Each summer, 100 members of Pi Kappa Phi from different colleges and universities across the United States, cycle from Seattle, San Francisco or Los Angles to Washington, D.C., participating in activities and events to promote a greater understanding of people with disabilities. The City of Abilene Recreation Division’s Adaptive Recreation Services, located at 2609 S. 7th will host 20 Journey of Hope cyclists, on Wednesday, July 8, at approximately 12:30 p.m. Upon their arrival, the cyclists will be provided lunch and then join the 125 participants of Adaptive Recreation Services for a Friendship Visit and Dance, followed by afternoon refreshments. Adaptive Recreation Services provides specialized leisure and adaptive recreational activities for persons with disabilities. This is the 14th year the Journey of Hope has selected to honor Adaptive Recreation participants by including them in their stops as they travel to Washington, D.C. Through team member fundraising and corporate sponsorships, the nationwide Journey of Hope raises more than $500,000 each year. #pushamerica #journeyofhope #abilenetx #abilenerecreation
journeyofhope - abilenerecreation - pushamerica - abilenetx -
agoodnighthall -
Exhausting but really worth while and for filling to train these great kids to help others ! #concordlumber#pushamerica#volunteer #
concordlumber - pushamerica - volunteer -
freddyreo : Who's that tool bag on the far right?
aimchev77 - larry_kimball - fxrtimayyy - jeb_lemont -
riding for The Ability Experience, are you?๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’™ #noboweek #pushamerica #PiKappaPhi #ΠΚΦ #MissouriState
missouristate - ฯ€ฮบฯ† - noboweek - pushamerica - pikappaphi -
hogandanger : We love you Jessica!!!! Thank you so much!
mehul.21 - hearschjariwala - rohank4444 - mostatepikapp -
Our #wcw this week goes to Eta Kappa's 2k15 Rose Queen (@juliana_saldarriaga)๐ŸŒน and behalf of Pi Kappa Phi, a special thank you to all the contestants who participated in the War of the Roses. Especially, to those who came out and showed support all week. All together we raised over $1,900 for our philanthropies! #ΠΚΦ #ΣΔΤ #theabilityexperience #PushAmerica #aCheckForSevenhundredAndSeventyFiveDollarsAndSixtyFiveCents
ฯƒฮดฯ„ - theabilityexperience - ฯ€ฮบฯ† - wcw - pushamerica - acheckforsevenhundredandseventyfivedollarsandsixtyfivecents -
plattsburghsigdelts : Thank you boys! We couldn't be any prouder to have Juliana be your Rose Queen as well as giving us the opportunity to participate! And a big congratulations on all of the money raised after the hard work you guys put in! โค๏ธ๐ŸŒน
katiecan_well : #baaaaaabes
aaronlowes - jackmcgibney - millfran - tilt -
Our sister @sdunna had a blast at Pie a Pi Kapp this afternoon! Tri Delta is excited for War of the Roses philanthropy week! #PushAmerica
pushamerica -
eliz_am : Ow owww @sdunna
abb_e7 - dchoilett - jenniferlynncoggins - rjmcdowell17 -
Philanthropy is the name pieing Dalton is the game #pushamerica #studybreak #saltydalty
studybreak - pushamerica - saltydalty -
kathrynkgeorge : My faves!!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
cshovlain : Location ๐Ÿ‘Œ
michael_waggs - monicapuciaty - debdavisg - dchoilett -
#tbt Trying to get rid of the tan lines after finishing Gear Up Florida. #PrettyRicky #PushAmerica
prettyricky - pushamerica - tbt -
ash_317 : Bruh
javi_sevilla_ : @luis_zamorano Real men wear speedos; water polo days.
ivannalion : Sexaaaaaaaaay
smileytania : Lmfao!
mccoyalexx : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
caritoolopezz : ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
mickey_freak23 : ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ da fun
mickey_freak23 : Fuq****
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Our first sponsorship. Giving back to the community. #PushAmerica #TCEntLLC #PiKappaPhi
tcentllc - pushamerica - pikappaphi -
yourindianfriend - d_eri26 - mrhighdef_ - just_b_zi -
#tbt Pi Kappa Phi push pageant 2009 #pikapps #fraternity #pushamerica
pushamerica - tbt - fraternity - pikapps -
mmm_paaaappy - court.ney.x - yourindianfriend - vale.villalba -
ASU throwback: my first portrait using flash, for a @StatePress article about the Pi Kapp fraternity's national fundraiser, Push America. #ASU #Tempe #strobist #D700 #SB900 #sunset #cycle #PushAmerica
tempe - asu - sb900 - sunset - strobist - d700 - pushamerica - cycle -
bryce_frees : Wow!
