Last night was awesome! Thanks so much to all those who came out for the screening of 'Viaje a la Reina'--- the film was short and sweet with lots of laughs and really great cinematography... Kudos to all involved! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ»πŸ» #radiosilencefishing #kickerfishing #aftco #ridgemontoutfitters
ridgemontoutfitters - aftco - kickerfishing - radiosilencefishing -
eggszackly : Good times ! The turnout was so good, I didn't even see you there
ridgemont_outfitters : @eggszackly right! πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬
onlyatomsnyc - fredasem - jacoponapoleoni - brunocarrapeiro -
THANK YOU. Had so much fun hanging out with you all last night. Raffle had me laughing inside...hope you had fun. Let's go fishing. #radiosilencefishing #kickerfishing #aftco #ridgemontoutfitters
ridgemontoutfitters - aftco - kickerfishing - radiosilencefishing -
narantdesigns : @pizdaddy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
amberwolfpuss : @eggszackly & @jdusty front and center
imantisocial : @pizdaddy @cousteaulife @lbceez @rspizer @hug_life - 😳
muchacho_hellabendo : I'm the forehead in row 2. That Hawaiian chick tho πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
imdavetran : Thank you!!! Can't wait for that blender!! @radiosilencefishing
reyes1377 : @radiosilencefishing good job guy! Killer edit and had a good time! 🍻
eggszackly : Bless the surf and the ice @cousteaulife @pizdaddy
jayjones1976 : Cool vibe and venue!
tanner.saccento - wilmingtonsportsfishing - calamity_jan_59 - genothefisherman3 -
SO proud of my dudes @radiosilencefishing @hug_life @rspizer @matt_florentino @fishingwithdecker @coastal_charters and @sayerdan4th ! BRAVO! Standing room only. Plus @cousteaulife @pizdaddy and I got weird up front. Cheers, boys. #radiosilencefishing
radiosilencefishing -
freeesh_one : @_derek_n_
lbceez : And Clear Ed in the background.
missponyweather : This was super fun. Thank you.
moz2121 : i heard some one said in alright spida
jahz_disciple : Fun stuff
pizdaddy : @lbceez team face hair
narantdesigns : Good times!
wilmingtonsportsfishing - tanner.saccento - bassjak_ - fishermanman911 -
Blue Perch on the swimbait. Everything eats Red Crab. @lbceez with exotic. #blurch #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #abugarcia #pearlswimbaits #fredhall2016
blurch - abugarcia - pearlswimbaits - radiosilencefishing - warbaits - fredhall2016 -
curry101 : @john_curry told youzzz
cjhobgood : The red bait
ryan.smith924 : That's definitely a blue perch
gwon_youngun : 긴꼬리벡어돔
tjmines : @lookpointshoot the caption
salty_reaperkrew : You should have thrown your jig @jzoom84
dayton.h : @aidanlarabee
aidanlarabee : Ikkkk it's an opalayeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @dayton.h
fishallday99 - t_glessing - greecefishing_official - adam_caster_69 -
|| ⚑️ RADIOSILENCE ⚑️ KICKER ⚑️ AFTCO ⚑️ RIDGEMONT ⚑️|| Viaja a la Reina is gonna do a double flip on a crip stick tonight! || Wanna see 20lb roid shooting Cabrilla spin kick a surface iron harder than JeanClaude VD! || Get on out to the party tonight & be a real πŸš€ || #radiosilencefishing #kickerjigs #aftco #ridgemontoutfitters #warbladelemonade
aftco - ridgemontoutfitters - warbladelemonade - kickerjigs - radiosilencefishing -
narantdesigns : See you there!
mac_10g - theycallmeitson - takeiteasyhandplanes - kickerfishing -
Capt Jimmy Decker & Justin Reynolds find the solid calicos on the Red Crab pattern. Trust in your Captain @fishingwithdecker @radiosilencefishing WARBAITS.com #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #abugarcia
abugarcia - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
uncle_nash : Disco punk
shaneeliascalles : @brett_barnett cat
_kjallday_ : Dope edit.
