BARRETT LAKE Circa 2000. Photo -AA YouTube Warbaits to see it fished from the Hobie ProAngler 14 #warbaits #largemouthbass #swimjig #swimbait #radiosilencefishing @hobiefishing
largemouthbass - radiosilencefishing - swimbait - warbaits - swimjig -
dr_bassthumb : beautiful lake and fun fishery there!
619ranger : What is all that stuff?? Oh wait....its water. Haha
robespi11 : @t__man22
clawford88 : Going next Sunday 😁!!!
nico_gombold : @tyson_leomo @philymignon
littlebrowndookienick : @warbaits just fished it for my 6th season at it no Pine or Hauser arm left just one little main lake...😰 but fishing is still good!
warbaits : @littlebrowndookienick sad news but great to hear fishing was good
littlebrowndookienick : @warbaits yeah a few on cranks but most on flyline senkos and 80%of my fish were on Dropshot for all of us our usual T-rigs and swimjigs went without a sniff πŸ˜•
ozco_ - r_wilson1965 - pescadoroficial - reeldisaster -
The Killers. GOLD x BLUE SHAD Limited. Brown bait and baitfish swimbaits covered. WARBAITS.com #warbaits #swimbait #calicobass #spottedbaybass #sandbass #bass #radiosilencefishing #swimbaithead
swimbait - bass - calicobass - sandbass - swimbaithead - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing - warbaits -
outback_jack_ : If think that need to try these on the stripers in sf bay
sketchy_grace : @ryansmith__fish the 'channel island chovie' is pretty generic nowadays. Black top with a blue strip over a clear/fleck body. I my opinion if the color barely matches. It matches
ryansmith__fish : But it all comes down to what the fish wants to see @sketchy_grace
sketchy_grace : @ryansmith__fish fact
warbaits : @ryansmith__fish @sketchy_grace force feed
ryansmith__fish : Y'all ready know @warbaits @sketchy_grace
ldandme : Pure art
bigbassonly : @warbaits SFS?
cut_up_crew - looks_fishy - liquid_assassins_fishing - teamjigonometry -
MECHANISM Ingenuity & Imagination from @coasthwy101 #radiosilencefishing #pearlswimbaits #theartofangling
theartofangling - pearlswimbaits - radiosilencefishing -
fishonexperience : The best in the game!
coasthwy101 : #industrialrevolution @radiosilencefishing
seekerpro77 : @unduhkava
killswitch714 : Poked in the eye
rufatkasimov : @asaav3dra
biggsleaz424 : Nice looking bait
kyle.smal01 - 909_olblue - carlos.gomez5252 - teamskipjack -
|| OUTFITTER || Jbass smoked em on the "Crip Smurf " locally over the weekend || Smile shows the mood of the trip || #kickerjigs #radiosilencefishing #shimanofishing #performancetackle
performancetackle - shimanofishing - kickerjigs - radiosilencefishing -
vistasocialclub : Whaler jet? @cousteaulife
cousteaulife : That's a Whaler baby! @vistasocialclub
seekerpro77 - kickerfishing - brandon_jenks_12 - strictly_irons -
Fish Better With Friends #radiosilencefishing #warbaits #thebight
warbaits - thebight - radiosilencefishing -
dplatzer : @bigjsandyballs @captmessaround @perpetual_thirst β˜πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
bradvassar : I second that.
seek_deploy_destroy - xrisbo75 - donar.mst - idahoelkkiller55 -
Dragon from the Deep. Warbaits 3/4oz Yellow Head / 5" Pearl Swimbait in 60ft of water under the kelp forest. Drop it low, you never know... #warbaits #swimbait #lingcod #radiosilencefishing
radiosilencefishing - swimbait - lingcod - warbaits -
ryan_kyle : Dinosaur
sir_marcus_zarelius : Lingcod! πŸ‘
tacticalfishingcrew : Lizardfish.
bitemylure : Dinner
joe.schiavoni : @tmerlaud
_watermalone : Ling Ling why you no call me? @muchacho_hellabendo
john_white5 : @captain_karl @sourdiesel619
warbaits : @tacticalfishingcrew truth tooth
chaseisstoked - victorx90 - liquid_assassins_fishing - aquaholic_basstards -
Spottie Warblade. Captured by @ryan_kyle / Get'em Got'em Warbaits.com #warbaits #bladedswimjig #spottedbaybass #radiosilencefishing #swimjig
swimjig - radiosilencefishing - bladedswimjig - spottedbaybass - warbaits -
jimregala : @peeetemy @dayyb0t we gotta get out again.
