Thanks @radiolab for entertaining me for 6 miles today. Getting outside was the perfect end to my day. I need to remember this.
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plong1230 : Great View. Marin Headlands and Pacific Ocean. @katiemoran24
sakotturi : Radiolab is the best. THE best. Second only to running on a windy trail in the mtns... There's a solid 4gigs of Radiolab archives on my phone for roadtrips to the mtns.. #goodaddictions 😝
katiemoran24 : Thanks, Paul @plong1230. πŸ‘
katiemoran24 : @sakotturi I couldn't agree more! I'm hooked to both! πŸ‘
krgherardi : My favorite spot :)
katiemoran24 : @krgherardi thought of you.
challengeville : Nice run.!!!!
channisidhu_ : @supreetbhambra 😱
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#TUT #RadioLab #Journalism #HappyTuesday
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#butterfliesforkate @rykerandamanda Listening to #radiolab today, I learned butterflies have two more kinds of color receptors in their eyes than humans. I love the thought that butterflies can see "colors that we don't even have names for" - for example shades of ultraviolet, as well as the blue-blue greens between the blue and green in the rainbow. Wouldn't it be beautiful to see the butterfly's rainbow?
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Finally the membership gift is here! Should I be THIS excited??? Whatever I don't care! :) #radiolab #npr # kpbs #geekout
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Inaugural #radiolabconferenceuk2014 #radiolab #radiolablondon @annielou_coco
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jess_coco : @tatsagram and @annielou_coco you're just warming my heart x
annielou_coco : @tatsagram sticky tape?
tatsagram : No! That's just the filter distorting it Ok!
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The inaugural weekly #radiolab #radiolabclub meeting has commenced. Founding members pictured. #radiolabclublondon #blame @jadabumrad @tatsagram @jess_coco
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jess_coco : Yes!!!!! Can i be patched in? I have some great contributions to make
tatsagram : You are il Presidente @jess_coco
jess_coco : @tatsagram yessss
annielou_coco : Can't wait for next week. @jess_coco dial in πŸ“²
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Just listened to #radiolab episode on #blood. This here #bartonbenes artwork reminds me of a scary precursor to @bennygold glider series
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Radiolab time.. #radiolab
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Listening to #radiolab and #flippin through an old #sketchbook
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No way to play iPod in car on five-day roadtrip? No problem. #Radiolab
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Colorado Springs did NOT disappoint! The amazing Fifty Fifty coffee shop set the mood right for the day. Momma and I had a glorious hike in Red Rock Canyon, then visited Garden of The Gods. We are about half way back to Pagosa Springs now listening to some #radiolab. #coloradosprings #hiking #gardenofthegods #adventure #lifeisbeautiful #motherdaughter #roadtrip
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triciagiz : Too cute. Love the matching shirts.
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A #Favorite #Pastime #Radiolab #Podcast #JadAbumrad #RobertKrulwich #Knowledge #Amazing #Artist #Credit @nickelopsus
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Love this show and my new T-shirt! #radiolab #support #curiosity #askdumbquestions
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Download the RadioLab app. Listen to this episode. Actually, listen to all of the episodes. But this one especially. You will feel your mind expand. #radiolab #60words #npr
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70 years Griffith watches. #RadioLab , I'm going to keep it rollin
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Can't stop listening to this shit. If you have an iPhone and don't take advantage of these awesome podcasts then you're missing out! #radiolab #podcast #represent
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Ether Day by Julie M. Fenster. Zac: "I'm a product designer and do quite a bit of 3D modeling. There's a lot of time where I'm implementing and while doing that, I listen to NPR. Radiolab referenced this book. I just started it, but what struck me is the before and after of the use of ether in medicine. Before you were fully conscious as they were hacking your arm off and that was that - you we're damaged and probably mentally and physically totally distraught. Can you imagine being already hurt and then on top going through a procedure like that? People would hear the screams and that's why the surgery auditoriums were put on the top floor. The entire practice of medicine was affected by this and a better way had to be found. Everything changed October 1846 when ether was used for surgery. That's fascinating: that day where everything changes. There's a cool parallel to the story and my work - how you look at the before and after and how you solve a problem and make fundamental changes. Be that through design or through medicine." @zacfeltoon #newyork #nyc #subwaybookreview #bookreview #book #subway #bookloversunite #author #juliefenster #etherday #medicine #npr #radiolab #design #readingisawesome #bookstagram #smartreads
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fmprest : This is really an amazing perspective. Love this!
