Macey having a go at one foot extension! Great job girls!! πŸ’™πŸŽ€ #hcafamily #proudcoaches
hcafamily - proudcoaches -
mac_aly - mikaylapuffles - alikateee - edendennis -
After nailing level 2 stunts our juniors gave one foot extensions a go!! - Scarlett! πŸ’™πŸŽ€ #hcafamily #proudcoaches
hcafamily - proudcoaches -
melisssajane - alikateee - edendennis - laura_grace12 -
@justice_english taking advantage of the open gym to work on her high hang!! #practicemakespermanent #oly #Crossfit #covina #westcovina #strong #proudcoaches #rurogue #rogue #wodshop #apu #strongisthenewskinny
strongisthenewskinny - wodshop - rurogue - crossfit - apu - covina - rogue - proudcoaches - oly - strong - practicemakespermanent - westcovina -
blairzzy : Go girl!! She's amazing, we miss her here!! @justice_english @shieldcrossfit
cffernando - hi_im_uriel - alma_770 - boxgonebad -
Make each day your masterpiece! Great day, lots of Randy PRs today... Keep it up ladies and gentlemen πŸ’ͺ #proudcoaches #cautioncrossfit #nevergiveup #motivation #newprs #benchmark #randy #wod
motivation - nevergiveup - benchmark - newprs - randy - proudcoaches - wod - cautioncrossfit -
carolala_c - emiel013 - frankyfouce - profire_crossfit -
Well done girlies #mini #cheerleaders #showandgo #skills #progress #achievements #teamwork #proudcoaches
achievements - mini - teamwork - skills - cheerleaders - proudcoaches - showandgo - progress -
rlcrockets - cheer_amber_ - graceew98 - staceyb2207 -
Finishing today's workout with stones and DB G2OH! These @lift4women ladies put in the work! #TCS #strengthandconditioning #strongman #gymnastics #proudcoaches
gymnastics - strongman - strengthandconditioning - tcs - proudcoaches -
switchringleaps - kellianne_27 - tkofitatx - hollyannah -
Our Tiny Tinkers hard at work! I love the dedication and big smiles we receive every week! #proudcoaches#tinytoughness#goracers
goracers - tinytoughness - proudcoaches -
justmee21 - onlythereal_b - ash.xi - jojo_bryant -
Taylor Ballain is on fire!!!!! Check out her brand new round off back handspring tucks!! We are so very proud of you!!!! #ea #newskills #proudcoaches
proudcoaches - ea - newskills -
the_real_pp_ - hlrobledo - calkrissy - brittybritt96 -
Swim team selfie! #proudcoaches @gaby_champagne
proudcoaches -
maya_xoxox - kathiolovesyouu - ginalfi - jubiexo -
Congrats to our Olympic distance triathletes on their accomplishments today!! Very proud of you all!! #achieversdoatri #swimbikerun #proudcoaches
swimbikerun - proudcoaches - achieversdoatri -
duckydoestv - danielle_bromwich - kalclash - sebastianhartboel -
Congrats team !!!! @veronica we are so #blessed to have you r
herbalife - getfitnow24 - proudcoaches - bwc24 - blessescouple - blessed -
getfitnow24 : We are now celebrating your ONE Year of success transforming this community into a healthier lifestyle. We are #proudcoaches and support you 100% during this amazing #herbalife journey. We are greatful and thankful with God to have given us the opportunity to have met you and your husband. #blessed be you and your family. Thank you thank you thank you for changing you and your family's future through impacting other people's lifes. Muah #getfitnow24 #blessescouple #bwc24
lanceheppner : Great profile and pics! Awesome I see you promoting your HL business and growing ! Leave your email or click the link in my BIO to get more info on IG automation and leads on autopilot!
