OΚ»io dumplings with ponzu and sweet Thai chili sauce. #pupuparty #localcatch #smallplates
localcatch - smallplates - pupuparty -
maliastewart : @maui_boone Ho nah?
maui_boone : Ha ha @maliastewart they look good - victorcorujo - akea_naeole - seethruautodetailing -
Slight work. #FinalFour #PupuParty #Wings #shrimpcoctail #7LayerBeanDip #deviledeggs #Veggies Thanks to @kuu61!
deviledeggs - shrimpcoctail - 7layerbeandip - finalfour - veggies - pupuparty - wings -
sonnyjward : Nice brother!
kuu61 : Delicious deviled eggs compliments of @jwalkuh27
mamane_ - jocelynenrique23 - a.adaf - mrwilsononthebeat -
Getting ready to watch some college basketball! First time this season. #GoKentucky #PupuParty #deviledeggs #ChefJwalk
deviledeggs - chefjwalk - gokentucky - pupuparty -
thearmysbest : Good job cheering on the good blue and not @astar06 's blue
jwalkuh27 : @thearmysbest Easy choice. Been my favorite college basketball team since elementary school!
astar06 : @thearmysbest @jwalkuh27 #fearthestruggleface #letsgoduke
thearmysbest : You must have mistyped @astar06 or your phone accidentally put a D and an E
jwalkuh27 : @astar06 Too bad you picked Duke to lose huh...
melinasiipola - _drahmed_ - jauny_w - mattijoensuu -
Caprese skewers for Mom's birthday Pupu party at the pool. (Yes I said Pupu. It's Hawaiian for appetizer.) #foodporn #omnomnom #caprese #pupuparty #appetizer #maui #happyplace
omnomnom - happyplace - caprese - foodporn - maui - pupuparty - appetizer -
moha.the1st - aleana.zutz - elevatb - suereflections -
#superbowl #lunchspread #pupuparty #workflow
lunchspread - superbowl - pupuparty - workflow -
kevi_kanani - nixilopez - justmaleeah - _ihtzxcat -
From Ohana to yours, Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal! πŸŽ„ #christmascard #winewinewine #beertoo #pupuparty #christmas2014
christmascard - christmas2014 - pupuparty - beertoo - winewinewine -
marissanadas : *our Ohana
marissanadas : PC: @r_taks
xtianwooddesigns - big_t_808 - pwong42 -
beet poke for the buy out #roys #cookslife #beets #poke #bleh #boats #pupuparty #cocktailparty #buyout
roys - poke - beets - cookslife - pupuparty - cocktailparty - boats - buyout - bleh -
rachel__dora : My arch nemesis. Can't even count how many times I had to say "don't eat the boat!!!!"
christininouye : HAHA @rachel__dora πŸ˜‚
jbilluh : I told shannon when we first got them peeps thought theyd be edible...cuz i'd eat it, tis chip like
kuhreestee33 : @rachel__dora some people lol I hate beets @jbilluh tis chip like has me like πŸ˜‚
808bv - efrendub - jtoons - _scilla1412 -
after some time in the workshop we've worked up an appetiteπŸ™Œ #boomkanani #pupuparty #nalo
nalo - pupuparty - boomkanani -
lia_bebz : Looks ono!
hilinaihawaii : Plenty action @mina_kays
haaheo : 😍
hilinaihawaii : hope you guys had a great time! loved all the pics! @haaheo
_skk_mommy : I received the bracelet I love it thank you so much @hilinaihawaii
hilinaihawaii : Awesome:) @_skk_mommy_
mshvxb - may.vka -
Sunday selfies! With my Hunny-Bunny!!😍 Cruzing the exact same spot when that we took our first pic together I think. 8 1/2 years ago. Whoa......Lol. Tell me bout the good ol'days!! Days when we were much younger.πŸ˜‚ Love you!!πŸ’˜ #briandtina #482006 #kailuaboatramp #firstpic #tailgate #pupuparty #justmeandyou @tinawaikiki
briandtina - justmeandyou - firstpic - briandtinaadventures - kailuaboatramp - 482006 - tailgate - pupuparty - blazerdays -
bri_bri_76 : Uhh......No!! I get yours and if u don't claim it soon I goin take em. @slo61289 πŸ˜πŸ˜‚Fo'real!!!
