Two of my favorite radio hosts : #JadAbumrad and #RobertKrulwich at #radiolab
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There’s a lot of health fads at the moment: Paleo, sugar free and a lot more. If you want to know what science – not the opinions of self-proclaimed health gurus or dodgy marketers – says about these fads (and a lot more) then our podcast of the week is for you. Science Vs is an entertaining podcast from renowned Australian science journalist, Wendy Zuckerman. In each episode, one of these fads is examined in detail looking at how claims made add compare to the science. An eye opening series for sure and, even better, it’s Australian made so support Australian podcasts - give this gem a listen. #perthlife #adelaide #hobart #sydney #melbourne #brisbane #canberra #podcast #podcasts #podcasting #undisclosedpod #strangers #radiolab #thisamericanlife #99designs #podcastoftheweek #hardcorehistory #serial #nowplaying #music #Goldcoast #healthychoices #healthiswealth #healthyliving #healthytips #healthadvice #lifestylechange #psychology #smarthabits #dietsdontwork
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Traffic Jamming #npr #radiolab #furtornado #watchtan
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frankietex : That's awesome
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Goodness. #RadioLab is always absolutely incredible, every single time, but this latest episode is fantastic. #MauMau #MauMautribe #Colonialism #Kenyanhistory #BritishColonialism #freedomfighters #socialjustice #history #RadioLabpodcast #JadAbumrad #RobertKrulwich #HanslopePark. 'Just down the road from a pub in rural Hanslope Park, England is a massive building — the secret archives of the biggest empire the world has ever known. This is the story of a few documents that tumbled out and offered a glimpse of histories waiting to be rewritten. When professor Caroline Elkins came across a stray document left by the British colonial government in Nairobi, Kenya, she opened the door to a new reckoning with the history of one of Britain's colonial crown jewels, and the fearsome group of rebels known as the Mau Mau. We talk to historians, archivists, journalists and send our producer Jamie York to visit the Mau Mau. As the new history of Kenya is concealed and revealed, document by document, we wonder what else lies in wait among the miles of records hidden away in Hanslope Park.'
colonialism - socialjustice - maumau - radiolabpodcast - freedomfighters - history - jadabumrad - robertkrulwich - hanslopepark - kenyanhistory - maumautribe - radiolab - britishcolonialism -
songbirdcooks : Radio lab is the best best best!!!!
beenbattized : @songbirdcooks I KNOW!!! This show has my heart (and my fascination).
alexsimon22 : Thanks for that
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Sunbathing and Radiolab in the garden, what a beautiful day β˜€οΈ
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ljmc_ : #sunny #garden #radiolab #morning
shivvers29 : How's the grass now?
ljmc_ : It's had a trendy new haircut! Short on the top and a no weeds on the side
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Steel for days. 3 days to be exact. 112 blocks of steel. 224 steel cuts. And 3 days of podcasts to keep me focused. #radiolab #themoth #thenerdist #elevatewoodworks
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Coming the end of this month 7/25/15. Guest mix by RadioLab (South Africa) for Milk and Honey Music Sessions. Download the the Free Mixlr App. Tune in and Swing by the Chat! 11am-2pm (PST) Peace #milkandhoneymusic #deep #soulful #afro #uplifting #vocals #deephouse #housemusic #househeads #housemusiccommunity #losangeles #newyork #newjersey #miami #global #music #musiclovers #dance #dancers #onlineshow #mixlr #afrohouse #deephouse #radiolab #southafrica #london #europe #amsterdam #deepLA #danceLA #dance #chatroom
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Not in the mood to read? Listen to a Radiolab podcast 😸 In their words: "Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience." Where to start? Pick an episode by the sound of the title, it won't be what you're expecting 😊 #radiolab #storytelling #podcast #listentothis
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Radio Lab #05 Mixed by JUN IWASAKI Artwork by @imanaca (SENBON STUDIO) #tracklist 1.Taeko Onuki - Kusuri wo takusan 2.Hiroshi Sato feat.Wendy Matthews - Blue and Moody music 3.Hiroshi Sato - Sweet Inspiration 4.Lune De Miel - Paradise Mi Amor 5.Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte 6.Sabrina - Boys Boys Boys 7.Muriel Dacq - Tropique 8.Susan - Ah Soka! 9.Hiroshi Sato - Sun Bathing 10.Hiroshi Sato - Shiny Lady 11.Naoya Matsuoka - One Last Farewell 12.Haruomi Hosono - Sportsmen 13.Eiichi Otaki - Kimi Ha Tennen shoku 14.Taeko Onuki - Chikatetsu no Zazi Listen at : (mobile-friendly) #juniwasaki #nomeaningplease #paris #kyoto #digitalmixtape #midnightradio #radioshow #pop #weirdpop #dreamypop #synthepop #Japanesepop #avantgarde #Jpop #hiroshisato #taekoonuki #afternoon #summer #oceanbreeze #djmix #laboratory #seminalrec #japanese #radiolab @juniwasaki1989
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juniwasaki1989 : Great! thanks
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#Radiolab rain and Radiolab.
