TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT! CLASSES START UP AT KANEOHE DISTRICT PARK 6:30 (Tamarii) 7:30 (Vahine) Every THURSDAY **Register at KDP Office before class #mehetiaproductions #tahitian #ori #tahiti #pupuori #faarapufordays #shakewhatyamamagaveya #tamure #mehetiasisters
mehetiaproductions - faarapufordays - tamure - pupuori - ori - tahitian - shakewhatyamamagaveya - tahiti - mehetiasisters -
lopakakealohakahekili : They don't have a boys class do they?
ms_ec3x : Can you relocate to ewa lol @oh_lalala
oh_lalala : @lopakakealohakahekili I have about 3 little boys that dance
lopakakealohakahekili : Would you be willing to take on one more hard head kid? @oh_lalala
oh_lalala : @lopakakealohakahekili SURE! But does he want to dance or are you making him? Lol
oh_lalala : @rosetedenise we miss YOU! Come back and dance
oh_lalala : @ms_ec3x we have Pearl city classes that Ona teaches Wednesday night's
lopakakealohakahekili : @oh_lalala probably making him. He doesn't know what he wants yet.
kaiheiluv - mnitta33 - lohibohi - pasifika_drums -
Come ori with me! New classes forming in January in San Antonio and Central Texas area. Email desertpolynesia@gmail.com to register today! #desertpolynesia #hitiotemahana #hitoto #hiria #oritahiti #originaltwerk #tahitituesday #polynesiandance #pupuori #tahitiandance
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kieshana_xoxo : @napuaonaona where in the Central Texas area?
napuaonaona : Killeen/Cove! Send me your email pls and I'll give u exact info first week of Jan. 😘 @kieshana_xoxo
butifulaloha - cutiegal_ - timatalig1 - kamuela_moe -
Mehetia Christmas party, I love dancing with these girls, missing Ola 😘 #mehetiaproductions #tahitian #christmasparty #danceisbae #fasthips #pupuori #sisters #love #pretty #mostwonderfultimeoftheyear
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Mele Kalikimaka! Another amazing way to end the year with our annual Christmas party. I'm overwhelmed and just completely blessed with the love we continue to receive each and every year! #desertpolynesia #hitiotemahana #legacy #culture #dancelife #pupuori #halau #hulaohana #christmas #christmas2015 #melekalikimaka
melekalikimaka - hitiotemahana - hulaohana - christmas2015 - halau - pupuori - desertpolynesia - culture - legacy - dancelife - christmas -
napuaonaona : @tomokuma808 I'm sad you missed the group pic! 😒
tomokuma808 : @napuaonaona πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯next time!!!!😘
nessaa_joy : ❀❀❀
charpajinag : β™‘ This Beautiful pix!
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Celebrating 50 years Dec 5, 2015. Redondo Beach performing arts center. $35 tickets. I have some left πŸ™‹πŸ½πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ also visit www.nonosina.tix.com for more info. #Nonosina #heart #passion #Samoan #Tahitian #Polynesian #aiga #ohana #pupuOri #la #oc
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lesa451 : Dang that's a lot of dancers miss it so much
howuseeit0214 - chingy.22 - lanceafuvai - dulceorm_ -
Super excited to announce our new yellow team tween/teen class (ages 10-16 depending on skill level). This class will be more advanced and require additional hours of training per month. We also offer keiki (5-9), vahine (17 and up), and musician classes. We will be accepting new students in January! Email us at desertpolynesia@gmail.com if interested. @hitiotemahana @kalani_dp
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napuaonaona : #desertpolynesia #hitiotemahana #polynesiandance #drillsdrillsdrills #ori #pupuori #sanantonio #texas #dance #class #danceclass
cahulagirl : @napuaonaona I need s senior 40+ class starting over, want to dance but hips hurt & bad memory for real class...anything? Anything?
napuaonaona : Lol! Girl, you are NOT a senior! I have a couple vahine your age, trust! You'll do fine! You should totally start in January when we start the new year. ☺️ @cahulagirl
cahulagirl : I think i may but trust me i go one way and my hips go the other...my knees pop, everything cracks, I'm a hot mess, but i miss dancing, i so love it!
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CenTex Aloha Fest 2015 😘
pupuori - killeen - polynesiandancers - halau - hitiotemahana - desertpolynesia - sanantonio - alohafest - tahiti - texas -
rvcangod : I'll be there!
napuaonaona : #desertpolynesia #hitiotemahana #polynesiandancers #pupuori #tahiti #halau #alohafest #killeen #texas #sanantonio
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#happy #humpday #ToerauManuRahi #wearetoeraumanurahi #smile #workout #fitness #life #dance #heiva #napa #fairfield #vacaville #vallejo #benicia #california #pupuori #polynesia #picofday #photooftheday #instagood #instapic #love
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You want to be a dancer?πŸ’ƒπŸΎ Just have the understanding that it's MUCH more to it than that. Some of that includes making your own costumes, learning the language, understanding the mana'o behind the song, composing music, and singing! 🎀 No mattah if you think you "can't" sing, as long as you put your MANA into it!
hitiotemahana - ahuroa - desertpolynesia - pupuori - ahupurotu - aparima - pupuoritahiti - tenehenehe - tahitianmusic - tahiti - polynesiandancers -
napuaonaona : #desertpolynesia #hitiotemahana #tenehenehe #aparima #ahuroa #ahupurotu #tahitianmusic #pupuori #tahiti #pupuoritahiti #polynesiandancers
bomb4rmguam : You sure??? I been trying to learn this singing thing for a while and it aint happening!!
mylifeasrena : 😍😍😍😍
sheryl_thru_the_viewfinder : Awww i miss dancing so much!! I learned a lot about the culture through you guys I wish they had a Hulau here in the panhandle 😞 @napuaonaona
islapnay8 : @bomb4rmguam πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that makes two of us!
