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spelca_ster : Oww how sweet😻💕
salomelesturgeon : Trop chou mon petit bébé chat. Plein de bisous de sa marraine 😚 💖
mariesturque - kevin.temple - timothee_d - -
So blessed to be part of this. #JesusandMeWeekend #pym #antshaters
jesusandmeweekend - pym - antshaters -
chinoynoy - lyrag - enzoclemente - pinkybee -
Had fun with the youth ministers for ate ajhen's birthday. It's good to be back. :) #youthminister #pym #BlessedandForeverGrateful
youthminister - pym - blessedandforevergrateful -
jenneaustria - annjellybeans -
Voilà ce que donne un chat qui joue avec ton pc pendant que tu dors.... Oui oui j'en es bien une de glisser sous les autres touches
méchant - parlechat - triste - bête - game - pym - vilain - gameur - shadow - touches - clavier - abîmer - niort - sale - ordinateur - pc - animal - asus -
pymoussette : #clavier #pc #ordinateur #Asus #touches #abîmer #parlechat #sale #bête #vilain #méchant #animal #gameur #game #triste #Niort #pym #shadow
ariellehouf - frostbomb69 - kieningmarni - christinaxsteadman01 -
Now that's some good help. #Pym #bestfriends
bestfriends - pym -
sofiabroncano : Rob quedó bonito c':
ljsimonccopa - sofiabroncano -
Thomas and Pym. A great team. #Pym #Toto #bestfriends #petfriend #littlepet #losmasadorables #mirensuscaritas #guauguau
toto - littlepet - guauguau - bestfriends - pym - mirensuscaritas - petfriend - losmasadorables -
mikheevmm - ljsimonccopa - sofiabroncano -
Last post for today. DAY 2 of 'Fall Session 3' on the site today! 30 minutes #onthemat chock full of back strengthening and oblique work. I have a hard time narrowing down everything a PYM workout does for your body because it's always so much more than the 'highlighted parts'. Pilates is efficient and beautifully balanced in all ranges of motion (flexion, extension and rotation) to sculpt a balance body with equal strength and flexibility. It's beautiful, calm yet strong...PYM is a wonderful ying- yang balance for your insides & outsides😉👊 💪 #Pilates #pilatesbody #yoga #resistance #weightloss #strength #flexibility #wellness #balance #bow #halfbow #swimming #bridge #armmobility #obliques #sideups #sidekicks #workout #30minuteworkiut #onthemat #pimpyourmat #pym #workout #matmonday
pimpyourmat - bridge - workout - armmobility - halfbow - resistance - flexibility - sidekicks - pym - onthemat - strength - bow - obliques - matmonday - pilates - yoga - wellness - weightloss - pilatesbody - 30minuteworkiut - balance - sideups - swimming -
julielancastermorris - zayiflamaarkadasim - nwcorporateyoga - move_yo_asana -
Pizza time 😜😜😜😜 #pym
pym -
lolalatrailera2000 : Yum
mary_vega16 - lupita.lara - aleherrcu - dianabram22 -
There are 2 DAYS LEFT to get get #onthemat in September! Any new subscribers that sign up tonight or tomorrow will get 24 additional videos in their archive to begin their subscription with 25 thirty minute videos rather than just the 'Video of the Day'. September is the beginning of school, the beginning of Fall, it's a celebration of transition, old things dying off to make way for new beginnings. What better way to celebrate September than to welcome yourself into a time of constructive and healthy transitions with workouts and food with me?! $32 a month, fresh workouts every 3 days that get stashed in your account to go back to any time you'd like to use them, 300+healthy recipes, the 5 Day Food Reset and me as your coach. There's a lot of give as well as return in PYM for very little investment. September seems prime to finally give it a try. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #september #signup #subscribe #workout #fitness #pym #pymlifestyle #pimpyourmat #yoga #matmonday #results #weightloss #strength #flexibility #Pilates #pilatesbody #prehab #jntelligent #efficient #hip #fun #accessible
pimpyourmat - accessible - hip - september - signup - results - subscribe - flexibility - strength - pym - onthemat - pilatesbody - matmonday - prehab - pilates - yoga - efficient - weightloss - pymlifestyle - fitness - fun - jntelligent - workout -
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PYM STENCIL APPLICATION #custom #lasered #pym #protectyourmagic #stencil #atl #coi #cityofink #atlast #nike #sb #trainerendor #prplmnt
trainerendor - prplmnt - stencil - atlast - nike - atl - protectyourmagic - custom - lasered - pym - coi - sb - cityofink -
dis_satisfied : @fadiakader whoop!
