#mamas #nenasbday #familia #puletasi #kiaorana #talofa 🌴🌺#tb
puletasi - mamas - talofa - kiaorana - familia - tb - nenasbday -
rkb._ : πŸ˜‚ lol sorry cuz, I thought it was today or something. When's her bday? I didn't read all of your #'s hahaa 😘 @pevrlmvrsters
misspevrl : algoods cuz!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰too many #'s tho HAHAHA naw found these pics in my phone so random lol Dec 8th btw ☺️ @rkb._
rkb._ : Nah cos my screens cracked to the max πŸ˜‚ oh mad, Maria's on the 18th dec. her and nena have the same month β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘Œhopefully we come up in November - do you live far from Fata? @pevrlmvrsters
misspevrl : Daaang too bad, u needa new phone cuz!😦hahahπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚aw dats cool my mums on the 3rd lol all three of them in DecπŸ‘Šβ˜ΊοΈnah not really I live out nrth-west, Fata lives near toka in south akl x @rkb._
rkb._ : I'm tryna save up for a new one cuz but that never goes to plan cos I'm always using it on food πŸ˜‚ oh mad, that's their month then πŸ‘Œ hopefully we come to nz so I can meet you, nena & Fata 😳 @pevrlmvsters
rkb._ : @pevrlmvrsters sorry cuz dno what happened withπŸ‘†tag πŸ˜‚
misspevrl : k must get new phone gal who knws wat random tag you'll type nxt HAHAHA...kidding πŸ˜‚yesss hard and bring the lil ones too they're so adorable!!😩😍😍I probs needa see Fata 2 haven't seen tht guy in like 2 years πŸ™ˆbahahah smh @rkb._ anyways hope all is good wit u and the famz send my love, oh yea btw love the new hair, beauts cuzπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜πŸ’•
rkb._ : Hahahha nah not gna do any random tags now πŸ˜‚ we'll see bout these two haha nek minnit nena wants them to stay πŸ˜‚ thanks for that cous, sending our love to you and the family, until then take care and holla whenever 😏 love you cous πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹ xoxo @pevrlmvrsters
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#another #liavaafusuaga #mothersday #Loku #falesa #puletasi #ulakupe #pinkhurr #pout #heels #taulima
puletasi - pout - ulakupe - loku - falesa - pinkhurr - liavaafusuaga - mothersday - another - heels - taulima -
__dkms : πŸ™ŒπŸŒΈ
redwagonbaby : πŸ‘
jason_v22 - __dkms -
One of highlights of my night.
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baoyentran : #wedding #hawaiiweddings #hawaii #taualuga #puletasi
baoyentran : #mapoandbaoyen
resa_itula : I heard you killed it!!! That gold puletasi tho...game changer!! @baoyentran @ma_potofu @mele_hunkin_devoux @frandango13 @jojos__mommy @jojos__grandma
mow_on_ah : This picture though!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
megzzzzzzzzz : That's beautiful!!!
annajezz : Lovely pic
rayscoc - jeae_ - tren_nguyen - mele_hunkin_devoux -
teinesamoa - puletasi - samoan - churchattire -
aliciaruby_x : #samoan #puletasi #teinesamoa
dbarchitecture : Very cool!
t0ya_sani_jayden : Milf ❀
_djlucescrewz_ : @aliciaruby_x thanks for returning the love! Love, Peace, and Prosperity to you and yours! Have a great week!
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My new #elei materials all the way from #Samoa from my #besties #BFF. I now also have a new #collection of #sei #flowers #islandgirl. Can't wait to have these materials #stretch #palama #cotton in my fave #puletasi #puletaha #dress #top styles. Thank you girls and boys. xoxo
puletasi - islandgirl - besties - bff - stretch - elei - top - palama - collection - puletaha - samoa - flowers - dress - sei - cotton -
rosainafidow : Aulelei au materials
ana_taufahema : beautiful!
valma16 : I like :)
selubimi : Nice lol
mikec2go - 3026pina - selubimi - filiku -
Love em! :) #myboys .... iss me @_faalili btw lol. #nofilly #fathersonmoment #Puletasi
nofilly - myboys - fathersonmoment - puletasi -
jtzicarelli : Hey you guys should do the pose @sonnyp_50 and Aubrey did, where he throws baby up in the air then he throws you up! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
_faalili : Hahaha kae. uh no thanks negra we too dam big @jtzicarelli
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#puletaha #puletasi #lepasefikaboutique #size16
puletaha - puletasi - size16 - lepasefikaboutique -
ffrantela : Like this one too.
