Pi Kappa Phi's UVA-WISE Epsilon Epsilon Chapter hosted a Halloween party for Wise County Schools Special Education Department! Everyone had a great day! @pikappaphi @pikappuvawise #PushAmerica #TheAbilityExperience
theabilityexperience - pushamerica -
mychalspivey : I'm beautiful
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As a philanthropist, mentor, and health promoter I will be the servant leader that inspires people to achieve their potential. #motivationmonday #abilityexperience #pushamerica #ΠΚΦ #bethechange
motivationmonday - bethechange - pushamerica - πκφ - abilityexperience -
simplyfreely : 😍
jeff_doll - halesssc - sassy_salazar - pinkynottwinky -
A little community service can go a long way. #ΠΚΦ #pushamerica
πκφ - pushamerica -
elizabethah095 - rittm_33 - _klaud__ - coffeeyy19 -
Cute boys raising money for a good cause! Head over to the campus and donate today! #pushamerica #collegeatsunybrockport
pushamerica - collegeatsunybrockport -
jessicapacitto -
Making big mikes face more appealing for charity and I recommend you do the same! It's not only funny, but the proceeds go to #pushamerica to aid handicapped children. #pie a #pikappaphi #sfsu #charity #served #itsfunny #philanthropy @raf_16g @thomaswida
sfsu - itsfunny - pie - philanthropy - pikappaphi - served - pushamerica - charity -
thomaswida : #alpha
sir_sladek : hahaha 😂 damn I miss SF!
thomaswida : @__bigmike
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Pied my Pi Kapp! #PiKappaPhi #ChiOmega #WaroftheRoses #pushamerica
pushamerica - pikappaphi - waroftheroses - chiomega -
moderebeauty : Amazing! :) would you be open to try our new "try before you buy" model...It's completely risk free, we need reviews on the process and i know your input would be very helpful :)
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Here's a Throwback - Miss Push America Pageant 2012 directors and active chapter. Congratulations to @pikappnsu for returning this unique and successful philanthropy event to NSU! I'm proud to have been a part of such a special tradition. #pushamerica #hardwork
hardwork - pushamerica -
meaghanfosho : @whitney_s_irvin
pawpaw_j : Who's that big guy posing as chase Harvey?
eeshocklee : ^^^ yessss pawpaw! Haha
pikappnsu - lorenmichelle11 - tlh001 - m.p.m.1993 -
Help us spread the word. Tell your friends to come support our amazing contestants in our annual #MissPushAmerica pageant, to benefit people with disabilities. This year's contestants are: Alayni Guidry, Leanny Muñoz, Hailey Brister, Madeline Brantley, Jessica Rousset, Kasey Scott, Marie Robichaux, Courtney Grace & Haley Neal. Post below if you're planning to attend! #PushAmerica #TheAbilityExperience #NSULA #PiKappaPhi #ExceptionalLeaders #NSULA18 #ForkEmDemons
exceptionalleaders - nsula - misspushamerica - theabilityexperience - pikappaphi - nsula18 - pushamerica - forkemdemons -
josh_sandell - ctfairley - courtneymarie317 - csupikapp -
Congratulations to Andie Usseglio from Alpha Sigma Alpha on becoming Pi Kappa Phi's Miss Push America 2014!!!! You and your chapter deserves it with all your hard work you put in this past week!!! 👑🇺🇸 #PiKappaPhi @pikapputsa #pushamerica #pushWeek #theabilityexperience #misspushamerica
pushweek - theabilityexperience - pushamerica - pikappaphi - misspushamerica -
mothertheresaaa : 😍😍😍😍😍😍
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Last few minutes of being #misspushamerica #passingthecrown @pikapputsa #utsagreeklife #utsa #pushamerica #pushWeek #theabilityexperience
pushweek - theabilityexperience - utsa - utsagreeklife - misspushamerica - passingthecrown - pushamerica -
jdawg0021 : That guy in the back though 😏
emilymarie1852 : @jdawg0021 like a boss 👔
