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I look up to the people who keep on dancing even after the music has stopped, because those are the people who will keep on trying even after all hope is lost. #dubstep#dance#quotebyme#hope#follow
dance - quotebyme - dubstep - hope - follow -
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Everyone is making quotes so what the heck #quote #quotebyme
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russiaman99 : Lol cool
liljoshy9 : Thanks @russiaman99
russiaman99 - itzmehc - rubz_r - eleni.m52 -
Being a bitch is not a solution to your problems. I've started to push away the people who's not good for me and focus on the positive things Im grateful of #christmas#makeup#girl#quotebyme#mythoughts#love#selfie#redlips#red#winter#morning#snow#cold#classy#weekend#friday
friday - love - selfie - makeup - cold - weekend - girl - winter - quotebyme - snow - morning - mythoughts - classy - redlips - christmas - red -
caroline_syv : πŸ’—
daniellaa89 : Amen πŸ™
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You have to break before you be brave #quotebyme #likeforlike #followforfollow
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You never know what you can find in the unexpected places where all the spirit of Goodness liesο»Ώ #QuoteByMe #Simba #fireflies #beautiful #night #pretty #TLK
beautiful - tlk - pretty - night - quotebyme - fireflies - simba -
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#Truth #Love #Facts #QuoteByMe #quote #Peace #Facebook
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I would start my life again but I can't... I have rewrite he pages and make it happier life for myself #quotebyme #editbyme
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"Love and hate are enemies but they're still perfect for each other" a quote by me ❀️#quote #by #me #quotebyme #hands #heart #love #hate #enemies #perfect
me - heart - love - quotebyme - quote - hands - perfect - hate - by - enemies -
mr_juanesteban : Beautiful!
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"Memories are made in the coldest winters" #thinking #mind #thoughts #quotebyme
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makynzie.w : Jamal your my #wcw
kberkiii : Really niqqa
_janderson3 : What? @kberkiii
_janderson3 : Okay @makynzie.w
vereschagin007 : GAYYYY
_janderson3 : Yeah no @vereschagin007
dale325 : I second that GAYYYY @_janderson3
trulyorganic : Truly Amazing
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Waiting to go to Hungry Jacks... I'm hungry!! πŸ”πŸŸ YUM YUM!! #quotebyme #editbyme
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β€οΈβœ–οΈ #quotebyme #editbyme
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karinabluefox : I'm going to the dentist then shopping.....
karinabluefox - 4.wolf.pack - twilight_twfan - arctic.snowfire -
Quisiera saber qué fue de tus días y si aún existo en tu memoria, si aún recuerdas mi sonrisa y cómo se avivaba al verte llegar, si aún sientes el aroma de nuestro dulce caminar, si aún extrañas mi presencia en la mesa -frente a frente- sin dejarnos de mirar, si aún extrañas aquellos poemas que nos dedicábamos sin pensar. Y si preguntas que si yo te extraño, no sabría dónde empezar. -Claro- diría y me limitaría a llorar.
beautiful - acciΓ³npoΓ©tica - quotebyme - loveit - self - dientedeleon - ground -
memoft95 : #DienteDeLeon #Self #Ground #Beautiful #LoveIt #QuoteByMe
memoft95 : #Acciónpoética
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I love movies... I think that sometimes we learn something from the movies. They make us think, imagine, believe, be positive, be thankful, be brave or feel weak, feel happy or feel alone, sometimes miss someone or wish to fall in love with someone or just fly away...
oldcity - vscoazerbaijan - aztagram - vscorussia - vsco_museum - vscoaz - baku - ilovemovies - icherisheher - azerbaijan - filmmaking - vsco - innercity - myazerbaijan - fridayaz - quotebyme - instaolkem - movies - vscogood - vintage - vscocuyuz - vscofriday - movielove - movie - vscocam -
maxooood : #vscogood #vscocam #vscocam #vscocuyuz #fridayaz #instaolkem #myazerbaijan #vscorussia #vscoazerbaijan #aztagram
maxooood : #filmmaking #OldCity #Icherisheher #Innercity #Baku #Azerbaijan #vsco #vsco_museum #vscofriday #vscoaz
maxooood : #QuoteByMe #vintage #movielove #movie #movies #ILoveMovies
resptattoos : Wow!
beverlydrobinsonvxc : :) @Conwheezy
elsa3849 : Love movies too!!good words^^
maxooood : @elsa3849 yesss! thnk u sweety ;)
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If you must judge me, judge me by the love in my heart, not the lust in your eyes. #quotebyme #truelife #insidecounts #lookswillfadeaway
quotebyme - lookswillfadeaway - insidecounts - truelife -
bbygirl_nieq : 😍😍😍
nadzieja_99 : Oh my gosh! You're so beautiful Kasey ❀ love youu
k_raeg : Sassy with those red lips 😏
phygerian : Beautiful Kasey!
