It's my 21st today :D I've done so much the past few days and I'm going to lytham today and then out for a meal tonight. Tomorrow is an appointment day (got three) then I go to the lakes on Wednesday. :) I know it's horribly cliche for people to say this in a situation like mine but four months ago, I was planning a huge overdose for the next day and three months ago, I was sat in a bed on a psych ward also making plans. At both these times, I would never ever have imagined that I would be here to see my 21st, let alone see it at home and see it whilst feeling better than I have in three years. I'm still shocked by the progress I have made. For the first time in so many years, I can honestly say I'm enjoying life. :) #psychward #psychunit #inpatient #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #psychosis #birthday #21 #21st
21st - anxiety - mentalhealth - psychunit - psychosis - inpatient - psychward - birthday - depression - 21 -
amy_throughthelookingglass : Happy 21st!!! Xo
_jd4n : @wesurekilledallthepain HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy your day! You deserve this happiness! Keep safe, keep strong and keep going!!! 🎈🎈🎁
wesurekilledallthepain : @amy_throughthelookingglass @_jd4n thank you both so much :) xxx
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Number 5 of 21: God, grant me... In 1999 I was granted access to the recently closed Lake Alice maximum security psychiatric hospital. Even though it was a month after closing it was as if people had been there the day before. Pyjamas in the laundry, files in cabinets. We were locked in for our own safety! All shot on a 4x5 camera slowly and deliberately. #abandoned #psychward #grime #sanitorium #hospital #prison #lockedup #highsecurity #sick #interiors #blackandwhite #interiors #landscape #wanganui #marton #newzealand #health #tbt #instagood #whanganui #visitwhanganui #god
lockedup - blackandwhite - tbt - visitwhanganui - highsecurity - instagood - landscape - sanitorium - abandoned - wanganui - god - hospital - grime - newzealand - marton - psychward - health - whanganui - sick - prison - interiors -
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Trolley Boy 2.0 #instagay #trolley #lgbt #asylum #psychward
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daveyduzit : @jayce_reyes @tom_pith im just s big kid
tom_pith : @daveyduzit How big r u?😉
ahoychrispineda : ❤
jayce_reyes : Lol which makes life more fun 🙌
danielito1981 : Ikea @daveyduzit
daveyduzit : @ahoychrispineda 😜 @danielito1981 yep
danielito1981 : Jejejejej
misspollyfilla : The trolley is missing a Polly 😝
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Awaiting NG tube today. Might be going under general anesthesic then ICU because mentally as well as physically I am so not well, and I just wouldnt be able to let them do it to me.. I just can't have anything in me other than small amounts of water, my brain, my body and my mind is deteriorating and today is the day. I feel so horrible everyone is so worried, doctors, psychologist team, and my family, yet I'm still not coming to the terms of how serious this actually is. I've had multiple emergency medical teams rush to me these past few nights and psych just can not deal with me medically anymore. Anyway I hope things go fine since I think they will, just won't be able to avoid a fight.. I'm so sorry things have deteriorated so extreme and quickly but I do keep checking on you guys when I can and I hope you are all doing alright xx
ito - medicallycompromised - trapped - staystrong - relapsing - inpatient - generalanesthetic - hospitalised - doctors - sorry - relapse - personal - hospital - psychward - fighting - involuntarytreatmentorder - icu - sedation - deteriorating - serious - struggling - bored - recoveringaussies - medical - eatingdisorders -
rediscovering_kate : #inpatient #hospital #hospitalised #ITO #psychward #eatingdisorders #relapsing #relapse #struggling #recoveringaussies #doctors #involuntarytreatmentorder #bored #trapped #deteriorating #ICU #generalanesthetic #sedation #medicallycompromised #serious #sorry #staystrong #fighting #personal #medical
fishhooksandlies : Oh sweetheart. I'm thinking of you. I'm so sorry you have to go through it all xx
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Nakakahawa yung mga pasyente kahapon. HAHAHAHAH lamok pa more. #PsychWard #7 Hi @nmagrvnte and #Tasj :D (C) @sheilauresta 💕
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Watching movies today. *****TW***** . . Energy is gone gone gone and chest hurts but finally got the doctor to see me and prescribe some brufen - apparently the pain is because of inflamed cartilage between my ribs from the chest compressions the last two nights so I need the brufen for it's anticlimactic properties. He said as long as I'm on a small doses it shouldn't cause any gastronomical damage. I was down another 1.3kg this morning since yesterday and have managed nothing but 1 cup of instant coffee. Blood pressure was 86/62 this morning, blood sugar 6.2. They'll be checked again this avo. I tried three times to drink a green tea but couldn't manage. I at least don't feel so ill today... #relapse #mentalillness #mentalhospital #mentalhealth #psychiatricward #psychward #suicideattempt #suicide #anorexianervosa #anorexic #anorexia #eatingdisorder #ednos #starve
starve - suicide - relapse - suicideattempt - eatingdisorder - mentalhospital - mentalillness - psychiatricward - ednos - psychward - anorexianervosa - anorexia - anorexic - mentalhealth -
unicorn.recovery : You attempted again last night and needed cpr? =/ why aren't you being observed more closely?