cc_giana : Aw love you guys 😍😘
bri_bri_76 : Love you guys too😘!! @cc_gianaπŸ’˜
anaconda808 : You guys are awesome. Can't wait to see the selfie pic 8 years from nowπŸ‘΅πŸ‘΅πŸ‘Ά lol. Love you guys😘
bri_bri_76 : 😘😘 @anaconda808 And I goin look the same. I get Filipino blood we look young and age good.πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜
anaconda808 : @bri_bri_76 lol. Yah you prolly are.
laydeec4p : 😍😍
bri_bri_76 : #briandtinaadventures
esther_antol - makapuumonster - sningano - da_garden_of_eden -
πŸ™ŒπŸ‘…πŸ‘ŒπŸ·πŸŸπŸ€πŸ™ Camp Agape 2014 late night pupus part 1. #poke #kaluacabbage #gotebergmusubi #shrimps #welovetocook #welovetoeat #pupuparty #campagapehawaii #camperdman #teamhospitality #nightcap #goodnite #thankyouJesus #Hallelujah
welovetoeat - nightcap - welovetocook - kaluacabbage - thankyoujesus - pupuparty - gotebergmusubi - shrimps - poke - teamhospitality - campagapehawaii - hallelujah - goteborgmusubi - goodnite - camperdman -
raydenjames : #goteborgmusubi
geegali808 - piixiiprincess - sharks -
Há exatos 4 anos eu começava minha carreira como fotógrafo, e aqui estou eu, após tantos acontecimentos, conquistas, projetos, sonhos, realizações. Mas nada disso seria possível se não fosse da vontade de Deus, do apoio do meu pai assim que comecei, e a confiança de todos vocês! Obrigado por permitirem que eu chegasse até aqui e brindar comigo esse momento tão especial pra mim na 41 festa da participação dos Purezenses, com esse showzaço com a banda Fator RG7! Vocês fazem parte dos meus quatro anos πŸ’— #QUATROanosdeFotografia #amoreal #pupuparty
amoreal - quatroanosdefotografia - pupuparty -
angelica_aana - sabrina_panisset_anjos - leocdutra - juniiorbernard -
Beef 'Tataki' w/whole grain mustard aioli & pickled red onion #pupuparty #piglife
pupuparty - piglife -
dakinecpo - slt4503 - __mrs.jojo__ - zsazsazsoo -
Are you ready for some football???!!! #pupuparty
pupuparty -
mzhash : @kaelahiga_ yeah!! Come on down!!
hai_fly_ : What u cooking????πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
brad1production : Yes JETS baby!! @mzhash
mzhash : @hai_fly_ pork cutlet, meat jun...
joelia808 : Hey cuz! What u guys doing tonight?
mzhash : @j0el1a heyyyy!!! Nothing, hubby is working late tonight...
joelia808 : @mzhash I was having a "I wanna get fu**** up moment" frick been sick so long already I wanted to drink. Lol
andreakuulei - pnegrana - ukupal -
My main girls:) #pupuparty #liveitup #lovely #sunshine #sundayfunday
sundayfunday - sunshine - lovely - pupuparty - liveitup -
hannahmantei : @esme_bonilla @ambervaneyk
maitaimeowtai : Very pretty πŸ‘Έ
savannah_ps : Your hair Hannah! 😍😍😍 You look beautiful!
hannahmantei : Thankssss:)
meredith_maine - kayla_grundl - lillian_joy - kristinerinn -
Anti Pasto Skewers! #pupuparty
pupuparty -
erirku808 - thatdangyankee - jspirit_alice - kerrymb -
I got #leid on the#lastday in #maui#luau#sad#pupuparty #chichi
chichi - luau - maui - lastday - pupuparty - leid - sad -
lyssahhh7 - maarisaa28 - _tommyg - viictoriaaa_ -
#Pupuparty#drinking out of a #coconut @courttt85 @connie_elder
drinking - pupuparty - coconut -
courttt85 : Hahaha Connie's face😝
aarizonaa - olexisliljegrensaysheyy - viictoriaaa_ - connie_mcguire24 -
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