linhkruger : Very nice!
yourindianfriend - tamerozkol - mckylehanson - leblablablanc -
Gotta boast about my giant lil broski for a sec cuz I'm so proud of him! ๐Ÿ˜Š His name is Mike not Mark... writer's name is Mark and he made a boo-boo... but Mike got an article written in our home town's newspaper about his current study abroad trip to China and the 2 month cross-country bike trek he'll be taking this summer for #pushamerica, his fraternities non-profit that raises money and helps people with disabilities. Links don't work here apparently but, family and those interested in reading, I'm sure you can google it. He's an inspiring young gent. ๐Ÿ’™
pushamerica -
leighbeeeeee : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
briani1315 - jessicanadine11 - _j.mal - jessdrier -
Also, #fbf these socks got 28 guys across the country safely in 2011. I'm happy to say they still work in my @soulcycle class tonight! #PushAmerica #DirtySouth #JOH @pikappaphi @abilityexp #ODH
joh - dirtysouth - odh - pushamerica - fbf -
mattriesen : Literally terrified to wear them because I don't want to tear 'em. #DirtySouth
yourindianfriend - mattriesen - boblake28 - kmeoww424 -
Throwback to this gem at the #OTC in Colorado Springs. #JOH #Pikapp #pialpha #theabilityexperience #pushamerica
theabilityexperience - pushamerica - pialpha - otc - joh - pikapp -
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Journey of Hope, 1994 #TBT #PushAmerica #PiKappaPhi #PiKapp #1994 #TheAbilityExperience #Dubuque #Iowa #Bicycle #TightPants
iowa - 1994 - tbt - dubuque - pikapp - theabilityexperience - pikappaphi - bicycle - pushamerica - tightpants -
s_dem_ - hazecollege - trendy_butler -
#JOHSouth #2011 #DirtySouth #HallandOates #YoureMakingMyDreamsComeTrue @pikappaphi @abilityexperience #PushAmerica @atboyd89 #PrincessWong #ODH
dirtysouth - hallandoates - princesswong - youremakingmydreamscometrue - odh - johsouth - pushamerica - 2011 -
ethinjames : Princess Wong!
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Thanks to the Star & Lamp and Kyle Thomas for the write up. #pikappaphi #orthotics #orthotic #oandp #pushamerica #pushamericachallenge #star&lamp
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greek_rush : Like it!
mamagoose19 - greek_rush - pikappupstate - kvn_krs -
Dallas Tx. Dicks Last Resort. #Youcan'tkillamanborntohang #pushamerica #dickslast resort
youcan - pushamerica - dickslast - youcantkillamanborntohang -
raab_88_daniel : #youcantkillamanborntohang
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PUSH America 88. Dan the Tan Van Man. Best trip ever. #pushamerica
pushamerica -
yourindianfriend - pikappupstate -
Live inclusivity๐Ÿ’˜ PKP #pushamerica#πκφ#αφ
pushamerica - ฯ€ฮบฯ† - ฮฑฯ† -
johnisblack : So awesome ๐Ÿ‘
madisondayrobinson : Thank you!๐Ÿ˜Š @johnisblack
jasederulo - nessa.victoria - jaaayq34 - pikappupstate -
The Florida JOH crew at our training camp in Apopka #cycling #trainingcamp #trek #cyclist #pushamerica #pikappaphi #pikapp #theabilityexperience
cyclist - trek - cycling - theabilityexperience - pikapp - trainingcamp - pikappaphi - pushamerica -
legendarypoet : Nice!
greek_rush : Awesome!
brandon_o_meyer - honarellu - jv041589 - 5236shawncigars -
Raising Awareness #tbt #pushamerica #pikappaphi #sfsu #tauclass
tauclass - pushamerica - sfsu - tbt - pikappaphi -
brisacasi10 : Look at the that pollo! So many moons ago.
jewsosexy : I bet you probably have some of the best #tbt photos ever.
michaelanthoneee : @jewsosexy lol. I do. U should come by and check them out. Hahahhaha.
