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You ate the bass gear, but you're no bass. #darkness #aloneonthewater #kayakfishing #radiosilencefishing
aloneonthewater - kayakfishing - radiosilencefishing - darkness -
taxell_g72 - twentypic - derekolthuis - oceankayaks -
One Bad Broad #radiosilencefishing #smallcraftadvisory #christinalynn
christinalynn - smallcraftadvisory - radiosilencefishing -
gunner_campbell : Damn that thing is rad
yoursaltwaterguide62 : Super cool boat
divine_gypsycobs : Nice boat! Seen it in person!
loudoggee : Nice one!
nvan64 - holtan1 - trace_bingham - artin_minassi -
Tracy Decker (@imtracydecker) with a solid rock structure dwelling calico taken on a 1/2oz Decker color Swimjig and @berkleyfishing Jerk Shad. πŸ“· @fishingwithdecker #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #abugarcia #costadelmar #simmsfishing #spiderwire #revobeast
abugarcia - spiderwire - costadelmar - radiosilencefishing - revobeast - simmsfishing - warbaits -
dead_fish_187 : Reppin that abu
why_cant_anything_good_happen - dorenphile - briantheogbales - island__fly -
They're biting. #radiosilencefishing #aloneonthewater #kayakfishing #hobiefishing
hobiefishing - aloneonthewater - kayakfishing - radiosilencefishing -
warbaits : Sitting tall
man_brew - sukiteazy - papapig15 - nicknockjohnson -
WARBLADE - They bite the blade, they get the hook. Effective, compact bladed swimjig. Cast out, retrieve back with a steady pace. Every 5 cranks throw in a tip flick for an erratic movement. This will bring on a reaction bite. #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #swimjig #spottedbaybass #dirtyhartspecial
dirtyhartspecial - swimjig - warbaits - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing -
brianadamzzz : @jordan.keys
warbaits : @_deepwaters_ yes, 3/8 - 1/2oz. Custom 1/4oz are available. You'll need to send us an email. Thanks
rider514_iaf : @chancerr4 @lefteyesixonefiveiaf
cousteaulife : War Blade Lemonade @pizdaddy
ryanmccarthy02 - gabe.giansante - timrellis - lucas_contreras_ -
New site is all the way LIVE! Check it out, book an outfit and let's go fishing! #radiosilencefishing #capturingadventuresonthewater #calicocommandcenter
capturingadventuresonthewater - calicocommandcenter - radiosilencefishing -
connor__riley - t_plass - fknchristoph - jordan.bonnaire -
Swim the Jig. 3/4oz Crappie Swimjig is our most popular fresh water color. Bass love it. #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #largemouthbass #swimjig #tacklewarehouse
largemouthbass - swimjig - tacklewarehouse - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
dubfishing : Sweet pic
gonzo_ortiz_jr_ : NOM NOM!
alec.spacebar : What would you recommend for striped bass?
dylan_kenison : @aidan_bakes this is usually the swim jig I get
scott_t_morgan - surf_2_turf - noah_jennings88 - fishermanman911 -
Waiting for you at HQ! Let's GO. #radiosilencefishing #capturingadventuresonthewater tures #calicocommandcenter
capturingadventuresonthewater - calicocommandcenter - radiosilencefishing -
bvpolo42 : @bracketeer livin the dream right there.
peeta_flores : @layedback_barber
oscarserengeti : @ollyfresco @davewest07
theofficialcw : Sold most of my good stuff, gotta get my collection built again - jakobgonterman - jian_laxina - team_broke_off -
Imagination Station #radiosilencefishing #maritime23 #calicocommandcenter
maritime23 - calicocommandcenter - radiosilencefishing -
frogg_ed : I
frogg_ed : I'd like to book a trip Justin. Hit me back brah.