cnguyen492 : @jayswoah fuh we need to go again
joewinterburn : @pineapple_mann
ncg909 : @churros714
jayswoah : @cnguyen492 holy shit
_antoniosanchez_ : @hunter_izzy20
anchoredteam - maxwell.decker - luigi_time_15 - bassin_ny -
Join us TONIGHT for the premiere of our film 'Viaje A La Reina,' by @sayerdan4th showcasing our #belowcaliforniaadventures. There will be (2) showings - 715 and 815. We'll have drinks and laughs available as well as a raffle with some cool stuff from our supporting sponsors @aftco @ridgemont_outfitters @kickerfishing and more. Proceeds from the raffle will be donated to @cf_foundation and go toward research for a cure! Located @4thstreetmarket in Santa Ana on the corner of 4th and Bush. Please support our efforts and check it out! πŸ“·: @brian_konoske_photography #radiosilencefishing #aftco #ridgemontoutfitters #kickerfishing
ridgemontoutfitters - radiosilencefishing - aftco - kickerfishing - belowcaliforniaadventures -
brian_konoske_photography : Bummed that I will be out of town!!!
sdotanthony : @radiosilencefishing streaming anywhere for out of towners?
fishdude54 : Damn, doing valentine's tonight, no can go
whois_park_mack : @gr8danee
justmedw : We'll be there!
genothefisherman3 - michael__vaughan - reeve_koesterer - pacific_lines -
Friends - Tonight is a special night for me. Please enter my little world of angling, for the premiere of our film 'Viaje A La Reina,' which playfully chronicles our #belowcaliforniaadventures. There will be (2) showings - 715 and 815. We'll have drinks and laughs available as well as a raffle with some cool stuff from our supporting sponsors @aftco @ridgemont_outfitters @kickerfishing and more. Proceeds from the raffle will be donated to @cf_foundation and go toward research for a cure! Located @4thstreetmarket in Santa Ana on the corner of 4th and Bush. If you're into adventure, you'll enjoy this flick and I'll surely make you giggle with my words and attire. Please support our efforts and check it out! Thanks, bye. ❀️ you, J #radiosilencefishing #strandedhereonearth
strandedhereonearth - radiosilencefishing - belowcaliforniaadventures -
raqueldakota : RAD!
the_new_future : Won't be able to make it, but I'd love to. Looking forward to seeing it soon, congrats!
reyesswimbaits : Looking forward to it! 🍻
weededonflowers : πŸ‘πŸ‘
phil_chao06 : @imantisocial showings no longer 7:30 and 8:30?
c.watten : CoolπŸ’€πŸ”βœŒπŸ½οΈ
radiosilencefishing : @phil_chao06 - encouraging people to get there early.
totallygenius : Look at that handsome fella humping the ground @hug_life
jpope30 - matchlessgoods - german.frigo - reel_fowl -
@fishingwithdecker makes life better. Outfitting under proper use of @abugarcia_fishing @warbaits & @evergladesboats Get with Decker and have an adventure! #radiosilencefishing #fishingwithdecker #warbaits #abugarcia #evergladesboats
abugarcia - fishingwithdecker - evergladesboats - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
ibesherwood : #siouxsie πŸ‘
seasonssportfishing : That guy is badass.
dirt_star_lovin : @fishingwithdecker with a toad.
dirt_star_lovin : @fishingwithdecker best charter around newps 🐟🐟🐟
cousteaulife : Decker slays 🐷
codywoodruff : @bowieviloriaa Hook it up!
hechthayden : πŸ’Ž
warbaits : Proper
pacific_lines - troutkinglures - mre.fishing - the_angler_01 -
ConTRAPtion. #radiosilencefishing #πŸš«β—ΌοΈ #reeperbait
πŸš«β—ΌοΈ - reeperbait - radiosilencefishing -
jacobschwank : Hell yeah. That rig is so sweet.