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Have you ever thought about how cruel this world is? Every little corner always has something terrible around it. Why can't the bulling end? Why can't we all just get along and try to understand each other? The answer is simple, because most people in this world only care for them selfs. This is why there are kids who have no friends, this is why people hurt them selfs, and it could all stop if we could all just care a little more and hate a little less. #neededtobesaid#feelindown#quotebyme
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sophie__wells : Tbh- I don't know you very we'll but you are nice 😊
k.paige.409 : Thx @sophie__wells
sophie__wells : Welcome
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#Me #QuoteByMe #quote #Love #Ladies #Gentlemen
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#QuotebyMe #LovemyCountry #ProudlyMoroccan #Proud#moroccanGirls #Quote #QOTD #QuoteoftheDay #Moroccan #Morocco #Maroc
qotd - proudlymoroccan - maroc - quotebyme - quote - moroccangirls - proud - moroccan - morocco - lovemycountry - quoteoftheday -
belkorj : So lucky tho
guiltyofpassion : @belkorj u liked how I wrote Moroccan ;) am so talented! Oh my! So creative n smart!!! Hehe
linabenqass : yooo chou call me!!
mar0uane1 : Awww i didnt ask to be Marouane hahaa i just got sooo luckyy 😁😘
guiltyofpassion : @mar0uane1 shut up!!!
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Tahun ini sepertinya memang menjadi milik kalian. Satu persatu piala ada di tangan kalian Semoga apa yg kalian dapatkan bisa menjadi cambuk yg mampu membuat kalian menjadi manusia yg senantiasa berusaha menjadi manusia yg lebih baik dan lebih baik lagi ke depanya.. #QuoteByMe #latepost #aliando #prilly #sctvawards
quotebyme - sctvawards - latepost - prilly - aliando -
rinihusnaputri - ditamaysarahh - n.resty.m - mikhayla2702 -
#quoteoftheday #quotes #quote #islamquotes #quotebyme
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madihah.mkhazin : what are you talking about!? @luayjr11 im not from israel.. and i dont support israel.. i support palestine.. dude what's wrong with you.. what did i do wrong to you.. and you dont even know me.. you're such a freak
luayjr11 : Dat not was i @madihah.mkhazin
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"We all wait for that one person, the one that wants to love us, to hold us when we cry, to tell us 'it's okay' when times are not right, to spend a whole lifetime with us, to watch another generation grow, to grow old and hold on to the memories, and most of all to know that the person will keep you in their heart" -Shadow_mist_fairy #Happy #Anime #LifeTime #QuoteByMe #Memories #ItsOkay #ILoveYou #Love I can't wait for this to happen........β™‘β™‘β™‘
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selika_redfox : Its rin or gray or tomeo for me
shadow_mist_fairy : Hahah ! For me it's Haruka ! I will let Nanami have Tomoe because their cure together ! And i will let Juvia have gray, afterall she never had a true lover..... so sorry Haru fans ! I Love Haruka Nanase ! β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘
shadow_mist_fairy : *cute
selika_redfox - mystique_rant - preethu_15 - sup_rman -
Bleh #quotebyme #likeordie
quotebyme - likeordie -
rsperales : What happen to your mouth at the game?
kaitlin_thayer : Idk which, but when that girl went up for a layup she hit the bottom of my jaw and chipped the front of my tooth off. @rsperales
ejleagle63 - ambahbaby_ - floodsuarez - cassandra_smithh -
#Truth #Love #Facts #QuoteByMe #quote #Peace
facts - love - truth - quotebyme - quote - peace -
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When I'm dead and gone lay me in the dirt, let the maggots feed off my soul and give it back to the earth β™‘ #redhead #quotebyme #lhdc
redhead - quotebyme - lhdc -
danneakajustice : Someone's perfect
hanja_g : Awe πŸ’• ily @danneakajustice
__hannahkay : 😍😍😍😍😍
hanja_g : 😘😘 @__hannahkay
amandaalancasterr - abigailstriker12 - lindsaysvensrud - mohamadasheck -
People say lifes perfect but them some people dont se rb the world from every perspective from my view a hobos veiw an addicts view amy view #quotebyme #bathroomselfies #baessweater #lifequote #truequotesman
quotebyme - truequotesman - lifequote - bathroomselfies - baessweater -
alia_muse - fillyour_heart - jake_forgie - qamarsami -
Somos jóvenes llenos de dolor introducido en nosotros, creemos que en nuestros viejos tiempos todo era mejor... Jugar en las escaleras, correr y dar vueltas por el pasto, bailar bajo la lluvia, perseguir mariposas, escarbar entre rosas, desfilar a tus padres, entre muchas cosas; queremos que el tiempo vuelva y hacemos todo lo posible para vivir en el pasado cuando el presente tendría que resultar más prometedor. No hay nada en el pasado, déjalo; no encontrarás nada al seguir escarbando, suéltalo ya. Si bien el pasado fue muy hermoso, cosas buenas -tambien- están por llegar. Acordémonos que, al vivir en el pasado, se sufre más de lo que pensábamos sufrir. No hagamos más grande la herida y aceptemos que el tiempo tiene que andar... Y con él, nosotros. #TimeToGrowUp #TaylorSwift #SpeakNow #QuoteByMe #LoveIt #ItsOk #Love #IllBeFine #Ok
love - quotebyme - loveit - taylorswift - timetogrowup - itsok - speaknow - illbefine - ok -
tswiftieme : Hey! Got a new acc for Taylor ❀️mind following? ❀️thanks :)
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Day 5: handwritting; "Life is a party so let us celebrate, make mistakes, learn, live, love, and never give up on what or whom is worth the effort and the journey." πŸ’œ J Perez πŸ’œ #quotebyme#sotrue
quotebyme - sotrue -
di3godior - vale_haha - _eve_79 - bubbubbos -
"I'm a girl with a big dream"🌟 "I'm a bitch with bad Attitude"πŸ‘ "I'm a lady with class" πŸ’
quotebyme -
teenage.dawanna : That caption is on point πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ
keileyy_michelle_ : Lol thanks I just made it up @teenage.dawanna
cristal_great : I love your caption β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘Œ
keileyy_michelle_ : Thanks girl πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜ #QuoteByMe
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Lips as bright as the sun, but her heart is as dark as the night πŸ’‹πŸ’€ #quotebyme
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sweet.baby.jamie : Is that the lipstick I got you?! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘„
skylarisnotonfire : Yes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡πŸ‘Œ @jami3.leigh
sweet.baby.jamie : Oh, & that's your real smile! 😊
skylarisnotonfire : That's how I smile in all my pics?!? πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ @jami3.leigh
sweet.baby.jamie : Check you DM ..
