Was reading @tim_nguyennn's #suitsupply mtm experience (thinking about a mtm wedding tux). Clicked into his blog post about the last @pop_up_flea and found a pic of the fiancée and myself. We had purchased a stamper from this booth, @wmscoink, which we're using for our wedding! I'm wearing #apolis wool chore coat, #visvim jeans, #viberg #shellcordovan service boots... @somethingbespoke #pufnyc @mrsuitsupply
visvim - viberg - shellcordovan - pufnyc - apolis - suitsupply -
fodasign : ๐Ÿšฆ
tim_nguyennn : Hahaha awesome!
tim_nguyennn : Did you see me walking around that day?
feylanks : @tim_nguyennn i think i did, i remember seeing black longwings at some point ๐Ÿ‘ i did a lot of laps there that day
tim_nguyennn : Ahh yeah I wish I spent more time there and talked to more people. I was in a bit of a time crunch
pop_up_flea : @tim_nguyennn great picture!
elliotterkn - laramone7 - vibergboot - bluebuttonshop -
Hand selected whiskey with that hand crafted copper medallion. #dickel #pufnyc #whiskey #fashion #menswear #thegoodstuff #standardpattern #billykirk #rp
billykirk - fashion - rp - menswear - thegoodstuff - whiskey - dickel - pufnyc - standardpattern -
rundellrundell : Nice
snyderams - awhiskeyaday - dowag - stellasluna -
Rumor has it a few of these PUF x #Dickel bottles from #PUFNYC are still in circulation. #handmadethehardway
handmadethehardway - dickel - pufnyc -
neaststyle : Still a bottle at Ursa Major HQ!
lotuffleather : We've got ours!
ckopfman : @ermahgerdjersh
zuiewakade : @oakman214
bmagida : @blantmax
vada79 : Yummy!!
vada79 : @dlevine00 @allifleischer favorite TN Whisky
katebkruuse : @christa_mg @pop_up_flea is the place to showcase anvil!!
j.beachfield - permanent_press_editions - cal_liew - goodbergs -
No, I don't want to hear about the dream you had last night. Keeping a few of these @terrapinstationers cards on hand just in case. Purchased at @pop_up_flea #PUFNYC #POPUPFLEA #stationerylove
popupflea - stationerylove - pufnyc -
melaniekane : Dream stories = the worst
fureyjulia : @jwphoto1214 started with these
redwagonplantsvt : I need these. What a good idea. And the perfect antidote to the blow hard who hands out business cards at a bar.
pauflames : @faridhmendoza
megan_brenenstuhl : @rbrenen
joshuvela : Nice to see the Keyhook in use!
frolicblog : Haha
scoutshonorco : @redwagonplantsvt Exactly! These are pretty much made for blow hards :)
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#TBT to #PUFNYC. Hi there, @Tellason.
tbt - pufnyc -
tellason : Fkn macho!
djhak : Fine denim ANDY ventriloquism. Two of my favorites
generalquarters : Still 7 feet tall just sitting.
jdsasso : Cute couple
tellason : @jdsasso vai a fare in culo!
natalienesserphotoart - brooksbrothers.michael - keepeminstitches - bostonbagco -
Winner winner chicken dinner. Congrats to our new friend Scott who won the @filson1897 Bixby bike in the Great PUF Giveaway of 2014. This was the beauty perched inside #PUFNYC in December. Enjoy it.
pufnyc -
danielkamhi : @dgindi is that you?
brat_alie : That could have been us boys @markrespicio @johnmichael_bk
shivkachru : @chebellz :(
katedulin : Bye bike! ๐Ÿšด
scottyatown : Thanks guys, had a great ride home!
naughtyjohnny : @_m_thomas tu vois ce que je veux dire!!!
