Last post. I swear when i see these girls they are forever happy chappy! You's done well on sunday! So proud of you's πŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ˜š #Ipswich #Puletasi #Annie #Ruta #Tia .
ipswich - puletasi - ruta - tia - annie -
catemariesamu : oh my lorttt -.- hahaha! naw thanks hoe for the pic x - @anniefanene & @tiagene_collins why do youse make me look ugsss all the time, lols love youse x
anniefanene : BAHAHA! Eww what am I doing? Lol thanks girl for the photo, please feel free to send them to me now that I found your account thanks to @catemariesamu 😘😘
_gloriatuitama : @anniefanene no problemo πŸ˜‹ x @catemariesamu you is welcome πŸ˜ƒ
tiagene_collins : πŸ˜‹
msjehrome : dorks πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
marianne_tafale - suzie_tuitama - tiagene_collins - itsonlyisack -
My #sister @katrynaa #seniorpics #co2015 #teine #samoa #puletasi
co2015 - puletasi - sister - ahlooproblems - samoa - teine - seniorpics -
koleapnw89 : I stole it πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Š
katrynaa : Lol haiiiii
koleapnw89 : Hey girl, heyyy @katrynaa
koleapnw89 : #ahlooproblems
ashnsean15 - ttaaiimmaannee_ - lina.n.gee - bigfinn118 -
All red everything #church #puletasi #throwπŸ‘ˆ
puletasi - throw - church -
julia_johanna : Nice!
liladoll : Beauty 😘
_marvynuggets79 - isapouono - hamedo8877 - ottojemima -
I really don't know what to say bc my cousin @gracefashion619 is just so AMAZING!!! You just need to check it out for Yourself!! She is located in San Diego but you should just give her call! Follow her page for more info! @gracefashion619 @gracefashion619 @gracefashion619 #Samoan #Tongan #Fijian #Tahitian #Poly #PuleTasi #PuleTaha #Dress #Wedding #Prom
puletasi - samoan - poly - tahitian - prom - fijian - wedding - puletaha - dress - tongan -
kween_nia : Who's that?
rinalahv_ : @kween_nia Site! Birtha's older sister..
rinalahv_ : *Bertha
bs_loihele76 : OMG I wish iknew this for my prom =/ GORGEOUS WORK
kween_nia : Oh
gracefashion619 : Thank you cuz! Love you😘
gracefashion619 : @rinalahv_
ninjatracy - lanababyyxo - sasoa.feagai - kesi_falemalu -
Love these lady's πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ˜ #ReatInLoveUncleSalua πŸ‘Ό #FOE #GoodTimes #samoan #feaus #Puletasi #AussieGirls @onzfala @_dfaumui91 @thaddenjayzmami @zalyahs_mami_ru @hitiruz_mmy
reatinloveunclesalua - puletasi - aussiegirls - foe - samoan - feaus - goodtimes -
tamatoamolealii : Ty @islandgirlannabelle for the photo lol
islandgirlannabelle : @tamatoamolealii your welcome lol
promiseg_ - tiahnz - islandgirlannabelle - c.suullaa -
Redfern Lataki. Custom print design. #lataki #polynesian #puletaha #puletasi #islander #islandcreation #tangikihemooni #tonga #tongan
puletasi - islander - tonga - tangikihemooni - polynesian - puletaha - islandcreation - tongan - lataki -
ntt.98 : @litiaw
kesalei : Where are you located?