kylesalm : @shawnsalm24
matt_solorio : Lol I'm not surprised that it worked but I am surprised haha so rad haha
bigjsandyballs : Deep jerk
reyes1377 : #chingadera
r4u4 : It fvcking worked! Warbaits x Spminnow
coffeeeeyes : SP Minnow?
radiosilencefishing : @coffeeeeyes - who cares, I miss you
tightlines101 - captain_stache_jb - _mako0o0_ - jplascencia1 -
Time to hit the Santa Barbara coast this weekend! #whiteseabass #calicobass #barredsandbass #californiahalibut #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #river2sea #lunkercity #swimbaits
lunkercity - whiteseabass - river2sea - calicobass - barredsandbass - swimbaits - radiosilencefishing - warbaits - californiahalibut -
pkang48 : Wow, that is a nice treasure box.
pkang48 : Where do u launch your kayak in santa barbara? Thanks.
bassaholicsclothing - _rick_the_barbarian_ - bri_von_c - lbi_fishing -
1.5oz GUNNER Warblade. When the fish are deep or you want to slow roll, give them the Warblade. WARBAITS.com #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #swimjig
swimjig - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
windmilldunk : I'll be ordering some. You guys are kick ass 🍻
walker_griffin_ : Sick!!
bdogg115 : @armasacesar
centexbassman : @conklins_backwater_bass_tours @j_punnnn
gunner_campbell : The gunner!! My type of bait πŸ˜‚
saltyfishscales : @oc_bassin
cishaooo : πŸ˜€ @h.swaggy.z 😍😍
okiekayakfish - er1_swimbaits - ktmninja11 - socalbaits -
MACHETE RIG #radiosilencefishing #warbaits #πŸš«β—ΌοΈ
πŸš«β—ΌοΈ - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
d_gerson25 : @hieu_le
kooky_cfat : @henryshean3 @jacobfreyre_ @bbandley this is beauty
calen_quick : Epic.
bronson.mmike : The chopper
joncrans_fishing : That's s big jig!
rockinthemullet : @austinryanmize ledge buster?
austinryanmize : That'll futt buck em @rockinthemullet
justind11 : Mark probably has 12 @bowden22
jplascencia1 - ray_pacificplus - tommy_jensen_ - caymanfishing -
Showcasing. @lbceez shows us a beautiful calico, taken on a Pearl Swimbait limited color for the Fred Hall Tackle Show. Get ready for the future WARBAITS Snap @radiosilencefishing #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #pearlswimbaits
warbaits - pearlswimbaits - radiosilencefishing -
lbceez : Being about it.
lowbudgetbrian : You better be there day one to get your hands on them. #fredhall2016
ktmninja11 - socalbaits - socal_bassin - hassanmrabet7 -
When somebody asks, "Why?" Just show them results in silence... #radiosilencefishing #πŸš«β—ΌοΈ #warbaits
πŸš«β—ΌοΈ - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
sharkbaitdank : @ugcdank1
taylorstark777 : @brit.stark
edwin_h_kim : Interesting way to get a hard bait down deep in the water column. I'm sure it works though... Maybe less snags than a Carolina rig or perhaps swims more true rigged out this way! Nice!
shawnsalm24 : @kylesalm
rymofuckine : @youll_have_that @bobby_pat
captnjake : Dinner & dessert?? @coolhandluke57 @j.wor
_hashslingingslasher : @lecurti
jay_em562 : interesting @theeeazy @triplelb
maxwell.decker - beachcityanglers - sisf_ray85 - azanglerdro -
My friends @ridgemont_outfitters have done a great job creating high quality, useful products for the things I love to do most. This is the 'Monty Hi.' The Monty is an ode to the classic light hikers of the 80s, I use em on the boat all the time and the grip is perfect for rocky shoreline assaults. You'll have your shot at winning a pair for yourself in the raffle at our video premiere event this Friday @4thstreetmarket. A percentage of the funds raised in the raffle will go to the @cf_foundation which goes directly toward research for a cure. Visit @kickerfishing and click the link in their profile to RSVP and receive (1) free raffle ticket. Hope to see you there and meet you in person - I'd love to thank you for your generous support over the years and put some names to (avatars.) βœŒπŸ½οΈπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Ž #radiosilencefishing #ridgemontoutfitters #belowcaliforniaadventures
ridgemontoutfitters - belowcaliforniaadventures - radiosilencefishing -
gnarlivin : Hell ya I wana win some @ridgemont_outfitters kicks!!!