martnezts - njuniorp - darianedwards - qmulative -
It's #matmonday trivia time again! What are these props featured in my mat tonight? And why do I use and recommend the flat wide kind rather than the round tubing kind? For everyone who posts correct responses below in the comments, your name will do into a drawing to win a fresh one of these. I'm giving away 5!!!!! This is one of my MOST favorite props because of it's price point, longevity, easy to store and travels perfectly while taking up ZERO luggage space. #Pilates #pym #pimpyourplate #pilatesbody #giveaway #trivia #yoga #resistance #reaults #toning #scuplting #strength #prop #props #gear #workout #workoutequipment
gear - workout - resistance - toning - workoutequipment - facebook - giveaway - pimpyourplate - matmonday - reaults - pilates - yoga - prop - pilatesbody - scuplting - props - trivia - strength - pym -
konakouture : Resistance bands😉
konakouture : Thera bands pack up small and travel well😊
konakouture : Bands are cheaper than tubing
sbloomer88 : Resistance bands. Flat and wide bands work best so they don't roll off your body when using ;)
jensuelew : Resistance bands :) the flat, wide kind don't fly off while working out and they are easier to adjust to just the right tension.
pimpyourmat : The 5 winners are @leslie_deanne @jensuelew Erin Veigh, Ashley Lenker White and Katara McGuire via #Facebook @facebook
leslie_deanne : Are you sure? I don't win things. 😮
pimpyourmat : @leslie_deanne TOTALLY YES!!👏👏👏👏
theglutenfreekiwi - sbloomer88 - catchthehappy - expressingmotherhood -
Puta como empezar? Primero que todo te amo, te amo de aquí al infinito y de vuelta, por ser mi pana jaja por ser más que mi pololo, por ser mi confidente, por ser como mi amigo en todo sentido, por estar conmigo en las buenas, en las malas y en las peores, en verdad gracias por hacerme la mina más feliz del mundo, por soportarme estos 18 meses que llevamos juntos, en verdad gracias por estar ahí a pesar de todo, por quererme y apoyarme siempre y en todo sentido, por ser el único que me saca una sonrisa cuando todo lo veo negro, en verdad no podría estar con otra persona que no fueras tu, y puta en este día tan especial para ti, quería decirte que te amooo mucho y que siempre voy a estar para ti, pase lo que pase, podi contar conmigo para lo que sea, para cualquier wea que se te ocurra, siempre te voy a apoyar, tal como tu lo haz hecho conmigo y puta eri lejos lo mejor que tengo y tendría que ser muy tonta para dejarte ir y pucha aún no te digo lo más importante jaja FEEELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS , mi perkin, mi osito, mi amor, mi todo, te amo te amo te amo y disfruta mucho tu día, pásala bien y ojalá sea un buen año, juntitos 😍💕 felices 16 perkin❤️ #pym
pym -
massimiliano_o : Que eri bonitaaaaaa:( te amo mi amor gracias por todos los momentos lindos que me das, te amo de aqui al infinito mi amor y eres la mejor polola del mundo enteroooo
catagalvezb : que lindosss❤️
catagalvezb - tenacioust718 - rofodelaghezzyreal - chyatt23 -
#StatusKo hungry it's not just for food but I'm also hungry for •knowledge •wisdom •family •friends •changes •acceptance •PYM •god •holiness I am hungry I am craving for more kasi alam ko na Hindi Lang hanggang dito ang mararating ko hungry akong mAgserve Kay god kasi mahal ko sya at dahil mahal ko Siya alam kong ibibless Niya Ako . Hindi ko man maabot mga pangarap ko sa ngayon I know someday makakamtan ko din yon because god is always with me that's why I'm always hungry im always ready for whatever or anything 😊 . Dinagdagan ko Lang yung mga sinabi ko kagabi haha kulang pa nga ee masyado ng mahaba .. Andyan naman ba yung thought ee ok na yan .. #statusko #hungry #craving #PYM #ako #Child #god #christ
christ - god - statusko - hungry - ako - pym - child - craving -
camlovesjesus : Nice!