amandawiebke - valpal084 - jewsosexy - brittastic0727 -
Really missing these kiddos and all my Pi Alpha brothers!! One of the best summers. Brings a little tear to my eye.... ๐Ÿ˜ข but yet a proud beautiful smile to my face. #pushamerica #abilitiesexperience #florida #guf #pikappaphi #pialpha
abilitiesexperience - guf - pialpha - pushamerica - florida - pikappaphi -
ianperk31 - maggie_foster333 - pikappupstate - theloonranger -
Pi a Pi Kapp was definitely a success today!!! #ΠΚΦ #Pie #Fundraising #PushAmerica #TheAbilityExperience
pie - theabilityexperience - pushamerica - fundraising - ฯ€ฮบฯ† -
its_really_ryann : If I'd known I could shove a pie in your face, I would've driven to Mobile. โค๏ธ hahaha
lemerritt28 : This is why I love @its_really_ryann
thejasonfloyd - rayleecowart - 26bigben - coryman15 -
War Of The Roses shirts are in!!! Front is on top, back is on the bottom. $15 for this well deigned long sleeve shirt!! Help support #pikappaphi #pushamerica #abilitiesexperience #bestbuddies. 812-917-8584
abilitiesexperience - pushamerica - pikappaphi - bestbuddies -
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Shout out to @ZOEGROFF for being awesome and donating all the way from the bay area to the @abilityexp if you would like to donate stop by the blue canopy in the quad at Sac State from 10-4PM tomorrow and Thursday or contact me directly. #abilitiesexperience #pushamerica #rushpkpsac @pikappsacstate
rushpkpsac - abilitiesexperience - pushamerica -
m_zeezy - jakeflorez - grandmajacquie -
As a philanthropist, mentor, and health promoter I will be the servant leader that inspires people to achieve their potential. #motivationmonday #abilityexperience #pushamerica #ΠΚΦ #bethechange
motivationmonday - bethechange - pushamerica - ฯ€ฮบฯ† - abilityexperience -
simplyfreely : ๐Ÿ˜
sandrav33 - frattireapparel - pikappupstate - pikappfau -
A little community service can go a long way. #ΠΚΦ #pushamerica
ฯ€ฮบฯ† - pushamerica -
rayleecowart - coryman15 - youngmoney_ashmoney - 26bigben -
Being able to donate to this kids journey of hope makes me a very proud big bro. Ride on sucka! #brownlineage #pushamerica #abilityexperience? #koozieklub #bicepvein #pikapp #shakka #bigbro #proud #joh #chill
tfm - abilityexperience - proud - koozieklub - rugerforarkon - pikapp - shakka - bicepvein - brownlineage - joh - pushamerica - bigbro - chill -
markcassell : #ptformrpikappaphi
ptnava : @markcassell it's a #tfm #rugerforarkon
brogrammermiggy : Wooo thanks big bro ๐Ÿ˜
pikapp_odu - macarthurr - pikappfau - brogrammermiggy -
Cute boys raising money for a good cause! Head over to the campus and donate today! #pushamerica #collegeatsunybrockport
pushamerica - collegeatsunybrockport -
jessicapacitto - pikappupstate -
Pied my Pi Kapp! #PiKappaPhi #ChiOmega #WaroftheRoses #pushamerica
pushamerica - pikappaphi - waroftheroses - chiomega -
theshiftisbeauty : Amazing! :) would you be open to try our new "try before you buy" model...It's completely risk free, we need reviews on the process and i know your input would be very helpful :)
cbjthefuzz - minjowtran - pikappupstate - sidluckman -
Here's a Throwback - Miss Push America Pageant 2012 directors and active chapter. Congratulations to @pikappnsu for returning this unique and successful philanthropy event to NSU! I'm proud to have been a part of such a special tradition. #pushamerica #hardwork
hardwork - pushamerica -
mf_gore : @whitney_s_irvin
pawpaw_j : Who's that big guy posing as chase Harvey?
eeshocklee : ^^^ yessss pawpaw! Haha
pawpaw_j - mnduhon - tlh001 - cnagim -
Help us spread the word. Tell your friends to come support our amazing contestants in our annual #MissPushAmerica pageant, to benefit people with disabilities. This year's contestants are: Alayni Guidry, Leanny Muñoz, Hailey Brister, Madeline Brantley, Jessica Rousset, Kasey Scott, Marie Robichaux, Courtney Grace & Haley Neal. Post below if you're planning to attend! #PushAmerica #TheAbilityExperience #NSULA #PiKappaPhi #ExceptionalLeaders #NSULA18 #ForkEmDemons
exceptionalleaders - nsula - misspushamerica - theabilityexperience - pikappaphi - nsula18 - pushamerica - forkemdemons -
ctfairley - courtneymarie317 - cnagim - csupikapp -
Our sisters are sweet but surely competitive at today's Pi Kappa Phi's Olympics. A big thank you to our great coach Josh from Pi Kapp and to the sisters who came out and competed ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’ช #UTSAPiKappPushWeek #SigmaKappa #PushAmerica #ΣΚ #ΠΚΦ
sigmakappa - ฯƒฮบ - ฯ€ฮบฯ† - pushamerica - utsapikapppushweek -
pikapputsa : Thank yall for all the support! We appreciate it! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ @utsasigmakappa
aephi_ju - pikapputsa - mvenissat - rox_a_pox -
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