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It's that time of the month for the leg of @mandyleigh2107 #puzzygirl
puzzygirl -
mindle88 : @tinabombina isn't it the sexiest hair you ever did see!!! Turns josh on to leave one or two around the ankle area!!
mindle88 : @shoe88 don't be mean to the hairs on my chin. I shall endeavour to grow a beard now!! Imagine all the fun we could have #beardedbuddies #pullmybeardhairwhendownanddirty
baumann_josh : @mandyleigh2107 I do love you but you need to see a therapist.
mindle88 : @shoe88 I do see one! His name is Wilbur and he lives in my head with ALL my other friends!!
deanstatue - katetheresa -
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