camlovesjesus -
Ay que te quedo bonito :3 ❤️ #moni #de #arena #dibujo #lindo #beauty #polola #teamoooo #PyM
arena - beauty - de - moni - pym - lindo - polola - dibujo - teamoooo -
paulinaannais : JajajKkKJ eres malo ese mono era un secreto :c te amo<3 @matiascortessal
matiascortessal : Ay lo siento 🙈 jiji te amo lindurita ❤️ @paulinaannais
paulinaannais : Es un topogigio rufkglk <3 @matiascortessal
matiascortessal : Aaaay bb rjwrjsjv a mi me encanto!!! 😍❤️ @paulinaannais
paulinaannais : Como puedes poner caritas ? :(
matiascortessal : El teclado me sale igual que en wsp moni jiji ñau ❤️ vamos a buscar como se hace en el tuyo ya? Muac ❤️🙊 @paulinaannais
paulinaannais : :( ya
le_jarita - maalrob - paulinaannais -
Estar con ella me hizo el día la noche me hace feliz #PYM#MyM#Ella
ella - mym - pym -
monyr16 -
Jam Jam Jam #Change #Pym #Blessed :D
pym - change - blessed -
cyniclaire : Natuloy na? Di man lang ako nainform :3
exokieeell : Hahaha. @cyniclaire nakalimutan ko!? Haha. Next Saturday daw ata sa binday! Ow yeah Dam! Hahaah XD
cyniclaire : Hindi mo lan lamang ako iiinform --
exokieeell : Sa next sabado sa binday @cyniclaire iinform na kita et hahaha
asrhashin25 - nicolerepublic_ - darafaishaa - yhanie_dp -
Brunch @ Maginhawa #breakfast #lunch #brunch #vigan #longganisa #bacon #tapa #silog #waffle #diy #doityourself #chocolate #strawberry #pym #friends #after #tennis
longganisa - after - bacon - waffle - lunch - pym - breakfast - chocolate - friends - brunch - doityourself - tennis - tapa - strawberry - vigan - silog - diy -
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好玩啊哈哈哈 原来我们一年里面看了2次营长哦 我现在才发现哈哈哈 好玩啊 ——口号本来就是ts 的歌啊哈哈哈 #bs #camp #thx #ds #yz #lsm #pym #qaddswmzhl #ts #et #p #c
c - lsm - thx - camp - ts - p - yz - pym - bs - et - ds - qaddswmzhl -
yiwen0225 - lilingz_7 - suangyuer - kikiqii_ -
Ellos son mis suegros, puedo decir que mi suegra es un angel de persona y mi suegro es mi amigo de peleas y molestarnos todo el rato, hoy 27 de septiembre dieron un paso super importante en sus vidas se casaron y se que son una pareja super feliz los quoero mucho agradesco todo el apoyo que me han dado y se que ellos van a queres mucho a Gaspar Gracias dejarme ser parte de esto
instachile - love - suegros - novios - pym - boda - gaspilover - instamoment -
natyliqui : #instamoment #instachile #boda #novios #suegros #gaspilover #love #PyM #♥
g.viedma_pista4 - javihh_ - __dayha - camiichiica -
MANANATILING MAGLILINGKOD. ANO MAN ANG MANGYARI :) #Sunday #Sundaybonding #Mass #Procesion #friends #blessed #Servant #KOA #PYM #Crazy #Love #TrueFriends #Oneoftheboys #Solid
solid - crazy - love - servant - blessed - koa - sunday - mass - pym - procesion - sundaybonding - truefriends - friends - oneoftheboys -
michaelmalixi - bebenedick - jrkagandahan - puertogaylera -
After Catequiz and Youth Ministry Conference :) #PYM
pym -
mimayladyyy : Sa pcs! :)
chermainedr : @mimayladyyy yeah!! Nakita ko tarp mo! Sooooo pretty! :)
mitchtagle - yamaadiaz - itsmebeldiajasminee - ramirezjd -
Thanks @pimpyourmat for inspiring me to make these gummies! I used grass-fed #gelatin, local honey, juice from an orange and half a lemon and a splash of water. Poured in molds, set in freezer for 10 min and snack-ready! Definitely going to make these all the time! #kendallclean🍇 #paleo
pimpyourmat - paleo - eatlocal - kidssnacks - kendallclean - cleaneating - gelatin - gummies - pym - homemade - cleaneats - local - grassfed -
pimpyourmat : Yay!!!!!!!! @kendallcovitz they are a favorite at our house 👏👏
kendallcovitz : @pimpyourmat took 10 min! My husband liked them too :)
devildt : I love gummies!
