the fishing. The Spotties within 1/4 mile either direction are my pets.
fire_ball - dorenphile - e_vaans - roymcdennonjr -
Tactical Response Unit #radiosilencefishing #darkdayzalways #warbaits
darkdayzalways - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
hook_line_sinker : That looks awfully fishy. I'd like to aid in the effort to thin the numbers.
lbc_siv : #foamishome
ianc_alsofisherman4life_ - davidkedrov - - tajthuemmler -
On a Bite. Mission Bay Spotties have been spitting up fin bait this week. Birds have been working in the back coves. I've been using 1/4-3/8oz MB Secret / Chart Shad with the Damiki 4" Anchovy Shad. The thin body of this bait matches the hatch. Slow grind and bump the grass, you'll get bit. -AA #warbaits #damiki #swimbait #spottedbaybass #hobiefishing #abugarcia #customrod #swimjig #radiosilencefishing
swimbait - damiki - swimjig - spottedbaybass - abugarcia - customrod - radiosilencefishing - hobiefishing - warbaits -
cpr_fishing : @vince_cinquini look familiar?
shes_in_love_with_coco : What do u recommend for surf fishing in California? @warbaits
warbaits : @i_be_chalo what species do you want to catch in the surf?
shes_in_love_with_coco : Surf perch and corbina @warbaits
garrottt : Surf fishing either use a smaller blue and white color rapala or lucky craft IFS series (in-shore fishing series) or 2-3 inch gulp Sand worms in white Carolina rigged. Fishing is best while ride is rising and during high tide. @nandez_nandez
garrottt : Tide*
shes_in_love_with_coco : Thank you very much oil definitely try it this weekend @garrottt
andy_dorris : @dougcro
bigworm725 - chrisfishsd - fishingedits_13 - getbent357 -
Matt Kobzeff (@killswitch714 ) with the @swba COC Tournament Big Fish weighing 7.90lbs. This Calico Bass was taken on a 1.5oz #Slayerhead & @pearlswimbaits 7" Ceez Candy. Great tournament and strong fishing by all. All tournament fish were released. #warbaits #CalicoBass #radiosilencefishing #swimbait #sanclementeisland #catalinaisland #swba
swimbait - calicobass - sanclementeisland - swba - catalinaisland - radiosilencefishing - warbaits - slayerhead -
lecurti : @warbaits Saturday's was 6.31, my new pb. Yesterday's was 5.60 on a 3/4oz firecracker head with a smelt colored 7in Ceez Candy. So stoked!!!!!
warbaits : @lecurti that's awesome! Congratulations
staylor1316 : What a pig. Congrats man! @killswitch714
lbceez : #ceezcandy is the name of the game @killswitch714 @lecurti !!!
gnarlygoons : Lol I got my 7 pounder on a 3 inch big hammer πŸ˜‚
imtracydecker : Mine was 6.89 just sayin...
steveoleeo : No one remembers 2nd place ...
swba : Good to see Matty back!
imantisocial - jtbassman21 - steelwateroutdoors - peeta_flores -
We survived our first California Offshore Challenge! On day two we stayed as Catalina for some rough weather and tough conditions. We weighed only 4 fish for over 12lbs with my 5.60 being our big fish for the day and the biggest I have ever caught at Catalina. Our total for the weekend was 27lbs and change. The mistakes we made on Saturday really cost us and things definitely did not go as we had hoped. In retrospect, considering we didn't pre fish, Saturday was our first time at Clemente, and Sunday was only our second time fishing Catalina, I think we have a lot to be proud of and a solid foundation build on. Either way, we learned a lot and had an absolutely epic time!!! Thank you to @swba for putting on such an awesome event and thank you to all the anglers who participated and have always welcomed us with open arms into this tight knit fishing community. I couldn't feel more thankful or privileged to be able to experience the ocean in this way and rub elbows with the best saltwater bass fisherman on the planet. #coc #californiaoffshorechallenge #thankful #t_ras #teambasstomouth #catalina #santacatalinaisland #sci #sanclementeisland #calicobass #thewaterismystadium #radiosilencefishing #swba
thewaterismystadium - catalina - californiaoffshorechallenge - t_ras - calicobass - teambasstomouth - radiosilencefishing - thankful - coc - sanclementeisland - santacatalinaisland - swba - sci -
swba : Rad! Stoked having you guys over there! Thanks for the killer vibes!
