Smiles. The Island. Big bass. Good company. A full speed bite. Matt & Benny Florentino enjoy the adventure and time together. #aftco #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #calicobass #sci Pic @rspizer
calicobass - sci - aftco - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
cewutzkrkin : Sharp teeth!!!!
chasing_fishes : Nice!
jmohrj : Fall colors!
scottypethtel : #fathersontime awesome bud!!
_derek_n_ - jonnyboyy619 - tyler_hoppe - raylokko_ -
Catching calicos near some islands. Read the meter and look for the high spots and kelp stringers #Warbaits #radiosilencefishing #aftco #exploremore #swimbaits Pic: @tylerpm30
warbaits - aftco - exploremore - swimbaits - radiosilencefishing -
natewilsonsmxltd : Rad
tj.ponder : I know where
mossback_clack : How much are the 2 oz heads? And how maaany are there in a pack?
warbaits : @mossback_clack 2oz, 2 per pack. $7.99 but check tacklewarehouse.com, they may have a different price
a_jakubek - cpurcell21 - bass.a.holic - e_rackasaurus -
You Can't Buy Happiness || But You Can Buy Gas To Get You There! San Clemente Island/Planet Paradise #radiosilencefishing #sanclementeisland #strandedhereonearth
strandedhereonearth - sanclementeisland - radiosilencefishing -
rodflinger - lateralvision - swimbaitkid - thearticuno -
The Underworld is alive. #exploremore #radiosilencefishing #Warbaits #swimbaits Pic: WarCrew
exploremore - warbaits - swimbaits - radiosilencefishing -
charlesschlikerr : 1st like
hesterron8193 : 93rd like lol
ideal_baits : 301
danebruhahn : Haha @charlesschlikerr
timrellis - jtiglio - corbinj1215 - _insta_grom_ -
"Hand me my Sammy rod, wait, nevermind." @skygram1 & @hug_life are a couple of champs. Ripper bite on the beach this afternoon! #radiosilencefishing #fishwithfriends #gnarwhal
gnarwhal - fishwithfriends - radiosilencefishing -
hug_life : Bwahaha. "I just want to get a bite on this Sammy. Whoooaaa!!!!" @skygram1
bassthumbs : #legends
hug_life : #the15B's
saltyfish18 : Perfection
donkeychaser : Did he get one in the Sammy?
skygram1 : Soo fun. @imantisocial always outfitting. No visor needed. @hug_life #bass #barracuda #bonito #bazoombas
imantisocial : @donkeychaser - he got a few!
sackventura : @treyventura
scl010 - sarahblasko_ - ainagata0401 - cisco_preciado -
Fun day in the backyard. #radiosilencefishing #coastaladventure #california Pic: @hug_life
coastaladventure - california - radiosilencefishing -
louiscarreon : Take me
heshfresh1 : 👍🐟
fonggg1 : That was me tubing earlier today!
tylerpm30 : Yeeee
jbrotherdotcom : uncle butch!!
hazeyhayes76 : Epic!!! Yaaaa
str8upedd - _the_pahanda_ - bassbrigade - jakemcfet -
Dream Time's Extended & Highly Recommended! #fishableplanets #radiosilencefishing #spottedbaybass
fishableplanets - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing -
b_list : #doodlebug
lbceez : Light blue suede Pumas
randopham : Lack of RSF video uploads leads to time spent on XVideos. Not sure whether to thank. #needmoarvideos
imantisocial : @randopham - there are secret videos
randopham : @imantisocial ahh. Any chance a brotha can get a link to the gems or this for certain eyes only. No ass hurts here if you'd rather not.
lukehumphrey15 - i_m_satlher - fonggg1 - bass.turds -
| Catch & Release | @coastalcharters2012 letting his slob return to the underworld. Clip: @radiosilencefishing #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #catchandrelease
catchandrelease - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
destroyer619 : Stoked for you Benny.
samueldarius : @pileofwood @turo13 @jamos765 dude!
pileofwood : @samueldarius what's the biggest ever ?
warbaits : @pileofwood the Calico bass IGFA record is 14lbs 7oz by Thomas Murphy in Newport Beach, CA
msgcapt : Murphy's Law is mackerel syndicate. Sir Benny tricked his with an artificial lure, which in both case and point, deserves madd kudos.
hunter_valliant : What's that guys name
warbaits : @hunter_valliant Capt Benny Florentino @coastalcharters2012
tonycardenas : Congrats Capt.
dakotawatson414 - __lissaxo - cencaltyger - kelbymannigel -
The guys venture to Santa Barbara Island for the hunt. They had epic calico fishing with a few yellows mixed in. Plus Benny's 10+. Get out there and #exploremore #radiosilencefishing #santabarbaraisland #warbaits
warbaits - santabarbaraisland - exploremore - radiosilencefishing -
matthew_edge : Heelll yea!