imantisocial : Then you better come to the movie on Friday PM @gnarlivin
jackall_usa : Bought a pair for a Jackall Japan employee, almost kept it for myself. Unfortunately they ran out of my size. Probably should have kept it lol
hella_fishy_ : Dope
gnarlivin : @imantisocial where at?
imantisocial : @jackall_usa - Thanks for supporting a great brand in @ridgemont_outfitters. They care about their products like @jackall_usa
ridgemont_outfitters : Yup, cruise out @gnarlivin !
ridgemont_outfitters : Shoot @jackall_usa! We gotta get you another pair!
jay_em562 - socalsteve22 - _matthew_b17 - pursuit_sportfishing -
Never Gets Old! #radiosilencefishing #warbaits #phenixrodscalicosquad
phenixrodscalicosquad - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
sam_neiger : @bbcphotos let's go
sapper142e : @_starrship_ yes you do! Love that song
galacticgoatsusa : That song is a gem!
chillrobgee : Many a soldier shed his life blood on my blade. πŸ—‘πŸ’ͺ🏽
mason_klasna : @big_vance
radstrad72 : I wanna do this and get paid πŸ‹πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ @ruiz.bernardo
tanner.saccento : CASHING in on some nice calicos πŸ˜‰ @maxlaputka
in_the_fletch : @dfiz @russo_michael @_malky i always wanted to use that song for a fishing video
fishermanman911 - layedback_barber - k_kredoart - divingmechanic -
The Super Bowl was rad. Didn't watch it. This cast I caught a 4 in the corner pocket. Didn't take a picture. Yesterday I cared about only a few things. This moment in time was one of them. Simplicity. And yes, as in the tag, we were in Poland. Duhski. #petshopboys #westendgirls #radiosilencefishing
westendgirls - petshopboys - radiosilencefishing -
tannernicks : πŸ˜‚ your moms house yeeew
keneti_faagata : Whats the super bowl? Makes me hungry!!! Good shit!
snookhunted : #tragicpile
fishandhook_official : Nice kicks! Are those native shoes? I have a pair of Xtra tuff boots but I'm looking for something that's light and barefoot friendly. My sandals get too sketchy since my feet are exposed. @lbceez
lbceez : @fishandhook_official yes. They are. We've been wearing them for a few years now and they've yet to disappoint. The day of the deck boot and Dickies shirt is over. Function first. You'd love them.
fishandhook_official : Rad!! I was hesitant to order online because I wasn't sure sure if their sizes were run true or if they run a little small. I wear 9.5 shoe but I'm wearing a size 9 for my deck boots. I really appreciate the feedback. πŸ‘ @lbceez
lbceez : They run true. MAYBE a biiiiit big. But it's ok. I wear an 8 and buy 8s. @fishandhook_official And no worries. Knowledge is only good if shared.
fishandhook_official : @lbceez Thanks man! I'll cop some soon!!
fishermanman911 - jplascencia1 - kentan47 - gone_fishing44 -
Straight Pet Shop Boys yesterday at Catagonia. Ever catch a CBP OTD ? DTS. That's the thing about that. #radiosilencefishing #petshopboys
petshopboys - radiosilencefishing -
matt_florentino : Win!
hug_life : Oh Catalina Blue Perch, On The Drop? Doesn't Totally Suck!
lbceez : @hug_life Didn't Think So.
