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Adventure. @hug_life and @rspizer fish trip in Baja for exotics. Road miles, small boats, bass gear, aggressive fish. Head over to Radiosilencefishing.com for the full article and photos. #warbaits #swimjig #swimbait #slayerhead #radiosilencefishing #calicobass #fishing #baja
swimbait - calicobass - abugarcia - swimjig - fishing - radiosilencefishing - baja - aftco - warbaits - slayerhead -
warbaits : #aftco #abugarcia
stokt : @dylandefrange shiiieeettt
dylandefrange : Ik @stokt
ebombard : Woooooo @rspizer
chancy94 : @jaredsaaib @jian_laxina πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜³
thebajakid : Nice Sardinera
thebajakid : #cabrilla #sardinera
speedofwhitee : looks like johnny knoxville with long hair
willscook - teddygreer - fish_universal - chuntytorta -
Justino @hug_life con la cabrilla mas grande. Una pictura de aventura en la Bahia de Gonzaga. Photo: @rspizer Check the full feature on RS. #radiosilencefishing #gonzagabay #cabrilla
gonzagabay - cabrilla - radiosilencefishing -
c_lo_baugh : Beast
connortdoyle : @brettboobop
anthony_nigro805 : The fish magnet!
jaredsaaib : Dude they're pigs @chancy94
nickle_09 - lateralvision - nick_cogan - kodydc13 -
@rspizer and @hug_life proving that the #ceezcandy and #warbaits combo put in work everywhere. Read about their epic baja adventure at www.radiosilencefishing.com #radiosilencefishing #strandedhereonearth #theothercalicobass
ceezcandy - strandedhereonearth - radiosilencefishing - warbaits - theothercalicobass -
eggszackly : Rad !!! @hug_life @rspizer STUDS !!!
bait_and_destroy : πŸ™Œ
antharris85 : I've been wanting to make that trip for a few years. Looks epic
trill_philll : They slayed so hard! πŸ’―
germs80 : Cool looking fish.
ryan_kyle : Solid saltwater smallmouth
landoyaco : .....everything works there. 😘
k_kredo - _adamrowell_ - jbbassin - kayluu25 -
Watch & Learn @killswitch714 and @rek1ess with enough experience between the two of them to know that fishing isn't always about catching, sometimes it's about being on the water with close friends; enjoying Nature. #radiosilencefishing #californiabysea #nofishherekeepscrolling
nofishherekeepscrolling - californiabysea - radiosilencefishing -
hug_life : Legends.
fishcubes : Real talk!!
rochinaldeny - izzy_olmos76 - kylekbabcock - nighthawk_slayer -
Night bite is the right bite. This time of year, the "After Work Session" is the way to stay sane. Get out there. #warbaits #swimjig #calicobass #radiosilencefishing Make sure to check out Warbaits.com for the $50 Holiday Kit
calicobass - swimjig - warbaits - slayerhead - radiosilencefishing -
reyesswimbaits : Rad!
bait_and_destroy : Grindin tomorrow πŸ‘ gotta stay level
warbaits : #slayerhead
jpowers_ : @instahhcheekstaahhh
trill_philll : Do you even morph bro? πŸ˜πŸ‘
perpetual_thirst : #Ghostbuster
landon_boettger : @johnnnnnnnnnyd
jakobgonterman : @mikepeters97 1day
fishingwithdecker - hb_bass_assassin - dchastainlbc - liprippincatfishin -
If I seem aloof, please don't take it personally - my mind may be elsewhere. I have a serious addiction that I've been dealing with for a long time...don't laugh, I'm plagued with visions of absolute beauty and always trying to figure out the next fix. My Other Life @radiosilencefishing is trying to take over. @rspizer & I got a sick dose of adventure on Sunday, I'm an absolute fishing fiend!!! There's no saving me. #radiosilencefishing #heavywaterontherise #california
california - heavywaterontherise - radiosilencefishing -
muchacho_hellabendo : Carry on
lindssouffle : I think I know someone who shares your addiction...