dayyb0t : Foreals bro. Haven't been out in a while since I wrecked my ride :( @jimregala
sdbaybassman : @warbaits @ryan_kyle cool shot
carnes99 : Grumpy bastard!
breckenridge_warwick : SICK!
pigpatrol : Badass shot! πŸ™ŒπŸ·
taylor_bassco : Is this a spottie special war blade @ryan_kyle
bigbaithunt : Yea what color warblade is this?
mundusimmensus - losfishjunkies - liquid_assassins_fishing - teamjigonometry -
Keepers Of The Sea//Guardians Of The Coast #radiosilencefishing #uscoastguard #coasties
coasties - uscoastguard - radiosilencefishing -
m3rk_ : Halibut
hug_life : Narwhal?
teambassthugs : Is that you? @vince_cinquini
vince_cinquini : Thanks for the USCG shout out
imantisocial : @hug_life - You Are
mac_10g - dylanplantinga - reeldisaster - donar.mst -
Tournament Ten // 10.69 Karl Erbacher with a Catalina Queen Calico. RELEASED #radiosilencefishing #calicobass #catalinaislandcreature
calicobass - catalinaislandcreature - radiosilencefishing -
schwade_mungergames : @timhg27 you need to show your dad this
schwade_mungergames : @mikesmarshall
metal310 : @therealsisko_9 @knocksoh @reelem_jay
piercerjoe831 : @r_flores_art when we gona go catch some of those monsters
r_flores_art : @piercerjoe831 for ink at the bay will go a day early
piercerjoe831 : Sounds good buddy @r_flores_art lets sley them
cjhobgood : @teamrizo Doubledigi club πŸ˜’ I want in!!!!!
will_nighs : Hell yeah congrats dude! Welcome to the double digi club 😎
albrightapparel - plooteczka_wedkarska - fishing_hacks - seek_deploy_destroy -
Don't worry about Davey - when he quit the rat race and moved his life into a cabin on Saturna Island, B.C. he went prepared. My boy is doing it right and photos I receive like this keep me inspired to chase my own freedom! Love and miss you FREE RANGER! Eat well, be well, stay free. #radiosilencefishing #freeranger #warbaits
freeranger - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
9theresa11 : Hell no babe Lucy's daddy is FINE AF @frank_lucero
frank_lucero : I was talking about the pole not the guy πŸ˜’
frank_lucero : @9theresa11
murd13 : LMAO @frank_lucero
9theresa11 : I knoooowwwww lol @frank_lucero
davgreyson : Hey there bomber tenenbaum
the_caine : Go Uncle Davey!
new_fran : @frank_lucero Lucy sure is... looks like she got caught getting handled 😲 lock her ass upπŸ”’
handley_joshua - sshepman_12 - erichenzley - kickerfishing -
By @warbaits via @RepostWhiz app: Show up and blow up! Congrats to @radiosilencefishing @kickerfishing for coming out of retirement winning the SWBA event with 31.12lbs of Calico Bass #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #kickerfishing #calicobass #swba (#RepostWhiz app)
repostwhiz - calicobass - radiosilencefishing - warbaits - kickerfishing - swba -
martinochoa92 - toss_the_plug - johnny_slimielimey - micnibbles -
Show up and blow up! Congrats to @radiosilencefishing @kickerfishing for coming out of retirement winning the SWBA event with 31.12lbs of Calico Bass #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #kickerfishing #calicobass #swba
calicobass - warbaits - swba - kickerfishing - radiosilencefishing -
naterohner : @makobrand @tyler_rohner @lukebiker
dr33w_ : @e.kay55 when did U grow a beard
john_spagenski : @rickjamessd619
mynamejeff_7s : @dj.cookson
mrboxingfan : No C&R?
imantisocial : @mrboxingfan - all catch and release
cousteaulife : Jesus
daveeblair : #facedownbassup @rspizer @imantisocial congrats boys!!
capitan_omar - hthfishing - comefishpanama - alexinstafish -
"What happened? I blacked out." 31.12lbs of Catalina Calico Bass for 1st Place! Thanks for the love everybody!!! @bradvassar @swba @the_bight @pearlswimbaits @kickerfishing @warbaits @ridgemont_outfitters @aftco @rinsekit.usa #radiosilencefishing #saltwaterbassanglers #teamanacapaconcepts πŸ“·@swba
teamanacapaconcepts - saltwaterbassanglers - radiosilencefishing -
justin.toledo : @fishraiden
daveeblair : So dope!! Congrats pros!! @rspizer @imantisocial
lbceez : Pubis
djay_q : @strictly_irons @jian_laxina
jace2225 : @cole347 @durtimus_curtimus
jay_hesson : @risingsam_ @alecsgrams @steeezyb_
justin.toledo : @itz_arttt
teamrizo : Winner winner.. Chicken Dinner... @toddokrine
t.roytomlinson - samu.poggio - feee_fisher - fernanpesca -
Spottie bite has been fire. Tidal movement, stained water, they are eating the #swimjig. Let them eat it on the Pause -AA #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #hobiekayaks #aftco #spyoptic #unibutterfishing #damikifishing #abugarcia_fishing
hobiekayaks - abugarcia_fishing - spyoptic - unibutterfishing - damikifishing - swimjig - radiosilencefishing - aftco - warbaits -
natewilsonftw : Damn man I miss that fish
cameron_jonas_fishing : Love that Sit down Hookset.