lailah_bish - aniseh_lala - scm51 - _janelino -
They're so beautiful in their puletasi 😍#teinesamoa #puletasi #samoanwear #mybabies
teinesamoa - puletasi - samoanwear - mybabies -
ifoty27 : 😍😍😍😘♥️♥️♥️ love Yal
_mayybaaby : 😍😍😍😍😍
ayyeefaaaith - lindseylaupola - peletagata - pause_itsbrown -
Old selfie! Lol #curls #puletasi #tb #AfterChurchSelfie #smiles #nofilter #instabuzz
smiles - afterchurchselfie - nofilter - puletasi - tb - instabuzz - curls -
veronicateofilo_ - svsannna - anmvriecwley - courtenaytuilaepa_dimples -
#twinning w our #puletasi 🌺 #HappySabbath #SundayCelfie #SameBackgroundDifferentClothes πŸ˜‚ #shebomb 😍
puletasi - twinning - shebomb - happysabbath - sundaycelfie - samebackgrounddifferentclothes -
annarose_iefata101 : 😍😍😍😍
___baby.doll___ - levanabella - lijahvanilau - sabbathselfies -
Keepin it #Fresh #family #Birthday #Frangipani #green #leaves #blue #puletasi #Samoan #print
blue - puletasi - family - frangipani - leaves - samoan - birthday - green - print - fresh -
tran_pham_tho : Coool @davenwilson
marleybear05 : Beautiful Cousin xx @roxypaulo
roxypaulo : Thanks my beautiful cuz @marleybear05 How's bubba bump and Marley and your big bubba? :*
marleybear05 : @roxypaulo oh where to start...bump is still giving me some grief lol the vommiting is horrible! Marley is just wonderful and my big boy is great!! Coming to see you guys sometime this week xx
roxypaulo : Naaw cuz. Hoping your OK. At most you have your beautiful boys Nu'u
roxypaulo : *by your side. . Love you loads. Catch you soon cuz @marleybear05
miswinters - mc0806 - joanneteo_ - natalia_lives_life -
teine samoa🌸 #samigasili#tausala#puletasi#samoan
puletasi - tausala - brothers - samoan - samigasili - gotchaback -
p.a.u.l.y.n : hottie 😍 @_leoneee
helentavana : gorgeous little man lady πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
florence_nglam08 : tbh: you da ugly, dreeeh your my bruuh? Always smiling, gorgeous creature, you have a beautiful soul, probably the only nigga I can trust, funniest, ruthless, loudest one in our group!we've been through alot together. You know all my secrets and crush <3 there's more to it, let's just stick with this! Love you N and speech dude.
_leoneee : @florence_nglam08 bruhh loveyou so much aye, no nigga will ever mess with us ❀️😎 #gotchaback#brothers aye
florence_nglam08 : #brothersforlife love you too bae @_leoneee
sheldyn_taylor - genuineinlove - mekonia.tupou - helentavana -
Ina's girls. #polynesian #islander #islandcreation #islandstylez #islandfashion #samoan #TKHM #tangikihemooni #tongan #hawaii #fijian #puletaha #puletasi
islandfashion - puletasi - islander - samoan - hawaii - tkhm - puletaha - fijian - polynesian - islandstylez - islandcreation - tongan - tangikihemooni -
lagiisa : THAT IS GORGEOUS !!
georgeelsissa : @tangikihemooni competition?
tangikihemooni : @georgeelsissa what do u mean?
cecilecarol_ - lagiisa - oranjkrew1 - shybeautyxo -
Ta'ahine fo'ilole @jill_leniu #TheONLYthingICanSayInTongan #LOL #AigaFaalavelave #Puletasi
theonlythingicansayintongan - puletasi - aigafaalavelave - lol -
mrs_sila : Beautiful girls!
usofit_fiddy : β™‘
2itskimmy : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
leynnce : I love you beautiful smile
leynnce : Lol no homo though .
tauijusscause : 😍😍😘😘
letly28 - jubayyy_ - _ica93 - humolesi -
#Samoan #Puletasi or nah lol #bored
puletasi - samoan - bored - fidm -
ljalolesio : Cool! I've always designed my own dresses for the seamstress that i go to in samoa. Except sometimes they don't always have the exact dress I want. I think it just depends on the materials you have
ljalolesio : But this is beautiful
queen0flongbeach562 : @ljalolesio yeah I don't trust many seamstresses in Samoa lol my seamstress is from out here in California and she's actually a graduate from the L.A. campus of Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising #FIDM I was her first Polynesian designer & she's perfected the craft of sewing a well designed puletasi. She's amazing. Thanks for the love doll xoxo
_msfreda : Kaisi! Can you draw me a wedding dress for my next wedding pls #karinder lol love you
fancy562nancy : Love!
aylacook : Yessss πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
tama_nuuuli : Do u do tuigas
queen0flongbeach562 : @tama_nuuuli yeah :)
aylacook - lovely_lita1119 - sokelia - hudsonparish -
Polynesia 🌺 #islandnight #freshflowers #puletasi
islandnight - puletasi - freshflowers -
loiijoyy : ouaaa ;)
aylacook : @loiijoyy 😘😘😘
webfloralstore : Nice pic!