pizdaddy : Getsome jbass
stillweii : Shout outs to thinking
swba : The 'Spizer Shuffle' ! πŸ‘
tylerpm30 : It's complicated @imantisocial
lonniesk8 : I am always down to fish
ali_nas : Woooh i want to go fishing so bad now
drea_parker - ali_nas - code_green92 - veebeepee -
My mind is completely gone, I'm fucking psychotic about fishing. I love my family, I love my friends - nobody can save me! Let's go right now! You won't! #radiosilencefishing #heavywaterontherise #queencatalina
queencatalina - heavywaterontherise - radiosilencefishing -
nickolasalan : @mikebouas
riekilla : Prove itt
matt_florentino : Down.
rukus_tran : Dangg how long the rods u guys using out there? @radiosilencefishing @matt_florentino
radiosilencefishing : @rukus_tran - I was fishing my 100J which is cut to just over 9ft. I can cast over 100 yards and keep the jig in the strike zone for a week straight til detonation time.
rukus_tran : Ooooo sweeet man, what Braid # Ya guys using @radiosilencefishing
radiosilencefishing : @rukus_tran - straight 65
rukus_tran : Sweeet thnx bud @radiosilencefishing
colefirsich - holly_reynolds - vince1064 - skateriviera -
World Record Length Submission - but then naw, I'll wait for the right one. You know about that program? Look into it ya nerds. #radiosilencefishing #lengthmatters #calicobass
calicobass - lengthmatters - radiosilencefishing -
bait_and_destroy : 59cm is it right?
anthony_nigro805 : 23.2 inches
barleydylan : @sal_ciolino19
barleydylan : @ciolino_nick
skygram1 : @jeffypeck how long was yours? Wasnt it like 24/26?
jeffypeck : @skygram1 Our board went to 22 and it was a couple inches off that.
skygram1 : @jeffypeck oh ya I remember now. I think I shit my pants.
jbrotherdotcom : that's what she said..
fire_ball - dplatzer - vince1064 - swimbaitkid -
We're getting into the holiday spirit around the shop. Orders have been coming in and shipping out. Get your 'Holiday Kit' in time for Christmas. Gift Yourself or Gift a Friend at Warbaits.com #warbaits #calicobass #spottedbaybass #swimjig #swimbait #radiosilencefishing Pic: Windy
swimjig - swimbait - radiosilencefishing - calicobass - warbaits - spottedbaybass -
csallen619 : I need a sticker for my boat. Are you guys making them
warbaits : @csallen619 yes, they are in production
jaredmelvin : Make some more zombie as a present to everyone @warbaits
warbaits : @jaredmelvin if you want some Zombies, we have two dozen 3/8oz Electric heads in the shop. Email us for a custom order
jaredmelvin : Alittle small but ill take them i will be emailing you soon @warbaits
csallen619 : Sweet!!!
windywind : Merryyyyyy Christmassssss
casey_yoern : @warbaits what's up Af! Sent you an email
basspro28 - ongbakk - nebassfishing - pigpatrol -
Hard Tactical At Catalina @rspizer serving 190s for brekkie. #radiosilencefishing #catalinaisland #californiawinter
californiawinter - catalinaisland - radiosilencefishing -
islandplastic : Yoga fire
matthew_edge : Pig!
teamrizo : Like Dennis and Eddie.... Denim and tennies'....
awc360 - yvonnemccoy82 - bimini_bay_outfitters - gede_chucky -
12/14/14 - EPIC CROSSING #radiosilencefishing #californiacool #strandedhereonearth
strandedhereonearth - californiacool - radiosilencefishing -
jerod_bivins : @nighthawk_slayer
bassthumbs : What a day out there !!!
fire_ball - mynameisman19 - junyzz - ty_jah_69 -
Gift Yourself or Gift a Friend! We have $50 Holiday Kits available online ($75 value). Plus Free shipping. Bay Bass / Large Mouth Kit Calico One Holiday Kit Calico Two Holiday Kit Both Calico Holiday Kits feature Dead Horse Baits Lone Star Craws! Bay Bass/LMB Kits receive FREE Damiki Swimbaits! Log onto Warbaits.com for more info. #warbaits #swimbait #swimjig #calicobass #spottedbaybass #deadhorsebaits #radiosilencefishing @deadhorsebaits
swimjig - swimbait - deadhorsebaits - radiosilencefishing - calicobass - warbaits - spottedbaybass -
mossback_clack : Hey i just ordered one of these kits. Do you think you could throw in a few stickers in there too for me? If you can that would be awesome!!!!!
