H. O. A (heritage of Aloha) is a 2 day festival this weekend @ Heritage Park, Santa Fe Springs. Come support the SoCal Polynesian community as there will be crafts fair, food booths & performances by local Hālau/Pupu 'Ori coming to share their works of art. #Nonosina will be closing the festival 4pm on Sunday (5/17). Featured dancer on the flyer is Nonosina's very own Jerrika Malae! We look forward to seeing you there! #OriTahiti #TahitianDance #PolynesianDance #Tamaroa #Tamahine #Taurearea #Vahine #Tane #Arioi #RohiPehe #PupuOri
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kilipaki87dk : Ia Orana. My older sister Momilani Thomas and friens from SD will hold a information booth "Protect Mauna Kea" both days. Please check them out and show ur support for the people of Hawai'i Nei, and the aina if u can😊 Mahalo.
aloha_brother : @octavius81 @petersonteresa
rheamama : @sh3rilyn @imiranda18 lets go! It's Av's birthday too!
rheamama : @aodvina @dalychean this weekend? Yes?
aodvina : @rheamama were down! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
sh3rilyn : @rheamama oh nice! I'm down!
sh3rilyn : @rheamama right by my house too πŸ‘πŸ»
rheamama : @sh3rilyn @aodvina it's Saturday and Sunday. I'll text you guys to let you know what day and time we plan to go πŸ˜€
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#HUAHINE our #pupuori name sake consists of two main islands..Huahine Iti and Huahine Nui. The name #matairea meaning "golden" or "cheerful" wind is what the islands were called before the name was changed to Huahine. It's nicknamed "mother island" because of the shape of the island is that of a pregnant woman named Tavaheiura. Unlike #tahiti this island is still untouched and is home to the most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes I've ever seen. I highly recommend hopping over someday. Tell em Matt sent ya lol
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mattynema : #tamariimatairea
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The crew on 4th of July AmCan parade. #TOERAUMANURAHI #pupuori #oritahiti #drummers #musicians
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crystalboquiren : Why @dcalgo think he all gangsta or suttin'
mainjuicestain : @crystalboquiren hm you're right..that might look like what may appear to be a gangsterish crotch grab
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Last nights show at Kapolei rec. #lateupload #htn #heretamanui #pupuori
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