tnemilygavalier : Sweetie. You are hypotensive. Please eat something
caitiesstruggle : @unicorn.recovery I'm on a watch now
unicorn.recovery : Good to hear x
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Number 4 of 21: Gaming In 1999 I was granted access to the recently closed Lake Alice maximum security psychiatric hospital. Even though it was a month after closing it was as if people had been there the day before. Pyjamas in the laundry, files in cabinets. We were locked in for our own safety! All shot on a 4x5 camera slowly and deliberately. #abandoned #psychward #grime #sanitorium #hospital #prison #lockedup #highsecurity #sick #interiors #blackandwhite #interiors #landscape #wanganui #marton #newzealand #health #tbt
lockedup - blackandwhite - tbt - highsecurity - landscape - sanitorium - abandoned - wanganui - hospital - grime - newzealand - marton - psychward - health - sick - prison - interiors -
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Toalettdörrspoesi @ allmänpsykiatriska, för detta hjälper de som hallucinerar. En fin tanke av någon själ iaf. ✨
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itsaboutfeeling : #qoutes#toilet#psychward#inspiration
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Last photo for a good while.. Just going through the endless amount of photos on phone and iPad and came across this old photo. I was admitted in hospital during this and thought I would post it cause during that stay, was the reason I stopped shaving due to them not letting me have any razors in there at all.. So a big thanx to the hospital for that one lol.. Anyway goodnight all #hospital #psychward #nomoreshaving #onceaboynowaman
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So needed....Just left the hospital and already having horrible feelings....#anxiety #anxietyproblems #suicide #suicidal #depression #hospital #psychward #cantdeal
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xdeprxssedx : F4f❤
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Off to get admitted to #psychoward at #resistancegallery and seek some intensive inpatient treatment with all the alcoholics, nymphomaniacs, insomniacs and other crazy people ;)
psychoward - resistancegallery -
jeromeromie : Wooooaah
pakhowell : Wow awesome
merlinmoonengland2 : wow @merlinmoonmusic
jami3v : @caratakespictures that tables got better legs then you 🙈 #joke 👍😎
danilvsdiamonds : Hang on a minute, I've visited numerous psychiatric hospitals and I'm fairly certain nobody dressed like that 😉
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Number 3 of 21: Blue Room In 1999 I was granted access to the recently closed Lake Alice maximum security psychiatric hospital. Even though it was a month after closing it was as if people had been there the day before. Pyjamas in the laundry, files in cabinets. We were locked in for our own safety! All shot on a 4x5 camera slowly and deliberately. #abandoned #psychward #grime #sanitorium #hospital #prison #lockedup #highsecurity #sick #interiors #blackandwhite #interiors #landscape #wanganui #marton #newzealand #health #tbt
lockedup - blackandwhite - tbt - highsecurity - landscape - sanitorium - abandoned - wanganui - hospital - grime - newzealand - marton - psychward - health - sick - prison - interiors -
fitzroyboy : Was this project for your own interest, or was it commissioned? Previously published?
borderdogstan : @fitzroyboy never published and classed as 'personal work'
psychgirl_ : Those chairs
borderdogstan : @psychgirl_ yep, they are something else! Not sure I'd like to be locked in there though.
