She said, "Yes!" I now pronounce you, Man and Calico. (another angle) from: @jrodgers762 #radiosilencefishing #tildeathdouspart #warbaits
tildeathdouspart - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
lbceez : Malico
jrodgers762 : @radiosilencefishing I support this union.
kris_fatal : Rad, still has her checkers. Must be a Kelpy one
bassindaily - favaping - qpeeps - hunterwetton -
Regram from my other life @radiosilencefishing - Watching the sky light up from the West end of Catalina. Picture taken by @jrodgers762 Check out 'Calico Intensive' on when you have some time. #radiosilencefishing #strandedhereonearth
strandedhereonearth - radiosilencefishing -
ezra_franco - gullywashere - parkdizzlemania - imprintlab -
Stranded Here On Earth Snap: @jrodgers762 #radiosilencefishing #strandedhereonearth #catalinaisland Check 'Calico Intensive' out on the site when you free up.
strandedhereonearth - catalinaisland - radiosilencefishing -
sonnyboy65 : You Always post awesome pictures!
hooked_up_sb - hooksetfishing - scottypethtel - firstclassdials -
Calico classic. Brown bait bombin. @hug_life putting it together. Long runs #exploremore #warbaits #radiosilencefishing
radiosilencefishing - warbaits - exploremore -
tomas_germann : @masonpieri
randosando12 : @rodhsweet megladon still lives in Ralphine
monsoon2468 - scottypethtel - rodbick3 - jessfishes -
Metronomy #radiosilencefishing #spottedbaybass #keepscrollingitsjustanotherspotty
keepscrollingitsjustanotherspotty - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing -
trutr33z : Killin em
norbinorbs : What a beauty
ridersrevelation : I just woke up , I had a dream I was fishing spotties and one jumped out of the water on shore to eat my jig.... why do I only dream it and it happens to u every morning ? Oh I got it , you always get to my spots earlier catch all the fish and then I come up scrap dog..
hat_trick_swayze : Nice fish! Even better photo! Nice use of the lighting @radiosilencefishing
john_curry : So purdy.
saltyfish18 : Spottie Guru
alex_rampone : That's called a spotted bay bass. Iam letting you know because you seem like a beginner angler!
rabble1506 : @zukifish1 you get to catch any of these in your neck of the woods?
jake__120 - dojo.nacl - aaronmobleyy - vinniemac_bluefrenchie -
"I only believe in science." #radiosilencefishing #california #spottedbaybass
california - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing -
loganunderscorehagy : "Have you not been baptized?"
tylerpm30 : Kick flip to stalefish Ollie that ....
lbceez : Since Easters
dancuff : #grumpyspotty
soulrydrs : You're blinding me with "science".
john_curry : Just like Valient Thorr
warbaits - dojo.nacl - cafilta_fish - gonzo_is_lame -
Interspecies Summit #radiosilencefishing #spottedbaybass #keeperoftheshallows
keeperoftheshallows - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing -
trutr33z : Are these old pics or u hitting it every morning? @radiosilencefishing
imantisocial : @trutr33z - everyday
dubbechtold : #fantasticpicture
___n4s___ : @trutr33z first rule of fight club ,don't talk about fight club
mckashmeir_luxury - j1donn - jonnyboyy619 - maki909 -
This is how shallow they've been eating it - this guy just barely missed the jig as I was finishing my retrieve. Getting to see some special behavior along these shores. Camera ready and shooting whatever happens at my feet. #radiosilencefishing #skinnywater #jigstomp
skinnywater - jigstomp - radiosilencefishing -
arooorooo : Yes.
bait_and_destroy : Sneaky sneaky
marktheeeshark : Get one on the frog
hat_trick_swayze : @taylor_goes_fishing
germs80 : Orca style.
ridersrevelation : @radiosilencefishing where are "these shores"
j1donn - maki909 - janolongboard_ - rabble1506 -
Wandering the shoreline beneath the gangways that lead the neighbors to their freedoms. Playing chess with Mother Nature as the rain finds it's way into the cracks and down onto the sand with planes passing over filled with people headed into the future. It's quiet, but you can feel the pressure drop like a person following you into an alley. I'm happy, my feet are being chewed on by sand fleas, which is the mark of a man doing what he woke up to do today. I'm going to join my family for breakfast now, my morning ritual is complete. Enjoy your day, eat whatever it puts in front of you... #radiosilencefishing #donttripjustkeepscrolling #allyagottadoisbewhoyouare
donttripjustkeepscrolling - allyagottadoisbewhoyouare - radiosilencefishing -
theboss71 : @ihavecrabs87 @jvcksnow such a sexy bahss
mjthegreat909 : Well Said...
