Early morning Joe... #mountainprovinceespresso x #radiolab Youre doing great for this friyay halloween extravaganza...
mountainprovinceespresso - radiolab -
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#tbt Scratchboard project I did in Illustration my course at #SAC Fall 2013.
sac - tbt - radiolab - davinci -
carlos.arick : Oh man! I remember doing this my freshman year. #tbt4me lol
stevenkissinger1014 : @carlos.arick It was actually my first scratchboard...I looked at #DaVinci anatomy drawings for inspiration, and it's influence was from a podcast we had to listen to on #RadioLab.
carlos.arick : Interesting!
thetinytierant : Wow!
gretchenbeeranch - junkerjane - carlos.arick - thetinytierant -
Bath + radio lab = the best way to unwind :)
bathtime - candles - radiolab - bath -
zarasutra : #bathtime #radiolab #bath #candles
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#radiolab bandwagon: I'm in #thacker #inthedustofthisplanet
inthedustofthisplanet - thacker - radiolab -
meekohi - luciddreamleaf - oringestar -
new animatronic w @drpengu! Our #scarebaby can be interacted with at human resources tmrw nite! #skull #animatronic #halloween #npr #3D #4D #radiolab
skull - halloween - scarebaby - animatronic - 4d - npr - radiolab - 3d -
drpengu : #interactive #soundreactive
luciddreamleaf : Nice!
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Today's reading material discovery. Here's hoping it's a good'un. #books #radiolab #eugenethacker
eugenethacker - books - radiolab -
luciddreamleaf -
#radiolab #jad & #robert #forever #learning #fun
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Day 117. October 25. Weekend adventure time! I've lived in iterations on suburbia my whole life, but I've always loved cities. This Florida girl is still getting used to NYC being an hour train ride away. It is simply enchanting. Suggestion: #Radiolab has an older episode called Cities that will make you fall in love with them. Do you live in a big city? Perhaps for med school or residency, or maybe you grew up in one? Share what you love about your city in the comments. #internyear #nyc #cities #nyu #eastvillage #flyers
eastvillage - internyear - flyers - nyc - cities - radiolab - nyu -
sashible : I spent my high school and college years around Boston/Cambridge. It's smaller and older than NYC, which gives it urban charm without the intimidating concrete sprawl. I'm moving out to the sticks for med school in a few months, but my goal is to practice in a big city. (I thoroughly enjoy your posts!! Thanks for making time to share your experience!)
internyear : @sashkun I love Boston, it's so beautiful! What field are you interested in? Some claim that certain specialties lend themselves better or worse to city life, but I say do whatcha love. Thank you so much for the kind words! Best wishes for the start of an exciting journey!!
sashible : @internyear leaning towards IM/critical care :)
internyear : @sashkun my first two months of posts were during my IM rotation. I'm not gonna say it was a love-hate. It was mostly love. Sleep-deprived love. ;)
eastvillagelives : Good shot!
twoonephive : philly!
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#Coffee and #RadioLab together. Today I'm a happy nerd.
coffee - radiolab -
luciddreamleaf : Nice!
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Hey little babe, I just wanna hug you! #littlestfriends #keylargo #prefesting
allthecritters - all - littlestfriends - allmyfriends - rabies - prefesting - keylargo - radiolab -
hudsoncomplex : Please Google Cuterebrinae before hugging that thing.
meltothev : @hudsoncomplex I listened to a #radiolab about #rabies and I fear nothing! #allthecritters are #all
meltothev : #allmyfriends
ianmurrayto : The keys? Did you guys get to drive on that crazy bridge highway from True Lies?
meltothev : @ianmurrayto almost there!!!
littleangelinred138 : I luvs all the squirrels!!!!!
littleangelinred138 : Besides @hudsoncomplex, Rodent Bot Flies attack rodents. It's a different species that attacks primates. So, she's safe!
luciddreamleaf : :)
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Aw yeah, Radiolab live!!
radiolablive - radiolab -
ohtinythings : #radiolablive #radiolab
luciddreamleaf : Love it!