stephie387 - gabyojedab - felixeyik - bodybygarrett -
Girls were amazing today. Very proud of you all #udoworlds#subzero#proudcoaches
proudcoaches - udoworlds - subzero -
taylergibsonx3 - mcleac - jilliangrayx - steph21m -
Massive congrats to Barry who won our overall in house comp today! Not bad for an aul fella! 😜 #proudcoaches #1st #welldone
welldone - proudcoaches - 1st -
james_rob89 - shannon_chloe - mummymoya - druwainwright -
Well done Colin on 2nd place today in our RX completion! Awesome work big guy! #proudcoaches #2nd
proudcoaches - 2nd -
galex763 - markthompson10 - shannon_chloe - mummymoya -
Congrats to Graham on finishing 3rd overall in todays in house comp in the RX category! #welldone #proudcoaches #3rd
welldone - proudcoaches - 3rd -
galex763 - shannon_chloe - mummymoya - crossfit_resplendent -
Well done Ross on showing a never say die attitude and taking 2nd the men's scaled! Well done! #proudcoaches
proudcoaches -
galex763 - markthompson10 - shannon_chloe - mummymoya -
Well done Tyler on 3rd in the men's scaled! #proudcoaches
proudcoaches -
galex763 - markthompson10 - shannon_chloe - mummymoya -
Big congratulations to Shannon on 1st place in the women's scaled events today! Well done! #proudcoaches #1stplaceinher1stcomp #crazyfacesjacqui
crazyfacesjacqui - proudcoaches - 1stplaceinher1stcomp -
crossfit_resplendent : Well done πŸ‘Š
coleywoley49 - leahmont13 - james_rob89 - ryantate101 -
Well done to Jen on 2nd place in the women's scaled! #2nd #proudcoaches
proudcoaches - 2nd -
galex763 - shannon_chloe - markthompson10 - mummymoya -
Well done Moya in finishing 3rd in today's scaled competition! #crossfit #3rd #proudcoaches
proudcoaches - crossfit - 3rd -
lolabeexx : Yayyyyyyy @mummymoya x x x
cronakeaskin : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺyeah!!! Xx
galex763 - shannon_chloe - markthompson10 - lolabeexx -
That's the end of the Summer Camps at Tiny Woods Academy! Been a total success! #ProudCoaches
proudcoaches -
kells376 : amazing summer camp !! xxxx
bradleysafc - kells376 -
The #family Liam got the #Win and Another win for Loni both boys #fought In the #finals #fighting for the #goldengloves tomorrow That will 3 fights in 3days for loni and 2 for liam. Also fighting tomorrow is Jarod and Lizzy. Very #proud of our fighters #winning #brisbaneboxing #bulimba #westend #MtGravatt #kidsboxing #boxingsaveslifes #proudcoaches
westend - brisbaneboxing - family - win - bulimba - fighting - proud - kidsboxing - goldengloves - boxingsaveslifes - fought - proudcoaches - winning - finals - mtgravatt -
brisbanedentureclinic : Well done boys !
brisbaneboxing : @brisbanedentureclinic thanks mate mouth guards are amazing
keileydawn : Well done boyz!!
westendteaco - sambjelkepetersennn - uhlma - stellachesson -
It was a great night with Loni #boxing #smart #listened to #cornernan & #dominated each #round. He is #fighting again tonight Liam will be stepping in the for is #1st match up in the #heavyweight division all the best boys. #brisbaneboxing #bulimba #westend #MtGravatt #brisbane #goldengloves #proudcoaches #fighters #brisbaneboxinggym #determination
bulimba - listened - brisbane - cornernan - goldengloves - heavyweight - proudcoaches - 1st - brisbaneboxing - boxing - fighters - fighting - dominated - brisbaneboxinggym - determination - westend - round - smart - mtgravatt -
trentzillavanillabrah : What time roughly will the boys be on?
esjayiha : They call liam 'the foreman' not because he's in charge but because he does the work of four men #goliam
brisbaneboxing : @trentzillavanillabrah 7-8pm
austinmalaga76 - theopportunist13 - tashaaaaa22 - westendteaco -
Huge shout to to our client @kimkimccabe for absolutely killing her journey this far!!! So damn proud of you mama and to think it is only the beginning for you. Game on girlfriend 😜😝 #aanddfitness #client #proudcoaches #bodyremodeling #webuildchampions #champion @dfree31
client - proudcoaches - champion - webuildchampions - aanddfitness - bodyremodeling -
mexicilian : I'm next!
aclayton8422 : @mexicilian game on baby
mexicilian : I'm waiting on you to reply to my email
stefarhinna : Yeyyy @kimkimccabe I'm so happy you did it!!!
xmari14xox - designed2bfit - melissasarahwee - _mmarinaa -
πŸŽ€LADIES!πŸŽ€. WOLVES!πŸ’™β€οΈ. SPIRIT CHECK! Ohhh yeah...whoop-A, Whoop, Whoop-A! TWO sets of twins on my Cheer Team this year! The ladies did a great job tonight. #proudcoaches #lovethesesweetgirls #listentoyourcoach #goingforGOLD #WeBelieve #needaWin #1stPlace πŸ’™β€οΈπŸŽ‰GO WOLVES!!🐾🏈
proudcoaches - 1stplace - goingforgold - webelieve - lovethesesweetgirls - listentoyourcoach - needawin -
nataniaserhan - _mady._.o - _parkerelizabeth_ - gigglegabi -
Simply the best kids on the planet! #1dream1team #proudcoaches
1dream1team - proudcoaches -
norah.bracci - kmpopsicle - kathie9167 - peace1love1gymnastics -
Mavs go undefeated in 2014 ! πŸ‘Š #womenssoccer #greatteam #proudcoaches #nextsummer!! #GlengarryMavericks
womenssoccer - nextsummer - proudcoaches - greatteam - glengarrymavericks -
katie_is_epic2004 : I'm not in there
2_chainz_too : Ha, sorry Katie, my bad !