mossback_clack : Great. Thank you!!! Awesome im so stoked!
hb_bass_assassin : How do i get a bay bass kit?
warbaits : Order it from Warbaits.com. It's the first option on the Holiday Kit page @hb_bass_assassin
triple_og_g : @amby2121
rod_benders_tampa : I could slay bass with quality lures like these!
floridachunks : Looks great! Are you having any give aways any time soon? I would love to try these out!
thomasfacepuncher : Are you keeping these pack things?
imantisocial - scottypethtel - hb_bass_assassin - teamlockjaw -
@hug_life - Hard Tactical on the beach. Outfitter'd on the Whaler. #radiosilencefishing #thebeachisthenewisland #knowyourroots
knowyourroots - thebeachisthenewisland - radiosilencefishing -
hug_life : Thanks for outfitting (minus the visor)!
dbad88 : Nice calico bus!
pizdaddy : Put that fish in your vest and you've got a calico Bjorn
harbour_surfboards : @hug_life 😱
lupes707 - cheesechunks - austin_99_boss - panama_gem_charters -
They bite really well in the rain. Too many times we've been fishing Spotties in Mission Bay and the bite goes wide open. #exploremore #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #spottedbaybass #swimbait #swimjig
swimjig - swimbait - exploremore - radiosilencefishing - warbaits - spottedbaybass -
danny_stowe : Dude I like that stick where did you get it??
matthew_edge : So rad!
williebtrippn619 : @jtreel619 wake that shit up
killswitch714 : @warbaits love riding the rain train....
warbaits : @danny_stowe that's a @msgcapt Death Stick
tylerpm30 : Tumble weed pattern @warbaits
e_vaans : What's that rod @warbaits
warbaits : @e_vaans it's a Death Stick by @msgcapt
rabble1506 - like_a_some_bodi - kelbymannigel - liprippincatfishin -
Fishy friends can get them local. Justin Reynolds @radiosilencefishing stays close for more fishing time. Photo @rspizer #warbaits #radiosilencefishing #swimbait #calicobass
calicobass - swimbait - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
brockcrouch99 : @nickmarshall3 😱😱
moondogphoto : πŸ‘πŸ‘
nickolson88 : @dylanteran3
willywill_ambee_clique : Nice one Justin let's go fishing soon got some projects would like to talk sponsor
jackmillman : @drewpeterson19 @bbcphotos local
davidkobejenkins : That's a fish of a life time for sure WOW!
davidkobejenkins : Calico bass fish is by far the best
salt365 : Awesome!
shaderbrown_dchsbassangler - noah_16_word - iisrandy_ - lgecustoms -
Trending Now - FISHING IS FUN @jrodgers762 making contact. #radiosilencefishing #warbaits #letsgetfree
letsgetfree - warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
j3ff.h : Yes!
jimisparrow : @jrodgers762 back again?!
jessebd83 : So trending
jrodgers762 : @jimisparrow October trip
mossback_clack : Whats your favorite blank that you have to fish wiith??
mossback_clack : For calicos
imantisocial : @mossback_clack - depends on the bite - lately 100J
mossback_clack : Oh ok right on. My buddies are looking at getting calico rods and i want them to get a custom rod becase its awesome. I have 1 custom and i love it. Good luck out there man!