kristenshelbs - haley1003 - sancho1869 - tipzygypzy -
Our sisters are sweet but surely competitive at today's Pi Kappa Phi's Olympics. A big thank you to our great coach Josh from Pi Kapp and to the sisters who came out and competed 💜💪 #UTSAPiKappPushWeek #SigmaKappa #PushAmerica #ΣΚ #ΠΚΦ
sigmakappa - σκ - πκφ - pushamerica - utsapikapppushweek -
pikapputsa : Thank yall for all the support! We appreciate it! 😬 @utsasigmakappa
aephi_ju - madtherad - _verenice - rox_a_pox -
Love my sisters for coming out and cheering me on today! I had so much fun supporting Pi Kapp's philanthropy! These wonderful brothers allowed me to join them as they raise money for disabled individuals in our community by biking for 24 hours! #tourdePiKapp #PushAmerica #alwaysalphachi #axo ❤️
pushamerica - axo - tourdepikapp - alwaysalphachi -
ascamardo - jane_malave93 - svl_85 - sugar_mama21 -
#Repost from @mariehrobi with @repostapp thanks so much for going the extra mile to fund raise ladies --- Push America Bake Sale in the Student Union 11-1 TODAY!! #pikappaphi #pushamerica #aoiikx #bakesale #nsula #philanthropy #Greek @_jess_lynn @aoiikx
nsula - bakesale - greek - philanthropy - pikappaphi - pushamerica - aoiikx - repost -
mariehrobi : Drumrollplease... WE RAISED A TOTAL OF $127!! A huge thank you to everyone who came out today, @_jess_lynn and I couldn't have done it without y'all!!
pikappnsu : That's incredible. Way to go!!
mariehrobi - jennandtonic_ - shelbyalex19 - tntforever9 -
#Repost from @mariehrobi with @repostapp thank you for going the extra mile to find raise!! --- Push America Bake Sale in the Student Union 11-1 TODAY!! #pikappaphi #pushamerica #aoiikx #bakesale #nsula #philanthropy #Greek @_jess_lynn @aoiikx
nsula - bakesale - greek - philanthropy - pikappaphi - pushamerica - aoiikx - repost -
greek_rush : Great Post!
ladyambi - _xxjasminenicolexx_ - kchesson94 - briniandthejets -
Push America Bake Sale in the Student Union 11-1 TODAY!! #pikappaphi #pushamerica #aoiikx #bakesale #nsula #philanthropy #Greek @_jess_lynn @aoiikx
greek - philanthropy - pikappaphi - nsula - bakesale - pushamerica - aoiikx -
mariehrobi : @pikappnsu - almost out of baked goods! Better get it while you can!!
tentmarketplace : Nice! Check out our efforts currently in South Africa and follow us as we expand our reach.
greek_rush : #GoGreek
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@theannieq and @cali_haley volunteering to get pied at Pie A Pi Kapp today! #ZTA #UTSAPiKappPushWeek #PushAmerica
utsapikapppushweek - pushamerica - zta -
cali_haley : YUMMY 😛
utsazta : @utsapikapp
dani_yell_e : LOVE
jdawg0021 : Thank you ladies!
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This year I only got pied three times by these guys!! ❤️❤️ nothing compared to last year 😈👊 "Most Pies to the Face" award will most likely go to a @pikapputsa brother!! #MissPushAmerica #pushWeek #pushamerica #theabilityexperience #greeklife @greek_rush
pushweek - theabilityexperience - pushamerica - greeklife - misspushamerica -
greek_rush : Love it 👌
emilymarie1852 : @greek_rush did you see the video?! I'll tag ❤️😘
annalisepena - sydneystanek - christiiimissyyy - sandrvg -
Got pied in the face today for Push Week! Thank you (I guess 👿) to @gollagollaisland @camcam_372 and @Deandradarling for doing the grand honors 😐 #GetCaked #MissPushAmerica #utsagreeklife #utsa #pushWeek #PiKappaPhi #pushamerica #passingthecrown #greeklife
pushweek - misspushamerica - greeklife - utsa - getcaked - pikappaphi - utsagreeklife - passingthecrown - pushamerica -
deandradarling : Lol love you! You did it for the kids 😍😘💕
sophietosdevin : Hahahah this is awesome
emilymarie1852 : @greek_rush
headbro : Cool!