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Drawn a few weeks ago while I was inpatient #silly #psychward #healing #growing #sketch #artist #bayareaart #expression #hope #female #tongue #ink #be #youcandoit
be - sketch - bayareaart - artist - youcandoit - psychward - silly - healing - female - ink - growing - tongue - expression - hope -
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"You know those places creep me out." Omg. I can't even. I've had this excuse given to me so many times. And it's one of the most selfish excuses ever. Because it's so fun and not creepy for me to be locked up in a hospital. But it's cool. Your feelings are more important right now. #mentalillness #depression #psychward @msashlieelle this pisses me off so much
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So glad to see my all time favourite vocalist #brucedickinson getting better! Added bonus to see new album completed and they're preparing a tour!! #uptheirons #bloodbrothers #ironmaiden #maiden #legend #vocals #psychward #amazing
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princessadiary : Very cool!
gabdullina88 : @CLICK_HERE_FOR_138_FOLLOWS
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I will not conform to you...gallery owner... I have never been a huge fan of social media... but lately.. I've learned through recent posts by myself or friends that it can be positive place for an artist. While not all artists agree social media is the right forum to expose your art...I say don't create the artwork if you only want it to be seen in a gallery...where an artist is judged on their ability to pull in a ridiculous amount of money for a gallery owner. I make art to release the voice in my soul and it should not be judged by the $. These two pieces are some of my favorites because I get them...but others are so confused...... There in lies creative process... #art #psychward #ArtsnapperApp #alternativepinup #pinupalternative
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thecayo : Love your art. beautifully wicked. Lol
s_spadaro_waring : Thank so much @thecayo really appreciate it!
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I got my golden ticket! #psychward
psychward -
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TW 🚫 (Small improvements though that count!) ~ Not really allowed phones much in here, only in the 'quiet' rooms (plus other rules). Luckily avoided the General anesthesic, ICU and ng tubes and IVs put into me today, thankfully I avoided that. And have made pregress and am drinking some water again. I've just got to keep my blood sugar going with just my body because its gradually just dropping and dropping lower and lower, and even though its really not bad if she checks it lower I'm being forced glucose.
ito - relapsing - bored - relapse - trapped - hospital - involuntarytreatmentorder - inpatient - psychward - hospitalised - struggling - goodbyefreedom - recoveringaussies - eatingdisorders -
rediscovering_kate : #inpatient #hospital #hospitalised #ITO #psychward #eatingdisorders #relapsing #relapse #struggling #recoveringaussies #goodbyefreedom #involuntarytreatmentorder #bored #trapped
little_em_xo : 💖
rediscovering_kate : 💙💙 Thankyou xx Hope you are doing okay? @little_em_xo
little_em_xo : A lot better than you by the sound of it 💖
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Had breakfast and then second breakfast 🙈 Yum! Didn't slept too well this night but it won't ruin my day because today it's Friday and I might be allowed to go home for some hours! Then I'll bring my Lush lip scrub with me back to the ward. I really miss it! #tgif #psychward #psychunit #psyk #inlagd #psykiskohälsa #slutenvård #tvångsvård #permission #tomyfollowers #happyfriday
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johsyblue : Best wishes. I work with my dad today. Home-life is bad for me. Could you believe I want to be admitted? :/ anyway, work, then hopefully some rest.
linneakadavra : Är du fortfarande på 8an? Tror jag har sett dig någon gång här i huset, men är inte säker. Hoppas du får en fin dag. Och lush! 😍 deras lip service är helt underbar 👌
giveaways_im : Hope u get there safe
sheandherdarkness : @linneakadavra Ja men blir utskriven idag! Är du också inlagd? Kram!