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Groovy wallpaper at the O. Henry Museum in Austin---went on #Radiolab's #detour at last and it took us to all kinds of historic books and crannies in the city. Do it! #radio
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Gunner teaching the #geese how to react to predators #dontfeedthegeese #bordercollie #bordercolliesofinstagram #radiolab #goprohero4 #gopro #workingdog #geesechasers #geesechasersnorthjersey
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kapernikus : That was awesome!
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Pickin #beans to #radiolab. #learning #growing #kneehighfarm
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farmercourtney : Great work!
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I was listening to @radiolab, and heard a fascinating story in which zoo director David Hancocks recounts his early experiences working with gorilla habitats. Up until 1979, captive gorillas lived in sparse concrete cells. When Hancocks arrived at the Woodland Park Zoo, tasked with designing a new gorilla enclosure, he suggested a radical new idea: he wanted to create an environment that mimicked gorillas’ natural habitat. Hancocks’ idea was largely dismissed by the zoological community. Zoo directors didn’t want their gorillas to get sick from an unsterile environment, or to hurt themselves by falling from trees. These concerns are paralleled today in the cetacean captivity debate. Orcas, despite their advanced intelligence, are kept in sterile tanks devoid of stimulation. Any enrichment they do get, they get from their trainers at the surface. This enrichment fails to recreate wild behavior, and comes in the form of toys and human interaction. To finish the Hancocks story: the gorillas thrived in their new, naturalistic home. Where before they were smearing their feces on the walls in boredom and misery, now they were lounging in grass and climbing trees. Though my ultimate goal is the end of cetacean captivity, while it continues, I hope that those in charge will consider trying something new with their tanks, abandoning the outdated status quo, and giving their orcas the opportunity to live in the environment similar to the one they evolved to live in. Photography: Henry grant (left), myself (right)
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babycetologist : #orca #blackfish #killerwhale #freedom #endangered #dontbuyaticket #science #biology #marinelife #dolphin #anticap #procap #ocean #sea #emptythetanks #savethewhales #cetacean #shamu #whale #freetilly #seaworldofhurt #seaworldsucks #endcaptivity #boycottseaworld #conservation #saveouroceans #marinebiology #gorilla #zoo #radiolab
neptune_00 : #blackfish
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@livgarden this one sounds promising !!! They are getting their swagger back πŸ’œ #radiolab #npr
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livgarden : Oooooh! Okay, Radiolab, okay. πŸ‘πŸΌ Lemme know what you think.
bad_wolf_who : @livgarden loved it!!
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Morning run listening to #radiolab
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fantastic job #emofru + #npr #radiolab! emotive fruition in full effect πŸ’₯
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June 30: 6.21 miles I love these long slow runs. They provide me with time to just relax and let my mind wander or process information. These are also the times that I enjoy my podcasts. I love @NPR and its diverse selection of intellectually stimulating topics, discussions, interviews, and news. Some of my favorites are #RadioLab, #FreshAir, #WaitWaitNPR, #IntelligenceSquaredDebates, #HeresTheThing, and #TEDTalks. #Garmin #RunEveryday #UpForMore #NPR
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king_jenkins10 : That's sound like an interesting change of pace I listen to metal when I runπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Il giovane cantautore catanese #PietroBlanca live e acustico negli studi di #RadioLab
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Mantis Shrimp: most complex visual system & sees more colors than any other animal...WHAT? #life #RadioLab
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tevalivne : So jealous
adriana_schwarz : @tevalivne lol! We have three cones to see color, they have 16 πŸ˜’
neelzdolz : Slay
adriana_schwarz : @neelzdolz LOL
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Been in bed for an hour already cuz it's #podcast night 😁 #democracynow #loveandradio #mysteryshow #99percentinvisible #radiolab
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#podcast #radiolab I have a new one since I finished #serial and I am waiting on tonight's episode of #thisamericanlife #obsessed
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Driving in the country, listening to #radiolab #roadtrip #southdakota #familyreunion
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#RadioLab e #RadioZammu, speciale #ZanneFestival Preview: dalle 20 alle 21 siamo on air con le interviste agli #AmenDunes e ai 3 finalisti del contest "Nuove #Zanne"!