bassthumbs : That's a great effort in a very difficult tourney.
alanahamada : πŸ‘Œ
warbaits : Epic dudes!
lecurti : Thanks @bassthumbs hopefully I can spend more time there this year in hopes of catching a beast lIke your 10.5!!!
bassthumbs : @lecurti it's all about putting the time in !!!
lecurti : @bassthumbs just like @lbceez would say, "It's all about that T and T. Time on the water, turns on the prop"
lbceez : Yes sir it is.
freeclashgemsmethod - cousins_tackle - _adamrowell_ - pelagicwarrior -
Brandon Hayward - Catalina. Reminder: there's water surrounding the boat, cast everywhere. #thebight #radiosilencefishing #california
california - thebight - radiosilencefishing -
karen_cutie14 : Check @fitnessandfortune
lbceez : Check @inyurbutt
duanediego : #theHaywardianofthePacific
muchacho_hellabendo : King author of round fables
patschlauch : That was a fun day after the fog cleared!
mikeymellark42 - pizdaddy - timrellis - pelagicwarrior -
Sessions. Little bit of bird working. Rain falling. Pounding some stones and kelp right outside of the MB harbor in 30ft of water. 2oz THING #swimjig with a 5" curl tail. #calicobass #sandbass #sculpin #warbaits #sandiego #missionbay #aftco #radiosilencefishing
sandiego - calicobass - sandbass - missionbay - warbaits - swimjig - radiosilencefishing - aftco - sculpin -
wsfishtank : I would like to buy a warbaits sticker like the one on the boat! I try on the website and I don't find it!!
warbaits : @wsfishtank we have new die cut stickers coming. Thanks!
alexmarb : 10-20... That's not bad at all. Does it handle open water trips pretty well? I live in Los Angeles and want to fish the coast and venture out to Catalina possibly. Btw, tackle box is stocked with warbaits products
mossback_clack : Is that a curado 200?
antharris85 : @alexmarb one of the best bay boats in open water.
warbaits : @alexmarb the answer is yes. They are super hard to find. You'll need to buy one from Florida or Texas. Check out out videos or Radiosilence videos on YouTube to see the boat in action
warbaits : @mossback_clack Curado 300
mossback_clack : Oh i thought it was the 200
imantisocial - team_bass_thumbs - dustinb0083 - dubrocountry -
John Beerling of team #perrosviejos with two fish from the leading bag at Day 1 of the @swba #offshorechallenge2015 #radiosilencefishing #saltwaterbassanglers
offshorechallenge2015 - perrosviejos - saltwaterbassanglers - radiosilencefishing -
_lukehumphrey : Do they let those bass go?
ayy_dee7 : Ahaha scratch that.
adam.schwab : John beerling had the heaviest bag listed in the picture @ayy_dee7
swba : Thanks JR. Gnarly conditions over here. 'Frog Strangler'
matthew_edge : So freakin rad!
cousteaulife : Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerliiiiiiiiing!
killswitch714 : @radiosilencefishing no love for #3?
ayy_dee7 : Yea didn't quite catch that at first. Haha thanks anyways @adam.schwab
fishingwithdecker - jonnyboyy619 - bryanm_ca - dbad88 -
Zero current. Slow wind drift. The boat slides over the kelp forest. Fishing the 2oz #swimjig, looking for dwellers of the deep. #warbaits #calicobass #lingcod #kelpforest #unibutter #radiosilencefishing
swimjig - pointloma - radiosilencefishing - calicobass - unibutter - kelpforest - warbaits - lingcod -
hug_life : Vertical current.
captainlatour : No kelp that thick out at Catalina
warbaits : @hug_life I saw your weigh in. Good luck tomorrow!
antharris85 : Sick shot
reelsaltcustoms : San Clemente🎣
chancy94 : @jaredsaaib @jian_laxina
warbaits : @kris_kirnbauer_ #pointloma
shirtdiego : Cool!
team_bass_thumbs - vitaloutdoorstv - el__guero805 - swagpuppy11 -
Battle Tested. 2oz Burnt with a Pearl Swimbait. This combo caught and released many calico bass this week. Learn more about fishing the 2oz from the @radiosilencefishing video and the Southernswimbait video on YouTube. Versatile technique #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #calicobass #slayerhead #swimbait
calicobass - swimbait - warbaits - slayerhead - radiosilencefishing -
chancy94 : @jian_laxina @jaredsaaib
tripletreezy : Killing it
patrick_day27 : @dillon_irick you ain't even ready for these
r3dfl8g : Do you guys still make the warbait heads with the original hooks?? 6/0 I think it was... the new heads with the 8/0 hooks are a little to big for my 5" baits.