ogtone65 : Sick picture
dustybowls9 - ayeepoloo - saracuda7 - e_rackasaurus -
Heavy Horizon #radiosilencefishing #california #internalcompass
california - internalcompass - radiosilencefishing -
rennich16 : @radiosilencefishing you take amazing photos!
kredofish : Sweet pic!!!
ldandme - nick_style - xrnath - mohdsulaiman1995 -
Epic memories of slob-yellow eyes in the Pearl Islands with @rspizer & Capt. Forest for @insidesportfishing #radiosilencefishing #ninilchik #yelloweye
ninilchik - yelloweye - radiosilencefishing -
hogand88 : @friendofrupert product of goldfish/bass/grouper orgy
whatthebenson : @mischievous0ne
warbaits : Epic!
chadperney : @thepastorstephen
lemondropppp : @luckyduck206
andrade_66 : @rvca_steve 😧
cjhobgood : #saltycrewcatchoftheday right dare!!
salty_dog_e : @skyler_esad @englisht3 @rhinocerotidae
carlotti_longboard - mironyor - johnair206 - adventureangler -
Back To Reality #radiosilencefishing #spottedbaybass #jigstomp
jigstomp - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing -
imtracydecker : Beauty
antharris85 : Nice shot
ogruckster : They really like that lure u have there!!
om_openminded : Dude!!! I don't have your contact info!? Hit me up, I'm free this weekend / week 🌻🐬🐠🐟
jackrjansen : One of the sickest bay bass shots I've seen!
ridersrevelation : @radiosilencefishing - I really don't get I still have not caught a spotty this season .. I'm going insane
kylerockwood - deckhand619 - sd_lunkerhunters - gml43 -
Field Survey #radiosilencefishing #monsterbus #jumbaco
monsterbus - jumbaco - radiosilencefishing -
lj22 : French kiss with a side of penetration.
bigjsandyballs : Bass are bass #basseattrouts
jrodgers762 : Pacific trout eaters.
ed7_562 : @mxli562
ebombard : So who won the fight? The bass or the Trout?
warbaits : When in doubt.....
kyleatsea : @warbaits Whip it out?
antharris85 : #freelippiercings
h_seaborne_54 - grimmedork - southerntails_ - ldandme -
Calico Condos. Kickin down the door with the 10/0 Slayer Owner Hook. You want to run big baits #nomorepeacetalk #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #aftco #gaffhook #swimbait #shutemdown
swimbait - gaffhook - shutemdown - radiosilencefishing - nomorepeacetalk - aftco - warbaits -
smokin_ace83 : Insane!!
man_brew : #yourguidesarecrooked
vinnyc68 : Nice
antharris85 : @warbaits killing it lately
warbaits : @antharris85 always
el_rono - bamteli2004 - swimbaitunderground - trapbassbaits -
Beautifully Dangerous #radiosilencefishing #adventure #california
california - adventure - radiosilencefishing -
kielmb : Rad shot dude.
dbad88 : Dope
koalaboybrad - insidesportfishing - whoisallen - mjthegreat909 -
"The only way in, is out." Virgil - Love & A .45 #radiosilencefishing #strandedhereonearth #farout
strandedhereonearth - farout - radiosilencefishing -
jimisparrow : thread that needle
eggszackly : "I hate breakfast, it makes me want to puke!" Creepy Cody
afman05 - dojo.nacl - fire_ball - phanaticd -
Justin @radiosilencefishing is a solid human being. Fishy mind, observant, experienced, Outfitter. We learn the best knowledge from personal experience and from our friends. #exploremore #radiosilencefishing #warbaits
exploremore - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
kameronbrown : LandOfTheCrip
jacobmaxcy : SLAUNCH
teamtullibeeoutdoors - soloant - swimbaitunderground - mr_kevinhester -
Outfitted @jrodgers762 invests into his future. #radiosilencefishing #catalinaisland #memorybanking
memorybanking - catalinaisland - radiosilencefishing -
bigbaitjunky : @radiosilencefishing great pic great friend
gibbons_rhonda - mimaaaa_22 - bryanm_ca - cooper1789 -
Technology is rad - @jrodgers762 took this photo on his Nikon D5300 about two hours ago. Now we're drifting in Shark and have service, so he sent it from his camera to his phone and then to me. Now here it is for you to see. Sharing is declaring...adventures rule! #radiosilencefishing #catalinaisland #warbaits
warbaits - catalinaisland - radiosilencefishing -
jaimelozoya : 🐷
eugene1904 : Nice!