briannasuee : @whiteboyjones 😍
elcajonhiker62 : Piggy,piggy Warbaits #1 Fish-On
fatgirlsfishing : Sick Calico!
ka___dreev : Do you sponsor
errlsworth_dabbingham : She wants the C ^^^ @whiteboyjones
aarongomezfuentez - nate_bailey34 - thrasher_mmcf - sbell22jr -
Thanks, Life. #radiosilencefishing #calicobass #santabarbaraisland
calicobass - santabarbaraisland - radiosilencefishing -
chillrobgee : Purps
lj22 : #2oz #mustbetopwater
joeypulsifer : Fish is probably thinking the same thing.
bait_and_destroy : That hat tho
pizdaddy : Nice jbass
rowdyrudes : @ampal_creative
ryan_kyle : That swimbob tho
civilware : Yes!
tdelnor - spikeymikey7 - jake_totten - ldandme -
10+lbs of Calico Bass. Audio|Visuals: @radiosilencefishing #coastalcharters #radiosilencefishing #doubledigit #calicobass
calicobass - doubledigit - coastalcharters - radiosilencefishing -
phunkydrumm3r : ( . Y . )
mossback_clack : Tryin to come out of the hold @michaelmendonca
michaelmendonca : You know cause they'll live after being ran across with a hand and their slam coming off also being hit on deck don't hurt them to bad @mossback_clack
theinfamousp : Oh he'll be just fine!
will_nighs : Damn! That thing is friggin thick! Congrats to your pops
lj22 : Exactly @theinfamousp it's a calico not a rainbow trout.
anthony_nigro805 : The man!!
timrellis - hunterdouse - aftco_carolinas - tomnitahara -
IRON MAN!!! #radiosilencefishing #calicobass #throwtheiron
calicobass - throwtheiron - radiosilencefishing -
sdbaybassman : Badass!! Congrats Benny @coastalcharters2012
hale_satan : @nickryan14
teamrizo : So sick bud. Congrats. @coastalcharters2012
rek1ess : Nice vid Justin!
jrodgers762 : Rad attack.
matt_florentino : DD flexing it way out of the livewell! 
pnatlbc : That's why we fish right there. Awesome.
cousteaulife : Strait hog dog
lupes707 - captainhoss - warlondo - timrellis -
Uncle Butch Acquires >~DoDo> #radiosilencefishing #bulldorado #elniñoisagoodkid
elniñoisagoodkid - bulldorado - radiosilencefishing -
_kjallday_ : Is that the Prowler out of Fisherman's landing? The bite was wide open on dodos and yellowfin last weekend. We hit our limits by noon on the 1.5 day.
papagmadesi : Nice fanny pack!!!
tundrastone - jackreckinger - nickryan14 - ahoahobrains -
Ben Florentino (@rek1ess) milestone with his first double-digit Calico bass yesterday. Stoked / proud / pumped, but most of all inspired to see him get one in the 10lb class. Congrats Pops!! Photo: @radiosilencefishing #coastalcharters #radiosilencefishing #calicobass #rangerboats #mercurymarine #aftco #warbaits #shimano #sanclementeisland
mercurymarine - coastalcharters - calicobass - shimano - sanclementeisland - rangerboats - radiosilencefishing - aftco - warbaits -
ryan_kyle : You deserved it @rek1ess! 🙏
matthew_edge : Absolutely incredible. Stoked for the ol'man dude.
cousteaulife : So rad! Iron!
scottypethtel : The man... The myth... The legend!!!! Really stoked for you Benny. Very special deal to hold a fish of that caliber!!! Right on @rek1ess, you found your unicorn bud!!
lj22 : Way to go Benny!! #scrambledeggs
muchacho_hellabendo : When a stick like that gets his first 10, puts things in perspective. Way to go!
tomnitahara : Oh yeah! Benny your the man!
_cabsav : #bigpapipinoy
gaston696969 - ermahgarvey - team_gaddr - jessfishes -
Ben Florentino @coastalcharters2012 10lb class - calico bass Surface Iron San Clemente Island, Ca 10/12/14 #radiosilencefishing #calicobass #25yearsfor1fish
calicobass - 25yearsfor1fish - radiosilencefishing -
mattagrant : @jack_t_hayes @ricky_zat
conno_dunne : @nighthawk_slayer he caught it on the telephone wire
yotch_nine2 : @sackventura niicce...
drago619 : Congrats Benny, stoked for ya!!!
senortomtom : Congrats Mr. Florentino. That's amazing.