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Something cool just happened at the TrendingItems @etsy shop -> link in bio πŸƒ
rare - legends - astronaut - radiolab - mission - etsyfind - anime -
trendingetsy : #anime #legends #astronaut #mission #radiolab #etsyfind #rare
m.a.r.i.a.o - j_stynaaa - _sabo_luffy - creationmamzelles -
#radiolab supporter #swag arrived
swag - radiolab -
gluehufr - mbozenmayer - autumn_hymes - bunkerfish -
Listened to the latest #Radiolab as I finally put these beautiful posters into frames. Thanks for the great gifts, @byjocelyn ! #NPRnerd #posters #art
posters - nprnerd - art - radiolab -
byjocelyn : Yay, the posters look awesome on your wall!! I especially love the one in the middle:) πŸŽ‰πŸ‘
whirledtraveller : @byjocelyn that one is my fave too! But I love them all :-) I've definitely enjoyed seeing them hung up at last
natalianne7 - realhousewifeofsantamonica - byjocelyn - jesseniaqpcaltabiano -
Friday's mail: my new fave mug from one of my fave shows. #radiolab #wnyc #brainfood
brainfood - radiolab - wnyc -
mulegirl : That is a good mug.
scottboms - pop77 - stereodynamite - neilio -
Good moment last thursday ! Check The interview and mix here πŸ“»#radiogrenouille #radiolab #monkeycoops #meregale
meregale - monkeycoops - radiolab - radiogrenouille -
jaimepersonne_ : @juliendyn timide
ornette_breathe - kapinga - _claire.b_ - nouvellesousextasy -
#radiolab #mug arrived in the mail today. It's, pretty sweet. 😚
mug - radiolab -
chadnolan : Kinda muggy if you ask me.
gordasm - t_weston39 - luciddreamleaf - armyofvee -
Snuck a picture while doing a Fire Marshall test at the new KVNE studios. #kvne #radiolab #onair #picturesneaker #covertly #randomworkplaces #friday
kvne - picturesneaker - covertly - onair - radiolab - friday - randomworkplaces -
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Pall Jenkins dei #TheBlackHeartProcession e #TheYukonDreams improvvisa un pezzo live e acustico a #CityLights prima del concerto di stasera da Zō!
theblackheartprocession - igerscatania - palljenkins - centrozo - citylights - radiolabcatania - theyukondreams - radiolab -
radiolabcatania : #radiolabcatania #radiolab #palljenkins #centroZo #igerscatania
iskra83 - emanuelebrunetto - pulikins - bradenjarvis -
#UniwebTour: i #Letifica fanno tappa a Catania e passano per #RadioLab!
letifica - uniwebtour - radiolabcatania - ustation - igersbergamo - radiolab - igerscatania -
radiolabcatania : #ustation #radiolabcatania #igerscatania #igersbergamo
luciddreamleaf : Nice!
luciddreamleaf -
@radiolab puts out great podcasts on a weekly basis that are thought provoking, interesting, and just enjoyable to listen to. While scanning their archives I came across 2 episodes that you, as endurance athletes, will love. One, 'Cut and Run' explores what makes Kenyans the top of endurance runners. The other, 'Limits of the Body', looks at pushing your body to (and past) normal human limits. Give them a listen, you won't be disappointed!! #radiolab #podcasts #endurance #run #running #cycling #raam #ironman #furtherfasterforever
furtherfasterforever - cycling - raam - endurance - podcasts - running - ironman - run - radiolab -
kpeep : Yes! Yes! I listen to podcasts all day at work (mostly endurance stuff and this american life haha) and today I've only picked out sad this american lifes. Just what I needed! Thank you!
pro_tour_cycling : Awesome!
life_of_tri : @kpeep Yeah, this is good stuff! Definately worth a listen. And most of the time Radiolab is lighter in nature compared to This American Life.
life_of_tri : @pro_tour_cycling πŸ‘
luciddreamleaf : :)
runemz - sarah26point2 - kristy_mrscluster - monacakerm -
Fastest 10km #run up to date, in 54 min 37 seconds. Avg pace 5"28' per km. My companion during this run was #radiolab and today's episode was about TRANSLATION Ψ­Ω„Ω‚Ψ© ΨΉΨΈΩŠΩ…Ψ©
run - radiolab -
ghanati9898 : @albara πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ thats a very good run.. πŸ‘
nawafghazi - mariochamorro - meezoo_7 - illuminate.3 -
Can't believe it's been a year already. #apocalyptical #timehop
apocalyptical - timehop - radiolabbeacon - radiolab -
kristinmick21 : #radiolab @jadabumrad
kristinmick21 : #radiolabbeacon
lauriebreaker : Still jealz
lauriebreaker - luciddreamleaf -
Lucky weird lettering sketch while listening to Radio Lab. #podcast #radiolab #lettering #sketch #sketchbook #Inktober
lettering - sketch - sketchbook - inktober - podcast - radiolab -
snapperdoodles : Love this.
