A little late #TBT to JOH arrival 2012. Congrats to the Journey of Hope teams completing the journey this weekend. #JourneyofHope #PushAmerica #Abilities
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#tbt #philanthropy #sauced #pushamerica
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lindsaykidd : u did not tbt that
dwagner_2 : Hahaha
goldiee93 : Kids killin it
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The awesome guys from @lastoriaproductions are helping us produce a special #PushAmerica film to be shown at @pikappaphi's Supreme Chapter next week! #SC54
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My favorite fraternity philanthropy is hands down, Pi Kappa Phi's Bike-A-Thon. Not only did I make amazing memories with my sisters with our 3 a.m. Jimmy johns runs, sleeping outside of Hayden, and signing up for the same shifts in record time, but I also got to bike along side of them in order to raise awareness for people with disabilities! Nothing beats spending 36 hours with your two favorite Greek organizations for a good cause❤️ #asualphaphi #alphaphi #alphaphiphotochallange #αφphotoaday #pikappaphi #bikeathon #pushamerica #asu
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elissaharrison29 : Yay! Pi Kapp!! Hottest men and biggest gentlemen hands down! 😊🎉👍💕 #rushPiKappaPhi
jajabrad : By far the best philanthropy around! #rushpikapp
thehdgroup : Nice! #TheHDLife
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Best of luck to @mkevinquan as he finish off his last week on the road for JOH! Great seeing you this last weekend and looking forward to arrival on the Capital Lawn! #Clemson #pikappaphi #pushamerica
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sethrhoden : Nice shirt. #GoTigers
bad_bax : Trae loves the Tigers.
greek_rush : #GoGreek
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Quick stop to welcome a @pikappaphi Journey of Hope team, and three of our VT Pi Kapps, to campus. These men will log well over 4,000 miles of cycling for people with disabilities. Awesome way to spend the summer! #PushAmerica
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Alli and I had the awesome opportunity to have breakfast with these awesome young men, in the middle of their ride from San Francisco to Washington, DC . These guys spread a message of acceptance and understanding for people with disabilities, very polite and compassionate group of young men.#PUSHAmerica #journeyofhope
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nikkiwittmer : Love it!! @heimpr
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#tbt to @journeyofhopesouth #2009. #cyclist #specialized #joh #pushamerica
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Power Point on Point #CPW #Zumba #PushAmerica #pikapp
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maxbach : Lmaoo dope pic
salmanzo31 : Pre Punta zumba
xoxokrissygirl : Hot damn
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The whole Apostle Islands crew. Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible.. This was an amazing experience for me and I am looking froward to my next #pushamerica trip in the future. #pikappaphi #apostleislands
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One proud Leadership Consultant. #ZetaAlpha #Clemson #JOHSouth #pikappaphi #PushAmerica
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sethrhoden : Go Tigers.
kdollar_253 : Proud of y'all!
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Biking across the country for a cause. Push America's Journey of Hope. I wanna ride 🚴
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gtadlock : #bicycle #cyclists #bikers #roadbikers #crosscountryride #pushamerica #westvirginia #huntington #cycle #pedalpower #ride #bikeit #bike #hope #journey #journeyofhope
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Welcome home Nick! #Toledo #PushAmerica
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gcona4 : I see you at UT
samparri : That's sweet
hnfish06 : 😍
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2014 Journey of Hope team arrival at the University of Toledo! #PUSHamerica #proudtobe #pikapp #ΠΚΦ
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Missing my best friend today 😘 he's participating in the Journey of Hope, riding his bike from Seattle to Washington DC and stoping in various cities to spread the message of acceptance for people with disabilities and visiting local organizations that support the disabled. He is an INCREDIBLE human being and such an inspiration. Miss you bubba, I am soo proud of you and can't wait for you to come home 💗 #pushamerica #journeyofhope #inspiration #givelove
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katelynramsey : My loves😍
collettelash : @tori_renee_ best wishes, love and luck to your friend today!
mattkniest5427 : I see you B Rattt! 😎 @fratner141
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Some brothers enjoying a nice hangout with amazing people at the Connect Ability cookout! Connect Ability is similar to Push America, which raises awareness for those with disabilities #PushAmerica #PiKappaPhi #WeWillLead @pikappaphi
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ΠΚΦ & ΔΦΕ #greeklife #pikappaphi #pushtanks #pushamerica
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Birmingham was incredible. Our team got to help out at Samford's CampUS summer camp for children with disabilities. This is Elias.There have been many memorable experiences this summer, but this boys smile was unforgettable. #joh #pushamerica #south
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t.s.west : This is what it's all about. Man, I'm jealous of you. Ride strong, brother!
altom92 : This is such an awesome picture. Keep doin what you're doin, Caleb.
michaelwalton501 : Those are the moments that put it all in perspective man!
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Just a little tired from my first recorded 25 mile ride. Got to get in shape for #JourneyOfHope though! #PushAmerica #PiKappaPhi #Cycling #Fitness
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marissal547 : Before I read the caption I thought you just ran a 2:47 mile...😳
aztecwarrior679 : @marissal547 haha that'd be amazing
dreana__leigh : Like it!