eliselizabeth : Cute
kendallcovitz : @devildt def make these it's easy and good for u
jofitmama : Wow- I should make these for my kids!!
kendallcovitz : @jofitmama totally- so good for them too!
fitmombec : Looks fun!! Where is the recipe? Where do you find the gelatin?
spinning_thesun - jazzyupgrl - kristinquinnmom - truth2beingfit -
Another wonderful message today from a subscriber going through the PimpYourMat Food Reset on the website. This is what it's ALL about!! "Physically, I'm down eight pounds and can fit into all of the bottoms I own. That hasn't been true for two years, so I'm super excited. I can see the difference most just under my ribcage but must be loosing/tightening a little everywhere based on the fit if clothes. The most exciting part, tho, is that I'm feeling differently. I haven't had the patience or energy that my kiddos deserve. Last night, my oldest and I had a spontaneous mini-dance party. I didn't make it thru the whole song, but it was fun! I want to spend active time with them, not just to read or to do homework. Or do chores while they okay with each other. I'm starting to recapture the wonder of having them. If I get nothing more from this experience, the change on energy for my kids is priceless. Oh, and the intro of nuts is going well, too. :)" #workoutweekend #pym #pymlifestyle #pymfoodreset #reset #balance #health #wellness #fitnes #Pilates #yoga #freshfood #wholefood #realfood #results #transform #trasition #fitlife #glutenfree #dairyfree #jerf #paleo #aip
freshfood - fitnes - wholefood - dairyfree - jerf - trasition - results - aip - pym - pymfoodreset - reset - paleo - pilates - yoga - glutenfree - wellness - transform - fitlife - pymlifestyle - health - realfood - workoutweekend - balance -
qualityfitness : keep it up, check out our page and let us know what you think
luciorganics - qdesigns_nyc - theglutenfreekiwi - the_fitness_dietitian -
#PyM 😍❤😘🙈💑
pym -
rafaelsamael - abejorrits_rocha - camilitacrtsk8 - yanitzi_nilovna -
Protect it yall! #protectyourmagic #pym @protectyourmagic @fadiakader
protectyourmagic - pym -
protectyourmagic : 🔮⚡️💕 | #protectyourmagic ! Woohoo
ashleyabdenour : Where did you get your shawl?
jimmy_mcafee : Look at my homie finding magic all over the place. Good job.
abaugh404 : @thesaltwatergypsy 👈 here @ashleyabdenour
befelicita - thesociallight - jimmy_mcafee - sewit7 -
God's not dead. #keepthefaith #pym #filmshowing
keepthefaith - filmshowing - pym -
ktrnsanjuan - jhanellejhoy - meerajaaah - jannlorenzgan -
Buenísimos días 🐞 #laquenuncafalla #pym
pym - laquenuncafalla -
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Goodafternoon. Malaya Festival 2014 , mag paparade kame ni babe. Hahaha! #PYM
pym -
kristelanne19d - frvrtaris - catherinemena1 -
#boîte #pym's #pose #with #my #love
boîte - love - pym - with - pose - my -
mailysgeron - houriettouert - honorethomas - razet_boxsh -
Friend.. Let me tell you a secret! .. 1 more day!!! 💍👰🎩 #LoveU#PyM
loveu - pym -
marianaibustillos : @paupf taaaan taaaan taaan taaaaaan!!!!🙊
ximiximix : Ya te casas ivana???
ivannabustillos : Jajajaja @ximiximix .. Serias una de las primeras en saber 😂.. Pero en esta ocasión.. Primero se casa mi amiga Pau :-)
fernasho - shanncbow - paupf - andreaprietoollivier -
Osiam @ievar99 @adaa29 #girls #school #happy #fun #ya #yaa #pym #pyrim #laukiam #rytojaus :))))))
school - ya - girls - laukiam - pym - fun - rytojaus - yaa - pyrim - happy -
baydenharker : follow me ill follow back:)?!
meidaav : Aiktu
gretasada - modestabal - aistulis359 - akvilinaa13 -
#oldschool #pym
oldschool - pym -
angelanvt - gracemgirsang - dityajp - flxdi -
Lets just thank god for what we have . Everything will be perfect in Jesus name 😊 #JesusChrist #PYM #Child #Blessed #Servant
servant - pym - jesuschrist - blessed - child -
mykennethcuase - hijabiprincess9871 - awesome_jesus_shirts -
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