Happy Birthday Justin @radiosilencefishing! Justin is a Warbaits OG. Been around since the beginning. He's one of the best fisherman I know and an inspirational human. One of my favorite quotes, "I don't live on the internet brah...". Thanks for the years of friendship, let's keep it rolling! -AA #warbaits #radiosilencefishing
warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
lbceez : #apocolypto
terrazasfishing : Happy Birphhday!!@radiosilencefishing my son hit the double digit 10 today!! Keep up the awesome photos & EnJoi!
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Took a few weeks to get this shot - "Ya missed it." #radiosilencefishing #shoreshot #spottedbaybass
spottedbaybass - shoreshot - radiosilencefishing -
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This is Ed Ryan - he's my Mom's boyfriend and today he caught his first tuna. We found fish up top between the 267 and 277 in 74 degree, Pacific blue water. The fish ate an anchovy and then he went into our cooler. #radiosilencefishing #offshoreadventure #yellowfintuna
yellowfintuna - offshoreadventure - radiosilencefishing -
whiskey_bizness : Haha. Epic.
soloant : Looks tasty. Breakout the fresh wasabi and shoyu!
555_filk : When's dinner?
terrazasfishing : @radiosilencefishing it doesnt get any better that that!
t2476t : πŸ‘πŸ‘
thebajakid : @radiosilencefishing did you make him eat the heart?
warbaits : Ice bath
radiosilencefishing : @thebajakid - didn't have the heart to
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Uncle Butch - Offshore Adventure #radiosilencefishing #yellowfintuna #highseas
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jacobjahn : Tiiiight
melly_mel19 : ❀️
lbceez : Suncle Sutch
wsj27 : Great pic.
raymond_molinar : Boosssss!
shallowfashion : πŸ‘‹
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Offshore Prep - Quiver #radiosilencefishing #offshoreontrend #youare
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pearlswimbaits : Rope a dope.... @imantisocial
skygram1 : Be out there maΓ±ana. Look for the kwag 3.0. I'm trolling for hoooskiies @imantisocial @man_brew
tprinc3 : #wahoo
skygram1 : Ps nice spinning kit
basssniper80 : #arsenalcheck
dave._ : Kill em!!!
imantisocial : @skygram1 - got (1) 20lb class fish this morning on the boat. Up top puddling between 267 & 277
skygram1 : Rad. We got em pretty good nw of the 209. @imantisocial @man_brew
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Piling Out #radiosilencefishing #spottedbaybass #suchapile
suchapile - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing -
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Spotted Bay Bass - One of the most fun fish to catch. By foot, tube, kayak, surfboard or boat, they are lurking. Swim the Jig! #warbaits #Swimjig #swimbait #radiosilencefishing
swimjig - warblade - swimbait - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
warbaits : #warblade
rabble1506 : Awsome picture....@warbaits
vicious101 : @edabeled
imantisocial : @hug_life - only thing missing was a keg
taikitike : wish we had this species in the gulf!
terrazasfishing : Sik Shot!
socalbasser : I will be swimming it tomorrow! !!!
cousteaulife : @imantisocial @hug_life oh you mean me on a surfboard in a women's wetsuit! First spotty on the blade that night
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Simple #radiosilencefishing #spottedbaybass #california
california - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing -
mr_nort86 : You are so good at getting them to pose.
hat_trick_swayze : πŸ‘†Lol!
dylan__varner_ : @couplefun1s
terrazasfishing : Stay put!!! Thats a Good spottie!!!
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Memoirs. Apocolypto/Lord Ceezer/Dr. Normal #sanclementeisland #islandvibes #survivorslam #radiosilencefishing
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destroyer619 : "I got the right side of that boiler, you get left"
radiosilencefishing : Science class explosions/Outfitters & Laughter turnt to 11. Oh yeah, and we went catching...
pearlswimbaits : πŸš€πŸš‘πŸ₯.... So much could be said of this picture and day!! I thank you guys for all the adventures past and future! @imantisocial @lbceez
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Pinned & Glued #radiosilencefishing #warbaits #dirtychartreuse
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donttreadonmeow : The best
adonez : Deadly @radiosilencefishing
lbceez : You are.
