Thanks @fcpcoffee for these awesome prizes for 1st fixed, 1st singlespeed and 1st girl! #keepcup #coffee #prizes #fcpcoffee #queenoftartsalleycat
queenoftartsalleycat - fcpcoffee - coffee - prizes - keepcup -
julietelliott : Ooh if only I knew my way round Brizzle!
alwaysapleasure - 3000thieves - philjeffries - chrismartin666 -
Head to queenoftarts.bigcartel.com to order your Queen of Tarts Alleycat 2014 jersey featuring the QOT design by Ben Boston and all out official sponsors! Deadline for orders is tomorrow - opportunity to try sizing samples this week. We can change sizes up until Friday but all orders must be placed by tomorrow 10pm! #queenoftartsalleycat #alleycat #statebicycleco #covenmagazine #covencycling #brotherscycles #fierlancycling #portlanddesignworks #fullcourtpress #fcpcoffee #bristoldropouts #chrome #chromeindustries
chromeindustries - colouryum - portlanddesignworks - fcpcoffee - queenoftartsalleycat - alleycat - statebicycleco - fullcourtpress - covenmagazine - fierlancycling - bristoldropouts - covencycling - cyclingjersey - worldwideshipping - kalas - brotherscycles - ragpicker - chrome -
hanalu4 : #ragpicker #colouryum #kalas #cyclingjersey #worldwideshipping
fixieshoutout : nnice fixedgear photo
petates : @hanalu4 what company do you use to produce the jersey's??
hanalu4 : We're using Velotec @petates!
agambudi - mickelindhe - campusskatepark - liamd24 -
Queen of Tarts Jersey available for pre-order now! We'll only be doing one run of these so if you want one get one! #cyclingjersey #fixie #singlespeed #alleycat #queenoftartsalleycat
queenoftartsalleycat - alleycat - fixie - cyclingjersey - singlespeed -
queenoftartsalleycat : Sizing chart available upon request!
garment_manufacturer : Nice design!
satchandfable - grim_cycles - mr_petrik - thefixedgearworld -
Prizes are dropping through the letter box already! Thanks for the awesome kit @statebicycleco! You've got to be in it to win it so get on your bike and ride The Queen of Tarts Alleycat - 24 August 2014! #queenoftartsalleycat #alleycat #sponsor #statebicycleco #cyclingkit
queenoftartsalleycat - alleycat - statebicycleco - cyclingkit - sponsor -
garment_manufacturer : πŸ˜„
francisco0209 - wi11iamtan - cycloramic_cc - rhysbillington -
Mock up of the QOT 2014 jersey is online now and available for pre-order! The images may be tweaked a little before final print (only to improve quality) but generally this will be it! Deadline for orders is pretty tight so don't hesitate if you want one! #cyclingjersey #queenoftartsalleycat #alleycat #fixie #singlespeed
queenoftartsalleycat - alleycat - fixie - cyclingjersey - singlespeed -
colouryum - hanalu4 - theprodigalbum - littleredbo -
We've had so many ideas for this but we're running out of time so going to keep it simple, mock up will be online this weekend for pre-orders. Window is only open for a short period of time - miss it, miss out! #queenoftartsalleycat #cyclingjersey
queenoftartsalleycat - cyclingjersey -
f.stopper : Ooooooh... I could do with a black and white kit..
queenoftartsalleycat : It's not final and needs some tweaks but I'm running out of time so if this is going to happen then this is probably how it's going to look! I reckon it'll look sick with some @dasradklub Klub bibs πŸ‘Œ
queenoftartsalleycat : @f.stopper
kat_moochy - briscyclerist - fcpcoffee - heatherdot -
Awesome to have @colouryum on board, helping design the garms and put together these awesome logos! Can't wait to release the final design shortly! #queenoftartsalleycat #alleycat #logo #design
queenoftartsalleycat - alleycat - design - logo -
hanalu4 - colouryum - vosslogos - briscyclerist -
Queen of Tarts Alleycat 2014 designed by Ben Boston! #tattoodesign #tattooartist #playingcard #alleycat #queenoftartsalleycat
queenoftartsalleycat - tattoodesign - alleycat - tattooartist - playingcard -
colouryum - graffting - edtrotman - xsamdunnx -
First @queenoftartsalleycat prize dropped through my letterbox this morning, couldn't help myself but try it on! You guys are so bloody lot our sponsors are freaking awesome!! @statebicycleco #cyclingjersey #cyclingshorts #statebicycleco #fixie #singlespeed #alleycat #queenoftartsalleycat #lycra
fixie - queenoftartsalleycat - alleycat - statebicycleco - lycra - cyclingshorts - cyclingjersey - singlespeed -
heatherdot : @hanalu4 I'm liking that kit. πŸ‘
hanalu4 : It's amazing @heatherdot it's called 'Have a nice day' and has that written all over it with smiley faces! πŸ˜„ Will get a better snap up soon!
