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still has the film #JiroDreamsOfSushi on my mind. Respect to @QuestLove for documenting his #QuestToJiro, which inspired leagues of people like myself to watch the #documentary as well as now want visit his famed restaurant to encounter this dedicated soul in person. #InspiredBeyondMeasure
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#JiroDreamsOfSushi is by far the best documentary that I have ever seen. #InspiredBeyondMeasure
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hotgaloshes : @questlove put me on to the film. Check out his post from #tokyo
jasonjrsmith : One of my favorite documentaries. Although, it has ruined my outlook on local NY Sushi establishments. Ive been visual spoiled. I only want Jiro's sushi. Lol
phnx_aficionado : @hotgaloshes - @questlove #QuestToJiro thread put me on to the film as well and now it is a quick favorite. Even has my friends and I trying to figure out how to make it there this year or next Jan the latest
phnx_aficionado : @jasonjrsmith - Now mine as well. I agree with you wholeheartedly though because now I am only craving Jiro's sushi and that egg sushi that is supposed to rival the flavor of most cakes - lol
hotgaloshes : I hope that happens for you! I to, have made inquires on how I can make this happen... recently found out a friends niece and husband are soon moving to Japan( by any means
hotgaloshes : ^cont. (By any means necessary ) Me to friend: yeah we can visit your family too! Lol
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watching jiro dreams of sushi on the reel tonight. its excellent. thx for the tip @questlove #umami
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giavos : Uh yeah this movie ruled.
emct301 : #questtojiro
eghelms : I soooo want to go visit him!
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Dear @questlove Of all of the times I missed you coming to Tokyo with The Legendary Roots Crew, dancing to your 3 hour DJ set at Air & meeting you tonight at The Robert Glasper Experiment made up for it! I absolutely love your whole soul and drumming head bop and all that you give each of us individually in this universe! I'm still quite speechless but thank you!! And you're officially inducted into my #FatnessFirst International Crew for making a pilgrimage to Tokyo for sushi! I will work hard to one Dai be able to take you to Jiro on me #QuestToJiro :) Safe Travels! Lots of Love! Come Back Soon!
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cedricshine : #major
asian_bonita : Lmao @ #major
djtomstarks : #bawseshit
therealaganee : πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ™Œ niceeeeee
pearly_donelle : Yes Dai! I'll grab another slice of pizza in honor of the #FatnessFirst Int!
hiroto_men : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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Even @anthonybourdain is diggin' @questlove 's #questtojiro πŸ™βœŒπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘
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Se assistiu ao documentário Jiro Dreams of Sushi, você DEVE checar a experiência do @questlove registrada no Instagram! #questtojiro
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Anyone who has seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi, or who loves Quest Love, or loves Shushi, or who wants to read an amazing tale, should check out #questtojiro
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jahncahduh : That was a great documentary.
samnicwar : I love this #documentaryfilm
iiieetron : Isn't that place like a 2 year wait?! I want.
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And for dessert I went to the 2nd to last Tower Records on earth and rung up a bill that was half of Jiros. It was like having a cigarette or having your loved one make you a turkey sandwich after gettin some. #questtojiro ok that's all kids I hit AIR tonight at 1am so I'm finna nap. The moral is: all you dream deferred cats ain't trying hard enough. Get a dream and commit to that dream. Real commitment as in 8 hours a day prepping that dream for years until its a reality.
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yacchon : I’ts me…THX!
michelley210 : I worked at Sound Warehouse, which turned into Blockbuster Music, which turned into Wherehouse Music. Then I downloaded my first mp3 and poof! Gone! Now Wherehouse Music is a Chinese restaurant!
beautybyamber73 : DAYUM!
dunwho : Still Tower Records in Dublin, Ireland. Independant and awesome.
shockenb : Forgot to put everyone's favorite hashtag on this post #wreckastowday !!!!!
ejrodriguez58 : All praise, That's tight, I just saw that film 2 weeks ago. A true Master! He elevates all those around him. And Thanks for your view of it.
off2ctheworld : Steven's Mama thinks that what u said about not deferring your dream is motivational, brilliant and real- thank u!
markmollica : @questlove I live by this.....continuous improvement!