mr_n_mrz_uini - tala684 -
Saturday shenanigans with my braddahs πŸ’™βž° #WeBleedBlue #Puletasi #TeineSamoa #MyRideAndDie #TeineSamoaMoni #LoveIt #ToiletSelfiesHaha
puletasi - myrideanddie - toiletselfieshaha - teinesamoa - loveit - webleedblue - teinesamoamoni -
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#lepasefikaboutique #puletasi #puletaha #size16
puletaha - puletasi - size16 - lepasefikaboutique -
ffrantela : OMG I like this.
_polynesianprincess : this one is pretty . @lepasefikaboutique
lepasefikaboutique : Ula - we have a few new ones that are your size. Call us and we can hook you up.
ffrantela : Okay
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#puletasi #puletaha #lepasefikaboutique #size10 #samoan #tongan
puletasi - size10 - puletaha - samoan - tongan - lepasefikaboutique -
latrisantana : Omg loving it
liburs - latrisantana - tala684 - mz_alohaoe -
#puletasi #puletaha #lepasefikaboutique #size10
puletaha - puletasi - size10 - lepasefikaboutique -
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#puletasi #lepasefikaboutique #size18
puletasi - size18 - lepasefikaboutique -
ffrantela : Size 16
latrisantana : Oh i really like this one size 16/18 u have it at the shop
lepasefikaboutique : Yes, it is in the shop and still available
lepasefikaboutique : Ula - call us at the shop.....or inbox@us on Facebook.....I can send you pictures of other Puletasi in your size
lepasefikaboutique : @latricia- long time no see.....come@by, we@still@have the purple and some@other@size@16 / 18 available
latrisantana : Im coming down tomorrow i want to see it thanks
latrisantana : By the way how are u and the family doing its been along time since i stopped by
lepasefikaboutique : @Latricia - we are doing wonderful. I apologize, we will be closed tomorrow. Baby luau happening and our duties is calling us to attend
_stss_ - latrisantana - tala684 - loversdovers81 -
Size 18 #lepasefikaboutique #puletasi
puletasi - lepasefikaboutique -
lepasefikaboutique : SOLD
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Size 20 available #lepasefikaboutique #puletasi
puletasi - lepasefikaboutique -
lepasefikaboutique : SOLD
mr_n_mrz_uini - latrisantana - tala684 -
Puletasi Size 16 (only this 1 available) $86 plus shipping This can also be resized to a smaller size for an additional $10 The bottom is a skirt with a slit on each side. Inbox if interested at Le Pasefika Boutique on Facebook. #puletasi
puletasi -
ffrantela : I loke this one.
ffrantela : Lol like
lepasefikaboutique : Call me at the store tomorrow
liburs - _stss_ - letuli_vae - 1godsdaughter -
#puletasi #samoan #dress #purple #feaus hahaha #bellbird #sisdac
puletasi - bellbird - sisdac - purple - samoan - dress - feaus -
djwatiigp - jamoan_boy - _nlemalu - jurmayn23 -
puletasi -
latrisantana : I love this its been awhile that ive come by the shop but im coming.@latricia
lepasefikaboutique : SOLD
_stss_ - omage87 - telesabee_xo - falanitule -
Size 18 #puletasi
puletasi -
latrisantana : OMG love it
lepasefikaboutique : SOLD
_stss_ - omage87 - telesabee_xo - ffrantela -
Check out the wide, unique & beaitiful variety of puletasis in store! Perfect for work, church, weddings, funerals etc. Perfect for any event! Black puletasis all $395 SAt. Click and follow @mahealani_samoa for more info! πŸ’ž #MahealaniSamoa #Puletasi #Samoa #SouthPacific
southpacific - mahealanisamoa - samoa - puletasi -
mahealani_samoa : Thank you @samoa.mo.samoa for the shout out. Alofa atu.
paulszigety - mahealani_samoa - mantiz0226 - maria.laki -
Blessings from S A M O A 🌺 #mini #puletasi #bongo #timtam #blessed
mini - bongo - blessed - timtam - puletasi -
nanu_6 : TOO CUTE!
maddymekelini : Aww! 😊😘😍 so cute
geeteine : 😍😘 she's sooo cute
irie408 : Too cute!!!
