Another reason to quit: Smoking can shorten the penis by up to a centimeter. Because smoking calcifies blood vessels, it can impede erectile circulation, which create erections. The Marlboro Man and Joe Camel didn’t even know they were packing a little bit less. #puppetryofthepenis #healthtalks #myurologydoctor #glutenfree #vegan #vegetarian #healthandfitness #activeliving #menshealth #fitness #instafit #funfacts #marlboro #quitsmoking
quitsmoking - menshealth - glutenfree - marlboro - vegetarian - myurologydoctor - vegan - healthandfitness - funfacts - activeliving - puppetryofthepenis - fitness - healthtalks - instafit -
comprehensiveurology - sasan_sr71 - naturallyaudrey - wearethegreatbeyond -
Looking at old stubs from movies and shows. I have a very strange taste in entertainment. #Elf #AnnabelleChong #PuppetryOfThePenis
elf - annabellechong - puppetryofthepenis -
queen_chubb - revmeathook - richbinning - tmacnsajo -
So, she lands, and before she even gets to go to the hotel, im bringing her to go see some peen. #puppetryofthepenis @puppetryofthep So so funny. The best part (Ok, not best, but pretty memorable) was when the two ladies left immediately after the show started... The show is called Puppetry of the Penis... What did they expect? @mridoctor #vegas #lasvegas #penis #genitalorigami
penis - lasvegas - vegas - genitalorigami - puppetryofthepenis -
wines_list_lv1 - richbinning - mridoctor - tisha_paper -
My face hurt from laughing at #puppetryofthepenis every guy needs to know how to make a cockburger. Thanks for tickets @immacallyoukiko #vegas
vegas - puppetryofthepenis -
richbinning : Thanks for coming!! 🍔🍔
immacallyoukiko - richbinning - gelasticme - benergy2k -
Happy hens Narin! 👰🏽💑🍸🍷 #hens #drink #club #puppetryofthepenis #friends #drinking #hens #myladies #lovelove #narinsfinalfling
puppetryofthepenis - club - hens - drink - lovelove - myladies - drinking - friends - narinsfinalfling -
cheza1956 : All look gorgeous
vanhoick - kezzy33 - nicci_sugden - richbinning -
How I spent my Friday night at the Erotic Heritage Museum #puppetryofthepenis
puppetryofthepenis -
jobpunx : Aww duuude, so jealous!
richbinning - fabulyss - sky.hale.yeah - thetal1 -
Thanks for all the love! #puppetryofthepenis @richbinning @barrybrisco #vegasshows #vegascomedy #whathappensinvegas #lasvegas #vegasbachelorette
vegasbachelorette - puppetryofthepenis - vegascomedy - lasvegas - whathappensinvegas - vegasshows -
mpskgrandma : @lilamie27 @nailz_by_deanna @msurritt1
vegasspinguy : Very cool!
bexter102 - markmcgahan1 - simonmorley66 - zupunkcirque -
Scary but true: your penis can actually break. Every year 200 Americans break their erect penis during “violent intercourse.” The cure for a broken penis: surgical repair plus six weeks of bed rest with a penis splint. Ugh, the cure sounds as bad as the break. #urology #instafunny #myurologydoc #puppetryofthepenis #menshealth #patient #healthcare
patient - myurologydoc - puppetryofthepenis - healthcare - instafunny - menshealth - urology -
cannaeffect : Love your page! Would love it if you'd take a look at ours :)
christophervane : Ouch!