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New Friends. J-Iro Changed My Life #questtojiro
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matteabird : @moscheroscheroni The absolute ULTIMATE sushi
sambodian77 : @questlove these series of pics of your pilgrimage to Jiro was the best photo story I've ever read...
247victoria : @sambodian77 I agree with you. @questlove just finished watching jiro dreams of sushi again because of these pics
gingyaz : @sambodian77 couldn't agree more. Because of @questlove I watched the movie finally....starting a mission for a resie tomorrow!
gthev : @luetbo
luetbo : @bernarfa waiting for booking
la_la_laurie : Questlove Dreams of Sushi
markmollica : @questlove He validated mine! Genius!
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By the end Jiro had really warned up to us (he gave me an encore of my 3 favorite pieces for the road: I choose the Fatty Tuna, the Massaged Octopus, and the Tamago Egg Custard he made his son make over 200 times Ina month for practice before he felt like his son was ready for the big time. He literally made that egg dish taste like yellow cake! That's how rich it was!!!!!!! It was beyond awesome of him to grant me a photo. He seemed touched when he learned that I made a pilgrimage over here from the US after watching this film 10 times. #questtojiro
questtojiro -
la_la_laurie : #SushiLife @nickrosslv
farts.and.crafts : @jacksbeard
justfortwitts : Thank you for sharing!!!! You have a great way with words.
justfortwitts : I'm so hungry now.
cheersfuckface : @only_pics_of_thomas it's the guy from the DVD dad and I gave you!
frannytravels : Amazing! I love that movie ☺️
aliciabeortiz : Even after weeks past. This post is still so true to my heart.
ryanmielke : @a_yoooooo four
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All good things must come to an end. And how does he end it? The shocker of all shockers---The clear winner of the night was (drumroll please) The honeydew melon!?!!!? There was more juice in this honeydew melon than in Ernest Dickerson's entire screenplay that made 2pac a star. Okay I'm reachin...but this melon served as a trick: Mostly to clean your pallet and make you forget everything you just consumed in the last 30 minutes. It was like the food version of the men in black flashy thing. We ended our meal in 41 mins some 21 mins over the expected time. #questtojiro
questtojiro -
mixapix : I was also inspired by Jiro's film, but don't quite have the means (yet) to get there. Found a Jiro like hero in SF at Ino Sushi in Japantown. He is dedicated to detail, makes his own soy sauce. Next time a Jiro craving hits, jet to SF.
zombeemama : I just want to say ... I loved waking up and reading all about your jiro journey. Honestly, seeing you so inspired is inspirational. As a former athlete and lifelong musician (and foodie), I love that you understand and respect and promote the dedication to a craft as much as you do the magic that he works. There isn't enough grind or gumption in the world anymore! I also loved all of your musical references which made for a great read to go along with these pictures. I've been a fan for awhile, but I just level-jumped : we're friends in my brain now. Ha! πŸ˜‚ So happy for you! Keep it up.
mermaidintherudder : HAHAHAHA
justmechristine : πŸ˜‚
coupstreet : Lmao "men in black flashy thing" classic!
tamarasparkles : You need to write a questtojiro memoir 🍣
_maldita_e : So envious of your experience
janel1810 : Thank you so much for sharing this experience with the world. I've been to Japan twice in my life, living in Okinawa for two years and I must say that this is the most inspiring story. This makes me want to go back again just to get a glimpse of what you just experienced.
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Jiro coulda easily been a DJ yo. #questtojiro
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helloworld247 : @yusi_x it's our hero!!!
xxxikira : jiro dreams of sushi
jassliu : @medina_applebum we need to go ASAP
phreeloaderxl : Nooooo freakin way!?? Tight!!
raymond1110 : πŸ™πŸ£πŸ™
edibleguru : Wow! @questlove Wow! Blessed!
wisdomnloyalty : Living legend!
markmollica : @questlove Most have been life changing! Can't wait!