shrnsoo - keeka74 - no2h8urghz - saraizmmy -
Sunday selfie :) lol all up close and personal. Hahaha bless Sunday yal! #GotoChurch #blessedDay #SundaySelfie #Selfie #Puletasi #Smile #OkayBye lol
puletasi - gotochurch - smile - selfie - sundayselfie - blessedday - okaybye -
peezieguh : Of course! Hahaha you know it runs in the fam. Love you, Xoxoxo to the babies. @calizmommy
calizmommy : Duuuuuuuh ! Miss & love you bro , & you can kiss n hug the kids when u baby sit them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ hahahaha jk ! Love youuuuuu !!
itsslima : Pretty girl!! Love u bro!!
kingkayjones : It's gone be a happy Month huh ? LMAO
peezieguh : Ummm excuse me? Hahahaha stop while you ahead bro. Lmao jk yes bring them soon. Nty SASA loves the kids. Love nd miss you most! @calizmommy
peezieguh : You mean pretty boy? Hahaha love you more bro @itsslima
peezieguh : Oh beeeeeeeitch! You know already this bro. Hahahaha @kingkayjones
po_lingling1722 : Hi my gorgeous faapo! Love nd miss you sweetie
attenev_ - po_lingling1722 - sash_27 - charlenea07 -
Inspiration: Bohemian classic / Custom Puletasi. Top is a raglan sleeve blousson bust to a fitted high waistline. Trimmed in a vintage cotton print w/ solid brown. #puletasi #polynesianwear #raglan #blousson #elegance #classic #bohemian #vintage #custommade #allcustomeverything #localdesigners #sfdesigners #samoandesigner #traditionalwear #moderntwist
puletasi - sfdesigners - classic - custommade - vintage - samoandesigner - elegance - localdesigners - traditionalwear - polynesianwear - raglan - allcustomeverything - blousson - bohemian - moderntwist -
my_s_k_y : This is cute πŸ‘
cherthelove_ : Oooh for me ??😍
faaanatili : @my_s_k_y Thank you!!
faaanatili : @cherthelove_ I sold it already. But I'll make a similar one for you. Show mom, see if she recognizes the fabric
cherthelove_ : She said shes not sure she recognizes it
faaanatili : @cherthelove_ Old blousy pants. They looked like genie in a bottle pants
myra_segi - maavemalia - hyeonwoo_j - curly.fryz -
My husband with our 3 daughters, traditional wear #puletasi #pea husband wearing his skirt πŸ˜‚πŸ™Š #iefaitaga #samoanattire #funeral #january2014 #islandstyles #samoan these girls are a mix breed half Samoan, quarter Tongan, quarter Dutch. Raised as full #samoans, #fusipa'u #salulima #jandal #vaccumstick #myfist πŸ‘Š #discipline #islandstyles
samoanattire - puletasi - iefaitaga - fusipa - jandal - funeral - samoan - salulima - islandstyles - samoans - january2014 - discipline - vaccumstick - pea - myfist -
candykumar : OMG best #hashtags πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ miss yu @janereekers 😘😘😘
janereekers : @candykumar miss you to lovely. Hope work is going well for you 😘
inkedmamma - mizzlatina_hiphop_dancer07 - yzo_limoni - _valleywood -
My Samoan Princess πŸ”†πŸ˜ #samoan #lauatunuupele #princess #daughter #puletasi #misssamoa #2030 lol
misssamoa - puletasi - daughter - 2030 - samoan - princess - lauatunuupele -
saahayanna : Beautiful baby girl! Love you Kimora 😘😘😍😍😍
totoateresa - _ballz__ - lucy_mose_85 - pharaoh_gebauer -
Perfect fit πŸ‘Œ all for my Grandma SofaπŸ˜™ #Polynesian #Samoan #Puletasi #TeineAulelei #MeAndMyBabies Thank you to Le Pasefika Boutique
teineaulelei - puletasi - meandmybabies - samoan - polynesian -
teetarella : @rissa84_ BEAUTIFUL!!!
gramma_mojo : Beautiful beautiful and beautiful.@rissa84_
_nanz11 : U guys look great
mark_ibanez_jr : Nice pic of you guys!