hairyfishhead : Sex
j_kikkawa - wilmingtonsportsfishing - berts09_iconik - eddie_elles -
I told ya i was back! Back to back #spotties @gravefishers @lateralvision #warbaits #radiosilencefishing @twisted_fisher_ @reelntensionfishingcrew @spotty_style #raisedbywater #spottieslayer #slaydirty #spottedbaybass #bassfishing #fishing
slaydirty - bassfishing - spottieslayer - raisedbywater - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing - spotties - warbaits - fishing -
sonicspeed83 : Bring the dinner im hungry!!
gravefishers : I need a get back
bait_and_destroy - jazzzclarivel - ws_fishtk - twiinsteph -
Erik Bombard (@ebombard) is out there feeding Spotted Bay Bass the swimbait. Keep your game tight for the right bite. #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #cousinstackle #spottedbaybass #swimbait #inspired #bayboat
bayboat - swimbait - radiosilencefishing - cousinstackle - inspired - warbaits - spottedbaybass -
curry101 : @ebombard is so dreamy
rockymountainnets - chaseames - mr.sneeb - tim_winger -
Captain's Quiver. Thoughtfully crafted and wrapped @phenixrods by Master HigashiSan @performance_tackle. Available for your reckless usage while hunting the great golden predator aboard 'Free Ranger.' The finest @shimanofish reels will be fastened to these beauties to ensure the odds are in your favor while doing what we do. Do not forget that although we surround ourselves with the endless splendor that is 'the wild,' we're in a fucking fight! Let's bend... πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΎβ˜πŸΎοΈπŸ’― Front to back - TX 736 - C: Spotties on the way home SMX 79H (x2) - Light Swimbaits/Heavy hardbaits USB 800H - Heavy Swimbaits: 100 TB of download power PSW809 XHJ - surface warfare #radiosilencefishing #phenixrodscalicosquad #performancetackle
performancetackle - phenixrodscalicosquad - radiosilencefishing -
iconfisher : πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
jakevlastnik : That 800h is the greatest blank ever created
warbaits : Nice Quiver
lbceez : Like thiiiiiiiiis.
basssamurai - bbcphotos - trutr33z - thoyt12512 -
It still counts! Possibly the smallest bass taken on a swimbait. 3/8oz Sexydine Swimbait Head / 3" Swimbait. Catch & Release #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #swimbait #spottedbaybass #sandbass #click #hobiefishing
swimbait - radiosilencefishing - hobiefishing - sandbass - click - spottedbaybass - warbaits -
narantdesigns : @pakkaa mine was pretty close to that! Maybe smaller lol
kwpurdy : This your fish? @8years_intheslammer
harris_js : @caelum123 @_mr.bipolar_ it's one o them spotted sand fishes
dabdab017 : @tic_tic_tim follow them
j3ff.h - joeycooper8 - captainredlight - bruno.borghetti -
Black and yellow rockfish Warbait. Every lingcod I've caught at or by the breakwall has had a B&Y inside its gut... So naturally you wanna match the hatch right? #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #lunkercitylures #lingcod #sebasteschrysomelas #blackandyellowrockfish #avilabay #breakwallfishing #pechocoastfishing @parkerthomas21 @matt_solorio
pechocoastfishing - breakwallfishing - avilabay - lunkercitylures - sebasteschrysomelas - warbaits - radiosilencefishing - blackandyellowrockfish - lingcod -
matt_solorio : Dialed
warbaits : Yes!
xhockeydadx - justin_obrien777 - chasingtailfishingcrew - missallitoyou -
#propointlures new #creaturebait #thebug will be available soon this one in #redcrab color #tunacrab #yellowtail #caldelta #calcoastfishing @swba #inshore #crawdads #texasbassfishing #chatterbait #swinbaitunderground #bassfishing #redfish #inshore #spiderjig #bassmaster #norcalfishing #fisherman #trouteaters #bassbrigade #bassarmy #pondscumanglers #propointposse @jeremy_the_bass_connection #smallies #spottedbaybass #bluefintuna #yellowfintuna #radiosilencefishing
pondscumanglers - bassarmy - redcrab - smallies - propointposse - crawdads - bassfishing - bassbrigade - redfish - tunacrab - swinbaitunderground - caldelta - radiosilencefishing - texasbassfishing - inshore - propointlures - calcoastfishing - norcalfishing - creaturebait - thebug - spottedbaybass - bassmaster - trouteaters - yellowtail - spiderjig - yellowfintuna - fisherman - bluefintuna - chatterbait -
cousteaulife : Butter. Love the slot for the hook for weedless perfection
propointlures : Thanks @cousteaulife it work great Texas style or on a jig!!
