Came in 2nd and beat e3 {finally}[e3 is a team we've played 4 times and beat for the first time today]! Good job quakes, we've made it a long way from being terrible in our first season an coming back for a great season. #quakes
quakes -
michael.hizami - mo_onet - reiszaroni - laila.ghosheh -
The feeling of losing 2-0 is the worst but the best feeling of coming back and winning it 3-2 is Amazing great game today boys proud of you #obrigado #Quakes #showcaseChamps βš½οΈπŸ†πŸ’™
obrigado - quakes - showcasechamps -
gonzalo_pd : YES YES YES
mvk_cloz : Damn good shot bruh best feelings are those comebacks @officialmontes
officialmontes : Hell yea big bro Amazing @mvk_cloz
master_nasty_ - e_wish87 - avelardo_209 - karloess -
The team! Earthquake squad for life boiii! Lessss goooo! #Earthquakes #Quakes #CantStopUs #WontStopUs
cantstopus - wontstopus - quakes - earthquakes -
thunderjungle_ : Hey guys where Kyle?
mrobles700 - kzuroff32 - piousofthemall - aye_im_hope -
Coach and I. Best coach ever. First time ever playing and it was awesome. 2 goals and 6 assists. Good job Earthquakes. #Earthquakes #Quakes #CantStopUs #WontStopUs
cantstopus - wontstopus - quakes - earthquakes -
mrobles700 - kzuroff32 - piousofthemall - aye_im_hope -
#championship #selfie with the #quakes crew!
selfie - championship - quakes -
ryan___park - laila.ghosheh - amacmama - jocelynn_c02 -
#QUAKES player in MABA Cup, u guys never tired to make me proud, remember my advice, go n make urself well known wherever u r, but remember ur root which is forever, u r a part of #quakesfamily #hoyas #quakesdihati , keep on cheering for @desyahmie , oh n most of them are single n ready to mingle
hoyas - quakesfamily - quakes - quakesdihati -
ayatollah38 : #quakesdihati 😎
aziz_moham3d - zaim_13 - desyahmie - wanarifizzuddin -
@nizar_kaede 's reception day, congrats my brotha!!! #brotherfromanothermother #hoyas #QUAKES #quakesdihati #quakesfamily p/s: yg dua org pkai spec tu mmg mintak di tampa pipi laju2
hoyas - quakesfamily - quakes - brotherfromanothermother - quakesdihati -
khairulgbom : Tak ajak aku pom 😒
shaf_irin : Aku dah pass kad ke acap or huze, ce tny ce tny~~
acapmamy : Smpai skrg aku xdpt kad haha
shaf_irin : Damn, kt huze or ayie la tu, demm @acapmamy @khairulgbom
jamiljo : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†
h4kimi : congrats nizar. sorry dok dang nok mari ade gua musang :( @nizar_kaede
abu_basketballer : Congrats bro nizar! U might hv finally found smt u love more than basketball.. coz ur not in gua musang #iskisk hahaha
ayatollah38 : Hahaha aku diquote sokmo la ni @abu_basketballer tapi aku rasa yg pakai spec tuh kiut miut apa? Betul tak @jamiljo πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘¬
faredrashid - shazaasyran - liyana_yusoff - khusairikam -
@nizar_kaede suda anda bila @acapmamy lg? πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰ #schoolmate #teammate #quakes #quakesfamily
schoolmate - quakesfamily - quakes - teammate -
nsue91 : Bolehh
naimrafael : Hahaa ape yg bole @suezainal12 πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™‰
nsue91 : Boleh kenal?