subwaybookreview : @fmprest πŸ‘‹πŸ’•
subwaybookreview : @npr @radiolab you really offer amazing thought starters ✨
soromantical : Hottie with a book 😍
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Goat on a Cow #radiolab #tshirt
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naratg : First one I ever heard. I need this shirt!
arongaudet : @naratg www.chopshopstore.com
naratg : Thanks! I also want to see a goat on a cow. I remember Radio Lab attempting to downplay the improbability of this, given goats' penchants for climbing on things, but I still suspect this will be harder to come by than a shirt.
arongaudet : Yes, it's not the goat that was behaving oddly, but the cow who let the goat stand on her back-- It was the cow who was the weird one. The cow really gets the shaft in their version.
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#npr #nerd #waitwaitdonttellme #radiolab
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elnittygritty : #Thisamericanlife all day erryday
fishngrits20 : I forgot that one. Thanks @elnittygritty
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Being stuck in traffic ain't so bad. #radiolab #podcast #overcast
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This was delivered 13 years ago to all types of politicians. I don't know much about #Divinity but clearly our 'leaders' were not listening #radiolab #violence #aggression #listen
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djwie_ : #gettingallpreachyandshit
piratezombie : @djwie_ enlist b4 u protest. I got family i
djwie_ : @piratezombie I'm too old. And they're not to blame
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#Radiolab and #fishing. This is the life.
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Proof that I go to class lol #radiolab #D2life 😷
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whatjewwwsay : Passin w that holographic H πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ @airtran1
airtran1 : You want some peanut butter with that jelly? @whatjewwwsay
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#bedtimestories #wnyc #radiolab #npr
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A 3D printed model of the Taung child skull. Australopithecus africanus is one of the oldest relatives to modern humans. 3D printers and moon pies, what a time to be alive. #radiolab #chimpanAtochimpanzee
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arpee324 : #teamaustralopithecusafarensis
delachness : #moonpie
be3zy : U have a 3d printer
shirtsvsblouses : @be3zy it's at Indian Prairie Library actually.
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Day 39. August 8. #Radiolab is my favorite radio show of all time. It is #curiosity, science, art and life all rolled in to one beautiful acoustic experience. I heard myself on the radio for the first time today, when I read some of the credits for a recent episode. [Let's just say that's one step closer to being a guest on the show.] If you're a fan, what are your favorite episodes? #internyear #WNYC #NPR #supportpublicradio
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Perfect nightcap to spending most of the day inside a 4 story ToysRUs; listening to #RadioLab, watching the neighborhood basketball game & pretending we fit in.
radiolab -
davecory : Awesome.
owenphoto23 : Wish I could have been in on that toysrus run
skennycat : What a day, indeed!
trashbox : @owenphoto23 and the Lego store. Don't hate.
owenphoto23 : Not hating. I love that shit
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A very interesting podcast about the emotional connection that humans develop with numbers #radiolab #podcast
podcast - radiolab -
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Lazy Sunday before one last DJ gig... #SpiralCafe coffee, #Radiolab talking #Galapagos pumping through my new #Sony #headphones. Perfect day. #vicwest #soundevolved
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iamryancrane : That was a great episode!!! I loved the bit about Judas Goats.
jeremybaker : Haha that was my favourite too! @iamryancrane
kevphotos : #nicecans
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Radiolab please get me through this drive! #radiolab #sandiego #traffic
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runwithrosa : Friday traffic 😫
tinasaurusrex : 😻
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A partial quote from NPR radio master Robert Krulwich when describing one of his pinnacle moments in life. #iwrite #NPR #RadioLab #imagery
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marie_louise29 : I love Radiolab!
marketingveep : @marie_louise29 ditto! This quote came from the latest podcast download. :)
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β™₯ "Lucy." www.radiolab.org #chimp #sketch #chimpanzee #Radiolab
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