myurologydoc : Thank you @christophervane @cannaeffect
sasan_sr71 - tonicgrooming - mavendis17lovely - national_staff -
Attempting this feat in public for the first time will definitely not be embarrassing AND you win a rock! #tryit #puppetryofthepenis #yoga
tryit - yoga - puppetryofthepenis -
gainflexibility : @petitdonut Hey this is nice 😀
joemattia - mermaid__child - vicemode_official - briancrawfordphotography -
Jingle Balls! Thanks for celebrating your 21st birthday with us, Tamara! #puppetryofthepenis #jingleballs #vegasshows #vegad #whathappensinvegas #endsuponinstagram #vegasstrip #vegasbirthday
vegad - whathappensinvegas - vegasstrip - jingleballs - puppetryofthepenis - endsuponinstagram - vegasbirthday - vegasshows -
dannymarquee : 👏👏👏👏
luvcosimo : What happens in Vegas gets blasted on the internet, lol. I love it
mskeykeybaby84 - icemani_01 - brooke_kocag -
Sometimes the weight of tragedy makes it challenging to want to get on stage and be silly. There's serious fucked up things happening in the world and I'm going to do this? Really? Perform a penis show? But tonight was a good reminder that what we do is a necessary contribution. After spending much of the day wanting to cry and scream, "What's this world coming to?!" It's was a joy to perform tonight and I'm grateful to be a part of something much bigger than myself. I felt it. The communal experience of shared authentic laughter is important especially amidst tragedy. Artists keep making art. Painters keep painting. Dancers keep dancing. Writers keep writing. Do not stop. Go go go. #prayforparis #puppetryofthepenis #keepmakingart
prayforparis - keepmakingart - puppetryofthepenis -
theartfulbachelorette - lessardoesitlive - hdawgcolvin - elaine4439 -
Some men are angry about being circumcised as children and are looking to grow their foreskin back. They’re called “intactivists.” That’s probably not the word their Rabbis use. #puppetryofthepenis #menshealth #urology #myurologydoctor #religion #healthandwellness
religion - menshealth - urology - puppetryofthepenis - healthandwellness - myurologydoctor -
uniforms4healthcare : 🌟
yuyunyuzlin - vatsal_bhasin - farlinmarta - midwestpatrick -
Waiting to watch some origami of the male anatomy with my mom, aunt and cousin #ladiesnight #girlsnightout #puppetryofthepenis #lasvegas @puppetryofthep #penisorigami
girlsnightout - lasvegas - penisorigami - puppetryofthepenis - ladiesnight -
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Trying to post again.. Had to censor it! Thanks for a great time! #puppetryofthepenis #lasvegas
lasvegas - puppetryofthepenis -
agentfourteen : Yikes.
agentfourteen - tripaylo100 - richbinning - muraviov -
Puppetry of the Penis takes a field trip to Le Rêve. Hey, they have a splash zone too! 😜 What a truly incredible show! #puppetryofthepenis #lereve #vegasshows #vegasstrip
vegasstrip - vegasshows - puppetryofthepenis - lereve -
myrtlebeachmichael - tkocapone - ayumidoll - my_vegas_club -
Lil step and repeat at #lereve #puppetryofthepenis #barrybrisco #richbinning #wynn #wynnlasvegas #lasvegas
richbinning - wynn - barrybrisco - puppetryofthepenis - lasvegas - wynnlasvegas - lereve -
mskeykeybaby84 : ♡♡♡ miss y'all.
richbinning - myfavoritedj - pswynnlv - ricklabirinthus -
#myurologydoctor presents PUPPETRY OF THE PENIS: When she goes "babe, I like your pants but they would look better on my floor" and you go "let's just watch a movie", it might be time to join #puppetryofthepenis #urology #Sextalk #myurologydoctor #romance #cancerawareness #menshealth #healthandfitness #fitness #healthyliving
menshealth - urology - myurologydoctor - healthandfitness - romance - sextalk - puppetryofthepenis - fitness - cancerawareness - healthyliving -
wavetrainllc : @craft_beard
uniforms4healthcare - noura__nasser - fabshubham - hillaryhayefit -
It was so incredible to see my good friend @ashleynkemp play The Dreamer in Le Rêve tonight. Just wow. #puppetryofthepenis loves #lereve. #vegasshows #stevewynn #vegaslife #bestshowinvegas
stevewynn - vegaslife - puppetryofthepenis - bestshowinvegas - vegasshows - lereve -
davidgoldsteindesigns : This show is baller. Saw it many years ago. Hope to make it to YOUR show next round!