jenniannsvardagslyx : Gumman! Har du nåt att sova på när du känner att du inte kan somna?! Själv har jag fått stesolid:) egentligen är ju det lugnande, men mitt hjärta klarar inte av starkare saker och tycker de funkar jättebra 👍 sover som en stock på det 😀
ellainecanlas16 : TGIF ❤️💞
makeupaddictx0x0 : Hope you have a nice day 💕
_shelley001 : To you too dolll
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*****TW***** . . . . . What the actual fuck. I ate half an apple - HALF A FUCKING APPLE - the first food I've had in... 78 hours and I couldn't handle it. I purged until I was puking stomach mucous and STILL needed 2mg lorazepam AND 100mg amisulpride. And I still cried to my nurse for half an hour afterwards about what a fat greedy pig I am. I've lost 4 kg in 2 weeks without doing ANY exercise and on a slowed metabolism from restricting for MONTHS leading up to stopping eating almost completely - in 2 weeks I can count the snacks I've had on one hand. How the fuck am I this bad again, and how long is this gonna go on for? The staff are powerless. I'm powerless. It's just Eadie in the driver's seat and I think we're headed off the fucking bridge! #anorexia #anorexianervosa #anorexic #relapse #eatingdisorder #ED #ednos #numbers #weightloss #weight #health #unhealthy #mentalillness #mentalhospital #mentalhealth #psychiatricward #psychward #inpatient #hospital
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strawbubbi : Are you sectioned?
coqnition : You have pulled yourself out of the intensity of your eating disorder before and you can do it again. Please try to be kind to yourself, you're doing the best you can in the moment 💪
caitiesstruggle : Yes @strawbubbi I'm on a six month extendable compulsory inpatient treatment order
beverly05231982 : You gotta pull your self out of the funk your in. Okay, you have fallen. Now pick your self up, dust off your shoulders and put one foot in front of the other and keep going. You can totally do this
zinebsm9 : You can do this! Its going to be tough for sure but its not impossible. The small things count for example just keeping half of that apple down no matter how fat and horrible you feel take babysteps ♡
coryvanvalin : Pretty!
anasweb33 : Life always comes down to choices. You have plenty here. The voice in your head is exactly that, a voice, you, the owner of the body have control over whether or not you listen to the voice. I know it doesn't feel that easy but when it comes down to it it is. You are in charge of your life, you can choose whether you listen to the voice or you listen to your heart. I bet right now your heart is telling you that you need to eat, you need to get back on track, you need to take control. your whole life you will have choices, and every choice has a consequence, some are good, some are bad. Choosing not to eat is bad, it has bad consequences. What are you willing to give up? you friends? your family? your freedom? Your life? You have a choice.
emmalub_ : Take back the steering wheel, you can do it❤️
lozzy101 - scars.n.blades - gumchewingfreak - skinnylifes_recovery -
TW 🚫 Im sorry guys but heres the warning ❕ This relapse is pretty severe (mentally more so since physically I started at a reasonably high weight). Anyway an update to things are: I'm in adult psych ward, yesterday got removed from the top of my cupboard and shoved in to security giving me 2 sedations. They didn't end up managing to get the IV cannula in anyway because of my struggle in seclusion. Then today after 3rd day of attempting to test my blood they couldn't get any.. and because I'm still refusing they say that because of me medically they are considering sending me off to general anesthesia giving me the IV drip and possibly NG (Nasogastric tube) and I'll be kept in ICU (Intensice Care Unit)..... I honestly don't believe this and it's just another treatening but yeah.. so BORED!!!!