ryan_kyle : Where'd ya find that guy ? πŸ˜‰
moosemanrips : @nol_dawg
melooooo13 : #suckaproof
duanediego : #allbassdie
kyleatsea : #sparklymoldcleaner
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"World was on fire, nobody could save me but you..." #radiosilencefishing #shoredid #spottedbaybass
shoredid - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing -
brianbarrett_ : Look at dat reel. Lol @mitchluvsurmom
killmumma : Water
mitchluvsurmom : Beautiful @brianbarrett_
neilsaun : Caenon Cumara Combo?
rabble1506 : I like your pictures of spooties. Good work! @radiosilencefishing
ethanjstanley : I love this feed. Rippin the local waters and having a great time is always fun. Yewwwww thanks for sharing the stoke. @radiosilencefishing
andrewrtaylor : @healywoop
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Sand In Your Toes #radiosilencefishing #shoredid #spottedbaybass
shoredid - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing -
harborslayer_aka_sea_weed : Can someone tell me y the guides are like this. I think it looks pretty cool. But whats the reasoning behind it?
quina7x : Id like to know as well. @harborslayer_aka_sea_weed
lbceez : @harborslayer_aka_sea_weed many reasons. Less guides=lighter rod. The way they spiral=line never touches the blank. Tip down=less friction. To name a few.
radiosilencefishing : @harborslayer_aka_sea_weed & @quina7x - as @lbceez mentioned, less line slap on the rod, it lightens the overall weight of the rod, with the tip down, there's less friction on a hook set and retrieval the same way a spinning rod offers that benefit. It also confuses other anglers and you hear things in line at DVL at 0300 like, " eh fools, he's got the rods with the guides that go like thiiiiiiis..." (makes groovy hand motion reminiscent of pop locking.)
_kjallday_ : @radiosilencefishing Performance Tackle custom rod?
lbceez : Like thiiiiiiiis.
imantisocial : @_kjallday_ it's an @swba custom rod from an awesome creature they call Shambles.
swba : πŸ‘βœŒοΈ
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Shallow Grass Beds #radiosilencefishing #sweetwater #unsalted
sweetwater - unsalted - radiosilencefishing -
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Tyler @tylerpm30 has been taking advantage of the amazing local fishing along our coastline. Yellowtail and tuna get slayed, calicos swim away. Keep grinding! #warbaits #swimbait #radiosilencefishing
swimbait - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
lbceez : Eh, heard this guy likes Apple Jacks.
trutr33z : For reals on the "slated" I can't believe the size yellows most of the people have been posting... Tiny #sad #preserve
tylerpm30 : Bwah ha ha ha @lbceez . But mostly fruteh lupehs .Fun times this year for sure af..
jacobjahn : I like my apple jacked @lbceez
clintweissinger5 - blakeskunk - cdubx13 - arooorooo -
Shout our friend Curtis @lecurti. Check out this tarpon he caught using #warbaits. Thanks for the support and keep hunting giants! #radiosilencefishing
shimano - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
warbaits : #shimano
cody_stubbs_ : Yew Curtis
mannychee : Badass!!!!
brettmurray13 : Unreal
lecurti : @warbaits thanks for the love AA and for always making the best!
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Coffin Tail Collection Big Respect @islandplastic Been a while brah... #radiosilencefishing #allbassdie #islandplastic
islandplastic - allbassdie - radiosilencefishing -
bunzbnoble : Looks real good
natewilsonsmxltd : Yea buddy
o_baitz : #Textured
ian_______________ : Watermelon
bassjak : I like that style
jake__120 - g_funk91 - bassjak - neilsaun -
Adventure Time. Miss those trips with these dudes. @radiosilencefishing @rspizer @hug_life #radiosilencefishing #heavywater #islandvibes #kookville #steakandshrimp
heavywater - monsterbus - kookville - islandvibes - radiosilencefishing - steakandshrimp -
pamelaa_aaw_ : Ohh that one in the ocean ??? I got u ... I know exactly were u are ... lol
anthony_nigro805 : Those up north islands are exciting!!
jessebd83 : No not that one. The other one.
warbaits : Truth
radiosilencefishing : Fuck man! What an era. Where does the time go? Where's @rspizer ? Now I'm eatin' steak and shrimp, Ha. Toot toot!
lbceez : @radiosilencefishing best of times with best of friends. #monsterbus
insidesportfishing : @radiosilencefishing @lbceez awesome vid guys!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
lbceez : @insidesportfishing thanks Michael. Miss you too bud!