elaine4439 - lea_lacht - - ldade -
for #girlsnightout #puppetryofthepenis #lasvegasnightlife
girlsnightout - puppetryofthepenis - lasvegasnightlife -
richbinning : Thanks for laughing at our burgers! 🍔🍔
lovelyjack : @richbinning thank you for making us laugh!! ;)
richbinning : Anytime! 🍆
thenaramos - richbinning - michaelcoleman__ -
Birthday boy at the theatre #PuppetryOfThePenis
puppetryofthepenis -
miss_lulabella : How exciting! What are you seeing?
dan_cosines : @miss_lulabella see the hashtag
miss_lulabella : @dan_cosines I have no intention of looking that up. I already looked up #torturegarden and wish I hadn't.
simonloverules : @swanfox cancel your Xmas surprise for @miss_lulabella
richbinning - dan_cosines - miss_lulabella -
#Repost @puppetryofthep ・・・ Happy Hallo-peen. 👻💀🍆🍆 #puppetryofthepenis #happyhalloween #vegashalloween #vegasshow #eroticmuseum #eroticmuseumlv #nocostume #noproblem #vegasstrip #lasvegasstrip
happyhalloween - vegasshow - vegashalloween - noproblem - vegasstrip - nocostume - eroticmuseum - puppetryofthepenis - eroticmuseumlv - lasvegasstrip - repost -
theartfulbachelorette : I love want to come see you so bad!!! Looks fab! X
elaine4439 - theartfulbachelorette - trestleontenth - khetanya -
Happy Hallo-peen. 👻💀🍆🍆 #puppetryofthepenis #happyhalloween #vegashalloween #vegasshow #eroticmuseum #eroticmuseumlv #nocostume #noproblem #vegasstrip #lasvegasstrip
happyhalloween - vegasshow - vegashalloween - noproblem - vegasstrip - nocostume - eroticmuseum - puppetryofthepenis - eroticmuseumlv - lasvegasstrip -
andyingy : sexbombs!!!!
andyingy - elyzio - coolfatchick - nathalievandepoel -
Was waiting till later in the night to post this... Happy Birthday to this little lady right here!! I love you @jaaamieee, don't kill me 😂 @puppetryofthep
bacheloretteparty - whathappensinvegas - puppetryofthepenis -
brandeelamb : #whathappensinvegas? #bacheloretteparty #puppetryofthepenis
jaaamieee : Hahaha. I just saw this! Definitely one of the funniest nights of my life. Looooove you ladies! @brandeelamb @mrstiffanymatos @kellyyyy_kel Thank you my Brandee Lamby! 😘😘😘
mrstiffanymatos : 😭😂😅🌮🌮🌮
kellyyyy_kel : 😂😂😂😂😂
brandeelamb : @jaaamieee love youuuuuuuu
dre_dayy - catelcassidy - ccdubs - msnovoa -
#puppetry#puppetryofthepenis#famous#talent#carbonbelgium#antwerp#carbonbelgium#foodie#foodporn come and join, these boys loved our dinner
talent - foodporn - antwerp - carbonbelgium - famous - puppetryofthepenis - foodie - puppetry -
len5ation - emakand - _karusharma - mehmetcavus66 -
A few of my beautiful friends. And by friends, I mean family. And by family, I mean you can never leave me- you all know too much 😜 #anothergreatnight #thesegirlsarecrazy #puppetryofthepenis #dranksanddancing #friendlove
thesegirlsarecrazy - friendlove - anothergreatnight - dranksanddancing - puppetryofthepenis -
paracosmparadise - richbinning - aztecamagma - jessicalynn6637 -
One of the weirdest nights ever!! #PuppetryOfThePenis #London "are you ready to cock and roll!?!" Lol @debvandenheuvel
london - puppetryofthepenis -
richbinning : I hope we were the good kind of weird!