_m_thomas : je vois très tres bien ce que tu veux dire @naughtyjohnny !!!
cathjeong : @miatonel
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Workshop @popupfleajapan #indigo #dyeing #่— #workshop #pufnyc #hickorees
dyeing - workshop - indigo - pufnyc - ่— - hickorees -
sancayarini - ibakayo - kyolo1985 - heykosta -
Happy New Year! We are back in our chilly studio after a much need Christmas break. Pics from the photo booth at #pufnyc
pufnyc -
mofo_84 : #GodBlessHookyStreet
breadcollective : @mofo_84 you crack me up Marco!
beckyhance : Love this!! Happy New Year @breadcollective! Hope 2015 is a good one for you! x
botanyshope5 : Team @breadcollective, love this! X
abzbabs - shanszaam - goodsbyknot - botanyshope5 -
Indigo dyeing workshop #indigo #workshop #100%natural #pufnyc #ๅคง่ฐท็„ผ #่—ใฎ่ฏ
workshop - indigo - pufnyc - ๅคง่ฐท็„ผ - 100 - ่—ใฎ่ฏ -
lofttrading - uenoasako - yuupunpun - eico_magic -
Indigo dyeing workshop #indigo #workshop #100%natural #pufnyc #ๅคง่ฐท็„ผ
ๅคง่ฐท็„ผ - 100 - workshop - indigo - pufnyc -
lofttrading - uenoasako - eico_magic - ibakayo -
๐Ÿ club @3potato4 #pufnyc #popupflea
popupflea - pufnyc -
pop_up_flea - nikita_avdiushko - samchieng - angelaychen -
Bow tie carrot #pufnyc
pufnyc -
shanszaam : good angle. i like it
buaisou_brooklyn - dovelovekyoko - lizdunning - shanszaam -
#tbt #lofttrading #madeinbelfast #pufnyc @pop_up_flea
madeinbelfast - lofttrading - tbt - pufnyc -
klt63 : Great company! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘‰โœŒ๏ธ
lofttrading : @klt63 ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ‘ˆ
shanszaam : nice. where's this from?
lofttrading : @shanszaam Pop Up Flea, New York.
m1kemlndz - collab_belfast - dr_dirtbiker - stevielurgan -
#rp Thanks for the XMas Love @meredithmo so glad you're Mom liked the card #WarisOver #ifyouwantit #happychristmas #pufnyc
ifyouwantit - happychristmas - rp - warisover - pufnyc -
thellamaoverlord - simon_portbury - tdpirodney - makedomamablog -
Look closely - this is our trench OXFORD. Made in the custom shop (shoot as an email) Oak Street Bootmakers Natural Captoe Dainite Trench Oxford. A beauty that is deserving of wider release. #oakstreetbootmakers #finestquality #madeinusa #madebyhand #madeintheusa #madeinamerica #americana #americanmade #americanmadeboots #horween #trenchboot #trenchboots #trenchoxford #captoe #dainite #persianrun #vintagerug #popupflea #popupfleanyc #pufnyc #puf
finestquality - captoe - madeintheusa - americana - puf - americanmadeboots - madeinusa - trenchoxford - trenchboots - pufnyc - trenchboot - oakstreetbootmakers - popupfleanyc - madeinamerica - madebyhand - americanmade - dainite - popupflea - persianrun - vintagerug - horween -
oakstreetbootmakers : @eddiecsd aren't stocked anywhere in the world. These are custom order only - just shoot us an email if you'd like us to make you a pair
gabriel_hill : @oakstreetbootmakers another vote to release these!
cruz_c : @theyetta *drools*
smithwon : @heyitsdexter I wore them in the rain yesterday and they were fine ๐Ÿ‘
heyitsdexter : @smithwon thanks for the info @oakstreetbootmakers any stores that sell these in LA?
oakstreetbootmakers : @heyitsdexter these are available through our custom shop only - shoot us an email for more info!
stuntman_ny : Wow
jebburrows : @oakstreetbootmakers
tdgjggt0620 - simpang51 - youcheckmics - bondurantboy -
This time last week....#PUFNYC Photo via @sarahirenemurphy
pufnyc -
justwerd : I was there... #nbd
jackm1988 : @jfn119
valenavellaneda : Esto le.encantara a vi es un flea market y hacen uno en.brooklyn q es genial @raulavellaneda
carmelogp : @marcodelpapa
thehunterdog : Me too...