teamrizo : Devo is my favorite.
hug_life : #MoreNatureLessTechnology
tyolson : What bait set up do you use for calicos?
rek1ess : Was that Jeff's 8 pounder? Nice one brah!
kameronbrown : Hog
warbaits : Real time
deadcalmfishingapparel - macelobarbosa - anthony1abc - zacksho -
Let's Get Free!!! #californiacool #adventure #radiosilencefishing @jrodgers762 & I headed to Cat...
californiacool - adventure - radiosilencefishing -
anthony_nigro805 : Great view!!
warbaits : Freedom
jqcatalina : You here buddy? @imantisocial
imantisocial : @jqcatalina - At Shark now with service
radiosilencefishing - tacticalfishingcrew - preposterous_theorization - spinfluence -
Feed Your Mind With Freedom @jrodgers762 soaks up some #californiacool
dontwadeforlifetohappen - californiacool - radiosilencefishing -
radiosilencefishing : #radiosilencefishing #dontwadeforlifetohappen
jimisparrow : Nice one @jrodgers762
mjthegreat909 : @maki909
tacticalfishingcrew - tide_walker_fishing - calenquick - dnicednice -
Current. Where the life is. Outer kelp lanes. Summer life. Now's the time, we wait all year for this. Yellows, barracuda and calico going buck in PLK. #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #betterthanland photo AA
warbaits - betterthanland - radiosilencefishing -
derek__george : Sweet pic
natewilsonsmxltd : Looks epic cast and destroy
in_the_fletch : @entropyfletch holy hell
williamrayclack : Sweeping current there!
afrotrucker79 - _tsac_ - chaddx - jango0910 -
Provisions Secured - Offshore Score. #radiosilencefishing #californiacool #adventure
californiacool - adventure - radiosilencefishing -
jeffnezzy : #seekingdonations
jake4ster : @matymc
adrian2thetop : @christopher_serv
teamrizo : #coolaid in the cooler
ogruckster : Damn!!
dbad88 : Nice catch!
jaimelozoya : California? @mit_chel
adizz87 : Mahi mahi making up it north !
livebaitpen - tide_walker_fishing - melvis007 - ondavis -
Offshore//California Snap: @eggszackly #radiosilencefishing #adventure #bongitos
adventure - bongitos - radiosilencefishing -
raymond_molinar : Boss shot!
eggszackly : That shit was fun !!! πŸ‘πŸ‘@raymond_molinar we gotta get you out there
__hells_bells__ : So rad! This makes me so jealous ! So fun!
duanediego : #pagingmrbending
raymond_molinar : Down @eggszackly!
ceremonyvisualarts : True Blue
ceremonyvisualarts - suncityslomerz - amandapowellskate - cpurcell21 -
The Key West BR196 found some life. Trolling around. Btw, the calico fishing was wide open on the outer kelp line in Point Loma. Go get them! #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #aftco photo: @tylerpm30
aftco - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
afman05 : @sdfranksmith see that Buck Knife placement? Thanks again
sdfranksmith : Right on !!!
pnatlbc : Gangster
jahknoz : @livelifetastedeath
anthony_nigro805 : Killing it so rad!!! @afman05
candice_nicole_habes : So jealous
mr_nort86 : @notorious_ple @con1331
staysaltysandiego : #radiosilencefishing - thank you sir, couldn't agree more. This time of year hurts the ears!
tan_man45 - live4th3day - afrotrucker79 - chaddx -
Mobile Tackle Shop Offshore/On-Trend #radiosilencefishing #bongitos #runningtunawearnikes
runningtunawearnikes - bongitos - radiosilencefishing -
fastdragon : @avantgirard
hechthayden : @radiosilencefishing the dream
hat_trick_swayze : @radiosilencefishing What maker and size of boat? Thanks
cwb619 - fire_ball - swimbaitunderground - justinbrower -
Uncle Dale captured by Aunt Jane. Hooked into a native rainbow of BitterRoot River, desolation of Montana. Love you guys! #radiosilencefishing #flyfishing #thedrake
thedrake - flyfishing - radiosilencefishing -
ridersrevelation : That's where my adventures of fishing began..
dojo.nacl - burtavia - ayeepoloo - wuelement -
Brown bait bombing. The local calico fishing is going off. Pair your Yellow, Orange & Burnt #Warbaits with your favorite brown #swimbait. They are on the spawn. #pearlswimbaits #bighammer #mcswimbaits #radiosilencefishing
mcswimbaits - swimbait - pearlswimbaits - radiosilencefishing - bighammer - warbaits -
dankfishtacos : @timhg27
captnjake : Lets do it! @skram3rr
latour_delmar : @warbaits working good out here at Cat Harbor.