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Seriously you have debates with yourself on whether to eat it. Look at it. Snap it. Or preserve it. This couple was crazier than me!! #questtojiro
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bnikkinichole : For real!!
kosy : Absolutely jealous but happy you got to experience this greatness... @questlove
samuraimama : If you're paying 30,000 yen you want to remember!
ksands : I'm on the verge of tears reading this! I'm so happy you were able to do this
beblazin : @kodaklens
budgetbougie : @litehaus
ladydi102 : That doesn't look safe. What is it? I'm young with cataracts, forgive me.
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I swear there is no filter. #questtojiro
questtojiro -
chanty74 : Now you should go to Sapporo I swear it is truly the finest of Japanese food I have eaten
teeero_teeero : @ahtero @questlove is this the place from that documentary: "Jiro dreams of sushi" ?
lindsey_diana : @nabo_rawk sooo when are we going to Tokyo? 🍣
nabo_rawk : @lindsey_diana OH WOWZERS!
markmollica : @questlove's mouth is literally watering!
5_elementz : @questlove
5_elementz : Email me please
meghanmatthewsadair : That's the most gorgeous fish I've ever seen. I love that man.
lluo96 - tknuc2 - yennao -
This Fatty Tuna (for those that seen the film when he goes to the docks to bid on the auctioned fish? THIS IS THAT FISH!!!!!!---This was clearly the turning point of the meal. I never had sushi melt so smooth.... ever!!!!! -- I mean ---it was like butter! Like there was 0 chewing. It just disappeared. #questtojiro
questtojiro -
ladydi102 : I did see that part of the film.
riq_ross : This guy ate from the guy who makes the food from that film @bebop4_12
bebop4_12 : @riq_ross daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam, awesome! & im jealous!!!!!
riq_ross : @bebop4_12 haha that's the same thing I said
farts.and.crafts : @jacksbeard
evol.r : @questlove omg!!! Sounds so goood!!!
fcukheineken : @duckbudder
duckbudder : @opalolie
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More magic from Jiro. I believe this is the Jack Mackerel. #questtojiro
questtojiro -
candydevine1 : Hmmm! Luv Sushi...
kamallah_the_giant : Ain't jackmac from upstate!
ncjr43 : I love fish
brandi_ca : My favorite.
mztastycakez : Lml @ jackmac smh
juicymcphone : That's the one that looked so delicious on the film
stinsonfan : @chrisbones jack mackerel !
leongaban : I have to go there while Jiro is still around!
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In case you're wondering: Yes! The food absolutely glistens just like it looks in the movie. I didn't want to be "that guy" Who Instagram's every bite... but by this point he understood our enthusiasm. So with his permission we respectfully took shots of our food before consuming. This is the semi fatty tuna, the 5th out of 19 pieces he made for us one at a time. #questtojiro
questtojiro -
allineedisoneknife : @phoenixryzen7 how did you know Japanese was my weekness !
allineedisoneknife : Believe me you will enjoy it just have a drink or first and just try it Japanese good is more about texture to flavor !
namaste444 : I just started following you because of my cousin DJColette. I knew you were cool, but didn't know you were super cool! I don't even eat sushi, but I totally enjoyed your detailed descriptions of your trip! Passion for life! That's what I'm talking about! ❀❀
akeezysoprano : @i_am_bcarlos
majestyd : Ahhh nooo
pizzakat1 : @michael_whitehill
abe_pcf : I would destroy this sushi lol
markmollica : @questlove Thank you for being that guy.....amazing colors and I can just imagine the texture! WOW!
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Masters At Work. My interpretation is that he wants to tell a story with his sushi. The first round all savory. The next round all spicy. Round three is buttery and dreamy. Around four is more about texture and less about taste. And then for his stroke of genius act of round five: is the sweetest fish ever known to man. It's literally a roller coaster of taste. #questtojiro
questtojiro -
starsthinkpositive : @the_few_
the_few_ : @starsthinkpositive Roller Coast 🎒
e_v_o_n_n_e : Luv his documentary!
pizzakat1 : @michael_whitehill
chherd : Wow! You had sushi from the "Master"!