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thanks for preventing me from going crazy. 🎧 #podcasts #npr #radiolab #dancarlin #hardcorehistory #nerdist #nightvale #welcometonightvale
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Podcast of the week, mother truckers, is Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. This grab from a recent review of the podcast says it all. “Dan Carlin is not a historian, or at least that's what he says. Instead, he just might be the best storyteller you'll ever find, completely monopolizing my podcast listening for twelve straight hours (not continuous) this week with an ongoing series about World War I of all things. Never in my life have I gone out of my way to learn about World War I, but now I'm clamoring to hear the rest. And all this from just one guy on a mic—no guests, no sound effects, no gimmicks. It's really quite amazing.” Start with the first episode Wrath of the Khans or the first episode of Blueprint for Armageddon. Thank us later! #perth #perthlife #perthcity #adelaide #hobart #sydney #melbourne #brisbane #podcast #podcasts #podcasting #undisclosedpod #strangers #radiolab #thisamericanlife #99designs #podcastoftheweek #serial #nowplaying #music #psychology #weightlosstips #weightlossgoals #healthychoices #healthyliving #healthyeats #christchurch #healthyliving #healthiswealth
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sophia__musicnz : What an amazing shot . You can visit my link 😁πŸ”₯
kandirichie : nicceeee
coachyesie : πŸŒΈπŸ‘Œ
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Listening to #radiolab and watching my #cucumbers grow β˜€οΈπŸŒ± #worth#wnyc#rooftopgarden
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Fascinating #radiolab
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europeangarden_coco : β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜„
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On the radio again #drivetime#radiolab#nothingelsetodo
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Robert Krulwich saying, "Thomas Dooley is the hub of a universe." #npr #radiolab #emofru
emofru - radiolab - npr -
veronicajayclay : 😍
jgdools : Awesome Thom! Can't wait for Tuesday night!
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When we adventured to the Oregon desert for our getaway several weeks ago, we listened to a Radiolab podcast on our way there. The car had just fallen into a deep silence as Otis had finally given in to the 5+ hour expansive drive. Adam and I were huddled forward with our ears turned into our silly little portable speaker (because our vintage Volvo doesn't have working speakers-we're rad like that). It was called 'Fetal Consequences' from 4/30/2012. And...I quietly sobbed through it. That stretch of desert road was nearly desolate, but I remember everything from those 20 minutes, as if I were trying to memorize those spoken words just the same as the very road and the earth around me. Chances are it will be healing for someone you know too. The story; is revolutionary to a mother's soul. Research has found that after a mother conceives...she carries with her that soul's DNA for what they have now deduced is around 40 + years (chances are, it's indefinitely). A mother carries a secret + lovely piece of her child around...for the rest of her life. My mother still carries a piece of me...circulating in her very blood still. The most poignant thing is that this truth still holds even if a mother has lost. So we can shout it from the rooftops....those souls have weight and measure and purpose. Then, the story leaps forward; not only do mothers carry those lovely fetal cells with them...but, in some cases, women who had carried children or lost children were found to be ill later in life. When they examined tissue samples, they found that where there was healing to done, they found fetal cells huddled together at the sight of need. That those fetal cells could be involved in a healing process in the body...rattled me to the core. It revived my faith. Because the LOVE in that design...the creation of our bodies; made this too lovely for words. It screams of a Creator. Who understands us...and desires to comfort. Being pregnant has moved my will to connect with God in new ways. It's richer and fuller. And, I think it's due to this journey being such a spiritual, reverent process. So...I will trust my darling Fern to that glorious Designer of life.
klbump : @tlbump
mrssalazar2011 : @momma_mal πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— This! That's incredible!!
billyandaugust : I just cried. Thank you so much for sharing x
katie.laine : @labiedebach @abbyluvsdrew
julie_kelchner : Wow
k8van : @sarahedowd ❀️
sarahedowd : @linky218 amazing! πŸ’—
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#Radiolab listeners who subscribe monthly get this sweet mixed tape...Jad loves me. I knew it. #starstruck
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Dinner prep and #radiolab. #vegan
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