az_osaimi : @b7ree601
underpahr : Fucking need some of these!! Where in north county to buy??? @warbaits
warbaits : @underpahr Anglers Tackle. Or
5johnnyy5 : @ronwhispers ya if we ever freaking go out!
hat_trick_swayze : @taylor_goes_fishing
_lukasalex - jaspertibbets - reece_grif_8 - hat_trick_swayze -
Gone Fishin' Snap: @ceremonyvisualarts for @skateriviera #radiosilencefishing #surffishandbabes #californiacool
californiacool - surffishandbabes - radiosilencefishing -
justinelist : Miss this!!!
headshaketv : Wow
imantisocial : Such an awesome trip! @joeypulsifer @jacobjahn @eggszackly @dubeseldorf @frumoaselight @justinelist @jakeschurz
imantisocial : @gnarlivin
ceremonyvisualarts : πŸ’πŸ’¦ so fun
eggszackly : Let's go somewhere
mikeschmidt1 : @kerryfairy livin
dojo.nacl - vanillaskyla - artificialsociety - dizzandash -
WARBLADE - A great tool in the arsenal. We continue to fish & make LTD models available on They bite the blade, They get the hook #warbaits #warblade #swimjig #radiosilencefishing
swimjig - warblade - warbaits - tacklewarehouse - radiosilencefishing -
c_lo_baugh : Yup.
warbaits : @joeya_14 definitely. Check our site or #tacklewarehouse for colors/sizing
xrudebwoyx : Don't forget your warblade when going to battle...
100percentcal : Slayed the Spotties and a also a 24" halibut with that exact Warblade in Mission Bay!πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ£
manny_m15 : @jonginolfi yes!!!! 🎣🎣🎣
psearcy419 : Do you know if these are any good for redfish on the east coast
warbaits : @psearcy419 definitely! We have guys fishing the 3/8pz size, but that will depend on your water level. You can order through or tacklewarehouse. Thanks for the support!
psearcy419 : I'll check them out thanks i feel like this won't get hung up as bad in oyster beds as a spinnerbait
adonez - germs80 - lateralvision - peeta_flores -
Keitech #radiosilencefishing #bokbokjiggyjig #spottedbaybass
spottedbaybass - bokbokjiggyjig - radiosilencefishing -
david_zachry : What kind of swim bait is that?
ridersrevelation : Looks like the new hammer ones..
ridersrevelation : @radiosilencefishing you know normal people have to work...
a.p.s.07 : Kei tech are clear lake slayers !
lbceez : Guy Tech
radiosilencefishing : @david_zachry - The whole kit is Keitech brah
radiosilencefishing : @ridersrevelation - brah, I had to work for this fish
shermalley : I want to visit
dojo.nacl - tide_walker_fishing - samtheman647 - my_ninja_fong -
"A little help here, bro!" Got you. #radiosilencefishing #spottedbaybass #finsup
finsup - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing -
briang037 : Humpty Dumpty
propointlures : Were are you located with all these spotted bay bass
imantisocial : @propointlures - Is this Scott Garman's brand? I filmed him and Roger Haas win a tournament on Lopez a couple years back. Crunch minnow would destroy these guys down here. I'm in Newport.
propointlures : Yes this is Roger . How are you that was a good day . I still haven't seen that footage . I know they will work on the bay bass just need to get them down there . Get a hold of me roger@propointlures .com
propointlures : Are you still the same business . Can we talk
propointlures - tide_walker_fishing - jonnyboyy619 - brooklynfishingclub -
The Speed At Which They Feed - just got back from an incredible bite! They were going SuperMoon detonation on the swimjig. Watched a fish come out from my dock in 6" of water and miss my lure. Flipped it under the next cut out, twitched it once and watched it blast the jig and turn around into the muscle in a millisecond. It almost broke me off but the Seaguar is #suckaproof I'm still buzzing!!! Get Bit!!! #radiosilencefishing #negativetidepositivebite
mussel - negativetidepositivebite - muscle - suckaproof - radiosilencefishing -
man_brew : Was he a Nihilist?
radiosilencefishing : #muscle not #mussel
teambassthugs : Always bothering the spotties
fknchristoph : Lets fish
smokin_ace83 : Sick snapp!!
100percentcal : Nice pic bro! Love your style!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
dbad88 : Nice fish, I got Skunked yesterday down there :(
manolo.rivera787 - manyvaliant - wut_eng - mjthegreat909 -
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