itswindell : Nice pic^_^ : So nice!
heathersyren : @sarahdoitgirl!
luciddreamleaf : Love it!
jilldeleault - amanda.bonar - escapepodtank - kurt_turklton -
#support #npr #radiolab
support - radiolab - npr -
smalley2014 - luciddreamleaf - erikarocks77 -
Juicervose . A great podcast on #radiolab ! If any of you need listen to something, I strongly recommend this among the many other great stories ! #malisasuchanya #illustration #watercolor Done for fun as well as practice !
watercolor - illustration - radiolab - malisasuchanya -
ntarangotattoos : cool
diannadna : Love these radiolab drawings!!
hexpanda - ana_pgaviao - supergirl_nic99 - flaviahorio -
My #Podcast #listening #time is #crazy!! #Learning something new everyday. #knowledge #stitcher #jre #rediceradio #infowars #dtfh #highersidechats #radiolab
crazy - knowledge - dtfh - listening - jre - radiolab - learning - time - rediceradio - highersidechats - podcast - infowars - stitcher -
msronne - - gioservideomix - hitn_endless_lickz -
Making roof trusses while listening to my favorite podcast, Radiolab! #podcast #radiolab #knowledgebank
knowledgebank - podcast - radiolab - : Like it!
bubbacoffman : Have you ever checked out dan carlin's hardcore history?
ekverkstan : No I haven't, I'll check it out. Thank you for the tip! @bubbacoffman
hedvigmurray - bubbacoffman - crownplane - chelseamlogan -
One of the best stories. #radiolab #60words #September11th gives me chills. I listened to this while running today. #thisishowwegotintothismess
thisishowwegotintothismess - september11th - 60words - radiolab -
monque78 : @velovixxen I agree, a great episode! Check out the latest one on the theme of translation.
monque78 : @mounzo Tror att jag mailade dig länken till just detta avsnitt nån gång i somras. Hunnit lyssna?
velovixxen : @monque78 I was listening to the one about Autism last night.
mounzo : Jaha ja på hawaii. Det minns jag. Jag läste texten men kunde inte lyssna. Jag ska göra det nu
mounzo : Hej nu har jag lyssnat πŸ˜ƒ
monque78 - luciddreamleaf - privatierapparel -
Amazingly interesting episode of #RadioLab on #translation. #npr #wnyc
translation - wnyc - radiolab - npr -
luciddreamleaf : :)
luciddreamleaf - redfield__clair -
Serial. Listen to it. Your ears and brain will thank me. #serial #thisamericanlife #podcast #npr #alone #serialized #storytelling #radiolab #pocketcasts #itunes #stitcher #slacker #tuneinradio
itunes - storytelling - serialized - thisamericanlife - tuneinradio - stitcher - alone - pocketcasts - serial - podcast - slacker - radiolab - npr -
boeason21 - rachael.graham.k - lilliemarie58 - luciddreamleaf -
#Veivecura live da Zō per "Leggo. Presente indicativo."
veivecura - igerscatania - radiolab - radiolabcatania -
radiolabcatania : #igerscatania #radiolabcatania #radiolab
luciddreamleaf : Love it!
emanuelebrunetto - zar_idda - my_idioteque - ionilde -
Lo scrittore #NicolaLagioia presenta il romanzo "La ferocia" con @giulore64 e il regista Edoardo Morabito (I fantasmi di San Berillo)
einaudi - igerscatania - radiolabcatania - leggopresenteindicativo - leggo - radiolab - nicolalagioia -
radiolabcatania : #einaudi #igerscatania #radiolabcatania #radiolab #Leggo #leggopresenteindicativo
igers_catania - my_idioteque - luciddreamleaf - zar_idda -
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