radiosilencefishing - timrellis - xrudebwoyx - hunter_r925 -
Throwback May 2013 when I caught the biggest fish of my life on the bass gear in the Florida Keys. Rolling tarpon for as far as the eye could see and a sunset back at the dock to match the experience #tbt #radiosilencefishing #warbaits #shimano #calcuttad #tarpon #bowtothesilverking @warbaits @radiosilencefishing
calcuttad - radiosilencefishing - bowtothesilverking - shimano - tbt - tarpon - warbaits -
warbaits : Amazing!
southernfinapparel : Tight lines 🎣
miguelpachecoh : Amazing catch @lecurti what size is that calcutta?
lecurti : Thanks @miguelpachecoh 301D, it put the hurt on that fish
miguelpachecoh : Cool man! Glad to hear that. I have a 401D but I haven't been able to test it out yet! @lecurti
bassthumbs : Sick !!!
scott_abel : @lecurti I'll be out in December
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|| Midshipman || Hands down the most repulsive fish I've ever caught (snagged). || Captured on last nights adventure with @imantisocial || Sand flea's, bat rays, Spotilicus, topwater halibut bite, and mindless banter || Oh yea we never stepped foot on a boat || πŸ“· @radiosilencefishing || #deathstick #radiosilencefishing #spottedbaybass #men #newjackcity #plurnt
deathstick - plurnt - radiosilencefishing - men - newjackcity - spottedbaybass -
bait_and_destroy : Saw a huge Hali boil in front of me last night... Shit was bananas
cousteaulife : Flat guys were skim boarding @bait_and_destroy
bait_and_destroy : So were the fang fish πŸ‘
cousteaulife : Don't rub it in..... @bait_and_destroy
bait_and_destroy : Shoot a text
bait_and_destroy : *me
msgcapt : Looks kinda like a Big Shannon
cousteaulife : Will do @bait_and_destroy been on savage surf the last few days
andrewrtaylor - middledewey - fish_phantom - williamrayclack -
MIDβ€’SHIPMAN courtesy of @cousteaulife #radiosilencefishing #midshipman #rivetedgutbag
rivetedgutbag - midshipman - radiosilencefishing -
french_touch_fishing : #reinsfishing
skram3rr : What hooks are those bro
rothdigga : Looks like it's on your kitchen floor. Ha
cousteaulife : Rivet slag. Thanks for the tour
cooper_abel : @stevenlasarge
imantisocial - tacticalfishingcrew - faridramazanov - jms3fam -
Evening Laughter #radiosilencefishing #kookport #listentolewis
listentolewis - kookport - radiosilencefishing -
cory_willis : πŸ‘Œ
williamrayclack : So when are you gonna take me?? Haha man i need to get some spotties
om_openminded : Sick...
tacticalfishingcrew - khanafi - gators_01 - wuelement -
On big ones. Matt Florentino is a solid guy and a fishy dude. It's always fun to geek out on tackle with him. @matt_florentino Follow @aftco for that World Class stuff. #warbaits #aftco #radiosilencefishing
aftco - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
bus_66c : That's a toad!
kaiwi_joe : Super good guy @warbaits and slightly in tune with the checkerboards!
anthony_nigro805 : One of the best!!
toddokrine : #letsgo
bigjsandyballs : Chunkster!
ridersrevelation : @warbaits where was this?
matt_florentino : @ridersrevelation Backside of #sanclementeisland
lopan78 : got to meet him at performance tackle a soild guy ! 🎣
stvo - nhl.grfx - max_privette3 - zpsteelers28 -
Junior #radiosilencefishing #shoreyoudid #calicobass
calicobass - shoreyoudid - radiosilencefishing -
man_brew : A clath in the hand is worth two in the bush.