ito - relapsing - relapse - hospital - involuntarytreatmentorder - inpatient - psychward - hospitalised - struggling - goodbyefreedom - recoveringaussies - eatingdisorders -
rediscovering_kate : #inpatient #hospital #hospitalised #ITO #psychward #eatingdisorders #relapsing #relapse #struggling #recoveringaussies #goodbyefreedom #involuntarytreatmentorder
myfightforme : So sorry to hear sweetheart xxx
nanis_journey : 😓sorry, I hope tomorrow is a better day hugs
amygetsbetter : 💗
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White walls and barbital. #psychward or #dormroom
psychward - dormroom -
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So excited to be apart of the Grand Opening for Psych Ward Skate Shop on Fairfax next month!! Follow @psychwardskateshop for details & updates #Voguish_ed #PsychWard #Skateshop #LA #PWD
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voguish_ed : #likes #skate #fairfax #boardshop #shop #PsychWarddruggies #events #grandopening #party #bar #dj #lighting #design #launchparty #clothing #designer
saintsandsinners : Nice. Check us out!
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After spending 4 months in hospital and another month on and off on leave, I've finally Been discharged from the mental hospital #proud #discharged #hospital #psychward #inpatient #mentalhospital #selfharmmm #depression #bpd #anxiety #suicidal #ednos #bipolar #happy
mentalhospital - suicidal - bpd - selfharmmm - hospital - proud - bipolar - ednos - inpatient - psychward - anxiety - depression - discharged - happy -
emmas_recovering : Yay! So happy for you! 💕
boysgethurtoo : Follow4follow, like4like?😊
thescarreddangel : 4 minths? Omg I went crazy after 18 days
seraalouu : Thank you @emmas_recovering (: and yeah I felt like I was going crazy too @thescarreddangel ahah xx
theghostbeneathmyskin : Thats amazing welldonex
seraalouu : @theghostbeneathmyskin thank you! Xxx
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Have changed ward today, now I'm at ward nr 8. It's only 8 rooms here and much more calmer. I like it better here actually, even if I thought I wouldn't! Don't forget to join my huge makeup giveaway, #sheandhergiveaway14. It's ends in two days and the winner will be announced the 1st of March. You can find the picture a bit down in my feed. Keep fighting you all brave girls and boys! #recovery #realrecovery #staystrong #blithe #selfharmmm #quote #quotes #mentaldisorder #mentalillness #aspergers #anxiety #dissociativedisorder #inpatient #psychward #psynligt #ångest #psykiskohälsa #slutenvård #tvångsvård
mentaldisorder - psykiskohälsa - staystrong - quote - ångest - mentalillness - psychward - quotes - anxiety - tvångsvård - selfharmmm - sheandhergiveaway14 - recovery - inpatient - realrecovery - psynligt - dissociativedisorder - blithe - slutenvård - aspergers -
sheandherdarkness : @johsyblue What do you mean with "other Instagrams"? (: Sending much love to you! ❤️
sheandherdarkness : @ettlyckligtslut Tack finaste Denise!
sheandherdarkness : @icerose136 Thank you 👍💕
sheandherdarkness : I will cross my fingers for you girls! @giveaways_im @niamh_murphy_xo 💗
johsyblue : @celeste_war & freedom_inspired
giveaways_im : Thanks
niamh_murphy_xo : Thanks I even have my toes crossed at this stage 😂
missbeachys : Sooo excited
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~No filter~ This is one of the only pics that I like of myself, but since I'm not allowed to show the full picture, I'll just do what I did before, and show half of it. PS: my irises look yellow at the moment and its so awesome ^-^ I look wolf like (: #brownhair #greeneyes #yelloweyes #onlypicilike #ugly #bleh #anxiety #depression #psychward #immental #apparently
anxiety - greeneyes - ugly - immental - brownhair - onlypicilike - psychward - yelloweyes - apparently - bleh - depression -
wayneawsvancouverbc : Keep moving forward dear , you are Awesome and you can do anything you put your mind to @_itsnotjustaphase_
ellemulvaneyfans : R u pregnant
_itsnotjustaphase_ : I was @ellemulvaneyfans
ellemulvaneyfans : Have u had the baby
hannabeanie : Your beautiful ❤️
yourneighborkelsey - brittneybitesx - doctorbrimhall - be._.cool -
Straight leg deadlift ... This and squats is the one exercise that if and when you get it done... It's a wrap. Body function, mobility, core strength,.. Everything will be amplified! #squats #workout #deadlift #igfitness #squatbooty #motivation #fitfam #athletic #diet #therapy #active #eatclean #lifting #training #fhealth #workforit #fitness #progress #legs #gym #exercise formcheck #pt #houston #personaltrainer #hanksgym #biafit #biafitness
hanksgym - houston - motivation - fitfam - squats - athletic - workout - diet - deadlift - therapy - squatbooty - active - biafitness - fhealth - training - lifting - workforit - pt - personaltrainer - igfitness - psychward - eatclean - fitness - psychwardsirens - progress - legs - gym - exercise - biafit -
meanbodsquad : Alot of people lack focus and dedication. You got it. I welcome you #MeanBodSquad
all.season.sweats : I like it, good shot!