naimrafael : Haha bole2 @suezainal12 😝
nsue91 : Eh I usik u jat atas
naimrafael : Ape tu @suezainal12 😝haha
nsue91 : Alamak typo
naimrafael : Hahaha @suezainal12
aemanfikri - soulboy005 - lekfourteen - amiruddinfadzli -
Come live with me, and be my love, And we will some new pleasures prove Of golden sands, and crystal brooks, With silken lines, and silver hooks Wedding orang aku yg sibuk..πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰. Congrats bro @nizar_kaede n wife...whose next??me?? A very long way to go through 😊 Keep Calm and Pray... #wedding #quakes #quakesfamily
quakesfamily - quakes - wedding -
athirahfaiqah : πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
lovehom : @naimrafael Intan la next ...haha
naimrafael : You la @lovehom next..waiting for ur wedding πŸ‘
lovehom : @naimrafael dah broke up ! 😭don't mention it pls
naimrafael : Oppss sriously??why?@lovehom
lovehom : @naimrafael coz long distance . Ya quite serious
naimrafael : @lovehom i know how u feel..later u got new one meh..incoming πŸ˜πŸ‘
lovehom : @naimrafael my feeling ? Of course terrible . New one ? Not so fast . Phobia
fatinatiqafauzi - lekfourteen - amylydeana - aemanfikri -
The #quakes family honour one of its founding members, Chief Recruiting Officer and legendary sharpshooter's union with his wife. Nobody I know loves basketball more than @nizar_kaede and here's why. Back in uni, Nizar was more of a streetballer/slasher player, until he tore his ACL playing for K16/17 for SUKAM. I remembered then, post-ops, with both crutches, Nizar would come to the K9 court, and starts shooting free throws after everyone has finished playing, even after the light were switched off. And he stayed on for a good half hour or so, doing the same drills over and over and over again. That left an impression to me personally, and professionally. During 1.0 days, all 13 of us, myself included were recruited by him. And he would, together with Randel, make the trip from JB for all the games, and while in JB, train diligently with Randel, without needing to be asked. What most people mistook for talent, is a body of hard work combined with a deep burning desire, hidden by Nizar's carefree personality. My last game in charge as Ayatollah vs Hurricanes, Nizar gave me the gift of finally defeating them while at the helm. Thank you man. There's no better song than SlamDunk's opening credit to celebrate his union with Syaida Hazira! #np BAAD - Kimi ga Suki da to Sakebitai Dengan nama Ayatollah, selamat menunaikan tanggungjawab sebagai seorang suami! Hoyas!
np - nizarlejen - quakes - yindihati - bukankenduriaku -
radzirahmat87 : @nizar_kaede ajak aku men and1 3on3 lpas kne acl, sanggup trun kl dari jb
ayatollah38 : @radzirahmat87 #nizarlejen
ayatollah38 : @edwardkkb @khusairikam @usen16 15/2/2015 sila clearkan calendar awal2, dan bawak ufti.
khusairikam : Oi, ada apa 15/2?? Hehe..damn, lagu opening slamdunk...
ayatollah38 : @khusairikam biar abang @shaf_irin yg jemput officially. #bukankenduriaku #yindihati
usen16 - naimrafael - edwardkkb - acapmamy -
Little brother's soccer team killin' it even on this super rainy morning! #Quakes #soccer #tournament #californiarain #lovetherain #brother #bigsister
lovetherain - soccer - bigsister - californiarain - tournament - quakes - brother -
chand_knee - lovinc - priyancadon - lakh28 -
Congrats @nizar_kaede!! The solemnisation of one of the #QUAKES pioneer, an undisputed shooter, a prominent 1000cc CBR Rabbit rider, Barakallah lakuma wajamaa' bainakuma filkhair, aminn #quakesdihati #kencangakubodek cc: @radzirahmat87 @ayatollah38 @jamiljo @khusairikam @acapmamy @izzar @ikhwan_zubir @afiqjaafar94 @edwardkkb @naimrafael @usen16 @faizwasha86 @aziz_moham3d
kencangakubodek - quakes - quakesdihati -
megat_alwalid - faliqsnap - sitirachael - wanarifizzuddin -
#capitolhill #secret #passages how to get around when it's cold outside #tunnels #quakes #fcnl
secret - passages - capitolhill - quakes - tunnels - fcnl -
jant19 - lindasbecker - kris__duhh - p__nilla -
#quakes on #capitolhill #DiplomacyWorks #fcnl #lobby
capitolhill - diplomacyworks - quakes - lobby - fcnl -
gentracer - erinpickard - p__nilla - lillianese -
#quakes on #capitolhill #fcnl #DiplomacyWorks @elaineemmi
capitolhill - diplomacyworks - quakes - fcnl -
thomharveyoswald - p__nilla - slb543 - lillianese -
#tbt to winning the championship man such a great day this is why we are the best team in scv were no just a team were a family and all brothers now go follow them
quakes - tbt - family - brothers -
quakesmaster_im1 : #quakes #brothers #family
mikeortiz212 : Love you Isaiah can't wait too see you play again!!