619ranger - matty_a22 - fish_tu_papi_chulo - marcky___marc -
CRUSHED ICE #radiosilencefishing #warbaits #pearlswimbaits
warbaits - pearlswimbaits - radiosilencefishing -
r3dfl8g : That's chewed!!
hopperdoggy : Yup
ebombard : Feens
darryl_ws : Nice
teamdattbass : Longnose lance fish @tbrenval
djvano123 : Haha @teamdattbass what a rare specimen
mossback_clack : Just how i like em
warbaits : It gets bit? @radiosilencefishing
lucas_bdr - adol_christin1985 - matty_a22 - marcky___marc -
Shout to our friend @killswitch714 Matt Kobzeff with this 9lb #calicobass taken on a 2oz Warbaits / 10" @pearlswimbaits. Winter season is creeping in, big fish can definitely be found. Now is the time to bang the structure. #warbaits #lownslow #hotsause #radiosilencefishing
calicobass - lownslow - warbaits - hotsause - radiosilencefishing -
_colebergstrom_ : Sick!
fatgirlsfishing : What a beast!
lbceez : He's taught me a lot.
teamdattbass : Sweet!
bassunderground : πŸ‘
hieu_le : Sick page you guys got going on here @warbaits
bryanm_ca - arooorooo - imduce_ - bigdaddie_tim -
Catalina Island - @bassthumbs with a hard tactical acquisition. #radiosilencefishing #makecontact #letsgetfree
letsgetfree - makecontact - radiosilencefishing -
cwallborn2ball : What kinda bass is that
christian_delrey : A speckled sea donkey @cwallborn2ball
kyleatsea : My boy!
cwallborn2ball : Lol I follow a few people who fish for similar species , an this fish blows them fuckers outta the water, they make west coast fishing look boring (from Houston, fish the Gulf of Mexico )
bassthumbs : Thanks again @radiosilencefishing for being an #amazing #talented #humble human !!! Hope to share time again soon.
residual4living : Hey! How you're going ? let's connect ! I follow back.. #follow4follow #followback #follow
619ranger - matty_a22 - fish_tu_papi_chulo - marcky___marc -
Her Majesty - Queen Catalina #radiosilencefishing #catalinaisland #californiadepartures
californiadepartures - catalinaisland - radiosilencefishing -
bowhuntcali : πŸ‘Œ
jimisparrow : cracking shot fella
hayden_heck : Sick
matthew_edge : Always getting some dope shots
teamlockjaw : Hands down beautiful shot brotha
itssonyalynanne : @deyanirayventura
swimbaitninjas - thehookset - jake_totten - matty_a22 -
TADY 14 Thanks for the epic adventure and pic @bassthumbs ! #radiosilencefishing #catalinaisland #departurefromreality
departurefromreality - catalinaisland - radiosilencefishing -
bassthumbs : Thank You @radiosilencefishing , was an amazing day !!!
fishcubes - jake_totten - marcky___marc - trunatur3 -
Friends With Benefits #radiosilencefishing #local #thebeachisthenewisland
local - thebeachisthenewisland - radiosilencefishing -
bait_and_destroy : Calico kinda hard to hurt
ebombard : I heard she swallows head first
imantisocial : @yaksrus - Come to California and I'll gladly share some water with you...these fish aren't anything like smallmouth or largemouth. We handle them with respect and if you look closely, the fish is actually holding me up with it's mouth.
yaksrus : @imantisocial hopefully I can take you up on that offer someday I really don't know why I posted that...was having a bad morning I guess. Tight lines man
markus_sanchez_888 : Calico Bass nice!!
imantisocial : @yaksrus - no offense taken, it's good to know people care. You come to California, I promise I'll get your arm ripped off.
yaksrus : #muchrespect
terrazasfishing : @radiosilencefishing another nice feight train man!!
619ranger - makingfishtory - ianchamberlin00 - matty_a22 -
It Rained Fish #radiosilencefishing #itsrainingfish #newportshoresoddities
itsrainingfish - newportshoresoddities - radiosilencefishing -
fishcubes : Bic juan!!!
bait_and_destroy : Butt bait
killswitch714 : @radiosilencefishing Pin it on catch giant Sculpin
brian_viets_ - fishcubes - hayden_heck - mattmeisberger -
2oz // CHINA WHITE @cousteaulife been outfitter'd. #radiosilencefishing #silentshoresoutfitters #kelpprowlerindicators
kelpprowlerindicators - silentshoresoutfitters - radiosilencefishing -
eezysupplies : Nice one! @cousteaulife
cousteaulife : Day time night chub club
fishcubes - trunatur3 - silver_k2014 - mcclendon.matt -
Surf Ghost Hunter #warbaits #radiosilencefishing
warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
imantisocial - junkfoodjimmy - dannewoo - pwells43 -
Everything Crash #jetty #stripedbass #surfhunter #radiosilencefishing
stripedbass - surfhunter - jetty - radiosilencefishing -
sin131313 - dannewoo - pwells43 - rosemarydesign -
Pristine Specimen #stripedbass #surfhunter #warbaits #islandplastics #radiosilencefishing
stripedbass - surfhunter - warbaits - islandplastics - radiosilencefishing -
natewilsonftw : Awesome
warbaits : Stoked to link up on IG!