bait_and_destroy : First string
alvarozalve - southern_fried_d - timrellis - arooorooo -
Runway Model//Hair Did #radiosilencefishing #bassfashion #spottedbaybass
bassfashion - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing -
kameronbrown : #slappadabass
dasgomez : #supermodels
briang037 : Such a slut
skrizzap : Disco night @radiosilencefishing
lbceez : Animalpants
mjthegreat909 : @joemares
kyleatsea : Lazy
nathan__minteer - timrellis - rabble1506 - taylor_goes_fishing -
Fish better with Friends. Days in the bays, are good days. #warbaits #radiosilencefishing @matt_florentino @rspizer @imantisocial #fishbetterwithfriends
fishbetterwithfriends - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
tonbrah : @_shantivibes. @vinbruu
fishing122 - cwb619 - jake__120 - dojo.nacl -
Spiritualized #radiosilencefishing #lettherebelight #spottedbaybass
lettherebelight - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing -
otomijuf_atf : @vapesox
shorelinefisher : I'm a believer in #fishing
elena_belleri95 - tristizzle - hawaiianroll_50 - g_luca_h -
Uncle Butch & a solid TÜNG. #radiosilencefishing #unclebutch #kingofkooks
unclebutch - kingofkooks - radiosilencefishing -
eggszackly : Looking good, Uncle Butch !
cooper_abel : Dude lets go @jack_reisinger
shorelinefisher - blakeskunk - ayolures - luke_gooden -
Cool Kid #radiosilencefishing #ojaioluxreynolds #warbaits #mylittlewarpony
mylittlewarpony - ojaioluxreynolds - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
eugene1904 : yeeaaa!!
bjhickman : So cool.
warbaits : Bam! Hook up!
jrodgers762 : #ojaiofishesacastingreel
lbceez : @tasobuscus look bud, you guys have the same life jacket.
shorelinefisher : #respect
lbceez - olivetree26 - terrazasfishing - desnatsic -
Regram from My Other Life @imantisocial - Summer Romance with my lovely co-angler. #radiosilencefishing #noproblem #keeper
keeper - noproblem - radiosilencefishing -
pearlswimbaits : @imantisocial ... Flying lure?
kredofish : Sweet LOVE TUB
lecurti : Love is in the air, so is a swimbait... summertime
dbad88 : Got a nice spottie in the pylons to the right of the spot last week :)
muchacho_hellabendo : @___p_a_t_t_y___ we gotta get out more lol
___p_a_t_t_y___ : @muchacho_hellabendo lol ok but don't be surprised when I catch the most! 😝
shorelinefisher : Fun!
snowmommy - ayeepoloo - reyesswimbaits - gunner_campbell -
Accurate Reels - Best reels in the offshore game. 500N. Destroyer. Grind em to the boat. @bensecrest #accuratefishing #aftco @danatackle #radiosilencefishing #warbaits
danalanding - radiosilencefishing - aftco - warbaits - accuratefishing -
warbaits : #danalanding
blakeskunk : New video is sick!!
hug_life : The Key West gets bit.
fishaholicks : Yes they are I regret selling my bx 500
jacobgraff : Boss magnum 2 πŸ‘Œ mighty fine reel!
bensecrest : Thanks for the support U guys.
harlick_55 - wy0306 - dojo.nacl - frankmajor -
@addictivefishing & @fishingwithdecker - Legend Session #radiosilencefishing #anglingwithlords #catalinabound
anglingwithlords - catalinabound - radiosilencefishing -
dimwitrj : Epic
krisstencel : Deckers hair is legendary
dplatzer : Me and u @bigjsandyballs when we retire πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘¬πŸŽ£
teamrizo : Have fun boys!!!
anthony_nigro805 : Rad!
joshsm1tty : east meets west!
radiosilencefishing : @hug_life - Truth
afman05 : 3 visors 3 outfitters @radiosilencefishing @hug_life
mckashmeir_luxury - allaboutthabass - kielmb - rennich16 -
Go home baby calico, you're drunk. #radiosilencefishing #calicobass #calicocamo
calicobass - calicocamo - radiosilencefishing -
skrizzap : Lol. Nice caption
teamrizo : Awesome shot... Awesome words
muchacho_hellabendo : Check point
adam.schwab : Sick caption
longboardin_is_life : Is that a bass?
terrazasfishing : & probably still fought like Hell!!
afman05 - jake_schmitty - relentlessfishingco - jusstin_credible -
Tip toeing in my Jordans. #mercurymarine #teamlowbudget #california #radiosilencefishing
mercurymarine - california - teamlowbudget - radiosilencefishing -
mannychee : Hot damn!!!
warbaits : Oohhhh
xrudebwoyx : Sundown...
destroyer619 : The Church! If that ain't close to god then I don't know what is...
lbceez : @destroyer619 preach!
shawnamacd : 😍
paola_polkadot : Wow. Gorgeous.
arooorooo : Frame it.
cesarlax - ocpapa - youngyayaa - kelpclothing -
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