victoria.jaso - xcblove - amyduncan20 - chelseaa.lynnee -
Congratulations to Ana for being our 1st annual Ms. Ability of the year. Huge shout out to @deltazetasjsu @alphaphisjsu and everyone else who came out to support our philanthropy week. We thank each and everyone of you for the donations and realizing the effects with people who have disabilities. We'll see you all next year! #pushamerica #pikapp
pushamerica - pikapp -
misskatiescarlett : Ayeeee our girl Ana!
dreaamera_ : Thank you! @pikappsjsu you guys are the best 💗✨
xo_becccccccs : Yayyyyyy💕
yazi95 : Yey! Ana😍
pikappaphi : Congrats!
jasmiiiinneee - c_loss92 - odalyss123 - girlwithhart13 -
HUGE S/O to @franchuk_emily for breaking the record and riding the bike for 14hrs!!!! Love that ASA determination #demlegs #PushAmerica #UTSAPiKappPushWeek #ΑΣΑ
demlegs - pushamerica - utsapikapppushweek - ασα -
dhoop_xo : 13 hrs*
lindavanbiber : @dhoop_xo she looks flawless
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#Repost from @daltonrudolph --- I'm selling Miss #PushAmerica Pageant tickets. Anyone interested come see me or any #PiKappaPhi active or associate member. Come out and support Pi Kapp and the lovely contestants.
pushamerica - pikappaphi - repost -
andydigh : What an awesome idea! Sharing with my chapter now.
emilyamyers13 - jpeeples001 - andydigh - mantoncapers22 -
So proud of everyone jumping on a bike this year for Push Week!! I didn't even have a bike available because they were all taken by volunteers!! 😍 HUGE shoutout to Emily Franchuk from Alpha Sigma Alpha for staying on the bike for 10 hours and she isn't done!! Her goal is 12 hours!!! Get it girl!! 😘 @utsaphc @pikapputsa #pushWeek #MissPushAmerica #pushamerica #PiKappaPhi #ΠΚΦ #utsa #utsagreeklife 🇺🇸🚲🇺🇸🚲🇺🇸🚲🇺🇸🚲🇺🇸🚲💋
pushweek - utsa - pushamerica - pikappaphi - utsagreeklife - misspushamerica - πκφ -
kaleighcovington : Represent that ASA.
emilymarie1852 : @kaleighcovington 😂😂👌
sarahsigs - mindirae94 - tipzygypzy - bagwell1901 -
Pi Kappa Phi has a few more hours today raising awareness and collecting money for The Ability Experience!! During your free time on campus go find them and donate a few bucks or even jump on a bike for a bit!! Tomorrow I will be out there around 12pm to get pied in the face!!! Good luck everyone on Push Week!! @pikapputsa @utsaphc #MissPushAmerica #pushWeek #pushamerica #theabilityexperience #utsa #utsagreeklife #PiKappaPhi #ΠΚΦ
pushweek - misspushamerica - πκφ - theabilityexperience - utsa - pikappaphi - utsagreeklife - pushamerica -
greek_rush : Nice!