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A shirt for the guys on the north team of journey of hope. Hope you have a safe trek raising money for the disabled across the U.S. @pikappaphi @pushamerica #journeyofhope#joh #pushamerica#push #philanthropy #screenprinting #screenprint
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mariaecamp : @alextheromanian what are they doing?? Are they biking across the country or something??
bachartheking : Thank you so much again brother!
alextheromanian : @mariaecamp yes multiple teams from west coast to east coast on bikes. It's one of the ways we raise money for people with disabilities. Then every chapter at every school has one once a year on stationary bikes across campus
mariaecamp : @alextheromanian how sweet!
allencoejr : Can I get one of these?
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I'm out here playin her sand #cuzlifesabeach #ankleinjuredagain #backatit #still #smiling #venicebeachboarding #imnotfluentinwhitepeople #pushamerica
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I guess you could say getting the mayor of terre haute to proclaim July 15th as Push America day definitely happened #PushAmerica #PiKappaPhi
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So so so proud of this guy right here for being one of the 2015 Gear Up Florida Cyclists! Can't wait to help in anything you need 💙 love you!! #GUF #PushAmerica #proudmisspush
proudmisspush - pushamerica - guf -
kingrichard5 : That's a million dollar smile Al @allanv928
emsilveira : Love you both! 😍💕
beeatrice_ : 👏👏👏👏☺️
caritoolopezz : My best friend is da bomb 💞 @allanv928
michiula : Go @allanv928 👏👍
allanv928 : Love you Drea ❤️
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Help raise $1,500 in 15 days! Donate at: http://bit.do/VICTORMCM All proceeds allow me to participate in the Marine Corp. Marathon & 10K as part of the Push America Challenge in October. Please share and donate! Thank you! (You can also go to my profile for the link of where to donate)
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vsantiago49 : #fundraiser #donate #pushamerica #PAC #MCM #enabledathletes #volunteer #race #abilities #dogood #raisemoney #donations #goal #fundraising #help #deadline
vsantiago49 : @toddyrockstar You think you you can help me out?
spread_the_thread : Very cool!
vsantiago49 : @spread_the_thread Help #spreadtheword ONLY 15 DAYS! :)
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With Dylan from USM, today in Birmingham, AL. #joh #pushamerica
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We are proud of our brother's nationwide who are taking their time to bike for those who can't in the #journeyofhope. The pictures below are brothers from all different chapters across the US who have cycled from San Francisco, CA to Washington, DC. Pi Kappa Phi's philanthropy is @pushamerica. Push America was found in 1977 through Pi Kappa Phi as a way for undergraduate fraternity brothers to experience leadership development through service of people with disabilities. The Journey of Hope is just one way to get involved in this extremely awarding cause! #pikappaphi #pushamerica #wewilllead #rushpikapp
journeyofhope - rushpikapp - pushamerica - wewilllead - pikappaphi -
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Kayaking Apostle Islands with the best group of people. #pushamerica
pushamerica -
sbscelfo - kaymhenry - blw1102 - mlsaucier -
The crew chillin on a the beach after a long day of kayaking on the Mother Lake. #apostleislands #pushamerica #crew
apostleislands - pushamerica - crew -
christianvrowell : Proud of y'all bro
jpennington15 - muensjah - tangiespiveynabors - hbpeters01 -
This weekend on our adventure in the Apostle Islands with Push America and Wildlife Inquiry we met Noah. He kept us laughing the whole time with his clever jokes and comebacks.. Also he was making sure everyone was doing there job right at all times.. Can't wait to see you again Noah! #pushamerica #pikappaphi
pushamerica - pikappaphi -
joellangley22 - fetchthefletch - whitneyyp - lacey_leeann_newman -
I'm Here At The Raymond Airport Volunteering To Help Out Disabled People Ride In Planes. Also Journey Of Hope Cyclists Are Here Volunteering To Help They're Just Passing Through. They're Are Coming From California And Traveling To New York, Gosh That's Seems Really Hard And They're All Really Tall To Lol.
cyclist - summer - america - journeyofhope - loveit - travel - work - washingtondc - helping - bikes - california - pushamerica - volunteer -
lil_chica : California To Washington DC*
lil_chica : #journeyofhope #cyclist #California #WashingtonDC #travel #bikes #volunteer #work #helping #loveit #summer
lil_chica : #pushamerica #america
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PKP loves KD. #journeyofhope #pushamerica #kappadelta
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#tbt to my brothers volunteering at Maidens Choice! #PiKappaPhi #πκφ #PushAmerica #Holysahandsbeard
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jasonp1 : This is a great picture!
sahandandhissnapshots : Honored to have my own hashtag 🙏
john_hab : Yeah where's my hashtag? @sahandandhissnapshots
sahandandhissnapshots : #YouKnowWhatTheySayAboutBigBeards #AwwwwJohnItsOkay
ayebrow : Ahh ole pube beard
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#throwbackthursday to our first philanthropy event on campus - Pedals for @pushamerica ! #pikappaphi #rushpikapp #philanthropy #pushamerica
rushpikapp - philanthropy - pushamerica - pikappaphi - throwbackthursday -
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