josephemmettcrowe - lifestyle_sponge - iamtoshihiro - cal_liew -
Another visitor at the #popupflea last weekend in New York @thetieguy - nice meeting you man. #lofttrading #madeinbelfast #PUFNYC
madeinbelfast - lofttrading - pufnyc - popupflea -
ryanksenia : Looks sick bro, you home for Xmas!
booke3c : @lofttrading cool! Like that brown tone tie๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
lofttrading : @booke3c That's our Orby Park Irish Linen Necktie ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ€
lofttrading : @ryanksenia Yes bro, see you on Boxing Night?
ryanksenia : Yeah, I think so! I hope someone has got me a ticket... ๐Ÿ˜ @lofttrading
lofttrading : @stevielurgan Ticket man, you have @ryanmcmenamy sorted? ๐Ÿ“ฌ
thetieguy : Nice meeting you! Thanks for the shout out! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘
satoshi_s_otakara - daiaki611 - bilib3 - thebeardedcandlemakers -
New work for our friends @pop_up_flea #PUFNYC
pufnyc -
randygoldberg : Big thanks @kdengs. Nailed it again. #crue
kdengs : @randygoldberg ๐Ÿ™Œ
shanszaam : cool.
luckylizzz - zacharykiernan - meldengler7 - bwofbrooklyn -
Welcome to the (#PUFNYC) thunder dome.
pufnyc -
que__rob : @aunt_viv
eminent_deliverance : @mb_training_
rafetalopez : Pa coyote @quiquecabanillas
quiquecabanillas : @rafetalopez cuando es?
rafetalopez : creo q a cada rato @quiquecabanillas
exhibeovm : @albacasares @nuovum
seeshootpost : @worldofxposure
alexandriagagnon : @j_maddox
freedomgoodsandco - ben.sac - kgingerb - ofbluestskies -
@mr_gooch hookin' it up at #PUFNYC! ๐Ÿ™ @lotstockandbarrel @florencewtang @brianawitan #keepsmilin #Levis #LVC #typeI #denim #skullsrule #ChainGang #chainstitch
skullsrule - chaingang - typei - denim - keepsmilin - chainstitch - levis - lvc - pufnyc -
brianawitan : #skullbrothersnumberone
brucelee_lostson : Awesome! Is he manipulating that by hand?!
tobias_indi : @brucelee_lostson yup. Free hand
brucelee_lostson : Fuck! Awesome
brucelee_lostson : There is some genius stuff I could do with that I bet that machine is guap to own though
sayyouluvsatan - leemorganfoto - billyspa -
Wow already a week later @pop_up_flea. Thanks to all who stopped by last weekend. Wishing you fun games in new places with great friends & hydrated beards. #awintershop #abeardshop #pufnyc
abeardshop - awintershop - pufnyc -
lofttrading - kellycali27 - chiarapastori - crocuspocus -
Had a great time at the @pop_up_flea, looking forward to next years event. #pufnyc #popupflea #rolex #submariners #vintagewatches
vintagewatches - popupflea - rolex - submariners - pufnyc -
_queuecumber_ : ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
parniswatch : Nice!
modernbillionaire : Looks great
autodromomedia - oldscoolminis - cathjeong - _queuecumber_ -
Luv this tote from @3potato4 which I purchased at #pufnyc
pufnyc -
lofttrading - susieschmoozee - acookieclub - troyosh -
#pufnyc do you wanna paint your cloth ? Please, bring two cotton shirts and 50$ !:D
pufnyc -
monlevina - thriftchief - samvelian - marlytuchka -
#tbt to last weekend #pufnyc event
tbt - pufnyc -
oakandoscar : I fell in love with that piece in the middle....
j_vander_s : What brand and model is the middle one? Looks great!
bradkasselman_ : God that heuer....
shanszaam : unbelievable
thenightshift : i'm curious about the middle one as well. is that a grey dial or just the light?
ryvini : @thenightshift yea it's grey
jay_watch - watchandporsche - watch_carefully - rackalam -
Looking over my purchases from last weekend's @pop_up_flea. My high school no longer exists (RIP DHS), but I'll always choose its colors. ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’™4-eva. Notebooks by @publicsupply #PUFNYC #POPUPFLEA
popupflea - pufnyc -
onefinedae : Aw, why no longer exist?