santihp3 : I'm liking these poser Miss Push America 😉 thanks for everything you have done! 😘 @emilymarie1852
timmiesanchez - pikappsacstate - j_mensinger - mindirae94 -
Biking in my pumps because it's Push Week 👠🚴💁 #PushAmerica
pushamerica -
jscott_ii : Lmao. Love it
littlecheeesy : BADDIE 😻💋
maggie_obrien567 : For a great cause! #UTSAPiKappPushWeek
itsmeeeshell - laurendanielleeee - marwan5_ - danikandidi -
In honor of Push Week, my #MCM goes out to the gentlemen of Pi Kappa Phi- Iota Beta! I love these guys 💗 thanks for always being so genuine. I can't wait to see all of the good y'all bring with this years Push Week! GOOD LUCK 👍 #ΠΚΦ #PushWeek2014 #PushAmerica #SpreadAwareness
mcm - pushamerica - pushweek2014 - πκφ - utsapikapppushweek - spreadawareness -
itsmeeeshell : #UTSAPiKappPushWeek
mahkla - laurawest13 - maisyshaw - denissevickie -
Our sisters are at the Quarry Market today helping raise donations for @pikapputsa's philanthropy event, Push America." If you're in the area, stop by and donate to help an awesome cause! #pushamerica #pushweek #alphasigmaalpha #pikappaphi
pushweek - pushamerica - alphasigmaalpha - pikappaphi -
savv28 - maaarly__ - taylor_rogers16 - kaitlyntoma -
#TheBayStones know how to have fun. We absolutely adore everybody who came out last night and hope to see you at every show we do from now on. #WeLoveOurFans #PUSHAmerica #TheAbilityExperience #WarOfTheRoses
weloveourfans - pushamerica - thebaystones - waroftheroses - theabilityexperience -
jpquinn22 : @insta_graham01
mattbarden91 - jgord100 - stevensega47 - hannahtross -
Hey everyone, I'm doing a 4,000 mile Bicycle ride across America to help those with disabilities. I need to raise $5,500 for The Ability Experience-an organization dedicated to serving those with disabilities. Please, if you could help by donating anything you can I would greatly appreciate it. You can donate to the link below or contact me at (863) 325-6979 for any questions. Thanks #pikapp #pikappaphi #theabilityexperience #pushamerica #journeyofhope #joh #pialpha #tampa #usf #universityofsouthflorida #gobulls #bicycle #cyclist #cycling #charity #bestbuddies #fundraising #cyclingtour #trek #fizik #shimano #roadbike #college
bicycle - fundraising - gobulls - journeyofhope - roadbike - pikapp - college - fizik - joh - pushamerica - tampa - universityofsouthflorida - cyclist - usf - trek - cycling - pialpha - bestbuddies - shimano - cyclingtour - theabilityexperience - pikappaphi - charity -
vernluvsrock - greek_rush - t_al - max_sandy -
Great job to our flag football teams who competed in tonight's War of the Roses event! 🏉🌹#pushamerica
pushamerica -
ally.maurer : Good looking team!!👏🏈❤️
oliviasobczyk : I'm an 👽
lil_boettch - emmydayy - annemarie2193 - emilydutson7 -
Come support our first philanthropy event of the semester!! #bakesale #CASA #pikapp #PushAmerica #cookies #brownies #andmore! #yummy #sweettreats #seeyouthere
cookies - casa - brownies - bakesale - pikapp - andmore - seeyouthere - yummy - pushamerica - sweettreats -
emmaleib : 😋🍪🍩🍰 yum can't wait!!!
madelinepenn : Both the goodies and the #lovingsisters selling them are #sweet and #wholesome 😚☺️😋
rsimon14 : COME TRY @danincohen AND MY WORLD-FAMOUS 🍌 BREAD!! #banana #bread #bananabread #breadbanana #goingbananas
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I love to make friends 💛 #theabilityexperience #pushamerica #dphiefiu
theabilityexperience - pushamerica - dphiefiu -
rosieee_gil : @hitalickcinder 😍😍
jackiegcasals - shekinahgloryyy - cpuig75 - dsaldarriaga -
War of the Roses was a blast. I'm so glad to be apart of something that will help out so many people. #ΠΚΦ #PushAmerica
pushamerica - πκφ -
deztinyabigail - eahunter24 - _klaud__ - queen_jules97 -
Such a great night! I had a blast! #PushAmerica #PiKappaPhi
pushamerica - pikappaphi -
farahweaver : Thank you @imma_marshen
farahweaver : I'm so happy you got to come too! Thank you for supporting me! I love you!
mccallchick : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I'm so happy for you pretty girl! Aren't you glad I nominated you? 😉 I knew you'd kill it though! Wish I could've been there so bad. Love you
tpkd_ : You're perfecttttt
farahweaver : Thank you so much @mccallchick! Yes I'm sure happy you nominated me! I'm juat glad I can represent Kappa Delta to the fullest. I did miss you but I know you were having a blast! Love you best friend!
gracekaraa : Congrats, pretty lady!! Wish I could have been there!! 💋💚
farahweaver : Thank you @gracekaraa! Me too! I miss your face!
gracekaraa : I miss you!! Let's get lunch some day!
pikapp_deltaeta - claudiajbowles - krstn113 - kandelberry -
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