bradpimpsquad - e_llana - tank18773 - cinta_rella -
I'm proud to be their mama! #SamoanBeauties #WS2014 #LotuTamaiti2014 #puletasi #KavaGram
ws2014 - samoanbeauties - puletasi - kavagram - lotutamaiti2014 -
nopopole : Love u girls so much
morphine_josephine - _58ellehcs - _beauty0928 - picmegivingaish -
The lady behind my beautiful attire now and then.. Aunty Pearl Passi Sheck of Sofa'i Creations.. #latepost#white-sunday#puletasi
puletasi - latepost - white -
knotygirl : hi Pearl
josephinetelea - maria.laki - esetatagiilima7 - rosainafidow -
Matchy matchyπŸ˜„βœ¨ #puletasi #holyfamilycatholicchurch
puletasi - holyfamilycatholicchurch -
a_tunoa : Hey guys, so like. .. do we have school tomorrow or no? Cause I'm a little lost rn. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @_yoogabagabaa @simone808_
_yoogabagabaa : Yeah we have school tomorrow!πŸ˜‚ sadlyπŸ˜­πŸ‘Ž @a_tunoa
a_tunoa : Nooooooo! Noo! No😒😒😒
simone808_ : Really!! What time do u go @_yoogabagabaa
_yoogabagabaa : Either the 8:30 or the 11 one! Which one do you go?
simone808_ : I thought we never had school because holiday tmrrw @a_tunoa
simone808_ : 7:00pm @_yoogabagabaa
a_tunoa : Right 😭πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ I seriously don't wanna go
salo_jayse - lattah06 - da808life - evelyn_fuamatu -
Alternative version - same print. #puletaha #puletasi #polynesian #tongan #samoan #fijian #hawaii #islandcreation #islandstylez #islandfashion #TKHM #tangikihemooni
islandfashion - puletasi - samoan - hawaii - tkhm - islandstylez - fijian - polynesian - puletaha - islandcreation - tongan - tangikihemooni -
inkwestcoast - taahineotumuomua - deebassan - lagiisa -
Love my new puletasi from my cousin Va, it's so pretty & fits like a glove Haha Sunday selfie so'o #SundaySelfie #SelfieSoo #Puletasi #Samoa #LoveIt #AllBassNoTreble #Werk
puletasi - samoa - allbassnotreble - werk - selfiesoo - loveit - sundayselfie -
rachkaios : @lady_highchief_619 Thanks cuz!! The new stretch material they make in Samoa is the bomb
lady_highchief_619 : Okay shoot my cousin from the bay has a tubetop puletasi hella nice
trice_qponz : Smokin hott!!
l2thav : You look so pretty cuz. Like some silk white cocklate
rachkaios : @l2thav hahaha Cocklate is my life Lol
arietaniue : Werk it girl lol
rachkaios : @arietaniue Va!! I miss you!! I got so many compliments I think I need more sewn lol DM me your number nd address please!
polamalu_51 : πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯
blingosophy - l2thav - karanique - _missnaiah -
Today was a blessed and beautiful day. I love my new Puletasi that I got to wear for #lotutamati #puletasi #pea #samoan #teinesamoa #whitesunday #butimnotwearingallwhite
whitesunday - puletasi - lotutamati - teinesamoa - samoan - pea - butimnotwearingallwhite -
nanatopsh0tta : hey u still tryna get in at Walmart?
bernaseau : @nanatopsh0tta yes please
nanatopsh0tta : okay Ima tell em to pull ur name tomorrow 😁 they been laggin πŸ˜’
bernaseau : @nanatopsh0tta thanks sis it's under toilolo
nanatopsh0tta : np sisss . I'll tell em 😘
evanadancecompany : Interested in KIDSPolynesian Dancing? Girls ONLY in MT DRUITT SYDNEY! Learning Samoan,Hawaiian and Tongan dancing in MTDRUITT Sydney? For more info email: evanadanceco@live.com.au
samoanlewa - liabiamazing - elainehunter27 - maylanilove -
#MyBabies #KavaUp #KavaGram #WhiteSunday2014 #LotuTamaiti2014 #puletasi #IeFaitaga #Samoan
lotutamaiti2014 - kavaup - puletasi - samoan - iefaitaga - mybabies - whitesunday2014 - proudstatus - kavagram -
lauti_family4 : Forgot to tell you that you did really well with their outfits! :)
_arinejahna_ : @lauti_family4 thanks love! #proudstatus lol
evanadancecompany : Interested in KIDSPolynesian Dancing? Girls ONLY in MT DRUITT SYDNEY! Learning Samoan,Hawaiian and Tongan dancing in MTDRUITT Sydney? For more info email: evanadanceco@live.com.au
hfagatele - katryna_samate - _tlefano - _leeneh_ -
sideways selfie at church πŸ™ #LotuTamaiti #samoan #puletasi #49ers
puletasi - 49ers - samoan - lotutamaiti -
_jaaygood : Tbh // you don't snapchat me anymore 😏
nfaga : Where are the other pics?