daperkinsohana : Beautiful
sungamomma3 : Omg. So beautiful!!! @rissa84_
lanz_onz_kahi : I πŸ’– it ris. You guys look so BEAUTIFUL 😘
ritteny : Love this picture Rissa! It's Brina kisses
loveyoohgrandmasofa - lanz_onz_kahi - sydneybailey_ - chan_got_dis2 -
TBT. The body that I'm dying to get back too. #2011 I'm coming back for you😜 #Puletasi #SamoanπŸ’― πŸ˜„
puletasi - samoan - 2011 -
tishasenara - illegalone_ - tulimasealii6pack - islandgrown684 -
Sunday selfie before church πŸ˜… #selfie #sunday #church #samoan #puletasi
puletasi - selfie - samoan - sunday - church -
chongneetapusoa : @rinah_21 shexy fox hehe what's your snapchat name?? Xo
rinah_21 : @chongneetapusoa its Rinah_21 πŸ˜† xoxo
chongneetapusoa : I added you lol time too start snap chatting lol @rinah_21
shiaane_hs : Seeexxxayyyyyyy
_bebzy_ : #beautiful :) <3
romainebjvk - stiickyy - grace__ox - _bebzy_ -
With mz beautiful Sinclair 😘 #samoan #cookisland #instafun #instcool #instgram #funnyfaces #missionarys #proud #tweegram #like4like #follwo4follow #puletasi #2014 πŸ’‹πŸŒΊπŸ’•πŸ’–
puletasi - instcool - funnyfaces - 2014 - follwo4follow - cookisland - samoan - proud - instgram - instafun - missionarys - like4like - tweegram -
dmaninglewood - kingg_antzz - envi0us_247 - samoan_nite_watch -
God has surely gifted our Pasifika ppl with many gifts and talents. Using the old methods our ancestors past down to us in an innovative way to create such masterpieces... Samoan Couture at its finest... Pageant material, hand painted made of w/ afa & Iopa seeds!!! #Magaia #Puletasi #SamoanCouture #OkaSePulili #ShesBlessed created by @queen0flongbeach562
puletasi - samoancouture - okasepulili - magaia - shesblessed -
queen0flongbeach562 : Awwww :') Thank you !! @polyluv685 xoxo!
polyluv685 : 😘😘😘 this piece was just beautiful @queen0flongbeach562 much alofas
ofakialtamesa__ - brazee_taimalesua - _itsmelina76_ - subsidedmiles -
Jordin's Little Miss #Taupou pageant #puletasi design I initially sketched. I strayed away a little but it was okay the concept was still there. I went more age appropriate. #Samoan #Samoa
puletasi - taupou - samoan - samoa -
suka_sukaaa : 😳😍😍😍😍😍 gorg! You are absulutly so talented!
queen0flongbeach562 : @suka_sukaaa thank you doll! Ofa atu ! XOXO
saiafierceee : Ima need you to put together a portfolio or something 'cause you know you SLAYIN'!
queen0flongbeach562 : @saiafierceee ty boo XOXO
saiafierceee : WelcomeπŸ’•
only2wee : πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
getwideht : Gorgeoussss!!! 😍 I WANT!!!!!
jasmineee_leah - melemeretiana - leyah_t - fine.fita -
movie night with my little cousin. love her. #puletasi #TMNT #elmonte #bloodline
bloodline - puletasi - elmonte - tmnt -
_puabear00 - real1_89 - meteeahna - autumnaiono7_ -
I'm so in love with these two pictures!
indyhula - puletasi - hula - holoku - samoan - huladancer -
hawaiian_plum : #hula #huladancer #holoku #samoan #puletasi
hawaiian_plum : #indyhula
t_rence - ianetasina_frazer - cash423 - dee_marie5 -
#selfie game is real πŸ“· #samoan #puletasi
puletasi - selfie - samoan -
brandonsavv45 : Ok I Cee u like tha lips wyd up past ur bedtime aha
jasmineparker96 : @brandonsavv45 lol dude it's only 7pm over here in Aussie so it must be past yours lol
brandonsavv45 : Aha nahh itz barely 2 am here in cali I never sleep lol
jasmineparker96 : @brandonsavv45 wow your crazy
brandonsavv45 : Lol nahh so wussup how's that after high school life treating ya
jasmineparker96 : @brandonsavv45 wuia I'm still in high school, my last year lol
latanyaparker : Lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ^
mzbacchanal : Pretty pic
_likeamuna671_ - j_ahloe - sonetatauati_ - siofelebl0odline -
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