ehehron7 : Awesome job ladies!!
allie.pilgrim96 - kholi22 - kristenlarone11 - hollister_model_4 -
Albert has been Mr. Consistent since the days we opened our doors! He's been with us since the park. He prd his front squat last night at 340!! #proudcoaches #havetoputinthework #consistent #covina #frontsquat #eatcleantraindirty #fastexerciser
fastexerciser - covina - eatcleantraindirty - proudcoaches - consistent - frontsquat - havetoputinthework -
msw3 : #proudwife
rosiepooh321 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
sparkyjameson : Beast !!!!
aesthleticsco : πŸ’ͺπŸ”΄
ymlopez9 : @msw3 #proudwifescrossfitbff lol go Albert!
msw3 : πŸ‘†love it.
ryzo58 : Damn, that's a beast FS
ms_isislove : Go Albert!
bbqpoppa - _pablitto_ - ymlopez9 - ms_isislove -
Nothing motivates you to land your first ever 360 like rapping "get low" at the top of your lungs while riding #liljon #skeetskeet @ianwilkinson
liljon - proudcoaches - skeetskeet -
ianwilkinson : Motivates and reminds me to keep my knees bent! haha
bayoujess : @ianwilkinson you were textbook!! #proudcoaches
seantaliano - brrritt - mattymulholland - ianwilkinson -
Its a great day to be a hornet! The girls beat division 1 university of richmond today 2 to 1. It was an all together team win! #proudcoaches #lcws
lcws - proudcoaches -
morgypoo11 : Great work @jadecara we look awesome
rytaybe - a_myle_long - _johnpaullopez - sarahschrader94 -
Congrats to our Rx team that put in work on Saturday!! #proudcoaches #teamshield #fastexercisers #covina #westcovina #crossfit #eatcleantraindirty
covina - crossfit - fastexercisers - proudcoaches - westcovina - teamshield - eatcleantraindirty -
clopez74 - dederob - rc10cali - vidrio24 -
Congrats to our intermediate team this weekend!! @ariel__renee @sparkyjameson they have been putting in that work to get a top 10 finish!! #proudcoaches #teamshield #crossfit #fastexercisers #firstcomp #secondcomp #goodtimes #community
crossfit - firstcomp - secondcomp - community - proudcoaches - teamshield - fastexercisers - goodtimes -
old_spice82 : Congrats guys/gals
paulwithan_o : Good job guys! πŸ‘ so dope!
ealvareeze : Nice work everyone!! πŸ‘πŸ‘ congrats
shieldcrossfit : @ealvareeze your next!!
frantzenkraft - misschristine3232 - olbancalix - iivett928 -
Okay last but not least the mannnnnn our client @ruandy_m talk about someone who says nothing asks nothing but follows the game plan!!!!! Ahhhh this guy right here has truly busted his ass day in and day out never complaining just listens and does!!! Now on our Advo team as well!!! 11weeks out from his first show baby he is going to killllll that stage! So excited for him and most importantly beyond proud!!!!! Keep it up baby!! #client #proudcoaches #gameface #aanddfitness #advocare #webuildchampions #champions @dfree31
gameface - client - webuildchampions - advocare - proudcoaches - aanddfitness - champions -
rrodrigz_ : <---------- Props to this chic right hurr waking up at 5am just to take his pictures !!! :):) lmao good job babe @ruandy_m
ruandy_m : @rrodrigz_ thanks babe
aclayton8422 : @tru_soul @frod24 email us fellas game on!!! or
aclayton8422 : @rrodrigz_ lots of props to ya mama hahhahah xoxoxxo
missmarcee : Im moving to Rhode Island @aclayton8422 !!! U n ur hunny got a serious brand!!!!
aclayton8422 : @missmarcee xoxoxoxo we can help u from where u live now mama xo thank you! All these clients are actually out of state too 😘😘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
missmarcee : Ok ... Im going to email u for the particulars
bronnie_02 : @tux57
sweetambitionsevents - toyaa_mariee - fergie_ha - naturalhustla75 -
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