eastbayanglers : Tis the season!! πŸ™Œ
mc__raven : So beautiful , gotta get my hands on these
brettmccomas - jacobheath1 - _morgansuarez_ - nwsmallies34_ -
Night Bite is the Right Bite. @bassjak_ finding those night time feeders. #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #spottedbaybass #swimbait
swimbait - warbaits - spottedbaybass - radiosilencefishing -
armasacesar : @bdogg115
richie_rich_g123 : @gnarzan
100percentcal : Gnarly!πŸ‘Š
tomdfaukner : @danefaukner
lbc_siv - chino_uno - rider514_iaf - muthafuckinderek -
This is definitely a "Calico" bass, for it was caught nowhere near kelp. Justin Hugron is wearing our Box Canyon snapback. #kickerfishing #chuckandwind #radiosilencefishing
chuckandwind - kickerfishing - radiosilencefishing -
bluespotphotography : How you like that Tranx reel? I've been tempted to buy it, you're the first one I see using it.
kickerfishing : @bluespotphotography it's awesome! Nice to have a level-wind when fishing braided line all day. I like the HG version for the surface iron.
bluespotphotography : @kickerfishing great! I think I'm gonna get one! 😬
kickerfishing : @bluespotphotography You won't be bummed!
harbour_surfboards - tattuna - vahanmezian - moreunderwatertime -
Tap The Rockies #radiosilencefishing #smallcraftadvisory #galewarningtuesdaymorning
galewarningtuesdaymorning - smallcraftadvisory - radiosilencefishing -
muchacho_hellabendo : πŸ‘€
iconfisher : Big ass Bosco
warbaits : Stuffed
michaelwenzel : @seth_mill
effyou93 - jeffrocs - fishing.kiing - hookerserg -
Mini Square-Butt Craw jig trailer and @warbaits 1/2 oz. ODB swimjig are getting murdered by bass. Make accurate casts and be prepared for anything. Biting! #rodgegaragebaits #minisquarebuttcraw #jigtrailer #warbaits #swimjig #ODB #radiosilencefishing #kickerfishing #largemouth #smallmouth #bassfishing #catchandrelease #jig
smallmouth - jig - rodgegaragebaits - largemouth - bassfishing - warbaits - catchandrelease - swimjig - minisquarebuttcraw - radiosilencefishing - odb - jigtrailer - kickerfishing -
i.p.o_giant_bass - tenkararodco - chief_whitecloud - wyattcanesi -
J.Rodgers is on a bite. A kayak mission into secluded areas and it's paying off. The @rodgegaragebaits Square Butt Craw mounted on 1/2oz ODB! WARBAITS Swimjig is firing up these hungry bass. #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #swimjig #bassfishing #hobiefishing BTW, ODB! Stands for Ole Dirty Bass! Respect to Old Dirty Bastard of the WuTangClan.
swimjig - hobiefishing - warbaits - bassfishing - radiosilencefishing -
jeffandrews_ : @eddie_elles
huangmmmh : 🌴
lunker_bunker - _wms_16_ - bass_in_the_hood - travis___10 -
There is no greater satisfaction than catching big fish on baits that you designed and created yourself. Geek out on and off the water! #rodgegaragebaits #minisquarebuttcraw #warbaits #radiosilencefishing
minisquarebuttcraw - rodgegaragebaits - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
k_kredo - man_brew - gibsontilley - kickerfishing -
Don't blow it! Order your #smallcraftadvisory t-shirts by @radiosilencefishing ASAP like and support those who share the stoke with all of us. Email for payment details. #radiosilencefishing #strandedhereonearth
strandedhereonearth - smallcraftadvisory - radiosilencefishing -
spikeivins : So bummed, wife and kids out of town all weekend...