harster760 : Thats what I did on every fish I caught. @warbaits
wuelement : @jake4ster
kbrownson_ : What part of the bay is this!? @warbaits
sophiehogben : Rad
seasamurai : Wasn't expecting that. Nice hook up!
warbaits : @seasamurai I wasn't expecting that either haha
jess_luv2fish - r_wilson1965 - 909_olblue - wideopenbite -
By @warbaits via @RepostWhiz app: Mission Bay. Only person on the water. It's raining. They are biting. #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #abugarcia_fishing #aftco #hobiefishing #unibutterfishing #swimthejig #spottedbaybass #spyoptic (#RepostWhiz app)
unibutterfishing - repostwhiz - spyoptic - abugarcia_fishing - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing - hobiefishing - aftco - warbaits - swimthejig -
sophiehogben : Nice!
luke__humphrey - cali_outdoor - matsushimam - bpfishing -
Tournament Grade // thanks for letting @rspizer & I run the RANGER, Brad! Jumping back into the game when Catalina is in bounds - let's GO, Randy!!! #radiosilencefishing #fishbetterwithfriends #rangerboats #tournamentkooks
fishbetterwithfriends - tournamentkooks - rangerboats - radiosilencefishing -
nofxcub : Nice ride
ryan_martin_ : 😍
snookhunted : Awesome! See you guys tomorrow.
ebombard : A lot of good dudes fishing this one!
arooorooo : Rad!
lj22 : Show em how it's done bro. #sojelly
killswitch714 : Good luck boys
j_fromthebay : Dope πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
strictly_irons - joncrans_fishing - ocbassslayers - jeffypecky -
Mission Bay. Only person on the water. It's raining. They are biting. #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #abugarcia_fishing #aftco #hobiefishing #unibutterfishing #swimthejig #spottedbaybass #spyoptic
unibutterfishing - abugarcia_fishing - spyoptic - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing - hobiefishing - aftco - warbaits - swimthejig -
chief_stevee : @scottymosey Z
dnomyaraymond : Bosss
ayyboogie24 : @smokin_ace83 what we should be doing!!!
sdshorefishing : @allaboutthatbassfishnotreble
paulysharks11 : All wet!!! Nothing stopping Warbaits!!!
7years_ondeathrow : @kwpurdy let's go!
kwpurdy : Wouldn't be the first time I fished there in the rain @7years_ondeathrow we need to get the bass hound out there man asap it's been too long
smithj12 : @bryantletson @therealacoco @abpgreen
wheresroman - losfishjunkies - teamjigonometry - seabassbandits -
Big turtle dreams #bigbassdreams #bassnation #bassbrigade #lateralvision #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #pondhopper
bassbrigade - pondhopper - bigbassdreams - radiosilencefishing - lateralvision - warbaits - bassnation -
david_lassley - simplyy.cait - aalikatherine - double_d21 -
San Diego Bay - Exploring new spots, finding the right current and structure. The big ones were eating the #swimjig off submerged rocks in 8ft of water. #swimthejig #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #spottedbaybass #hobiefishing #hobiepa14 #abugarcia_fishing
hobiepa14 - abugarcia_fishing - spottedbaybass - swimjig - radiosilencefishing - hobiefishing - garyyamamoto - warbaits - swimthejig -
ttonysanchez : That's so rad
robertbenner : Killer photo!
no_hurry_ : @gulk1284
micah_sato : What kind of curly tail is that? @warbaits
warbaits : @micah_sato #garyyamamoto
maureenlu226 : @blackzilla_mma lol shut it
paulysharks11 : Awesome pic!!!
t__man22 : @robespi11 this needs to be us soon
r_wilson1965 - 909_olblue - bassmaster_jay - reeldisaster -
Dear SBI, I miss you. Love always, J #radiosilencefishing #lifeunderway #santabarbaraisland
santabarbaraisland - lifeunderway - radiosilencefishing -
addicted_to_fishing_original : Mhmm miss her so bad!! Should be out that way in the next two weeks.