cakegirl31 : @richbinning haha the show was hilarious ... We had a riot, what was with the dude running up on stage at the end tho? I was legit scared for the two of you!!
richbinning : @cakegirl31 no clue! It was awesome and terrifying! Ha!
rawlzz - richbinning - debvandenheuvel - nursekjk -
#sober #girlsnight #joekools #puppetryofthepenis #hilarious #toomanyshots #angelaneedednachos #whoorderedthesmallsangria
joekools - whoorderedthesmallsangria - girlsnight - angelaneedednachos - puppetryofthepenis - hilarious - sober - toomanyshots -
brittanyfox__ : Oh okay, yeah 💁🏻🙊
duy : Hey ;)
duy - irvatomnia - djoss2 - tabithapaigeee -
#Repost @richbinning ・・・ WOW. What a rockstar 3 shows we got to do this weekend! Kingston, Ottawa, and London, you were more than amazing. I've been at this show for 6.5 years and have never felt that much love. From the bra thrown on stage to the dude rushing he stage at the end of last night's show, and the mobs of people after the show. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Can't wait to come back soon! #puppetryofthepenis #canada
canada - puppetryofthepenis - repost -
mrs.haddad_xo : @melmad31 @mandertron
melmad31 : We're excited to c u in Vegas November!!!! We have a bachelorette coming & expect special treatment for her 😉😂 @puppetryofthep @nainai_haddadxo @mandertron
mrs.haddad_xo : 😂😁😁 I'm quite excited!!! @melmad31 @mandertron
partylink : Come join us at our next event!
barrybrisco : Awesome. Invite us
dhawk_84 : @sushie_susie this is them
coolfatchick - - pyreclimber - dylanthevilln -
WOW. What a rockstar 3 shows we got to do this weekend! Kingston, Ottawa, and London, you were more than amazing. I've been at this show for 6.5 years and have never felt that much love. From the bra thrown on stage to the dude rushing he stage at the end of last night's show, and the mobs of people after the show. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Can't wait to come back soon! #puppetryofthepenis #canada
canada - puppetryofthepenis - - ldade - elaine4439 - comediandana -
#puppetryofthepenis #amievenallowedtopostthis #what
what - amievenallowedtopostthis - puppetryofthepenis -
mandygrimmer : Ummm what is this?? Lol
perkinsnospaces : Hahahaha ill leave it up to your imagination
madeleinedacey : "Art"
richbinning : @madeleinedacey hahaha with your quotation marks. 🍔🍔
richbinning - aliciaschirjaev - mandygrimmer - lisa23_ill_make_you_rich -
Saturday night w my girls....and some boys #puppetryofthepenis #whatareweinfor 🍆✊🏼👍🏼🙋🏼😂 @melindavine @adelechuffman
whatareweinfor - puppetryofthepenis -
sg_racey : Lol, hashtags
danielandoria : Omg! Have fun!!!!
richbinning : Thanks for laughing at our genitals!
djoss2 - markedmundson - mmusil21 -
So this happened last night :) #puppetryofthep #puppetryofthepenis #thehamburger
thehamburger - puppetryofthepenis - puppetryofthep -
richbinning : Thanks for coming to the show!! We had a blast!!
ponderingawall : I was expecting an hour of awkwardness but you guys were great. It was hilarious and entertaining. Thanks :D @richbinning
richbinning - modified_lifestyles - blackfrogclothing -
So this is about to happen...3rd row 😱 LOL #puppetryofthepenis
puppetryofthepenis -
lizacallens : Hoe was't????? :D
shanafrans : @lizacallens wel grappig 😂 maar soms wel vies of pijnlijk om te zien. Ik snap niet hoe ge huid zo hard kunt uitrekken 😝 duurde wel maar 50 minuten, maar da valt ergens wel te snappen natuurlijk.
helenvanlandeghem - katopeeters - jill_ceulemans - roelawaegemans -
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