beatriceloera_ortiz : Love you mijo
eyb123 - beatriceloera_ortiz - blue_swag_ - manny_from_pjhs -
And so it begins #quakes #quakers #fcnl #friendscommitteeonnationallegislation #DiplomacyWorks #faithintoaction #WDC
diplomacyworks - friendscommitteeonnationallegislation - quakers - wdc - fcnl - quakes - faithintoaction -
tlc_chandler - monicaarnaldi - p__nilla - paradimeonline -
# comic #Quakes
quakes -
geoffbrookstein - micks_gift_from_god_18 -
quakes -
gomez_camille - miss_edwardsxo - misskickass05 - micks_gift_from_god_18 -
#TBT #ChristianDiorDenimFlow - #KanyeWest #KidCudi #PushaT #JohnLegend #LloydBanks #RyanLeslie #GoodMusic #Slaps #knocks #2010 #Quakes "I Told her I'm tryna eat out, so what we going to dinner for" πŸ”₯ #InstaMood# #Instadaily
christiandiordenimflow - goodmusic - lloydbanks - slaps - quakes - tbt - pushat - ryanleslie - kidcudi - kanyewest - knocks - instadaily - instamood - 2010 - johnlegend -
magomerlin7 : :) One Love @merlinmoonmusic
marivera.beca - samanthadurnan - cyphertheavatar - rabaliart -
She's kinda cute, nope. She IS cute♥πŸ˜‚ #cute #cuterific #love #tiff #tiffy #tiffyquake #ihascupquake #cupquake #cup #quake #quakes #quakie #quakies #ihas #tiffany #michelle #garcia #pastel #filtered #edit #l4l #likeforlike #exlikes #teamredquake #redquake
cute - love - michelle - l4l - tiff - tiffany - quakes - quake - cupquake - garcia - tiffy - quakies - pastel - exlikes - cup - redquake - edit - likeforlike - teamredquake - ihascupquake - filtered - tiffyquake - cuterific - quakie - ihas -
anna.sivan : yey cupquake <3
broad_green : Great!
_ihascupquake_lover_ : Just checked out your chanel! Cute!
perfextyoutubers : Aw thanks😊❀@_ihascupquake_lover_
_ihascupquake_lover_ : Np love u back boo *in the friend way* p.s check ur youtube channelπŸ‘§πŸ’œ
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"Quakes" edition!!! Zack Grienke bobblehead!!!βšΎοΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈβšΎοΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈβšΎοΈ#dodgers #quakes#rancho#baseball #bobbleheads #gifts #christmas #la
rancho - la - bobbleheads - quakes - gifts - dodgers - baseball - christmas -
americancollectives - yuriods - rafa_bhsc - dodgerscomedy -
Officially a Season Ticket Holder of the @sjearthquakes πŸ˜πŸŽ‰πŸ‘Œ #quakes #tillidie #avayastadium #mls
tillidie - quakes - avayastadium - mls -
havii_94 : How much were they?
ineeda_anita263 : How much are they ?? @jordysalazar18
giliza_ - ineeda_anita263 - anmoya14 - capital_ceaze -
Throwback to a while back πŸ‘Œβš½ first game back this weekend #quakes22 #quakes #turlockthisweekend #feelingood #letsdoit
turlockthisweekend - feelingood - quakes - letsdoit - quakes22 -
an_na_na_na_ - connortipton4 - _14casey_ - colestevens_ -
It's official; welcome to the new home of your #SanJose Earthquakes, @avayastadium! The news was just announced at a press conference here at the stadium and we couldn't be more excited. We got a new home a new name and a whole new vision here in the #BayArea! See you all at #Avaya! #MLS #Soccer #Quakes74 #ForçaQuakes
sanjose - bayarea - forçaquakes - quakes74 - soccer - quakes - avaya - mls -
cmmir : Movember? πŸ‘
miss_moni_ : πŸ†’
teeejstagram : @cmmir πŸ‘¨tu sabes
blancvelos : Interesting: A picture with a picture of the of a stadium that your actually standing in.