ldandme : Still fishing in search of my double digit
scottypethtel : Yea Benny!! #legend
germs80 : Dinosaur
ds.attack.rat - lkwdmorris - skimmerskiffs - jessfishes -
Sunday Brunch. The new 10/0 Slayer Head. Perfect for your bigger swimmers. Don't be intimidated by a big bait with a big hook. As you can see, the fish aren't. Available at all of our supporting retailers. #warbaits #ceezcandy #radiosilencefishing
ceezcandy - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
asilvey90 : #deepthroat
destroyer619 : #Sidewinder
parkergrabrewski : @codywoodruff the big hook doe 🙌😏
codywoodruff : Big Baits, Big Fish. @parkergrabrewski
sorrywereopenbarbershop : Can't buy nothing from the website @warbaits
warbaits : @sorrywereopenbarbershop the website ordering will be down till next week. But you can get our full line at @tacklewarehouseofficial at all times. Any order over $50 comes to your door next day and free of shipping.
sorrywereopenbarbershop : #goodlooknout #warbaits @warbaits
jian_laxina : @chancy94
jake__120 - ryanstamper13 - andrade_66 - scottypethtel -
Primitive Island Gods #radiosilencefishing #santabarbaraisland #california
santabarbaraisland - california - radiosilencefishing -
mceehops : @radiosilencefishing Fantastic. It's a dream of move to fish SBI.
___n4s___ : Always look forward to your post!@radiosilencefishing
boneayer : Saw you guys at SBI yesterday. Great day on the water.
arooorooo - tbklopfenstein - brettposladek - jcoro1979 -
Edible Bouquet Dot Com #radiosilencefishing #californiaspinylobster #bugbouquet
californiaspinylobster - bugbouquet - radiosilencefishing -
beentrill_phill : Boo kay
dakine508 : @shih12
colby72 : @maxmcilwee @frankage look at these
kingofthecrawl : Nice
joepilato3 : @easyeee67 @fizzle_itch @betty_white30
taxiderm_nate : @dirtymarkvlp
skimboard_beachboy - pjverissimo - mr.awe5ome0123 - bfengler -
|| Tady Tail || While I soaked bait like a true lazy bum this badass bombed iron || His diligence paid off for this unlucky rodent || #castanddestroy #radiosilencefishing #shimano #thebight
castanddestroy - shimano - thebight - radiosilencefishing -
code_green92 : Yeww!!!
verveboldfocus - middledewey - killerpike - destroyer619 -
Bounce. #radiosilencefishing #catalinaisland #thebight
thebight - catalinaisland - radiosilencefishing -
ryan_kyle : Keep pluggin
bigbaitjunky : @radiosilencefishing great pics and sick catch
kredofish : Cool pic!!!
elcajonhiker62 : Warbaits #1
dmendrin - kuniereef - cupofjoe619 - skateriviera -
Shangri-La #radiosilencefishing #california #spottedbaybass
california - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing -
renaldowatt : Nice pic!
luxuriousdesires_styled : Wow like it!
alvarozalve - batusarioglu - renatinho_bastos - xavierg69 -
BITING #radiosilencefishing #spottedbaybass #kookport
kookport - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing -
pnatlbc : #keepcasting
dbad88 : Haven't hit up those docks in like 3 months, how's the action down there?
aramos8 : Oh I got ya , is there any small skiffs or parkers for sale in the harbor that U have seen , I haven't been down there for a while and I'm looking for a boat
terrazasfishing : @radiosilencefishing Solid!!
ptorrez87 : @hood_pope90680 slut bucket lol member
mondo_bassterd : Hahahaha! Kookport furrrr shurrrr brobro...but,great place to call home right.bay for a front yard
pizdaddy : Nice little fatty spot.
afman05 : #nohedidnt
alvarozalve - magentasharpie - el_tigro_chino - skateriviera -
Brandon Hayward & His Parker // Catalina Island, California #radiosilencefishing #thebight #gosmallgosimplegonow
gosmallgosimplegonow - thebight - radiosilencefishing -
muchacho_hellabendo : His writing tho
bigbaitjunky : @radiosilencefishing great pic
will_nighs : I've fished that rock its killer
motherwitt - h_almansoory - mattcarnell - cupofjoe619 -
Administered some iron supplements to a couple youthful jacks at The Queen yesterday. Got some cool shots and had a blast fishing with friends, it's been a long & beautiful endless Summer. Snap: @cousteaulife #radiosilencefishing #respectthenatives #catalinaisland
respectthenatives - catalinaisland - radiosilencefishing -
s_everett : Yew
lbceez : Jackson 5
hog_nasty : Let the babies live
jack_maurer : Sick
peeta_flores : dem yellers!!
jtdunnn : @_bengonzalez_ rattts
poosboy : Great color on that fella.