goldteethbrooklyn : Those are hot!! โšก๏ธ
tessmcivor : RIP! Blue and Gold 4e
ameliapresents : Wondering the same as @onefinedae
scoutshonorco : @ameliapresents @onefinedae Lack of enrollment, lack of funding. A sweet little Catholic school that hung on for so long but couldn't make it in the end. My grandfather & father (and a million aunts/uncles) went there. My sisters & I were the only 3rd generation Buckleys to attend. Glad we all made it through in time :(
ameliapresents : That's really sad, but I love that you went to the same school as so many family members!
scoutshonorco : Me, too! The older teachers never got my name right, hah. "Which one are you again?" Moral of story: you can go home again, you just can't go back to high school. @ameliapresents
frolicblog : ๐Ÿ‘Œ
cherimillerart - allconqueredbylove - 19th.november - meanfolk -
Pop Up Flea is a short-term shop for long-term goods. Thanks a lot guys from @tannergoods @billykirkinc @redwingheritage #pufnyc #popupflea #nyc #newyork
newyork - nyc - popupflea - pufnyc -
julia_baibak - shanszaam - oksanka_klymchuk - yellow_garbage_can -
@thebkcircus team looking strong at #PUFNYC this past weekend.
pufnyc -
thebkcircus : Niceness!
foragerco : Stylin niceness @thebkcircus
jamesbklyn : @soveryfood
mhilgeman7 : @parkometer
drutwo : Dope
saab_stories : ๏ธ @beebeegee
lorylvs : @oswald.amoa
chowh007 : @kaikaichow @b_cw missed
edvvrd - boyf.denim - angel_lizzy - jiujitsukit -
Throwback to #pufnyc and the awesome boots from @rancourtco #dailylast #boots #madeinusa
madeinusa - boots - dailylast - pufnyc -
ngngailun - teoxl - ahmad_alomor - lazyasghost -
Some bond novels via @wmbrownproject from #pufnyc this past weekend. Nice meeting you, btw!
pufnyc -
ryvini - michaelrobayo - jaehyoun - woo.s.s -
repost via @instarepost20 from @shopsmall Meet artist, designer, and leather worker @KirkBray, co-owner of @Pop_Up_Flea made-in-the-USA accessories brand Billykirk. Come say hello at #PUFNYC and #ShopSmall. #instarepost20
shopsmall - instarepost20 - pufnyc -
shanszaam : cool.
lofttrading - ajax1.nl - codewienie - rms2112 -
Is it Friday yet? Because I'd rather be out and about with this guy. @bkleee #pufnyc #humpdayblues
humpdayblues - pufnyc -
ames_chen : Ahh so cute โค๏ธโค๏ธ
ames_chen : Ps- love the hat contrast!
bkleee : Tomorrow is my Friday!
talkingmango : So cute! ๐Ÿ˜
cjbxz : That's pretty cute, ya dingus๐Ÿ˜œ
justinakwong : Awww I love this
summersbrooklyn - ninaknacks - messmell - christinaly__ -
Had great time visiting @pop_up_flea last weekend and got to meet some truly awesome people there. Special thanks to @3sixteen and high five's for an amazing stand at the event! #PUFNYC
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sebastiankehl.09 : Your pictures are awesome. Do you have Tumblr?
jollejolle : @sebastiankehl_09 thank you so much Sebastian! Unfortunately I don't have, but working on it!๐Ÿ˜Š
sebastiankehl.09 : Oh okay. I'm not Sebastian, only a fanpage for him, haha. :) okay, will you publish a link for your Tumblr if you have it?
jollejolle : @sebastiankehl_09 haha ok!๐Ÿ˜„ yeah I will publish when I get it :)
sebastiankehl.09 : Okay thanks and greetings from germany, haha:)
jollejolle : @sebastiankehl_09 thank you and right back from here!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘
sebastiankehl.09 : Thank you so much ! :)
jollejolle : #HuntgramCars
calebyatess - slavaste - snapshotsociety - leondenimph -
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