bia_fitness_ : #psychwardsirens #psychward sirens Houston
tonyfitpro208 : nice! 😝
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#WMMAwednesday: @CorrieWardMMA and @LaaLaaKali make their pro MMA debut against each other at #RFA24 - Smith vs. Romero! #RFA24 takes place Friday, March 6th at the @MysticLakeCasino in #PriorLake, #Minnesota. #RFA #MMA #WMMA #WCW #AXSTV #LandOf10000Lakes #Minneapolis #StPaul #TwinCities #RFAfighting #MixedMartialArts #WomensMMA #CorrieWard #PsychWard #KaliRobbins #PopTart
stpaul - landof10000lakes - priorlake - axstv - womensmma - kalirobbins - minneapolis - rfa24 - mixedmartialarts - twincities - rfafighting - poptart - rfa - wcw - mma - minnesota - psychward - wmma - corrieward - wmmawednesday -
bigfrogbjj : @rfafighting Gonna be an awesome night!!
benedict_saiyan : 👍👍👍
zaccunningham13 : I like her Pats Shirt!!!! 😍
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This hallway lead to the morgue. I found a box of toe tags once. 2005 #urbanexploration #urbex #rurex #ruralexploration #abandonedporn #abandoned #slr #film #nikon #toronto #416 #Whitby #whitbypsych #sanitorium #sanitorium #psychward #grimelords #grime
nikon - whitbypsych - urbex - whitby - grimelords - film - sanitorium - toronto - rurex - abandonedporn - ruralexploration - abandoned - grime - psychward - slr - 416 - urbanexploration -
caroleyene : 👏👏👏
borderdogstan : Hi @__seetee you might be interested in a series I'm starting about an abandoned Psychiatric Hospital. Nice pic BTW!!
instadsc - shaun.clancy - caroleyene - chevonmartin -
So yesterday aftet the whole day waiting, no Dr's, not tests, just lots of security guards to make sure I didn't do another runner I finally managed to get into the psych ward at 5pm 😑 TW Things haven't been great after 72 hours no food or water, I managed to finally have some water with my psychologist who came and was with me for WAY too long. Don't deserve people being nice to me or caring and even the psych doctor that was forcing a vitamin B injection was from our Cymhs so have seen her as a psychiatrist before. But I couldn't even manage to keep down the water 😳 And had a major freak out not allowing the vitB injection nesrly resulting in securty and a big gash in my arm 😔 I felt so bad because they were way too nice 😟 Anyway new day and will see the doctor from here today.. hopefully I wont need the Edos plan but that's not very likely to stay off it 😧
ito - relapsing - relapse - hospital - involuntarytreatmentorder - inpatient - psychward - hospitalised - struggling - goodbyefreedom - recoveringaussies - eatingdisorders -
rediscovering_kate : #inpatient #hospital #hospitalised #ITO #psychward #eatingdisorders #relapsing #relapse #struggling #recoveringaussies #goodbyefreedom #involuntarytreatmentorder
myfightforme : Awwww honey it sounds very distressing :( I hope today is better for you and you're able to look after yourself better than ed and have nutrition and fluids
iz_recovering : :( please try and eat something because the plan will be put in place otherwise :/ and the supervisions and tests suck
nanis_journey : I hope for a better day tomorrow💗💗💗
amygetsbetter : Keeping you in my thoughts kate 💛
rediscovering_kate : 💖💚💛💙 Thankyou guys so much. Still in my stuck minded disordered soul but I'm still alive xx Will update a little later. Seeing if they end up sending me too ICU of a general anesthesic to manage to get anything into me (IV drip/glucose/NG feeds) because they even with all of the security guards, sedative injections and holding me down in seclusion they just couldn't get it in me. Which I'm (my ED) is glad of, but my psychologist is just freaking out so bad that I'm going to die.