danielsonnn : Sinister fog yesterday, and lots of fun catching the little ones
wyatt_bingham - willmergen13 - brandonsumner - skateriviera -
The Queen Of The Coast #radiosilencefishing #santacatalinaisland #california
california - santacatalinaisland - radiosilencefishing -
clawrencecox : 😍
fishcubes : Wicked
patschlauch : Fun adventure today brotha! Thanks for coming out
rennich16 : Awesome pic! Love your work!
skateriviera - jacobschwank - cpurcell21 - imtracydecker -
Explore the shore. @radiosilencefishing and Waya wolf on the hunt. Get lost and find yourself. #warbaits #shorepatrol #radiosilencefishing
shorepatrol - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
ogjboog : PV?
luckyfew : OB?
heyraul : Where is this at?
matt_florentino : That's the bitezone.
hesterron8193 : Me @mondo_bassterd and @imdavetran hit pv in our float tubes this morning. Bait everywhere and calico boiling
kleensees : Awesome!!
ddogg619 : Where's this spot at? I'd like to try it out one of these upcoming days.
curlylma : @jlctric562
kelbymannigel - jcallao - fishman3434 - kelpclothing -
Stranded Here On Earth #radiosilencefishing #farout #fogcity
fogcity - farout - radiosilencefishing -
shermalley : Sport King in the background
lj22 : #Nacho
socalanglingking : Last night sucked in the LBC harbor. Fog was thicker then 2 fat ladies hugging eating blongna sandwhiches.
tdelnor - brenmiller_20 - sunnyboulevard_ - iconfisher -
Hunt Bass #radiosilencefishing #monsterbus #parksessions
monsterbus - parksessions - radiosilencefishing -
fishcubes : Great pic!
lbceez : Straight #monsterbus
pizdaddy : Dude. Did u slay that place? Or what?
ridersrevelation : @radiosilencefishing where is this ?
cigarsfishandbeer - jacobschwank - _cwagner12 - skateriviera -
Respect your elders. Jack Sowell has been doing this before we were hatched. A real living legend, Guy. #warbaits #pioneers #radiosilencefishing Image courtesy of @radiosilencefishing
pioneers - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
fknchristoph : such a beast
sailorjohn : I had the pleasure of meeting Jack on my first long-range trip. he's a one-of-a-kind
danzcrawford : 🙌
peeta_flores : da king!
imantisocial : *not the full image
destroyer619 : #legend
joepilato3 : @easyeee67
sportsbarber : Jacks the MAN !!!!
toctsman - afrotrucker79 - terrazasfishing - raylokko_ -
Stranded Here On Earth #radiosilencefishing #strandedhereonearth #california
strandedhereonearth - california - radiosilencefishing -
bic_pentameter : The nothing
imantisocial : @bic_pentameter - that's true
ldandme : Into the midst
captnjake - whiskey_bizness - jimisparrow - geoffreytheking -
Cool Air | Warm Water HALIBUT ONLY #radiosilencefishing #wetfeetfishythoughts #warbaits #islandplastics
wetfeetfishythoughts - warbaits - islandplastics - radiosilencefishing -
moosemanrips : @nol_dawg
ogtone65 : What color way is that swimjig
taylor._.fishing : Love that head with spottie special big hammer good pair
matthew_edge : Num nums!
slayerdw : @churros714 @jess___45
dbasta_ : You know nothing john snow
afman05 - warbaits - mynameisman19 - jessfishes -
Morning Hunt #california #lifenotlifestyle #radiosilencefishing
lifenotlifestyle - california - radiosilencefishing -
jrodgers762 : Quit playing with your dinghy. Haha
islandplastic : Zing-pow!
headshaketv - cnguyen492 - jambapadre - mossback_clack -
|| Flashy Flashy || Had such a fun calico bite yesterday with the original outfitter @imantisocial || Found em in wolf packs chasing the Sebile Blade || #spinnerbait #sebile #deathstick #radiosilencefishing #radiosilencefishing #cominginlikeawreckingball
spinnerbait - imserious - deathstick - radiosilencefishing - sebile - cominginlikeawreckingball -
eggszackly : I'll be nice #notevengonnamentionthewhitestuffonyourface
hug_life : Good seeing you kooks out there! @skygram1 and I would be going to Cedros had we caught that fish. Hahahaha.
cousteaulife : Really? You shoulda seen the two 6's we tossed back @hug_life #imserious
cousteaulife : Thanks for showing some restraint @eggszackly
peeta_flores : Aw yea!!! Them spinners though!
skygram1 : @cousteaulife @hug_life I can't wait to go fish for fun!!!
cousteaulife : Let's do this @hug_life @skygram1 ! I was so fuxking jacked to see you guys
pearlswimbaits : @skygram1 ... You were not having fun? Shit I was trying to be more like you... You make it all look fun
stevefawley - ldandme - nardo_of_the_sea - danielsonnn -
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