sweet.baby.jamie : Your* πŸ˜‚
skylarisnotonfire : I did it won't load lol @jami3.leigh
sweet.baby.jamie : I'll text you πŸ‘Œ
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That's when I'm not sad or angry for whatever reason... In fact, no one is perfect, and I always try to improve... Because every small step in that direction is an achievement
beautiful - life - acceptance - diversity - respectothers - quote - quotesdaily - respectyourself - respect - dreamsnotcomingtrue - doyourbest - me - myself - quoteofday - quotes - quotebyme - trytobehappy - happyness - quotesbyme - dreams - joy - quotesoftheday - dream -
allthegoodthingscometoanend : #respect #respectyourself #respectothers #doyourbest #trytobehappy #happyness #life #me #myself #dream #dreams #dreamsnotcomingtrue #quote #diversity #acceptance #beautiful #joy
saraannk1 : <3 <3 <3
allthegoodthingscometoanend : Thank you! @saraannk1
allthegoodthingscometoanend : #quotesoftheday #quotesdaily #quote #quotes #quotebyme #quoteofday #quotesbyme
brandmentalist : I love it :)
allthegoodthingscometoanend : @brandmentalist Thank you!
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19abbeyd -
One day I'll travel all over the world to do what I want and what I love, without feeling embarassed, without rules and without judgements. #quotebyme #quote #picbyme #photo #bored #meaningful #girl #sad
quotebyme - quote - sad - photo - picbyme - bored - meaningful - girl -
bloublou2 : Take me with u !!! 😸
guitaa_ : @bloublou2 sure ! Let's go ! πŸ˜„
bloublou2 : Yeaahh
amandabootes - pixbyshim - lea766 - fuzailkhan76 -
#SouthAfrica #Johannesburg #Thoughtsinspired #Quotebyme #Truethat #TrustGodstiming #singlelife #peaceful #instafaith #instalove #instadaily #instagood #instagramhub #shoutout #likeforlike #follow #following #lovefollows πŸ˜‚πŸ³πŸ‹πŸŸπŸ πŸ‘ πŸ˜‡ πŸ™ πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘‘ ✌ πŸ’– 🌈
instalove - thoughtsinspired - follow - instadaily - instagramhub - lovefollows - trustgodstiming - truethat - instafaith - quotebyme - johannesburg - instagood - singlelife - southafrica - likeforlike - peaceful - following - shoutout -
torquejohann : I'm also waiting.. #singlelife #hatewaiting 😧⌚
4ladynikita : I've always taken pride in the caliber of people I've surrounded myself with. But the past 3 years I dropped my standards substantially to give people the benefit of the doubt. Lesson learnt- NEVER drop your standards under ANY circumstance. And when I decided to do a complete clean up of myself and my life, eradicated all people of poor quality and ditched the dodgies.... Everything fell into place so beautifully. And that's when I met him πŸ’• "attract what you expect, reflect what you desire" love your work baby girl πŸ’‹πŸ‘Œ
tashdenny : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
unique_monic7 : AmenπŸ’– Angel @4ladynikita ....We often allow this to happen when we ourselves at times are gullible. .We allow people to take advantage of our good hearts...Little do we know the storm that awaits...Under no circumstance will i ever allow people to do this..No good deed goes unpunished...Lesson learnt!..2015 is set at an all time high! The best is yet to come! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
dazza_lurie - royal_t_w - nielvw1978 - little_missy_t -
"She was just a girl with so many things to say, but never could find the right time to say them." ❄ #quotebyme #reallyawkwardlighting #selfie #flannels
quotebyme - selfie - reallyawkwardlighting - flannels -
lexeemichelle429 - kayanndev - jamie_leavens5 - daviskeely -
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