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#RISPERIDONE..... does anyone have this drug? What do you have it for? Has it been helpful? Any side effects? Weight gain? I'm confused as to why they're prescribing it to me when they've told me I have #borderlinepersonalitydisorder. The information online seems to contradict this! Any experiences or words of wisdom would be welcomed! Thank you! #antipsychotic #meds #medication #psychosis #bipolar #bpd #eupd #confused #inpatient #psychward #mentalhealth #sideeffects #antipsychotics #dopamine #brainchemicals #edaw #blithe #secretsociety123 #mentalhealthnurse #psychiatry #depression #EUPD #borderline #sectioned #mooddisorder
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umehra_ : I was on this it made me sleepy I didn't like it x
austin.daniele : like my two most recents for a spam! dont like the third please c:
consumedbybpd : I wasn't on this long because I heard it was horrible
mentalhealthmission : @crisrequiem @amy_throughthelookingglass @consumedbybpd thank you! I am confused. Gonna give it a go. Why are they prescribing it for me if I don't self harm?! 😳😳😳
crisrequiem : I'm confused then too :o
u.r.not.your.skin : @mentalhealthmission hey i took it because of my schizophrenia and borderline. And i gained a lot of weight... And it didnt worked at al. I have haldol for years now and i had nearly tryed everything but haldol was the best
mentalhealthmission : @u.r.not.your.skin thank you for your comments xx
chelm9751 : It worked really well for me but it gave me a heart rhythm disorder and I had to stop it
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Had to change to the more bigger part of the ward. It's 13 rooms here instead of 3... I feel so unsafe! They have real (drinking) glass here and I want to smash one into the wall so bad. But I won't do it! ✋ Got a new diagnosis yesterday - Dissociative NOS. I got the "Not Otherwise Specified" one because I have symptoms from all the different kinds of dissociation... But it feels kinda good to have it on paper, maybe people can understand me better then! And I don't have to explain so much. #diagnosis #dissociative #dissociativedisorder #unsafe #blithe #selfharmmm #inpatient #psychward #tvångsvård #slutenvård #inlagd #psyk #mentalillness #mentaldisorder #psykiskohälsa
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giveaways_im : Stay strong, remember what I told u
makeupaddict89 : Hope u get alright
giveaways_im : Remember what I said 😘
x_miiinty_x : Stay strong, love. I'm here for you x
the.ballerina_ : Just hang in there
makeupaddictx0x0 : :( I hope you feel better
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Inpatient again. Were discharged for less than 24 hours... At least I didn't self harm this time! I'm quite proud of myself. I had a knife but I didn't do anything with it. Think I'm going home soon, maybe tomorrow. I still going to have the psychiatric law on me that can force me to be inpatient. Today has been quite good, not to much anxiety or back pain and now my phone is charged again so I can distract me with it. Will try to fight against the darkness the best as I can! #recovery #staystrong #keepfighting #inpatient #psychward #borderline #aspergers #anxiety #dissociative #dissociativedisorder #depressed #depression #blithe #selfharmmm #tvångsvård #ångest #psyk #psynligt #slutenvård #quote #citat
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giveaways_im : I know u can, i hope i helped change ur way :)
makeupaddict89 : Happy to know
ptsd_child : Proud of you👍👍👍
aruarora453 : 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 stay strong and keep going ☺☺
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