vince.jurassic.sportfishing : Get bendo!!
hug_life : Landed my PB seal there.
pearlswimbaits : ^^^^ weedless 7/11 Perch
imantisocial : @hug_life @pearlswimbaits - Nooooooooo, it was a weedless jerkbait
hug_life : Haha. @pearlswimbaits that was at SCI.
masterpieces_by_jesse - valentinbdu69 - floyddelacruz - micnibbles -
Let There Be Chrome #radiosilencefishing #thebight #chromosome
thebight - chromosome - radiosilencefishing -
seek_deploy_destroy - coastal_krew - wolf_cub_eyes - reeldisaster -
Life Blending // @imantisocial @skateriviera @catalinaislandclassic #radiosilencefishing #jacquisition #strandedhereonearth
strandedhereonearth - jacquisition - radiosilencefishing -
matt_solorio : Hammered!
justin.toledo : @tacticalfishingcrew @itzurboinini @fishraiden @palellajuice destination soon!
bigjsandyballs : I like how you guys dress regular to go fishing.
takeiteasyhandplanes : XtraTuff sneakers?
gnarlivin : @takeiteasyhandplanes them be them @ridgemont_outfitters jams!!!
ridgemont_outfitters : @gnarlivin @takeiteasyhandplanes πŸ‘πŸΌβ˜ΊοΈ
eugene1904 : πŸ‘
johnbethel_1 : Just did a project on calicos so ik that's there scientific name in your bio haha
plooteczka_wedkarska - 909_olblue - reeldisaster - r_wilson1965 -
Jim Edwards on that bass bite. 100% Respect. Pic RK #warbaits #largemouthbass #radiosilencefishing
largemouthbass - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
johnbianchi67 : Saturday man @michaelmooreoutdoorsman
hopperdoggy : Jims the man!
ryan_kyle : Deps 250 @bcusitsjeff
pigpatrol : PIG! πŸ™ŒπŸ·
josh__leon : Beautiful coloring
jtigs_ : #spottedbass 's fins on the top aren't connected like LMB. one way to tell. @warbaits
bentleystroud : @cjmaddux17 it looked exactly like that. Just smaller
bentleystroud : U were right @cjmaddux17
seekerpro77 - lures4_lunkers - 909_olblue - pintail99.sn -
Explore every nook & cranny. πŸ“·: @radiosilencefishing #tbt #radiosilencefishing
tbt - radiosilencefishing -
bohnhoff99 - guyharveymag.scott - aloyalmomen - creepygirlnails -
YT YIELD Coming up foaming. Get on the water, this weather has them up Pic @radiosilencefishing #warbaits #spyoptic #radiosilencefishing #kickerfishing #fishbetterwithfriends #yellowtail #bassboat
bassboat - yellowtail - radiosilencefishing - spyoptic - fishbetterwithfriends - warbaits - kickerfishing -
jtigs_ : Plump jellotail.
floyddelacruz : You folks are killing it good job
kiel_berg : Well done
jr1803 : Fuck yeah
jerseynutz_united_yacht_sales : Awesome color, stack em up
justin.toledo : @fishraiden @itzurboinini @palellajuice @dimwitrj
josh_032692 : Nice catch @warbaits , sashimi crudo will be great, or sashimi poke ,
rondawg2 : What size torium?