sosefinaaa_ : @nfaga on my phone
_teea_babee : Too 🐝 honest : you're pretty , you're cool & we should kick it one day @sosefinaaa_
sosefinaaa_ : @_teea_babee you should've came out today!
_teea_babee : I was going to get my hair done @sosefinaaa_
_ccsilva - sincerely_melissa - myauchvyutkyl68 - ohhh_liiaaaa -
Love my babies! All the kids did great today... #WhiteSunday2014 #LotuTamaiti2014 #puletasi #IeFaitaga #TeamFalealili
lotutamaiti2014 - iefaitaga - teamfalealili - whitesunday2014 - puletasi -
bnc_lumives - _beauty0928 - etsalatielu - hilalia_arianne95 -
Sundays with my teine Samoa. Reyn with her nursery classmates. #LDS #Puletasi #TeineSamoa #SundayBest
lds - puletasi - sundaybest - teinesamoa -
kiyana_aiono : Love you Reyn!!!😘
jazminrachael : Pretty girl😍❀️
ashleylblackburn - loyalsmamiii - nokietonga - vsaltjr -
#islandcreation #islandstylez #islandfashion #tangikihemooni #TKHM #royaldichotomy #tongan #samoan #hawaii #fijian #puletaha #puletasi #polynesian
islandfashion - puletasi - samoan - hawaii - tkhm - puletaha - fijian - polynesian - islandstylez - islandcreation - royaldichotomy - tongan - tangikihemooni -
taita : Finally posting some new creations πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š @royaldichotomy
tangikihemooni : @taita Yeah, this ones an oldie but it came back round.
lagiisa : @tangikihemooni Im seriously inlove with your designs !.. where abouts are you guys located ?? And how can I put an order in from Australia ?
tangikihemooni : @lagiisa Hey thanks, I'm a small startup business located in Sydney. All of my work is made to measure though, but if you really wanted to order one of my designs, hit me up on Facebook and we'll find a way to work together. Facebook.com/tangikihemooni Take care @lagiisa ...
lagiisa : AWESOMEEEEE :)... Seriously your designs are hands down beautifully different and NEW from all the puletasis around :).. Thank you so much PLEASE DONT stop your designs I will defs come to youse for new puletasis :) ... ! @tangikihemooni
tangikihemooni : Awe thanks @lagiisa
lagiisa - siafitz - winniehaangana - taita -
Had an awesome day today celebrating our independence day :) #Niece#daughter#headGarland#puletasi#tuvalu#independence
puletasi - daughter - niece - headgarland - tuvalu - independence -
xo_sania - courtney_rose27 - anonymouxbeats -
Summer 2014 #Samoan #Puletasi rough drafts. Uploading all my photos from my phone because it's starting to act up lol Not trying to lose any.
puletasi - samoan -
dd2228 : SuperBomB
tayshamativa : Kaisi
queen0flongbeach562 : @tayshamativa thanks sissy. Alofa aku
makuai.masi : Omg u inspire me @queen0flongbeach562 I design but there not WOW like yours.