brendanm43 : #fishface
jwatersz - hyperflexusa - joubanana - rabble1506 -
Kill Switch - rain squalls & bait balls. #radiosilencefishing #killswitch #calicoworship
calicoworship - killswitch - radiosilencefishing -
killswitch714 : #rockoflove
619ranger - ianchamberlin00 - allspecies - sweeetbeans -
|| Fishing Upside Down || Flung the new spinner and caught em with the bling || This stuff never gets old! || πŸ“· @radiosilencefishing || #radiosilencefishing #performancetackle #patagonia #luckycraftusa #ridgemontoutfitters #likearecord #coffeegrindimg
ridgemontoutfitters - performancetackle - coffeegrindimg - luckycraftusa - patagonia - likearecord - radiosilencefishing -
cousteaulife : Well keep me posted if crew allows. Would love to try it out. @bait_and_destroy
bait_and_destroy : I'll get at you... Same #?
cousteaulife : Same #. Shoot me a text. I'm cool with smashing spotties too!
cousteaulife : @bait_and_destroy
darnit_dan : Ur in @cousteaulife bring the hardbaits
msgcapt : Getting closer on the Death-Spin
cousteaulife : Let's do this! @darnit_dan
cousteaulife : I feel like such an "off the rack" kook! @msgcapt amping to see Le Death Spin
marco__pugliese - nathanwinicki - dylan_reel_ - mcclendon.matt -
@coffeeeeyes with Zombie Striped sand bass while lurking the shoreline in the cloak of darkness. Hopped up on fishing vibes so hard his eyes went white in the night. #radiosilencefishing #striper #beastcoastbassangler
striper - beastcoastbassangler - radiosilencefishing -
eggszackly : Nice work, Curly !!! 😘😘 @coffeeeeyes
bowsnarrows43 : Supposed to wash sand off bass before taking photo. Shaking bake style
bowsnarrows43 - thehookset - trunatur3 - ocaquaninjas -
Punk Pink. We run limited batch colors on occasion. These things look great. Pound the structure. #discopunk #warbaits #calicobass #bassfishing #swimbait #swimjig #radiosilencefishing
swimjig - swimbait - radiosilencefishing - calicobass - discopunk - warbaits - bassfishing -
lbceez : @imantisocial do it to your butt.
topshelfco : 3/8 available? @warbaits
kameronbrown : Need
bassjak : @lbceez Don't be silly.
teamdattbass : That Pink don't stink
dnicednice : #sissy #bubblegum
torinogt68 : Send some of these to east county bait and tackle
johnny.mud : S4S?
kevt1107 - almondtaye - orangecountybassclub - lopez_bruh97 -
Little after work session paid off #warbaits #radiosilencefishing
warbaits - radiosilencefishing -
anthonyyfix : You got em
imantisocial : Yeah!
m.b.fishing - schmegan_ - restaurante_del_chad - coolbaitlures -
|| Those Days || Most epic crossing, buddy boating with three other small skiffs, wide open jumbaco's + funniest crew || πŸ“· @rspizer #pearlswimbaits #caughtmyPB #warbaits #performancetackle #winchie #loveyourlife #radiosilencefishing
performancetackle - pearlswimbaits - radiosilencefishing - caughtmypb - warbaits - winchie - loveyourlife -
hug_life : I miss those days. Can we please do more of this soon?
cousteaulife : Affirmative! Let's do this!!!! @hug_life let's book it
msgcapt : I miss those days in this dream I had.
rapid73 - k_kredo - bassambassadeur - tsutomu.1 -
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