antonfaicchio : that shirt fits the weather we're having for the next week...
tpantel : Send em
tpantel : I'm a good billboard
connor_warren6 - reef_tsutsui - gunner_campbell - brett_wells -
Early availability for our 'Small Craft Advisory' t-shirt! Priced at $24 with free shipping anywhere in the U.S. and available in SM, MD, LG & XL. Email with size and shipping address and I'll send you payment info. Thanks for the support! #radiosilencefishing #smallcraftadvisory #capturingadventuresonthewater
capturingadventuresonthewater - smallcraftadvisory - radiosilencefishing -
austin___cook : @nate.lindsay @freezekiel CHILL lets rush in the yaks!
radiosilencefishing : @ssericz - working on a 2X order, keep ya posted. Thank You
totallygenius : What blanks you using? Will determine Med or Large.
_jakehash : @lhess_97
daquarto - ___n4s___ - c_lo_baugh - timrellis -
My main man @radiosilencefishing has just launched his one-of-a-kind guide service. His 3 pack trips include; dark to dark trips targeting trophy fish, a Small Craft Advisory t shirt, "get bit kits" by @kickerfishing @warbaits and @pearlswimbaits, a full 15 sec video of your day and a high-res still shot of your best catch. Better yet, he'll be offering "Guest angler spots" where you'll get to fish alongside the likes of people like, well, ME (and the rest of our crew) !!!! This is a custom tailored operation by a top notch dude on a state-of-the-art 23' @rangerboats Bay that's fully kitted with rods by @phenixrods built by @performance_tackle. Details and pricing arranged by emailing the man himself. I'm proud of you, friend. Let the adventures begin! #radiosilencefishing #smallcraftadvisory #fishbetterwithfriends
fishbetterwithfriends - smallcraftadvisory - radiosilencefishing -
lbceez : @broad_bill you're more than welcome to bring your own. From wherever they're made.
jlee_ctfc_cyanide : Damn son me and the boys at Tackle Warehouse are gonna have to get in on that! @parkerthomas21
lbceez : @jlee_ctfc_cyanide come on down. We spend enough money with y'all. Hahaha.
michael_gossett : @jdizzel22
eyalazran5 - henryjsk8 - mitchy_0023 - tubbysurfs -
RADIOSILENCE FISHING Find yourself on this boat with this Captain @radiosilencefishing. The 2016 Season has kicked off, Book a trip now. Contact #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #rangerboats #shimanofishing
rangerboats - shimanofishing - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
austin_d0rati - salty_machinist - s_kellerman_ - nemo_hos -
The scene comes together. Rip rap, dirty water, slack tide, structure, baitfish pattern... The Spotties bite. Go get it! πŸ“·:AA #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #spottedbaybass #swimjig #hobiefishing #irod #abugarcia
abugarcia - swimjig - radiosilencefishing - hobiefishing - irod - warbaits - spottedbaybass -
neilsaun : Reaction innovation trailer?
all_bad_ : @singlefininspace7
cousteaulife : Badass!
bdawg_deppschmidt : @vinny.spatafore Please, soon!
kickerfishing - ken.takada - hug_life - sd_basshole_fisherman -
One of the coolest, genuine and hardest working cats on the water - @duanediego putting in the work that few see but all respect. #radiosilencefishing #thebight #pinnaclesportfishing
pinnaclesportfishing - thebight - radiosilencefishing -
coastal_charters : Agree! Fishy, real fishy!
k_f_f_b : #fendersout
themowilliams : Fishy dude. Good dude. Really need to pull the trigger on a trip with @duanediego
keithbigelow : Really down to earth Kewl dude @duanediego. Very fishy and knowledgeable captain/fisherman.