hami2anai : Seki a! Saugi e design le ka gown mo le Miss Universe lol Alofa aku sas 😘
queen0flongbeach562 : @makuai.masi trust me there much better designers out there than myself lol thank you for the compliment but never compare your work to anyone's because you're unique and creative in your own special way :) there's beauty in anything a creative mind makes xoxo
queen0flongbeach562 : @hami2anai ae a lol
rizzaay_ - nane676 - fifitapatricia - siliiuli -
A last minute idea I had for the summer. I knew I wanted to incorporate lopâ, weaving afa (Samoan coconut sinnet) & hand painting. I also wanted to play with shades & other colors but Gloria's little coloring book markers had a limited selection of choices lol Besides, I've already developed a harmonious relationship with earth tones - so I stuck to my guns. Maybe next time. #Samoan #Puletasi
puletasi - samoan -
queen0flongbeach562 : @bigg_twinn_wifey310 @reneetiumalu thanks guys XOXO
mama_ina21 : 😍😍😍 love your work!
marlenetagoai08 : I love that!!! Can u make my puletasi like that?!πŸ˜‚ love and miss you sis!😘
queen0flongbeach562 : @mama_ina21 thanks love!
queen0flongbeach562 : @marlenetagoai08 anything for SELENASSSS ahaha love and miss you more sis xoxox
kbookrum : ♥β™‘♥β™‘ Beautiful! Girl you got mad skills..lol :-) Love it!
msmikaela : MSP a sissy??? Lol
cartiea_hernandez : Beautiful, do you make the puletasi as well @queen0flongbeach562 ?
ipu_lene08 - paw_lee_kween83 - benstal - paigenicholette -
TIME FOR THEM FEAUS! ugh lol #puletasi #ratchetbun #unkosoatogi #samoanrep
ratchetbun - puletasi - unkosoatogi - foureyedgeek - samoanrep -
woop_125th : Your my four eyed geek bebs!;)
l0iq.emm : @woop_125th LOL ily hun
tameekahm : @l0iq.emm you gonna be there tonight?
l0iq.emm : No I won't be able to make it tonight?? Why are you going??
l0iq.emm : @tameekahm
tameekahm : Yeah. We're all gonna go tonight @l0iq.emm
l0iq.emm : Ok well I'll see wassup... I'll probably be there...
phatgurl09_89 : Ratchet ass u leaving soon n I ain't seen u I officall hate u lol
netty_lowc - tameekahm - samoanboss415 - simplydasha -
Church with the aunty from NZ πŸ’žπŸ™ #PULETASI
puletasi -
jadismail9 - bejan_toprak - reem_malas - _emzoxo -
Added a new one to the books #puletaha #puletasi #tongan #samoan #tangikihemooni #TKHM #hawaii #fijian #islandcreation #islandstylez #islander #islandfashion
islandfashion - puletasi - islander - samoan - hawaii - tkhm - islandstylez - fijian - puletaha - islandcreation - tongan - tangikihemooni -
ceemainuu : @tangikihemooni I'll model it Sunday to church :)
sepa_nautica : @tangikihemooni !! Yay the wifi is working lol we misss u merrie monarch !!!!!!!!!!
tangikihemooni : Awww @sepa_nautica I miss u guys too, I thought we were suppose to do a little catch up this weekend, or anyways lemme know now that I'm reachable again lol hope all is good Sepa!
sepa_nautica : U r finally back in touch with us ! Ohh weekend catch up? Is that in ur kitchen? Hehe. Were soo overdue for our monthly catch ups with @anajane & @nookiejr
emori679 - maxine.connor - deebassan - _janelino -
Mum sewed this and it's a top for independence.. Yet it looks like a dressπŸ˜πŸ”« oh skill you. Lol #TuvaluIndependence #puletasi #topistoolongmother😴
topistoolongmother - puletasi - tuvaluindependence -
thisbefrancis : Hahaha oish ita koeπŸ˜‚ ok ok, calm lalo lmao. @misstkayx
misstkayx : Thas right.😏 fav niece or? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ nah jaak cousin* πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Call us niggs.✌️
_ftaomia : Sipi ;) ditch the Hulu and just wear that lol
thisbefrancis : Hahaha @_ftaomia nah you're alright πŸ˜‚ jak that lmao
helen_tafia04 : Wear it like thata hahaha nek minnit everyone backstabbs you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’ #stupidtuvaluansπŸ˜‚
thisbefrancis : Hahahaha ew hell no @helen_tafia04 πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ this is just for fun. It's actually a puletahi top so don't worry haha
malae_iosefa : You looked beautiful on Sat! β™‘
thisbefrancis : Aaw thanks sis! 😘 you did too @malae_iosefa
_narniabusiness - _aviiieee - jarom_leato - helen_tafia04 -
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