lj22 : Blue eyes. #butwhatevs
imantisocial : In a West End town, a dead end World. East end boys, West End girls...West End Girls! Duh duh duh duh 🎀🎼
aidanlarabee : That's an opalaye dog
lbceez : @aidanlarabee my bad. Either way. Perch. On the sink. In the mouth.
aidanlarabee : Hahaha yea there's tons of those suckers in mission bay
kentan47 - franky3524 - cody_merrick - felfel.bnd -
#radio #radioshow #iheartradio #internetradio #radiohead #radiostation #Radioactive #radiohost #RadioDJ #onlineradio #TuneinRadio #radiopersonality #radiology #radiofrequency #radio1 #NuradioStation #RadioPlay #itunesradio #radiolife #talkradio #collegeradio #webradio #liveradio #radiointerview #blazingflameradio #nuradio #blogtalkradio #radiosilencefishing #radiography #airitoutradio
radiolife - radio1 - radiofrequency - onlineradio - iheartradio - blogtalkradio - radiostation - nuradio - radio - radiosilencefishing - internetradio - radiohead - airitoutradio - radioplay - blazingflameradio - itunesradio - liveradio - radiology - radiointerview - radiohost - radiodj - radioactive - radiography - collegeradio - talkradio - tuneinradio - webradio - radiopersonality - radioshow - nuradiostation -
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Sunday Soul Sessions. Achieved petting zoo status while testing out my latest contraption "Squidward Tentacles" on my @phenixrods SMX 73MH. The Carolina(ish) rig itself consists of a 4oz crippled herring spoon (no hooks) and a Yozuri squid crank. The fast action of the rod was perfect for sensitivity in the crankbait and the backbone was solid for sending out the 4oz spoon. Have fun, try new things and make em' eat it. #radiosilencefishing #sheephead #phenixrods #squidwardtentaclesrig #getoutdude
phenixrods - squidwardtentaclesrig - getoutdude - sheephead - radiosilencefishing -
bigjsandyballs : Shhhh... That's the pier halibut secret.
pakkaa : That's what it's all about πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
chris.khatch : @gunner_campbell @harley.killion @mattlester42 sound on
onedowner : Can't cut this...
_derek_n_ : @freeesh_one
savage.xdrew : That's killer!
gunner_campbell : So rad
tyson_leomo : Tentacool
reeve_koesterer - genothefisherman3 - local.tails.morg - lulu.w.mourjan17 -
SUNDAY/Catagonia! @lbceez & I doing our thing for FUN and @warbaits @radiosilencefishing @phenixrods @performance_tackle @pearlswimbaits @ridgemont_outfitters @kickerfishing #strandedhereonearth #radiosilencefishing
strandedhereonearth - radiosilencefishing -
c.a._design : When are you going to come on shore and have a beer with your buds
modern_patina : @imantisocial always putting together good clipsπŸ‘ŠπŸ»
bassjak_ - ethanhuyn - dallas5959 - officialsary -
Flying home from Catalina like. #radiosilencefishing
radiosilencefishing -
fish._.brain : Cool shot
deadhorsebaits : Wing man says what?! The moment us real, the rest is history. :)
muthafuckinderek : #saltyeye
tanner.saccento - fishermanman911 - gooseisonthaloose - escama_store -
What a #awsome trip we had#fishing #flyfishing #bassfishing #spearfishing #carpfishing #fishinglife #icefishing #fishingtrip #saltwaterfishing #troutfishing #kayakfishing #sportfishing #fishingboat #gonefishing #flyfishingjunkie #fishingpicoftheday #fishingdaily #fishingislife #lakefishing #carpfishinguk #simmsfishing #riverfishing #offshorefishing #surffishing #floridafishing #flyfishingnation #lurefishing #radiosilencefishing #fishingaddict
saltwaterfishing - gonefishing - offshorefishing - riverfishing - fishinglife - fishingdaily - bassfishing - surffishing - fishing - lakefishing - lurefishing - spearfishing - troutfishing - carpfishing - awsome - radiosilencefishing - fishingtrip - flyfishingjunkie - sportfishing - flyfishing - flyfishingnation - icefishing - floridafishing - simmsfishing - fishingpicoftheday - fishingislife - fishingboat - fishingaddict - carpfishinguk - kayakfishing -
viktor_c_r_7 : @erenduman29 @tarik_29_
insta_graham365 : @alligatorgarguy
chronicyellowtail : πŸ‘
saltwatercotton : 😎
whatsakugler : Can you guys show some pics of how you prepare your catch go eat? How does that taste?