shaunlauren - mattagrant - preston_dao_ww - yamas63 -
Check this out! Our favorite adventurer/fisherman/skateboarder/captain, Justin Reynolds, is now offering these amazing calico bass fishing day trips! See below and hit him up to book an unforgettable trip 🎣 Repost from @radiosilencefishing : Outfit with me aboard our 23' hunting machine "Free Ranger." All (3 pack) trips go Dark To Dark targeting calico bass with artificial lures around our local islands. Each adventure is tailored to your angling goals but our focus will be catch & release fishing for trophy class monsters. As part of your experience you'll receive our #smallcraftadvisory t-shirt and a (bite based) 'catch kit' built by @kickerfishing and @warbaits. In addition to this hardware you will enjoy a #radiosilencefishing digital media package that includes hi-res still images and a 15 second edit of our day. @performance_tackle will be hosting our launch party on Sunday, May 15th - come talk tackle and book one of our 'guest angler' outfits that put you on the boat with some of the most creative and out of the box salted bass anglers on our coast. The site is still being upgraded but email to secure your shot at some memorable fishing opportunities. You ready? Let's go! #capturingadventuresonthewater #strandedhereonearth
capturingadventuresonthewater - strandedhereonearth - smallcraftadvisory - radiosilencefishing -
maxwellvanagon : Captain jacks!
tkdame - barnfly - trekkingvenezuela - blackburndesign -
Large Mouth or Spottie. They both eat the Swimjig. Clear water burning the reed line. 3/8oz BULLGILL / Yamamoto Curltail. #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #irod #abugarcia #hobiefishing #largemouthbass
abugarcia - largemouthbass - radiosilencefishing - hobiefishing - irod - warbaits -
katrondilone : Dope
nerissa.m : @callm33lik
blakebursic : @ambybaby123 u
spencer_w33 : @jacobgudmundsen you have them?
dominick_buso24 - steven_agosto_19 - natures_scum - nickjones799 -
The big ones roam at night. Jake (@cousteaulife) found biting fish using the 1/2oz Swimbait Head / @pearlswimbaits on a fast retrieve. Get out there! #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #floattube
floattube - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
neilsaun : Back to basics
briantheogbales : Fast retrieve?
bait_and_destroy : @cousteaulife with thaaa tankkkk
pizdaddy : Great spot
imaginarymirror - coolbaitlures - brett_asa28 - filler_killer -
Book an Outfitted Fishing Trip with Capt. Justin Reynolds of @radiosilencefishing aboard his 23' hunting machine, Free Ranger. For more info, head over to his IG account or visit Justin has put together a killer package, get in contact with him and go on an adventure! Contact #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #fishingguide #rangerboats #shimanofishing #phenixrods #performancetackle #kickerfishing
phenixrods - shimanofishing - performancetackle - rangerboats - fishingguide - radiosilencefishing - warbaits - kickerfishing -
tommy_boy_619 : @aguaholicfishing @imblakedout
daquarto : Justin, you'll be giving your clients the trip of their lives. I still show people the photo of that monster slob bass I caught with you. What a memorable time!! You are the master!
el_jerel : @deejaya1 πŸ‘
kingkingleung001 : πŸ˜€
ethan_hilsley - fishingwithdelepipi - 626miggz_f.i.s.h - sal_ciolino19 -
Further detail of this fine, small craft. Adventure doesn't wait - let's send it. Thanks for the πŸ“· and support @rspizer. #radiosilencefishing #capturingadventuresonthewater #smallcraftadvisory
capturingadventuresonthewater - smallcraftadvisory - radiosilencefishing -
radiosilencefishing : @hieu_le - shoot me an email
kevin__mattson : @radiosilencefishing πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
myhkro.mendoza : Sick!
rsimmo74 : What u do w your whaler? I like buy 😁
_derek_n_ - lex_fnf - fire_ball - reel_rob -
Lingcod release by yours truly #lingcod #pechocoastfishing #avilabay #portsanluis #warbaits #radiosilencefishing
pechocoastfishing - radiosilencefishing - avilabay - portsanluis - lingcod - warbaits -
allenpaulson - jallllal - _mamacat_ - tiff_drills -
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