heatherdot : @hanalu4 where's it from? @statebicycleco
hanalu4 : Yep, not too pricey either which is a bonus! They've just released a new line πŸ‘
mingramstagram : @hanalu4 was there crazy shipping/import?
hanalu4 : Not sure @mingramstagram but maybe drops the guys a message at @statebicycleco and see if they have any idea. Their kits are a really good value so it's totally worth it! I wish i could keep this one, got my eye on the GB one they have just released!! πŸ‘Œ
hanalu4 : Lucky*
kristicolvin : That kit is adorable on you.
kristicolvin - vorn101 - hadfield1991 - jpbevins -
Still working on a little something for #queenoftartsalleycat but I'm fairly hopeless with design. Anyone mind to give me a hand in tidying it up?
queenoftartsalleycat -
colouryum : Feel free to fire over info@colouryum.com
mckelvaney : Where are you getting them made @hanalu4 ?
hanalu4 : A company called velo something I think? They have a short turn around and the samples they sent are pretty sweet. Did you have somewhere in mind @mckelvaney?
mckelvaney : @hanalu4 Nowhere in mind. I'm thinking of doing a small batch myself, was looking for a recommendation :)
kat_moochy - beardedsprocket - agambudi - heatherdot -
Friday 13th may be unlucky for some, but not for the #queenoftartsalleycat riders!! #statebicycleco #sponsor #fixies #alleycat
queenoftartsalleycat - alleycat - statebicycleco - fixies - sponsor -
colouryum : πŸ‘Œ
imtheshit - liamd24 - minii_jenn - statebicycleco -
Shiiittt Queen of Tarts design by @inkbyboston!! Thank you so much Ben!! πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€οΈ #queenoftartsalleycat #fixie #singlespeed #alleycat
queenoftartsalleycat - alleycat - singlespeed - fixie -
justefantome : Fair play, this is wicked!
wolfgangbuzzo : So rad!
inkbyboston : No worries, use square ready to crop!
gamekeepermanz : #highend
gamekeepermanz : #gunshot
colouryum : Radsome!
jonsteel24 - thomaslostsoul - fixed_motion - ghost_in_the_spoke -
I am pretty poor at drawing and even worse when it comes to technology and design... But thankfully I know some very talented people so things like this can become a little closer to reality... Sooo excited! #queenoftartsalleycat #cyclingjersey
queenoftartsalleycat - cyclingjersey -
misfitsandmavericks : Still available for any after party type dj'ing shenanigans.,
agambudi - katelstocks - theres_only_1_rv -
Mock up of QOT jersey should be up this weekend! Can't wait!! #queenoftartsalleycat #tattoodesign #cyclingjersey
queenoftartsalleycat - tattoodesign - cyclingjersey -
lbwlkr - dropoutjanners - minii_jenn - beardedsprocket -
Stoked with this design by Ben Boston! Will get the final piece up shortly! #queenoftartsalleycat
queenoftartsalleycat -
beardedsprocket - ro___peach - jake_snakebaum - briscyclerist -
Stoked! #queenoftartsalleycat
queenoftartsalleycat -
briscyclerist - beardedsprocket - dave_noakes - gumpspeed -
Stoked to have Ben Boston redesigning the image for this years Queen of Tarts Alleycat! Here's a sneak peek...!! πŸ™ˆ #queenoftartsalleycat
queenoftartsalleycat -
fierlancycling : Excited Already! ☺️
dave_noakes : Oooh looking good!
colouryum : Woah!
jasonveall : Amazing. Still not as good as my guesses. βœ‹just saying
beardedsprocket - minii_jenn - stu.w - tizzfish -
Working on something special with our awesome sponsors @fierlancycling for this years Queen of Tarts!! #queenoftartsalleycat #womenscycling
queenoftartsalleycat - womenscycling -
kat_moochy - briscyclerist - theprodigalbum - lifethroughhaze -
Who's this?... Exciting!!!! #queenoftartsalleycat
queenoftartsalleycat -
klemmie : Ben Boston!