alligatorgarguy : @whatsakugler we only do catch and release.
whatsakugler : Oh alright. I'm sure they are super boney anyway
troutsavers - casey.draws27 - caleb_dupree - dizzlevizzion -
Outfitted by the Outfitter. SuperBass Sunday. STBY. #radiosilencefishing #phenixrodscalicosquad
phenixrodscalicosquad - radiosilencefishing -
almiqueleiz : Go get em
cjhobgood : Alive
local.tails.morg - bassjak_ - tanner.saccento - richkidfromsainla -
Everybody's favorite outfitter - @fishingwithdecker! You could win a day on the water with this man by simply visiting our premiere for 'Viaje a la Reina' @4thstreetmarket on Friday, February 12th. You can also visit @kickerfishing and click the link in their profile to RSVP for the event and receive a free raffle ticket to be entered for your chance to win. Raffling off humans is awesome!!! #radiosilencefishing #kickerfishingwithdecker #aftco #ridgemontoutfitters
ridgemontoutfitters - kickerfishingwithdecker - aftco - radiosilencefishing -
kanefiedler97 : @trevor_coker
fishingmanshannon : Decker fishes?! I just like his band.
michael__vaughan - caymanfishing - pacific_lines - theycallmedeyan -
Deep cold water bass. Down there feeding on crab. Most of the bites coming on the fall, 5ft from the bottom. Caught & released. #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #calicobass #abugarcia #swimjig
calicobass - abugarcia - swimjig - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
sketchy_grace : @abachar look at that headshot.
abachar : That's a beauty for sure. @sketchy_grace @warbaits
hella_fishy_ : Nice
steven_pewpew : @mermanduhh
man_brew : How cold? Like really cold?
nostachio : @ryanasato @supermari0 so true
bm_k9 : @boni9101 @dannytheaviator
hurricaneeugene : That shot!
hassanmrabet7 - nuck_chorris29 - eliw415 - fishingclassifieds -
Red Crab Eaters, Point Loma, CA. We found calicos feeding on Red Crab near the bottom in 93ft of water. We fished a 2oz FIRECRACKER head with a 5.5" swimbait. Read the meter and Match the Hatch! WARBAITS.com #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #calicobass #abugarcia #revotoro #swimbait
abugarcia - swimbait - radiosilencefishing - calicobass - revotoro - warbaits -
realestatebloom : @american_polock us tomorrow!
gaber_t4r : @_octopusprime_
herycdesigns : Word.....!
saltyfreshhh : Getting that reel soon😱😫
warbaits : @saltyfreshhh get this one or the Toro S 50
saltyfreshhh : Nacl 51
get_bent_custom_rods : Nice
harley.killion : Yewww Afran! Nice one brotha
eliw415 - hassanmrabet7 - basspro250 - sato_vato -
The single most valuable thing in the boat on every adventure is FRIENDSHIP! The fishing and catching is just icing on the cake. I'm in the business of making memories and sharing experiences...the only things that will really matter when the lights finally go out ⚰. Cheers to all of my friends and family, which includes each of you. Thanks for making LIFE so enjoyable! ✌🏽️❀️🎣 #radiosilencefishing #fishbetterwithfriends #followfriendsnottrends
fishbetterwithfriends - followfriendsnottrends - radiosilencefishing -
daquarto : Well said J.