hardway11 : @oldmanmudbutt peep out @questlove photos of his visit! Great pics and funny captions/stories
mrherget : Gold.
ryanmielke : @a_yoooooo three
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Gotta tell you, the tension and pressure in that small arse space (long counter for 10!!!!! Ha! My spot has him beat by 6 chairs!----wait did i just let the cat out the ba----uh nevermind that for now) thing is he is 88 years old and has his entire staff uptight so they are super scowly and it was like I didn't know if I should inhale or not. Soon thereafter I started having nightmares about dropping the food. Should I use my hands like I saw in the movie? or should I use chopsticks like my mama taught me? All these panic stricken questions. What if he Homer Simpsons me making me eat Blowfish? Should I shave my head bald as to not scare him? Will he let me take photos? I wasn't this afraid to breathe in an establishment since the first time I set foot in Will Smith's crib. So by the time this mo descript pic was taken I was 3 mins into my chair. They went down with the rules: you sit, you be quiet, he will feed you. Look nice (yes @melodyehsani I rocked the picnic table jawn) no hats (I removed pic) and you got 20 mins. The guide on the left is less a menu and more of a story. You will eat 16 pieces. And you are gonna love it. #questtojiro
questtojiro -
ladydi102 : Escape I've ever read. Thank you @questlove for sharing and Sir Jiro for allowing you to give your followers a vicarious view inside.
drfshin : @questlove, watched the film after your posts. The one adjective that keeps resurfacing (both on film and on your post) when describing the experience is "tension." Do you think this compromised your experience?
condimented : @goramen keizo did u dine w QL?
goramen : I wish! Hope he comes to Bassanova next!
allyrugg : I love your captions
edibleguru : @questlove Thanks for sharing a glimpse of what the menu looked like, truly Awesome!
photogatheart : Speech.
ryanmielke : @a_yoooooo 2
scfan56 - ecca1980 - jarreddecadence -
For those that don't know. The journey that leads to this series of photos started when my ex & I were trying to see The Artist to no avail. Date Nights were far and few between and I didn't want the night to be a total loss. In the next theater was some documentary about sushi. Eh...I was tired anyways....but then when I read the Rotten Tomatoes reviews (99%) I was like "hmmmm why not?...I like sushi, lemme see what's up". What I saw changed my life. It wasn't a mere film about the worlds greatest sushi innovator. This was Gladwelll's Outliers come to life. This was my lifes path before me: a man whose tireless work ethic and drive in pursuit of perfection. I tell people all the time the ultimate occupation is the one you are willing to wake up at 4am for and go to bed at 3:59am with no complaints. It's about artistry and commitment to a craft. It's about how a human hides his pain and redirects it to a work of art. Once a commentator mentioned that making a pilgrimage halfway around the world for a mere sampling of food is worthy of the perfect unattainable 3 star Michelin rating I knew then and there where I wanted to spend my birthday. Thing was my bday was some 9 months after this film came out. And with my schedule there was no telling if I'd be free for this trek. So I made a move on faith: planned my trip blind and prayed by September I'd be cool. The risk is you don't wanna plan a 5 figure lunch trek without the verification being iron clad. I thought September.....truth was I wasn't 100% confirmed (no fallon, no DJ gigs, roots okay with us turning down inauguration, and Jiro giving us the "ok" until 3 weeks ago.....6 months after I $helled out arrangements. Talk about faith! My boy OJ is on the left (his family placed a call to a person who called a person who called someone from government to vouch on my behalf) my manager @dawnenglehart aka @missmaoyen is on the right. We were told 11:30 sharp. It's 11:34 here...we felt like Michael Jackson when he was late to court and rushing in his pjs. We just made it!!!! #QuestToJiro
questtojiro -
mommieknowsfresh : Just watched the film. Thank You.
monsieur.kyle.henderson : @jennchilla
iamphoenixryzen7 : @quicooks This Chef is Amazing!
traviswesner : Great film thanks for sharing!
offtoseetheworld : @hka2
greeneyedwolf : @caseymcbride
donjosepunzon : @sofiawasclaudia 😍
ryanmielke : @a_yoooooo 1
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