hanalu4 : πŸ‘Œyep @klemmie 😊 sooo excited! This was a sneak peek of what he's out together so far! So stoked!
kat_moochy : Yay!!
xbeardxloverx : You getting a tattooooo?
hanalu4 : Not just yet @xbeardxloverx but Ben is kindly designing the Queen of Tarts image for me! Soo excited! 😊
xbeardxloverx : That's very cool, when's the next one?
hanalu4 : August 24 :) @xbeardxloverx - you coming? I'm going to wear knee pads this yea...
xbeardxloverx : I think that's probably a good idea..:-P
basedgodcoco - allred336 - kharcix - panengrz -
Sooo stoked to announce @chrome_industries will be sponsoring Queen of Tarts Alleycat 2014! We'll be awarding first place with this limited edition coveted Chrome jersey!! #queenoftartsalleycat #fixie #alleycat
queenoftartsalleycat - alleycat - fixie -
hanalu4 : 24 August @peaheadcaleb!
peaheadcaleb : So excited for this, is their a Facebook event page?
hanalu4 : Yep @peaheadcaleb https://m.facebook.com/events/630175503723831
theprodigalbum : Actually going to make it to this one
peaheadcaleb : Thank you:)
foreverpedalling : I never got invited πŸ˜•
hanalu4 : No Wilkey's allowed, sorry @timwilkey...
foreverpedalling : But I AM the queen of tarts! @hanalu4
gksportivo - deathspray - mickelindhe - letitridexx -
Anyone familiar with this brand?... It's only our first official sponsor!! #queenoftartsalleycat
queenoftartsalleycat -
your_boy_tom : So that link helped?
kat_moochy : @your_boy_tom I sent it to Hana and they obv approved :)
your_boy_tom : Thats mint. @kat_moochy now to win the prize.
hanalu4 : Anddd....
kat_moochy : Fuck that, I'm doing the DFL @your_boy_tom
your_boy_tom : Ok. DFL?? @kat_moochy
gamekeepermanz : Boom ting
hanalu4 : There's always a DFL... But there's also a chrome bag for second place... And first girl! Yoooo!!!
theprodigalbum - lifethroughhaze - campusskatepark - liamd24 -
Filling out the calendar for 2014! Sunday 24 August 2014, get it in your diaries boys and girls! #queenoftartsalleycat
queenoftartsalleycat -
ilsoigneur : Doh, I completely forgotten. I'll get something sent out. Then get it made in the new year. Opps @gumpspeed I need your address again.
gumpspeed : @ilsoigneur. Thanks I'll drop you a message this evening
hanalu4 : @colouryum shall we cross paths this time tomorrow same spot with your t-shirt?
colouryum : That would be super, I work in St Nicholas House n go on lunch at 1 so can meet yah outside if you'd like!
hanalu4 : Outside @colouryum
colouryum : @hanalu4 argh I waited around n couldn't see you! πŸ˜”
hanalu4 : Same so I nipped to bank haha! Catch you just before 2pm outside? I guess that's when your lunch finishes @colouryum?
colouryum : Yeh perfect c u then x
klemmie - gabrielowen - minii_jenn - einfach_nur_velo -
End of a pretty good eve! Makeup has lasted cycling around a Bristol and for a few bevvys with some great boys and girls! Can't complain! #queenoftarts #queenoftartsalleycat #halloween
queenoftartsalleycat - halloween - queenoftarts -
jonxmack : No wayyyy! That's amazing!!
tizzfish : Dope :)
hanalu4 : Lasted quite well! This was after chips, cider and a rainy cycle! πŸ‘
tizzfish - gumpspeed - izzyrennie - justefantome -
Mysterious leaf! #tunnelsprints #queenoftartsalleycat #dolan
queenoftartsalleycat - dolan - tunnelsprints -
katiemack10 : I had one too today! But it was green! It didn't coordinate with my bike so I had to remove it.