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Please contact your favorite Tahiti Mana Member to support them in their dance/music goals and purchase our Tahiti Mana t-shirts. Deadline to order is June 5th, shirts will be ready by June 23. #Tahitimana #tahitiandance #HeivaiKauai2015 #fundraiser #oritahiti #tahiti #mana #pupuori #dancetroupe #tshirt #islandwear
mana - tahitiandance - dancetroupe - heivaikauai2015 - pupuori - fundraiser - tshirt - tahitimana - tahiti - islandwear - oritahiti -
islndsmama : I want to order
tahitimana : @islndsmama are you on Oahu? Unfortunately we don't have anything set up for shipping this time.
islndsmama : No I'm on the main land California I'm so bumped lol the shirts are so cool maybe next time mauruuru
tahitimana : @islndsmama sorry about that. The next time we do an order we will try set up for shipping. We get a lot of requests from the mainland so probably after our competition we'll do that. Mauruuru!
islndsmama : Ok good luck with the sales and the competition go kick some butt much love <3
tahitimana : @islndsmama Mauruuru!
malia_lee301 - hulawithnoelani - nagisa_takizawa - maeva.moana -
H. O. A (heritage of Aloha) is a 2 day festival this weekend @ Heritage Park, Santa Fe Springs. Come support the SoCal Polynesian community as there will be crafts fair, food booths & performances by local Hālau/Pupu 'Ori coming to share their works of art. #Nonosina will be closing the festival 4pm on Sunday (5/17). Featured dancer on the flyer is Nonosina's very own Jerrika Malae! We look forward to seeing you there! #OriTahiti #TahitianDance #PolynesianDance #Tamaroa #Tamahine #Taurearea #Vahine #Tane #Arioi #RohiPehe #PupuOri
pupuori - tahitiandance - tane - taurearea - arioi - tamaroa - rohipehe - vahine - polynesiandance - nonosina - tamahine - oritahiti -
kilipaki87dk : Ia Orana. My older sister Momilani Thomas and friens from SD will hold a information booth "Protect Mauna Kea" both days. Please check them out and show ur support for the people of Hawai'i Nei, and the aina if u can😊 Mahalo.
aloha_brother : @octavius81 @petersonteresa
rheamama : @sh3rilyn @imiranda18 lets go! It's Av's birthday too!
rheamama : @aodvina @dalychean this weekend? Yes?
aodvina : @rheamama were down! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
sh3rilyn : @rheamama oh nice! I'm down!
sh3rilyn : @rheamama right by my house too πŸ‘πŸ»
rheamama : @sh3rilyn @aodvina it's Saturday and Sunday. I'll text you guys to let you know what day and time we plan to go πŸ˜€
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#HUAHINE our #pupuori name sake consists of two main islands..Huahine Iti and Huahine Nui. The name #matairea meaning "golden" or "cheerful" wind is what the islands were called before the name was changed to Huahine. It's nicknamed "mother island" because of the shape of the island is that of a pregnant woman named Tavaheiura. Unlike #tahiti this island is still untouched and is home to the most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes I've ever seen. I highly recommend hopping over someday. Tell em Matt sent ya lol
matairea - pupuori - tamariimatairea - huahine - tahiti -
mattynema : #tamariimatairea
uhhhlexus - s_nadarisay - mar_kish -
My crew did an amazing job last night! Couldn't be any prouder of all of our dancers & musicians, and especially our keiki! They've been working so hard & it shows! Mark your calendars for Apr 12 for Aloha Fest for the hālau's next performance! 😘
teampoly - hitiotemahana - polynesiandance - hawaiian - dance - desertpolynesia - pupuori - halau - poly - pacificislands - tahitian - culture - polydance - maori - polynesian - samoan - pupuoritahiti - passion - chamorro -
micropolynesian : I love y'all πŸŽ€πŸ‘
napuaonaona : @micropolynesian we love YOU nen! I'm so glad you're dancing in my group again. I will send you the vids via email so you can keep practicing on your own. πŸ‘πŸ’•
micropolynesian : okayπŸ’‹πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜›
napuaonaona : #desertpolynesia #hitiotemahana #halau #pupuori #pupuoritahiti #polynesian #poly #polydance #polynesiandance #teampoly #chamorro #hawaiian #samoan #tahitian #maori #pacificislands #passion #dance #culture
napuaonaona : @nessaa_joy just realized u weren't in the pic. Where were u?!
nessaa_joy : Next to sirena but wasn't that close, I think I got cropped out 😒 lol
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Aloha Fest 2012! #desertpoly #hotm #alohafest #halau #pupuori
halau - hotm - desertpoly - alohafest - pupuori -
lyannk : You have a gorgeous group!
napuaonaona : Thanks @lyannk! Missing a few ppl too! Very proud of them!
kalani_dp - lainey_210 - adolfsgurl - hella_nikkie -
For upcoming news, performances, & events, follow us on fb! www.facebook.com/HitiOTeMahana #hotm #desertpoly #pupuori #halau #pro #poly #entertainers #nationwide #hitthelikebutton #fb
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