teeejstagram : Lol right? @blancvelos
pgabram : Love Your feed!
teeejstagram : Thanks @pgabram, go #Quakes!
eastbaygraff - alninho - maqueenw - sfraser12 -
Corner flag view of the new Avaya Stadium. #Quakes
quakes -
marissajade210 : Epic
delasam : Rad shot. Can't wait to see the place
vonjames : An American stadium with a European weather feel. Sick combo!
gooooouuulet : Not as beautiful as fc dallas Toyota stadium
taylorkruger : Man that is a beaut right there
cloudyloon - - amygerace - ktcrow12 -
Happy birthday to @prattdaddy88! #RCQuakes #Quakes #Dodgers #Walkoff #catcher
rcquakes - quakes - catcher - dodgers - walkoff -
awassam_24 - officiallykold - markle05 - asatter100 -
WE GOT A TIP!!! #Quakes #volunteers #RCMC
rcmc - volunteers - quakes -
Band kids working hard in the Aftershock concession stand. #Quakes #volunteers #RCMC
rcmc - volunteers - quakes -
We have the most amazing parents/volunteers that help make the magic happen! Aftershock knows this! #Quakes #Aftershock #RCMC #behindthescenes
rcmc - aftershock - quakes - behindthescenes -
#throwback #klnc #quakes #quakesdihati from @izzar with @repostapp --- QUAKES 62-74 LOCK N LOAD.Kalah la pula.Ceit
throwback - quakes - klnc - quakesdihati -
rezarazak : Mak aih jersey πŸ˜…
arif.azmi : Ni RELA punya team ker?
shaf_irin : Abg @kajkerol πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ mesti mcm nk like byk2 kann, still it was a damn good match, πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
kajkerol : Terus maju...bagus! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
aizatd - dianapligina - aazfar - shazaasyran -
πŸ’© tempão q ñ brincava c ele πŸ‘πŸ‘
rabecao - bass - quakes - uprightbass - slap - oldtimes - psychobilly - xinfra - rockabilly - slapbass - goldtimes - baixao - zuei - rocknroll - baixoacustico - woodbass - rock -
julianazemuner : πŸ‘†πŸ‘Œ
paul_road : Raaaaa \m/
vagnerldna : ;)
g4b_ : #quakes #rockabilly #psychobilly #uprightbass #slapbass #woodbass #bass #slap #rocknroll #oldtimes #goldtimes #rock #rabecao #baixao #baixoacustico #xinfra #zuei
gordoozythedon : cool! check out my new music! link in bio
talesfromthecreeep - shortlipfuser - showoffstyle - theoldmain -
No body Said this would be easy, we never expected it to be. The test has been physical and emotional. But now it personal. Galaxy.. A team that we know a too well. Powerful and efficient. But to us they are teens who have emotions like you and i. But we have heart its simple but it isn't easy. One game to move on. Let's get that win tomorrow boys! #Earthquakes #Quakes #CantStopUs #WontStopUs
cantstopus - wontstopus - quakes - earthquakes -
erica_swoll : Good caption Brandon
erica_swoll : Good way to look at it. If only the rest of the team had that same positiveness. From Coach Francisco and I, tell the team to fight and play hard. This is they're last game. So make it count. Let me know how it goes tomorrow
brosiyeah : Bring it on!
thunderjungle_ : Got it Coach! And this won't be our last game. I just know it. @erica_swoll we're going all the way.
camrynwillis : GoodLuck tomorrow!πŸ‘Œ
thunderjungle_ : Thank you so much! πŸ‘ you the real MVP! @camrynwillis
andree_at_ehs : Lol for a second I thought you were talking about mlsπŸ˜‚
heidi_janies - mumbi.whid - matthew31899 - the_neel_prasad_00 -
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