hanalu4 : Haha! I had another in the front cycling up glos road @katiemack10 it was whistling away... Had to go! Haha! πŸ‚πŸƒπŸ
katiemack10 : I nearly had a stick at one point too! That was far less welcome! We should keep tally on leaves. You're beating me 🍁🍁2 - 1🍁
hanalu4 : I like it @katiemack10! Hoping to attempt mountain biking again on Saturday.. Does it count if I go into a bush? 🌳
hanalu4 : Sunday*
katiemack10 : Depends how many leaves you get stuck in your wheels/hair. Good call! This road riding nonsense is super hard in this wind. I'm going to try to organise a ride in Exeter next month. Has Jon mentioned it to you?
foreverpedalling - kat_moochy - campusskatepark - stu.w -
Came back from abroad today to find an amazing gift. Thank you @hanalu4 and #queenoftartsalleycat. Next time we'll be there! #jointheride
queenoftartsalleycat - jointheride -
hanalu4 : Thanks for your support @ragpicker_cycling!
ragpicker_cycling : Was a lovely surprise. @hanalu4 anytime!
chefchaidee - ruthieperrin - weekendwarriordies - juggsgr -
After last night's Full Moon Bike Ride we watched Line Of Sight followed by Queen Of Tarts race footage. If you missed out, you missed out! #DASRADKLUB #DRK13 #BRISTOL #BICYCLE #APPAREL #ACCESSORIES #ADVENTURES #FOREVERPEDALLING #QUEENOFTARTSALLEYCAT #FULLMOONBIKERIDE
foreverpedalling - bicycle - queenoftartsalleycat - accessories - adventures - drk13 - fullmoonbikeride - bristol - dasradklub - apparel -
hanalu4 : Thanks guys was great to see it again! x
monkdagola : Is that my edit? Sad that I couldn't make the ride this month :(
hanalu4 - rondolfus - braindrop_ - stu.w -
Watching more #queenoftartsalleycat at The Big Chill bar! ☺ #fixedgear #fixie #boojieboojieboojie
queenoftartsalleycat - boojieboojieboojie - fixie - fixedgear -
theprodigalbum - father_tu - javimanson - themikeleblanc -
Watching #queenoftartsalleycat on the big screen at Big Chill bar! #fixie
queenoftartsalleycat - fixie -
foreverpedalling - stubborncorp - bbtpingu - campusskatepark -
@lifethroughhaze still want your t-shirt? #queenoftartsalleycat
queenoftartsalleycat -
lifethroughhaze : Sweet! Didn't wanna pester! Email me deets to drewlinforth@gmail.com... Love to take it off you hands and we can sort?
lifethroughhaze : Thanks @hanalu4
hanalu4 : Haha sorry! I've been real slack since I buggered off to Barcelona! Will email you now ☺ x
lifethroughhaze : @hanalu4 it's no problem at ALL, thanks for remembering.
borisberia -
Thanks @hanalu4 I only just opened my package! #Bristol #girlsonbikes #queenoftartsalleycat
queenoftartsalleycat - girlsonbikes - bristol -
hanalu4 : Aww no worries my love. Thanks for coming and your help! Feel free to chop it up or whatever 😊 x
xbeardxloverx : @hanalu4 Thanks babs! See you tomorrow c
briscyclerist - sleeplessincalifornia - xmaximillianx - death_box -
#queenoftartsalleycat #queenoftarts #fixedgear
queenoftartsalleycat - queenoftarts - fixedgear -
kat_moochy : Did I pass you earlier on the cycle track?x
hanalu4 : Maybe? I was in a world of my own.. I hate cycle paths I always get bloody lost!
colouryum : Pretty sure I saw you in st.nics at lunchtime!
hanalu4 : Yea? I was at the falafel place? @Colouryum did you see the homeless crazy guy being pinned down on the floor by police?
colouryum : @hanalu4 nah just missed him, guys in my office were talking about it! Madness!
robparkerwhat - fcpcoffee - willstanley95 - janeymakejewels -
Thank you flowers :) #queenoftartsalleycat #help #friends
queenoftartsalleycat - friends - help -
kat_moochy - briscyclerist - wwctid - izzyrennie -
Finally got my hands on some more #queenoftartsalleycat t-shirts! I'm off to Barca for a few days but I'll get them out to you guys beginning of next week xx
queenoftartsalleycat -
izzyrennie : I'm off in holibobs on Saturday too 😁
izzyrennie : *on
foreverpedalling - kat_moochy - bbtpingu - wwctid -
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