socalsteve22 - r_wilson1965 - 909_olblue - capitan_omar -
New Sled. 5'11"x22"x2.5" shaped/glassed/sanded/polished by @windywind See you on the upcoming south, riding the wave with Bluefin Tunas #warbaits #spyoptic #radiosilencefishing
spyoptic - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
momo_uh_oh : Whata beauty!!! πŸŽ¨βš‘οΈπŸ‘
warbaits : @harster760 very cool! I'll be there guiding the Fishn Mission -Afran
harster760 : Ok sweet i will bring some of my own warbaits and i will make sure to say hi! See u there Afran. @warbaits
gnarlygoons : My last post was funny as hell lol
bait_and_destroy : Wow that thing looks dreamy 😍
mrchrisabad : Nice
palermo_boy79 : Don't evening ride it just ship it to my house
isabellaofsanko : @elisetaka
varrina_v - soopercoopz - newhustlersportfishing - teamswimbait -
2oz Gold Picked up some hard to find #swimbaits. Match the Hatch. Gold, Brown, Red Flake... Done. Our site is stock WARBAITS.com #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #mcswimbaits
mcswimbaits - warbaits - swimbaits - radiosilencefishing -
ivan_insta_g : Hogans has those on 7"
warbaits : @ivan_insta_g it's a little dry in SD. Had to dig deep to find these
ivan_insta_g : ️Ya know what you mean haha @warbaits
kadka73 : @adem.ozer
fishynico : You guys should make actual gold plated jig heads
bigjsandyballs : That's the one
fishonexperience : How can I get some stickers?@warbaits
piesword_ - r_wilson1965 - 909_olblue - wideopenbite -
Time On The Water @hug_life values his highly. Observe, Absorb, Achieve. Thanks for being an awesome Human, Justin! #radiosilencefishing #fishbetterwithfriends #kickerfishing
fishbetterwithfriends - kickerfishing - radiosilencefishing -
hug_life : Thanks J Bass! I'm glad we're friends. πŸ‘¬
saltwaterberr - matteo831 - reeldragfishingcharters - kickerfishing -
WARBAITS 10/0 Swimbait Head built with Owner 3X. The weedless solution for the 6-12"plastic swimbait movement. #warbaits #gaffhook #brainspike #swimbait #calicobass #sandbass #radiosilencefishing
swimbait - gaffhook - radiosilencefishing - calicobass - sandbass - brainspike - warbaits -
billzbaitz : Thanks @warbaits.. I fished the lighter head with my new squid bait I make. It fit perfect and the calico loved it
warbaits : @billzbaitz they look good
bohnhoff99 : That's the ticket.
elcajonhiker62 : Sexy to catch big calicos
learjetter : @kewlyone
__tommyn__ : Saucer @thomasbockhorst3
anglers_inn_intl : Perfect for El Salto!
c_rod29 : @sinkin31
r_wilson1965 - seek_deploy_destroy - reeldisaster - 909_olblue -
SILENCE! #radiosilencefishing #baldeagle #theperfectpredator
theperfectpredator - baldeagle - radiosilencefishing -
jhines : Yes
jhines : @granteads @kosuke_fujikura @nine_lights
coastal_charters : Proud!
peeta_flores : so sick!!!
kosuke_fujikura : @jhines awesome meeting you yesterday! Double concave gliding
kurtispetersen : @julie_petersen_
jhines : @kosuke_fujikura great meeting you
gmpachris : Un friggin believable shot
reelntensionfishingcrew - seek_deploy_destroy - rafat.9000 - saltytalesfishing -
Justin Reynolds is a prime example of singularity of man and machine when driving the Key West 196BR. #kickerfishing #chuckandwind #radiosilencefishing
chuckandwind - kickerfishing - radiosilencefishing -
anthony_nigro805 : πŸ’ͺ🏼
reelntensionfishingcrew : So dope @radiosilencefishing
maxstagraham : Wait..singularity of man or singularity of machine?
warbaits : Home platform
pfomedia - zachlyonss - matteo831 - micnibbles -
Today On The Tippy Toe @kickerfishing to shut down. Catalina bit today. Snap: His Royal Dubeness #radiosilencefishing #yolotail #tippytoe
yolotail - tippytoe - radiosilencefishing -
matt_solorio : Nice!
reemoid : Proper stance!
grantwparsons : @gat_79 @ryan.oleary84
pizdaddy : That goatee though. @cousteaulife
dorenphile : Sweet kicker yellow. Sweet kicks too.
maxplihal : @jackplihal
zackmarquez_ : @tannerseres
bringtherukus : Yoooo! Whats the rod spec? @radiosilencefishing
skyler_hd151 - _sevastiano - strictly_irons - chatty1971 -
Year of the YT. We highly suggest bringing WARBAITS on your future trips. Turn those followers into biters. Show them something different. 2oz Sexydine choked. Fish taken by @onedowner @sketchy_grace #KFFB #warbaits #yellowtail #swimbait #radiosilencefishing
swimbait - radiosilencefishing - yellowtail - warbaits - kffb -
warbaits : @noname8507 yo yo style or straight cast and wind. Paddy fishing. When you see them on the fish finder and they won't bite. Trolling. Sometimes they are keyed in on a certain sized bait.
sketchy_grace : @noname8507 there's no real 'wrong' way. It's just a more subtle approach than iron fishing is. It has its time and place. So does burning a surface plug.
yungratfenk_beezy : @sketchy_grace so sick! #swallowed
newportwaves : Are you guys sold out of the underpin heads??
juanalvi08 : Cul
evan_d_3 : @chaluimmuir
onedowner : @noname8507 pretty much cast it out and reel it in. Just like you would for anything else.
mitchyslick760 : @lang760
kevincasast - r_wilson1965 - 909_olblue - fivealivefishing -
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