apples_and_oranges : @johnnyseiber
greggoryyhall : One day @noahseto one day
rpaur : @indi_andy_jones @trevaa_de waiting on the first boat purchase
donniebutz : Hell yeah floating and drinking is the best part @ryanschmehr
mattagrant : @ricky_zat @jack_t_hayes
jonathan_montero2 : @parker_brakebill
jakalanern : Yes dude love this @jwchet
michael__vaughan - tightlines101 - ray_pacificplus - gregoiresauty -
Calicos are on the Red Crab! Get with it, match the hatch. @radiosilencefishing told us so, Stay connected! WARBAITS.com #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #phenixrods #calicobass
calicobass - phenixrods - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
phenixrods : πŸ‘πŸΌπŸŽ£
cfishpant : @stachefight
serranojra : @erick_hernandez1222
5oz94 : This is awesome!
cyrusmorgan : @bmusiclosangeles
eliw415 - sato_vato - socalbaits - aandn_outdoors -
Catalina Island calico bass are still aggressively feeding on the abundant PRC (pelagic red crab) along the upper frontside. I've continually found fish from 45'-60' of water with birds on the surface over scattered hard bottom. Long casts sent to the bottom are either struck on the sink or a couple of cranks or pops back into the steady retrieve. A lot of takers are committing on the re-drop as well - 20 cranks and then free spool back to the bottom and repeat. Yesterday I put my new SMX 79H @phenixrods to work with a 2oz. @warbaits and slender 4" @pearlswimbaits combo. The rod offers great sensitivity on the long range, bottom based assault and the extra fast action was perfect for winding down on biters. The shut off on this rod is definitely in the "heavy class" and matched with the action, it's definitely going to be a sharp tool in the arsenal. I only know what I see. Yesterday I saw fish mauling what they thought was a real meal tied to the end of my line. Smoked em' and let em' go...Go Now. πŸ“·: @bongos_sportfishing #radiosilencefishing #phenixrodscalicosquad #warbaits
phenixrodscalicosquad - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
rider514_iaf : @ron_howard_ get ready for a good year
chrisseakush : Great info. Looks awesome out there.
goleta_slim : Thanks for the report
savage.xdrew : I wanna go:( @ssericz
jimisparrow : nice one πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
ryanncollinss : hopefully it stays this way! @ely_lerum
phenixrods : πŸ‘πŸΌπŸŽ£
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This dude right here, @imantisocial, is like a brother to me. Forever bringing inspiration and positive vibes wherever he goes. He makes those around him better by just being there. Love you, bud. On a fucking Friday. Here's to 1,000 more years. #radiosilencefishing #thatsthethingaboutthat #purplecrawdadsallday
thatsthethingaboutthat - purplecrawdadsallday - radiosilencefishing -
s_everett : The man @imantisocial good session tonight! You were ripping! That switch tre blew my mind
rlparolee : πŸ‘Œ
burge_3.0 : I'm ready for that Wednesday calico run holmes @lbceez
lbceez : @burge_3.0 as soon as this weather shapes up.
imantisocial : @lbceez - 6"-60' of water. Outta gear near the bottom or on a 190 if you're @lowbudgetbrian
lowbudgetbrian : Makes perfect sense @imantisocial
curry101 : #Elite
chase.schmidt : Good times good memories cool shots lucky dudes. Dig itπŸ‘πŸ»
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Big Calicos are always a good sight. The shape, the color, big fins, broad tail, swimbait eater. Thanks @lbceez for sharing this one. Caught and released. Snap: @radiosilencefishing WARBAITS.com #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #phenixrods #abugarcia #performancetackle #calicobass #swimbait
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nathan_kuno : @matt_blackwill_photo @justinrogina
justinrogina : Let's go @nathan_kuno
rolandank : @krooksandhooks
eric_remmer : Loving the warm colors on this one
papapig15 : Awesome!
cjhobgood : Ceez things a red dragon loving those colors @lbceez
lbceez : @cjhobgood next time you're in town, they're there waiting for you. @lowbudgetbrian and I would be honored to put you on a few.
_0529ovo : nice pic
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