jlctric562 : @curlylma
curlylma : @jlctric562 sexy! We need to get out there
justinreyes11 : @jaredstudstill2 we need!
jaredstudstill2 : @justinreyes11 freahwater!
vitaloutdoorstv - salticswimbaits - mhc_kinross - 18_coolio_superman_32 -
California Offshore Challenge here we come!!!!!! #coc #californiaoffshorechallenge #teambasstomouth #thewaterismystadium #radiosilencefishing #t_ras @swba
thewaterismystadium - californiaoffshorechallenge - t_ras - radiosilencefishing - teambasstomouth - coc -
ameliabirdy : Woooo! Good luck my lovelies! 🐟
mcstink12 : Stay strong knee!!
romonster : Weastend
hug_life : Hurry up!
bassthumbs : Good luck
reelinanddealin : Crack em brotha!
scubasoo : Git here!
priscillllalynn : 😍
j3ff.h - n8dizzle - jms3fam -
FUTURE PRIMITIVE source: #tackletour circa 2003 #radiosilencefishing #knowyourroots #werentthefirstwontbethelast
werentthefirstwontbethelast - knowyourroots - tackletour - radiosilencefishing -
fishcubes : Wow i wanna color my own baits!!!
fishcubes : How do we get our hands on these?
destroyer619 : Good luck @fishcubes Those bad boys are sought after and hard to get your hands on. I fortunately have about 15 that are for tournaments only
fishcubes : @destroyer619 lucky devil you! Thanks for the intel!!
superspicy_chicken - fifty9 - _adamrowell_ - destroyer619 -
Night Stalker. Lowtide. Shallow in the grass, eating on the pause. 1/2oz #slayerhead / 5" Big Hammer #swimbait. -AA #warbaits #spottedbaybass #radiosilencefishing
spottedbaybass - swimbait - warbaits - slayerhead - radiosilencefishing -
z9d : I want to fish Mission Bay at night. I've only fished it during the day. @warbaits
tripletreezy : Love those little felllas
warbaits : @z9d really fun at night. I had the place to myself
ridzuanradzi85 : Nuce!!!
joer210 : πŸ‘
bait_and_destroy : Love it when they chew right as you kill it
_dylan_._walsh_ : Fatty : I got one on the same exact rig
anna64dylan - the.great.gaspy - spotties_for_life - madeinthe_usa -
@addictivefishing & son attack the condition in power stance! Visors Up Son! #radiosilencefishing #visorsup #swellcurrentfoamstainbite
radiosilencefishing - visorsup - swellcurrentfoamstainbite -
anthony_nigro805 : Rally cap
warbaits : Bite zone
jaredsaaib : Where at?
reeltrouble - jack_maurer - mackdad1969 - themowilliams -
Fun day of fishing and adventure. Afran Abutin on a calico while Mike @pearlswimbaits observes. Head over to for the full report. #warbaits #warbaitscrew #radiosilencefishing #calicobass #swimbait #aftco #abugarcia
abugarcia - swimbait - radiosilencefishing - calicobass - aftco - warbaits - warbaitscrew -
man_brew : @pearlswimbaits I thought it was baitmakers in the back?
pearlswimbaits : @man_brew ... Next frame!
f_r_e_d_o : What kind of rod and reel setup? @warbaits
warbaits : @man_brew @pearlswimbaits that's true. I spent a lot of time "R&D" / re-tie again
warbaits : @f_r_e_d_o Abu Garcia Revo Toro and Volatile Heavy rod (custom wrapped)
man_brew : I spent an hour trimming Da Bug pours last night. 'Twas an honor. @pearlswimbaits regaled me with stories of clemente.
warbaits : @man_brew it was comedy. I was almost a mess. But the fish kept biting my line
dickieisbrown : @h_smith9
anna64dylan - infinity_structure - kelpclothing - salticswimbaits -
Treasure Smile - Fade From Black #radiosilencefishing #expressrising #verticalconditions
expressrising - verticalconditions - radiosilencefishing -
pearlswimbaits : #20fathoms
jakeemv - dorenphile - theseanmccrimmon - dlindelius -
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